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A look into the incredibly strict and weird dress codes I had in middle school and high school.
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hi there
hi there Hace un minuto
Well if a girl has a plastic backpack.....thats a problem...boys can see our pads and puberty things
Holly Wojtysiak
Holly Wojtysiak Hace 2 minutos
i now just realized they had no mouths
Green Arrowhead
Green Arrowhead Hace 4 minutos
hi there
hi there Hace 7 minutos
I'm gonna be in 6th grade August 21 2019....and finish 5th grade in may 30 2019....
The Mini Yosshi
The Mini Yosshi Hace 12 minutos
Gotta shirt that says [BANNED] on it? Allowed!
Katherine KK
Katherine KK Hace 24 minutos
* ahem * and elementary school.
TheRustiestOfNuggets TRON
I like her Dirk Gently detective agency refrence
RockStar Kitty
RockStar Kitty Hace 29 minutos
I have no dress code Thank God
Lolzcats Hace 33 minutos
We have dress code no one follows it no teachers care
MCGamer 123
MCGamer 123 Hace 40 minutos
It'sRandom Hace 42 minutos
In Britain you have to wear uniform. Yeah re-think your complaining.
i taped my penis to a toaster
Ha joke's on you all of my clothes are plain color tee shirts and Black sweatpants
Vodka 210
Vodka 210 Hace 45 minutos
My dress code: *just don’t turn up naked or with bad words or with bad things.*
William DatKKid
William DatKKid Hace 55 minutos
At my school the one thing that we're not allowed to wear is shorts. Apparently its so we are dressed for business. But literally nobody is dressed for business at my school
Galactic Blue
Galactic Blue Hace 55 minutos
Imani Johnson
Imani Johnson Hace un hora
My dress code is 'be dressed' 'no nakey' and probably no swears but who even knows...
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Balancing The Fads
Balancing The Fads Hace un hora
Let me come to your school I will BAND them for making illegal rules Amendment 1: FREEDOM OF SPEECH/SELF EXPRESSION
Chao The man
Chao The man Hace un hora
Cameryn Gibbs
Cameryn Gibbs Hace un hora
That imaginary audience is so true. The first day I had my period I could’ve sworn everyone was looking at me
naruto uzumaki
naruto uzumaki Hace un hora
Night in the woooooooooods
Peachishmae Hace un hora
For the past month my school wasn’t really enforcing their dress code. And just two days ago, they just decided they were going to beat us down with the dress code. They dress coded almost half the grade (I didn’t get dress coded) it was chaos. The kids in my grade were so angry they they petitioned by wearing shorts and tank tops and writing on their knees “free the knee!”. And they changed the dress code after that.
Jeffry Francis Chuan
My school doesn't want ANYONE to wear free style. It's very uncomfortable to sit with my school shirt on my chair while stabbing my butt. Everyone must wear the same thing everyday and if you forgot to clean your clothes,you still can't go yolo and wear something else...oh no no no no... It's bad,you must get to that detention boiiiiiii
Isecream Winter
Isecream Winter Hace un hora
1:36 So what?
Marine_Void Hace un hora
Yep like that all the time in good ol' British school, wish I could have my normal clothes and not have girls constantly saying "We shouldnt be nuns!" Even tho they asked for it to just be above knee height 😒
Another Kpop Lover
Another Kpop Lover Hace un hora
These rules are so dumb. At my school, we have to have mesh/clear bags. But they worry do much more about our bags and clothes that they never once addressed how many kids are failing classes. EASY CLASSES!!! Some of the clothing rules, I can get behind but they worry too much about it that it's unbearable. There was once a rule that we couldn't wear hoodies unless it was a solid color, which was stupid cause I only had one hoodie which was grey and they always called me out for it. I refused to take it off. I have so many other things I could complain about but I know no one will read the whole things do I'll stop here
Vinx .909
Vinx .909 Hace un hora
i do like not thinking about my clothes. but i want it to be me not thinking about my clothes, not me being told to what i should wear. i just have a wardrobe full of clothes i all like that all fit will together (you really can't fuck up with jeans, T-shirts, sweaters and hoodies). not a preset set of clothes that have to be ready every day.
giraffe912 Hace un hora
In my school u would be sent home for hilights in ur hair, black trainers (they had to be proper leatther shoes) and natural looking acrlilc nails. There were many more things u would get sent home for. Either that or you would be kept out of lesson all day. They cared more about ur looks than education. We had to wear their uniform and hoodies wernt allowed. This was not even a posh school at all. Some people struggled to buy the uniform and it was a regular school.
DJ Binx 2.0
DJ Binx 2.0 Hace 2 horas
2:05 Oh hey it's Courage in the background! You would never notice if you haven't seen any good cartoons.
Hailey Misegadis
Hailey Misegadis Hace 2 horas
Sometimes it pays to build trust in your teachers
BodljikaviKaktus Hace 2 horas
Did anybody else see that Beatles shirt
Purplewarrior49 Gaming
Oddly enough the Supreme Court ruled about freedom of expression in schools so my school just completely gave up on dress code as long as it isn’t excessive (AKA being completely naked or showing underwear)
Hashem Hashem
Hashem Hashem Hace 2 horas
Luckily I never got bullied cuz I had friends that would back me up and help me beat up the bullies :3
Mateusz G
Mateusz G Hace 2 horas
Shirt with a turtle? *BANNED* Got Pants with the Designers Name on it? *BANNED* Got a Shirt with Musical instruments? *BAND* and against the Clothes Policy That was a good joke.
Olivia Tilleman
Olivia Tilleman Hace 2 horas
Me: *slowly puts on a shirt with the triforce on it* Staff: ILLEGAL! Me: *puts a plain jacket on over it* Staff: Can she do that?
Valeria Denisse
Valeria Denisse Hace 2 horas
2:58 lol my little pony
Big horny Daddy
Big horny Daddy Hace 2 horas
i can relate with the whole thing about being a good kid paying off (and it still does) ;)
What’s the WiFi Password
My school has a rule that you can’t have shorts that don’t cover your knee Oof
jemon Hace 2 horas
It would probably cus around that time u were going through puberty so if any Male teacher look. they would look a bit dirty
dailylife sucks0w0
dailylife sucks0w0 Hace 2 horas
My dress code was to wear a pants every day even when it's really hot and it's a fundamental school 😐
Isra A
Isra A Hace 2 horas
U look like a minion
Gems Rosales
Gems Rosales Hace 2 horas
Twilight sparkle win the crown
Okashi cream puff
Okashi cream puff Hace 2 horas
Romy Messing-Guy
Romy Messing-Guy Hace 2 horas
At my school, we have to wear shirts with school symbols and shorts below the knee because HEAVENS THOSE LEGS ARE DISTRACTING! I'm sorry, who has shorts below the knee?!
Ross Dirkse
Ross Dirkse Hace 2 horas
NO SCUBA GEAR!??!!?!!?!??!
Esther Yan
Esther Yan Hace 3 horas
I has a uniform and it don't care if u have skirts that r to short but girls still have to wear skirts even of its freezing and they banned hoodies cuz some highschoolers wore nonuniform stiff under it
chase1146 Hace 3 horas
"i could be wearing something outrageous and embarrassing" was most likely wearing a bra, t shirt and nothing else because fuck clothes in your own house
Kitty Commits oof
Kitty Commits oof Hace 3 horas
Does that mean a point to gachatubers aswell !?!?😁
Pix Hace 3 horas
Hmmm....lmao the hentai face hoodie and shirt would be perfectly fine for your school's dress code based on your description of it.
Jenny Rok
Jenny Rok Hace 3 horas
JPace Hace 3 horas
If that dress code was in my school, I'd have like 2 shirts to wear lol
Umar Chowdhury
Umar Chowdhury Hace 3 horas
Thank you I realised I have the imaginary audience and I let it out through swearing and realising I’m trash at most stuff
Planet Ari Girl
Planet Ari Girl Hace 3 horas
dress code at my school: i don't even know. I guess don't be naked?
Infinix Neona
Infinix Neona Hace 3 horas
(hears about banning graphic logos on clothes except if it was a pattern) I can just imagine someone coming into your school with a pattern of swear words on their clothes.
0:39 one of them looks like Baldi!!
MR. EDITOR MAN Hace 3 horas
Poor Mae got banned
Grade VI Venus
Grade VI Venus Hace 4 horas
Mlp cutiemarks😐
M.C.DragonMasterX Hace 5 horas
Dress Code for use is completely broken....like....they don't even enforce it too well...
TomTord sinner 478
TomTord sinner 478 Hace 5 horas
If I had the goth outfit that u gave an example of, I would wear 8t every day that I could because my middle school also only allows black, white, or orange but also the schools t-shirts =~=
Smile Love
Smile Love Hace 5 horas
Me: * wears a hoodie * Teacher : *BANNED GO HOME*
Clawretta 001
Clawretta 001 Hace 6 horas
Am I the only one that noticed all of the my little pony mane 6 cutiemarks on the shirts?
Art-Dizzy-t Hace 7 horas
Not being able to color your hair is not reasonable, Rebecca... Also I’m glad my school has no dress code. In my school they want us to be independent and free so they let us go crazy with our outfits.
SauceIsLife Roblox and stuff ._.
2:38 the cat from night in the woods is on that
Super nova Kitty
Super nova Kitty Hace 8 horas
Have fun with being singal
Super nova Kitty
Super nova Kitty Hace 8 horas
Super nova Kitty
Super nova Kitty Hace 8 horas
I’m the break up fairy😅
Logan Givens
Logan Givens Hace 9 horas
Rebecca the ghost of the forest Once upon a time there was this girl called Rebecca she went out with her friend but she got lost then she still will the past a witch's house so she went in the Witch did very mean things to her two years later Rebecca was missing some other kids Sally and Theodore went out they stumbled apart the witches hut the the same one Rebecca cast they thought it would be funny if they were going the new it was haunted thing new didn't even survive to the next birthday Rebecca set free in Sally's body and no one knew it was her she would go round every day and some nights taking victims eating their Souls no one survives to the next day except one kid Theodore Theodore never actually went in it was just Sally Theodore felt horrible so he told his parents what he did he went to the Treehouse with his parents shouted Sally Rebecca all he heard was a echoing laugh what do you want sweetie said Rebecca I want Sally back said Theodore will you can't have her back said Rebecca why replied Theodore because she is my new body and if I don't have my new body and I will Echo away in one day Theodore decided to go in and take Sally's body back the parents was a little concerned they thought it was just a game that Theodore was playing with them so they said to him I'm sorry sweetie we can't play the game just be careful around these parts gave what game replied Theodore Theodore running and started conquering the Rebecca Beast and said give me back Sally's body he knew if he would throw Sally's body out of the window she would be coming alive as soon as she touches the floor and she won't be hand so he grabbed sell his body ran ran towards the window Rebecca screamo as he threw it out the window Rebecca aka the way her last words were you I will get you and then she died Sally and theodora ok Theodore said hey do you want to go and get some food so then we can celebrate that you're back yeah yes you're Theodore I'm just a little my head just hurts a little ok she crept away with Rebecca's head in hers echoing laugh the end Rebecca and hope you happy cos you really wanted to be a ghost story and I've had that idea for ages so I hope you like liked it
hey its meh
hey its meh Hace 10 horas
Good thing we have uniforms
YT LOLZ Hace 11 horas
My teacher didn’t allow fortnite or fighting game for us to wear and couldn’t bring guns or knifes to school.... *sad life*
Loli lover 69 69
Loli lover 69 69 Hace 11 horas
2:59: mlp reference Look at the t- shirts
Monday Ken
Monday Ken Hace 12 horas
My school dress code: Just wear what they tell you to wear.
Patricia Rivera
Patricia Rivera Hace 12 horas
Catt Johnson
Catt Johnson Hace 12 horas
I had a girl turn up to my college (UK so 16-18) in a t-shirt and shoes, it wasn't even a particularly big t shirt it just skimmed her ass and she was like yep that's fine
Michalina Johnson
Michalina Johnson Hace 12 horas
?R u ded¿
-bakugou is My Religion-
I have a solution. *turn your shirt inside out*
Glue Nerf
Glue Nerf Hace 12 horas
3:46 remember remember the fifth of November
Gerard Way fan
Gerard Way fan Hace 13 horas
My dress code is normal but i still break it a lot
Tide Pods aren’t good for u
This kid would wear pants with middle finger pant and It was in 3rd grade and he didn’t get in trouble for it so..... yeah
Gacha Nisa
Gacha Nisa Hace 14 horas
1:58 does anyone know the girlfriend fairy costume over the next purple dress and the other outfit that is in the other video???
Jacob Rosenthal
Jacob Rosenthal Hace 15 horas
1:54 Wait... Is that Sammy Lawrence’s outfit in the left?
PetPeeve Pokemon
PetPeeve Pokemon Hace 15 horas
2:54 Is that a my little pony reference I see? 👀 Also I love the video and little easter eggs, amazing job!
Evan Kauffman
Evan Kauffman Hace 15 horas
I absolutely support the right to open-carry in schools and workplaces. After all, owning a Gameboy is a Constitutional right.
Boston Bramwell
Boston Bramwell Hace 15 horas
Hi 👋 I’m really good at drawing
jam02coco McDuffie
jam02coco McDuffie Hace 15 horas
I hate dress code especially if your a girl
Olivia Macdonald
Olivia Macdonald Hace 15 horas
My dress code is literally no shorts and no tank tops :\
Mermaid Chan
Mermaid Chan Hace 16 horas
Mermaid Chan
Mermaid Chan Hace 16 horas
Here The witch of the woods Once upon a time a witch named Rebecca parham was making a potion and some kids threw ten baseballs at her house all of them ran away but one and she stole his toes leaving him her prisoner for the rest of his short, short life I made u a ghost story
DoWhatYouLove Hace 16 horas
I love the Let me Explain University shirt at 3:11 it really shows how much detail and effort you put into these videos.
Mermaid Chan
Mermaid Chan Hace 16 horas
I made u a ghost story
Mermaid Chan
Mermaid Chan Hace 16 horas
Madalynn Murphy
Madalynn Murphy Hace 16 horas
ITriedDotCom Hace 16 horas
"They're so long that I can't think straight!" Make em any shorter and I wouldn't think straight... I'd think gay (No offence to anyone who is LGBTQ+ I'm just joking about me being pan)
Jason Zeng
Jason Zeng Hace 16 horas
I WANT TO BE A GHOST STORY!! -Let Me Explain Studios 2018 Edit: I suck at stuff
Sugarhop Hace 16 horas
my fried has the shirt
EN somebeats
EN somebeats Hace 16 horas
At my school they've chosen to (quietly) go out and profile every kid with anxiety depression, etc. and miss/turn a blind eye to their daily dress code. Works well in my favor.
Sydney Mohan Games
Sydney Mohan Games Hace 17 horas
Who wants Becca to upload really soon!!???!!
THE FAKE PIE Hace 17 horas
I didn't know america had dress code that crazy !!!!! why the hell didn't student fought for their rights ??? in france there isn't any dress code other than don't show "private parts" (dick/pussy/titty) too much ...
Abigail Derenberger
Abigail Derenberger Hace 17 horas
I love you so much. I'm 12 and I want to grow up and be a author and director and animation for Disney. I love your videos
Megan Mart-Kirven
Megan Mart-Kirven Hace 17 horas
I wouldn’t wear shorts if I had your legs sweetie Oh yeah well your judgment of others is a manifestation of your crippling disappointment at how your life has turned out Is my favorite
Abigail Medina
Abigail Medina Hace 18 horas
I 💜 this
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