My Baby Finally Came Home After Like 25 Years! 😍

Milo N Hazel
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ZTNxtdoor 09
ZTNxtdoor 09 Hace 4 días
"chillen" yea ight😂😂
SarahTheGacha Queen
SarahTheGacha Queen Hace 5 días
How is he going wait for her for 25 years when they are not even 23 years old
Chloe High
Chloe High Hace 5 días
he’s so sweet to her even after they’ve been together for so long.
Ariana Alvarez-Martinez
LMAO tell me why when you was giving it to milo I swallowed I guess because I was like imagining me eating it and I almost swallowed my gum 😂😂😂 I feel so stupid 😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️
Justice DeLeo(ST)
Justice DeLeo(ST) Hace 10 días
you guys are so cute!!!!!
Jasmine Jackson
Jasmine Jackson Hace 10 días
Have you guys watched Beyoncé at Coachella? If you haven’t you should
jenny moody
jenny moody Hace 10 días
I kept rewinding it at 2:00 She told me She miss Me HahHaha Everyday hahahah
MedicenChikis Hace 13 días
Is Hazel Hispanic ??
MedicenChikis Hace 13 días
1:12 “ I love you.” Aweee the way she said it 🥺❤️
jocylen Dìaz
jocylen Dìaz Hace 13 días
Pleaseeee do a workout viddd💙
Tamanna _xO
Tamanna _xO Hace 19 días
Cmon 1 mill!!
Jaelynn Pena
Jaelynn Pena Hace 20 días
Omgggg I love one tree hill🥺
Shygirlqueen Wynter
Shygirlqueen Wynter Hace 21 un día
I'm telling y'all should make a movie id totally watch it at as soon as it came out dead serious 💖💖💖💖💖💖🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸💕💕💕💕💕💕♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Tiffany Ramcharan
Tiffany Ramcharan Hace 22 días
whats the name of the song in the intro????
Mariah Bolah
Mariah Bolah Hace 22 días
She has a cute baby face 🥰
Destiny alred
Destiny alred Hace 24 días
Yess yall should make one
Vaeh's Life
Vaeh's Life Hace 24 días
Can y’all do daily vids
Gabyyy Washere
Gabyyy Washere Hace 24 días
when they said I miss touching u my heart meltedddd 🥺❤️
Andrea Barreto
Andrea Barreto Hace 24 días
I love you guys
rashawn green
rashawn green Hace 25 días
Is it me or nobody can’t see this dude is gay asf !
Imunique Alize’
Imunique Alize’ Hace 25 días
7:08 - 😭 Nobody: Me: ‘why they giggling so much they nasty as hell‘ 😼🥴😂
MoRgAN amor
MoRgAN amor Hace 25 días
She look SOOOOOOOO good without makeup
Sydney Barrett
Sydney Barrett Hace 25 días
LifeWithMa Hace 25 días
this my second day watching y'all and y'all my favorite couple already
nicole cabber
nicole cabber Hace 26 días
do supplement video
kenneth the equestrian
Who else watching milo n hazel on the toilet I am
Aribel Lopez
Aribel Lopez Hace 26 días
When milo said “WTHeck ” I. FeLt ThAt LiKe A BUTtcHEAK On A StiCk
Aliyah Gang PERIOD
Aliyah Gang PERIOD Hace 27 días
She look so different idk if it’s her teeth that are glowing more or her face is just getting more beautiful idk🥰
Densiel Bartolome
Densiel Bartolome Hace 27 días
At y'all close to a mil
ITZJUST KYLE Hace 27 días
Plz do the workout vid 🖤🥀 much appreciated
Jaisyn Eckley
Jaisyn Eckley Hace 28 días
I love those types of candies
justina sawrie
justina sawrie Hace 28 días
Y’all grew quick af, who was here 200k< ? Ps small ESvid check it out😝
Courteney Miller
Courteney Miller Hace 29 días
We all know y’all got down 😂😂😂
Kelly Dykes
Kelly Dykes Hace 29 días
Hazel and milo literally are the best freaking couple and I love them I use to have a lot of depression and they help with it everytime I watch there videos
saphiah hall
saphiah hall Hace 29 días
Milo you want yo long hair back
IntentionZ Hace 29 días
Plz plz to the workout vid
yanish YC
yanish YC Hace 29 días
Almost 1M
Raptorz 28
Raptorz 28 Hace 29 días
I think they are the most beautiful amazing couple ever I love watching your videos love y’all have a nice day 💕
Amiya stokes
Amiya stokes Hace 29 días
I just love y'all so much. Keep inspiring people🏆💯I hope y'all hit 1mil soon🙏🏽🐐🏆❤
anacatarina 026
anacatarina 026 Hace 29 días
Intro music?
I think hazel is more cute without makeup if u agree drop it down
1,500 subs with 1 video? ?
I agree
Gail Scales
Gail Scales Hace 29 días
Propose to now u are ment to be
Noah Paxton
Noah Paxton Hace 29 días
Do the workout routine please
Young Vader
Young Vader Hace 29 días
Bro what is that intro song I love it
Alex kaz
Alex kaz Hace 29 días
I swear the last time I saw this caption it said 1 year or 5 years some like that now its 25 or I'm just tripping
Alma Silva
Alma Silva Hace 29 días
Dude I need to go find in Mexican candy 😂😂in my house😂🤤🤤
Jolaisha Santiago
Jolaisha Santiago Hace 29 días
U guys make my day every time i watch u guys u guys are amazing
alyssia santiago
alyssia santiago Hace 29 días
When you gonna release the song
Ayjah Herman
Ayjah Herman Hace 29 días
There so cuteeeeee bruh❤️❤️🥺
Mardrid Vlogs
Mardrid Vlogs Hace un mes
i live in chicago lol
Delyana Tadesse
Delyana Tadesse Hace un mes
love y’all 🤪🤪💞💞
the zee squad
the zee squad Hace un mes
U should do i want a baby prank
LowkeyIrvin Hace un mes
Y’all dumb cute. Got me so excited for no reason🙄😭
The original. Kylamarie
Hazel- these are everywhere in Chicago Me-I live in Chicago and never seen any of that in my life😭
Caroline Ramirez
Caroline Ramirez Hace 28 días
The original. Kylamarie They literally everywhere in Chicago
Cynara Hill
Cynara Hill Hace un mes
Hazel is back & i expect to be flooded with videos 😁😌
Cynara Hill
Cynara Hill Hace un mes
Awww hazel looks so adorable literally just like that 😿 like she just looks like a cute lil baby 🥺🥺
Phil_KIGOLD89 Hace un mes
Did y'all see dat!?!?!? 8:14 😨😨😨😨😨 Yo who else is watching this at 2am????
Cynara Hill
Cynara Hill Hace un mes
soon as the video started & Hazel said “ I look like a crackhead” I Felt Thatttt!!
Skye Skye
Skye Skye Hace un mes
Tbh I loved this video so much it showed just a regular day in the life of them lowkey . They are so so cute together 💛😭 HAZEL YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL ALWAYS !!! ❤️ sssssoooooo cuteeeee by far my favorite video #HALOARMY!!!
MERCURY KID Hace un mes
They are the inspiration of love, thank you guys, yall have me and my gf looking up to you and you guys are without a doubt one of the best couples😭💗💗❤❤I MISS MY BABY TOO AND WE AINT EVEN FAR🥺❣
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