My Least Favourite Question To Be Asked

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What's my least favourite question to be asked?
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Scene Packss
Scene Packss Hace 3 horas
Can you come to dutch comiccon 🥺
Destany Rowsey
Destany Rowsey Hace 23 horas
I want to meet you but i cant go into another state. Cause my mom wont let me. Could you ever come anywhere near georgia?
k a
k a Hace 3 días
Jack if theres anything you taught me it's self love and to stay motivated and that it's not selfish to take care of yourself. So thank you so much for that and yeah it can be hard to hear what mean people say about you but remeber that you aren't whatever they say and you are a good person and as long as you know that that's all that matters ☺️
Psycho Path
Psycho Path Hace 3 días
As far as mental health goes, I hope this helps. I LOVE YOU SEAN!!!!💚 You don't have to take this in, but it helps me and my mental health to sing and draw on myself when I'm down.💚
Kymber Gonzales
Kymber Gonzales Hace 3 días
"WeLl TeChNiCaLlY"
presto and scrap
presto and scrap Hace 4 días
I know you might never read this but you have helped me so much. When i feel lonely at night or feel self-conscious i put one of your videos on and i feel a lot better. You have helped me fight off some of my depression and anxiety. I have been watching your channel for a long time (since the first cleverbot vid) and learned more about myself and learned more safe coping mechanisms then what i was doing. You even saved me from killing myself. Thank you for all you do. I hope you keep being awesome.
Avaalien Carrico
Avaalien Carrico Hace 5 días
I liked the intro and how he jumped in XD
Shane Glasgow
Shane Glasgow Hace 5 días
I watched a video from like 2015 where he had a qna. Someone asked a question if he was ever gonna dye his hair like pink or green and he said hell no
TheFunnyguy9000 Hace 6 días
17:37 like the theories that we made?
Sara Borojeviq
Sara Borojeviq Hace 7 días
Hey Jack, i have have a good game for you it's called Yu Gi Oh Arc V Tag Force and spoiler alert there is a character named Jack and his nickname is "The King Of Speed"so please play it😊
Blazekyn Hace 7 días
"you have queues, I have aids" xD sorry I had to
Hazel Margolis
Hazel Margolis Hace 8 días
William Afton
William Afton Hace 9 días
2 Jacks, hmmm
fufusocute Hace 9 días
so uhm have i missed the thing where he said he was gonna dye his hair green if he reached i donation goal..? i know he reached it BUT HAVE I MISSED SOMETHING AFTERWARDS??
The Unkown
The Unkown Hace 9 días
minecraft? i remember when jack never really wanted to play the game wth??
Max Eisenhardt
Max Eisenhardt Hace 10 días
I think Shaun would be an amazing voice actor / cartoon character
Max Eisenhardt
Max Eisenhardt Hace 5 días
@Shane Glasgow i dont think jack minds all that much
Shane Glasgow
Shane Glasgow Hace 5 días
You spelled Sean wrong that's illegal
NotHorror Hace 10 días
I prefer you and your content since you got rid of green hair haha
S. C. P.
S. C. P. Hace 11 días
Let me just say one thing, “it’s who you are, not who you were”. If your remember that quote, everything will make more sense.
Haruka Zusuki
Haruka Zusuki Hace 12 días
I Miss Ur Green Hair *cry*
Edwin Sandborg
Edwin Sandborg Hace 12 días
7:30 all that kind of mumbo jumbo. HE WATCHES MINECRAFT REDSTONE ESvidRS, that’s a step in the right direction.
James Martinez
James Martinez Hace 12 días
Also, by jaysus that's one pale chest. The Gaelic gladiator is blinding us all with the shine from that sucker.
James Martinez
James Martinez Hace 12 días
19:52 anybody else think that his ears look kinda like elf ears sometimes? Specifically now kinda times? Am i just sleep deprived and want to play dnd?........mmh...possibly.
Donna Langhorst
Donna Langhorst Hace 13 días
Nvr commented b4 but u said u'd like to learn more about ur culture so read "Frank McCourt". I don't know ur culture but I read his books and the first book was crazy, to me. I read it cuz it was recommended to me as a good read not cuz I wanted to learn about Ireland but this mans story is insane. Good and weird and sad insane but it was totally worth reading.
Skitzo Jason
Skitzo Jason Hace 13 días
Why does everyone want the old stuff? TO THE FUTURE
Eiko Fire
Eiko Fire Hace 13 días
Maybe Get Someone to Right A book About Your Ideas?
Eiko Fire
Eiko Fire Hace 13 días
And than there's Minecraft Story Mode but in my Case playing The Second Series its impossible to get past the 1srt Episode Because issues But Might not Have the same problem or Even Play The First one But I Suggest Try it out
Eiko Fire
Eiko Fire Hace 13 días
I'll always Love you Zach
Ivvie Hace 14 días
all I want is to see more series like Fran Bow and Little Nightmares.
lunar derpy
lunar derpy Hace 14 días
luck of the draw? more like luck of the irish
Emmy Dibitetto-Olsen
Emmy Dibitetto-Olsen Hace 14 días
My question is why have your eyes been so blue in your videos lately? I mean that they have been looking more blue than normal and I end up just looking at your eyes through the whole video.
Randomgamer 102
Randomgamer 102 Hace 14 días
what made you want to get a beard
Z. Lily Perry
Z. Lily Perry Hace 14 días
ugh jack has the most beautiful eyes...
Bobbie Buddin
Bobbie Buddin Hace 14 días
18:28 sameeeee
Sprizy games
Sprizy games Hace 15 días
Do i see gray hair
XtremeMAX Gaming
XtremeMAX Gaming Hace 15 días
Sean: becomes a teacher Students: *TOP OF THE MORNING TEACHERRRRRRR*
ABE linz
ABE linz Hace 15 días
7:10 who is Evelin?
t s ó l a r i a
t s ó l a r i a Hace 15 días
_[soft whisper]_ he is babie
PantherLexi owo
PantherLexi owo Hace 15 días
Who's looking/staring in his eyes all the time too? X'D
Victoria Page
Victoria Page Hace 14 días
Same his eyes are mesmerizing
Jordan Swift
Jordan Swift Hace 15 días
he is so fucking real and down to earth yt needs more of this
Jackaboy Fan
Jackaboy Fan Hace 15 días
I feel that a large portion of jacks subscribers come from people that personally relate to him on how messed up our lives are but we find common ground in stupid humor not like the actual content most of the time. which I think is good so thanks jack
Hanna Hace 15 días
Was I the only one who heard “You have Q’s, I have AIDS”? 😃😃
t s ó l a r i a
t s ó l a r i a Hace 15 días
i sure as hell didn't hear that but thank you, this cracked me up
Nexus Hace 15 días
All of this is actually extremely touching. I have now changed my mentality and PMA forever. Thanks you Sean..... for helping so many of us. 👏🏼🤘🏼👍🏼
Maria Iosif
Maria Iosif Hace 16 días
*Top of the morning to you Jackie! I would like to ask you if you could pass through Spain if you go on a tour anytime soon? I just can't phisically express how much I love your content but most of all... YOU! You're like the best man in the world and you influence me to do ESvid but I'm only 13 years old so I don't think I have the age to do it yet which makes me kind of sad. I wish that when I'm older that I cold make a ESvid channel of my own. I hope that I could some day meet you in real life because of how much I love you! You are simply the best human on this planet. You're the best looking, kindest, cutest and most intelligent person ever! (in my opinion!) and I just hope to meet you some day! I also wish to tell you that I like you with your recent hairstyle, the ponytail and in your natural hair colour! You look way better! AH! Also, nice viking-like beard! I love your new kind of more laydback, not-so-loud type of videos! I think I spoke FOREVER now. I'm super sorry! I didn't mean to I just had to tell you all of this and yeah... goodbye now!* ❤
Thrackerzod Ph'phlegeth
Seán: "Running a ESvid channel is ultimate unlimited creative freedom!" Also Seán: "You gotta follow the analytics, figure out what works, what doesn't work."
t s ó l a r i a
t s ó l a r i a Hace 15 días
Well sure - unlimited creativity, as long as you don't limit yourself to being "successful"!
The Pastel Griffin
The Pastel Griffin Hace 16 días
Who’s Evalyn? (Sorry if I spelled it wrong)
curryvid Hace 16 días
He is incredibly sexy these days
Dark Hace 16 días
I don't want the green hair back *I want the hat back*
Dark Hace 16 días
I don't want the green hair back *I want the hat back*
Pun Master
Pun Master Hace 16 días
So I've been here since before 10m. (I know huge achievement right) but it's seriously only just hit me that that number has *over-doubled* since then and watching your channel progress has been amazing (especially now you play Minecraft 🤣) This makes me feel old but I'm only 13, Jesus Christ 🤣
BigBallofBoba_ Hace 16 días
Any Og Jacksepticeye fans getting Reading Your Comments vibes? (Here since his overgrowth and next car game vids : 50,000 subs)
Alisha Mae
Alisha Mae Hace 16 días
bring baCk the grEen haiR
Nugget Hace 16 días
Pat Chi
Pat Chi Hace 16 días
Is iy weird that I likr watching these kinds of videos of jack?? Like I want to click a video of something else while scrolling (like his minecraft video) but I feel like I'm cutting him and it's kind of disrespectful for him.
Universal Crew Productions
I love these Q&A's so much! Jack you are so insightful and easy to listen to, your thoughts ground me like crazy. This helps me out so much when you do these, helps me not to get so down where I am. Plus I get to laugh with the hilarious other answers you give lol.
MrWax Hace 17 días
You're looking sexy today jacksfilms
Vanilla Bros
Vanilla Bros Hace 17 días
16:51 Imagine being Jack's mum and dad and explaining the birds and the bees...
Vanilla Bros
Vanilla Bros Hace 17 días
16:51 maybe that's why you like minecraft so much
The Commentators
The Commentators Hace 17 días
I miss the jack before the green hair it all went down hill when he got it green
The Commentators
The Commentators Hace 17 días
We are pretty opposite because I hate humans and society and life
t s ó l a r i a
t s ó l a r i a Hace 15 días
I wonder which there's more of, people who love humanity or people who hate it. I definitely love humanity, although I'm a little biased.
thepower within
thepower within Hace 17 días
Unpopular opinion time: I think Jack would look great with baby blue hair to match his baby blue eyes. I saw an edit where someone turned his green hair to light blue and I swear his eyes practically glowed😍 I know it isn't green, but it would be a nice change.
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