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My Friend Dahmer Trailer #1 (2017): Check out the new trailer starring Anne Heche, Vincent Kartheiser, and Ross Lynch! Be the first to watch, comment, and share Indie trailers, clips, and featurettes dropping @MovieclipsIndie.
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Jeffrey Dahmer struggles with a difficult family life as a boy. During his teenage years, he slowly transforms and edges closer to becoming a serial killer.
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9 oct 2017

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Comentarios 4 362
Neha Dhami
Neha Dhami Hace un día
Dont tell me he killed the dog wtf
الجاهلية Hace 2 días
Too bad Jeffrey didn't eat Ted Bundy.
Nesli Choco
Nesli Choco Hace 3 días
gosh hes so adorable
KaiLyn Renae
KaiLyn Renae Hace 3 días
Rosss you killed it! From Disney to realness
Cynthia Rivera
Cynthia Rivera Hace 4 días
Where can I watch this movie?
khrisey Hace 4 días
i just came from the documentary and i don't know what to feel about jeffrey
Lucas Simão
Lucas Simão Hace 4 días
Does he even kill anyone or no? Don't wanna watch a movie which the serial-killer slays some poor animals.
Emily Smith
Emily Smith Hace 4 días
Lucas Simão he was a serial killer he had to kill people to do that
شيماء المالكي
am watching it now 2019 💔
Beth Moore
Beth Moore Hace 5 días
Imagine the struggle any person like Dahmer faces, before they actually kill a human being. Knowing that its wrong, and the only reason why don't want to do it, is because they don't want to get caught. Imagine, that's the only reason why you wouldn't kill a person.
boyimhavingfood 123
boyimhavingfood 123 Hace 5 días
My name jeff
Chat Noir
Chat Noir Hace 5 días
Which is Jeferey's Dahmer favorite sampoo? Head and Shoulders😁😂
maria papa.
maria papa. Hace 5 días
Oh my...
Silver Jay
Silver Jay Hace 6 días
Such a great movie! Represents how intelectual jeffrey was to do all those things and still get away!
Jamey Leanne Cooper
Jamey Leanne Cooper Hace 6 días
Carrie Hunter
Carrie Hunter Hace 6 días
He really looks like him
GodsChosenAngel Ridz
The moment he says, *I'm just like anybody else* like seriously dude? 😏😏
Sofia_crybaby ss
Sofia_crybaby ss Hace 7 días
He should've won an oscar!!!!
jemyah libert
jemyah libert Hace 8 días
So is all these disney stars they making into past serial killers or whatever other crazies to re-enact the mad people life stories.....ok then😶
TJ Biging
TJ Biging Hace 9 días
Wtf, I legit thought that was jesse Eisenberg for the longest time
k onda k pex
k onda k pex Hace 9 días
Ross Lynch is so cute , ah
Depressed person
Depressed person Hace 10 días
Excuse me,no animal killing MK?
luis roriguez
luis roriguez Hace 10 días
I swear white kids should grow up in mexico
Samuel Coelho
Samuel Coelho Hace 10 días
Lixo de filme não assistam, uma merda....
Parthiv Chandra K
Parthiv Chandra K Hace 10 días
I have seen this movie. It's goddamn creepy and showcases how the monster inside him gets awaken. 😵
Thefakeellie Hace 10 días
I like B o N E s
Ross Best
Ross Best Hace 10 días
*Im About to watch this Now.. It looks pretty good!*
Bertram svane
Bertram svane Hace 10 días
0:15 song?
Carrie Liebergen
Carrie Liebergen Hace 11 días
Ross Lynch was terrific he deserves awards
drphil thechildphilestor
This is why im scared of weabs
Cheddar Cheese God• 15 years ago
Is he wearing an M65 field jacket?
Quizmar 12
Quizmar 12 Hace 11 días
What's with all the serial killer movies
Kittys.equii_clips Hace 11 días
Is this what Austin and Ally rated R would look like?
ok bUT
ok bUT Hace 12 días
I'm gonna cry "Derf Backderf" what the hell is that I'm laughing
Desiree Fernandez
Desiree Fernandez Hace 12 días
okay but what happens to the dog bc if he dies i s2g
Miraculous Paris101
Miraculous Paris101 Hace 12 días
Wasn’t He also a serial Killer???
Calm The Fuck Down
Calm The Fuck Down Hace 11 días
Yeas one of USA worse serial killer right up there with Bundy and Gacy
sidehatch69 -
sidehatch69 - Hace 13 días
You cant blame seriel killers you think they really want to eat people? They have mental illness dont you agree?
CC True
CC True Hace 13 días
Jeff never killed a live animal. He used to pick up roadkill and dissect it. He's never admitted or spoken about killing animals. He had a dog which he adored by all accounts. His prey was human.
Alexandra Hace 13 días
Before watching this movie just go and watch what he said about being a serial killer and then come back. He is not a victim ,he never said that he was so stop being offended about this movie.
Alex Hace 13 días
Damn ever since Sonic Boom closed down Austin hasn’t been the same
Tanner K
Tanner K Hace 13 días
And you’re watching Disney channel
angellovesBTS Hace 13 días
I can't take this seriously, because I grew up watching him on Disney channel as Austin Moon.
speedy 2400 idk
speedy 2400 idk Hace 13 días
Probably Ali broke up with him
mond don
mond don Hace 14 días
I thought it was a movie about Jeffree Star!
Jimmy Heffner
Jimmy Heffner Hace 14 días
1:58 kill all the people you want but as soon as he hurts that good boy I'm out haha
pink skies
pink skies Hace 14 días
I don’t understand these movies/shows tryna make us feel sympathetic for serial killers
Alex López Pérez
Alex López Pérez Hace 14 días
❌Psycho Killer❌
_gloomboys Hace 14 días
Austin and Ally kinda went off the deep end
justin vertefeuille
justin vertefeuille Hace 14 días
This film is a shame, the guy wasnt like this lol.
Stay Wild Moon Child
Stay Wild Moon Child Hace 14 días
Alex Wolff is so hottttttttt
M Hace 14 días
Player One
Player One Hace 14 días
Is this the new trend? Turning American serial killers into teen heart throbs?
Trey Keele
Trey Keele Hace 14 días
Uh huh. Maybe we could have "My buddy Bundy" as a sequel.
Mr.zippy 1993
Mr.zippy 1993 Hace 15 días
"Evil" is nothing but a sociale construct to keep the sheeps in line 😂
Lil B
Lil B Hace 15 días
This is creppy crap crazy and it just straight up creppy
Sam Rousculp
Sam Rousculp Hace 15 días
Dont get me wrong. Acting looks phenomenal but the dude is being glorified and I saw the animals, and I just can't. Personally, I am too sensitive. Hell, the christ watts case kept me up at night. Not a film I'll be watching any time soon.
383 chevy
383 chevy Hace 15 días
What was Jefferies favorite shampoo? *нєα∂ αи∂ ѕнσυℓ∂єяѕ* ಥ_ಥ
LostinTokyo Hace 15 días
jesus christ thats jason bourne
Mollyyy 969
Mollyyy 969 Hace 15 días
Sooo what?? Disney stars are now gonna play all these serial killers
annettecropper Hace 15 días
Ross Lynch
Fat Albert
Fat Albert Hace 15 días
What's up with all the new movies sympathizing twisted weirdo serial killers, these people should be forgotten about, not glorified
Fat Albert
Fat Albert Hace 10 días
+Eddy Que don't call others dumb when it's pretty clear that u can barely string a sentence together.
Eddy Que
Eddy Que Hace 12 días
Fat Albert don’t be dumb you fatty
Fat Albert
Fat Albert Hace 14 días
+Eddy Que ok cool, when I murder your whole family, your parents, your kids, your dog, everybody, then I take their bodies and desecrate them in unimaginable ways, just remember it's ok cos edgy goth weirdos will think it makes interesting stories
Eddy Que
Eddy Que Hace 15 días
because mental illness is a real thing and just because your black fatass can’t see that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t get interesting movies
Fat Albert
Fat Albert Hace 15 días
+Chasityit's not history though, it's a fictionalized version of true events, might as well have a movie about a young Hitler on spring break. u wouldn't think he was so great if it was your child he murdered
Valentine Valentino
Valentine Valentino Hace 16 días
And then after this they are gonna do indivual movies on richard ramirez and john wayne gacy and then they are all gonna come together in one movie where they are gonna fight with thanos.
Diamond Baby
Diamond Baby Hace 16 días
Kim Gale
Kim Gale Hace 16 días
Oh jef
AR T Hace 16 días
He was bullied by his own so he started killing people of color.
Kennadi Elissa
Kennadi Elissa Hace 16 días
Alex Wolff really grew up
Kevin Mulvey
Kevin Mulvey Hace 16 días
Make Dahmer look like a freak and make Ted Bundy look like a badass anti hero. 😂Poor Jeff
The Girl On The Moon
The Girl On The Moon Hace 16 días
I know this is just the character, but I can never look at Austin Moon (the Austin and Ally character) the same ever again.
The Maz
The Maz Hace 16 días
Legit thought this was Jesse Eisenberg for half the trailer
CometGirl Hace 17 días
I agree we shouldn't victimize him, but I didn't think the movie did that. It showed what his early life was like and when something is what happened that's just it- it happened. NOTHING that happens to Dahmer excuses ANYTHING he did, but I think that's why people find these movies so interesting. The thing I think people get confused is excuses versus explanations. I thought that this movie was an attempt to explain, at least partly, why Jeffrey Dahmer turned out the way he did, without excusing his behavior.
Sean Austin
Sean Austin Hace 17 días
Pretty sure a dog dies in this movie, so I'll just skip out on this one and watch a good movie
Calm The Fuck Down
Calm The Fuck Down Hace 11 días
He let the dog go.
Pop-Actor Hace 17 días
They are making Dahmer looked like Napoleon Dynomite
Pop-Actor Hace 15 días
Viking Song he is a loser
Viking Song
Viking Song Hace 15 días
If you knew anything about Dahmer, he was the class clown at school. Virtually every documentary about him mentions this and they usually have a few of his classmates on to confirm it. Dahmer was extremely affable, but he did terrible things. That's what makes him so fascinating.
Today's Topics
Today's Topics Hace 17 días
This looks alot better then the ted Bundy bs movie
Olivia Battles
Olivia Battles Hace 17 días
Please tell me nothing happened to that cute dog 🐶 😩💜
Calm The Fuck Down
Calm The Fuck Down Hace 11 días
Doggo survives he screams at doggo to run away.
12heatherb Hace 18 días
I suggest everyone watch the last interview and his address at the end if his trial to get what he was thinking or doing in his own words not the people that want ratings and profits. Being his own dad one if them.
Angela Grimes aka Crazy Cat Lady
Dirty frank
Cindy Hernandez Padilla
What is Alex Wolff doing in that movie???
Ralitsa Dimitrova
Ralitsa Dimitrova Hace 18 días
pls tell me the dog doesn't die
Calm The Fuck Down
Calm The Fuck Down Hace 11 días
Dog survives.
Joshua Waring
Joshua Waring Hace 18 días
Ralitsa Dimitrova yeah, it’s very depressing
Ralitsa Dimitrova
Ralitsa Dimitrova Hace 18 días
Joshua Waring oh no I won’t be able to handle it
Joshua Waring
Joshua Waring Hace 18 días
Ralitsa Dimitrova you should watch the movie, ‘The Plague Dogs’
JADYN RIBERA Hace 18 días
From Disney to dahmer
Lhi-li Hace 18 días
I still in Austin & Ally era
Ra3’od 7
Ra3’od 7 Hace 19 días
Dahmer: am just like anybody else Me: No!!!! Your not .
What is it all about Disney starts playing the roles of serial killers?
Vader Hace 19 días
I just finished watching Jeffrey Dahmer's docu and I was like, "He looks a lot like Ross Lynch" and now here we are
Applejack Becca
Applejack Becca Hace 19 días
2:05 When ally breaks up with you
Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen Hace 19 días
Austin hasn’t been the same since ally died ...
Peaceful Dusk
Peaceful Dusk Hace 19 días
I don't know guys. Something tells me that this Dahmer guy isn't right in the head, hopefully I'm dead wrong.
Isak Eriksson
Isak Eriksson Hace 19 días
It was hard for me to watch this, Not cuz he was a serial killer but becuase i come from an equally broken home and i know the effects it has and the toll it takes on ur mental health, I really feel for jeff during those years...before he bacame a monster
Cats Rule
Cats Rule Hace 19 días
Why are all the Disney stars playing serial killers? First Ross Lynch playing Dahmer and now Zac Efron playing Ted Bundy
Benick Mbaya
Benick Mbaya Hace 19 días
Trish's new job is to catch serial murderers?
johnjd Hace 19 días
Toby maguire would rock this role much better than this disney actor
Benjamin Vilas
Benjamin Vilas Hace 19 días
The Ted Bundy trailer gives off a "High roller in vegas" movie vibe. This gives off a *SERIAL KILLER VIBE*
Jose Antonio Fernandez Perez
Robbie Clarke
Robbie Clarke Hace 20 días
Damn, he really wasn’t the same since Ally left him
Ines Cyntia
Ines Cyntia Hace 20 días
My name is jeff
Rick Bitch
Rick Bitch Hace 20 días
“ I’m just like anybody else “ 😕
Bulbasaur Hace 20 días
So...you can't watch an innocent dog get killed in the movie but it's fine if it's an innocent human? Very good logic you hippo.
Mo jacko
Mo jacko Hace 20 días
I don’t understand why they make movies out of these monsters.
kaylah pilgrim
kaylah pilgrim Hace 20 días
She smacked him mad hard lmaoo
ziggy boom boom
ziggy boom boom Hace 21 un día
I never realised this was about a serial killer
The Beelzeboss
The Beelzeboss Hace 21 un día
This movie was interesting but incredibly slow
H Hace 21 un día
Austin and ally?
neil breen
neil breen Hace 21 un día
great movie
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