[MV] 마마무(MAMAMOO) - Wind flower

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[MV] 마마무(MAMAMOO) - Wind flower
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29 nov 2018

MAMAMOOMOONBYULSOLARWHEEINHWASA마마무문별솔라휘인화사solarロエンミュージックミュージックビデオケーポップ韓国の歌アイドル韓流韓国ママムソラムンビョルフィインファサ윈드플라워wind flowersongnew한류신곡hallyu뮤비뮤직비디오MMM






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MAMAMOO Hace 2 meses
무무들 뮤비 잘 보고있누??ㅋㅋㅋ
DanNI Zhang
DanNI Zhang Hace un mes
mayra maya
mayra maya Hace un mes
Yes !! 💐 Love u Mamamoo from Indonesia
흔한겜덕 Hace un mes
노래도 좋구 이쁘고목소리도좋누ㅠㅜ
-김민정 Hace un mes
마마무 사랑하누 ㅠㅠ
유ᄅᄀ Hace un mes
네!! 닉은 이래도 영원한 무무!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Diácomo Lima
Diácomo Lima Hace 2 minutos
Their best song ❤
Erica Widjaja
Erica Widjaja Hace 11 minutos
Jubilee Juanico
Jubilee Juanico Hace 44 minutos
Chantelle Coward
Chantelle Coward Hace 2 horas
ESGH backup
ESGH backup Hace 2 horas
Who is the one wearing black dress??
siriwan aom
siriwan aom Hace 4 horas
love mamamoo
Keritza Montez
Keritza Montez Hace 11 horas
Sigo amando esta canción como cuando la escuche por primera vez
mari trini soto sihuincha
Una sola pregunta por que todas tienen un lunar cerca al ojo??...Por favor diganme :v
California Barking Moose
8,250,043 2/23 Please come to the PHILIPPINES Phmoomoos wants to meet you 😭
rebeccawcleung Hace 14 horas
I'm sooooo late to find Mamamoo, I feel sooooo sorry for myself.... and they filmed this MV in my hometown Hong Kong... Awesome group!! love them
Ewe sername
Ewe sername Hace 18 horas
i'm definitely wheein biased but I am undeniably drawn to moonbyul? like as a straight female this is really weird? I always get excited when she starts rapping or when she comes on screen and honestly I feel so attacked like I love my smol wheein byulyi stop
Momo The Lemur
Momo The Lemur Hace 22 horas
Tip for everyone: If you ever go through a breakup, get drunk with Mamamoo. Trust me, you'll feel better.
sharray too
sharray too Hace un día
stan talent, stan mamamoo.
Buh. Hace un día
omg the coloring combination through all the mv 😭💘😭💘 I think my favs are 2:42 (blue - yellow) and 4:28 (blue - red - yellow)
Lucifer Nguyen
Lucifer Nguyen Hace un día
the low deep voice of Moonbyul makes me wanna gay :3
California Barking Moose
8,198,193 2/22 Please come to the PHILIPPINES Phmoomoos wants to meet you 😭
Annisa Nuriowandari
Annisa Nuriowandari Hace un día
I like this kind of song from them.. hahaha.
Ray Khade - UberSpace
Almost Addicted! :D
구민결 Hace un día
저기 마마무 눙나들 저눙나네들vlive가고싶어요. 결론은 제발 코인을좀100개라고제발요 결
Darul Khair
Darul Khair Hace un día
wait, this MV only get 8 million views? that's illegal
ꎭꍏꋪꅏꍏ ꎭꍏꋪꅏꍏ
I dont like listening to girl groups, but MAMAMOO are different, they are really different, I stan 'em❤
Malinda Waltz
Malinda Waltz Hace 2 días
Happy birthday yongsun a.k.a solar
Ceci violeta
Ceci violeta Hace 2 días
No encuentro comentarios en español: Latinoamérica nos ponemos las pilas no podemos dormirnos en este talento. Encima su música es muy adictiva, estoy completamente enamorada del estilo de estas chicas. Ya las stanneo desde hace un mes, y necesito encontrar moomoo latinas jaja
arts of jin
arts of jin Hace 2 días
moonbyul 💜💜💜
Fanny E Urbano Boada
Fanny E Urbano Boada
Fanny E Urbano Boada
Fanny E Urbano Boada
Fanny E Urbano Boada
Fanny E Urbano Boada
California Barking Moose
Happy Birthday Yong-leader, Yong-kong, Kim Yong sin, Yongddonie, Yeba, Kim Yong Sun, Solar-sshi!
California Barking Moose
8,139,333 2/21 It's Yong-leader, Yong-kong, Kim Yong sin, Yongddonie, Yeba, Kim Yong Sun aka Solar leader's birthday!
any Hace 2 días
Get better day by day 😞✊
claudin -e
claudin -e Hace 2 días
Ya quiero comprar el álbum😍
claudin -e
claudin -e Hace 2 días
La amo
claudin -e
claudin -e Hace 2 días
Son el mejor grupo😍❤️
Sofia Sayago
Sofia Sayago Hace 2 días
Que belleza dios mio ♡
J. J.
J. J. Hace 2 días
Wow these girls are AMAZING I never really listened to other kpop girl groups other than ladies' code, but now I'm adding them to the list♥️
Gloria Rodriguez Hernandez
El vídeo es arte puro ,cabe decir que me encanta la canción ,la letra es perfecta. Las chicas son artistas completas y muy hermosas
Mônica Mello
Mônica Mello Hace 2 días
eu amei demais tudo isso ♡
ax kaisuke
ax kaisuke Hace 3 días
i dont know why,but i always repeat this part 2:00 its so addicting. 💕
Dary BLACK Hace 3 días
ninya mi
ninya mi Hace 3 días
i think if mamamoo is under a famous company they would really be famous. Not only because of the company but visuals, vocals, dancers and equality among members are here !! STAN MAMAMOO, STOP SLEEPING ON QUEENS 👸
ayumie mirae
ayumie mirae Hace 9 horas
but they maybe dont get such a variety concept like they did now.RBW gave them more freedom and they are able to explore more and create their own music
If they under famous company like jyp or YG i think they will need to to control their style.I prefer they stay at RBW entertainment because here they are free of doing anything even playing while dance practice
ghost verbal
ghost verbal Hace 3 días
Solar,pertalite,Pertamax, premium
시요 Hace 3 días
요번에 공식카페에 가입했어요!
Mary Joyce Mjares
Mary Joyce Mjares Hace 3 días
Momoo's let's stream Wild Flower 💖💕💓💞
California Barking Moose
8,076,243 2/20 Please come to the PHILIPPINES Phmoomoos wants to meet you 😭
Jay Hace 3 días
White album is the last of the 4seasons 4colours project, please show our women, MAMAMOO, some love Moomoo's. 💟💟💟 The comeback is scheduled for March!!!
Moomoos, who is still here with me? That always listens to windflower at two in the morning? I'm one of em
핑매기GOD Hace 3 días
현아가 마마무 였나
Bảo Kun
Bảo Kun Hace 3 días
Love you
Mithra Hace 3 días
I listened to this song on my way back from a solo trip.. and i had been through a lot is why i took the trip and i wanted to cry this song made me so free and emotional and proud of myself for taking this break all for myself, ill never forget that bus ride!
Mithra Hace 3 días
+angie santos UwU Thanks <3
angie santos
angie santos Hace 3 días
virtual hug 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️
gwajadanji Hace 3 días
여기서 성괴처럼 생긴 멤버 이름이 뭔가요? 화사, 문별은 아닌데....자꾸 볼때마다 불쾌하네요. 내가 지금 성형외과 광고를 보는건지 뮤비를 보는건지 알수가 없네....저 멤버 때문에 마마무 팬이 될 수가 없어.
kim clapz
kim clapz Hace 4 días
did wind flower get 8M? *CONGRATS MAMAMOO!*
Nina Mimi
Nina Mimi Hace 4 días
여우비 Hace 4 días
Liam K
Liam K Hace 4 días
Their company has announced that they'll be making a comeback in March with the final album of the 4 seasons project 🎉🎉🎉
Lana DelRey
Lana DelRey Hace 4 días
¿Cómo es que recién me encuentro con este grupo? Me parece tan único de lo que vi hasta ahora en el género, sus voces son una combinación exacta.
angie santos
angie santos Hace 3 días
son excelentes profesionales y tienen un estilo único, son realmente una "combinación exacta" 😤💖💖💖💖💖
1 1
1 1 Hace 4 días
California Barking Moose
8,008,848 2/19 Please come to the PHILIPPINES Phmoomoos wants to meet you 😭
Zanation A.R.M.Y
Zanation A.R.M.Y Hace 4 días
Not Girls, They Are Women Not Singers, They Are Artists Not Princesses, They Are Queens Not Humans, They Are Angels Not Friends, They Are Family Not Koreans, They Are The World (for any moomoo) Not Something, They Are Everything (for any moomoo)
angie santos
angie santos Hace 3 días
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 yaaaaasssss!!!!!!!!!!!
Zanation A.R.M.Y
Zanation A.R.M.Y Hace 4 días
😂 they are girls and singers and princesses and humans (lol obvio) and friends and koreans and something. 😂 but along with that, they are all this too. Ikr how can they be all this at the same time?
Mery Hace 4 días
Why do people sleep on their talent??? I seriously have loved all the songs I have listened up to now, they have an edge, a class to their vocals and their lyrics are🤗🌠
Jay Hace 3 días
They have a comeback on March!!! Cannot wait
Thalyta Bitencourt
Thalyta Bitencourt Hace 4 días
Thalyta Bitencourt
Thalyta Bitencourt Hace 4 días
Michael Hace 4 días
"walks sexily to the camera" Every single MV, I love it
Donna Fine
Donna Fine Hace 5 días
She sang du du du du remind me about blackpink ddu du ddu du but this song is come first 😂
Marissa *oppar* has the tea sis
Who the heck dare dislike this?!
Herkes Şok
Herkes Şok Hace 5 días
very very nice
California Barking Moose
7,949,047 2/18 Please come to the PHILIPPINES Phmoomoos wants to meet you 😭
LeJINdary_one Hace 5 días
their visuals are absolutely stunning
LeJINdary_one Hace 5 días
i lovvvvvvve their vocals so much
لافانيا محمد
SoWheeInARMY Hace 5 días
The time is over for voting, now just str*am harder
lara huayck
lara huayck Hace 5 días
Please go vote for Hwasa on mwave so she could get her own win
Cat Mom
Cat Mom Hace 5 días
I see realistic, strong, sensual, empowered women when i watch this group. They are doing it different than anyone else and seems like they actually are being themselves in their videos. I love that they are all so vastly different from each other too. Too many gg do cute concepts and have the same look as each other. Manamoo deserves more recognition!!!!!
Gabriella Jung
Gabriella Jung Hace 4 días
Mishally Simon
Mishally Simon Hace 5 días
Solar so pretty.....❤
lili Blink
lili Blink Hace 5 días
I'hv been with Mamamoo for abt a week n realized why they r so underated,they turn out to be my style the most??💖 Hope they recognized n deserved more in the future.😘
angie santos
angie santos Hace 5 días
welcome to the family!!!!! They will have a bright future!😤
Alyssa Phoung
Alyssa Phoung Hace 5 días
So underrated I swear 💕💕
Moonbyul lovekpopforever
Mamamoo have incredible vocals, rapper and visuals. Proud to stan them!! Love u mamamoo!!
Sechen Matia
Sechen Matia Hace 6 días
wooooww the rapper
jose Loco
jose Loco Hace 6 días
Im gonna be honest i listen a litle bet and i was like eww no and rip the repeat button lol 😁😍 im so adicted to this song please pray that mamamo never goes away
chingwen Hace 6 días
ive never stan a girl group before but wow i love mamamoo’s style so much talent outsold 👏🏼
grace gicheru
grace gicheru Hace 6 días
I guess now I can say am multi fandom coz I Stan BTS my first love and MAMAMOO my second love. I Stan kings and queens
Leggo MooMoo's
Leggo MooMoo's Hace 5 días
grace gicheru welcome armymoo 💜
Joyce Panmei
Joyce Panmei Hace 6 días
Oh my God! This is so good. Mamamoo is so underrated, they deserve so much more.
Aurora Rodríguez
Aurora Rodríguez Hace 6 días
This is amazing 💖
Angelica Sabelino
Angelica Sabelino Hace 6 días
Their vocals are different soooo amazing just start stanning these multi-talented ladies for a week! Thanks for Hwasa’s Twit 😭💜💜
doyok batako
doyok batako Hace 6 días
Lagu ini bagus banget,g spti lagu kpop group biasanya,best ever kpop songs wind flflowers and one more chance suju.
tari sopana
tari sopana Hace 6 días
Breakup was worst thing happen to us. But live still goes on, and everything will "better, day by day"
Your favourite Brunette
Exo-L to support these beautiful ladies ❤️
Chandler May
Chandler May Hace 6 días
I can’t believe this only has 7.8 million views! The vocals,visuals,and aesthetics are so incredible this song honestly deserves so much more!
Nicole carnero surco
MOOMOO estamos felices deel gran crecimiento musical de las chicas¡¡¡¡ ahora con el solo de hwasa es un gran orgullo ¡¡¡¡ i love u mamamoo
I don't know what I'm doing most of the time
This reminds me how ugly I am
gir0999 Hace 6 días
I don't know what I'm doing most of the time Listen to "Yes I am" by Mamamoo and you will be confident with yourself
Leggo MooMoo's
Leggo MooMoo's Hace 6 días
I don't know what I'm doing most of the time listen to YES I am by mamamoo with lyrics and you won't anymore!!!!
Hồng Hạnh
Hồng Hạnh Hace 7 días
Ai là người Việt ? :DDDD
California Barking Moose
7,819,247 2/16 Please come to the PHILIPPINES Phmoomoos wants to meet you 😭
picpa davcomval
picpa davcomval Hace 7 días
An artistic person and a music lover will always appreciate an art no matter what.
Blah Blah
Blah Blah Hace 7 días
I always come back to listen to this master piece 🥰
Lusiana Valentine
Lusiana Valentine Hace 7 días
Once here to support mamamoo :) gosh i really love wheein
Leggo MooMoo's
Leggo MooMoo's Hace 5 días
+Lusiana Valentine ofc. songs like: - decalcomanie - starry night - woohoo - egotistic - yes i am (lyrics are top notch) - morning - paino man - midnight summer dream - rude boy - aze gag - sleep in the car all those songs have dif genre so you might like one better than the other. for me who likes all kind of genre of music mamamoo is a treat.
Lusiana Valentine
Lusiana Valentine Hace 5 días
+Leggo MooMoo's i will check it~ did you have any mamamoo song that you can recomend to me? :)
Leggo MooMoo's
Leggo MooMoo's Hace 6 días
Lusiana Valentine I you haven't yet check out her solo song called easy.
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