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My Friend Dahmer Trailer #1 (2017): Check out the new trailer starring Anne Heche, Vincent Kartheiser, and Ross Lynch! Be the first to watch, comment, and share Indie trailers, clips, and featurettes dropping @MovieclipsIndie.
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Jeffrey Dahmer struggles with a difficult family life as a boy. During his teenage years, he slowly transforms and edges closer to becoming a serial killer.
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9 oct 2017

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Comentarios 4 628
Blaze_lilcapalotyt Hace 12 horas
Dam dahmer
Handsome Squidward
Handsome Squidward Hace 14 horas
2:05 when your Roblox girlfriend breaks up with you
Tre Hace 4 días
Emo Austin and ally ok?
Koi Hace 6 días
Can’t believe he was in my hometown
Dexterose 125
Dexterose 125 Hace 8 días
I will give my honest review about this. First of all the trailer looks good and it seems interesting but as i have watched the movie it was pretty much ok imo. Some parts were bore. I'd give it 5/10. The whole cast was great and the actor playing dahmer did quite well. Sadly, it could have been better and with some minor tweaks or twists even though its based on a book. All throughout the movie the whole story revolves the highschool life of dahmer and his obsessions.
Pinky Dank
Pinky Dank Hace 9 días
I Watched This And It Was So Sad, I Sorta Feel Bad For Dahmer Now
Jørgen Sørensen
Jørgen Sørensen Hace 10 días
He played Austin back in the days now he is playing the notoriously infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer
AWOLPSYCHO Hace 11 días
Austin killed ally and dissolved her
agizzy23 Hace 16 días
I just read the graphic novel in one sitting. It was amazing. Can’t wait to watch this.
James Costanzo
James Costanzo Hace 17 días
Austin lost it after he married Ally...
Albreezy Hace 17 días
Trailer is better than the movie but still a solid film
Dude Hace 17 días
Damn Austin went wild. This season of Austin and Allie is wild.
Littleladybug 14
Littleladybug 14 Hace 17 días
Ross Lynch: ex Disney star now playing a serial killer Zac Effron: ex Disney stat now playing a serial killer I’m seeing a pattern here
Angel Riya ?!
Angel Riya ?! Hace 18 días
*John wick flashbacks*
chim chimin
chim chimin Hace 19 días
A very slow movies. Was expecting the movies are going to be exactly like the story. But Dahmer was in a school for the whole movie. At 1:18:10 minutes of the movie, is just the first almost crime of Dahmer which the part that he sneak in the bush while watching the guy jog. Waste my almost 2 hours! Please don’t watch this movie.
Making Memories
Making Memories Hace 19 días
This movie shows that Jeffrey was a tormented teen but in his interview he clearly stated that it has nothing to do with his family or friends or life. people need to understand that psychopaths can be born naturally. psychopaths are abnormalities in human chromosomes where the individual, instead of getting XY chromosome, lands up with a XYY chromosome. people need to stop justifying his actions.
nalle y dalia aquiii!
nalle y dalia aquiii! Hace 20 días
Like si hablas español o si vinistes por Paulette
Easily Jay
Easily Jay Hace 21 un día
I wanna know why they made Ross built like that. 😂😭😭😭😭
Gerardo Hace 21 un día
Where's my boy Evan Peters ????
La Bori
La Bori Hace 22 días
He just needed some help and someone to talk too, but nobody never listens until its to late.
Crysthian Arenas
Crysthian Arenas Hace 23 días
Quien viene de paulette jaja
Julius Peralta
Julius Peralta Hace 25 días
This movie was better than extremely wicked
K. Chrome
K. Chrome Hace 9 días
Julius Peralta extremely wicked told more of the story though...this didn’t really tell anything or touch the surface of his crimes...
Just Another Person
Just Another Person Hace 25 días
*”I like bones”* Me- 😦
Jada Royale
Jada Royale Hace 29 días
I like bones to
OutrageousSpirit Hace un mes
I was expecting to see a horror movie full of gore based on the real crimes Jeff committed not a fuckin teen movie! I wouldn't be surprised if Disney gonna make another lame teen movie about Edmund Kemper tho!
MD Hace un mes
Bad parenting =dahmer
Bella Bella
Bella Bella Hace un mes
Ally ain't gonna be fond about that
peanut Hace un mes
Was good movie also there were moments nearly spat my food out
emolgachu 1997
emolgachu 1997 Hace un mes
He better of not killed the dog in the film!!
Vervex Hace un mes
Begin song?
Raquel Moran
Raquel Moran Hace un mes
Grab your popcorn 😂😂😂
lma0 Hace un mes
*"...And you're watching Disney channel!"*
I'm addicted to Mentos
Kinda want a Elliot Rodger movie
Daris Lemaigre
Daris Lemaigre Hace un mes
Hes not a sideshow attraction.
Ashley Hace un mes
It's not that I wanted to see murder but the movie was very anticlimactic 😭😭😭
Maddi Dilts
Maddi Dilts Hace un mes
I can't believe someone would do that to a person.
Kate Kiseleva
Kate Kiseleva Hace un mes
what's the song? (0.36)
Steak Quake
Steak Quake Hace un mes
Where can I watch this
Celine Snache
Celine Snache Hace un mes
Let’s be honest he did a great job
Moin Mahmud
Moin Mahmud Hace un mes
"I've got to start eating at home,more." -Jeffery Dahmer
physcho killer
physcho killer Hace un mes
I like bones... They intrest me 👓🔪
Faria Fara
Faria Fara Hace un mes
if people around him didn't abuse him or bully him mentally I think he wouldn't turn into a demon. we should blame ourselves for not to be good with each other and turning others into a terrifying demon
Taylor Hace un mes
He reminds me of Evan Peters
A Hace 2 meses
1:22 🤣🤣🤣
A Hace 2 meses
*Why do they always hire hot actors to play him.*
BeepBeep HonkHonk
BeepBeep HonkHonk Hace 2 meses
Never seen this episode of sabrina pretty crazy
Amara Chisholm
Amara Chisholm Hace 2 meses
This is bullshit why didn’t Evan Peters play him
Laura Cristina De La Espriella
0:33 he almost looks like Kurt Cobain a bit there
Jerry-Glen Lovell
Jerry-Glen Lovell Hace 2 meses
Bundy was much worse
FireRam YT
FireRam YT Hace 2 meses
Why does everyone want to sympathize for him? He legit admit himself that he isn't a monster created by society, since he was a kid he was interested in bones and corpses. He admit that he was a monster before anyone did anything wrong to him.
Manal Metwally
Manal Metwally Hace 2 meses
Is this a real story?
wasabi Hace un mes
Howdy Hace 2 meses
I don’t like how they potray the way he behaves. It’s not accurate, they make him look like some young idiot who was killing because of society
Lance Godinez
Lance Godinez Hace 2 meses
I came here because of Conan's wikibear
Jes Kvell
Jes Kvell Hace 2 meses
when Hollywood makeserial killers hot
Candace Shirley
Candace Shirley Hace 2 meses
I once read Mindhunter and it was fascinating how this FBI profiler met these normal looking people who commited such acts of violence, it was such good work of non fiction
Chrissy Stewart
Chrissy Stewart Hace 2 meses
I have a question was Jeffrey Dahmer homosexual? & Did He killed boys? Did He have a normal childhood or having difficulties while growing up
Ashly May
Ashly May Hace 2 meses
Someone please answer me! Does he hurt that dog!?
Anku uuu
Anku uuu Hace un mes
FattyFlapJack !
FattyFlapJack ! Hace 2 meses
First it’s Dez and now it’s Austin! Disney stars gone bad
E V Hace 2 meses
Can we please stop making these movies about serial killers? No matter how you make them, they always end up glorifying the killer instead of honoring the memory of the victims. The victims and victims' loved ones definitely don't need this. And we certainly don't need attractive Disney stars playing them. I definitely don't want to see an actor I like playing such a role.
__Dark.lies.sweet.fries_ _
Bruh, you had to make a serial killer cute in the movie 😒😭
kelsey lemon
kelsey lemon Hace 2 meses
Look up We Need Too Talk About Kevin
Alex Honea
Alex Honea Hace 2 meses
I like bones
KILLMONGER 404 Hace 2 meses
I thought Dahmer was pretty funny in this movie. He was the popular weird dude.
XxTaniaIzReactingxX Hace 2 meses
Marley Clementz
Marley Clementz Hace 2 meses
Austin Moon is my boyfriend 👁👄👁
flowered Hace 2 meses
it scares me how he was born in my hometown. So lucky I wasn’t born to see him.
Kolby Barr ?
Kolby Barr ? Hace 2 meses
Austin Moon btw
Janel Mevlit
Janel Mevlit Hace 2 meses
this kid looks so familiar 🤔🤔
Momo ?
Momo ? Hace 2 meses
Austin moon
wong LookAss
wong LookAss Hace 2 meses
Bro these are all past Disney actors damn
Jamie the unicorn queen Augustyn
I love movies like this but I hated it when I saw him with the doggo!
Jefferry Co
Jefferry Co Hace 2 meses
Zac Efron Troy Bolton And Ted Buddy Ross Lynch as Jeffrey Dahmer And Austin
Jefferry Co
Jefferry Co Hace 2 meses
David Andrews it was auto correct buddy
David Andrews
David Andrews Hace 2 meses
Joseph Flores
Joseph Flores Hace 2 meses
Just another teen movie part 2
Lily Phạm
Lily Phạm Hace 2 meses
I hope I'm not the only one who knows that the guy (Alex Wolff) who played Dahmer's friend (who created the comic book My Friend Dahmer btw) was also one of the teen stars going for dark roles. It's not just Disney Channel former stars, Nickelodeon stars too. Wolff was in Naked Brothers Band, an old Nickelodeon show. He has a twin brother who also went for dark roles. And I disagree that this movie is trying to get people to sympathize with Dahmer, it's based on a biographical comic book. The author who was Dahmer's friend is just showing how Dahmer was like before he became a serial killer.
A Hace 2 meses
Lily Phạm nat is not his twin. at all. they’re just brothers.
Zara and Noodles the puppy
Dylan a serial killer for his grades now Ross as jeffery dahmer
Elle Hace 2 meses
Imagine being in a room with both Bundy and Dahmer
Cynthia Borges
Cynthia Borges Hace un mes
I would worry about Bundy because Jeffery wouldn't be interested
Joseph Lowry
Joseph Lowry Hace 2 meses
If anyone haven't herd of Jeffrey Dahmer he was a cannabistic serial killer.
Joseph Lowry
Joseph Lowry Hace 2 meses
A movie based on a true story of one of the most evil, scary and brutal serial killers.
Joseph Lowry
Joseph Lowry Hace 2 meses
Don't forget Ted Bundy.
David Andrews
David Andrews Hace 2 meses
I get what you’re saying; he was truly a vey depraved and obsessive criminal, but it’s quite debatable if he was one of the most brutal or evil killers, considering people like Albert Fish, Andrei Chikatilo, and Peter Kürten.
sister shalissa
sister shalissa Hace 2 meses
That line when he said, “I like bones, I like too see what’s inside” I literally got goosebumps, sickening. :(
Kurt Cobain's Ghost
Kurt Cobain's Ghost Hace 2 meses
Just wait Cole sprouse is gonna be out there playing Charles Manson real soon
Sara Coolman
Sara Coolman Hace 14 horas
Sand Box he played in a movie where was this crazy person it's called dismissed
Sand Box
Sand Box Hace un mes
didn’t dylan sprouse play a serial killer or something like that?
Puck Hace un mes
That kid from Hannah Montana is gonna be Richard Ramirez
asapmonaa Hace 2 meses
whats happening to the disney starss??? zac efron - ted bundy ross lynch - jeffrey dahmer calum worthy - the act
Alien Invader
Alien Invader Hace un mes
im m o n a a I love all three of these
Lily Phạm
Lily Phạm Hace 2 meses
im m o n a a They’re trying not to be known only for being on Disney channel and it’s not just Disney stars, Nickelodeon stars too.
Twozie Grace
Twozie Grace Hace 2 meses
From someone that watched this, THIS MOVIE US SOOO GOOD!
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