My trunk is on BEAST mode ! 4 15s

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Welcome to my Channel!
My trunk is on BEAST mode ! 4 15s

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17 jul 2019

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Comentarios 1 337
Cuzin Wasi
Cuzin Wasi Hace 3 horas
Nice ass cars but y u ain't let me hear the bam
Roy Wickliffe Jr
Roy Wickliffe Jr Hace 8 horas
Da car! Enough said!💪💪💪💪💪💪
keyshawn vetty
keyshawn vetty Hace 11 horas
Get money my boi💯
cn001252 Hace 12 horas
That shit hard bruh 💪🏼🔥
Zombsxx3 Fortnite
Zombsxx3 Fortnite Hace 16 horas
Was is that song name??
Gregorio Romero
Gregorio Romero Hace 16 horas
Wack ass nigga
migas custom sounds
migas custom sounds Hace 20 horas
Lol. No offence but that attitude is shity, all that bragging for Walmart speakers just makes u look foolish. I'm glad ur blessed but it seems like it's making u an ugly ass person. Good luck.
Sharonfaye Gibson
Sharonfaye Gibson Hace 23 horas
Darron Brandy
Darron Brandy Hace un día
Continue yo shit bro you doing a lot right causeyou got haters bro
general kick ass
general kick ass Hace un día
Box Chevys my shit bro ive had 8 of them bitches all different years all hooked up keep doing your thang
Bass n Honda
Bass n Honda Hace un día
Best of the best? 7k lmfao you got kicker and flexing to hard with it. Im louder with my 500 dollar system. Start being humble before the universe takes you back to the bottom
Jeffrey Brent
Jeffrey Brent Hace un día
Less of the less shit, pioneer way better than Kenwood, plz
Tuned By Caleb
Tuned By Caleb Hace un día
7k for that bs?😭 mannnnnn they fucked you real good
Shamir Sims
Shamir Sims Hace un día
Lil bro fuck um by the way what you do for a living
David Israel Jr
David Israel Jr Hace un día
You shoud have put that 7 in a better engine you lol
Anthony Lyons
Anthony Lyons Hace un día
What color blue is that? I’m getting my charger done electric blue it look similar to that. And why u ain’t play it I wanna here that trunk
Eugene Bell
Eugene Bell Hace 2 días
Them ain't 15's Corey stop lieing
derek carter
derek carter Hace 2 días
Wats the name of this song
BASSLIFE 4EVR Hace 2 días
OMG that kills me who ever said something about ur braces how in the world does that make someone hard or soft that is the dumbest shit I ever heard anyway man ur RIDE is off the hook that paint OMG BEAUTIFUL not that it matters but that's my birth stone color steering wheel matches the rims that rich the only people that will talk shit are those who can't get with that i love hater's they make me want to get more and do more ok i rambled on long enough my bad (🇵🇷✌🏼💪🏼🔈✌🏼💪🏼🔉✌🏼💪🏼🔊🇵🇷)
Elliott Feaster
Elliott Feaster Hace 2 días
Nice car...but those subs are pure cheap trash👈 waste of money......
Anthony Gutierrez
Anthony Gutierrez Hace 2 días
Man bro..if ur be doing all that dam flossing is showing off talking about u have money...nigga show of a Bentley or lambo something that worth real money..want nigga cant afford that dam shit u have..if ur gonna floss due it rite..in other words..u have chump change. compare to real m.f with real money n real cars n real house's..
Life With Corey
Life With Corey Hace 2 días
I could have bout a Bentley 5 times. The difference is you nobody to prove I have money 🤷🏽‍♂️ I buy what I like not what you want
Vernon Summerlin
Vernon Summerlin Hace 2 días
Anthony Gutierrez
Anthony Gutierrez Hace 2 días
Probably stay in welfare apartments in get their crazy government check on the 1st.lol
Noe Diaz
Noe Diaz Hace 2 días
Skar subs are way to go!!!
Prophecy Talley
Prophecy Talley Hace 3 días
All that into the car but shitty subs i dont get it nice car tho
lawrence carter
lawrence carter Hace 3 días
Do ya shit homie. Stop explaining..
lawrence carter
lawrence carter Hace 3 días
Nice go head top dawg.
Initial Pro
Initial Pro Hace 3 días
If a nigga say you ain't hard then that nigga ain't hard and his chick mad at him cause she harder than him lol
Neil Arredondo
Neil Arredondo Hace 3 días
Congrats on the beautiful system love them focals they sound bad ass keep it up bro shake them haters off
Adolfo Martinez
Adolfo Martinez Hace 4 días
L7 squares will hit way different and them digital design bump hard af too
Carlos_ 559
Carlos_ 559 Hace 4 días
What’s that song callled at 2:25
Chris G
Chris G Hace 4 días
U gotta build a slab 1 time!!
Chris G
Chris G Hace 4 días
Throw sum swangas under that blue mfer!!
Chris G
Chris G Hace un día
@Elliott Feaster Hell yeah. Might as well. Where u think pop trunk and shit came from
Elliott Feaster
Elliott Feaster Hace 2 días
Hell no.
michael newsome
michael newsome Hace 4 días
That shit trash
Damion Callaway
Damion Callaway Hace 4 días
Wanna be like u when I grow up lol
MR MECHANIC Hace 5 días
Good to see ya living, but I could tell you a yungsta by your conversation..lol
Shavar Holloway
Shavar Holloway Hace 5 días
bro them cars hard asf n yu jus inspired me like a mf !
True Gritt Customs
True Gritt Customs Hace 5 días
john tisdale
john tisdale Hace 5 días
💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼 box clean asf! Salute you.. But why half step on the music? 7k for kickers.. Other then that box clean on the forgis
Huero SD
Huero SD Hace 6 días
31 acres of land...stfu..! Your a joke... Bragging is for weak people...
Erick Padilla
Erick Padilla Hace 6 días
bro wats the name of tht song u put on ur baby
Tywon Allen
Tywon Allen Hace 6 días
7 k . You should of came out way harder. They just robbed you. I seen what 7k can do to your music. And it's twice as better quality you got. No hate , I just don't like seeing people get taken advantage of.
Anthony Askew
Anthony Askew Hace 6 días
Tf fam too fuckin cocky for me fr damn near ready to unsubscribe💯 fam u doin yo thang but stop dat tough shit cause u not da only young nigga doin dis shit💯
brijy smif lily36
brijy smif lily36 Hace 6 días
Bro don't let the bread go to your head. I remember when y'all had none of that.
real OG style sts Cadillac
It looks good bra, have you thought about putting a lite tint for the windows ✌ and can y'all roll out with blue headlights if so grab you apair
Cliff Harris
Cliff Harris Hace 6 días
You want to BYU a buy a 2door box chevy
cameron sheppard
cameron sheppard Hace 6 días
bruh.those boxes aint old schools..you need a drop top 68-72 chevelle or cutlass with ls engine..im from northern cali..we do all high performance shit..we ride box chevys but to us. theyer not worth puttn all dat money into..but you hella clean bruhh..ill show you pics of my 69 cutlass drop top when its out paint shop.
Brandon Hensel
Brandon Hensel Hace 7 días
needa trade them CVX in for some sundown zv5’s
compcast Hace 4 días
Sundown X-series
Doane Ponder
Doane Ponder Hace 7 días
Here's another Youtubing ass nigga suffering from BIGHEADITIS! SO SAD!!!
C Murder
C Murder Hace 7 días
Like the way u gettin to the bag link up
DallasCarLife Hace 7 días
That box dope 🔥
miguel ruiz
miguel ruiz Hace 7 días
Why ain’t U show ya shit knocking
miguel ruiz
miguel ruiz Hace 7 días
Eii Corey let me catch that screen deck g
TEE- Alldawayliiive ENT
I've been watching all of your ads and clicking them,,,eat yungin💯👍🏻
Raymond Cortez
Raymond Cortez Hace 8 días
Dork ass nigga stfu all you doing is poppn shit was you bullied coming up save all that xxtra shit
Monique Johnson
Monique Johnson Hace 8 días
We fuckin with y'all I love y'all Corey Carmen💚💚💚
xxxg0t3mxxx stream
xxxg0t3mxxx stream Hace 8 días
All that money in the car and you use them cheap ass subs... Man... Sundown dc crossfire cadence hell even jl but man them Walmart kickers are a joke lol
James Russell
James Russell Hace 8 días
I got 150 acres in Ms. 💁 sold over 50 in da last 10 yrs at $3000 a pop. I'm 43yrs old.
James Gordon
James Gordon Hace 8 días
Enjoying your videos Cory, Big Ups...
J. Cephas
J. Cephas Hace 8 días
Cool nigga and respect your hustle, but stop putting everything you got better thn others, because we might be reading on tmz how u got robbed, god forbid. Be happy with yours and shout out to the man upstairs which paved the way for you. Without trying to put others down, a flip of a switch and it all can be gone bro. Stay positive, and get up wit my man cjon32's. Might can learn u something
nclildogg2 Hace 8 días
blj_drums92 Hace 9 días
What’s the name of the song @ 2:25
djmac productions
djmac productions Hace 10 días
this nigga sound just like the rapper "Trouble" lol
Eugene Bell
Eugene Bell Hace 10 días
Birmingham Jefferson county
D'zo benfranklin
D'zo benfranklin Hace 10 días
They got that bitch right
Arturo Hace 13 días
7000$ for speakers wtf is you doing you don't know shit bout the culture and letting people fuck you lmao
Renald Jacques
Renald Jacques Hace 14 días
modify the engine make your car louder make it sound LIKE A BEAST
Zach Kronquist
Zach Kronquist Hace 15 días
Cant wait till I write my song " Fuck whut da people think " Bkuz that whut you gotta do. Who cares it's your style and your way Gon do whut yu wanna .
Zach Kronquist
Zach Kronquist Hace 15 días
Awweee shit bro Shit is on fleek. 2,4,7 Fuck gotta getta drink from da eleven Looks Gucci as fuck. Cnt wait till yo charger git dune. NO CAP.
Mom Rice
Mom Rice Hace 17 días
⛽⛽💙💙Tell me you good follow Corey
deondre napper
deondre napper Hace 17 días
T B Hace 19 días
It’s so obvious you were born into money. So bragging about how much money you have is goofy cause you didn’t start from the bottom. Mommy and daddy paid for that
T B Hace 16 días
Nah playboy I can see it in your face. Your soft. Grew up good and in a good environment. Not hating at all. Just saying it makes you look goofy af
Life With Corey
Life With Corey Hace 18 días
It’s obviously you don’t know me cause My mom or dad ain’t pay for nothing I help my mom 😂 Hater
Jamaican Johnny
Jamaican Johnny Hace 19 días
Idk why you make it a goal to spend the most money on something. You don’t know how youtube can go. You can get all your vids demonetized then what you going to do.
Casshy Tv
Casshy Tv Hace 19 días
I would have put some slicks and swapped the engine for a ls7 supercharged
Dj Kenny is global
Dj Kenny is global Hace 20 días
Never hating but ... You spent dat bag you should of went wit jL in dat trunk kid BUT... Shitz go hard doe!
J.T. Leyva
J.T. Leyva Hace 20 días
Need Soundqubed or DD audio in the trunk get the HDX3’s bro but looking good
AFewStackzEnt Hace 20 días
MF Hard Bro!
riddles smile
riddles smile Hace 20 días
Hes setup is garbage 7k subwoofer garbage deck garbage 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Trent Pollard
Trent Pollard Hace 20 días
Make da black one to a race car
Th3 GO4T 24
Th3 GO4T 24 Hace 21 un día
Lmfaoo that shit trash put fukn 6 12s nd then ull hear some real bang fuk 15s lmaoo u aint finna knock no picturez off the wall with that 😂😂🤣🤣🤧🤧🤧
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