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MUSE - Something Human [Official Music Video]

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Watch the music video for the new song “Something Human” now!
Listen to the song on your preferred digital service here: mu-se.co/somethinghuman
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My circuits have blown
I know it's self imposed
And all I have shared
And all I have loved
Is all I’ll ever own

But something has changed
I feel so alive
My life just blew up
I'd give it all up
I’ll depressurise

10,000 miles left on the road
500 hours until I am home
I need something human
Human, human, human, human

Let's face all our fears
come out of the shade
Let's burn all the money
Absolve all the lies
And wake up unscathed

The big picture's gone
replaced with visions of you
Now life can begin
I've cleansed all my sins
I'm about to break through

5000 miles left on the road
200 hours until I am home
I need something human
Human, human, human
And I need the touch
And something human, human, human

Less than a mile left on the road
I will be crawling through your door
I need something human
Human, human, human
And I need your love
And something human, human, human

Directed by Lance Drake

Producer: Jason Baum
Production company: whitelist.tv/
Executive Producers: Jerad Anderson & Seb Webber

Director of Photography: Todd Banhazl
Production Designer: Tyler Jensen
Editor: Jeremiah Mayhew
Wardrobe Stylist: Tatiana Valentin

Post Production and Visual FX: Frame 48
Executive Director: Tom Teller
Executive Producer: Julian Conner
Creative Producer: Seth Josephson

Colorist: Bryan Smaller at Company 3



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19 jul 2018

MUSESomething HumanMatt BellamyMatthew BellamyDom HowardDominic HowardChris WolstenholmeChristopher WolstenholmeEmotionality RushSimulation TheoryDronesLance DrakeStarlightMadnessHuman SongAlternative Music






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burned oils
burned oils Hace un hora
lol every muse u take, every smile u muse, ill be watching u....
Fuisharu ryuuko
Fuisharu ryuuko Hace un hora
idk why, everytime i heard this song, it make me cry a litle bit
krazy16dude Hace 14 horas
Anyone else hearing Every Move You Make by The Police?
Ben C
Ben C Hace 19 horas
What about the rythmic widely inspired by Ben E. King "Stand by me" ?
Victor 1984
Victor 1984 Hace un día
Si Freddie Mercury os viera... Os designaría dignos sucesores de Queen
michal234486 Hace un día
so it was meant to look like a computer game?
Mr Games
Mr Games Hace 2 días
Who still listens to this?
Grazy Official
Grazy Official Hace 2 días
Ascolta la mia nuova canzone : )) esvid.net/video/vídeo-ogfUjrGpQys.html
Toyenwny Hace 3 días
Absolutely amazing song! Love it!
Teofilatto Dei Leonzi
Love this song.
aAáÁAA Hace 3 días
Hey, nice song
karim dhamer
karim dhamer Hace 3 días
This song only gets better with time
Janjira Yamdech
Janjira Yamdech Hace 4 días
When will i reach home.
Marianne Arendt
Marianne Arendt Hace 6 días
Alberto S.
Alberto S. Hace 6 días
Peccato che non si possa mette 1 mi piace ogni volta che la si ascolta....
Mr.Pickle Head
Mr.Pickle Head Hace 7 días
I like the way that the band make Back to the Future references I love it!
PhanefromBabylone Hace 8 días
When Muse uses tropical edm trend... It's not bad...
thecerberman Hace 8 días
This sounds like reggaeton... but while reggaeton is pure shit Muse made a reggaeton little gem!
alitas bbq
alitas bbq Hace 8 días
2:55 esa parte me mama ufff 👌👌👏❤
Brighty -
Brighty - Hace 8 días
Song is soul awakening ty lovelies
Nozipho Lokwe
Nozipho Lokwe Hace 9 días
This song is so calming and pretty ✨😭♥️
Mariateresa Costanzo Byrne
Am I alone, or this sounds a lot like Christina Aguilera’s “Genie in a Bottle”?
Quirky Jadey
Quirky Jadey Hace 6 días
WTF are you on about?
Roman 10
Roman 10 Hace 10 días
Ready for 2019? 😎😎😎😎😎
Lavinia Elena
Lavinia Elena Hace 10 días
The Song no 1
666bymyself666 Hace 10 días
What a lovely song 🙂
Roberto AG
Roberto AG Hace 10 días
Gorillaz - Stylo
ogami1978 Hace 10 días
I righeira
ste corciulo
ste corciulo Hace 11 días
stupendi ...mitici...i numeri uno
Migouel Sanchez
Migouel Sanchez Hace 11 días
This is far from origins of simetry... But, this is far from Bad.
Greg Spicer
Greg Spicer Hace 12 días
10,000 miles left and he'll make it in 500 hrs? He's going 20mph...
predadorbjj Hace 12 días
I L-O-V-E THAT !!!
Marauder 551
Marauder 551 Hace 13 días
Un must ce clip!
Elias Van den Broeck
Elias Van den Broeck Hace 13 días
Would it be more background voices , it reminds me of The Globalist.
hugo kubacka
hugo kubacka Hace 13 días
That synthwave trend is really going strong. Everybody is giving it a go
Will The Hill
Will The Hill Hace 14 días
Muse has always been different 1. Showbiz was slow, acoustic based album 2. Origin of Symmetry was Punk and Grunge(ish) 3. Absolution was Hard Rock 4. Black Holes and Revelations was experimental, with Rock combined with a little Pop 5. The Resistance was Hard Punk Rock with some calm elements to it 6. The 2nd Law was similar to Showbiz, but with hints of Hip Hop 7. Drones was Heavy Rock/Metal 8. Simulation Theory is Pop Rock combined with Disco which gives it an 80s vibe
Dulce SM
Dulce SM Hace 14 días
Me encanta❤️
thay Hace 14 días
Is that muse, really? Oh no. Whyyyy? I love you but stop with this. You guys don't make music for views and that's why I love you so much but now don't screw this 24 years of good music!
gazzola41 Hace 14 días
Don't know why, but this song make me think it's perfect as a Disney soundtrack, for the Lion King for example... Love this song!
hendrik rootering
hendrik rootering Hace 15 días
Cyber Punk 2077 from cd project red has to take this as a Soundtrack.
Bibelot_Le_Hobby Hace 15 días
Docteur who
Mirna Elizabeth Quezada
My case: .... Something Human... *skip* Thought contagion....🎶Tuuum tumtumtum tum tum tum..🎶
KKOPPI Hace 16 días
Love this tune, excellent. I made a cover check it out!
donato guidi
donato guidi Hace 17 días
Cristian Hace 17 días
Different, I love it.
Asia Hace 17 días
Au début de la chanson quand il commence à chanter , est un plagiat (une reprise) mais je n'ai plus le souvenir du Nom du chanteur anglais ou américain qui la chantait dans les année fin 80's ou début 90 's ? Vous avez une idée ?
Edward Paxton
Edward Paxton Hace 18 días
Are there any humans left? I'm some tormented remote controlled soul who suffers from more than just Derren brown syndrome! Shall I put the rock where I was told as a kid or destroy it without knowing the consequences of either?
michal234486 Hace 18 días
as if I were there
Queen Extravaganza Live
#Retrograde and proud.
shaun obrien
shaun obrien Hace 18 días
Anyone notice the large being in the background holding a disk? at 2:45 and again at 3:58
Dustin Beach
Dustin Beach Hace 19 días
I like this song quite a bit but this is a horribly corny music video
Rob Harrell
Rob Harrell Hace 19 días
"I have to return some videotapes..."
Beavispdx Hace 16 días
Cool it with the anti-semitic remarks
Fearless Bee
Fearless Bee Hace 19 días
watch my lyrics video something human by muse here: esvid.net/video/vídeo-hL7goP-oYwM.html
RimasArt Hace 19 días
Very good music in the world 😁😀😍
Océane Pasquier
Océane Pasquier Hace 19 días
Love this song 👌 great job
Fox Mulder
Fox Mulder Hace 20 días
Oh babyyyy pleeeeaaaaaseeee ... give a Little respeeect tooo meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
kylestyyle987 Hace 20 días
3:57 Nice touch that they changed the penultimate chord to a juicy V7/IV for the final "Human"
Верховный Рогапил
Jonathan Mohr
Jonathan Mohr Hace 21 un día
10,000 mi / 500 hr = 20 mph. Slowest police chase ever.
Beavispdx Hace 16 días
You gotta stop for McDonald's and then to take a shit tho
Lesyk Konecky
Lesyk Konecky Hace 21 un día
liborio patti
liborio patti Hace 21 un día
Ogni canzone che fanno un successo
CactusRoc Hace 21 un día
Is it just me that thinks it's shitty of them using the synthwave community their artstyle for their album theme, while it's not synthwave at all actually.
Sophester Animates
Sophester Animates Hace 22 días
I love this song it makes me think of like an adventure .....!! But not like the one in the vid like a forest or rock monument or somethin
Vadym Biletskiy
Vadym Biletskiy Hace 22 días
Где рок, алло?
Adriana  Fournier
Adriana Fournier Hace 22 días
J adore
John Ячменное Зерно
50/50 for me - I can ,t say, that this is bad , but I loved Muse a little for different music
Icy Hace 22 días
Detroit: Become Human anyone?
Andrea Caroli
Andrea Caroli Hace 22 días
roberto carrillo
roberto carrillo Hace 22 días
Un robo total a "every breath you take" de Sting, y el acompañamiento es de "little respect" de Erasure. Pero me encanta igual!!!!
Thomas Pollet
Thomas Pollet Hace 22 días
J'aime les chat
Charox ツ
Charox ツ Hace 23 días
leur univers est top avec bcp de references !
MrMporas Hace 23 días
Perfectionist artist! Bravo!
guido virgilio
guido virgilio Hace 23 días
Every breath you take... plagiarism
Jonanice Hace 24 días
Anyone else getting Wheatus’s cover of ‘A little respect’ vibes from this song..?
Bogdan Skavronsky
Bogdan Skavronsky Hace 24 días
Would be hard to find another music video where the plot doesn't match the music that much. What does this generic mellow shit have to do with the Lamborghini racing?
ahepperl Hace 24 días
Enough of the bullshit. Yo original Muse fans, remember the bad ass rock they used to blast? This isn't it either. This is fucking horrible. Stop defending it.
Alejandro Ramirez Avendaño
It is the worst song of the album. But the album its great and you know that.
Dominic Wilkinson
Dominic Wilkinson Hace 24 días
The best band in the world
luis maverick
luis maverick Hace 25 días
Ivan Zinzula
Ivan Zinzula Hace 25 días
Very beautiful
Sylla Omar
Sylla Omar Hace 25 días
Didine Bzh
Didine Bzh Hace 25 días
C'est juste EnOooOorRrrRmisime ! Je n'aime pas j'adore
Erik Gaeta
Erik Gaeta Hace 25 días
È una droga!
adrelliavillage Hace 25 días
Sargon of Akkad? Yeah I'm a pretty big fan of him, "classical liberal" and all, heh. I think Leon Musk is onto something, we might all live in a simulation, and Muse did a good job of translating that to something musical.
Konjit Alemayehu
Konjit Alemayehu Hace 25 días
The muse il Very Good And Song is beatiful
Ash Place
Ash Place Hace 25 días
One day I was walking down the mall, and there was this guy who was painting the moon and a waterfall with spray paint. I thought it was awesome. A few months later I was walking around downtown and I saw a different guy doing exactly the same thing. And then again and again. The paintings for some reason remind me of Muse.
Sudheer Kumar
Sudheer Kumar Hace 25 días
Tito Flexa
Tito Flexa Hace 26 días
did Matt killed his own bassist
Evilcorkin Reacts
Evilcorkin Reacts Hace 26 días
ANY TRUE MUSE FANS OUT THERE?????I just did a FULL ALBUM REACTION AND REVIEW... Wasn't easy to upload so show some love guys
Remi Abrahams
Remi Abrahams Hace 26 días
i am happy again :)
TRENDLIFE 2018 Hace 27 días
ICH LIEBE ES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Randi Matthews
Randi Matthews Hace 27 días
this song though.. gets me right in the feels
Aflax Football 57
Aflax Football 57 Hace 27 días
Lamborghini Countach ❤
Mr. Meister
Mr. Meister Hace 27 días
I think its perfect, just perfect hit for the moment.
lupahole Hace 27 días
Heh, very "princy"!
Onur Bilginer
Onur Bilginer Hace 27 días
I think Muse decided to make Something Human. Because all of their other songs are inhuman
racoonzattack Hace 28 días
Now more than ever we all need something human in our “connected” lives of mindless social media posts behind mind controlling smartphones.
racoonzattack Hace 28 días
Am I the only one that hears a small folk influence in this song? When I listen to it I can imaging hearing a Mumford & Sons type cover with a banjo or something.
Sanity Is Radical
Sanity Is Radical Hace 27 días
Check out the acoustic version. Trust me
racoonzattack Hace 28 días
So this is the song everyone’s been hating on...
Elias Flores
Elias Flores Hace 28 días
The Occupational Side Effects
If I had all the money in the world , this video treatment is what I would have spent it on, with reference of the music and subject matter of the song.Welcome to the 80's - 90's kids . As for the VHS , be kind and rewind (to beat the rewind charge lol) , while I drive my Countach in Duel, or Need for Speed on my vintage P.C or Mac.
Mohd Ezwan bin Iberahim
Is it tardis(phone booth)?
jensen280273 Hace 27 días
No, it's a time machine from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
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