My First Date

Morgan Adams
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HI love you so much I hope you are having an amazing day and I hope you enjoy my first ever date haha. Also a huge thank you to Sean for being willing to do this and being a fun first date.
SEAN: instagram.com/seaneil107/
PART 1: esvid.net/video/vídeo-KhGZRZiFvP4.html
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JEFFREE :esvid.net/u-jeffreestar
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14 nov 2019






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Morgan Adams
Morgan Adams Hace 25 días
Hi just to clarify my friend was there because in the last video I invited her because Sean is her high school friend so I thought it would be less awkward for him if someone he knew was there so he wasn’t just randomly showing up to a house with a bunch of strangers. She’s not flirting with him they have just been friends forever. Okay I hope you enjoy the most awkward video ever. ❤️
debkonya ghosh
debkonya ghosh Hace 9 horas
@morgan finished apartment tour, please! 🤧
Hollie Miller
Hollie Miller Hace 17 horas
This was definitely awkward in the beginning but you can just see how good their connection was I love this video ❤❤
CrystalLight MC
CrystalLight MC Hace 20 horas
Morgan you’re so beautiful and funny and you’re such an inspiration to me❤️ I’m so glad I was able to be there when you posted your first video to now. I hope you are so happy with whatever you choose to do and whoever you choose to be with. You’re simply amazing ❤️❤️
_spooky_boios_ Hace un día
its andrew all over again
Javier Espinoza
Javier Espinoza Hace 2 días
omg ok this is actually the cutest thing ever
Chloe Louise Swann
Chloe Louise Swann Hace 39 minutos
Bro he straight up looks Like Luke Hemmings' brother I BEG
uwuseokie Hace un hora
This be sounding like a wattpad story as the seconds go by 😭😂
uwuseokie Hace un hora
Wow my libra energy totally sensed his energy by the rock thing shdjdk
Says Chims
Says Chims Hace un hora
Shawn is deep voiced omg and can get it.. period
Emily G
Emily G Hace un hora
You need to have Nate and Garrett find a some guys for you to potentially date, then have everybody else do background checks before presenting the guys to you.
Emily G
Emily G Hace un hora
(Also, that guy seems nice, but his confidence kinda creeps me out because he seems like the "yoga master" guys who have sex with -or inappropriately touch- a whole lot of middle aged women...and I know there's a lot of guys like that in California.)
Emileigh Frick
Emileigh Frick Hace un hora
The fact that you called a gourd a gurt 😂 I’m fucking dead😂😂😂 I love you omg look no further I’m your new bf
Autumn Sambrano
Autumn Sambrano Hace un hora
I'm an aries... its true... we crazy!
Carl Guzman
Carl Guzman Hace 3 horas
OMG I love you
Camila Vargas
Camila Vargas Hace 4 horas
We need an update!!!
Callie Ainsworth
Callie Ainsworth Hace 5 horas
Missing you!
Abc Hace 5 horas
This is so awkward to watch lmao
Sarah Saccucci
Sarah Saccucci Hace 8 horas
I actually relate to Morgan like I've had "boyfriends" but I never actually went on a really date with any of them... Guys that I've been involved with just wanted mostly one thing and they sorta got it sometimes... Ive been used so much...
Julia Gromm
Julia Gromm Hace 8 horas
Why is this guy basically the hot camp councilor I had a crush on? Like, Morgan, he’s probs a good one.
debkonya ghosh
debkonya ghosh Hace 9 horas
Are we ever getting a finished apartment tour?
christie Wengert
christie Wengert Hace 13 horas
Morgan are you going too do part two. So cute. It could just be a night out with your friends. You are so funny. Also now that your bro and shane are doing well financially . All of you should go on a serious vacation!!!! It would be good for all of you guys.
Piglet Rainbows
Piglet Rainbows Hace 14 horas
I kind of need an update... Also when Jeffree popped in I about died. 🤣🤣🤣
Jineyra Camacho
Jineyra Camacho Hace 17 horas
Love you Morgan keep your head up special thing are coming on your way 🤞🏻✨💖👑 An I am leo too sou I understand your personality✨💖👑
Nevaeh & Heaven VIBEZ
Nevaeh & Heaven VIBEZ Hace 19 horas
I could not be the camera man. I’d be like: “😂😬🥺🤭😓😏🤢😳”
WildestDreams Hace 19 horas
He looks like a male version of Morgan’s they have such cute faces!
silently screaming from a crowded room
Sorry this was horrid to watch, it was basically 50 questions for Morgan's date
Julia Todd
Julia Todd Hace 22 horas
Your so beautiful and you have so much potential especially with you following you need to start modeling!
nicole poplin
nicole poplin Hace 23 horas
Come on make another video been waiting 3 weeks😂 your videos help me make it threw the work week😂
Hanna Hace un día
I want updates on the gate guard!!!!!!
Lolaly Hace un día
Can I have him if you don't want him 😱
Ciana Maria
Ciana Maria Hace un día
did anyone catch the ... " its a gurt" .. " a what?" "a gourd" when i say i have real tears.. I HAVE REAL TEARS
Stephany J
Stephany J Hace un día
Yay Morgan! You guys are so funny ❤️
Chey Loaiza
Chey Loaiza Hace un día
That hat looks hawt on you 😍
gc68 Hace un día
sagan is so pretty! she reminds me of anne hathaway. but i miss trinity too!
Kimy Channel
Kimy Channel Hace un día
I dont like morgans friend as much personally feels like she like flirted with him
Kay Pod
Kay Pod Hace un día
This is cute@
JetbBlue747 Hace un día
Did Tana leave her hat at yours? lol Youre a goddess!
georgina rose
georgina rose Hace un día
this was so chaotic but extremely entertaining to watch and you guys all together at the end are so funny. wish you all the best girl xx
Pryhhtoosia Hace un día
8:05 are we gonna talk about that painting tho?
Brady Skinner
Brady Skinner Hace un día
Morgan!!! I work like less than anybody you know. I'm very bored and your videos make me laugh and I feel good about myself after watching. Please do more videos... PLEASE!!! It's like watching my family that I don't have. I am so excited about your date and wonder if you will get married or something. So suspenseful! I'm so eager to know!!! I'm just a fan.
Jeff Tackett
Jeff Tackett Hace un día
Did you and rylan retire. No videos in weeks
Cynthia Steele
Cynthia Steele Hace un día
Morgan are you spill sesh??
Mia Seher
Mia Seher Hace un día
"i also love rocks"
mm0901 Hace un día
Sean looks like the love child of Val Kilmer and Liam Hemsworth
Tea time
Tea time Hace un día
I haven’t watched it yet but I hope it was goid
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