[MV] 마마무(MAMAMOO) - Wind flower

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[MV] 마마무(MAMAMOO) - Wind flower
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29 nov 2018






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MAMAMOO Hace 4 meses
무무들 뮤비 잘 보고있누??ㅋㅋㅋ
Bangtan Memeyeondan
MAMAMOO oooo what if moonbyul typed it
DanNI Zhang
DanNI Zhang Hace 3 meses
mayra maya
mayra maya Hace 3 meses
Yes !! 💐 Love u Mamamoo from Indonesia
흔한겜덕 Hace 3 meses
노래도 좋구 이쁘고목소리도좋누ㅠㅜ
Laura Montserrat 1D K-PopLove
Love much my girls
YuKi系雪 Hace 8 horas
Hong Kong
jason lamigo
jason lamigo Hace 18 horas
11M and its still going
just nooj
just nooj Hace 20 horas
i first listened to it and thought it was nice and such a good song only to find out in this mv it's a break up song amd now im crying while eating cheetos
jinsoul Hace un día
The only dislikes were bees
Julia Andrea
Julia Andrea Hace un día
.... idk I love this fksnofle
Purple hearts For Vsoo
I ❤️ it
aylatoalya Hace un día
mamamoo killed it last year
Khairunnisa aam
Khairunnisa aam Hace un día
I love moonbyul🤩🤩 so beautifulllll
Elaine Hsieh
Elaine Hsieh Hace un día
this song is beautiful~~~
魔次元 Hace un día
Hong Kong
Vitoria Gonzaga
Vitoria Gonzaga Hace 2 días
Não consigo entender como esse mv ainda não tem 100M viu !!!! Que hino !!!
ELF Moomoo Ic Multifandom
Little Meow meow
Little Meow meow Hace 2 días
I stan Talents.❤✊
IcEloLLi1 Hace 3 días
Is it only the background or they really went to hk 0.0?!
Park Ri Jin
Park Ri Jin Hace 2 días
This was filmed in hk ^^
Victoria Shen
Victoria Shen Hace 3 días
风花(wind flower)
Celina Ruth
Celina Ruth Hace 3 días
It saddens me sometimes that this song doesnt get enough recognition. I love all of the title songs from the 4 seasons, 4 albums project but wind flower will always be my favorite. Perhaps, bexause it was the first song that was released when I finally joined the fandom (which ws between egotistic era and this) and I'm so incredibly attached, but also the mv is lit, the vocals are on point, and this song is just really cool. I get that it might not be the kind of song that sells to the general public, but this is such a wonderful song that deserves more attention imo. Thanks for coming to my ted talk.
LaylaT6 Hace 2 días
Yes it’s a lovely song and I love the reasons you listed why. Actually this song is just the type of song Korea likes the problem is their company didn’t promote it at all like no promotion and it came out in a busy month with a lot of other songs but if it came out at a better time and was promoted properly I think it would have won awards
babbylicous for life
This song still touches my heart ❤️❤️
Kacy Devlin
Kacy Devlin Hace 4 días
2019 anyone?
chxrry '
chxrry ' Hace 4 días
*I broke the replay botton*
Vicky Alvarez
Vicky Alvarez Hace 4 días
loly pop
loly pop Hace 5 días
Actually I was kinda surprised that almost all of their MVs are good. I mean, knowing that they are from a rather small company, I was glad the company spend their money for the girls to come out with a really good video. I mean, some other big company out there will produce a high budget video looking very lavish with lotsa luxurious mambo jambo in it but Mamamoo videos, I think, are better bcoz they really have good concepts and ideas. I noticed this even ever since the very first MV 'Don't Be Happy'. Even from the start their MV concept was seriously really good. Kudos to the girls and the company
Beth Demellites
Beth Demellites Hace 3 días
It's because even from the start, the girls have something to say to their craft. Like they are really involve into their music and luckily rbw supports them.
黎潁淳 Hace 5 días
OMG the mv takes place in Hong Kong T_T A new Hong KOng MOOMOO is cryinggggg
angie santos
angie santos Hace 5 días
welcome to the field baby moomoo!!!!!
Ice Queen
Ice Queen Hace 5 días
I say strong women. you say Mamamoo queens.
Indigoheron Oftheice
chorus suugst? wind flower (x2) soon to be not much per kilowatt hour 🤷🏻‍♀️
Daniela fernanda
Daniela fernanda Hace 6 días
la primera cancion que escucho de este grupo y me gusto bastante ademas el video esta bueno
angie santos
angie santos Hace 5 días
todo el album BLUE;S es una joya!
Candy Lin
Candy Lin Hace 6 días
this song is too underappreciated omg南韩聋了
Sivphing Chong
Sivphing Chong Hace 6 días
I love that they are different from other girl groups
jewel n
jewel n Hace 6 días
I got literally got goosebumps during the chorus asjkldafasdfh;aldjk
erlena xx
erlena xx Hace 7 días
byul ah , dont kill me pls
hoppee maldo
hoppee maldo Hace 7 días
Me encanta laa amoo!! Gracias por los subtitulos!!! ❤😍😍😍😍😍🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷 argentina latinoamerica
Mira Lesmana
Mira Lesmana Hace 7 días
The short haired girl catched my attention ❤❤❤
Isoy Hace 7 días
+Mira Lesmana no problem :3 Yessss she is so gorgeous, a true angel! Thanks for supporting her/ Mamamoo!! ♡
Mira Lesmana
Mira Lesmana Hace 7 días
+Isoy thank you for telling me,she's so charismatic,cool,swang n cute at the same time ❤
Isoy Hace 7 días
That's Wheein, our cute lil puppy c:
Mira Lesmana
Mira Lesmana Hace 7 días
I'm proud to be new fan and i regret was sleeping on them ❤❤❤
Mira Lesmana
Mira Lesmana Hace 7 días
Their vocal tho! ❤❤❤❤
California Barking Moose
11,015,110 4/17
Kon'nichiwa Kyland
Kon'nichiwa Kyland Hace 8 días
I truly think people forgot about this song.
Iva Ćurković
Iva Ćurković Hace 8 días
Still my favourite song from the 4 seasons project
사비나 Hace 8 días
뻔하디뻔한 내 사랑 이야기야 흔하디흔한 이별일 뿐이야 이미 알겠지만 너 없는 동안 많이 외롭고 힘들기만 했어 너와 있을 때 왜 더 잘해주지 못했는지 이제서야 달콤한 말들이 맴도는지 몇 번이야 이야이야 후회만 하니 아이야 저 꽃들만 너무 예뻐 Wind flower Wind flower 엇갈린 갈린 우리 이야기 Wind flower Wind flower 우우우우리만 이별일까 두두두둘이만 아파할까 다시 또 피어날 꽃잎처럼 (꽃잎처럼 Yeah) Get better day by day Get better day by day 바람 불어 기분 좋은 날 (좋은 날 All day) 혼자가 되어 홀가분한 밤 (홀가분한 밤) 우우우우울한 날은 가고 Get better day by day Get better day by day 그럴 만했지 그래 한 번뿐인 이별에 소란스러워 나가보면 노크하는 애는 미련이야 식탁 위에 차려진 음식 혼자 덤덤한 척 늦은 식사 무기력 공허함 외로움 Yeah 날씨는 구름 기분 Down 되어있네 멀쩡한 날이 없어 모든 게 거슬려 왜 함께 있을 때 왜 더 아름답지 못했는지 둘만의 노래를 이별 가사로 채우는지 아파이야 이야이야 후회만 하니 아이야 저 꽃들만 너무 예뻐 Wind flower Wind flower 달라져 버린 닮은 우리 둘 Wind flower Wind flower 우우우우리만 이별일까 두두두둘이만 아파할까 다시 또 피어날 꽃잎처럼 (꽃잎처럼 Yeah) Get better day by day Get better day by day 바람 불어 기분 좋은 날 (좋은 날 All day) 혼자가 되어 홀가분한 밤 (홀가분한 밤) 우우우우울한 날은 가고 Get better day by day Get better day by day 그때 널 좋아하지 않았더라면 이 흔하고 흔한 이별도 없었겠죠 나 너 나눠 부른 날부터 날 위한 위로는 온전히 내 몫이 되어 별거 아닌 듯 오늘을 살아요 우우우우리만 이별일까 두두두둘이만 아파할까 다시 또 피어날 꽃잎처럼 (꽃잎처럼 Yeah) Get better day by day Get better day by day 바람 불어 기분 좋은 날 (좋은 날 All day) 혼자가 되어 홀가분한 밤 (홀가분한 밤) 우우우우울한 날은 가고 Get better day by day Get better day by day
Sappy Rain
Sappy Rain Hace 8 días
hello, I really love your voice! gad ladies tell me did you eat CD's for breakfast? by the way, new fan here, I still don't know who's who but you really got my attention, I did not like any of a girl group artist like this before except 2ne1 ㅋㅋㅋ it's time to do some research about you so bye for now 😘
angie santos
angie santos Hace 5 días
welcome to the field!! I am very happy to tell you that wheein and park bom are going to collaborate on a song!!!!! yassssssssssssss!!!!
Sappy Rain
Sappy Rain Hace 7 días
not yet, I was watching all of their MV, but I'm planing to watch it too
California Barking Moose
+Sappy Rain Almost every new moo thought that, she acts the youngest and looks young anyway so I can't blame you. Also, have you seen their immortal song performances? It's like a baptism for new moomoos
Sappy Rain
Sappy Rain Hace 7 días
+California Barking Moose thank you for your warm welcome, radish family so cute, I'm Moonbyyl bias now ... she's so pretty and powerful at the same time, I first thought that solar is the magne, but I was so shook to know that she's the oldest hahahahahaha
kokoflop Hace 8 días
moonbyul's era dont even @ me
RexblinkyJunior Hace 9 días
my all time fav song from mamamoo..briliant lyrics and emotions
BTS CL&GD Hace 9 días
Обожаю эту группу особенно Монбёл и Хваса❤
hà nguyễn
hà nguyễn Hace 9 días
They are not idols but true artists.I find it that they have sth like gen 2 kpop with strong vocals,different and unique styles,natural beauty,....It's a pity that they are underrated now.But true art will win!
Natya Strochyk
Natya Strochyk Hace 9 días
Девочки, вы лучшие ❤️
Magalí Di Chopin
Magalí Di Chopin Hace 10 días
this song is beautiful...
Gj Ba
Gj Ba Hace 10 días
마마무는 이미 전설이다...................반할 지경이다.
Hadia Khan
Hadia Khan Hace 10 días
lol the lyric at 2:06
Justin Jjang
Justin Jjang Hace 10 días
Why does Moonbyul look so angelic and gorgeous.
Hridoy Hasan
Hridoy Hasan Hace 10 días
this one deserves more views! they nailed it!
YungWendy Hace 10 días
*T A L E N T*
Sugaaaiiishh Wp
Sugaaaiiishh Wp Hace 10 días
hey! I'm a new fan of mamamoo can u guess me any of their songs?
Rainy[무무] Hace 8 días
I recommend Rainy Season, Love lane, Piano man, Gentlemen, Don't be happy, starry night and Words don't come Easy
Natalie. Hace 10 días
Starry Night Egotistic Decalcomanie Piano Man Star, Wind, Flower, Sun Yes I am You're The Best 1cm Taller Sleep in the car Paint me No more drama Twit (Hwasa) Easy (Wheein) Hello Hello (Solar) Selfish (Moonbyul, Seulgi) Ahh Oop! Gogobebe Be Calm (Hwasa) 25 (Wheein)
Ashley Roman
Ashley Roman Hace 10 días
GOGOBEBE starry night egotistic no more drama
Wolfie Swifty
Wolfie Swifty Hace 10 días
This song was paid dust omfg. It's so gooooood
don't ask -stan Mamamoo stan dreamcatcher-
I need justice for BLUE;S (˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ )still can't get over how underrated this era is
Vian C
Vian C Hace 11 días
Sam Franklin
Sam Franklin Hace 11 días
My favortie music video
Top Top
Top Top Hace 11 días
monbyun so beautiful
사운드vs Hace 11 días
귀여우신 마마무들
Bultaoreune Hace 11 días
wind flower deserved better
Alison Leung
Alison Leung Hace 11 días
Wendy Castro
Wendy Castro Hace 11 días
I Love this song 🤩 i Love Mamamoo 😘
Crazy Fizz
Crazy Fizz Hace 11 días
its really comforting.. i like their songs.. idk why i did'nt stan them sooner.. 😍😍😍
Sayed A.
Sayed A. Hace 12 días
the difference in WF, GGBB and Egotistic Wheein. Qwheein for a reason!
RhemaJK YT
RhemaJK YT Hace 12 días
Why am I only seeing this song now?
made in 97
made in 97 Hace 12 días
Better late than never 😊
The Femme Fatale
The Femme Fatale Hace 13 días
This is better than Stay of blackpink in my own opinion
Nilou k
Nilou k Hace 13 días
Their music is not the concept I usually follow but I realy enjoyed the mv like blackpink music videos❤ They're talented and gorgeous
Lala _
Lala _ Hace 13 días
MAMAMOO!!!! NEEDS!!!! RECOGNITION!!!! but srsly, they are so underrated my queens :
Adilah Rostam
Adilah Rostam Hace 13 días
2:56 okay I need this shoe
Chabi Chu
Chabi Chu Hace 13 días
This is so calming
Danya Gadin
Danya Gadin Hace 13 días
What kind of flowers was Solar holding?
Vae Lyon
Vae Lyon Hace 13 días
This song is a master piece. I keep coming back to it. I love a lot of groups, including Blackpink and I'm not going to be comparing any of them because that's not what music is about. I recently found Mamamoo, and I've never emotionally connected with a group as strongly as this since 2ne1. They remind me a little bit of them, in the best way possible. It reminds me of why I love K-Pop to begin with.
226 Quỳnh
226 Quỳnh Hace 13 días
Sắp 11m rồi 🐉
Kath Strada
Kath Strada Hace 13 días
Myra Soliman
Myra Soliman Hace 13 días
any Filipino moomoos watching this?
Bat-Ulzii Enkhbayar
Bat-Ulzii Enkhbayar Hace 14 días
Goy emordog duu
Bat-Ulzii Enkhbayar
Bat-Ulzii Enkhbayar Hace 14 días
Bi salhintsetseg tussan shdee yg ter uyeer garaad hha
Bibis ruejwjw
Bibis ruejwjw Hace 14 días
Amoo vocês 😍😍
Nina Holton
Nina Holton Hace 14 días
What did the flowers do to you guys lmaoo
Yokojin Hace 14 días
somehow this song became my favorite mamamoo song
Veena Hace 15 días
Can we just appreciate how amazing their make up looks like in different frames. They're so bold and mature, that's their charm ❤
Carolina ̄ω ̄
Carolina ̄ω ̄ Hace 15 días
hermosooo fhehe
Paradise Def.
Paradise Def. Hace 15 días
OMG!!! Moonbyul so beautiful, so handsome. Oh shit my heart ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
ThisRandomCityGirl FromSomewhere
i wanna look as great as them when i come out of mcdonald’s hnnggg
omg im a big fan
omg im a big fan Hace 15 días
Why did i not discover them earlier?? I should have stan them a long time ago.. they are so 🔥🔥🔥🔥
비비비빅 Hace 15 días
별이 미모 폭발한거 실화야?
# Ánh đây đừng sợ
{\___/} ( •~• ) / >❤< \
S Y Hace 15 días
5:20 it's all facade until here
Sally _khuntoria
Sally _khuntoria Hace 16 días
Jannat Asif
Jannat Asif Hace 16 días
00:55 Beautiful
K Tee
K Tee Hace 16 días
I cannot possibly survive a day without watching Mamamoo vids. My precious queens.
Sxecrxext 1010
Sxecrxext 1010 Hace 16 días
Vote on OhMusicawards for Mamamoo ! Best female group!
Alfa Vitor
Alfa Vitor Hace 17 días
Why so gorgeous Moonbyul?
Ells Hace 17 días
One of my favorite song❣❣
bluesking0209 Hace 17 días
오버스러움. 매번 같은컨셉. 가창력 뛰어나다는 자뻑 심함. 요즘 그 정도 가창력은 다 있음. 티비 출연에 목숨 건 관종 스타일.
kyuryounger 02
kyuryounger 02 Hace 17 días
MoonSun moment♥
Forever Young
Forever Young Hace 18 días
This is such a BOP
Reigna Eleyna
Reigna Eleyna Hace 18 días
Ok. Im starting to like them. They're sexy and moonbyul's soo damn good
cweez Hace 15 días
same! i've been listening to their music for like a week now and i love them so much already <3
Silvia Rodriguez
Silvia Rodriguez Hace 18 días
Esta canción y mamamoo son arte puro, no me canso de escucharlas.
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