My Babysitter Lie

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7 ene 2019

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Comentarios 16 228
Dominic Sumera
Dominic Sumera Hace 15 días
This series is going out so well it's so interesting to watch what's the best series of your channel EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Corn Hace un día
Dominic Sumera no
Dominic Sumera
Dominic Sumera Hace un día
+Sierra Levitt i also love is Channel
Sierra Levitt
Sierra Levitt Hace 2 días
Dominic Sumera me to I can not stop watching it
da bird
da bird Hace 2 días
I bet it was for revenge
Dillon Reilly
Dillon Reilly Hace 2 días
it has been so long since I have seen this series but was the bullys name bobby? because i now it was him
mmundee 101
mmundee 101 Hace 41 un minuto
I personally think she is dating Darryl or Alex's father is paying the babysitter to date him
xxxtentacion Hace un hora
She is cheating on him and she has been lying and using him
The name changers Blake
Hey Alex u watch piemations!?
RyennGammer2000 Hace un hora
I think baby siter is cheating on you with DAREK
Loya Aheibam
Loya Aheibam Hace 2 horas
I think that the letter was sent by your father as a way to apologize to you And now your father was there to tell the truth
Teina Edwards
Teina Edwards Hace 2 horas
Omg cant wait but i think it was someone she was realated to
SCP 000
SCP 000 Hace 2 horas
Subscribed. Couldn't help it. 🙃
Notorious Kiing
Notorious Kiing Hace 4 horas
Yoooo wtf i was getting so into this and this guy left me with questions 😂😂i feel like the person in the back with her is you’re friend ... the one who wrote the letter and the letter didn’t say anything bad it just said that he liked her
fiercebutter1828 Hace 4 horas
She was with the bully
NogRa Gamez
NogRa Gamez Hace 5 horas
Who else's GF left them when your ex girlfriend said "hey babe". T_T
NogRa Gamez
NogRa Gamez Hace 5 horas
It's the bully "Daren?"
Jss G
Jss G Hace 5 horas
Like me toys
NormalKehinde Normal
she is probably cheating
john pinion
john pinion Hace 5 horas
It's Deryl and the note is from her brother
Gizero Hace 5 horas
Not kidding I just happened to find the first babysitter video in a recommended que under a zedd song for some reason and now I'm hooked. This is why I can only binge watch completed series because cliffhangers kill me.
fun games
fun games Hace 6 horas
She was talking to Darel the mean guy
Nathan Cunanan
Nathan Cunanan Hace 6 horas
I think the person is Bobby, your best friend. He was the one that wrote the letter and gave it to the babysitters brother to give to her. And the outline of the character the babysitter was with has the same hairstyle as Bobby.
default dan
default dan Hace 6 horas
It was the guy who sent the note
TheMaskedNinja Hace 6 horas
You didn’t get to the school and she was with a different guy cheating on you and told her bro to say she wasn’t home
Unknown Goomba
Unknown Goomba Hace 7 horas
She’s hanging out with Darryl it’s mad obvious
Zach Boaz
Zach Boaz Hace 7 horas
That devan dude was with her.
ThermalEnergy 7
ThermalEnergy 7 Hace 7 horas
Oh Yeah Yeah
Scout Gunter
Scout Gunter Hace 7 horas
As soon as I pressed the like button the alarm turned off. *Illuminati music plays in back round
Kimberly Henrie
Kimberly Henrie Hace 7 horas
What will you say at your death bed 362, watch the pooing yourself video.
DanBuffalo Gaming, sporting, and adventuring
I challenge you to see who can get more views in one video tomorrow
Evan Russell
Evan Russell Hace 7 horas
Dinasour Candy
Dinasour Candy Hace 7 horas
Bully was in there
Just Me, Carly
Just Me, Carly Hace 8 horas
It was darryl
Evan Anderson
Evan Anderson Hace 8 horas
Willy TheAwesomeGamer
Your dad is cheap
SW1XX Hace 8 horas
0:46 what is this song!!!!
karson NATOR
karson NATOR Hace 8 horas
Are these even real
jello hunter7
jello hunter7 Hace 8 horas
exactly as i clicked the like button the alarm went off
Armando Rodrigez
Armando Rodrigez Hace 8 horas
I think it's the bully😡😡😠😠
red ghost
red ghost Hace 8 horas
Lil gekyume
Lil gekyume Hace 8 horas
Make another video
Smooth Cookie
Smooth Cookie Hace 8 horas
its your friend or bully
westdg bfa
westdg bfa Hace 8 horas
Andy Del Rosario
Andy Del Rosario Hace 9 horas
Thank you for putting where you get the music from in the description but what music is it at the end???
Joshua Harris
Joshua Harris Hace 9 horas
Steve Yang
Steve Yang Hace 9 horas
who's the babysitter in real life?
J REALZ Hace 9 horas
3:44 1st gear to 5th gear!?!? Savage😂
Derreck Perez
Derreck Perez Hace 9 horas
Derreck Perez
Derreck Perez Hace 9 horas
I rlly don't now xp
Iverson Douangsavanh
Gubpy Hace 9 horas
Cameron Pittman
Cameron Pittman Hace 10 horas
Oh no is it Darrel😢😢😢😢😢😢
Pumpkin Animations
Pumpkin Animations Hace 10 horas
acw4power Hace 10 horas
It was your friend that was in there.
Tyler Cool Roblox
Tyler Cool Roblox Hace 10 horas
amj300 Hace 10 horas
She was a cheater i think
Funny_bunny 173
Funny_bunny 173 Hace 10 horas
izaiah PEREZ
izaiah PEREZ Hace 10 horas
I think it was her ex boyfriend
MalwareBytes Hace 10 horas
I wonder if life is real and were not just in a simulation, i wonder a lot of things, i wonder if this series is real, im not hating
Derpy llama Gaming
Derpy llama Gaming Hace 10 horas
Gf cheats on you. Also sorry for u😫😫😫😫😩😩😩😩
Ty Talent
Ty Talent Hace 10 horas
Small ESvid channels let's help each other out! Put your channel in the commits and every one sub to one another's channels 3:80
Amidala snow
Amidala snow Hace 11 horas
Dude I love brachiosauruses
Mia Fernald
Mia Fernald Hace 11 horas
Is it just me, or does Alex aaalllwwwaaayyysss leave his videos on a cliff hanger...
James gaming
James gaming Hace 11 horas
I stopped the alarm
Really ugly but Not ugly
I think she was with ur dad
Aimé Cominu
Aimé Cominu Hace 12 horas
low bolt thunder
low bolt thunder Hace 12 horas
Her boyfriend
Op _Girl4000
Op _Girl4000 Hace 12 horas
I watch all the series in one day, loved it
Op _Girl4000
Op _Girl4000 Hace 12 horas
1.the babysitter is with a other boy 2.its a prank 3.i have no idea
AJ Duhaime
AJ Duhaime Hace 12 horas
Ivy Herrera
Ivy Herrera Hace 12 horas
Omg keep it coming plz
Quinn Dredge!
Quinn Dredge! Hace 12 horas
Yes, yes, and yes!
Celine GachaYt
Celine GachaYt Hace 12 horas
Remember the video about being lazy, with the song that says”ehh” Well uh I bought the song you said not to get. I LOVE IT ITS THE BEST SONG EVER
Ahmad Alta3a
Ahmad Alta3a Hace 12 horas
The babysitter is with the bully
Angela Reed
Angela Reed Hace 12 horas
This is like a damn YT series
Truukz Hace 13 horas
Suscribe to pewdiepie best channel un earth Suscribe to pewdiepie best channel un earth Suscribe to pewdiepie best channel un earth Suscribe to pewdiepie best channel un earth Suscribe to pewdiepie best channel un earth
you are mom
you are mom Hace 13 horas
yo that’s mega strange
Kendall Wabnum
Kendall Wabnum Hace 13 horas
Excited for that wakanda show.
itchi x boy 11
itchi x boy 11 Hace 13 horas
Bro upload the naxed video already
Sidann Samuel
Sidann Samuel Hace 13 horas
Water ever sister so amazing so so much Stir video and was pregnant I get so I love it shall
Sidann Samuel
Sidann Samuel Hace 13 horas
I talked to like double
Craig da best
Craig da best Hace 13 horas
Oh no no oh no no no no
Kass MC.Farlane
Kass MC.Farlane Hace 13 horas
You two kept making out in a car
XPOINT Hyper Hace 13 horas
It’s Zack the guy who says “My Man”
Philip Libanati
Philip Libanati Hace 13 horas
she was with Derryl
Cgovig Plays
Cgovig Plays Hace 13 horas
I really want to know what is going to happen!
Andrew Arogundade
Andrew Arogundade Hace 14 horas
The suspense is killing me ughhhhhh ahhhhhh !!!!!!
dragon3469games Hace 14 horas
I think it was Darryl
super rinas
super rinas Hace 14 horas
The baby sitter is a cheater
Link Jack
Link Jack Hace 14 horas
I think its going to be the bully I forgot his name sorry.
Nia Walker
Nia Walker Hace 14 horas
Hamish Morgan
Hamish Morgan Hace 14 horas
Hi Alex I was wondering have you been to Cardiff in South Wales U.K
Moleed Mire
Moleed Mire Hace 14 horas
The dislike button works well too
Red Stone
Red Stone Hace 14 horas
I know it's darryal
Toasted Toast
Toasted Toast Hace 14 horas
She was in that room with your dad having fun
Landon Walderbach
Landon Walderbach Hace 14 horas
THe cartoon of Alex's girlfriend is hotter than my girlfriend.....
Asher salas
Asher salas Hace 14 horas
It was the vlond
Finnian Barnett
Finnian Barnett Hace 14 horas
The bully
Smoothozze Yes
Smoothozze Yes Hace 14 horas
Thomas Singeisen
Thomas Singeisen Hace 14 horas
Sub to peuds
S0mke Hace 14 horas
2 Easy for me Utrilla
2 Easy for me Utrilla Hace 15 horas
Oh yeah yeah
Ylli Krasniqi
Ylli Krasniqi Hace 15 horas
Part 11 please
Robert Liu
Robert Liu Hace 15 horas
IT WAS YOUR DAD!! jk it was probably dic i mean derrel or deren or derek or dimitrov or donovan or whatever he was
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