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[MV] SOYEON of (G)I-DLE X WINTER of aespa X LIZ of IVE 'NOBODY' is out now! ‘NOBODY’ is available now on all digital streaming platforms.
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#GIDLE #aespa #IVE #NOBODY #여자아이들 #에스파 #아이브 #소연 #윈터 #리즈 #2030BusanWorldExpo


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15 nov 2023






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@OnesAu Hace 18 días
We need more idols from different groups/companies collaborating like this. I hope we'll get to see them perform this live, maybe in an award show.
@samsungno.1795 Hace 18 días
So true
@lxrzmio0. Hace 18 días
@m1012t Hace 18 días
Maybe if there was effort put into a collaboration, not like this. Bet it’s just a leftover song (it’s not a bad song) shot a mv at a hotel or sum and called it a day. There are so many big names attached to this and yet I’m wondering where is the budget they deserve?? Back then 'wow thing' was also a collaboration and yet that shit slapped 100x more because you could feel the effort for the project u know what I mean? Compare the mvs and songs and tell me u can’t feel it
@user-fn9zg2xc3r Hace 12 días
Todas son elegantes y tienen linda voz 🩷
@monicaortenzi2498 Hace 7 días
Soyeon =queen❤. Winter=queen❤ Liz❤❤ = queen❤❤❤
@Cyrus_edition Hace 10 días
Soyeon ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
@sohare. Hace 9 días
@HanaHana-gi7ox Hace 10 días
Liz voice is like magic So magical 😍
@RonikaBairami Hace 11 días
Queen soyeon 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
@gongbuyeayo6970 Hace 18 días
I'm just so impressed with how perfect this trio is. Liz 's vocals really offer balance to the very different vocal tones from Winter and Soyeon. Winter's vocals are delicate whereas Liz has warmer and fuller tone, acting as a bridge to Soyeon's rap. I am just really impressed by the selection of members, it is very well thought out.
@dproductions7293 Hace 18 días
Liz is the best
@LEah_004 Hace 18 días
​@@dproductions7293Stop. The 3 girls are good, the comparisons are childish
@yesyesno6827 Hace 18 días
@@LEah_004 so true bestie
@Hikanaru_Dies Hace 18 días
y e s
@user-ld5sp8nw1q Hace 2 días
we actually need these types of collabs with kpop idols from other companies and groups. FR this is too good for my ears to hear. WE NEED TO KEEP THIS UP KPOP STANSSS
@BlueJoy-tn9bx Hace 2 días
Mano eu tô totalmente viciada nessa música caramba muito boa
@jimmywong1988 Hace 9 días
My favorite part 0:37 winter ❤❤😋😍🤤
@ricardo8252 Hace 11 días
Liz is always serving with her pretty visuals and vocals. She literally fits this concept. I'm so proud of our Princess Jiwon.❤
@bibom155 Hace 8 días
Voice Winter ❤❤
@smolpotato7969 Hace 16 días
Winter's voice is sensual and hypnotizing, Soyeon's voice is strong and powerful, and Liz's voice is light and beautiful. The best voice types mashed together. They look and sound amazing.
@hundredsac Hace 16 días
@kaijunlim7970 Hace 16 días
stream drama by aespa
@isa-xe5dd Hace 15 días
@vale4364 Hace 13 días
Liz once again showcasing her beautiful vocals. This girls needs a solo album NOW I need her in a full song, starship listen up!!!
@qwecpx Hace 5 días
у меня слов нету чтобы описать как меня эта песня качает. я невероятно рада этому коллабу🥹
@carves_any Hace 6 días
Can’t get enough of Winter’s voice❤❤
@IDO.1 Hace 7 días
They song is so nice wowww
@xiaoramyun Hace 18 días
Winter voice is charismatic and confident , soyeon voice is cool and strong and liz voice is soothing and chic
@Leeknow-en3zb Hace 18 días
Combine = BEST SONG!
@naevis4499 Hace 18 días
@user-pk7rn9yf4o Hace 18 días
리즈넘좋아❤❤❤ 사랑해 언니가😊
@evsaintuya Hace 18 días
the fact that Soyeon is all of these too ❤❤
@user-fc8ys1xg9l Hace 17 días
@Rafael_santos1 Hace 12 días
this is just perfect
@user-zy3xf9jl2e Hace 13 días
와 조합 되게 신기하다..셋이 그림체 볼수록 진짜 개다름ㅎㅋㅋㅋ다른 세계관 작품 주인공 모아다 놓은것 같음ㅋㅎㅋㅋ짱신기
@user-uo2vn5iv3j Hace 11 días
유통사가 카카오 엔터여서 가능한거
@Ursulalegend1 Hace un día
Queen Soyeon
@noralaras9634 Hace 13 días
Daebakkk, liz winter and soyeon 👏👏👏
@Mynameisilumiaka Hace 9 días
Let's go to​ 50M views, LSW fighting❤.
@aeot4mys685 Hace 9 días
Lets go
@multiFANNNNN Hace 17 días
It’s very catchy. It’s marketable. It’s iconic. it's awesome. It’s on brand, it’s brainy, it’s witty, It’s conceptual, unique, amazing, talented, period
@croserroblox6981 Hace 16 días
Of course, the song is so catchy and marketable
@hommefataltaemin Hace 16 días
I like this song but a genuine question: what makes this song witty ????
@fixieart512 Hace 15 días
​@@hommefataltaeminthey be saying everything to praise idols nowadays😂
@kevinsmith86418 Hace 2 días
A bop
@Myshkins_yuqi Hace 8 días
Кто тоже слушает милашек лайк❤
@Rafael_santos1 Hace 11 días
Tô viciado nessa música
@thayca8107 Hace 11 días
So good!
@xochy_DPOCHITb Hace 3 días
When they all run out of contracts, they need to open a group of the three of them, I think they will sing well❤
@jaesee9162 Hace 7 días
Love Soyeon 💜💜💜💜💜💜
@mareeisme Hace 19 días
Liz and Winter serving with their vocals and of course Soyeon serving with her rap. Guaranteed success 🎉
@beregq Hace 8 días
Liz ❤ Her voice is so beautiful! Best regards from Mexico!
@kookyin Hace 3 días
soyeon's visual SHINEEEE in this m/v. so glad liz is getting to use her beautiful voice.
@FarahKim-kr5lb Hace 11 días
its soo nice that liz is getting the recognition she deserves 😭🤩
@leighdensing7350 Hace 12 días
Soyeon is the Bar queen, Winter is the House queen and Liz is the Elevator queen 👑💖
@screamgurl Hace 6 días
I love this song so much I cant stop looping it 😭
@ZahraaSchroeder Hace 19 días
Winter is the Drama. Soyeon is the Queencard. Liz is a Baddie!!!!!
@jewelling8291 Hace 19 días
A+ comment /chef kiss/ ❤
@Akira-ck3dy Hace 18 días
Yeah this the comment
@hannsh Hace 18 días
i love this comment ❤
@missallsundayx Hace 18 días
@jdplayzPH Hace 14 días
Best comment
@ko_Nu Hace 8 días
Tantas críticas en Korea y las vistas siguen subiendo ❤❤❤🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷
@raschell3418 Hace 8 días
Soyeon que hermosaaa
@gureguru4694 Hace 10 días
liz's harmonies is just perfection
@alvarongarden6338 Hace 10 días
Soyeon is the best by far,., just love her sound in everything
Liz, Winter and Soyeon will be remembered as one of the most iconic collab in Kpop ❤
@xandar_0000 Hace 19 días
@Hugs4ikeu Hace 19 días
@depazpaulene4626 Hace 10 días
Liz looks immaculate and the voice omagad so so good😭
@felix_teamo Hace 12 días
@Katanagattari Hace 9 días
Liz looks insane! She should be more appreciated on IVE 🥲
@delfyinc Hace 7 días
She's the best vocalist, but worst dancer, so that's maybe why she gets underused in IVE. She adds a lot to their songs, don't get me wrong, but the management really seems hellbent on letting her do vocal heavy lifting without letting her be in the center for more than half a line. And even in this video, they only show a few extremely short clips of her dancing
@Kildreineri Hace 5 días
rei is the worst dancer@@delfyinc
@LAI1305 Hace 11 días
Soyeon 😍
@NILL182 Hace 2 días
All my biases in one clip, I’m glad I can’t even describe it in words
@nyunskii151 Hace 10 días
this collaboration have good formation.. main rapper main vocal and main dancer
@aleThv97 Hace 18 días
Me gusto la canción, lo único malo es que no hubo una escena juntas :( Esperaba mucho verlas a las 3 juntas
@brittbang Hace 18 días
en en final las tres estanjuntas...
@dank1365 Hace 18 días
@@brittbang Es pantalla verde, no están juntas
@Rularsenal Hace 18 días
Espero verlas juntas en alguna presentación
@chealiewq Hace 18 días
@rogermartinez7337 Hace 18 días
Liz confirmo en una entrevista que ninguna de las Idols se vieron en persona y cada una grabó su parte de la cancion y el mv en separado
@antoninaovalo6147 Hace 9 días
Best 😍🤩🥰 collaboration ever ❤🎉😊.......i can't stop 🛑 listening 🎧🎶 because it's so beautiful 😍❤️compare to the beautiful 😍❤️ mvs..... anyway congrats 👏🎉 on your collaboration i hope you deserve all wins 🙏💗 and i hope you will get successful reach highest mv views ever.... thank you 👍😊 so much ❤
@sohare. Hace 9 días
Even if I thought for 40 years, I would not have guessed that it would be such a beautiful song. Thank you for the song, Soyeon, Liz, winter❤
@user-gy6yf8er7b Hace 8 días
리즈 매력넘쳐!! 너무 이쁘게 잘나왔네~~~ 노래도 좋고~~~리즈 여신~~^^
@pikacuek Hace 13 días
Pertama kali denger lagu nya langsung suka ❤ enak di dengar ❤
@user-fz4fd1mj8b Hace 10 días
@user-ir2lo1nr9o Hace 18 días
I loved this trio, especially Liz, where here they showed off her voice, they gave her respect with the lines of the song and with more participation as she deserves. ❤
@atiny1117 Hace 18 días
yes!! i feel like this is the first time i've seen liz truly shine, she really stood out to me!
@naevis4499 Hace 18 días
Sameee omg
@chriswho2010 Hace 18 días
Katrina mother making TV and karaoke
@chriswho2010 Hace 18 días
Katrina family ilsten church music
@chriswho2010 Hace 18 días
Katrina family ilsten Christmas music
@tlinh1504 Hace 7 días
3 main vocals in 1 mv 😮❤
@sighins6747 Hace 20 horas
winter's vocal tone is so unique
@user-yw1js7mr5k Hace 6 días
셋이 한컷에 없다는게 너무 아쉬움 ㅠㅠ 근데 진짜 리즈랑 윈터 조합 미쳤음 ㅋㅋ 연말에 한번 무대해주라 ㅠㅠ
@YUjipppaase Hace 2 días
마자요ㅠㅠ 넘 아쉬워요 ㅠㅠ
@azemabolotova4425 Hace 3 días
Soyeon literally my queen❤
@rxsiem Hace 18 días
Liz getting more screen time and lines than she does in any IVE mv makes me so happy, she's so glowing and happy i love it
@user-xe2cg3hc6g Hace 18 días
yess ❤
@iverish7001 Hace 18 días
well it's common sense coz they only have 3 people here to distribute the lines
@syarniezaaziz7276 Hace 18 días
ofc she got more screentime here since there are only 3 instead of 6 members
@gens0kyo Hace 18 días
do you even listen to IVE?
@ImTO12 Hace 18 días
The fact she got more screentime than all I've mvs combined 😅
@cinthia3500 Hace 12 días
Winter's sweet voice and beauty are the reason why I was excited about this and now this song is stuck in my head. I love it!
@julietaquintana1334 Hace 12 días
Soyeon ace!!! 🔥
@xjeannywangx3546 Hace 11 días
the most legendary collaboration this year😍😭
@Soyeon_harry Hace 6 días
Liz voice is actually good, she does not joke when it comes to singing.❤❤
@sunnysunshine2404 Hace 4 días
Liz has more screen time here than in her groups mvs. I love her so much.
@joy2407 Hace 18 días
the way soyeon just adds that much needed spice to the song >>>>>> they were so smart to include her in this collab
@ukay7979 Hace 18 días
Right she is a queen
@gc.l1224 Hace 13 días
@flamelily5903 Hace 6 días
Liz finally getting a lots of lines ,🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️ soyeon is already a queen 👑 ❤winter such a great vocalist ❤❤
@loveliz8313 Hace 12 días
They chose the best vocalist in these three groups. What a perfect trio!
@love.countdown Hace 12 días
not soyeon tho she us rapper
@nukmanmuhammad4487 Hace 8 días
After Wow Things!, now Nobody. Soyeon’s track record really on another level!
@Hyxnjxn Hace 18 días
Liz need more solo projects like this that show her off as a vocalist. People don’t realise it but she’s very diverse and fits different musical styles very well. More music projects that are different from what IVE does help show how diverse she can be as a vocalist and performer. I’m so happy she got to take part in the project
@user-pj7ee8ex2e Hace 18 días
Wy is better
@hayatosman1203 Hace 13 días
This song is literally nostalgic 😭
@user-cg9nq6cj2h Hace 8 días
two best vocalist of their group and the powerful rapper 🔥literally a best collaboration
@raya1044 Hace 8 días
Each person complements the other. But LIZ part always gives me goosebumps. 💗💗
I’m proud of you LIZ!!!! I know you don’t always get credit for what you do!
@lordrigo1 Hace 9 días
El invierno más hermoso que he visto. Waifus que curan la depresión
@ana2012321 Hace 18 días
WOW!!! So proud of Liz, Soyeon and Winter for performing such an amazing song!!! All the girls are so talented, so happy they got the chance to collab in a new song!!! Soyeon always bringing the best collabs, now it’s 4th gen time!!! Can’t wait to see all the choreography and their stages!!! Neverland, DIVE and naevis here and Love from Brazil!!! 😱😍🥰😘👏❤️💜🤍💙🩷✨🇧🇷
@deelerina Hace 18 días
I think aespa fans called MY?
@NevyNevyu Hace 18 días
​@@deelerina yes, they are called mys
@user-qb6op6fr7h Hace 6 días
리즈 진짜 음색 좋다 사랑해 LiZ
@NMIXXluv1 Hace 12 días
@imperfectangelnet Hace 6 días
PLEASE PRAY that we will get more collabs from different groups/companies as PERFECT AND FIRE as this one.
@choamoreofficial912 Hace 13 días
Perfect combination ❤❤❤❤❤
@serenehtssi Hace 8 días
imagine your bias in aespa winter and your ultimate stan group ive (liz) being together in one music video😭
@happypeeingdoyoung Hace 18 días
Soyeon is actually really chic and cool... effortlessly
@moaswrld Hace 18 días
@kpopscenario1406 Hace 18 días
@sheeniexx679 Hace 18 días
@GUiTERtUbE Hace 13 días
SOYEON is my heart. WINTER is my dream. LIZ is such a charm that i already notice is growing on me for sometime. I already adore all of them mostly on singing. This’s my such a dream collab. I can’t thank more for y’all made this happened. Wish every best on my girls. Y’all have such a places in my heart 🤘🏼🥰
@wheeinsheight Hace 13 días
I’m so in love with Winter’s delivery
@user-hyeri0113 Hace 10 días
진짜 울 리즈 넘오 이쁘다..ㅜ 음색까지 완벽.
@NourSun-nt6zw Hace 12 días
This song is treasure can't stop listening 💛
@SusanArt Hace 11 días
3 talented girls ..
winter voice is so so immaculate! it's too lovely 🥺
@fenkxos._ Hace 13 días
@calleigh4287 Hace 12 días
Wish we could’ve seen them dancing/performing together since it is a collaboration after all. All of the girls look and sound beautiful. Especially happy to see Liz getting some time to shine 🫶🏻
@user-wg4oo7ov8g Hace 10 días
みんな綺麗すぎてソヨンは色っぽさ全開、リズとウィンターはお人形さんみたい 歌もよすぎてリピートしまくってる、良すぎる
This song is so addictive omg listening to this song everyday 😍
@turtle2515 Hace 7 días
liz is always serving with her visuals and vocals
@Cerecitad Hace 18 días
@nikii_tokki Hace 17 días
@stanjeansyouandme Hace 11 días
Whenever there is a phenomenal collab Soyeon is in there.
@BabyRoseNim Hace 8 días
음색, 춤도 맛깔나게 잘추는 세명이라니.. 좋네..❤
@sakigirl Hace 9 días
Soyeon is so perfect
@navit-lq4uh Hace 13 días
Deseo ver la coreografía juntas