Must watch: Woman gives powerful speech to looters on streets of NYC

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(Video credit : Dan Ladue) A New York City woman's impassioned plea to a group of looters to stop what they were doing is resonating with people across the country.
Desiree Barnes said she approached the group Saturday night in the East Village after they began looting the stores below her apartment.
That is when a man on the street noticed her message and started filming.
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2 jun 2020






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Imganna Hace 10 minutos
This is about anarchy, these communist couldn’t wait for another situation to happened so they can over throw our neighborhoods and cause division , and chaos just like the devils that they are!!! They don’t care about black lives, they are just using those words to get there own agenda across.
Yoshiko Takahashi
Yoshiko Takahashi Hace 7 horas
BLM is just stupid nowadays
Lebron Hace un día
All lives matter
Lingering Questions 5
Anyone looting will want to justify it and some people (mostly white and I say this as a white person) will want to use them to argue that the Black Lives Matter movement is always misused. I live in a suburban, riot-free area and I know that makes me feel safe and I think a lot of people in my area defending the riots and looting don't really get to give enough sympathy to any black people who are negatively affected by the riots.
John Cassel
John Cassel Hace un día
Where’s the news media now when someone is finally speaking the truth. Good for her...
D T Hace 2 días
This is a true American...💝
veronica Hall Chambers
There are no lies here !!! Sickening
Baguette Launcher
Baguette Launcher Hace 2 días
removing harsh words make it extremely annying to hear, have to put a dislike
Brother Jauffre
Brother Jauffre Hace 3 días
She is lucky she is a black woman if she was white they would kill her.
Michael Laffey
Michael Laffey Hace 3 días
Ivelisse Gonzalez
Ivelisse Gonzalez Hace 4 días
Thank you!! BLM protesters just scream, disrupt, and bring discord to communities. For what?? To feel good about themselves?? Be the change!! I don’t see any of them volunteering with me to tutor African Americans , creating outreach programs, helping homelessness, assisting single mothers improve their employment skills, bringing health programs, etc. Anyone can scream, agitate, and create outrage. But only those really committed to the cause put the time and effort to be the change. Talk is cheap, service and helping to empower others is the true force
Kelli L
Kelli L Hace 5 días
Black women get off the front lines. That’s why everyone thinks we’re masculine. It’s time to sit down and take a break in 2020.
Jerry Hardee
Jerry Hardee Hace 6 días
This woman needs to be speaker of the house. Get her message spread. Sc white guy here btw. God Bless you Ms.
JavHolmes Hace 6 días
I wish the protestors in Hong Kong, my home could be this disciplined, at least these looters heard her out rather than just arguing with every sentence and beating her up
Dan Scala
Dan Scala Hace 6 días
She told them the truth . The rioting is destroying the community from within . Makes no sense .
stop Hace 7 días
Smart kid, I respect her.
Kimberly M-W
Kimberly M-W Hace 7 días
Very upsetting!!
C K Hace 7 días
You know what would be powerful and ironic? If Trump helped out the businesses destroyed by BLM. But the states won't accept his help
Nano Sec0nd
Nano Sec0nd Hace 7 días
Hopefully those clapping are not the people who were rioting..I wouldn't be surprised if they were though
Venus Lammawin
Venus Lammawin Hace 7 días
Michael Nguyen
Michael Nguyen Hace 8 días
Man, I love this woman, so brave and spoke nothing but facts. God bless you...
Traci Hace 8 días
Brave woman. But telling idiots to register to vote when they ain't smart enough to figure out they are political pawns for the left? I can't support idiots voting for other idiots. How about they help clean up the mess they created instead?
red banner 25
red banner 25 Hace 8 días
Then dont protest easy answer when you protest their gonna ppl are gonna loot when is massive protest so
Mark Ross
Mark Ross Hace 8 días
Can I listen to this uncensored?
dennis cossman
dennis cossman Hace 8 días
This woman deserves a go fund me & a position in Congress
CeCe Cumigad
CeCe Cumigad Hace 9 días
Shes sick and tired
James Jones
James Jones Hace 9 días
They don't care about George floyd or Breanna taylor. They just want to destroy America.
Karla Barrios
Karla Barrios Hace 9 días
We need more people like her. She's saying the truth. The way they are protesting is not right.
Dredd 1
Dredd 1 Hace 9 días
Love this woman - way to go. Marry me.
Jerry Tang
Jerry Tang Hace 9 días
And yet, it is the rich who smash up windows, and the poor looters are hot on their heels for the TVs and Nikes. Truth is, poverty and social inequality can only be CURED by making everybody poor and low class. Look at Cuba and Venezuela.
May Brisbin
May Brisbin Hace 10 días
a sore throat in addition to the other pain and it went in one ear and right out the other
Lutteo Forever
Lutteo Forever Hace 10 días
At the end of the day we want police reform which will benefit everyone of all races I'm not a Marxist or communist I don't loot or riot I don't want to destroy western civilization or nuclear family I don't share the beliefs of the founders our protest in pa are peaceful and we don't ask for charity but people are welcome to give not all BLM are bad and I know I may have been a little racist at first but Ive grown from that ever since canon hinnant the only thing I wanted was to end police brutality against all races because black lives matter but all lives matter .
Henry Fidel
Henry Fidel Hace 10 días
I doubt it's coincidence that you can not hear the audio. Channel 7 has the original audio and film but wont correct it.... Coincidence you can't hear this woman? I doubt it....
Naomi Hall
Naomi Hall Hace 10 días
Those rioters and looters who are destroying people’s neighborhoods are not destroying their own neighborhoods. They go back home get paid for the evil they have done to other and sleep comfortably in their beds.
Naomi Hall
Naomi Hall Hace 10 días
Well said my fellow friend 👍🏾
Chesapeake & Seaboard Productions
Personal advice when rioting/clashing in a demonstration. Don't destroy personally owned shops and small businesses, deal with large markets and corporate buildings, because they can repair easily, while families get their lives destroyed over it. And try to avoid any issues with all civilians and don't get into conflicts with them. If so, just back off and stop completely if you have to. And fight like your enemy, as well.
Pixel Negro
Pixel Negro Hace 10 días
dont censored, she is telling the truth
ben peabody
ben peabody Hace 10 días
Finally. A black lady I can listen to!
Mindblower Hace 10 días
She has a sailor's mouth!
Marv Mahuka
Marv Mahuka Hace 10 días
IDK why they clapping. STOP acting crazy and destroying innocent people's property. I don't respect people who act with no conscience or true purpose and claim it in the name of injustice while they inflict it
Sports are dead
Sports are dead Hace 10 días
Bummer none of them listened.
TheHulkbuster13 Hace 11 días
This woman is a true american
lynn craig
lynn craig Hace 11 días
Bless this Woman....She has a lot of guts to take those criminals on. She is an "Angel Unaware"....in the presence of Evil.
Mary Argenziano
Mary Argenziano Hace 11 días
God love her!!!!❤🧡💛💚
John Moore
John Moore Hace 11 días
I love this young lady. Preach young lady
honey bun
honey bun Hace 11 días
"So you can go back home to your comforts"!
jon boy
jon boy Hace 11 días
typical KAREN !
Truckngirl Hace 11 días
Do you think that all of the Upper East Side white privilege kids that think their radicals are going to listen to her? Nopity nope nope~
Walter Keith
Walter Keith Hace 11 días
I'm a Republican I'm conservative and women like her is who we need. Its time to unite against this madness
Monroe Hace 11 días
What a good brave girl... I like her... She's one of the good middle side ambassador
sleepystreets Hace 11 días
and imagine there are actually people who think that this is a must cause peaceful protests havent been working, yet go home comfortably with a roof over their head and a surplus of food
Guillermo Avila
Guillermo Avila Hace 12 días
But yet in Chicago they say it reparation yeah ok
dave b
dave b Hace 12 días
One nation under God built on slavery persecution of native Americans handcuffing and murdering citizens what kind of god you pray to
Gamonski Curse
Gamonski Curse Hace 12 días
god bless this woman.
dave b
dave b Hace 12 días
One nation under God built on slavery persecution of native Americans handcuffing and murdering citizens what kind of god you pray to
Ivo Dimov
Ivo Dimov Hace 12 días
Ambient Spirit Lamb
Ambient Spirit Lamb Hace 12 días
Devon hatchett steven Sinclair random stabbings on whites are suppressed by media
Youtuber edition
Youtuber edition Hace 13 días
Me: *Watches video* Also me: *claps proudly*
john c
john c Hace 13 días
Is she ex-military?
Bishop Eddie
Bishop Eddie Hace 13 días
She isn't aware of how her own people have been robbed, raped and denied reparations for 400 years. She needs to stay off those date a white guy websites!
mercenary128 Hace 13 días
BLM is a terrorist organization
Donald Leider
Donald Leider Hace 13 días
She needs to run for mayor!
Ranalynn’s Lifestyle & Beauty
I so agree with her. She is courageous 🙌🏽
Pedro Barbosa
Pedro Barbosa Hace 13 días
Lavender Blue
Lavender Blue Hace 13 días
These looters are creating Trump supporters man
Lutteo Forever
Lutteo Forever Hace 12 días
That's what I'm saying if we had kept the protest peaceful trump wouldn't have won in 2020 but it's to late now
Extravaganzoyeur Hace 13 días
Wow! Incredibly powerful message coming straight from the heart, resonating off this womans vocal cords and out of her mouth, through the air, right into some ill-informed, shallow-minded protestors eardrums.. Take note, rioters..!
Hellbetty Hellfire
Hellbetty Hellfire Hace 13 días
Wow! Need more of her
SouthPaw Yeti
SouthPaw Yeti Hace 13 días
Zoran Novosel
Zoran Novosel Hace 13 días
All i see is the morons still stuck to their phones filming and thinking "what a great story for youtube,i'm gonna get so many views".
Antonio Garcia
Antonio Garcia Hace 13 días
Vasta ya es hora de usar las fuerzas
Antonio Garcia
Antonio Garcia Hace 13 días
Hasta cuando van a permitir esos desastres vasta ya justicia
Vintage Hace 13 días
This is turning out like feminism. Started out with good intentions, but ended up having nothing to do with what it started for.
Vintage Hace 4 días
Deldrin Elspeth 👍
Deldrin Elspeth
Deldrin Elspeth Hace 4 días
Nothing to do with it at all. I can't believe 18 people liked your post. No facts at all. She was angry because people are destroying their neighborhood. The people / corporations responsible suffer minor or no damage. People don't or can't see this. I pity you and the 18 others
King CR7
King CR7 Hace 13 días
They dont want to work hard and earn,they want everything for free,they dont want to follow rules,they show the frustration of their shameful life by burning and looting the hardworking ones.
Yaboy Chipssahoi
Yaboy Chipssahoi Hace 13 días
Looters making the protesters look bad it really sucks
Ryugu Idiosyncratic
Ryugu Idiosyncratic Hace 13 días
Glad to see there still some sensible people in that country, sadly they still let those fascist terrorists just run amok.
surfitlive Hace 13 días
She comes across as a theater student doing a street performance. So I'm kinda torn between real or staged.
Chris Hughes
Chris Hughes Hace 13 días
Well done lady, well said.
Black Justicez
Black Justicez Hace 13 días
She a clown
Anime Micheal Jackson
Anime Micheal Jackson Hace 13 días
the whole movement of BLM is a bunch of clowns who just like to destroy and loot. You want your lives to matter than protest peacefully it’s the movements fault there isn’t a change
kyle wolfkind
kyle wolfkind Hace 14 días
This speech deserves and must be written in the history books
Jason Brown
Jason Brown Hace 14 días
Wow. Truth hurts.
Kingveget419 Hace 14 días
This woman is a hero! Defending her neighbors standing up for justice!
Shelby K
Shelby K Hace 14 días
I love this girl. We need more people like her!
Briseur De Lance
Briseur De Lance Hace 14 días
04:01: "We don't have patriots here." I hope she does not mean that patriotism is bad. 🤨
Josue Mendez
Josue Mendez Hace 12 días
I think she meant "patrons" but I am not sure. Thats the only thing that makes sense to me.
Bee Zava
Bee Zava Hace 14 días
The only reason bad people succeed is because no one wants to confront them.
Kelly Shields
Kelly Shields Hace 14 días
She needs to run for mayor. She know what's real. Debozo dont have any idea.
Jenna Beatz
Jenna Beatz Hace 14 días
I'm glad she's condemning what they're doing but it sounds to me like she thinks the police and Trump are the problem when in truth we are responsible for our own actions. People need a heart change and you don't take it to the corporations. People like me work there and need our jobs.
Flamey Hace 14 días
My left ear enjoyed this
James Kirk
James Kirk Hace 14 días
I like her
Amy Fader
Amy Fader Hace 14 días
Thank you to her for her service ❤
Baron Corbin
Baron Corbin Hace 14 días
The worst part is they all think she's wrong and calling her a uncle tom.
BreAnna Boothe
BreAnna Boothe Hace 14 días
Amen sister thank u for your voice !!! Thank you God bless you 🙏
Mike Gates
Mike Gates Hace 15 días
She must be very aggressive in bed ...
Rusky Petrovsky
Rusky Petrovsky Hace 15 días
Wake up people BLM and Atifa don't give a rats about y.all
グbeetlejuice Hace 15 días
dawid Fitzner
dawid Fitzner Hace 15 días
Women's lives matter
Business Manager
Business Manager Hace 15 días
MrKalbik Hace 15 días
My left ear really enjoyed this.
Elsa M Manjarres
Elsa M Manjarres Hace 15 días
God Bless you lady, you’re so correct. 🙏
m. Mz
m. Mz Hace 15 días
God Bless this lady for speaking up the truth wish this brave lady to be on T.V. she is a hero!
Money Barksdale
Money Barksdale Hace 15 días
No need white people don't listen but we still get the blame so it's a waist of time because they still get on white site's accusing us of everything they do and they delusional believing it...but she's paid by George soro and blacks made this country become powerful but still disrespected in uniform or not they don't GAF
Villanelle Hace 15 días
Unfortunately noone is listening to you sweetheart.
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