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So let me tell you about my high school crush. :)
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26 may 2017






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Planet Holly
Planet Holly Hace 3 días
Why is this me with my pony? XD
fatigueisme X2
fatigueisme X2 Hace 15 días
I sometimes pretend to be an idiot in school and say crush is something you destroy lmao
Preab Somnang
Preab Somnang Hace 18 días
When you met your crush and you look at him and you saw him making fun of you with his friend.
Myzta Hace 20 días
How come your not shy ? Like my crush follows me in instagram but I tried to say hi but then I freaked out then delete my message lol I have a crush on him for 2 years now
Meh the Weeb
Meh the Weeb Hace un mes
【Creamy Dreams】
Is it normal for me not having a crush in my whole life
Izabelle Hace un mes
my crush is straight :(
Geeboo Hace un mes
i ain't no big baby, i a small baby
Alexander Ramirez
Alexander Ramirez Hace un mes
I have a crush but the problem is that every boy likes her so yeah that’s a problem
lovely Bella :3
lovely Bella :3 Hace un mes
When I have a crush I don't feel anyting
Isabella Lettman
Isabella Lettman Hace un mes
2020 anyone?
Evan Williams
Evan Williams Hace un mes
Love is 1 heck of a ride, just wait till marriage to get your groove (If ya know what I mean) on in bed. View Bible Flock Box & embrace the truth!
Takashi Karezu
Takashi Karezu Hace un mes
When i have a crush i just act natural, as if there's nothing going on at all. I never tell anyone who my crush is. Not even my closest, best friend. There was this one time when my crush liked me back, but i turned him down (like wtf) because i.. was afraid of the idea of having a "boyfriend" (idk what's wrong with me)
KC Noel
KC Noel Hace un mes
In high school I only had one “crush”. Really we had this class together where it was nothing BUT group projects. Despite me being kinda introverted I liked it. I had him in my groups several times and we worked well together and almost became friends. Almost. I became fast friends with some of his friends, but he was simply the kind of guy who just gets along with everyone. Super extroverted, and the football star. In other words, I don’t think he ever saw us as friends, despite hanging out at school occasionally. By the end of the school year I decided to ask him out to prom. He said he didn’t know, but eventually didn’t go altogether. Without him I didn’t have anyone I was close enough to to hang out with at prom, and I arrived late anyway, so I kinda just hung out in the lobby where I could watch the dance floor. And no, there’s no twist that he went with another girl or anything. He just didn’t feel like going I guess. And it’s not like I’m a very compelling person. Just the kinda smart and quiet “bro” girl. I did notice some guys who didn’t have dates but went with friends and I was considering asking if one of them might want to dance, but then I remembered that I can’t dance. I was able to talk to one of my girlfriends for a short time, but since she was there with her man I didn’t want to get in their way. Overall prom was very disappointing. I didn’t even get to eat the dinner because I didn’t even get a table in the dining area which was the only place that had the plates and silverware. Yeah, I just about cried several times. In part out of frustration that I didn’t become closer friends with anyone. I’ve always been an extremely shy and awkward kid. And I’m not talking about that “quiet kid” phase everyone goes through. I’m talking about actual social anxiety and awkwardness that still effects me today. I still have it, I just learned how to cope with it. I literally didn’t make friends with a single person in elementary, and only had temporary fake friends in middle school. In elementary I had the mindset that “oh, the outgoing nice girls will eventually want to make friends with me!” So I waited. And waited. And waited. It was my own fault for not acting sooner. Everyone in high school has had those friends at least since middle school. And I took cyber school my freshman and sophomore years so I understand how I was too late. I can’t make the same connection to these people as they have with people they’ve known their whole lives. So I’m angry at myself for how I’ve behaved my whole life. I’ve even victimized myself, but that’s wrong. The vast majority of crap I went through could have been prevented if I made the decision to change as a kid. Maybe I would t have been bullied enough. Maybe I could have had a better school experience. Maybe I could have had fun... but at the same time, I’m glad about how I turned out. Never smoked or tried drugs or alcohol. I don’t curse, I try to be as nice as I can.. I might not have turned out like this if I was more social. And I like how I am now. So I guess I turned out okay
Infinite Viewer
Infinite Viewer Hace un mes
i forgot this was in 2017 and was like lemme guess raid
Vapoetalgirl 101
Vapoetalgirl 101 Hace un mes
Having a crush literally destroys me every time
Siren Roseline
Siren Roseline Hace 2 meses
It’s sad...I have more crushes on celebrities or fictional anime/real characters than I do people I actually know or see in my perimeter haha
K B Hace 2 meses
First video I ever saw of den
thunder_cola Hace 2 meses
I always had a crush, but when I got somewhere to the middle of my school year I fell for anime boys. *ahem “Unattainable”
Joy Division
Joy Division Hace 2 meses
Wait that’s normal I don’t know or talk to my crush do she’s cute and a nice person she gets sassy do
Annie Tun
Annie Tun Hace 2 meses
My crush told me he liked me I being the mf that i am told him i cant take you seriously cuz you joke around too much Btw be confessed twice
សុភ័ក្ត្រ ជូលី
My crush is my best friend. We flirt a lot. What should I do
Ewaoluwa Balogun
Ewaoluwa Balogun Hace 3 meses
Which is why I never speak to my crush
Emma Ruark
Emma Ruark Hace 3 meses
I try to be patient and instead let the guys that are ready for me can talk to me. Only if I feel safe around them. Social media is not everyone's best friend and you can experience painful events. For example being dumped etc. Its better to do it in person
Bri Hace 3 meses
Finally a Healthy and Positive Love story 😅
Chicken nugget guy Fuffuls
Omg you met you met with George
Cookie the story teller
Leave her alone she wants to animate and make those youtube vids
The Kai
The Kai Hace 4 meses
George I LIKE TUNA! Because butts ::) Den
【Y】【O】 【R】【I】
*this is not my deal* *even tho i got rejected 6 Times-* *my crush in present knows I like him he likes me but-* *we don’t think that we’re boyfriend or girlfriend we just* *hug or talk-*
My names Kelsey
My names Kelsey Hace 4 meses
The last time I went on a ferris wheel they left the door open and if we made one wrong move we would have fell out and died but we managed to shut the door from the inside
Creative Keisha
Creative Keisha Hace 4 meses
Lol I love how den actually tells us the definition of a crush
Hiie Posti
Hiie Posti Hace 4 meses
I also fear, that mh crush thinks i'm annouyng
Hiie Posti
Hiie Posti Hace 4 meses
- madeleine -
- madeleine - Hace 4 meses
When you have a crush on a senior who’s about to graduate in a couple months and leave your life 🙃
Eto Tegerashvili
Eto Tegerashvili Hace 5 meses
Ооочень круууто!!!!
Eto Tegerashvili
Eto Tegerashvili Hace 5 meses
Soooo coool!!!!!!
Karol Sarte
Karol Sarte Hace 6 meses
I have a crush to and i do'nt want to talk about it.😳
My hero academia Fans
What if your a girl and like a girl and she told you she likes you what do you do and we’re ten sooooooo ya that’s my life
avery birkner
avery birkner Hace 6 meses
something stupid i would always dream about would be like me and my crush and some friends go to an carnival on the fourth of july and when me and him got to the top there would be fireworks and we kiss 😂🤦🏻‍♀️
Thea Purple
Thea Purple Hace 6 meses
My crush is may best friend. Hes very sweet. He hugged me everytime i ask him how he is. We are basically very sweet friends then he asked me out. Whut should i do?
VANIY PLAYS Hace 6 meses
My BFF is my crush.
I see my crush staring at me and then I would look at him in a rush he starts doing something else and I look at him and when he looks at me I stare at my sheet of paperwork... Hmmmm.
Deborah Farrell
Deborah Farrell Hace 6 meses
me and my crush like each other we are in primary school told each other on parade we send messages over roblox when we aren't at school he's half blind from a "friend" we use to have they left and we're so happy he left he annoyed the cr-- out of us and our other friends another kid left recently they were bull cr-- at not annoying people happy they're gone now just one more annoying kid to leave
Gio the gamer
Gio the gamer Hace 6 meses
How many times did den said ho ho ho
TJ roblox
TJ roblox Hace 7 meses
Yes no ads 😠
Chloe Solis
Chloe Solis Hace 7 meses
Sarah Sheene UwU
Sarah Sheene UwU Hace 7 meses
Sana oll
Dynamic cookie
Dynamic cookie Hace 7 meses
Meh lub dis boi called Dre @﹏@(─.─||(つ≧▽≦)つ(*˘︶˘*)( ˶ ❛ ꁞ ❛ ˶ )
I am Trash
I am Trash Hace 7 meses
I cant spell
I am Trash
I am Trash Hace 7 meses
One time i was staring off into space (i forgot what i was thinking about) then i come to and im staring at a girl for who knows how long and then its a akward silance
xomq_shayla x
xomq_shayla x Hace 7 meses
I'll like develop feelings for someone And I didn't even tell my bffs yet (don't worry I've know me for three years two of them for two years) and they'll like KNOW like wtf
Foxy wolf22
Foxy wolf22 Hace 7 meses
Its 2019 weres the continued part
Remy Dragneel
Remy Dragneel Hace 7 meses
I like anime girls
aphrodite Hace 7 meses
crazy that they're married now
Swati Sharma
Swati Sharma Hace 8 meses
Whenever i see my crush i feel a bit more confident than even and (sometimes I got panicking but in my brain) and after a moment i am doing weird thing Is anybody feel,like i do
Sunnybylex Hace 8 meses
Is no one gunna talk about the fact she has a Samsung?!😂🤣
Hyper Locks
Hyper Locks Hace 8 meses
She never made the part2 😂
Jonathon Edsall
Jonathon Edsall Hace 8 meses
3:57 it's been 2 years I really like to know what happens next
MannaEditz Hace 8 meses
I don’t have a crush and I never had but my friend got rejected yesterday and she was crying for 4 hours
Renae Cassidy
Renae Cassidy Hace 9 meses
William Le
William Le Hace 9 meses
I didn’t ask when the vid started
Stikkid Also EEkid
Stikkid Also EEkid Hace 9 meses
I don’t have a crush
Avocado Animations
Avocado Animations Hace 9 meses
I’ve had two crushes that BOTH had blonde short hair and BOTH names started with L and BOTH rejected THE SHIT OUT OF ME, LANDON, LOGAN I KNOW YOUR OUT THERE *THIS IS NOT OVER*
Kevin Cornell
Kevin Cornell Hace 9 meses
0:50 to skip overused sponsor
Logic Loaf
Logic Loaf Hace 9 meses
Android poor
Rebecca Morrell
Rebecca Morrell Hace 9 meses
hi den so i had a project spelling an thare was one that said crush so i put the hedline
MrMarioboii Hace 9 meses
I had a crush that rejected me Who else had there feeling rejected, reply
Danny Griffin
Danny Griffin Hace 9 meses
My current crush likes my best friend. She likes him to. Oof. He also texts me a lot asking for advice for how to make her like him
FruitNDoggie Hace 9 meses
Discurious George.
Daisy Wright
Daisy Wright Hace 9 meses
Ok, im trying to make this as short as I can. I hsd a crush, his name was... lets say.. Tom. (Thats what it was dont go on a search party) This was in year 2, and I didnt think much of him when I first saw him. Being in the cool kid group for a while, I got used to hanging out with him and I got a crush for him. Eventually, my friend (Lily) Told him, and at the time ANOTHER girl liked him, who was much cooler. He emjoyed hanging out with her more, and he embarrassed me ALOT by telling EVERYONE. That year and the next, were ruined. Everyone laughed and bugged me about it. Even if I had moved on! Then my reputation was ruined, but it got better in year 4.
Jewels in nation
Jewels in nation Hace 9 meses
I have a crush but in kinder I kissed him heh I was not innocent and he sits next to me whyyy lord
fireblast animates
fireblast animates Hace 9 meses
if your a single pringel its ok youll find someone 😊
Avrage Trinidadian
Avrage Trinidadian Hace 10 meses
Crushes... Had a few of those in the past, back when I had a heart. But now I look back I now realized that I would not have any chance in hell with any if them
Lizard Gerard
Lizard Gerard Hace 10 meses
When i had a crush I couldn’t even talk to him
Amy’s Wonderland
Amy’s Wonderland Hace 10 meses
I have 2 crushes
Ryan Thomas
Ryan Thomas Hace 10 meses
Isn't George your husband?!?!?!?!?!!???!!??????
Katia Del Leon
Katia Del Leon Hace 10 meses
I literally went to Coney Island not even a month ago
Jerome Hace 10 meses
3:28 thats literally the shopping mall closest to my house
train lover5670
train lover5670 Hace 10 meses
I was put in class full of girls i was only one boy in this sewing class why
Zurika Queen of Hell/Girl
Den u should play Clash of Clans its really fun
#Neko Hikari
#Neko Hikari Hace 10 meses
If this gets a THOUSAND likes...I will confess to my senpaiii
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