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MUSE - Something Human [Official Music Video]

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Watch the music video for the new song “Something Human” now!
Listen to the song on your preferred digital service here: mu-se.co/somethinghuman
Listen to the new album Simulation Theory now! Available on digital, vinyl, CD, cassette and Super Deluxe Boxset: mu-se.co/simulationtheory
My circuits have blown
I know it's self imposed
And all I have shared
And all I have loved
Is all I’ll ever own

But something has changed
I feel so alive
My life just blew up
I'd give it all up
I’ll depressurise

10,000 miles left on the road
500 hours until I am home
I need something human
Human, human, human, human

Let's face all our fears
come out of the shade
Let's burn all the money
Absolve all the lies
And wake up unscathed

The big picture's gone
replaced with visions of you
Now life can begin
I've cleansed all my sins
I'm about to break through

5000 miles left on the road
200 hours until I am home
I need something human
Human, human, human
And I need the touch
And something human, human, human

Less than a mile left on the road
I will be crawling through your door
I need something human
Human, human, human
And I need your love
And something human, human, human

Directed by Lance Drake

Producer: Jason Baum
Production company: whitelist.tv/
Executive Producers: Jerad Anderson & Seb Webber

Director of Photography: Todd Banhazl
Production Designer: Tyler Jensen
Editor: Jeremiah Mayhew
Wardrobe Stylist: Tatiana Valentin

Post Production and Visual FX: Frame 48
Executive Director: Tom Teller
Executive Producer: Julian Conner
Creative Producer: Seth Josephson

Colorist: Bryan Smaller at Company 3



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19 jul 2018






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Comentarios 13 272
Anne W.
Anne W. Hace 12 horas
*First ever muse impression:* Propaganda *Second ever muse impression:* break it to me *Third ever muse impression:* this????
stoss 42
stoss 42 Hace 14 horas
Didn't like it much to begin with , but definitely has grown on me - good song.
DooDoo Gaming
DooDoo Gaming Hace un día
almost 13 milly views!
Noemi Zaino
Noemi Zaino Hace un día
Fuck off muse, This a total dissapointment!
Sven Paynot
Sven Paynot Hace 2 días
Something Human is m'y favorite song of Simulation Theory ahead of Thought Contagion
Sven Paynot
Sven Paynot Hace 2 días
Something Human is beautiful 😍
Jove Lepha
Jove Lepha Hace 3 días
Heyy Matt
Just a Little Aspie
Just a Little Aspie Hace 4 días
Everybody’s on about #pwopaganda and I’m here like #somethingshiuman
Liam Esoteric
Liam Esoteric Hace 4 días
Fummelpojken Hace 5 días
I really like the lyrics. Makes me think about a night that showed me I could still feel happiness , had been so long ago i forgot what that even felt like. The changing moment that gave hope and a chance to get out of depression
Sofia Chaikovska
Sofia Chaikovska Hace 6 días
Thomss Noctor
Thomss Noctor Hace 8 días
This song is about Muse touring all the time. Genius track. Love it.
Tim Wenselowski
Tim Wenselowski Hace 8 días
They've been soooo great in the past ... I'm really sad they turned to this kind of little-girl-style dubstep hipster shit.
Norwall Beats
Norwall Beats Hace 8 días
This video is sick! Keep it up.
Peji EKOLINE Hace 9 días
It's a bad "every birth you take" I hate what Muse has become. 😱🤢🤮
Pamela Henríquez
Pamela Henríquez Hace 8 días
Peji EKOLINE who cares? Not me
Peji EKOLINE Hace 9 días
Horrible ! Muse is dead. 😢
Luna Hace 9 días
1:34 Girls get pregnant
Miguel torres
Miguel torres Hace 10 días
Hey do you guys think Matt knows it's dom and Chris? XD
As bandas de rock com músicas meio pop 😕😕🇧🇷🎸
Giss Eshualt
Giss Eshualt Hace 10 días
Un like a los que no hablamos inglés.. Pero nos gustó la canción..
Sup Guys
Sup Guys Hace 10 días
They deserve more than just 12 million views
Shen Hace 11 días
i wish this video had a proper outrun synthwave song
cache marzipan
cache marzipan Hace 13 días
Muse have always so great videos, but in this one, they bulldozed my Dr. Who Tardis?????hahahaha, I like it.............bad guy, if I wouldn`t know that the Tardis survives it, I would be angry, haha
WTF In World !!!
WTF In World !!! Hace 13 días
Wow this mv looks like Back to the Future lol
mariangoldenville Hace 14 días
El ritmo me recuerda a un tema de Erasure!
Lights Out
Lights Out Hace 15 días
Road Fighter remake
moza limna
moza limna Hace 15 días
MUSE make MUSIC . İf you don’t know , dont listening the MUSE! .And this is the best one.
Sandaran jiwa chanel
Sandaran jiwa chanel Hace 15 días
love u muse😍😍😍😍😍from Indonesian
cohobast92 Hace 15 días
Anyone else think this sounds like I’ve Just Seen A Face by The Beatles?
tinglesrosyrupeeland Hace 15 días
I wish you guys played this at the SLC show!!
Kearon O'Brien
Kearon O'Brien Hace 18 días
Yeah l like the Concept and its a true story makes even better ☝😗
Melwenn Ruello
Melwenn Ruello Hace 18 días
I love music
c o s m o s
c o s m o s Hace 18 días
MUSE - Something Human (Lyrics) *↕* *Please, look in the description*
Dominiq Hatch
Dominiq Hatch Hace 18 días
Although this inst in traditional "Muse style" it doesn't stop it from being a good song, its one think i love about bands when their music has variety, and this certainly is it, dont take backlash from people, this is great and has easily joined my general playlists. Edit: It seems now support has done a complete 180, and im so glad it did, this song deserves to be held high with the rest of muse's songs.
GenericalToast Hace 19 días
what an amazing song
Thepeterswor Hace 21 un día
Long live México And Andrés López Obrador
Jitana Martinez
Jitana Martinez Hace 22 días
Rip blockbuster
Julián Esteban
Julián Esteban Hace 22 días
That theremin part! Good vibes, good mood.
Kelvin Brooks
Kelvin Brooks Hace 22 días
seems like a lot of work to return a VHS
UniQueLyEviL Hace 22 días
c o s m o s
c o s m o s Hace 23 días
*2019 ?* *Read more*
The Silent One
The Silent One Hace 23 días
Now, I don't know if this has already been brought up and I'm not gonna search thousands of comments to see, and I'm not exactly one to give criticism. However, 10000 miles in 500 hours is only 20 miles per hour, and 5000 miles in 200 hours is only 25 miles per hour. Something seems a bit off with the speed of thst car... I know that muse tried to make it seem like alot, and they did quite successfully, but the cat only goes at a top speed of 25mph according to the lyrics. Now you know. (if it wasn't already brought up) Edit: typo
rosalba gallo
rosalba gallo Hace 24 días
Adoro questa canzone
walterk4 Jo
walterk4 Jo Hace 26 días
Replaced with visions of you..
Andres Martin
Andres Martin Hace 26 días
Muse made an amazing movie out of this album
Little Miss Sunshine
Little Miss Sunshine Hace 27 días
Why many people said something human and dig down are terrible? I get it if you don’t like a song,but calling it terrible? I mean,reggaetón is terrible,but a good song like something human or dig down,with pretty melodies and Bellamy’s voice,How could it be terrible? You could dislike’em but that doesn’t mean they are terrible,until now i think Muse has made all their albums so good,it happened the same with one more light,Linking park made a pop/electronic/rocky album,but it was good,though it was simple all songs described problems many of us suffer,they were slow and calmed,it was a very good album yet many disliked it and it’s ok,but they not only disliked it,they called it “terrible” as well,they insulted Chester for writing songs that I’m sure were about what he was feeling,why insulting something you don’t like??! Don’t like it? Don’t consume it!!! That’s it,simple as that!!! But stop calling quality people and artists and musicians terrible!!
Grey Cerin
Grey Cerin Hace 27 días
Quiero pensar que todo lo que eh vivido es solo una simulacion... y que pronto despertare
Tags Hace 27 días
who the fuck puts thumb down? like what the actual shit man?
lll lll
lll lll Hace 28 días
Plagiat à 1min01 avec christina aguilera " genie in bottle " ... hallucinant et trop flagrant!
Harald Haram
Harald Haram Hace 29 días
Can't wait to cruise around in Cyberpunk 2077, while listening to this.
Matteo Oprandi
Matteo Oprandi Hace un mes
La ripresa Vecinooo oooo!!!
Pevidi Farchan
Pevidi Farchan Hace un mes
I was fan , but now im air conditioner
esdras ramos
esdras ramos Hace un mes
Tyran Hace un mes
Matt turned into a furry
MrDietmint Hace un mes
Good !!
Roman 10
Roman 10 Hace un mes
Muse fans are never happy, bands grow over time, get over it
Icaro Gomes
Icaro Gomes Hace un mes
Muse Rock in Rio 2019! \o/ Mais alguém? :D
crism melimelo
crism melimelo Hace un mes
Prend moi avec toi Je veux bien voyager. .....
Maïlys Magnin
Maïlys Magnin Hace un mes
Human human
Marcosmathi- Hace un mes
Battle born-The Killers JAJA
Cristina Consorti
Cristina Consorti Hace un mes
Muse, i migliori al mondo ❤️
Oh yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah Hace un mes
0:34 i know that's a vcr, but what type would you call it?
Axel Martinez
Axel Martinez Hace un mes
Clarísima referencia a los vídeos de kavinsky
Mrs Buni
Mrs Buni Hace un mes
eehhh its not as good as old muse. their guitars used to have soul..
Fabio Hace un mes
"wait who are those people? their Martians! This is Martia!!!"
Marine Duflot
Marine Duflot Hace un mes
Français ?
mil more
mil more Hace un mes
jose enrique lau sanchez
Ambre Lucas
Ambre Lucas Hace un mes
I love Muse 💞
Isa Ponciano
Isa Ponciano Hace un mes
Sempre em forma na onda da musica
Muse are simply phenomenal !
Tatoke kokipa
Tatoke kokipa Hace un mes
Me.... in GTA 5....
Marielle MOREL
Marielle MOREL Hace un mes
I love this song !
F G Hace un mes
Owen Jackson
Owen Jackson Hace un mes
Not only does the song make me emotional the video does aswell
Marcelo Barbosa
Marcelo Barbosa Hace un mes
Gosto muito dessa música desses vídeo clipe 🇧🇷🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎵
What to Play?
What to Play? Hace un mes
*Can someone explain the dark hands at the end?*
Lara Cherner
Lara Cherner Hace un mes
The werewolf has returned to get the cop :)
Álvaro Fernandes
Álvaro Fernandes Hace un mes
It was difficult to entrench this new album, now it is contagious!!!
Wolverine360 Hace un mes
Is this need for speed?
Rhiannon Furbear-Williams
Just no. Sorry Muse. Have to skip this song every time as it makes me cringe and want to scratch my skin off. CHEESY.
Kate Maystrova
Kate Maystrova Hace un mes
Muse - Something Human (Piano Cover) esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-YwMtjhqsdzE.html
seb astien
seb astien Hace un mes
out run
fuzzeek78 Hace un mes
So, what's the message?
Hernan Mendoza
Hernan Mendoza Hace un mes
Afanazo a The police y erasure!!! jaja
Strobo Hace un mes
did not listen to muse in 10 years. wtf is that?
Samu wolf
Samu wolf Hace un mes
MUSE is magnific, my favourite MUSic is SOMETHING HUMAN of MUSE!!!!!!!!!!!
Marianne Arendt
Marianne Arendt Hace un mes
Briman Aerospace
Briman Aerospace Hace un mes
Himen hiiimeeeeeeeen!
Rob Hughes
Rob Hughes Hace un mes
Why is this not no 1 already. An amazing song.
Marianne Arendt
Marianne Arendt Hace un mes
Samu wolf
Samu wolf Hace un mes
Pablo Pinasco
Pablo Pinasco Hace un mes
Great video ! .. another video that looks like but made with 2 dollars - > esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-_iOpfcrtJHo.html
Jared Totoy
Jared Totoy Hace un mes
Eduardo Barbosa
Eduardo Barbosa Hace un mes
In this caaaaastle of glaaaas
Mike Taylor
Mike Taylor Hace un mes
Lousy so called band... ripping off "The Police - Every Breath You Take". No talent for their own music.
GameEarth737060 Hace un mes
Orkan Sezer
Orkan Sezer Hace un mes
I don't know why but 50% of Muse songs give me goosebumps
nathgameur Hace un mes
Is it just me or this sounds quite like A Little Respect by Erasure?
Laura Gaarthuis
Laura Gaarthuis Hace 2 meses
I am 14...I only listen to good music. Not RNB, Hip Hop, Pop or other songs that are too much the same :)
Angelo Lecci
Angelo Lecci Hace 2 meses
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