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My first helicopter ride was a lot of fun...

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Denise Folley
Denise Folley Hace 52 minutos
I’m not a line but I like you and please
uplate derekjames
uplate derekjames Hace 8 horas
Props to my guy!!!. Got his house and car plus he doesnt have to deal with her constant little girl bullshit. My guy pulled a player move
Piixle Hace 11 horas
Her description though 😂 😂 😂
Noble Obodum
Noble Obodum Hace 11 horas
it’s the disclaimer at the beginning of the video for me😂😭
taylor correa
taylor correa Hace 11 horas
dont go into restaurants 3 mins before they close and maybe you can eat there
Yorkie Lover_ 1010
Yorkie Lover_ 1010 Hace 12 horas
How could Dixie trust her ex
Aksa Ann Joju
Aksa Ann Joju Hace 13 horas
Dixie d amelio is a Savage I love Grixie
Soft Swirlyy
Soft Swirlyy Hace 15 horas
Iconic queen 😌✌✨✨
Keira Maurer
Keira Maurer Hace 18 horas
Dixie over be like “hey so we actually broke up but um I had this scheduled for today so yeah.” HOW HOW DOES SHE JUST DO IT SO EASILY!!!!!!
Julie Bronsozian
Julie Bronsozian Hace 21 un hora
I meannn Griffin is like okayyy but I feel like I ship Noah and Dixie wayy more cause I feel like Noah would treat dixie in the best way like fr no hate to Griffin
jocoloco Hace 21 un hora
Griffin kind of sucks
Cam Mo
Cam Mo Hace 23 horas
Nouf Alarfaj
Nouf Alarfaj Hace un día
Dalila barbera
Dalila barbera Hace un día
Wtf griffin
Shreya Choudhary
Shreya Choudhary Hace un día
who's here after the seventeen video?
Billie stan Edits
Billie stan Edits Hace un día
Noxie forever
pulin gogoi
pulin gogoi Hace un día
Came from be happy remix vlog when she kissed Noah not really but...I literally have seen this seven times ... Griffin what the hell did you do
Mimi and LuLu Playz&builds
How’d he plan this friking date and cheat at the same friking time
Claria Faith
Claria Faith Hace un día
Lol it was closed
Claria Faith
Claria Faith Hace un día
3:13 "I'm buying you a plane with your allowance" bro wtf she still paid for it, so you really didn't do any effort.. Thank you bye!
Jyotsana Mahesh
Jyotsana Mahesh Hace un día
Why !!!
Rose Dawson
Rose Dawson Hace un día
Rose Dawson
Rose Dawson Hace un día
Jordan Miller
Jordan Miller Hace un día
If this man wasn’t smart enough to book a reservation for the restaurant, I-
Jordan Miller
Jordan Miller Hace un día
She didn’t need to post a revenge video- this IS the revenge video. Everyone gets to see him make a clown of himself
Drk R1ot
Drk R1ot Hace un día
Well now u got Noah so
Samantha Lumanglas Valino
The moment Dixie hugged Griffin so tight at the end and said "I was ready for bed"
Arean Almasalha
Arean Almasalha Hace un día
“Hey so we just broke up”💔 that’s your intro😂
bella sims
bella sims Hace un día
They broke up, it breaks my heart💔
little joy show
little joy show Hace un día
What so.. here is the evidence!😨💔 I'm really sorry for Griffin that they broke up😨💔💔 there were cute together 💗💔
Uchiha Hace un día
Griffin is lucky he's not with her anymore!!! What a nice guy
Júlia Tomaz
Júlia Tomaz Hace un día
Prefiro vc com ele do que o Noah
Andrea Sophia Melo Melo
nahhh aun asi prefiero a Noah
David Jaldo Peinado
David Jaldo Peinado Hace un día
NxS Lucian
NxS Lucian Hace un día
Dixie is with noah 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Hafsa Jaseem VC
Hafsa Jaseem VC Hace un día
Grixie is over.. 💔💔 Dixie deserves someone better. She's so savage and awesome bruh. How'd she do this!? But it's literally good that she did this, don't you think? She's a strong person. And what about Dixie and Noah Beck? They're cute together too, right? If you've watched the new remix and the behind the scenes of it then you know why I'm saying this 😏😏❤ What could be their ship name? DiNo? I don't know.. Comment what you think it should be. 😂😂
StephanieTiger Tiger123
That was long time ago she just had the video for the date
LLL L Hace 2 días
Me coming back to this video just to say I ship Noah Beck and Dixie
Leahmarie Gomez (Student)
Awwww 🥰😭😭😭😢😢😩🥺🥺🥺🥺👉🏻👈🏻
Unknown X
Unknown X Hace 2 días
Who’s after Noah and Dixie ( kissing )
Fake Giggles 666
Fake Giggles 666 Hace 2 días
Wow that was pathetic
Maggie Clark
Maggie Clark Hace 2 días
this was so awkward
Maddie Dyer
Maddie Dyer Hace 2 días
Ok I am sooo confused if a guy took me on a helicopter ride to dinner I sure as heck wouldn’t break up with him omg like that would be one of the coolest dates ever
Henry Shoun
Henry Shoun Hace 2 días
Dixies only words no
MaKenna Boring
MaKenna Boring Hace 3 días
He wants to be a "'good boyfriend" yet he cheats and she buys the dippin dots. wow what a great guy. smh
lock two
lock two Hace 4 días
Ima take a fat dump
Vanessa Marie
Vanessa Marie Hace 4 días
She gives him an allowance tf
Baby Fluxy
Baby Fluxy Hace 4 días
why Dixie?! im crying, really...
Honey Senpiie
Honey Senpiie Hace 4 días
aww but like fr thats a great date night
Naomi Cates
Naomi Cates Hace 4 días
dixie may you please tell me what happened? you guys were the CUTEST couple.
Naomi Cates
Naomi Cates Hace 3 días
Shreya Shastry did they say that though? I feel like people are spreading fake rumors
Shreya Shastry
Shreya Shastry Hace 3 días
he cheated on her
SLICK Hace 4 días
I wish tik tok never existed cringe is more contagious than COVID
CRYPTO SIXX Hace 5 días
This guy goes through the trouble to get a helicopter for a nice dinner,, doesnt get reservations 😆 and brings his entourage for a romantic night with his girlfriend lol. Nothing says love like a romantic evening with your boo and all his friends and business guys. And why did they break up? From the looks of it she could do better, guy looks like he has the I.Q. of a golf ball, but he sure is purrty.
NorthernWashrooms Hace 5 días
They were so cute together 😢
J playzGamez
J playzGamez Hace 4 días
Rip grixie
Zahra 11
Zahra 11 Hace 5 días
not with him a cheater 😤
Piper rockelle Ella Barlow
My name is Ray my name is Ursula and my boy 💔
Raid is for Grande_roaches
He'd be a wonderful boyfriend if he wasn't a terrible one
Anisa Sulejmani
Anisa Sulejmani Hace 6 días
Alex L
Alex L Hace 6 días
Dixie bought griffin a house, car, and gave him allowance! Wow griffin that’s how you repay her u need to be taught a lesson
Bella Kate
Bella Kate Hace 6 días
She’s soo brave posting this after they broke up! Love you dixie!
KaskoSanVideo Hace 6 días
‘I just wanna be a good boyfriend ‘ SO THAT WAS A f*cking lie
ELI NESSER Hace 6 días
I love how on the thumbnail she chose the worst Angle of him
Isabella Playz
Isabella Playz Hace 6 días
This is how many slaps griffin deserves ⬇️
Jaydah Trevino
Jaydah Trevino Hace 6 días
Hey Dixie when can we hang out agian 😂
Hargunpreet Kaur
Hargunpreet Kaur Hace 7 días
Hi Dixie D'Amelio!
jack Henry
jack Henry Hace 7 días
shweta thacker
shweta thacker Hace 7 días
Restaurant closed.....Even restaurants don't like them together
shweta thacker
shweta thacker Hace 7 días
Laura Graham
Laura Graham Hace 7 días
aaaaaah love you
Dumb.Little. mistake
this whole video was just a big sign lol
Alexander Goldschmidt
Logan Paul
Logan Paul Hace 8 días
How fake someone can be........SMH
Reina Suarez
Reina Suarez Hace 8 días
intro 10000000000000000000/10
Loloahi Talakai
Loloahi Talakai Hace 8 días
No not grixie
Ccglam55 Hace 8 días
I almost cried watching this for some reason he lost a QUEEN 👑
Brkic Nadja
Brkic Nadja Hace 8 días
Omg is coll video❤️❤️❤️
Drum Obsession
Drum Obsession Hace 8 días
4:52 is pretty uncomfortable then, she looks and sounds like she doesn’t even wanna be there
Venice Pisig
Venice Pisig Hace 9 días
I really miss grixie
Ilana Vedol
Ilana Vedol Hace 9 días
Griffin: So, I’m JuST TrYinG To BE a GoOD BoYfRiEnD Me: uhm, yeah about the good boyfriend thing... YOU LEGIT JUST CHEATED ON HER!!
Code Wickey
Code Wickey Hace 7 días
Helooooo @dixie d'amelio
Olivia Daigrepont
Olivia Daigrepont Hace 9 días
why is he making her pay for her drink ?? he took her on the surprise it suppose to be her night. Common dating courtesy dude.
whotookthecookie Hace 9 días
stig_yt Xd
stig_yt Xd Hace 9 días
*why have I come here*
Suzie Taylor
Suzie Taylor Hace 10 días
Wait “thank god for the allowance” wtfff
Hajra Asif
Hajra Asif Hace 10 días
this comment section is just griffin getting roasted
dini anggraeni
dini anggraeni Hace 10 días
Reyns Felen Sanglap
Reyns Felen Sanglap Hace 10 días
noo pls dont
Nikhil Mahajan
Nikhil Mahajan Hace 10 días
It's hard to watch 💔 love her❤️
jia byun
jia byun Hace 10 días
griffin is a clout chaser lol
jia byun
jia byun Hace 10 días
griffin used DIXIE's money for the helicopter wow i hate griffin lol
jia byun
jia byun Hace 10 días
griffin used DIXIE's money for the helicopter wow i hate griffin lol
jia byun
jia byun Hace 10 días
griffin used DIXIE's money for the helicopter wow
jia byun
jia byun Hace 10 días
griffin used DIXIE's money for the helicopter wow i hate griffin lol
jia byun
jia byun Hace 10 días
griffin used DIXIE's money for the helicopter wow
Godzilla 2004
Godzilla 2004 Hace 10 días
6:00 thumbnail detected
Ola Elbaradei
Ola Elbaradei Hace 10 días
“I just wanna be a good boyfriend” Yea and James Charles is straight😒😒
Code Wickey
Code Wickey Hace 7 días
Emery Loyacano
Emery Loyacano Hace 11 días
I thought y’all were good together what happened
Evelyn K
Evelyn K Hace 11 días
griffin is so hot but such an idiot for cheating man we cant have anything
Nawal Kishore
Nawal Kishore Hace 11 días
A lie that he said ' i just wanna be a good boyfriend ' a lie .......
Kyle May
Kyle May Hace 11 días
Dude really put this video out and gave 0 f*cks, the sheer power in that decision... savage but in the CLASSIEST form possible
Allison Neo
Allison Neo Hace 11 días
Dixie should have went with Tayler instead
Mishli Valorrhi Postrado
Can we see the sides of Griffin, I think Dixie's having a shortage of sweetness to Griffin. And Griffin's line where he said like thanks for buying me house and car and etc. (Dixie said that he's just being sarcastic). So it's Griffin's money for that kindda date but Dixie didn't even thanked him. And you can see their gaps of vibe.
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