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My Friend Dahmer Trailer #1 (2017): Check out the new trailer starring Anne Heche, Vincent Kartheiser, and Ross Lynch! Be the first to watch, comment, and share Indie trailers, clips, and featurettes dropping @MovieclipsIndie.
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Jeffrey Dahmer struggles with a difficult family life as a boy. During his teenage years, he slowly transforms and edges closer to becoming a serial killer.
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9 oct 2017






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Comentarios 4 674
Ashley K
Ashley K Hace un día
GeesusYeeQueen Hace un día
I thought this was a teen bullying movie
William Woelke
William Woelke Hace 2 días
I really hope they do dahmer on American crime story
Reese James
Reese James Hace 4 días
I never realized how underrated Ross Lynch is
Rosendal Jr.
Rosendal Jr. Hace 5 días
I watched it yesterday it’s so amazing clearly one i suggest
bonnie belle
bonnie belle Hace 6 días
how the hell did i miss this movie
Grace Herrmann
Grace Herrmann Hace 7 días
Abhijeet D.Srivastava
Song at 0:17?
Safaa Ansari
Safaa Ansari Hace 7 días
peter parker
peter parker Hace 8 días
Honestly I have a friend named dahmer
Shadow Strike
Shadow Strike Hace 8 días
What happened to Austin??
MAXED OUT Hace 9 días
hollywood never ceases to stoop to new lows, fking disgusting that this is "entertainment"
ex posed
ex posed Hace 9 días
Hi! I am Jeffrey Dahmer, and you are watching Disney Channel! 😘❤️
Eleonora Mingari
Eleonora Mingari Hace 9 días
This looks good, better than the one with Jeremy Renner
ralph lopez
ralph lopez Hace un día
Jonesy Jones
Jonesy Jones Hace 9 días
Manekraj Ramesh
Manekraj Ramesh Hace 10 días
Waiting for the movie😏😏😏😏😏
whitexchina Hace 11 días
Not the dog!!!
Herhsey Ford
Herhsey Ford Hace 12 días
Now we got Zac Efron as Ted Bundy
summer of 19
summer of 19 Hace 12 días
Btw he killed this role
summer of 19
summer of 19 Hace 12 días
Aww why did he say I'm just like anybody else so sad
summer of 19
summer of 19 Hace 12 días
My babe is such a good actor
golly g
golly g Hace 12 días
ah yes this is the episode of austin and alley when austin starts eating people
Austin Hoty
Austin Hoty Hace 13 días
He talked to that dog I'm out
ArtStyle Gaming
ArtStyle Gaming Hace 14 días
My friend pedro 😀
Jxlly Bean
Jxlly Bean Hace 14 días
Hey look its Spencer from jumanji
The invisible Dude
The invisible Dude Hace 15 días
Saw his notes to Barbra pretty weird man !
Rowan Hace 15 días
What a shitty movie
EggHeadUSA Hace 15 días
This Jeff guy seems like cool dude
TheLaughingFox Hace 17 días
*Austine SNAPPED*
Ariana Desimone
Ariana Desimone Hace 17 días
Ahh this movie is based off of Jeffrey Dahmer the serial killer
Ariana Desimone
Ariana Desimone Hace 17 días
Omggg tht kid, he’s from Papertowns
emma vent
emma vent Hace 18 días
Went from Austin and Ally to Murder and Dahmy
I once killed A man with my shoe
Derf Backderf?!
dlexis auero
dlexis auero Hace 18 días
oh this has ross lynch? close the gate. its about a serial killer? open the gate a little. its an indie film and it really impressed me with its own trailer? kdfboytfiuavwehe
Christy Hace 18 días
Looks like teen beach movie 4 is taking a darker turn....
Malik Griffith
Malik Griffith Hace 18 días
2:04, I was bat smash on tree too, I was 14 years old, now I'm 19
Thomas Hut
Thomas Hut Hace 18 días
I will this on Germany in german
#Nellbelltrella Hace 19 días
now i shall now go look for memes before i get haunted in ma sleep
rzum81 Hace 19 días
Where do you find this movie to watch?
David Andrews
David Andrews Hace 16 días
You may have to pirate it from 123movies or putlocker. But right now I’m unaware of a digital or physical release.
The Shinigami
The Shinigami Hace 19 días
I think it's on Netflix
az hiddleston
az hiddleston Hace 20 días
Did he eat a human in this movie? Dahmer is a cannibal. Damn, if he ain't eatin', i'm not watchin' 😂
David Andrews
David Andrews Hace 16 días
az salonga he didn’t cannibalize in his early years, only in the year before his arrest.
wereleopard22 Hace 20 días
Is this a real movie?
Yasmin Styles
Yasmin Styles Hace 21 un día
Everyone just judging him and all just telling him what to do and it’s so overwhelming. I feel bad because nobody helped him 😭
bi ns
bi ns Hace 21 un día
I knnew this would happen if he saw the perfect date trailer
Pumpernickel Jam
Pumpernickel Jam Hace 21 un día
My great uncle went to school with Jeffrey Dahmer, he was a year or two older than him I think, pretty crazy
Pumpernickel Jam
Pumpernickel Jam Hace 4 días
+Milly Rodriguez ikr? It's really weird to think about
Milly Rodriguez
Milly Rodriguez Hace 4 días
Pumpernickel Jam holy crap lol
terrence carter
terrence carter Hace 21 un día
2019 anyone😁
Bryce Apsey
Bryce Apsey Hace 21 un día
Why was this recommended after searching Jason Nash
set Hace 22 días
this´s napoleon
Idiot Sponges
Idiot Sponges Hace 23 días
Interestingly creepy
maire 14
maire 14 Hace 23 días
I seen the movie it's worth watching
kadira saadiq
kadira saadiq Hace 23 días
The trailer is 100000 times better than the actual movie. If the movie was paced like this then it would have been interesting and thrilling. But it’s slow and boring and says nothing about anything. Just watch the trailer over and over and you’ll have a better time then watching the movie.
David Andrews
David Andrews Hace 16 días
kadira saadiq if you want a glorified murder movie, wath the 2002 films about Dahmer and Bundy.
kadira saadiq
kadira saadiq Hace 16 días
David Andrews it’s a movie. It wasn’t a documentary. They have to make it interesting is all I’m saying. Story has drama and conflict by nature. I don’t understand what you don’t understand about this. There is a difference between a movie/film and a documentary or articles about his life.
David Andrews
David Andrews Hace 16 días
kadira saadiq well they based it pretty accurately to the actual events, so I don’t understand why you would expect obvious mystery and constant suspense, though I do admit Derf’s perspective was more entertaining.
kadira saadiq
kadira saadiq Hace 16 días
David Andrews I wasn’t expecting crime. I knew that this was a look into his life before he became a serial killer. I was expecting it to be a thrilling movie though. Like the trailer has more suspense and better pacing than the actual movie. The movie was boring af and it didn’t have to be. I think it would have worked a lot better if they shifted to perspective to the friend. Like how the source material was.
David Andrews
David Andrews Hace 16 días
kadira saadiq if you were expecting a film about the crimes, than it’s understandable. This is not a crime thriller, but a psychological or biographical one. There’s no mention of crime until the last few minutes.
Momo Weightlossjourney
His mum created a monster
Disney Bran, Disney Man
Austin and Ally season 5 looks great!
Chin Hace 24 días
i guess austin and ally has changed since i last watched it
Wolf Hace 25 días
Austin has changed
Master Spilinter
Master Spilinter Hace 26 días
All because he couldn't sing
Stephen Fisher
Stephen Fisher Hace 26 días
The film, and a trailer that'll ruin your childhood.
Angel ##
Angel ## Hace 27 días
I hope this movie comes out
Haven Timoney
Haven Timoney Hace 27 días
Guy that plays dahmers father here also played a serial killer on svu
Erikbeats Games
Erikbeats Games Hace 27 días
Austin what happend
Felix Hace 28 días
i had no idea who jeffrey dahmer was prior to watching the movie, but I watched it because of Ross Lynch...wow. just wow. how was i suppose to know dahmer was a serial killer based off the trailer
Silva Panda
Silva Panda Hace 28 días
My buddy Ted(2019)
My Name Is Sarah
My Name Is Sarah Hace 29 días
First Ross Lynch played Jeffrey Dahmer, then Zac Efron played Ted Bundy, and now Calum Worthy is playing Nicholas Godejohn, the guy who murdered Gypsy Rose Blanchard's mother. What next?
Vivian Huang
Vivian Huang Hace 29 días
Istg if he did ANYTHING to the poor dog. I’m done, I’m so done
Harley Davis
Harley Davis Hace 29 días
What episode of Austin and Ally is this?
Gold Ve
Gold Ve Hace un mes
This movie was really good I recommend y’all watch💯
Emily Medina-Finsen
When he grabbed the dog I stopped breathing. Nobody hurts a doggy!!!
Not the Doctor
Not the Doctor Hace un mes
Why glorify dahmer ? It's just because his name is media friendly. Other people grew up with more abusive parents and turned out civil
David Andrews
David Andrews Hace 16 días
Not the Doctor how do you glorify him when they acknowledge that he murdered people? If they were, they weren’t going to be very honest with the film.
Hobo workforce Union
Lex luthor(Jesse Eisenbergs portrayal) the teenage years.
Student Keena Bryant
nooooo the dog :( i hope he didn't kill it omg
illumina TEA
illumina TEA Hace un mes
I personally think this is great for Ross' career. It'll show casting directors that he's more than just a cookie cutter Disney star, and can do more than just sing and dance.
#Dancer XO10
#Dancer XO10 Hace un mes
He was a horrid man
Abida Gilani - Stephen Lewis SS (2682)
Movie was aight tho not wat I was expecting :/ Tho Ross Lynch and the other actors did amazing or really good
Sophie Laatz
Sophie Laatz Hace un mes
For people who have watched the movie..what dose he do to the dog?😭
Kylee So
Kylee So Hace un mes
nothing, he lets it go
Yungdenzel Hace un mes
Horrible movie extremely boring nothing interesting happened ABSOLUTELY NO CLIMAX just acting weird in school to get friends n collecting dead animals on the street SKIP IT
David Andrews
David Andrews Hace 16 días
Yungdenzel well that’s uo to preference, but at least you understand now.
Yungdenzel Hace 16 días
+David Andrews ooooooo I get it... still trash
David Andrews
David Andrews Hace 16 días
Yungdenzel It’s about exploring his life prior to his first murder. To show the audience how and why life may have affected his later behaviour, and his developing interests in dead animals and bleached insects, paints the portrait of a man going down a path of apathy and disruptive behaviour. It’s not supposed to be an action packed thriller that shows dead bodies strewn across the floor, because that’s fake. This is real life, and it’s not like that at all. I don’t think you understood that.
Yungdenzel Hace 16 días
+David Andrews then explain
David Andrews
David Andrews Hace 16 días
You obviously didn’t understand the premise.
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah Hace un mes
I just got recommended this and I was like oh heck, this movie is finally coming out. Then I realized that it’s a year old.
pita girl
pita girl Hace un mes
This man was so creepy and disgusting.
moods Hace un mes
When was this episode released?
HaeChim Hace un mes
I just finished watching this and omg wow
Priyansh Joshi
Priyansh Joshi Hace un mes
Jeffery Crazy Fuckin’ Sicko Serial Killer
Stéphane Mallette
Stéphane Mallette Hace un mes
Dhamer himself once said that he did all of this, doesn't really regret it, he would still do it again if he was out of jail and there are no excuses for what he has done. Everything was about control and obsessive compulsive thoughts, he doesn't blame nothing else than himself. So I don't think that he should be getting victimized at all otherwise it would be a different person.
Jayden The Inktober Demon
I don't know why people hate him he had no friends and his family abused him I feel bad now
Emma Robertson
Emma Robertson Hace un mes
1:10 What was he holding? At first I thought it was leaves but I have no idea If you guys know, let me know Also, this guy doesn't deserve a movie. He doesn't deserve to be recognized as a victim. Thank God he's dead, hope he's still rotting in hell No one deserves what happened to the people he killed and ate, there's no excuse. Some people are too toxic to live
The Greatest
The Greatest Hace un mes
Emma Robertson bones of a small animal i saw the movie
Tophat & Mustache
Tophat & Mustache Hace un mes
joe schmoe
joe schmoe Hace un mes
Bullshit. His life was nothing like this. Gtfoh Hollywood
David Andrews
David Andrews Hace 16 días
joe schmoe very creative. Obviously you never researched Jeffrey, because you can’t give evidence.
joe schmoe
joe schmoe Hace 16 días
+David Andrews shut up nerd
David Andrews
David Andrews Hace 16 días
joe schmoe well what was it like then? Please add sources as well.
Jordan The sad kid
Jordan The sad kid Hace un mes
Why is movie look old
David Andrews
David Andrews Hace 16 días
Jordan The sad kid it’s set in the 70’s.
LukeLewiTV Hace un mes
Why make a movie as if idolising this sociopath? It’s disgusting.
Ordinary Someone Φ
This Dahmer movie and the Bundy movie are too scary for me to watch
Jacob Figueroa
Jacob Figueroa Hace un mes
Wait how did they make this movie is Jeff damher is dead
David Andrews
David Andrews Hace 16 días
Jacob Figueroa he was murdered in ‘94.
Gracie Z
Gracie Z Hace un mes
Austin went crazy
Hannah Ferris
Hannah Ferris Hace un mes
Dad - You need to more normal Him - * start hitting a tree with a baseball bat* Welllll okay then guess we have different thoughts on what the word normal means
becca Reynolds
becca Reynolds Hace un mes
Get 👏 your 👏 hands 👏 off👏 the 👏 dog 👏
Berna Aksoz
Berna Aksoz Hace un mes
Why is Harvey acting like a serial killer?
Caitster :D
Caitster :D Hace un mes
omg the poor dog im sobbing :,(
David Andrews
David Andrews Hace 16 días
Caitster :D he never killed animals. He only collected roadkill.
MC Spaz
MC Spaz Hace un mes
I live near his childhood home
Douglas Alarcon
Douglas Alarcon Hace un mes
Why is this creepier than the ted bundy trailer
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki Hace un mes
The Bundy Trailer was more entertaining
The way he walks could be in a horrer movie
Dutch Van Der Linde
Austen goes sicko mode
dissolve Hace un mes
esgarramanter Hace un mes
The boring grunge generation serial killer
y u sad
y u sad Hace un mes
Ross was an AMAZING actor in this film. It was so uncomfortable and tense at times, but that's exactly how the film should be. It was a great movie
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