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A LONG TIME COMING but I was finally able to get everything together for this FENTY fashion haul! Rihanna has done it yet again, and I wanted to see how her vision and her fashion style would fit on my body type so here we go! Let me know if you think miss Rih Rih did THAT!

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Jackie Aina
Jackie Aina Hace 5 meses
I am actually more surprised that everyone HATES this line! 😳I loved most of these pieces waaaay more than I thought I would, and they will definitely be coming to a timeline near you 😂😂(and some of these I've already worn on instagram) everything was chic, and easy to style
Mo Huff
Mo Huff Hace 2 meses
Everyone does NOT hate this line
sheila henriquez
sheila henriquez Hace 4 meses
I don't hate the line and I certainly would not hate something because I can't afford it. I just don't like the clothing fit, the tailoring. I think the comment posted here was correct that the cut is European therefore the line may not flatter curves.
Sharon Tate
Sharon Tate Hace 4 meses
The same black people who hate this line out here BUYING GUCCI, FENDI, PRADa and all of those other fashion houses that HATE them wearing their clothing
AshaM Hace 4 meses
you righttt. i hate this line LOL and I live in Barbados where Riri is from
Andre Malibu
Andre Malibu Hace 5 días
jackie in all them outs fits with a SLICKED 613 mmkay low pony tail.. yes mama!!
sharifa keita
sharifa keita Hace 9 días
No thanks Ma’am! Still love both y’all.
Vivian Sessoms
Vivian Sessoms Hace 13 días
I hollered!!! Numerous times!!! Friggin love your channel & love you gurl!!!!
Nechole777 Hace 17 días
Return them all!
Crystal Marie
Crystal Marie Hace 17 días
That corset dress is actually cute
Tarah H.
Tarah H. Hace 17 días
Sexy Jackie, you are doing sexy right now
Jess Onthecase
Jess Onthecase Hace 18 días
Jackie up there doing Kung fo fighting that's why the button popped off I love Jackie she looks nice with the whole collection I agree
MaverickBull Hace 18 días
The oversized white shirt is silly. You could have found the exact same thing at goodwill for $5 in the men's section. It wouldn't have been denim but you would've achieved the same uncle look.
Kat Hace 19 días
the pink blazer looks like a different design on jackie compared to the one the model wore????
paulettie mwami
paulettie mwami Hace 20 días
Nice collection.......you looked good in most outfits but some are too oversized.If people can spend alot of money on Gucci & other brands why not support Fenty beauty.
Nicoly Parapinski Moreira
I’m a fan of riri but she should have kept going with the fenty x puma collab bc those clothes were BOMB, with an affordable price... Now the fenty luxury is kinda like a mess...
Its Briaa
Its Briaa Hace 25 días
I saw a pair of shades for $600 and immediately exited the websites 😫 whyyyy it’s just shades . I’m not paying over 300 for shades
Clara Tackla
Clara Tackla Hace 26 días
Those clothes looks like Rihanna's style.. not mine tho, I didn't liked lol
Bridget Armstrong
Bridget Armstrong Hace 26 días
U are so funnt🤣🤣🤣🤣
OhYesItsV Hace un mes
OMG I was cracking up when you put on the denim shirt and said you look like the uncle at the cook out! None of the clothes struck me as a "must have" when she released the looks. Maybe on the next cycle for me. I think the blazer would look better if you got it tailored.
Matsi Mdakane
Matsi Mdakane Hace un mes
😳😳😳 the prices wow but just because my budget won’t allow doesn’t mean I’m a hater. You look amazing
Blushing Rose Diaries
The shades were cute but the rest of it is plain ugly and unflattering for the price point. However I’m still giving Jackie a thumbs up because I love her videos!
D Davis
D Davis Hace un mes
That was fun to watch. Proud of both Rihanna and Jackie .. Black Girls Rock
Noelle Richards
Noelle Richards Hace un mes
None of that shit is cute. The white dress didn't even fit you I could see your chocha through the big ass space between buttons. The khaki skirt did NOT fit perfect there were like three pull lines. The peach ensemble was just..... that shit look like something at the thrift shop I wouldn't buy. NOT feeling this review.
Rachel Peace
Rachel Peace Hace un mes
All that shit is ugly 🤷🏾‍♀️
Juliah Hansen
Juliah Hansen Hace un mes
The jacket is alright not worth the money and those shoes they're horrible.Being a black woman your toes looks so weird please doesn't do you Justice.
BrooklynFM Hace un mes
Is it just me or are the clothes not looking like the website? For fashion nova prices ok but......
iris haha
iris haha Hace un mes
cries in broke
Terrence Johnson
Terrence Johnson Hace un mes
Anyone buy the rope bracelet? I really want to give my money to a black brand for a luxury jewelry piece....
Aubrey Elise
Aubrey Elise Hace un mes
Bro she never has her arms shaved
Micheyy Jacksonn
Micheyy Jacksonn Hace un mes
You’re hilarious 😭
Tahlia Hace un mes
When I said 5"2 I was confusion cuz I'm only 5"1 and I'm 13
Tamilya Brown
Tamilya Brown Hace un mes
Now the 4th fit😍😍 boooooomb
Randi Renfro
Randi Renfro Hace un mes
Love you Aunt Jackie! You looked gorgeous in everrythang💯❤
M B Hace un mes
4:40 those are different jackets.
Sam M
Sam M Hace un mes
Even with my light light skin tone we can still see the corns 😭
MajaR Hace un mes
The pink jacket she bought is not the same as the picture she put on the screen
valeria florez
valeria florez Hace un mes
The clothe is very ugly
Dai is Dope
Dai is Dope Hace 2 meses
Dai is Dope
Dai is Dope Hace 2 meses
Dai is Dope
Dai is Dope Hace 2 meses
Jackie them SHUUZZZ💅🏾
opal tree
opal tree Hace 2 meses
Its a no on the clothes! But a yes on your makeup and hair!
Όλγα Βερελή
Every celebrity creating a makeup/clothing line: lets create something much cheaper than I would actually wear Rihanna: lets create something I'd actually wear
S Douglas
S Douglas Hace 2 meses
I like the white Big Dress and I dislike the pointed-toe sandals.
B.Champagne Hace 2 meses
Can we get a Parisian laugh every video, please? I'm here the peppy le pew vibes. 😂
African Girl
African Girl Hace 2 meses
lol. I just came to watch your personality. u r funny, n honest. going to watch your videos
Keke M
Keke M Hace 2 meses
The white dress and shoes with the glasses gave me Mary J vibes.
Nia Henry
Nia Henry Hace 2 meses
Jackie looks good in everything... not fair
Miracle J
Miracle J Hace 2 meses
Contrary to other people’s opinions.. I LOVED EVERY DAMN PIECE but I’m Broquè honey.
Hannah Nealey
Hannah Nealey Hace 2 meses
I love EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS CLOTHING LINE not just because riri is my wife but because I love the futuristic yet older look she is giving with all these different pieces. I understand we all have our own opinions. But if you don't like it ok good for you some of use do and I'm sure if you could efford it you would have something in your closet from the line and we all know it. Don't hate appreciate ! 💯💜 LOVE YOU RIRI
Tamyra Hace 2 meses
So this video is in 5k other ESvidrs know your place lol
Ayo Aroks
Ayo Aroks Hace 3 meses
Now who do I think I am to buy this stuff? Like where am I going to that I'd need to wear pieces like these? A bit much for me but hey, cool for the fashionistas
kell 2012
kell 2012 Hace 3 meses
The corset top is an absolute yes for me
kell 2012
kell 2012 Hace 3 meses
“A big baggy shenanigan” bitch i fell outtt 🤣🤣
Red Apple
Red Apple Hace 3 meses
This collection is a miss. You have an amazing body, but nothing here looked flattering because the material was so stiff and weirdly cut. Someone in the comments said "elevated Zara," and I think that's right. It's budget clothing at luxury prices. The shoes look like they're from Payless. I support Rihanna as a fashion mogul, but this was disappointing.
Elena Andreea
Elena Andreea Hace 3 meses
the blazer is not even the one in the picture, not even close
Brenda H
Brenda H Hace 3 meses
That pink suit doesn't fit you well. I feel like it's wearing you rather than you wearing it
LaPorscha Monique
LaPorscha Monique Hace 3 meses
Jackie what do you mean you don't have the body to pull off anything? lol you made all of these pieces work. I actually like the salmon blazer after you cinched it at the waist. Rihanna charging a pretty penny for these outfits. Sis we aint got it like that over here.
Rick and Morty
Rick and Morty Hace 3 meses
I don't like any of it Edit: well the shades are cute
Crystal Kilgour
Crystal Kilgour Hace 3 meses
Jackie I am here for your reviews!!! Man you covered it all AND some
Bobbie Daniel
Bobbie Daniel Hace 3 meses
I was feeling pretty salty until you tried on the corset shirt and the corset dress ... Those are super cute on you!
Leahcim Robinson
Leahcim Robinson Hace 3 meses
I really enjoyed it
Joanna Sobierajski
Joanna Sobierajski Hace 3 meses
The shoe issue msy also be how ur standing gait is. Sometimes ur feet may sit inwards or outwards. Nothing against u or the shoes. I walk mostly inwards on my heels when i walk in any shoe.
Marwa Regab
Marwa Regab Hace 3 meses
these clothes are literally ugly.. like idc if theyre designer or expensive asfuck they ugly
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