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I've been told "No, you can't" a couple of times in my life... so this is to anyone that's been told that they can't. Keep pushing! Don't let anyone get in the way of reaching your dreams. Not even yourself. :)
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13 feb 2019






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Melody Forté
Melody Forté Hace un año
“It’s okay to not be normal because normal is boring.” I will live by that saying, and this video.
Anti Matter Illustrations
TM44 sorry that we didn’t specifically specify that this saying isn’t for people with possibly deadly mental disorders
YTM Studios
YTM Studios Hace un mes
It’s also ok to be the famous/rich kids, it’s all about your personality
TM44 Hace un mes
sorry but that's a really stupid thing too say or think; say you got diagnosed with schizophrenia & you were prescribed medication; but you wouldn't take them because "normal is boring" & you would just slip further & further into insanity; seeing that this comment is over a year old i hope you've had time too think about this & realized that this is not at all a healthy way too think & if that's the case i'm glad for you; but if not hopefully you understand someday
Anti Matter Illustrations
OMFG I love that saying
Anti Matter Illustrations
I’m going to tell that to my friends when they say I’m being weord
Tato Animations
Tato Animations Hace 22 minutos
B a k u g o also I wanna punch that teacher
Mali Darko
Mali Darko Hace 14 horas
well of course everyone is an asshole that is why when someone makes fun of me i beat the crap out of them
Indigo is my dog
Indigo is my dog Hace un día
z e
z e Hace 3 días
Just say life has no meaning
Experienced Traveler
That teacher of yours sounds like a mean, heartless, lifeless b*tch
kuramasan Hace 6 días
Teachers like that MAKE ME SO DAMN MAD! Someone that immature shouldn’t be ANYWHERE near a school! Taking out their own issues on students is unforgivable!
Patraic Gordon
Patraic Gordon Hace 6 días
Know how it feels I was close to trying to kill my self
Sharon Martin
Sharon Martin Hace 9 días
Oh god some of these are me I am a tomgirl and my confidence is very small and I can't talk to girls who aren't my close friends but I friends that are boys so I hang out with boys that are in my gang
Xwolf MoonXplayz
Xwolf MoonXplayz Hace 11 días
Now im scared for high school... which i was in the first place buuut im even more scared now ;-;
TheUnrealisticTween Hace 11 días
I feel you being insecure appearances don’t matter items or cloths shouldn’t label you we’re all humans and shouldn’t be labeled for something as stupid as cloths and you shouldn’t care about what people say and one top of that the teachers don’t help if anything they could worsen it. I understand did this dosent make sense I’m just a 9 year old kid.
Evangelina Osorio
Evangelina Osorio Hace 14 días
den you are the most wonderful kind sweet person
HiTimeToDie Hace 14 días
sounds like me: asian and bullied :l
XxELLOxX Hace 14 días
this actully inspierd me to draw more work harder and defend who i am and im proud of you for making it this far ceap going ive watched your videos for a day and i love it and never change yourself becuase its you youre inposeble to stop with good thoughs ceap going
Ralston Smith
Ralston Smith Hace 17 días
Why does this happen to almost animator
LEGITAMENT Hace 18 días
This so relatable:(
Valerya Aragon
Valerya Aragon Hace 25 días
I’m in middle school and about to go to 8th grade but 7th grade I was called a lesbian so many times because of how I act around my best friends, people thought I DATED THEM, even tho I’m straight and dating a boy!!Its so upsetting that people just label and yet I was upset of myself when I looked at myself, and I hated myself.But I got through it!
Giselle Navarro
Giselle Navarro Hace 25 días
I know how it feels
If any one of my teachers spoke to me like that, I'd slap that bitch
JJimJJam Hace 28 días
me: *sees RE 5* also me: HAHAHA YA TAKE THAT WESKER ye dumb ***king ****ch eat those rpg rockets ye dumb ***k
Lokhi Wilder
Lokhi Wilder Hace 28 días
To each and every teacher that had the audacity to do to their student anything close to what Den described, I want to tell: I don't care who hurt you, you should be locked up in a psychiatric facility for life. The world and all the kids in it would do much better without you.
Claudelin Neus
Claudelin Neus Hace 28 días
As my friend says weird is being unique remember dis :3
́ ́peachyqteaa isdone ́ ́
In highschool i just ate chips that i placed in my locker overnight because if No one will be my friend then FOOD WILL ( ; _ ; )
Alison Litwak
Alison Litwak Hace 29 días
Teachers suck man
Gia Reece
Gia Reece Hace 29 días
Den: *didn't know that much about murderous weapons* Teacher: wHaT aN iDiOt! lol wut
weagleO809 Hace 29 días
To those 378 people who dislike to this video you are monsters you are probably the teachers that she was talking about so go away stop being mean when somebody is expressing themselves.
Sevecek András
Sevecek András Hace 29 días
;) . Thanks
Olivia page
Olivia page Hace un mes
if someone calls you names pull out DA REVERS CARD .... No , no don't do that :P . Only prove them wrong #wherehereforyouCypherDen :) . Btw i don't get called names but i hear the whispers XC . Some people are just plain R-U-D-E
Joey Canadian
Joey Canadian Hace un mes
"l didn't wear pink" Me: ahem,...... Your hair Is pink 😜
Hello Noob
Hello Noob Hace un mes
Me: “inhales” No one: Also no one: Me again:boiiii (to teacher!)
Alexis Lennon
Alexis Lennon Hace un mes
As Timmy failure says "normal is for normal people" I hope you are in a better place now😭
heather Hace un mes
You are so much like me
Potter Head
Potter Head Hace un mes
Den. You amazing. And you make me laugh everyday. Thank you.
caleb diehl
caleb diehl Hace un mes
Y O U M A T T E R ! Subbed!
The Shy Boy's
The Shy Boy's Hace un mes
What's with all the animators having self doubt or anxiaty I'm noticing a trend wait theodd1sout and somethingelseYT
•Asami Doi•
•Asami Doi• Hace un mes
Aw Den I would've been your friend if I actually knew you and was old enough to go to high school 😂 but it's ok! Just believe in yourself!
elaina martin
elaina martin Hace un mes
That teacher should be in prison for trying to give a child low self esteem or depressing
art Hace un mes
my brother calls me emo because i called myself trash once
fox -chan
fox -chan Hace un mes
I now you have lots of fans but you have a polish fan ! ☆w☆ me >w
question me animation
Love the venom drawing👌👌👌👌👌
question me animation
Normal is not fun weird is the best thing in live 😀😀😀
question me animation
Girl you the best you are the best youtuber I love your vibs
Jerry Ye
Jerry Ye Hace un mes
How the heck did nobody report that english teacher? If this was my school it would've been a huge deal and that teacher would probably be fired.
Noah Britton
Noah Britton Hace un mes
Kick her in the di-demonized
Alex Vause
Alex Vause Hace un mes
Then there's me. Who's good at nothing. It doesn't matter because i won't be making through the night.
maria parsons
maria parsons Hace un mes
By the end of corintine I will be in middle school 5th grade was pretty bad I got bullied a lot and didn't have many friends even though it seems like I do
Kimberly Soto
Kimberly Soto Hace un mes
Your so amazing! I wish we can meet and just talk about what we went through in life but also you just sound like me with what you went through. But it's ok not to be normal, its boring being normal! Also your art is just amazing!!!
Lily-Ann Moran
Lily-Ann Moran Hace un mes
You need to believe in my see also why she do dis to her self
Xx_ice cream _xX
Xx_ice cream _xX Hace un mes
U SUCK MRS.G!!!!!! 😤😡😡😤😡😤😡😡😤😡😡😡😡😡😡😤😡😤😡😤😡😤
Addison Boucher
Addison Boucher Hace un mes
Ralphie from movie: Imagines A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Cypherden: I'm sry, u were imagining what? I just actually got an A++++++++++++++++++++++++ Not to be rude or pychopathic, but I hope that teacher suffers for being such a freaking jerk!
Grid Gaming
Grid Gaming Hace un mes
I hope she finds mrs t and go how s your life going ahh me I have a million fans
Acacia Potato
Acacia Potato Hace un mes
If I was the principal at that school I would yell at the teacher this single word... FIIIIRRRRREEEEDDDD
Lunar Art
Lunar Art Hace un mes
Poor bean. *pats*
Katherine Shea
Katherine Shea Hace un mes
I liked this video!☺️☺️☺️☺️
Katherine Shea
Katherine Shea Hace un mes
Who disliked !!!😠😠😠
Katherine Shea
Katherine Shea Hace un mes
Qasmki UwU Tom
Qasmki UwU Tom Hace un mes
At's me.....
Ran Mori
Ran Mori Hace un mes
Was that Bakugo?
Gh0st 234
Gh0st 234 Hace un mes
Same problem
Pencils NoLastName
Pencils NoLastName Hace un mes
There's something really wrong with me, usually I'd be encouraging while watching something like this, but I'm just thinking of how much I hate myself right now. I'm in a deep and dark hole called depression, and I can't climb out, the hole is getting deeper and darker and I'm afraid I'll lose the ability to be happy. The only person that could truly help me scale the walls of this hole, I can't talk to or be with bc of quarantine. I'm a climber, but every time I try to climb, I fall farther down. The safety ropes that are my connections to the outside world are frayed and the ladder that is my self esteem is falling apart. The flashlight that is my mental health is fading and I can't fix it alone, too bad I am alone. This is a giant analogy that perfectly describes me right now and I'm crying bc of how accurate it is, I need help but I can't get help. The worst part? I'm just 16 and this hole has been here for 5 years, tho it was more of a lower part of the floor back then. It's been getting bigger slowly up until this school year, then it grew exponentially. I was climbing out using my thin safety ropes and beat up ladder slower than the hole grew, but I was moving. Now I'm just sitting at the bottom, slightly tugging on the ropes to see if anyone will come, but I know they aren't going to. This is one big tug, they'll either break or bring someone, at this point I'm not sure which outcome I want, but it's better than nothing
TheGodOfWierd O's
TheGodOfWierd O's Hace un mes
When the teacher watches this and realize that she gets paid less than you.
CrazyNoodles Hace un mes
Well I got a list of insecurities Well I got anger issues Social anxiety Grew up with 6 years of bullying I self doubt myself on nearly everything cause I know I'm not good I don't give myself credit cause there's none to be given But I act fine so I don't look *weak* Since at my last school the weakest were bullied same with the nicest so there no longer nice When I was a kid I was so happy Now I'm a nervous wreck (thanks Travis) But this new school helped me a lot but there are still a few flaws if your not in a Group you could have a bad day but I don't take crap no longer so pick on me and I'll probably smash some things because I can't bring myself to harm others I get like Vietnam flash backs when I do so then I cry when I hit someone
Addyson Randall
Addyson Randall Hace un mes
I really love you videos!!!💖💖💖💖
masterfox Hace un mes
i like drawing to
CandyCrew Hace un mes
I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to learn how to be a psychopath in schoolI i mean if what she did to you made you a psychopath she would be mad at you as well
Kingstonruler7740 !
Nobody is normal Cypher that makes us people
SkippySkup Hace un mes
RK 1K Hace un mes
Rigby Hace un mes
u will always be beautiful and strong no matter what anyone else says. just believe in yourself. and wow what your teacher said is classed as abuse...
Bun&Kitty :3
Bun&Kitty :3 Hace un mes
You are as important as the sun
Denise Elam
Denise Elam Hace un mes
Don't cry we love you
msbutterfly Hace un mes
WTF kind of shitty ass teacher does something like that!! It's not you who didn't deserve to be in the class, it's her not deserving to be a teacher at all! I'm shocked at how someone can be so mean to a poor student :O
Kah Buay Lim
Kah Buay Lim Hace un mes
This was always me a mess(am going tough moment)
*’*Wolf_Foxy_UwU*’* *,*ocean cookie*,*
Ok since that lady hurt my gURLs feelings I’m going to smack that ladys @$$ and bust into her house and tell her that she knows nothing
Deeha Shy
Deeha Shy Hace 2 meses
Who would do such a thing u r the most sweetest,nicest and amazing person and u r way better then what they thought and u r a role model for me and I love watching your videos
richy Hace 2 meses
That was so heartwarming
Jas Lopez
Jas Lopez Hace 2 meses
Yessss is this the artist struggle in high school lol I had the same problem and for me it was an avid teacher who said I wouldn't go to college without her and that I will never be someone in life. It did hurt but I took it as a motivation to prove them wrong. I'm shocked to see thumbs down on this video but it is probably people who never experience this. Love your work!
Waylon Reece
Waylon Reece Hace 2 meses
Your English teacher must be a huge poop head
ฅYuki_Snowzฅ Hace 2 meses
Why would you try to fit in? If you could stand out
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