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My First College Frat Party Animation story by Young Don the Sauce God
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In this video I tell the story of what going to my first college frat party was like.

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Credits - Completely created by Young Don

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4 dic 2019






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Young Don The Sauce God
Ayeeeee thank you for watching! Go check out my new music video here esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-rF49JFi9gi4.html
irl guides
irl guides Hace 3 meses
You sell your own brand of clothing my g don
Cherryblossom ink
Cherryblossom ink Hace 4 meses
U should do a video with ksi u might get the appointment to hang with him and get money 💵 he gives money away like similar to mr beast but u got to make him laugh and u can ask him questions to 😌🤔
Taleah Massey
Taleah Massey Hace 6 meses
Don did you hate education and wanted to be an animator. But you could have got a degree and became an animator. Do you think school is useless
Retro Snipez
Retro Snipez Hace 8 meses
Magic_ man
Magic_ man Hace 8 meses
Yw yuh video bad
Adam Young
Adam Young Hace 4 días
How to get covid 1on1
Lord Lightskinned
Lord Lightskinned Hace 5 días
..I load up the money gun..aaanndd thenn......”EVERYTHING CHANGE SO fast........” 💨 🎵 this is the best part lol 5:33
Dagger ZA
Dagger ZA Hace 7 días
I had my Bluetooth on🤕
mage tv
mage tv Hace 13 días
...this mane said a "Black guy frat" where they "stomp on the ground really hard"
swindle Hace 15 días
Before covid
SYGAU Hace 20 días
you got me hyped🙌🐪🌛🔥🔥
isa poop
isa poop Hace 21 un día
ChrisIsDumb- Hace 29 días
I like the way he looked when the money was flying
Jaden Gonzalez
Jaden Gonzalez Hace un mes
Molly is better than they make it seem 👀👀
captain beastwinger
He totally did Molly
False Hace un mes
Am I trippin or is don outfit like obitos
A Fellow Degenerate
anybody know what brand the jacket is cuz im going to a party soon and i kinda wont one in green or pink
Kennedy Evans
Kennedy Evans Hace un mes
I wanted to go to UT Austin lol...they rejected me though
Kennedy Evans
Kennedy Evans Hace un mes
It's okay, Don. Class of Corona can't experience that shit either unless they want to seriously risk their health so....it's all degree work for me
vibe. Hace 2 meses
The gun jamms my ghee
Wow its tashnie
Wow its tashnie Hace 2 meses
ur so pretty
Davidzo Maphosa
Davidzo Maphosa Hace 2 meses
You are mall
7thHokageNaruto Hace 2 meses
2:22 louis griffon got a little darker... and hotter lol
Sebblack Hace 2 meses
2:21 Answer your questions; 1st, no one wears togas, at least no black Frat does, they do step though. 2nd, definitely every weekend, got to party to stay sane in college. 3rd, never tried molly, if you ever take it, do it with a good friend
Luis Cortez
Luis Cortez Hace 2 meses
Young don the sauce makes dope content focus on the animation my boy shits fire🔥🔥🔥 but the music ain't
STUNNGUNN88 Hace 2 meses
“I need to stand out” as he’s like 6.7
Cocoalbu Hace 3 meses
You frickin tall
Joshua Marino
Joshua Marino Hace 3 meses
I like your old animations better ngl
jack kelly
jack kelly Hace 3 meses
I dropped out of college two I have the same thoughts as you bro I'll never experience the college party's or anything but tbh I don't really care I had no friends in college so even if there was a party my ass wouldn't be invited
Prometh 312
Prometh 312 Hace 3 meses
Young Don the sauce👀👌🏾
Anonymous Hace 3 meses
Ayy what I like about young don is that he don’t do drugs
Anonymous Hace 3 meses
Jordan Tacey
Jordan Tacey Hace 3 meses
It’s called stepping Don. Stepping.
Some Beanie boi
Some Beanie boi Hace 3 meses
Why does he look like mirage
Iddi Yakubu
Iddi Yakubu Hace 3 meses
Your dad looks like kanye west
SliggDaddy YT
SliggDaddy YT Hace 3 meses
2:47 young don going ssj on planet namek...nice
Damian Panton
Damian Panton Hace 3 meses
Can I use your music and one of my videos my G 💪🏽😊
Kenisha Fernandes
Kenisha Fernandes Hace 4 meses
Found your channel and now I'm totally obsessed. Awesome content. Sending love from the 592 (Guyana)
LIT Saucy
LIT Saucy Hace 4 meses
Yoo that was so funny when you said.. it just comes out like ketchup my G 😂👍
Tim Bo Bandana
Tim Bo Bandana Hace 4 meses
Their wasn't magic at the party?
putent Hace 4 meses
The fact that u are the tallest guy there is probably enough for that (To get people to pay attention to you)
Drama King Animations
Hello Lat
Hello Lat Hace 5 meses
Ed Esteezy
Ed Esteezy Hace 5 meses
Great plan
Falcon Munch!
Falcon Munch! Hace 5 meses
Don you taller than everybody at that party. Attention is not a problem
MagmaHQ Hace 5 meses
I feel you man im tryna get me some subs
SG- CARTEL Hace 5 meses
I am so happy to hear on your come up man I hope you reap the rewards from all the grinding and continue breaking past achievement barriers in life bro!
Darius Darkshadow
Darius Darkshadow Hace 5 meses
2:25 I can confirm. Molly _is 100%_ as good as they make it seem
Christopher Toney
Christopher Toney Hace 5 meses
We was doing all this in high school bro
Jaylen Reed
Jaylen Reed Hace 6 meses
Don you need a Divine 9 crash course 😭 it’s stepping and strolling not stomping 💀
Aniston Hace 6 meses
Triple Bet
Triple Bet Hace 6 meses
Did you draw your characters like the Family Guy ones for a reason? Lmaooo
Luke Albatarseh
Luke Albatarseh Hace 6 meses
Your a jamakin boy stop takin like you get to bro
《XeXeeD GAMING》 Hace 6 meses
Believe Mwabi
Believe Mwabi Hace 6 meses
Sebastian Hansen Diaz
Hhhaaahah brrrooo is this actually America bro I be rocking it in good old cph Denmark, 15, and shit n lemme tell yo fossil ass that molly is sum good shit ma G. Bitches be partying like this already at 13 homie
Realistic Ross
Realistic Ross Hace 6 meses
I miss my friends that turned up like this with me, my friends now hate going out/turning up smh
Dibby Hace 6 meses
Kambia Hardy
Kambia Hardy Hace 6 meses
Sick video don . 😉😉😉😉😉😆😆😎😘😎😂😅
Kambia Hardy
Kambia Hardy Hace 6 meses
So I
Kambia Hardy
Kambia Hardy Hace 6 meses
So I video
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez Hace 6 meses
Yo why does my guy look like the nigga who found out what fire is from the croods 🤣 but overall nut but love my g 💙 no offense
CHRIZZY . Hace 6 meses
Girls are really that thotty
Xxparkerzx9xX Parker
0:07 his face had me dead😂😂😂
Family Kid
Family Kid Hace 6 meses
I'm seeing so many adult animation references.
Glizz9 Hace 6 meses
Kids, if you’re gonna do molly, don’t do ecstasy pills, do molly rock capsules Also if you’re gonna do drugs, make sure you’re buying them from me guaranteed customer satisfaction u know I got y’all
Devo Redd-Williams
Devo Redd-Williams Hace 6 meses
That’s tough💪🏾
It's Me.
It's Me. Hace 7 meses
Damn they got my boi lookin like a fckin giant surrounded by all em short folk xD
Fox 509
Fox 509 Hace 7 meses
Yo before the bottle henny meme, LOOKS WHAT TF IS IN DONS HAND AT 2:34
Nelson Hace 7 meses
Bruh this vid has 666k views rn
MACMusic Hace 7 meses
Can’t believe don knows 40 yori
Jaliyah Jayana
Jaliyah Jayana Hace 7 meses
Don is the tallest person in the party 😂
Deka Hace 7 meses
Love your music
Chike Mike
Chike Mike Hace 7 meses
kaylie Hace 7 meses
me watching the intro to this video with AirPods I bought myself:
Pregame Productions
Pregame Productions Hace 7 meses
Is yo shit on Spotify yet?
Dior Don
Dior Don Hace 7 meses
please make me a music video like your cartoons 😭
Jello Animations
Jello Animations Hace 7 meses
*Young Peter the sauce Griffin*
Spiritual Hees
Spiritual Hees Hace 7 meses
I'm 20 an I'm in the lowest point in life u hope this faze ends soon
Cece Woodears
Cece Woodears Hace 7 meses
Every time don says.”it’s ya boy” it reminds me of “its ya boy uhhhh skinny penis” 💀 just me oki👌🏾
Seb Hace 7 meses
Bro I remember I started watching you February of 2018
TTV yd2waveyy
TTV yd2waveyy Hace 7 meses
“Trust me my ggg” 😂😂😂
Deviben Patel
Deviben Patel Hace 7 meses
don - **grits teeth** RIGHT?
INarwal Hace 7 meses
The up next song is fire 🔥 💯💯💯
Christian Cruz
Christian Cruz Hace 7 meses
Ignorant ass....'dont do drugs' ......*while alcohol is blatantly being passed around*
Raja Hace 7 meses
I went to college parties. It's nothing fun honestly at least for an introvert it's not lol. I always left around 10 or 20 mins
Dokka Hace 7 meses
Why is the animation like family guy
Oliver Johnson
Oliver Johnson Hace 8 meses
Sounds like future
Sass McFrass
Sass McFrass Hace 8 meses
I don’t understand college parties. What is it it like to be so lax with your education that you have time for any of that :p
Gregory Campbell
Gregory Campbell Hace 8 meses
2:02 that’s the alphas at WMU ✊🏽🔥
Luvo Xhama
Luvo Xhama Hace 8 meses
😂yah stomping
Alicia Bradley
Alicia Bradley Hace 8 meses
This crazy 🤷🏾‍♀️ don at more then a million subscribers time flying I remember when he was at 500k subs 😔
veno Hace 8 meses
Aka alpha phi alpha ganggg
Glizzy Hace 8 meses
0:06 "oh shit...!"
Sierra Stephens
Sierra Stephens Hace 8 meses
Wow I should’ve been there driving da boat 🥺
Jonathan Andrews
Jonathan Andrews Hace 8 meses
Parties ain’t for me too much tbh. Rather chill with bae.
Ashanee K
Ashanee K Hace 8 meses
the beginning just inspired me bro.....i think i might take over the world
YouTube Content
YouTube Content Hace 8 meses
What happened to Q and marty
Chavon James
Chavon James Hace 8 meses
Don’t so drugs means to do drugs
Marq Hace 8 meses
Mah boi was pouring Benny in girls mouths 💪🏽
Lorenzo Young
Lorenzo Young Hace 8 meses
One question my g will u drop da drip
Buksbaba Da B.O.S.S
Buksbaba Da B.O.S.S Hace 8 meses
Sick Video and even better song Bro 💪🏽
Buksbaba Da B.O.S.S
Buksbaba Da B.O.S.S Hace 8 meses
How tall are you?
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