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A look into the incredibly strict and weird dress codes I had in middle school and high school.
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8 mar 2019






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Gabrys Seńczyk
Gabrys Seńczyk Hace 12 horas
well i will sue you for sure
roshelle stoker
roshelle stoker Hace 13 horas
i am in primary school year 5 and we wear school uniform.#MY SCHOOL SUCKS not
Eshani Gale
Eshani Gale Hace 14 horas
Eshani Gale “You know that anxious feeling all the time that everyone is watching you and secretly judging, and scrutinizing every little thing about you?” Me: Actually, no. And in turn people ACTUALLY hate me for NOT being insecure. It’s a messed up world we live in *Grins*
Jacob Snyder
Jacob Snyder Hace 14 horas
I dont have a dress code I just wear a hoodie :P
Jacob Snyder
Jacob Snyder Hace 14 horas
Ive always had a imaginary voice so I love my hoodie and hate when I'm away from it and when I'm confident I take it off but I cant be seperated I hope its a scientific thing Edit: I found out I like protection from the outside world :D
CLARXX Hace 15 horas
*laughs in uniform*
dowsk hassan
dowsk hassan Hace 15 horas
L have dress code
Maya the weirdo
Maya the weirdo Hace 15 horas
I went to a public school....but I still have a uniform
The Weirdos
The Weirdos Hace 16 horas
my school: hey your socks are holiday themed?! office! kids telling eachother to die: mehh they'll get over it
YouMart Hace 16 horas
You got a shirt with musical instruments on it BAND!/BANNED!
Kryptic •
Kryptic • Hace 19 horas
Being from the UK school uniform is a norm
The Shmoopinator
The Shmoopinator Hace 19 horas
My teacher would yell "Are you wearing pants?" if your were wearing a something like a large shirt that made it so you can't see your pants.
Olivia Stout
Olivia Stout Hace 19 horas
My schools dress code ( The ones in all upper case letters are the ones I hate): * No items that cover your head/ face * NO SLEEPWEAR * No outdoor wear * No dangerous accessories * No open toe footwear or footwear with a high heel * No clothing that have violence, drugs or cursing on it * No clothing that shows your boobs * No clothing that shows your butt * NO ClOTHING THAT SHOWS YOUR STOMACH * NO CLOTHING THAT SHOW YOUR BACK * NO CLOTHING THAT SHOW YOUR SHOULDERS * NO SPAGHETTI STRAP, ONE STRAP or strapless clothing * No clothing that shows your private part * NO CLOTHING THAT SHOWS YOUR UNDERGARMENTS * NO TIGHT OR SEE THOUGH CLOTHING
Melissa Jennings
Melissa Jennings Hace 19 horas
Aden Duale
Aden Duale Hace 20 horas
Kid: *Bullies Person* Teacher: Meh Kid: *Wears a shirt with any cartoon character u can think of* (comment below) Teacher: I'M SUMMONING THE DEMONS!
Aden Duale
Aden Duale Hace 20 horas
2:40 Hello Mine Turtle
FrootInACup Hace 20 horas
Honestly, I spent years building up a "good kid" reputation. I broke a ton of rules and got caught maybe twice. It really does help, you know.
RX37 Blake
RX37 Blake Hace 21 un hora
I’m good at writing stories. I’m going to make your dream of wanting to be a ghost story come true
Ana Garcia
Ana Garcia Hace 21 un hora
I got imaginary audience and I'm only in 6th grade
Hannie Chen
Hannie Chen Hace 21 un hora
I feel it all time
NightCoremare Studio
when you have to wear your uniform and black leggings 5 days a week and a school-branded sweatshirt to school at least 365 days a year.
Isabella Billington
Isabella Billington Hace un día
Rabeca:Wake up the matrix has you Me:yass matrix :3
YT-Kobzarm Hace un día
Oof guess I’m Socially awkward. 😑
Wes Gibson
Wes Gibson Hace un día
since i am the cool kid this never happened to me lmao
Sarah Jenkins
Sarah Jenkins Hace un día
I’m british btw... it was actually a good accent
Noodle Doodle
Noodle Doodle Hace un día
Can we take a moment and apreciate that this video has 19 million views? Like omg, I'm so happy for Rebecca!
Macauley Stammers
Macauley Stammers Hace un día
Your going to cronavirus
Friended Wolf91
Friended Wolf91 Hace un día
We have a dress code it mainly only effects the girls
Kimberly Schein
Kimberly Schein Hace un día
What animation school did you go to?
Shambria Frazier
Shambria Frazier Hace un día
Did anyone notice the shirt where the person yellow person has the yellow book the shirts they have My Little Pony cutie marks on them I noticed that did anyone else
Jade Bell
Jade Bell Hace un día
Føxy Gløwwÿ
Føxy Gløwwÿ Hace un día
Me when this came out: wow, it’s going to be old once I’m in high school
Poof The Almighty
Poof The Almighty Hace un día
I get the imaginary audience. I feel like every time I’m at drama (one example it HES opens differently in every class) I feel like everyone is judging me in my group and that they all are saying my acting sucks and I shouldn’t be there. Even though I have a forgiving group, one small mis step and I feel like running away and crying.
Poof The Almighty
Poof The Almighty Hace un día
Sorry about the rant
75,000 dOlLaR eArRiNg
2:58 my little pony cutie marks on the t-shirts
Hailey Mayer
Hailey Mayer Hace un día
I went to a catholic school my entire life, and ironically, dress codes grew less policed the older we got. In elementary it was no shoulders, no midriffs, no shorts or skirts higher than the tips of your fingertips, no shirts lower cut than four fingers below the collarbone, no leggings that weren't covered by a skirt or shirt, no muscle shirts for boys, no hats, no bright hair (highlights were okay but not the whole head), no facial piercings, etc. This was for K-6. In junior high, it was much of the same, though the collarbone rule, leggings rule, facial piercing rule and hair colour rules were cut out, and then in high school, it was literally "don't wear a swimsuit or anything that covers the same amount of area as a swimsuit." In hindsight, it seems so weird to police literal children more heavily than teenagers. Why is children dressing "provocatively" more of an issue than teenagers? Why is it an issue with any age but specifically why children?????
Eloise & Dolls
Eloise & Dolls Hace un día
That is girlsout bag I have
Trek Rek
Trek Rek Hace un día
Mine turtle
Cookiecreamy gatcha
Cookiecreamy gatcha Hace 2 días
This is the first vid that I’ve watched and it’s been a year
Tarek Sabouni
Tarek Sabouni Hace 2 días
4:49 she said an Easter egg in the mac when someone made a copyrighted ring tone so he said so sue me so they named the tone sosumi
Tom Heeley
Tom Heeley Hace 2 días
in Britain all schools have uniform 😢
Tom Heeley
Tom Heeley Hace 2 días
I don't give tow susca's about what people think,because people suck.
Nektar. com
Nektar. com Hace 2 días
Well the only dress code was: just don't be naked 😂😂😂😂
maki beika
maki beika Hace 2 días
My school has a uniform and ive always wanted to have a school where we could pick what to wear to school
Beth xx
Beth xx Hace 2 días
VaughnPlaysAGame Hace 2 días
5:14 "The Beatles" Finally! A woman of music!
GarbageToaster Hace 2 días
Fun fact: my school doesn’t have a dress code, they got rid of it because of parents complaining about some of the ridiculous rules.
Fedrix18 Hace 2 días
couldn't you just wear 1 image on yout shirt and say that it was a pattern but the graphics were so far apart that you could see only one?
Lilah Shusterman
Lilah Shusterman Hace 2 días
this is just to show reality......: girl: *shows bra scrap a LITTLE TEENY TIIIINY BIT* teahcer: DRESSSSSSSSSSS COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDE >:( boy: *comes to school in nothing but boxers* teacher: OH! hello _____ i hope u will have an AMAZING day anyway..today class..... girl: *has big butt and wears yoga pants* teacher: DREEEEESSSSSS COOOODE ELIIIGLLE boy: comes to school in nothing but crox and underwear teacher: :) hello ____ nice to see u again lets get class started....... PLUS WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY MOOOOOOOORE but too much to show
Eshani Gale
Eshani Gale Hace 14 horas
I’m curvy, living as a non-local in Asia, and my stress code is strict. Wanna know how many times I’ve been sent to detention solely because I CAN’T FIND A SINGLE DAMN THING THAT FITS DEAT GOD ARE THESE ASIAN WOMEN PAPER?
Japman Kaur
Japman Kaur Hace 2 días
Was denisse and Adam's animation character in the video
Gabi Johnson
Gabi Johnson Hace 2 días
Who here in quarantine rewatching all Rebecca’s videos?
Ella and Lainey
Ella and Lainey Hace 2 días
2:59 OMG MLP. And yes I'm not afraid to say it.......I'm 13 and I LOVE mlp
Clarici Peterson
Clarici Peterson Hace 2 días
Rebecca: I’m sorry if I sound like I’m sick because I am Rebecca 2020: sorry if I sound sick because I have COVID
Kayla Rodriguez
Kayla Rodriguez Hace 2 días
How to trick people in the comments Read more
Will Huey
Will Huey Hace 2 días
in school i had one of those backpacks on wheels
brasiv stance
brasiv stance Hace 2 días
Hbjfgjjoy fh
Claira PuffPuff
Claira PuffPuff Hace 2 días
4:40 same man. it's stupid and unfair to others but it's super helpful to us 'good' kids
Dani 10
Dani 10 Hace 2 días
At my old school they didn’t allow skulls because it was “too edgy” to be honest it was elementary so I guess 😕 but one time in 5th grade I wore a jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas and I was sent to the office, they called up my parents telling them I violated the dress code so my mom argued that it was a while saying it was a kids movie character. I started crying because I felt like I was the reason for all of this. My mom took me home along with my older sister that was at middle school at the time to go see the new Cars movie so win win.
Trinity Help
Trinity Help Hace 3 días
It’s like this at my middle school 😡
Makayla Erickson
Makayla Erickson Hace 3 días
2:57 I see the reference, Rebecca... 😏
MiniWaffleCat !
MiniWaffleCat ! Hace 3 días
I was the good kid in elementary school. I HATED IT. Because all of the adults would expect the best of me, so I couldn't mess up anything
Banana Vlogs
Banana Vlogs Hace 3 días
What about boys
Grace Voros
Grace Voros Hace 3 días
i have the same job as her
Allissa mark
Allissa mark Hace 3 días
When she was roasting the lady *OOOoOOOo meme*
XxxComfyAlixaXxx Hace 3 días
at my school we have uniforms soooooooooooooooooooooooo i can't do anything bout that ,and the only day you can wear anything is the give away SO I NEVER GOT TO WEAR MY OWN OUTFIT i was sad.
Griffin Kuhl
Griffin Kuhl Hace 3 días
my mom says I don't care what people thin enuf because I don't give a crap about what others think of my weird personality
Min Yoonji
Min Yoonji Hace 3 días
2:22 CypherDen?
Hello people of the world
Uk dress code: Wear uniform or get a call from your mum..
cookie reindeer394
cookie reindeer394 Hace 3 días
5:44 I thought she said anime tours
Icon Infinite
Icon Infinite Hace 3 días
I wanna be a ghost story 6:05
Sally Ravanos
Sally Ravanos Hace 3 días
You can dye your hair at my school.
Anonymous schnitzel
Anonymous schnitzel Hace 3 días
I live in Australia so I always wear a uniform...so ha
Opal Playgacha
Opal Playgacha Hace 3 días
Me:someone punched me! Teacher:well to prove it you have to have concrete evidence. What I want to say:oh yeah!, because the BRUISE on my arm is DEFINITELY NOT the mark from the PUNCH
Loved-unicorn Crompton
olena polapa
olena polapa Hace 3 días
Mine turtles
WolfieSniper Aniemation
My school dress code 1: no shirt saying i hate _______ 2:no being naked 3:IM NOT SAYING IT that it also we can wear anything on fridays
WolfieSniper Aniemation
Why do every youtuber (me to) say they are sick and doesnf sound sick?
Phia Lii
Phia Lii Hace 3 días
This happend... it sounds fake but it isnt. So my freind was acting up (he was a guy) and the teacher punished him by not allowing shorts dor the guys. One day it was super hot and he wasnt about to wear jeans, so he wore a skirt! It was hallarious waching him walk around the school with pride. He got a “lunch detenton but he was like a hero for the rest of the year.
Leslie Pace
Leslie Pace Hace 3 días
🥺😭😭😭🥺😭😭😭🥺*snif* I don’t hav a dress code 🥺🥺😭😭😭😭🥺😭😭
Leslie Pace
Leslie Pace Hace 3 días
Hahaha 🤣🤣😂😂
Awesome Animals
Awesome Animals Hace 3 días
You know what was really stupid? One rule of our school dress code says no shorts or skirts that are shorter than your thighs, simple right? Well, THE SCHOOL GYM SHORTS BROKE THAT RULE!!! They were like mid thigh! Granted, I have been wearing the same pair for two years as I like to hold onto things because they are all nice and broken in with no itchy tags and stuff so it could just be that, but still!!!
scarlett gem
scarlett gem Hace 3 días
Omg is the your animation Bottle opera
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