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Hung Daniel
Hung Daniel Hace 8 horas
It’s not here because from voirs
Kevin Leonor
Kevin Leonor Hace 16 días
how did they make Jet Li sound like that?
Brian Kent Pirrie
Brian Kent Pirrie Hace 17 días
how many do you like mushu?
Zech Merquise
Zech Merquise Hace 17 días
Meh. Hong kong films has been making movies like this for decades. Just watch em on Netflix.
R.J Fan
R.J Fan Hace 18 días
jonah wu
jonah wu Hace 9 días
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 This is probably one of my favorite movie 0:53 💖💯 👇 👇 👇❣
Kevin Gould
Kevin Gould Hace 26 días
Wasn’t the animated movie for kids?
Pinky Stiffy
Pinky Stiffy Hace 28 días
Wheres Mushu?
wong eva
wong eva Hace 29 días
boycutt CCP!!!
Vampire將臣 Hace un mes
Mulan Is CCP Movie👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
Saige Hope
Saige Hope Hace un mes
I feel as though I would really enjoy this movie if it wasn’t adapting Mulan... but I have no doubt I won’t be excited for it, because I already am. I’m just a bit thrown I guess. It’s not really what I expected at all.
Grandfather Lupus
Grandfather Lupus Hace un mes
I got a feeling, the quote from 1:32 to 1:38 , is kinda directed to american Hollywood
Scott 21232527
Scott 21232527 Hace un mes
Stand with Hong Kong
Alifa Noor Ameilia
Alifa Noor Ameilia Hace un mes
The dragon mushu become the phoenix. The mythical animal which is dead for rebirthh again.
Joanna Salguero
Joanna Salguero Hace un mes
Honestly, it would make more sense giving this movie the title of The Legend of Mulan rather than Mulan, because most expected a actual live action of the original Mulan movie and not a legend based movie.
E Toony
E Toony Hace un mes
Anime so funny and better
Brenden Detrie
Brenden Detrie Hace un mes
First 20 seconds and I lost interest
EarlGreyLady04 Hace un mes
This is my all time favourite Disney movie. Please, please, please do the animated film honour. *Ahem* I mean, justice.
MsPinkCrusader Hace un mes
Gravity does not exists in China
Brandon G
Brandon G Hace un mes
I thought this was fake and Charlie Day was going to show up with his laundry
lucian78380 roland
lucian78380 roland Hace un mes
M-am saturat de prostiile chinezesti în care personajele zboară si sfideaza gravitația!
ClaudiusMink Hace un mes
No mushu? I swear remakes be 👎
Silence of Solis
Silence of Solis Hace un mes
I’m so excited! Looks very good!!
Erwin Lii
Erwin Lii Hace un mes
Disney really should have cast a Chinese actress that would be much more plain and androgynous... I mean everyone can see that this Mulan is a pretty femine woman.
Trixa Kidd
Trixa Kidd Hace un mes
Where is the lil dragon dude and bug. So far from this trailer it looks way different than the OG. Hopefully it is still good🙏
Lexie02 Jones
Lexie02 Jones Hace un mes
Disappointed. Disney please stop making live action of our childhood movies. You're ruining it! First it was the lion king and now this!?!🤨🤨 STOP MAKING LIVE ACTION MOVIES of these cartoons. They suck!😑🙄 FYI for anyone, no offense.
Takua Hace un mes
I'm glad 47 Ronin is getting a sequel
Tea King
Tea King Hace un mes
based on the views no one cares
Petria Wingate
Petria Wingate Hace un mes
Does anyone know the age of the movie
Virus Hace un mes
Physics has been ignored totally
ishy swishy
ishy swishy Hace un mes
They filmed it in newzealand I know because me and me fam accidentally ran into there set 😆
AJF Football
AJF Football Hace un mes
Oh this is how coronvirus started
Sandhika Adityadharma
what are they thinking... looks like the makeup department really failed. I could spot that she's a girl from a mile away. Come on... she has such pretty face and plump lips and those features still shine in the final movie.
David K
David K Hace un mes
Still no mushu reveale?
eva ortega
eva ortega Hace un mes
This would of been a better message if the villain was corruption in government! If they wanted to go more realistic but no let’s have her fight a witch.
u Zan
u Zan Hace un mes
Mulan vs Wonder Women ?
Juliano Vinícius
Juliano Vinícius Hace un mes
Crystal Liu is outstanding for the character ❤
La Lune
La Lune Hace un mes
Oh I saw this film in 1998, thanks anyways I'll wait for some new films.
Nicholas Dias
Nicholas Dias Hace un mes
Where mushu at and why tf is their a witch there? This is making no type of sense
asdf qwerty
asdf qwerty Hace un mes
Is it really Mulan if there isn't that one important musical number? I doth think not.
Xebolous Hace un mes
McDonalds is gonna have to bring back the Szechuan sauce for mulan.
delilah 0114
delilah 0114 Hace un mes
silverhoneycat Hace un mes
Could care less about crickets and dragons; They FINALLY nailed representation. It's not perfect but it's a lot closer than others. AMEN! Very excited to see this. :)
Moises Hurtado
Moises Hurtado Hace un mes
Watching chinese people speaking English remind me the last emperor
Philip Zamora
Philip Zamora Hace un mes
Unlike other Disney live action remakes, this one actually makes sense. But, why the shapeshifter and magical elements? I thought Mulan was based on a true story.
Corbin Moore
Corbin Moore Hace un mes
I’m sorry, why is Disney just ignoring the songs? I hope they realize that’s mainly why most of the kid audience comes to this movies.
Rudolph Gonzalez Jr.
I meant Szechuan sauce!
Rudolph Gonzalez Jr.
I hope this means that McDonald's will bring back the Seizschwan McNugget Sauce?
bishwas bhatta
bishwas bhatta Hace un mes
"you will die pretending to be something you are not"
Little_Green_Jelly_Bean _
They changed my fav movie
Zap Rowsdower
Zap Rowsdower Hace un mes
Still gonna watch it
Gabriel Medeiros
Gabriel Medeiros Hace un mes
o matrix no filme achei foda, mas so nao vou assistir por q mataram o dragão por um pássaro ( que provavelmente nao vai ser engraçado )
RustyGorbi Hace un mes
idk... I mean there were some fantasy aspects in the og version like Mushu but those were incidential. Overall it was a pretty grounded movie, I loved how "realistic" it felt. The huns were brutal and Shan Yu was one of the the most badass villains ever seen in a disney movie. The huns were my favourite aspect in the movie and one of the reasons it was so damn good. They were terrifying simply because they were brutal and cunning as hell, they didn't need to rely on any sort of magical backup.
cazibal Hace un mes
Never heard of this witch before
Daniel Pizarro
Daniel Pizarro Hace un mes
Pretty happy they decided to do a proper wuxia movie based on the proper poem instead of just remaking the animated movie, even if that pisses off a lot of grown ups who can't get over their childhood.
Termless Saturn
Termless Saturn Hace un mes
No dragon?......
Chong Ly
Chong Ly Hace un mes
Don’t complain just watch the movie enjoy
x x
x x Hace un mes
What to do when you lack ideas? Turn an animated classic into meh movie.
Michael Ammons
Michael Ammons Hace un mes
This looks more lik e a Kerasowa film then Disney. That's kind of cool.
Nick _
Nick _ Hace un mes
No Mushu, no Lao, Ming, and Chien Po, no music or songs. They literally sucked all the fun and humor out of Mulan. No go for me
Philip Zamora
Philip Zamora Hace un mes
To be fair, the music and the jokes would work better in animation than they would in a movie like this.
aman singh
aman singh Hace un mes
The trailer was awesome
Jong Sung Lee
Jong Sung Lee Hace un mes
What's this bullshit....
Quinn Lightfoot
Quinn Lightfoot Hace un mes
i reallly really hope I'm wrong but this just doesnt look good which is very disappointing
Gustavo C
Gustavo C Hace un mes
If there's no Mushu, there will be no Disney.
Yen Sbram
Yen Sbram Hace un mes
Mulan from Wuhan
The1Music2MyEars Hace un mes
Disney makes Mulan, the animated movie. Disney releases live action movie conveniently also called Mulan but omits Mushu and a mountain of other things. If you are going to base the movie off the poem, call it Hua Mulan, not name it after the dang animated movie you created in the first place Disney.
Leon Wellz
Leon Wellz Hace un mes
ugh... fine take my money... but dont think im still not mad over Mushu😒
zoobpy Hace un mes
Disney: No Mushu because we want to tell a more realistic story. Also Disney: They have a witch and gravity doesn't exist.
sayjai bao
sayjai bao Hace 23 días
it's the wushu style you stupid!
Yu Tran
Yu Tran Hace 27 días
No one said it was a realistic story. It is based on the ORIGINAL mulan folktale you dunce
Wesley Houghton
Wesley Houghton Hace un mes
If you watch almost any chinese martial arts movie, this is the fighting style.
L B Hace un mes
This looks dope!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
softie mia
softie mia Hace un mes
if you’re complaining about mushu not being there, just don’t watch the movie lmao plain and simple
James Love
James Love Hace un mes
softie mia a witch that turns into a Eagle is their version of realistic? 😂 I can get over mushu not being in it but don’t associate the word realistic with this movie. At best it’s partially historically accurate.
softie mia
softie mia Hace un mes
James Love mushu would’ve killed the vibe disney was going for, which was more serious and realistic. the witch lady offers that look they were going for, not matter how “bad” it looks
James Love
James Love Hace un mes
softie mia it’s not that it’s the fact that there is a women who is a “witch” that turns into a damn bird (Eagle) and they said this is supposed to be more realistic and close to the source material. Let’s be honest that women wasn’t no damn shapeshifter. Put her in the movie might as well put a talking dragon too. I’ll still see it but the defying gravity and running up walls like that and a shapeshifter already killed any real take on this movie.
Terry Gyimah
Terry Gyimah Hace un mes
This Mulan looks better than the animated film dare I say
808MixMaster Hace un mes
This looks like a cash grab
Blake Bolin
Blake Bolin Hace 18 días
808MixMaster Can’t be more of a cash grab than The Lion King.
J. Verdikto
J. Verdikto Hace un mes
Emmie Dragon
Emmie Dragon Hace un mes
So no Mushu or songs so it can be "more realistic"... but there's a witch who can turn into a bird. Okay. (And I'm fully aware of the real story of Mulan but when they market a movie as a live action remake I would expect them to, yknow, live action REMAKE)
Jack Torrance
Jack Torrance Hace un mes
Are you trying to tell me that they don't know she's a girl?
SCOTT ononiwu
SCOTT ononiwu Hace un mes
Did I just see Jet le
Roderick Bawcutt
Roderick Bawcutt Hace un mes
I think this is the first time I have been semi interested in a Disney live action remake
Blacky valentine
Blacky valentine Hace un mes
where is the dragon and the hadsome soldier?
FireLine2the9 Hace un mes
Blake Bolin
Blake Bolin Hace 18 días
FireLine2the9 This one at least has enough differences to be its own thing.
FireLine2the9 Hace un mes
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