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A LONG TIME COMING but I was finally able to get everything together for this FENTY fashion haul! Rihanna has done it yet again, and I wanted to see how her vision and her fashion style would fit on my body type so here we go! Let me know if you think miss Rih Rih did THAT!

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17 jul 2019

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Jackie Aina
Jackie Aina Hace un mes
I am actually more surprised that everyone HATES this line! 😳I loved most of these pieces waaaay more than I thought I would, and they will definitely be coming to a timeline near you 😂😂(and some of these I've already worn on instagram) everything was chic, and easy to style
sheila henriquez
sheila henriquez Hace 14 días
I don't hate the line and I certainly would not hate something because I can't afford it. I just don't like the clothing fit, the tailoring. I think the comment posted here was correct that the cut is European therefore the line may not flatter curves.
Sharon Tate
Sharon Tate Hace 16 días
The same black people who hate this line out here BUYING GUCCI, FENDI, PRADa and all of those other fashion houses that HATE them wearing their clothing
AshaM Hace 17 días
you righttt. i hate this line LOL and I live in Barbados where Riri is from
Mariam D'
Mariam D' Hace 23 días
Jackie would you like to make a video about pro and cons for shoppiing in ur body type please ? beceause I do have the same struggle and feel a bit nrestrided hahaha anyway love your vibes <3 <3
Nazhaya Barcelona
Nazhaya Barcelona Hace 24 días
Hey Jackie, What camera do you use?
Najla Hace 14 horas
4:41 the jacket is different in the picture
Sebo M
Sebo M Hace 16 horas
You look great but not only is my bank account disagreeing with me, all these pieces would look hella boxy on my body😩💔
eccentricity-neko Hace 23 horas
Ain't nothing a seamstress cant do 🤷‍♀️
Elvon Wendy
Elvon Wendy Hace un día
Where re the glasses from please? Anyone?
Primped to Perfection
All these clothes are ugly but you slay in the glasses
ma284 Hace 3 días
Im late to this but is that the same blazer though? When the pic came up when she was talking about the baseball cap, it didn't look like the same blazer.
Arleen Lopez
Arleen Lopez Hace 3 días
That white denim dress...does not fit. Could you sit down without it unbuttoning? Asking as a fellow wide hipped gal
Myrani Hace 3 días
Yaaas sis!
Sade Rolle
Sade Rolle Hace 4 días
I actually like the kaki skirt and jacket
Cornbreadfed Eb
Cornbreadfed Eb Hace 4 días
Aye be nice to the knock kneed girls!!! Lol
Kitty Hace 5 días
For $1.560 for a jacket they could've sewn their buttons better.
Mia Lacheyy
Mia Lacheyy Hace 5 días
Maybe you should’ve style the bodysuit with a blue Jean skirt or maybe even black leather pants would’ve looked so cute but the skirt didn’t look bad but just not that color skirt you know what I mean auntie Jackie
somelittlethings Hace 6 días
Jackie is so weird 😂😂😂😂
Cherylann Dukes
Cherylann Dukes Hace 6 días
i’m so mad that button came off like that lol 😂😂😂
Nikki Newton
Nikki Newton Hace 6 días
Evidently, they don't care about all the fans. Ridiculous $1K for a blazer/jacket.
saviicarey Hace 6 días
The blazer she got and the blazer on the website were completely different.
Leah Norman
Leah Norman Hace 7 días
Great watch!!!! So much more appealing that Kanye’s uglass line. The clothes are great
Robert Lane
Robert Lane Hace 7 días
1000 and a button came off from light movement. ummm nope
에메랄드 Hace 7 días
Jackie’s eye makeup seems like old lush logo
Oh So Mo
Oh So Mo Hace 7 días
Rihanna's clothes look hot...like literally... hot. The fabric looks thick and heavy.
Lovablereece24 Hace 7 días
way too expensive and the line is just ok.
Mars Nars
Mars Nars Hace 8 días
I can watch that button pop off in slow mo a million times and still crack up 🤣Jackie gon have to pull out the royal dansk cookie tin and sew that back on 🤣
Mickey Walker
Mickey Walker Hace 8 días
Not that $600 button popped off and you still smiling 😂
Shalisa Hace 9 días
Definitely makes them ankles disappear
Amber K
Amber K Hace 9 días
Honestly, I love the line. I think it is so Rihanna, classic and simple but elevated and you can definitely tell every piece is expensive.
Amber K
Amber K Hace 9 días
I looooove that white body suit 😍
Abi Adeoti
Abi Adeoti Hace 10 días
Jerobiam Julies
Jerobiam Julies Hace 10 días
Those pink open toe shoes look horrible on you
Hazel Jade
Hazel Jade Hace 10 días
Is nobody gonna talk about how amazing Jackie's body is?? 😍 I mean go off sis !
industrial.beauty Hace 11 días
The sizing is a disaster. There is absolutely no excuse for it. The styles are interesting though.
Paul Kihiu
Paul Kihiu Hace 11 días
Those hoops Daammn 😍😍
MrKiwispirit Hace 11 días
Can’t wait to see everyone out wearing the same oufit lol
I Am Ni Yah
I Am Ni Yah Hace 11 días
I think the pointed toe open toe shoes make your feet look fat. Love you tho 😂
Central City Citizen
Central City Citizen Hace 12 días
That pink blazer dress is very different from the one in the Fenty photos, no? They sent you one with much bigger double breasting, it's boxier, and it doesn't have that boning detail on the sides. And it had pockets. No ma'am, get your coins back.
Diana Batori
Diana Batori Hace 12 días
It’s....pretty bad. I really don’t like it at all.
Valerie Devincentis
Valerie Devincentis Hace 12 días
So happy for you. Well deserved. I love watching your channel, your personality shines through. Hope this is an awesome success. I own 3 ABH pallets and looking forward to add this to my collection. Peace and Love girlfriend:-)
Marie Antoinette
Marie Antoinette Hace 13 días
Lolol did you say miss salmonella lol I can’t i hope that’s not the name
thatgirl faith
thatgirl faith Hace 13 días
Shout out to you Jackie for supporting RiRi❤️ I love me some Rihanna but some of these pieces cost more than my apartment rent 😂
shoti shoti
shoti shoti Hace 13 días
I guess she used her ABH collab palette here
Ja'Lynn Garrison
Ja'Lynn Garrison Hace 13 días
Jackie...the pink blazer you had on and the one in the picture aren’t the same blazer
Beau Cei
Beau Cei Hace 13 días
Look girl. I’m not finna do this wit you. Send that shit right back to Paris.
sheila henriquez
sheila henriquez Hace 14 días
NO WAY!!! Rihanna has lots of work to do to improve this line. So far everyone has said these shoes are uncomfortable and slide. Love your Channel Jackie but her clothes did not flatter you at all. I hate to say it, the prices signify another successful artist who doesn't appreciate the audience and fans who helped start off her career.
Bomb 5
Bomb 5 Hace 15 días
This shit is ugly af and extremely overpriced..... it flattering AT ALL. Yikes, she bombed with this one.
Caitlin Brown
Caitlin Brown Hace 15 días
seeing you look bomb in almost everything and then finding out you have 40 inch hips makes me feel a lot better about my own
KHADYAJAH J Hace 15 días
I looooove this line
Leeza Peche
Leeza Peche Hace 16 días
That white shirt was 560$ you can buy that same shirt for 75 cents on Wednesday at the thrift store 😒😒😒 fuck that
Guen Abuyo
Guen Abuyo Hace 16 días
The only considerable thing for its price on this line is that white corset dress (LOVE DAT) and them accessories... and the rest of it is an ABSOLUTE rip off 😭
Rachel  Imaga
Rachel Imaga Hace 16 días
You're so beautiful Jackie. Love from Nigeria
Grace from Space
Grace from Space Hace 16 días
Damn Jackie, you are tiny!
Random Media
Random Media Hace 16 días
The collection is simple meets business but either way it's 🔥🔥👌 love that brown jacket/skirt ensemble
mae bradley
mae bradley Hace 16 días
Blazer gave me Paris in springtime FR
Carol B 1412
Carol B 1412 Hace 16 días
Overall, the fabrics look too stiff for the tailoring. And everything looks huge at the top. Also, for the pricing, the buttons should last through earthquake, fire and flood. Not pop off during try on. Hugely over priced. In my opinion, these clothes are a fail. But bear in mind, in my thumbnail, I'm wearing a purple fur rabbit onesie.
Z Michelle
Z Michelle Hace 16 días
Y’all hating on Fenty because on the price. But are fine when gucci or YSL or even Louie V charge 1500 or more. You can’t get mad at the brand if it’s competing with high in brands
Missflexer Hace 17 días
Maaaaannnn Jackie Is funnyyy bro🤣😭
NickiNickie Nicky
NickiNickie Nicky Hace 17 días
I can’t
simplesayin2 Hace 17 días
One word... no
Ashley Newsome
Ashley Newsome Hace 17 días
Shes not helping the struggling 9 to 5 people who has to chose that or there rent lmfao . 600 for a button up shirt when you can get the same looking one at Wal-Mart for like 12 dollars. Pfftt . F that. I rather keep food on table then spend all my money on ONE SHIRT 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Esther Gyasi
Esther Gyasi Hace 17 días
ummm. this is clearly a no . love Jackie though
Shalini Hace 17 días
Absolutely adoreee the body blouse, if anyone knows of a good cheap alternative please share the link!
Dee Girl
Dee Girl Hace 18 días
I don’t like the collection at all.
Sapphire M
Sapphire M Hace 18 días
Jackie: Cat daddy approved ~button falls off~💀
Davon Korai
Davon Korai Hace 18 días
You look bomb asf in everything 🤪🤪
p Jasmine
p Jasmine Hace 18 días
7:48 “Lima, Victor, Mike & November?” IM WEAKKK💀
England by Sandra
England by Sandra Hace 18 días
None of it is MY style. I like clothes that are more practical.......
Ovrissa Hace 19 días
The corset dress suits you so much 🥰😍.
SingforEver Hace 19 días
1000$ outfit to a cookout😭 , I need to make it in this lifee man
It's Me
It's Me Hace 19 días
The clothes isn’t flattering even with Jackie’s perfect figure. If this doesn’t look good on her (Jackie) who the heck will it look good on. I have a feeling it was tailored to look good on Rihanna.
rachael richman-harris
The brown look is fire.....
Tia Samuel
Tia Samuel Hace 19 días
Yes for Aunty J beauty beat !!!!
Tia Samuel
Tia Samuel Hace 19 días
Ok SavageX Fenty
booradleyscat Hace 20 días
The *looks over glasses* "Do I know you?" sent me lmaoo
Bored and tired H
Bored and tired H Hace 20 días
Jackie the blazer you were comparing the fanny blazer set to are not the same lol there different products
hikkipedia Hace 20 días
I love the white corset bodysuit, the sleeves are so amazing. I can live without the rest.
SuckaahLove Hace 20 días
Why is this like my favorite video right now? She giving us style, comedy, realness, etc. 😂 Love you Auntie Jackieee
Tammie Everhart Jones
Tammie Everhart Jones Hace 20 días
Hey beautiful. The jacket with the baseball cap and the jacket with the fanny pack are two DIFFERENT jackets. The one pictured with the cap doesn't have the pockets. Check the pic you inserted. Watch a previous haul where the other ESvidR purchased both. Just thought you should know. P.S. love the video tho.
Ronnie Saitta
Ronnie Saitta Hace 20 días
omg i died when the slowmo button flew off lololol
Sweet Cheekz
Sweet Cheekz Hace 21 un día
You are so crazy! Lmao! Good vid Jackie ❤️
Monique M
Monique M Hace 21 un día
I think the line is too high fashion for people to understand. We're in the fashion nova era and I think people forget what high fashion and couture look like. Everything doesn't have to be skin tight and hourglass shaped. I'm actually loving the sculpture-esque nature the clothes. Loving the oversized yet hyper consutructured silhouettes. Loved the pink blazer on you!!!
Cameshia Brown
Cameshia Brown Hace 21 un día
Rihanna definitely wasn’t thinking about us working population with this line .
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