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A look into the incredibly strict and weird dress codes I had in middle school and high school.
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8 mar 2019






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Icey Hot
Icey Hot Hace 37 minutos
2:44 Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!
Cindy Bereza
Cindy Bereza Hace 38 minutos
I have uniforms
Emma Kitty wolf
Emma Kitty wolf Hace 45 minutos
Rebecca you and Adam should do the anything you can do bc they all look so cool
Aaron Baker
Aaron Baker Hace un hora
emma艾玛 Hace un hora
Good thing about no uniform is if you are late.you can wear you pja or whatever and no one will know but not button pja
Stav Ebner
Stav Ebner Hace un hora
Are you working with mark and jack to promote cloak?
sub to pewdiepie lol
Ah mrs. Sassy shirt
SugarPlum Hace un hora
2:47 I just realized that Rebecca purposely spelled BANNED as BAND because of the sweater. Good job 👌🏻😂
Sparkle Gacha
Sparkle Gacha Hace 2 horas
Kaneki Ken
Kaneki Ken Hace 2 horas
Congrats for 2 mil !
kitty gamer937
kitty gamer937 Hace 2 horas
Wow your dress code is bullshit
Jacob Shilling
Jacob Shilling Hace 2 horas
Little Toothless
Little Toothless Hace 3 horas
At the end where you are showing off the ghost story shirt is that you? You look absolutely gorgeous!
Abubakr Ghalib
Abubakr Ghalib Hace 4 horas
Let me have it
Jayann Apines
Jayann Apines Hace 4 horas
I wish I can go to vidcon 2019 but I can't cause I'm from Philippines ☹️☹️☹️☹️ if you like this then I love animations #YOUR MY NUMBER 🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇 FAVORITE ESvidR 1 like=1 love to rebbeca 😃😃😃😃
Lil Kittens
Lil Kittens Hace 4 horas
Banana Banana
Banana Banana Hace 5 horas
For every like I will add a T-shirt 👕
David Perez
David Perez Hace 5 horas
That’s because they are!!
Havok_DeathHunter Hace 6 horas
I don't have the imaginary audience, some of the people I go to school with just say it to my face trying to make me feel bad. I just ignore them.
stuart coombes
stuart coombes Hace 6 horas
Our school cares soooooo much about that if they see a skirt under the knee, you get a warning. And you get infant warnings as long as you where them a week apart. This is because my school is afraid of parents...PARENTS ARE ALLOWING THEIR KIDS TO VIOLATE THE DRESS CODE!!!!!!!
Chance the gamer! ,
Chance the gamer! , Hace 7 horas
2 M!
- Rassleberry & Cherreh -
*hoity toity private school* CAN I GO THERE.
spookt bruh
spookt bruh Hace 7 horas
0:34 the blue one is me
YvngKingWavvy ·
YvngKingWavvy · Hace 7 horas
You are beautiful and i liked your story had a stupid dress code at my school too
Vinyl Nightmare
Vinyl Nightmare Hace 9 horas
My schools dress code : usual no midriff/miniskirt, right leggings, open toed shoes or hat of any kind. Okay u chill bro have fun or whatever you kids do
Mr Carrot
Mr Carrot Hace 9 horas
I where uniform at school we have two a P.E kit and a Norma kit
TheGamers 2nd channel
Why is night in the woods band?!?!?!?!?!? 2:38
Leah Smith
Leah Smith Hace 9 horas
Hey Rebecca I love all of your videos so much and I really want to go to VidCon so I can see you Jaiden animations the odd ones out Tim Tom and all of the other creators of videos I love you all so much and I really want to meet you I just so many pictures for you
Nasko's Video Production
What about I’m the leader of the cool kids?
My name is JJG
My name is JJG Hace 10 horas
Leona Kwong
Leona Kwong Hace 11 horas
I am in a primary school and nobody ever complained about our dress code and our skirts need to be below our knees
Marco Merlin
Marco Merlin Hace 11 horas
TheCrippledNinja Hace 11 horas
Ok that dress code is actual bs. Like clear backpack gtfo with that shit😂
oscar the cat
oscar the cat Hace 11 horas
Watching this for the 4 time and just noticed the courage the cowerdly dog shirt!
Potter 0780
Potter 0780 Hace 11 horas
Can u make a video about ur life in your college plz
ArtInMotion Hace 12 horas
0:04 I can relate.....
kaili meep
kaili meep Hace 12 horas
I really love the “QTpi” shirts... so clever
Amy Robinson
Amy Robinson Hace 12 horas
Okay now I'm confident your a fan of mlp
Diego Rincon
Diego Rincon Hace 12 horas
00:42- The matrix has you.
Jayden lim
Jayden lim Hace 12 horas
mr fish
mr fish Hace 12 horas
There was ine shirt said my granny made this
Tiger Popcorn
Tiger Popcorn Hace 12 horas
*mm, yes. Good call staff.* 👌
TempTation Clan
TempTation Clan Hace 13 horas
Filha de Milico
Filha de Milico Hace 13 horas
O símbolo das roupas numa cena são as cutiemarks de My Little Pony!!!
Keely McNeal
Keely McNeal Hace 13 horas
So not a dress code but we are not allowed to have backpacks not even the tiny purse ones yeah so everybody caries HUGE binders or caries everything we are also not allowed to were leggings at all not even a private school.•_____•
Katie Whittier
Katie Whittier Hace 13 horas
Aw man i really wanted that new shirt but it’s already sold out :(
Ranger Halt
Ranger Halt Hace 13 horas
*Wears cape in public for absolutely no reason*
Sage Markham
Sage Markham Hace 13 horas
The basics of our dress code is: don’t wear cuss words, don’t wear anything that is against any religion, no crop tops, and just don’t wear booty shorts. We can dye our hair any colours, or wear any non offensive shirt.
Natalie Wentzell
Natalie Wentzell Hace 13 horas
I’ve never had a dress code in middle school
Winter the dolphin
Winter the dolphin Hace 13 horas
Hello person scrolling thru comments! Let me just say you're an amazing person and you can do anything!!
Singing Susie
Singing Susie Hace 13 horas
You look good as a goth
Ryanne Santos Ryanne Santos
Happy 2 million subs
Saberease Era
Saberease Era Hace 14 horas
Your breaking your high school rules is a lot different from my breaking my high school rules
11111111 Family
11111111 Family Hace 14 horas
Did E haunt you yet Rebecca?
Ninja Fingers
Ninja Fingers Hace 14 horas
Shaniya Samon
Shaniya Samon Hace 14 horas
Draw my pleaaase I want to see what I look 👍 like Rebecca I'm Shaniya Samon the ESvidr,I'm 12 and a half years old and I live in Columbia,so draw me pleaaase!!!😍😍😍😍
bonbon show
bonbon show Hace 14 horas
Got a cute turtle on your shirt BANNED. Your jeans had the name of the creator on it BANNED. Got a sweater with musical instruments on it BAND
Sakura Espeon
Sakura Espeon Hace 15 horas
They duck tape our knees if there are holes in ur pants
Kira Moe
Kira Moe Hace 15 horas
Dude if someone laughs a mile away I go to the bathroom and check my hair my clothes and EVERYTHING about me
summer lps
summer lps Hace 15 horas
Villian’s week 2
Villian’s week 2 Hace 15 horas
If that new dress code was in today there would newspapers,news stories,ESvid reactions,and plenty of interviews The reason why is makes a point “the educational system dose not encourage special talents such as music and art and students can’t show creativity,students show creativity through clothing and if they are not allowed to this is a huge problem for personality” And no I did not steal this or cite this from a physiologist
star loves blue berry
star loves blue berry Hace 15 horas
well a weird school dress code rule i have is you cant wear anything if it doesnt cover your shoulders there reason for it was that shoulders were distracting... NO ONE WILL BE LIKE: oh my gosh look at dem shoulders!!! SERIOUSLY! I THINK THERE IS ONE FOR FLIP FLOPS TO! EVEYRONE HAS THEM!!! ( shoulders and toes that what i mean by them )
An6ryMonk3y Hace 15 horas
If a public school has that strict of a dress code they might as well just have a uniform.
Silver Rivet
Silver Rivet Hace 15 horas
1:49 yeah I'm one of those people Btw love your videos, and I hope to be like you in the future
Sarah Cat
Sarah Cat Hace 15 horas
I was half asleep when you said WAKE UP MAN THE MATRIX HAS YOU oh boy
Krymson Clayton
Krymson Clayton Hace 15 horas
gabriel sanchez
gabriel sanchez Hace 15 horas
RosieBud2010 Hace 15 horas
Awesomecat_9 Roblox
Awesomecat_9 Roblox Hace 15 horas
*sneaks in shirt* “oh no one noticed me? LEVEL UP!
merc Hace 15 horas
oh there was nothing imaginary about it. it's one of many reasons they thought i was gonna shoot up the place. i was never gonna and never did, and i made it no secret i was a pacifist. of course when the actual shooting happened they covered it up. oh and the other students were pretty bad too i guess.
merc Hace 15 horas
oh and my usual wardrobe tended to be pastels. the school did not like that a dude dressed in "the gay"
Dian Luis
Dian Luis Hace 15 horas
Me: your constructive criticism is as useful as a paper machete bomb shelter so SHUT THE FUCK UP
Insert Creative Name
Insert Creative Name Hace 15 horas
2:20 yeah sorry public high school I'm dying my hair purple.
aldric cruse
aldric cruse Hace 15 horas
i wanna be a ghost story
Ronna Strandlof
Ronna Strandlof Hace 15 horas
That’s EXACTLY what happened to my school for years
Tim TDM Hace 16 horas
Yay.. I Have A Boyfriend Now Because Of Your Magic.
Kennedy Dunn
Kennedy Dunn Hace 16 horas
Becca I love u u r amazing I'm a plus size girl and I'm 16 and seeing you and u being happy with your body I ADORE U!!!!!!!😙😘😊
Tim TDM Hace 16 horas
Pff.. my Canadian School Does Not Allow Canadian Hockey Shirts 😅 #Canadian Wait Does Anybody Still Uses The HashTags?
Martin Kalpic
Martin Kalpic Hace 16 horas
Mine turtle at 2:41.
Tattle Tattle tails of cuteness
No fur suits? *I’LL SUE YOU*
Storm Striker
Storm Striker Hace 16 horas
I HATE people and I hate public school so I switched to online school (not only for those Reasons by the way but they were some of them) and I love it. I can wear whatever I want and no one cares about it cuz I'm at my own house. Unless I do school I like the library or Starbucks then some people care.
Cutie Pie
Cutie Pie Hace 16 horas
4:16 I like how she casually just had her *WILL* in her purse.
Alicia Bazail
Alicia Bazail Hace 16 horas
Got a cute picture of musical instruments on your shirt band get it band
Sarah Brownie
Sarah Brownie Hace 16 horas
Mouths have left the chat
Payton Frith
Payton Frith Hace 16 horas
Graphic t shirts are often quite uncomfortable for me lmao, I'm currently a junior in hs and I feel like an idiot wearing graphic t shirts.
Roaring Thunder115
Roaring Thunder115 Hace 16 horas
Im in high school and I don’t feel the Imaginary Audience...In just stressed! But I don’t have uniforms! 2:20 Yep... Also
kawaii wolf
kawaii wolf Hace 16 horas
Same too they were do serious with socks like they have too be black or white socks and the same thing with our skirts
kawaii wolf
kawaii wolf Hace 16 horas
I'm in middle school but in a private school so i wear uniforms
DelosReyesMcDermott Hace 16 horas
How can you speak without a mouth?!
Chase Brody33
Chase Brody33 Hace 16 horas
I saw cloak OoO love this video
Travis Alderson
Travis Alderson Hace 16 horas
FusedCrayon5 Hace 16 horas
0:03 are you okay?
Team Savagery
Team Savagery Hace 17 horas
To be honest I would go to court against the school to get your rights back.
Anonymous S
Anonymous S Hace 17 horas
You still have the tweedle Dum outfit. You also have the girlfriend fairy outfit.
krakkenreviews Hace 17 horas
Bro straight up I hate the tuck in uniform rule
Max Amazing
Max Amazing Hace 17 horas
Congrats on 2 million
Liliat23 Hace 17 horas
i literally want to wear an anime high school uniform for girls when i get to high school. but my mom won't let me cause she said the students might think i'm just wearing a costume everyday to school.
Pika Churin
Pika Churin Hace 17 horas
2:38 It's great to know people still appreciate NITW.
Æ Hace 17 horas
Jacquie Jackson
Jacquie Jackson Hace 17 horas
"One inch too long and it would be ANARCHY, I tell you!" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
aaron jordan
aaron jordan Hace 17 horas
1:01-1:07 ohhhhhh gets roasted😎
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