My First Date

Morgan Adams
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HI love you so much I hope you are having an amazing day and I hope you enjoy my first ever date haha. Also a huge thank you to Sean for being willing to do this and being a fun first date.
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14 nov 2019






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Morgan Adams
Morgan Adams Hace 2 meses
Hi just to clarify my friend was there because in the last video I invited her because Sean is her high school friend so I thought it would be less awkward for him if someone he knew was there so he wasn’t just randomly showing up to a house with a bunch of strangers. She’s not flirting with him they have just been friends forever. Okay I hope you enjoy the most awkward video ever. ❤️
zny Hace 7 días
@Josabed Alcala I thought he was flirting more with their friend but Idk now cuz of Morgan's explanation.
Mikki Shea
Mikki Shea Hace 9 días
Aren’t Libra’s natural flirts though? I say, It’s unintentional lol. Don’t take it to heart. So happy for you, girl! Good luck!!
Sam Hace 19 días
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Hace 20 días
_ Emotionalchild _
_ Emotionalchild _ Hace un día
Bro like I was watching this video and when people get embarrassed I feel so bad that I get embarrassed, idk why... like I’m sorry but I’m happy you are happy now and living your best life! :)))))))
X e l i a n a X
X e l i a n a X Hace un día
If garret was straight Oh holy YES GARRET+MORGAN
RobinFlysHigh Hace un día
13:23 I think this would have been so much better if no one else was there, and specifically if Ryan stopped asking such probing questions. Geez Louise!
Renee Flores
Renee Flores Hace un día
All these extra people make it impossible for this to be a date they should have just called it a casual hang
Kris10 MarKz
Kris10 MarKz Hace un día
Morgan is absolutely adorable! Such a beautiful girl with an amazing personality..that's so rare to find. Love watching Morgan, Ryland, Shane, Garrett/Benjamin, Andrew..the whole gang! Shout out from W. Va. Love y'all 💙
Blessed1 2018
Blessed1 2018 Hace un día
My Daughter and Son-in-laws birthday are both August 22!!!! Yay!!!
Little roof over our heads
😂 I love how all of a sudden Jeffree Star just appears out of the blue!
Hannah Hace un día
also ryland being dad
Hannah Hace un día
morgan adams is me
K C Hace un día
What happened to this “series”?
Mr Mustachieo
Mr Mustachieo Hace 2 días
Lol... that would be so fun to go on a date with her and be interrogated by all her friends.. lol what an adventure..
Jnsocha99 Hace 2 días
morgan u guys should try another date without ryland and ur friend
jojome120 Hace 2 días
I am just curious if you had a second date?
Icaro Souza
Icaro Souza Hace 2 días
Jeffree star as a guess star
Icegoddesswolf Hace 2 días
i was 21 when i went on my first ever date with my still loving boyfriend. trust me, it was kind of awkward but still really exciting
Wendy F. Baby
Wendy F. Baby Hace 3 días
Lol the wine is hitting her lol
Racy Gilbert
Racy Gilbert Hace 3 días
You guys seem like a great couple
India Coers
India Coers Hace 3 días
You made such a cute couple Morgan!!! I think it went great!!! Did u go on a 2nd date????
Rusad Kt
Rusad Kt Hace 3 días
Morgan you are literally me 😭😭😭I’m crying
Laura Drake
Laura Drake Hace 4 días
I just wanna be friends with Jeffree she is so goddamn funny omggggg
Laura Drake
Laura Drake Hace un día
Rane ROBERTS fixed it thanks👍🏻
Rane ROBERTS Hace un día
DivineLuna Hace 4 días
Oh Morgan 😂❤️
Monique Stephens
Monique Stephens Hace 4 días
Libra and Leo's are good matches❤❤
Courtney Brown
Courtney Brown Hace 4 días
I love you girl, keep doin what u doin
A ViRGO Hace 4 días
I ship them ? 👀
Anne Gunn Mesel
Anne Gunn Mesel Hace 4 días
What does your bestfriend ghost think about this? 👻 what if she dosent like him? You remeber Anjy or what the name is
Candence Graff
Candence Graff Hace 4 días
seeing nate in this video makes me sad
Amber Smith
Amber Smith Hace 5 días
Me: It won’t be that ba-oh. Yeah, agree with everyone else that it might have been better one on one. Maybe? 😹 I’m literally just as awkward though so it’s fine.
Mallori Long
Mallori Long Hace 5 días
my only accomplishment is having the same middle name as jeffree 💀
crystal ordonez
crystal ordonez Hace 5 días
I love you♥️
Zoe Zitzka
Zoe Zitzka Hace 6 días
Please go on a date with Jeffrees old gatekeeper 🙌🏼🙌🏼
niraku321 Hace 6 días
Mrs. Cookie!!
Shea Lea vlogs
Shea Lea vlogs Hace 7 días
(Next date Andrew and morgan) H e h e
zny Hace 7 días
I love his Thor necklace lol
Jessika Howell
Jessika Howell Hace 7 días
but fr why did u guys not workout im so late on everything sorry as a fan ive been gone lol
Jessika Howell
Jessika Howell Hace 7 días
I wish this worked out cause he seemed goofy like morgan but he also seemed like someone who I would be scared to make mad but looks wise ohhh yess girl. damn come to the club with me I can get you good looking men who are NICE
Angelica Morshedizadeh
Yasss Leo’s thrive
CarliL Hace 8 días
When he said Aries are crazy, I thought of my crazy friend who stalks guys who is ab Aries ♈
Saskia Berlin
Saskia Berlin Hace 9 días
ok.... I'm serious- I fell in love with him!
ATLHooligan Hace 9 días
Lol I wish I could hang out at jeffrees house like that...
LW VLOGS PH Hace 10 días
girl we need an update
Tyson Gamez
Tyson Gamez Hace 10 días
Summer Don
Summer Don Hace 10 días
"I like the idea of someone who can protect Morgan" my heart
Phrodie Kayina
Phrodie Kayina Hace 10 días
The second hand embarrassment I got from thisss lmaaaoooo
Emily Shiels
Emily Shiels Hace 11 días
why was that the best video ever...
Francisco Hernandez
Francisco Hernandez Hace 11 días
Sean is cute 🤫
Kimberley Biggs
Kimberley Biggs Hace 11 días
‘We have the same eyes’ No one: Morgan: people with blue eyes are all related Me 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
stefranqui C.
stefranqui C. Hace 11 días
tadadada embellou
tadadada embellou Hace 11 días
Your hair looks so good 😮
AntoEscobedo Hace 11 días
....can y’all stop saying u ship morgan and andrew literally bc they’re the only two straight people in the friend group....
the unearthly Hooman
the unearthly Hooman Hace 12 días
Shane: SEE!! DANGEROUS (👁👄👁) Andrew: *dies from laughter* 🤣🤣🤣🤣
The Shoun Files
The Shoun Files Hace 12 días
Dont touch moth wings.. he wont beable to fly
The Shoun Files
The Shoun Files Hace 12 días
Im on the train and im laughing so hard in public. People are looking at me funny
Nacho biz
Nacho biz Hace 13 días
ClickBait ClickBait ClickBait she doesn't show enough
Hydeia and Morgan
Hydeia and Morgan Hace 13 días
I know I'm late to this video but why tf are they there lol ik it's a "funny" video but this could go somewhere if they weren't there. Uggghhhh
Varunya Amphaychith
Varunya Amphaychith Hace 13 días
part three?
Palomi Sawant
Palomi Sawant Hace 13 días
video idea: morgan and andrew handcuffed for a day
Black Daddy
Black Daddy Hace 14 días
They all look similar to me...but then they don't.
joon’s noodle
joon’s noodle Hace 14 días
ryland being nervous was a *big* mood
Rose Salamone
Rose Salamone Hace 14 días
It’s so weird to see Ryland like that lol I get that response
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