MY GT500 BUILD IS FINALLY DONE!!! But I NEVER Told You This Part...

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Street Speed 717
Street Speed 717 Hace 6 meses
Don't worry! The only drama we have today is which car I'm going to be giving away next!!!
Infinite Gaming 5000
Street Speed 717 true
TurnInDamian Hace 6 meses
MIKE!!!!!! You really need a GoPro head mount for when you're filming driving. Better angle for us, and easier/more comfortable for you. I got a spare, let me know if you want it.
Mike Powers
Mike Powers Hace 6 meses
@gd1996 Haha! Yup Streetspeed still afraid to call it by its real name or he's a closet toker and he's just trying to throw us off
Am I Lost
Am I Lost Hace 6 meses
What are you doing with the old wheels from the gt500?
Luis with the Z
Luis with the Z Hace 6 meses
I bet it’s that lambo you’re gonna buy
Brad Huey
Brad Huey Hace 19 días
Love the GT500 👍👍👍
steven smith
steven smith Hace 3 meses
Can’t believe this beauty was won😭😭😭 I could only wish and dream haha love your vids though man please keep it up 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
David F
David F Hace 5 meses
Well you successfully ruined a GT 500. Absolute garbage in my opinion.
D0GTAG5605 Hi
D0GTAG5605 Hi Hace 5 meses
You can’t run away from the cops with that shiny paint job
Maximum1A Hace 5 meses
Really like the way the Mustang came out and that’s important given the fact I am a Corvette guy.
Jeremy Cordre
Jeremy Cordre Hace 5 meses
You're missing the snake emblem on the side of the car.. but looks great 👍😎
joseeddie41 Hace 5 meses
7:05 was that matt from leathal Camaro ?😂
Mob Bandit
Mob Bandit Hace 5 meses
I love the way it looks
12v pioneer
12v pioneer Hace 5 meses
Says he doesnt know why he put it there and continues to place it back 😂😂⚰
Scott Lauren
Scott Lauren Hace 5 meses
Love those seats in the GT500
Mauricio P
Mauricio P Hace 5 meses
I wonder whats his MPG in all his cars lol !!!
Kevin S
Kevin S Hace 5 meses
Magnaflow magnapacks would sound better than the Corsa, magnaflow just sound great on the overhead cam motors......
nerocinense Hace 5 meses
1:36 “I love meat, who doesn’t?” Uhhh vegetarians, vegans....
HUGO STIGLITZ Hace 5 meses
Ruined the sinister look of the car. Two thumbs down. The wheels and stance don't do anything for it neither.
SmokeEater 501
SmokeEater 501 Hace 5 meses
Love this car! Watching this again while waiting for the give away to start! My all time dream car right there! Would look real nice with a thin red line punisher decal on the back glass from inshane designs!
FordTech Hace 5 meses
The devils lettuce lol, nice Stang 🔴🇺🇸🔧👍
Tristan Wilson
Tristan Wilson Hace 5 meses
Ur dog just legitimately shook its head no
DeezNipzz Hace 5 meses
I liked it better with the side vents looked good how it was
Donny Marks
Donny Marks Hace 5 meses
Why lie I hate the wrap
Victor Rivera
Victor Rivera Hace 5 meses
Dream car complete! Finally someone who thinks just like me! Good looking gt mike
Ethan Long
Ethan Long Hace 5 meses
The GT500 wrap looks sick, if I could afford to I'd have the same thing done on my ranger lol
Stepien Ryan
Stepien Ryan Hace 5 meses
Looks like a V6 Mustang a high school kid owns... Need the wrap gone and the vents back!
Dylan Birnie Videos
Dylan Birnie Videos Hace 5 meses
can i please have your old louvers???
Bart Lemmens
Bart Lemmens Hace 5 meses
Your wrap design is on Forza horizon 🤟
Shawn Leblanc
Shawn Leblanc Hace 5 meses
You should give away that Ford or found on the Road Dead! It’s past time
Lorem Ipsum
Lorem Ipsum Hace 6 meses
That wrap looks like an Affliction t-shirt...which is not a compliment.
CreedK123 Hace 6 meses
You need to get a short throw shifter
Charlie Stavro
Charlie Stavro Hace 6 meses
Looks great
Izzy Washington
Izzy Washington Hace 6 meses
Wow that gt500 only has 2500 miles on it
Josh Harrison
Josh Harrison Hace 6 meses
im not feeling that wrap 🤮 GT500 look good with stripes
Jim Rowlings
Jim Rowlings Hace 6 meses
We got to see it at night on a drive but it looks sweet
Fireblaze x
Fireblaze x Hace 6 meses
so mike AND tj hunt are giving away supercharged mustangs?!?!? and both get c8's at the same time.... tbh i'd much rather win mike's mustang over tj's because tj has had sooo many problems with his and i just don't feel like tj has given enough time to fully ensure that his mustang is ready to be given away i feel his is really unreliable so if mike turns out to be giving away the mustang which he is because he said the mustang will be "finished" and why would he buy a car to finish it within 2 months? doesn't sound like mike....or any car guy it follows the pattern of the jeep (exhaust, cosmetics, wrap, complete)
Matt Specht
Matt Specht Hace 6 meses
Dude enough with you in your 70s shades pointing at shit with your mouth open
Zach Olinger
Zach Olinger Hace 6 meses
At the beginning of the video I was like I'm gonna comment about knives deal because I had to cut something and then BOOM promo code
Cosmo Quinto
Cosmo Quinto Hace 6 meses
Put the carbon fiber Shelby hood vent
Kyle White
Kyle White Hace 6 meses
No hate Mike, but you ruined it with that wrap and taking the louvers and scoops off. Those are what make a GT500 a GT500. That wrap is hideous. Not every giveaway car has to have a wrap on it, lol. If I won it, the first thing I would do is peel the wrap off and have it paint corrected and detailed. I'd also put the louvers and scoops back on (hopefully he still has them to give to the winner if they want). The wheels and everything else you did to this beast is great, but yeah.
jared p
jared p Hace 6 meses
u should really get a mount in ur cars for ur camera so we get steady shots and u can safely drive lol
MunsonMAN Hace 6 meses
Looks like Shite
Houstons Supercars
Houstons Supercars Hace 6 meses
Virgil Cross
Virgil Cross Hace 6 meses
Blackout the taillights and the markers!
Ron Lovecars
Ron Lovecars Hace 6 meses
Not feeling that wrap... loved all of the other ones
609 964 Guy
609 964 Guy Hace 6 meses
Original wheels looked better - sorry Mike 😉
Eric Garcia
Eric Garcia Hace 6 meses
Grille - thumbs up, wrap - thumbs down, wheels - meh!
Don Johnson
Don Johnson Hace 6 meses
Cool wrap. I dont think the wheels look right. I would have just changed the rears for wider ones so you can put more rubber. Well that's what I did with my 2013 gt500
E.C CURB RIDERS Hace 6 meses
Needs black tail lights
the game addict
the game addict Hace 6 meses
Why should i need a police batton 🤔
Beechmont Ford
Beechmont Ford Hace 6 meses
Beautiful GT500!!
TACTICAL TY Hace 6 meses
I caught that Ed bass master reference! Lmao psssshhhhhhh unreal, thought I wouldn’t notice, frickin unreal.
jubil chittilappilly
Lower it 😬😬
HEMI LIF3 Hace 6 meses
Maybe some lowering springs, blacking out the taillights and then a windshield mount for the camera lol
MultiTeamfox Hace 6 meses
Are you in the military
Keith s
Keith s Hace 6 meses
Itsjusta6 talking shit! Check it out!
Grant Morrill
Grant Morrill Hace 6 meses
Lmaoo the psh unreal got me
Brody Marley
Brody Marley Hace 6 meses
Unwrap the car dude. The clean black on Black was the right way
DOOM GAMINGYT Hace 6 meses
Why u sale your blue truck 🙁
Young Dagger Dick
Young Dagger Dick Hace 6 meses
get a mount for your go pro
Richard  Sterling
Richard Sterling Hace 6 meses
Colab with jdjoyride since you both have a gt 500
lukey Chill
lukey Chill Hace 6 meses
Gt500 giveaway!
Yung Kenji
Yung Kenji Hace 6 meses
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