MULAN Trailer # 2 (NEW 2020) Disney Movie HD

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MULAN Trailer # 2 (NEW 2020) Jet Li, Yifei Liu, Donnie Yen, Disney Movie HD
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Comentarios 80
Jen - jen
Jen - jen Hace 22 días
But why is there a witch?!?!
SOU CHATZI Hace un mes
Omg, can't wait!!
Nick Soares
Nick Soares Hace 2 meses
It's just the trailer and I'm already crying kskskssks oh my gosh xD
Amazing Grace
Amazing Grace Hace 3 meses
Action, The score, The cast (jet li, Donnie yen, Jason scott lee), costume, location... This film is gonna be epic!! Disney's best live action film yet.
Ogat Ramastef
Ogat Ramastef Hace 3 meses
i espected more wuxia
Brandy Hace 3 meses
They took all of the magic out of the story. Thought that was impossible
80sgothic Hace 3 meses
Reflection makes me want to cry
Pers Godiva
Pers Godiva Hace 3 meses
Crap, I really want to see this now.
? goúd? 👁 wanna c it🐝👍🌿. Thx u🙌😤💀♎..
Anairis Trevizo
Anairis Trevizo Hace 3 meses
Oh ....hohooo! I'm soooo gonna cry like a lil bitch!😭
toto song
toto song Hace 3 meses
Can't wait to watch this movie 😍
Weesky Hace 3 meses
Free Hong Kong Free China
Bilal Iftikhar
Bilal Iftikhar Hace 3 meses
Tanner Plummer
Tanner Plummer Hace 3 meses
edneia kryczka
edneia kryczka Hace 3 meses
Can’t wait !!!!
HEY KYU Hace 3 meses
ngl, seeing Milan all messy and dirty in the thumbnail got some appreciation from me. I was expecting a typical female warrior movie that is all clean pretty with makeup throughout while fighting and training in a war.
Orange Tato Sauce
Orange Tato Sauce Hace 3 meses
Disney :ruins this movie for everyone The people who liket his video : blindness is bliss
Always Chillin
Always Chillin Hace 3 meses
Disney presents Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Miku Kohinata
Miku Kohinata Hace 3 meses
Russia: We have Black Widow China: We have Mulan
Tanner Plummer
Tanner Plummer Hace 3 meses
Miku Kohinata America: we have a Hulk!
sd mods
sd mods Hace 3 meses
Free Hong Kong!
Alien X
Alien X Hace 3 meses
1.33 that bird must be mushu
TazarZero Hace 3 meses
They failed miserably with The Lion King, even with decent trailers. Why should I believe this will be any different?
austin eafford
austin eafford Hace 3 meses
They should reboot and rewrite this movie.
Jake Featherston
Jake Featherston Hace 3 meses
Why didn't they replace any Chinese People with Blacks?
Austin Stonewall
Austin Stonewall Hace 3 meses
How do you say "Wakanda forever" in Chinese? Sincerely, Opening night patron (both movies)
Naragnub woi
Naragnub woi Hace 3 meses
I see donny yen and Jet Lee..
Peace DK
Peace DK Hace 3 meses
Man, this movie is gonna suuuuuuck. A witch? A phoenix? Where the hell were these elements in the animated version? Also, why do some of the characters have different names? Are they different characters? This movie hasn’t even been released yet and I’m already mad as hell!
Rad Sels
Rad Sels Hace 3 meses
Well I know what I'm doing on my birthday
AugustaLovely Hace 3 meses
You know, of all the live action remakes, this is the one I actually might see. Mainly, because it's Not a direct copy and some story elements have been changed
John F. Rivera
John F. Rivera Hace 3 meses
Kelly Hu & Danny Yuen???? Yeah I'll go see this!
Dankus Memus
Dankus Memus Hace 3 meses
Let's ask Disney for an Alita sequel hail Alita army Alita forever!!! The Mulan trailer looks really good by the way
M R. T H R A S H E R
When nem niggas jumped on dat wall😂😂🔥
thatladynikki Hace 3 meses
Ah! This is how you do a live action adaptation! I don't feel it works well with animals like Lion King, maybe if they did a human adaption of Lion King but just making CGI animals that talk is kind of odd for me. But I adore Mulan!
Rooster Call 77
Rooster Call 77 Hace 3 meses
I remembered so much of my childhood by just watching this! Like Omg I’m so olddddddd😂
Viver Hace 3 meses
No Cricket and no Mushu?! 😪
Rodrigo Rodrigo
Rodrigo Rodrigo Hace 3 meses
Cade o dragaozinho?
Phrodie Kayina
Phrodie Kayina Hace 3 meses
Huey Freeman
Huey Freeman Hace 3 meses
I call it first; *MEGA* hit in China.
RASKORPUS Hace 3 meses
this is going to be so good. Fuck charlies angels bullshit and all the other bullshit they keep trying to peddle, this is a strong, well written character who happens to be female
The King
The King Hace 3 meses
Where Jackie chan
Michael Song
Michael Song Hace 3 meses
The story is a lot different than the animated version. I don't mind the changes, but change is either good or bad. I can only hope that it'll be good. However, based on the track record...
Exhibit B
Exhibit B Hace 3 meses
kevin banal
kevin banal Hace 3 meses
So Donnie Yen will be in Mulan!? Gonna watch it for sure!
snow Hace 3 meses
just a theory, but i think this witch that it is described here is not bad, i believe that she'll be with mulan to protect her when the soldiers find out she's a woman.
zXNsK_FoX 35
zXNsK_FoX 35 Hace 3 meses
So now Disneyland are making everything all remastered😂LOL
zXNsK_FoX 35
zXNsK_FoX 35 Hace 3 meses
I didn’t you guys are making remastered? Wait where’s modern warfare 2 remastered??😂
Sama Sinan
Sama Sinan Hace 3 meses
Riku sama
Riku sama Hace 3 meses
Jason Cala
Jason Cala Hace 3 meses
That orchestral rendition of Reflection is the bomb. Hyped!
Chengo Keishing 2.0
Chengo Keishing 2.0 Hace 3 meses
Yeah 1st live action I'm really excited for
Win T
Win T Hace 3 meses
Jaime Baird
Jaime Baird Hace 3 meses
I'm so excited! This actually looks like it will be amazing. The belle remake sucked so did Cinderella. I literally cried watching this trailer! Yes love mulan!!!
2k22 Hace 3 meses
Disney and Tencent presents: Mulan. Only on Epic Store.
Juliana Hace 3 meses
where tf is the short hair, she fucking cuts her hair with the sword its too epic to not be in it
的茍且生活JJ son
Mulan is a Chinese traditional character who promote love and caring. This beautiful spirit is not only highlighted in Disney Mulan but also in Chinese poem. This woman supports brutality and supports the government to violate human rights. This is talking about a universal value. Not only about China, it is about the world! #BoycottMulan
light Zhang
light Zhang Hace 3 meses
wow,you seem find out something big deal. You should get a nobel prize,
TreeFiddy Hace 3 meses
So let me get this straight... Chinese people speaking English with an Accent? That's during ancient China? Either they speak perfect English (as in dubbed), or perfect Chinese. Why would a Chinese speak English with a Chinese accent. That's just odd. Imagine a movie about the cowboys in the West with Chinese casts speaking Chinese with an English accent.
light Zhang
light Zhang Hace 3 meses
Katie Hace 3 meses
So we just gonna forget that the main actress supported the Hong Kong police during the protests....
Don Packundo
Don Packundo Hace 3 meses
Mongol Ninjas, gotta watch this
Grimlock Hace 3 meses
Where’s the dragon?
Bryan Reynolds
Bryan Reynolds Hace 3 meses
No mushu no singing, but you adding extra kids and witches a shit 🤨 really? 👻 Booooo
AUX Hace 3 meses
I need mushu and the ghosts
Jake Black
Jake Black Hace 3 meses
She is so gorgeous!
KewlCrayon Hace 3 meses
Kris Hace 3 meses
I wonder how much Chinese censorship influenced and changed the script, casting, and filming of this drama?
light Zhang
light Zhang Hace 3 meses
And the story will be totally different....
light Zhang
light Zhang Hace 3 meses
If we did influence ,the makeup and clothing are not going to be like that weird....
Chris Bongcalon
Chris Bongcalon Hace 3 meses
killalot Southgate
killalot Southgate Hace 3 meses
Is this how "she" became sparrow...they the gate of no gate
For Your Entertainment
Wtf happen to the lil dragon with Eddie Murphy voice??
Reginald Akrofi
Reginald Akrofi Hace 3 meses
So no Mushu?
Gracie Martin
Gracie Martin Hace 3 meses
What Happened to Li Shang I hope they kept him in the movie as a young guy
Conor Sartre
Conor Sartre Hace 3 meses
I wad wondering why this took so long to come out. Because of the Chinese market.
Thanos Hace 3 meses
No Mushu? Fuck off Disney. Thank goodness Marvel and Pixar have decent creative freedom, cause everything Disney touches dies. Stop ruining my childhood you pieces of shit.
DJGamer 750
DJGamer 750 Hace 3 meses
When they run out of ideas they just do the same movies but with better graphics
Tyrone Lillard
Tyrone Lillard Hace 3 meses
Yesss bitch i been waiting 3 years and finally!😇😊
William Barnebee
William Barnebee Hace 3 meses
If there isn't an animated, Snarky ass dragon voiced by Eddie Murphy, I AM OUT!
Andrew Black
Andrew Black Hace 3 meses
这部电影很好看!这很棒!I would definitely see this!
Derk Dillon
Derk Dillon Hace 3 meses
They have a flying witch but decided having a small imaginary dragon would be to much 🤔🤭
Chleb bruh moments
Chleb bruh moments Hace 3 meses
Free Hong Kong 🇭🇰
light Zhang
light Zhang Hace 3 meses
Free yourself from fake news first
NW W Hace 3 meses
They should make Mulan black.
Jing H
Jing H Hace 3 meses
Evgeni Ptolemy
Evgeni Ptolemy Hace 3 meses
Alright, alright...Color me interested.
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