My Homebuilt 200W LASER BAZOOKA!!!!!

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I finally finished the 200W laser gun!! 'This monster laser was built from scrap metal and a pile of broken "hybrid" DLP projectors, and runs on a stack of lithium polymer batteries.
PATREON: www.patreon.com/styropyro
The power consumption is nearly a kilowatt, which is around what it takes to run a microwave oven!!
There are more crazy projects on the way, so stay tuned!! I may even try some optical pumping with this laser...
Instagram: instagram.com/styro.drake/
Thanks to DTR for providing the knife edgers that I used on the gun! He is also one of my main suppliers for laser diodes. sites.google.com/site/dtrlpf/

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29 jun 2016






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hamsterfan NL
hamsterfan NL Hace 47 minutos
I wanted to put my hand in front of it til i watch him burning a hole trough a pc case
нечеловечныйчеловек нечеловечныйчелоков
The Outer Worlds Monarch science weapon.
Max Otto von Stirlitz
I want it...for self defense of course
f o
f o Hace 5 horas
Porque no mejor me lo mandas aquí a Santiago de chile . Para dejar ciego alos pacos ql matan gente.
Xyresic Hace 5 horas
How much you want?
TheNukedNacho Hace 6 horas
Master Chief wants to borrow
The True Akamaru
The True Akamaru Hace 11 horas
This still all most blinds me when he uses it
Ellis Carey
Ellis Carey Hace 11 horas
Is it true that Laser General is going to exist and is commanded by general "Pinpoint" Townes? :DDD
Baconnoodles 1738
Baconnoodles 1738 Hace 12 horas
Bring that to school and point it at someone's eye
2Stunna Hace 13 horas
fbi wants to know your location
ȺЍ֖Ɍ Ɍąɏ
ȺЍ֖Ɍ Ɍąɏ Hace 13 horas
When someone breaks into this dudes house hes gonna pull this "toy" out and blind em
Miguel Santigago
Miguel Santigago Hace 16 horas
The military would like to know your location
NotQualified Hace 17 horas
*Keemstar screaming intensifies*
Michał Kowaleczko
Michał Kowaleczko Hace 18 horas
Holy shit this went from 0 to 100 really fucking fasy
iLoveYou4ll Hace 19 horas
Whats that huge butteeflyY
Grix Tapz
Grix Tapz Hace un día
This is just stronger than I expected it to be
Andrew T. Winchester
That safety switch though
Lynn Phillips
Lynn Phillips Hace un día
Alternate apocalypse gun, instant blinding ray, why blow zombies heads off when you can blind them.
Marcell D
Marcell D Hace un día
Jesus Christ..
Ben Ingalls
Ben Ingalls Hace un día
Imagine if you kept jars of magnesium around the house and whip this shit out during a home invasion and just start raising hell
HOBBIT cadillac
HOBBIT cadillac Hace un día
imagine this nigga pulling up to laser tag
CarChrisMC Hace un día
1m42s: 2 hostile alien planets on fire
BestInPlayz !
BestInPlayz ! Hace un día
If he shot that shit right at the camera 1 million people will go blind. Edit: 8 million people
GiantEnt Hace un día
Ok, so this guy built one with scrap, the government definitely has a bigger one already right? monkaS
CatLover Hace un día
PLEASE STAND BY -------- *°Bethesda* SOFTWORKS a ZeniMax Media company --------- I dont want to set the world on fire I just want to start a flame in your heart In my heart i have but one desire And that one is you, no other will do
MC DANILO Hace un día
Star wars laser wars
Rhaegal Hace un día
Kevin Mcallister in his late teens
TGamer Boss
TGamer Boss Hace un día
200 Megawatts!!!!!!!!!!
Siddhesh Patil
Siddhesh Patil Hace un día
The Moth's gonna have a nice lamp
Gab Nimations
Gab Nimations Hace 2 días
Everybody gangsta til my homebuilt 200W bazooka
OxidE - CODM
OxidE - CODM Hace 2 días
I think that thing destroyed my eyes alittle
Primer Time’s dayz
What if in the year 2096 there were 1000w lasers that they use in world war 14
Ego xFury
Ego xFury Hace 2 días
This look straight outta the mystery box
Ego xFury
Ego xFury Hace 2 días
So this is what Linus has been up to
Nathan Samuel Unger
Nathan Samuel Unger Hace 2 días
So kid. How many times have the feds knocked on your door?
Rizwan Rafeek
Rizwan Rafeek Hace 2 días
how far the laser maintain its strength?
SSA Hace 2 días
Imagin this dude living in he’s mum’s rental
Lil_Tapuz274 Hace 2 días
This fallout mod looks sick
Rudy Straight
Rudy Straight Hace 2 días
Lockheed martin created to stsrt the fires in paradise for agenda 21 land clearing
bart00szeq Hace 2 días
Man, it's called a blaster
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