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I really wanted to make a Valentines Day video... but I didn't plan ahead. So here's an animation that I worked on in 24 hours. What's better than a last minute V-day gift? A last minute V-day video! You guys really think I've only had one stalker in my life? :P Welp think again!
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Music: Kevin MacLeod


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14 feb 2018






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NightMight Gaming
NightMight Gaming Hace 2 días
The eyes and blush look like uraraka in your thumbnail I'm talking about My Hero Academia (A Anime)
Virginia Regalado
Virginia Regalado Hace 2 días
He committed suicide
KitKattyMeow Hace 3 días
U said Karina got teh stuuuuffffededed beeeaaarrr *My name is Karina*
Kobi Miller
Kobi Miller Hace 4 días
Her thumb nail doesn't look like stalkers but it looks like anime.
Kobi Miller
Kobi Miller Hace 2 horas
Who liked
MasterFlame 1029
MasterFlame 1029 Hace 5 días
Mor Lao
Mor Lao Hace 7 días
waaaaaaat!!! that some more perv than pervy sage in naruto+ check if he's still following you.
Ye Et
Ye Et Hace 7 días
Den:🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 bread he is f ing bs
Sophal Lorn
Sophal Lorn Hace 7 días
You have so much stalkers
Disney Lover
Disney Lover Hace 7 días
2020 now
Claudia guerra
Claudia guerra Hace 8 días
Nina mersman i may not be there in 2019 but I be in the new decade 2020
Gary Miller
Gary Miller Hace 8 días
just think... brad is out there... somewhere... with a scar... and a lot of explaining to do
Koby Aguilera
Koby Aguilera Hace 10 días
Did brad comet to suicide?
Sarah Logar
Sarah Logar Hace 10 días
2020 anyone? No ok...
TO SEM IDEIA Hace 12 días
(I LOVE I GONNA LOCK U IN MY BEDROOM)sorry but for me is funny
Izzy Shaffer
Izzy Shaffer Hace 12 días
I got asked out by a stranger You know for valentines
fortnite lover
fortnite lover Hace 12 días
ALEX CLARK BABYSITTER STORY!!!!!! anyone here 2020?
Foxy _The space fox
Foxy _The space fox Hace 13 días
2020 anyone
Mandy Baptie
Mandy Baptie Hace 13 días
Dis was made on mah birthday
Canadian Hobo
Canadian Hobo Hace 15 días
Brad's ex-girlfriend looks like Rose
Raul Sandoval 25
Raul Sandoval 25 Hace 16 días
•ᅭᅧ 갸 Yuri•
•ᅭᅧ 갸 Yuri• Hace 16 días
I love your vids! And my valentine is Alex from Stokes twins
Potatoe Chan
Potatoe Chan Hace 17 días
Anybody in 2020? Nope just me XD
Potatoe Chan
Potatoe Chan Hace 17 días
No one ever stalked me I'll probebly be a stalker my self.... JUST KIDDING
dika lastname
dika lastname Hace 17 días
Den has more stalkers than i had *friends*
Summer Blaze
Summer Blaze Hace 17 días
Why u lookin like uraka in the thumbnail
Jose Henriquez
Jose Henriquez Hace 19 días
Brad: I like you, can I be your boyfreind Cypherden: Sorry, were just freinds Literally everyone watching this video: OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ana delmy flores serpas
Ana delmy flores serpas Hace 21 un día
same in 1st graid
Jordan Thomas
Jordan Thomas Hace 21 un día
how many stalkers do you have den!!!?????
Jayden Chan
Jayden Chan Hace 21 un día
When ur beautiful /EPIC girl or boy Everyone:*naruto* towards den
Amanda Roush
Amanda Roush Hace 22 días
It's 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rome Athena Murcilla
Rome Athena Murcilla Hace 22 días
hate stalkers
Oofinator .-.
Oofinator .-. Hace 22 días
On the thumbnail, you look like uraraka from bnha.
Glen Garcia
Glen Garcia Hace 22 días
Hes probably in your closet right now 😂 lol
p e r h a p s
p e r h a p s Hace 23 días
it seems that animators have the most emotional and interesting stories
Carter Guy
Carter Guy Hace 15 días
Madeline Ortiz
Madeline Ortiz Hace 25 días
Den:WTH?! SOMEONE LIKES ME?! Brad:Yeah. I do :3 Den:ok boomer.lemme sleep. Brad:* hello darkly smile friend*
Madeline Ortiz
Madeline Ortiz Hace 25 días
Madison Nation
Madison Nation Hace 26 días
wow i had so many people fallow me but have never made a video about it on my channel
Madison Nation
Madison Nation Hace 26 días
your brave den i dont do videos about it becuse i think they will somhow track me idk why i think that
Amy Badley
Amy Badley Hace 26 días
If I was a boy that gave Den something it would be... BUBBLE TEA
Renae Cassidy
Renae Cassidy Hace 27 días
Wow that is just plain having your name on someone's arm that is actually cut up that is just plain creepy
Sama Soueid
Sama Soueid Hace 27 días
Animae lover825
Animae lover825 Hace 28 días
If this happens to me in mah short life ima just punch and then probs die lol
SoulStudiosYT Hace 28 días
One Punch Man = Den?!
glad salvaleon
glad salvaleon Hace 29 días
2019 left the chat
Chloe M
Chloe M Hace un mes
*Wow she has a Lot of stalkers* *Well Well well ho ho ho*
Phenomenyx Comix
Phenomenyx Comix Hace un mes
How do you do your animation videos so fast? I’m struggling to get just three seconds done per day!😰
Emelly Pena
Emelly Pena Hace un mes
I have a feeling that brad killed him self
Kimberly Stevenson
Kimberly Stevenson Hace un mes
Im a really big fan😁
Kimberly Stevenson
Kimberly Stevenson Hace un mes
If i was there i would have kicked his ass for you
Starlight Gacha’s
You salty 😒😞
TsumTsum Marvel
TsumTsum Marvel Hace un mes
Shout out to those watching in 2020 (I'm doing this to show how stupid it is to do stuff like this)
*Toasty- Mochi*
*Toasty- Mochi* Hace un mes
Me: *sees this* Also me: "wait that Rose girl" Again me: "OhH not Rose"
ryutheslayer123 Hace un mes
Ah high school and the skewed views of love
Max meme's
Max meme's Hace un mes
Hey Den, I know you made this vid a while ago but I really like the way you animated it. Good job for completing it in 24 hours!
Vitaly Yashin
Vitaly Yashin Hace un mes
Почему ты пишешь название видео по Русски а говоришь на английском или каком-то там языке
Delayni Hanover
Delayni Hanover Hace un mes
Merry Christmas everybody
Kitten Animations
Kitten Animations Hace un mes
Blueberry Sans
Blueberry Sans Hace un mes
Hears everyone and their stalkers Me: sigh you might think this is weird but i wish I were them I lonely 😞
Gecko o
Gecko o Hace un mes
Yea, never ask a girl out when she is waking up, actually never ask anything to anyone who is waking up, you may get a bruise
creeper squad
creeper squad Hace un mes
I slept with my vanilla coke🥤🥤
Thrilby Mcgregor
Thrilby Mcgregor Hace un mes
I did a fan art for you Cypherden and✋hii.
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