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MUSE - Something Human [Official Music Video]

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Watch the music video for the new song “Something Human” now!
Listen to the song on your preferred digital service here: mu-se.co/somethinghuman
New album coming November 2018.

My circuits have blown
I know it's self imposed
And all I have shared
And all I have loved
Is all I’ll ever own

But something has changed
I feel so alive
My life just blew up
I'd give it all up
I’ll depressurise

10,000 miles left on the road
500 hours until I am home
I need something human
Human, human, human, human

Let's face all our fears
come out of the shade
Let's burn all the money
Absolve all the lies
And wake up unscathed

The big picture's gone
replaced with visions of you
Now life can begin
I've cleansed all my sins
I'm about to break through

5000 miles left on the road
200 hours until I am home
I need something human
Human, human, human
And I need the touch
And something human, human, human

Less than a mile left on the road
I will be crawling through your door
I need something human
Human, human, human
And I need your love
And something human, human, human

Directed by Lance Drake

Producer: Jason Baum
Production company: whitelist.tv/
Executive Producers: Jerad Anderson & Seb Webber

Director of Photography: Todd Banhazl
Production Designer: Tyler Jensen
Editor: Jeremiah Mayhew
Wardrobe Stylist: Tatiana Valentin

Post Production and Visual FX: Frame 48
Executive Director: Tom Teller
Executive Producer: Julian Conner
Creative Producer: Seth Josephson

Colorist: Bryan Smaller at Company 3



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19 jul 2018

MUSESomething HumanMatt BellamyMatthew BellamyDom HowardDominic HowardChris WolstenholmeChristopher WolstenholmeEmotionality RushSimulation TheoryDronesLance DrakeStarlightMadnessHuman SongAlternative Music






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Alexander Krause
Alexander Krause Hace 2 horas
close minded
Alexander Krause
Alexander Krause Hace 2 horas
way to far.....
Ivan Arcajo
Ivan Arcajo Hace 3 horas
Amo estas canciones!!!!
Yayas brother Bilimon yaya
Alexander Tomashevsky
Alexander Tomashevsky Hace 13 horas
Hello everyone, rate Bluegrass Country Cover on this song! Thanks! esvid.net/video/vídeo-4OxYK1UkDIU.html
annita bettineschi
annita bettineschi Hace 14 horas
Hugo Mendoza
Hugo Mendoza Hace 22 horas
Muse 😌🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶
ghst Jp
ghst Jp Hace 22 horas
I try to discover...
Link Soul
Link Soul Hace un día
❤❤❤ Best song EVER!!!
Beth Hace un día
I can't believe they were already dropping hints for the Dark Side!
simona galliani
simona galliani Hace un día
I love this song so much, let's go Muse!
Ricky Panipinto
Ricky Panipinto Hace un día
Still my favorite of the new songs :)
Hubert KUEHN
Hubert KUEHN Hace un día
😣 où comment se mettre à dos tous les fans de la première heure de Muse
Cherry Canetis
Cherry Canetis Hace un día
Kinda reminds me of U2 - Sunday Bloods Sunday
Giuseppe Romano
Giuseppe Romano Hace 2 días
very very gooooodddddd
V8 Hace 2 días
2:06 my friend: EMP or RPG ? I said: EMPRPG luncher!
john oconnell
john oconnell Hace 2 días
Only MUSE can pull off something human. I’m a metal head and love this this shit!! Fuck all the haters, they must not be true fans.
AndryusZajcev91 Hace 3 días
Keith Fan
Keith Fan Hace 3 días
Me kenge te vdekme dhe pa ritem skam pa ndonjehere iiiii ca kenge bobobobobo ca kenge
TONG SETAN Hace 3 días
S . T . Y . L . O. ? 😂
Beatriz Wild
Beatriz Wild Hace 3 días
omg, sounds horrible. I think I'll just go to a concert when they do tour of old albums.
Nina Novak
Nina Novak Hace 3 días
My circuits have blown I know it's self-imposed And all I have shared, and all I have loved Is all I'll ever own But something has changed I feel so alive My life just blew up, I'd give it all up I'll depressurize Oh, oh, oh, ten thousand miles left on the road Oh, oh, oh, five hundred hours 'til I am home I need something human, human Human, human Let's face all our fears Come out of the shade Let's burn all the money, absolve all the lies And wake up unscathed The big picture's gone Replaced with visions of you Now life can begin, I've cleansed all my sins I'm about to break through Oh, oh, oh, five thousand miles left on the road Oh, oh, oh, two hundred hours 'til I am home I need something human, human Human, human And I need the touch And something human, human Oh, oh, oh, less than a mile left on the road Oh, oh, oh, I will be crawling though your door I need something human, human Human, human And I need your love And something human, human
Matheus Ribeiro
Matheus Ribeiro Hace 4 días
Cristian Pórota
Cristian Pórota Hace 4 días
que verga!!!
Ashley Ackles
Ashley Ackles Hace 4 días
LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Loving Simulation Theory!!! MUSE NEVER lets you down! Can't wait for more!!
Fuisharu ryuuko
Fuisharu ryuuko Hace 4 días
whenever i heard Matt's voice, its so thrilling and enjoyable,
Quincy Johns
Quincy Johns Hace 5 días
Muse fans after Something Human came out: "That's it, I'm done with Muse, they're just a typical pop band now" Muse fans after Pressure came out: "Tf you talking about I never left Muse is amazing"
Eric Fish
Eric Fish Hace 5 días
Muse is one of the best bands of recent days regardless of what anyone says and they always prove their relevance in an amazing new way that's just the way it is booya.
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Voss Li
Voss Li Hace 5 días
You had me at the countach
Jansku71 Hace 5 días
Shit. Jesus saves. Empy words.
Aalex Oo
Aalex Oo Hace 5 días
An awesom song on my birthday, July 19... i love it and i love all the new songs
hidea thorna
hidea thorna Hace 6 días
Doodleveiled Hace 6 días
This reminds me of Stylo a lot
drew Hace 6 días
This is probably one of the most original and one of the best songs I've heard in years.
Matt B
Matt B Hace 7 días
Keep up the good work gents
ilaria bianco
ilaria bianco Hace 7 días
Muse are amazing!!!🤗😍😘💪👍❤💗💖💞
Belinnie09 Hace 7 días
They lost me with the Drones album. Wasn't really liking that sound. But they are back ! I'm loving this !
Onedayspecial Band
Onedayspecial Band Hace 7 días
jorge6207 Hace 7 días
I got some human, but it will cost you.
Tani Pnl
Tani Pnl Hace 7 días
Ao italiani mo dove siete? 🇮🇹
cristian ferrigni
cristian ferrigni Hace 7 días
Fantastic!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍
AngieEnz84 Hace 7 días
I'm really loving that chorus. It's so pretty.
Янва Hace 8 días
I want this glamorous bomber
AM Arctic
AM Arctic Hace 8 días
Probably the best video of the 2018... 🔥
Salvatore Curcio
Salvatore Curcio Hace 8 días
Christina Aguilera........rip muse
Blanca Rodríguez Martínez
Well, I noticed she sampled them first (just listen to "Hurt", especially the "by hurting you" line)...
sumizuoomike Hace 8 días
0:20 to 0:40 Celine Dion I am alive 😀 srsl
Rutger Hoekstra
Rutger Hoekstra Hace 8 días
Muse have never made a bad album or song from showbiz until drones the albums evolve and i like the different style of music wish makes it more enjoy able
vikas badoriya
vikas badoriya Hace 8 días
JJDeeniz Hace 8 días
The chorus sounds like Genie in a Bottle by Christina Aguilera lol
Justin S.
Justin S. Hace 8 días
I was never a fan of muse but they are out of control good. holy (*&%&^(*&^)(*^(*&^&*^%*&^%()*^)(*&) Every song I hear I'm like god damn this is good. Their only weakness is tour dates...
Skypost4ever Hace 9 días
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 3 confirmed.
Apple Blossom
Apple Blossom Hace 9 días
Wow. I'm blown away. A "slow" song from muse: something that rocks hard, but sounds soft... I. LOVE. IT.
Imran Hakimie
Imran Hakimie Hace 9 días
God this song is really good. Muse is one of the band that hardly dissapoints.
Javier Pereira
Javier Pereira Hace 9 días
This remind me Out Run , Best game ever! :D
Pierremontquaker03 Hace 9 días
I try to discover A little something to make me sweeter Oh baby refrain from breaking my heart
Edwin Hernandez
Edwin Hernandez Hace 9 días
Te amo silvita this song is so good love muse
Badger Hace 10 días
I LOVE Muse! They are constantly evolving. Because of this, they never get stale. They are unbelievable underrated and one of the last REAL bands out there.
Maja L
Maja L Hace 10 días
Annie et Kristel Perez
Waouh !!! What a beautiful videoclip and of course, an excellent song 🎶🎵🎼🎤
Selina Bennington Leto
I hope to see them live someday
Selina Bennington Leto
I love this song
Steven Tasker
Steven Tasker Hace 10 días
What type of car is that? Anyone know?
Alice li
Alice li Hace 10 días
I love Muse, but this is fucked up. They stole this song. 100% ripoff of the song "Let The Fire Fall". Not cool. Hear for yourself. Link below: esvid.net/video/vídeo-v9mSylloLCo.html
Aaron Moen
Aaron Moen Hace 11 días
Just found out that the intro is ripped right out of Erasure's "A Little Respect". I hope they got permission, because if they didnt, ill be very disappointed in them.
Mitxel Sadaba
Mitxel Sadaba Hace 11 días
2:16 rendering ahead XD
Michelle C
Michelle C Hace 11 días
omggggggggg. This melts me.
Giuseppe Scalia
Giuseppe Scalia Hace 11 días
Lambo Countach over all
Alexandre Guitry
Alexandre Guitry Hace 11 días
Isa Fer Loud
Isa Fer Loud Hace 11 días
what a beautiful melody
NintenBro Hace 12 días
camilo sanchez
camilo sanchez Hace 12 días
this video looks regular show mordecai and rigby..jejejeje
CC-1010 Hace 12 días
My 50 year old dad loves this song
CC-1010 Hace 12 días
My 50 yr old dad loves this song
Алексей Соков
join the darkside - we've got Matt 😍
raptor XIII
raptor XIII Hace 12 días
Mad Max is stuck in the Matrix so he steals Kitt but he is pursued by the Doctor and his companion in the Tardis so he uses his flux capacitor to enter Tron and becomes a werewolf
donatella poma
donatella poma Hace 12 días
Beautiful Voice I love so much
pêcheur carpiste
pêcheur carpiste Hace 12 días
I love the music
TrasHarmony Hace 12 días
3:16 Doctor Who?
D H Hace 12 días
Who else is watching this in their 2018 simulation module?? 😂 👌👌
Psyduck O Psicopato
Psyduck O Psicopato Hace 13 días
werewolves(something human), vampires(thought contagion), gremlins(pressure), titans(the dark side) This álbum is awesome!
Jacob AbuKhader
Jacob AbuKhader Hace 13 días
He bought that lambo with Doge Coin profits.
david nekoboy
david nekoboy Hace 13 días
Good music +need for speed + time traveling = this
jack cruzm
jack cruzm Hace 13 días
Muse mi grupo favorito Saludos desde México
Игорь Пономарев
limitless cool !
SoundWay Studios
SoundWay Studios Hace 13 días
Reminds me "The Police - Every Breath You Take"
Eva Garcia
Eva Garcia Hace 13 días
Hacharma213 Hace 13 días
Well, in fact now i can say that this song is great. Like good old 80s songs, maybe not the rock style i love but actually a nice new touch to music.
Nesquik Power
Nesquik Power Hace 14 días
The Lion Muse King!
Sargtlin_Velkyn Hace 14 días
Benjamin Hace 14 días
Love, electricity, shockwave central Power on the motherboard, yes Push up, overload, legendary heavy glow - Oh wait. sorry. Wrong song lol.
Brandon Rogers
Brandon Rogers Hace 14 días
This song has grown on me so much
Natalie Maresova
Natalie Maresova Hace 14 días
Thisis a perfets song!!!😍😘
Blanca Rodríguez Martínez
"I need something human..." What you need, guys, is a genie in a bottle!
Xikes Emi
Xikes Emi Hace 14 días
This new album is already looking much better than "Drones".
giovanni busin
giovanni busin Hace 14 días
Mix a 1/4 ''A little respect'' with 2/4 ''Every breath you take''. Add 1/4 new sounding. Shake it out. Here we are with this song. Enjoy
TylerandMoRoll Hace 15 días
I fucking love this neon 80s synthwave video style they've got going. It's a new muse. Good for you guys!!
Christian Di Giovanni
Christian Di Giovanni Hace 15 días
Video notevole, ma musica non all'altezza dello stesso.
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