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I really wanted to make a Valentines Day video... but I didn't plan ahead. So here's an animation that I worked on in 24 hours. What's better than a last minute V-day gift? A last minute V-day video! You guys really think I've only had one stalker in my life? :P Welp think again!
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Music: Kevin MacLeod


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14 feb 2018






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Flamingo Brush
Flamingo Brush Hace 3 horas
I'm creeped out, is this real?! because the ending is pretty scary
TAEq Gameing
TAEq Gameing Hace 15 horas
12345678910 1112
TAEq Gameing
TAEq Gameing Hace 15 horas
Jesse Karic
Jesse Karic Hace un día
Why do u always have stalkers like why do so many people LoVe you???
Darth Knightwing Phoenix
I hope that he got the help that he clearly needed.
Zaelia Goode
Zaelia Goode Hace 2 días
2020 anyone? No? J-just me...? *ok...*
Kuro Cos
Kuro Cos Hace 3 días
I love Emily
music heart 1.0 i luv u
Me: A guy tried to kiss me without my permission. Den: My crazy stalker asked me out Everyone else: I almost got killed by a Yandere.
Roselin Dream
Roselin Dream Hace 4 días
Maby your good looking?
Angel Rosas
Angel Rosas Hace 5 días
You did this in one day? PROPS 👏
super rabbit
super rabbit Hace 5 días
Glitter studios And me
Well I’m lesbian
Sophia Sopociova
Sophia Sopociova Hace 7 días
den: I love coca-cola me: IS COCO-COLA CHEATING ON ME?!
Love All Humans
Love All Humans Hace 8 días
r/ nice guys would make this story make den sound really bad.
AyeAnimation Hace 9 días
2020? Anyone?
Margaret Kohler
Margaret Kohler Hace 9 días
Am I the only person watching this in 2020
MaKenna Tanner
MaKenna Tanner Hace 14 días
At my school, they do this thing where you can pay the student council a dollar and they will give your crush/ person you tell them a crush soda with a sappy quote on it Ps: I've never gotten one :(
Galaxy Queen
Galaxy Queen Hace 14 días
Den has more stalkers then I have rejected guys
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya Hace 14 días
Uraraka face :>
sloppii kkae
sloppii kkae Hace 16 días
Is it wrong to call him a simp??
Missy Pineiro
Missy Pineiro Hace 17 días
Ok to many stalkers
Shirley Pringles
Shirley Pringles Hace 21 un día
Never carved someone’s name or any word in my skin. Just random lines. Idk 🤷🏼‍♀️
Dylan Schroeder
Dylan Schroeder Hace 22 días
5:55 "Its Not delivery! Its Dirgorno!"
Daniel Snider
Daniel Snider Hace 24 días
This is fucking CRAZY
Giacomo Campanelli
Giacomo Campanelli Hace 25 días
Just to know, how did you got all this things to share with the world. After all, thinking about this, I wouldn't have so much to say about my life. Someway I want your weird magnete! Take out Brad of the comment, I don't want to hurt anyone, even with magic.
TheShySquirrel Hace 26 días
Comment Content Chart (CCC) 60%: Something to do with the I love coca-cola scene. 30%: Something to do with Brad killing himself. 5%: Relating with having stalkers 4%: Sadness because people don't have girlfriend/boyfriend 1%: Other
TheShySquirrel Hace 26 días
The school probably ordered a restraining order for you. I know that sometimes schools will do stuff like that when a student is disrupting another person's ability to learn. I mean, cutting yourself with someone else's name is scarring, and it disrupts learning. Either that, or he was expelled.
Arianna Alvarez
Arianna Alvarez Hace 26 días
I love coca cola
April lolo
April lolo Hace 26 días
I found out something out about Brad He is your Third stalker
Manda DC
Manda DC Hace 27 días
How can I you're so lovely girl Rocko but with a different colour scheme like with your colour scheme
Santi Perez
Santi Perez Hace 28 días
CypherDen: it's like he vannished Me: Brad dosen't feel so good. Thanos: ....
Regina Furmato
Regina Furmato Hace un mes
This isn't an actual stalker story, but I start hearing rumors that me and my * male *friend* * were dating. That year was like the *year of drama*, so it wasn't really a surprise. then, one of my friends had her * ahem * ALso male friend on the bus for them to like hang out, idk. He is sitting in front to the left of. Then, he says, " said he wants to marry you" Me: "wot" Him: "yeah, he said he had a dream that you and him got married and have kids" Me: "i- "
Weronika Hajfuk
Weronika Hajfuk Hace un mes
No no no
Puffy Animate
Puffy Animate Hace un mes
6:41 yeah
WeAreFamiliy T
WeAreFamiliy T Hace un mes
I'm confused? XD °●° Ok boomer
Upside Down
Upside Down Hace un mes
They killed him
Evan Williams
Evan Williams Hace un mes
Well Den sure has a great personality & amazing looks but perhaps so great & amazing that it draws unwanted attention unfortunately. View Bible Flock Box & embrace the truth!
Addison Boucher
Addison Boucher Hace un mes
You can never be too nice.
Isabella Pierce
Isabella Pierce Hace un mes
Isabella Pierce
Isabella Pierce Hace un mes
the face for CyberDen on the front cover of the video looks like Ochaco AKA Uraraka from my hero acidamia
What am I Guy
What am I Guy Hace un mes
That thing with the calling up to front of class happened in my school. Someone sent me something for the first time in my whole life and in my senior year, when they said my name, slapped my hands down and yelled "WHAT THE F&@%." And then the teacher said, "yeah shocking ain't it." And I was laughing at that
What am I Guy
What am I Guy Hace un mes
Thanks for liking my comment whoever you are, I appreciate you
Lily-Ann Moran
Lily-Ann Moran Hace un mes
Uhhhh she has a lot of starkers
Ellie Da Wolf
Ellie Da Wolf Hace un mes
I know this is an old vid but I still watch it just to remember what number to call when I'm thinking about "it" thanks den for being kind I really appreciate it
Patton Steinsultz
Patton Steinsultz Hace un mes
BOTTLE GOD Hace un mes
Why does she look like Uraraka with pink hair on the thumbnail.....
hemangi pujare
hemangi pujare Hace un mes
Oh den I love your animation its soooooo good ......I am gonna hit that bell♥️♥️♥️lots of love from India
xXBlood WolfeXx
xXBlood WolfeXx Hace un mes
Me: *eating a sandwich* *the next day* My stalker:here *he gave me sandwich* Me:*eats the sandwich* my favourite My stalker:I know Me: creepy My stalker:I know
sofia sofia
sofia sofia Hace un mes
Is George greek just asking
KeeganKraze Hace un mes
Ya Yeet
Country human- Russia
he cut him self?! with a knife?!
Nightmare blue
Nightmare blue Hace un mes
Geez you good cause you got lots of staker
UnderFoxs Hace un mes
I'd yeet a potato at them. Cause that's what I do.
Miroslav Vujnovic
Miroslav Vujnovic Hace un mes
"He vanished." Everybody knows what happened to Brad, right?
Ava's Artistry
Ava's Artistry Hace un mes
2020 any one?
Marvel Xp1
Marvel Xp1 Hace un mes
I have 7 girl friend
NACHO DAGO Hace un mes
I have a stalker
Peepa fam Fam
Peepa fam Fam Hace un mes
Peepa fam Fam
Peepa fam Fam Hace un mes
U must be him -_-
Cody Keys
Cody Keys Hace un mes
Candy is good UwU
Jefferson Ramos
Jefferson Ramos Hace un mes
CypherDen why do you think people stalk you?
Hayden Park
Hayden Park Hace un mes
who else is drawing what den is drawing for learning art? pls, im NOT A STALKER
Cecilio Cervantes
Cecilio Cervantes Hace un mes
It's over 9000
Falafel Green Gacha
*Go away* -Me *I like you* Rose *HNNNNNNNNNN*
HunterRichardsTV Hace un mes
He vanished into your closet
its cloudy gamer
its cloudy gamer Hace un mes
But just saying that your drawing of your face for the video picture looks like eri from my hero academia
Rayam Men
Rayam Men Hace un mes
I wanna how pretty this girl is
Super spry 2010
Super spry 2010 Hace un mes
Who else is watching in 2020 during the YOU KNOW WHAT outbreak
Sebastian Hatchett
Sebastian Hatchett Hace un mes
Den: I love Coca Cola. Pepsi: EXCUSE ME!?!
:D Hufflepuff
:D Hufflepuff Hace un mes
°3° ○3○
Starlight Light
Starlight Light Hace 2 meses
My brother name is brad
Julie Aguiar
Julie Aguiar Hace 2 meses
Hi Lol Lol Lol Lol
weckar Hace 2 meses
6:33 ... Probably a good thing your name wasn't... I don't know, some really long multi-syllabic name.
weckar Hace 2 meses
Bra'd's terrible at being a *secret* admirer.
Taylor Altmiller
Taylor Altmiller Hace 2 meses
4:52 Yes.
Deminations Hace 2 meses
i made a 24 hour deadline and i stayed up to 5: 38
Anoniempje Zonder naam
2:07 would be my reaction for sure
ThunderWitch010 Hace 2 meses
Wait, BRAD CARVED YOUR NAME INTO HIS SKIN? What the fuck is wrong with him, oh my god!!
Juuzou suzuya
Juuzou suzuya Hace 2 meses
Jesus he is a flipping yandere right there
Rithikka Anand (Student)
in the thumbnail ur face looks like ochaco uraraka's XD
mars Dog
mars Dog Hace 2 meses
Same i never head avalintine
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