[n월의 석진] Message from Jin : Feb 2024 💌 

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4 feb 2024






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@PurpleMoon799 Hace 15 días
imagine having an idol love you so much that he recorded 18 different videos because he knows how much we'll miss him. genuinely we're so so lucky!! 4 months to go jinnie. i miss you and love you so much and im so happy to know you'll be back soon. army love you ❤
@kirasingh4558 Hace 15 días
@venusdemesa6674 Hace 15 días
So ..so true...wwhjnbts💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
@TinnahSande Hace 15 días
@bangtanlover23 Hace 15 días
I wait for his videos every month 🤭
@Yuna-Park69 Hace 8 días
I don't know, but I notice that he has become more beautiful 😭🤌🏻💜
@papsgirl0000 Hace 6 días
I think it's recorded before going to military, and released later
@liliandemesa4406 Hace 6 días
Yes surely,it's recorded before MS.
@papsgirl0000 Hace 6 días
@@liliandemesa4406 i think the commenter doesn't know that....
@anamower478 Hace 5 días
@@papsgirl0000 yeap
@Yuna-Park69 Hace 5 días
@@papsgirl0000 yes... I really know this now ☠️
@Vesper_Light Hace 10 días
보고 싶어요, 진. 6월이 너무 기대돼요! 넌 정말 잘생겼어, 영원히 그럴 거야.
@naddyville Hace 7 días
Looking forward to seeing this beautiful face more often after you get out of the military 💜💜💜💜💜💜
@kookingi97 Hace 7 días
También te extrañamos mi hermoso JIN, esperando que ya pronto estarás nuevamente con ARMY.😊
@vaL-kv6uy Hace 5 días
Jin is wonderfully sweet to his fans, Army. How many celebrities actually love their fans and do this for Army? Not many, I tell you. I can see why he's WWhandsome. This video is him (without performance makeup) - See @ 1:17.
@bts0t795 Hace 16 días
Alot of kpop artist went to military service. But the effort this man put for fans are something commendable Kim seokjin is rare
@rachb3889 Hace 13 días
Yes! He really does love army. Just one of the many reasons he’s my bias. Such a wonderful caring man to prepare all of these videos ahead of time for us. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
@KahorySan Hace un día
Ver que Jin nunca dejá de ser tan lindo✨
You don’t know how much i miss him ❤
@L.I.L.Yisyourmother Hace 11 días
Thank you for always checking in on us! We're eager to receive you back!!
@ibis_eimy99 Hace un día
World Wide Handsome Kim Seok Jin forever and ever. I Purple You.
@user-ic6xz3dg2q Hace 15 días
Honestly how can someone care for his fans this much .I knew i won't regret coming in this fandom.
@chocolatechips1776 Hace 15 días
t’s probably his marketing/YT team who plans and publishes these videos, but it’s still cute that Jin records them “for” us!
@user-ew2ub6qs4c Hace 2 días
Miss you JIN waiting for your return. It's almost time for you and Hobi to come back to us🎉🤴💜
@user-ul4rr5eq3t Hace 4 días
I cried, I love you WWH 😭
@rhoding9250 Hace 3 días
31 but still same looking when he joined bighit😮😊 Can't wait to see you soon jinnnaaahhh Thank you for coming again Missed you
I miss you so much Jin! See you soon! Thank you for making love videos for army especially for us ❤😊!
@_STARMY3708_ Hace 2 días
다음달이 곧 시작인데 걱정하지 마세요 김석진님, 행운을 빕니다.✨✨
@KFe715 Hace 16 días
Just thinking that in 4 months he will be making live videos fills the heart with joy and anxiety for that date to come quickly! What a joy to see SeokJin's beautiful face and hear his sweet voice💗🤩🫶🏻🦋
@Mehak_210 Hace 8 días
진오빠, 너무 보고 싶어요. 한달만 지나면 밀라토리에서 오는데 다른멤버들도 오면 하나님께 기도하고 다같이 모여서 노래 만들어주길 기도할게 💜💜💜🥰😊😊😊😢😢😢❤❤❤
@laiba7520 Hace 3 días
My world wide handsome will remain forever handsome♥️
@withaggrawal Hace 9 días
The preety face had got my heart millions of time but this time I really really missed you Jin 😢😢😢😢😢
@mariachirinos5877 Hace 7 días
Seokjin te extrañamos muchos las ARMYS cuídate mucho 💜💜💜💜
@user-dh8yj6cf7w Hace 5 días
내가 이해하는 한, 좋은 수술을 기원합니다. 물론 우리는 당신을 있는 그대로 사랑할 것입니다. ❤
@agustd2025_7- Hace 15 días
Jin always makes time for ARMYs to check up on them and tells them to take care of themselves. He is a very nice person. We miss him, and we hope he returns to us safe and sound.💜
@yoongistangerine86 Hace 10 días
Jin oppa, just come back already, it's been like too long, feels like ages!! 🥺🥺 We miss u soo very much and can't wait to see u back. When Jin said, I am still 31, I was like, really, because u look 21!! Just as pure and beautiful and fresh!!!!. Take care oppa❤ And no, you'll just stay pretty even after ages because u r wwh, don't worry!
@ismene6546 Hace 9 días
Thank you for all of these videos Jin! You always think of us. We are praying for your safe return!
@areejmohamed3038 Hace 10 días
진 너 너무 귀여워. 꼭 다시 와주세요 꼭 다시 뵙기를 기대합니다 부디 아껴주세요 잘 먹고 잘 자요 ❤❤💜💜💜
@user-xs9kb6si2c Hace 11 días
Please come back safe and healthy to us Jin...we miss you so much💜💜💜💜
@jacqueline20cruz Hace 5 días
Te amo Jin, y te extraño mucho también ❤ nos vemos pronto 🫂
He's so sweet! The fact that he filmed this over a year in advance justbfor us makes it even more meaningful! We miss you too JIN💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
@Miss_cat283 Hace 5 días
당신은 최고의 석진입니다! 정말 고마워요❤
@DanicaHayes-DH10 Hace 12 días
Jin so adorable💜💜💜
You are always beautiful Jin! I miss you so much! 😭❤️ Come back soon safe and sound 😘🙏
@kimberlyguerrero234 Hace 11 días
Oh seokjinnie.. you will always be OUR WWH.. We ARMYS are patiently waiting for you and the members to be out of your duty.. BE HEALTHY SARGENT KIM SEOKJIN 💜💜💜
@euphoric5781 Hace 6 días
And why is suddenly my eyes are teary by just listening to his voice again 🥹🥹.... And how can someone be this beautiful & handsome at the same time 😻😻.... You're 0:01 so sweet jinshiii 💜💜💜💜💜✨✨
@NotSpockToo Hace 15 días
I could stare at his gorgeous face forever! He worked so hard making sure to have messages ready for us before he joined the military. I'm so appreciative of how much love he shows us fans! 💜
@user-ti7ok1dj4g Hace 4 días
BTS의 맏형 석진아 이번년도도 아자아자 화이팅💜💜
@k-pop_world474 Hace 7 días
나 이거 너무너무 좋아해~ 곧 돌아오신다니 반갑습니다! 거기 계시면 더 멋있어지신 것 같아요🤧 즐거운 시간 보내시고 행복하고 안전하게 돌아오시길 바랍니다. 여행 내내 좋은 일만 가득하길 바라요 💜🥺🤧 우리는 당신과 당신의 WWH 날아다니는 키스가 그리워요 🥺😭
@user-cw8tt3sx4u Hace 5 días
석진아♥︎건강하게 잘 지내서 다행이야😊 얼마 안남은 기간동안 몸 잘 챙겨서 마무리 잘하고 더 멋있어진 모습으로 만나♥︎❤❤❤❤
@hav__1150 Hace un hora
This made my whole day! Also… did anyone else feel like on full screen you were FaceTiming him? 🤣 Especially when he got super close to the screen?
@f1nninurmind Hace 9 días
나는 내 생일에 이 영상을 봤다. 태어나서 제일 좋은 생일선물이에요. 나의 행복이 되기 위해 태어나주셔서 감사합니다. 나는 계속해서 당신을 이렇게 사랑할 것입니다, 그리고 날마다 더 사랑할 거예요 김석진 사랑해요!
@purple_moon Hace 15 días
His monthly check-ups on us are just the most thoughtful and lovely thing. It's so healing to see him through these messages
@ARMY_FOREVER5 Hace 9 días
이 영상 썸네일을 보고 너무 잘생겨서 6일동안 기절하다가 깨어난 직후 댓글을 달아서 영상을 올린 시점보다 6일 뒤에 댓글을 단 점 정말 죄송드립니다. 석진, 당신도 건강하면 좋겠고 항상 보고싶다는 점도 알아주면 좋겠어. 그리고 아주 사랑한다는 말 전해. 그리고 얼빡샷은 안찍어주면 좋겠어. 얼빡샷때문에 너무 잘생겨서 잠깐 심장마비로 기절했으니까.
@user-qv2hr1ot7l Hace 4 días
We miss you all so much but we will wait because the best comes last and you are our last. We hope you come back healthy because to be honest I have never been to a concert and I really want to go to yours one day (I LOVE ,WE LOVE YOU your army)❤
@anoohyaraobts1019 Hace 7 días
It's always them who makes me smile even when m crying like a mess they're the hope for Caring I love them all 7 I love you jin my handsome
@ruqeyyabayramli Hace 11 días
아! 석진아 더 보고 싶게 만들지마 월드와이드핸썸. 보고싶네요, 빨리 무사히 돌아오길 바라요...❤
@duashakir1227 Hace 5 días
I love u chubbs 😘😘😙😗 i missed ur work so badly where should i leave comments for uhh😢😢🎉🎉 i loved u sm from bottom of my heart 😘😙😗🌹❤️ i missed u so badly ure my sorrow im ur pain ure my moonlight i am ure sunlight
@AbyssEnthusiast Hace 16 días
The way he's coming in closer to the camera and playing with it while making the tiniest sounds... 😭WE MISS YOU JIN! Please stay healthy and come back safely!
@julieduong6571 Hace 16 días
1:20-1:30 & 1:54 😳😆🥰🥺
@suhasiniukey1805 Hace 11 días
Who was nodding and saying "yes Oppa" on every loving instructions from Jin oppa?? Or was it only me🤭🤭🤭 Also Oppa you were, are and will be world wide handsome at age of 25 & 31 and till end of the time..💜💜💜.. miss you too oppaaa.. stay healthy.. and happy and keep smiling 😊❤
@user-jb9vy5oc6y Hace 5 días
❤I love you so much, you are kind, take care of yourself 🌗🥺
Don't worry Jin we are always with you
@sierra_btsarmy7953 Hace 6 días
I love u so much Jin!! Stay safe! 💜
@user-kn2ye7yx2j Hace 7 días
석진아! 이 번년도도 잘 지내!!
@nightshadow73 Hace 15 días
As beautiful as your face is… Your heart is even more amazing.
@rmisapoet4983 Hace 15 días
so true
@BangtanARMY331 Hace 15 días
Yes, world wide handsome with world wide beautiful kind heart💖
Jin how I miss you, come back soon!!! we love you😭😭😭😭💜💜💜💜
@niconicoleta8802 Hace 5 días
Cuídate mucho Jin Army te quiere mucho 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
@normacardenas6969 Hace 5 días
I love You Jin ❤
@rupadevimopati290 Hace 8 días
빨리 와요 진오빠 기다리고 있어요 우리 애들 아프지 말고 힘내세요 😊
@chanchal1761 Hace 5 días
월드와이드 미남 감기 걸려서 몸이 안 좋아그리고 나도 당신이 그리워요. 좋은 한 해 보내세요❤❤❤love you
@aria4013 Hace 16 días
Seokjin no Matter what's your age, your face will always be handsome. You will remain WWH.💜
@maricardecastro9766 Hace 12 días
truly our handsome Jin loves ARMY's a lot. please be safe and know that real ARMY's are waiting for you and all your 6 brother's return.
@hocinbaghdad8550 Hace 5 días
헐숌넟 조 씨의 마지막 날 갑자기 나타난 것이다 라고❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🎉
진님 올해도 잘 보내세요! 나는 당신의 팬입니다 😊😊
@JuliaLuiza13 Hace 11 días
Jin stay well and healthy too, we miss you 💜 Come back soon, please🫶🏻💜🫶🏻💜🫶🏻💜🫶🏻 Brazilian Army🇧🇷💜💜💜
@BtsArmy4orever7 Hace 7 días
We are waiting for you no matter how long you take 💜
He never forgets to remind us how handsome he is 😭💜 As if Army will ever!
@sharronjohnson2832 Hace 15 días
WWH forever🥰🥰🥰
@Army07-me2qm Hace 15 días
@2Chuas Hace 14 días
@2Chuas Hace 14 días
Oops 💜 !
@faisalmuhammed8328 Hace 11 días
Seokjin is so handsome 💜 😍
@user-uj8xe4gq9h Hace 7 días
우리는 당신을 사랑하고 당신을 계속 사랑할 것입니다❤❤ 저는 더 아름다워졌어요❤❤
@STAYxARMY775 Hace 9 días
Jin you don't have to say who you are we already know you😂❤💜
@rubyjane691. Hace 3 días
Love love love you you you can't wait for your comeback
@R.J_Army Hace 6 días
We're all so impatient for your arrival, we miss you so much pretty face❤
@call_me_oppa7044 Hace 11 días
You'll always be handsome even if you're 190 yrs oppa 🥺, miss u 😭 i 💜 u
@gonegirl5817 Hace 14 días
when he brought his face really close to the camera, my heart stopped for a bit..don't do this Jin..I can't take this much cuteness...oppa, Saranghae💌
@ntxxx9703 Hace 13 días
Same 😭💗
@mia-wz1bb Hace 13 días
@BoraBlooded Hace 8 días
Jin- you're face has always and will always remain pretty. You're literally the most handsome man in the world. You messages always warm my heart. We're all still waiting for you to come home. Stay safe and healthy.
@user-oz1vy8qj7s Hace 2 días
I noticed that my beautiful JINNIE became more beautiful, he is still funny and cute and I miss him, I hope he is well and I wish he comes back safely very soon, JINAHHHHH I LOVE YOUU< I PURPLE YOU, I MISS YOU💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
@user-jw4kx9ix6f Hace 9 días
감사합니다 영상 올려주셔서요 백록담선생님도 있구나 저는 오늘 솔의눈 하이볼 먹었ㅇ습니ㄷ처음처럼 ㄱ살고싶지만 잘 안됩니다 사랑합니다 장난스럽게 말걸어주셔서 사랑합니다 당연히 늙어도 리즈입니다 ㅎ
@user-ng4nc4oc5k Hace 9 días
석진이도 건강하게 잘 지냈으면 좋겠어~
@AnwarAli-zc2my Hace 10 días
So cute when he come close to camera 😊😊😊😊😊💜💜💜
@Your.Casual.Buddy_AS Hace 16 días
Let's be honest, seeing his handsome face is a blessing to make our day better🥺
@JustAera Hace 16 días
I'm watching at 11 pm and yes it made my night much better. ❤❤
@R0S3M4RYF0RU Hace 16 días
@surya9470 Hace 16 días
I agreee❤😌
Seriously tho, could this man be any cuter?🤗💜
@SiaEilish Hace 16 días
Mine too💟✨
@user-xu5zr2ze1e Hace un día
초록색도 옷도 청량하게 소화 ❤
@jebabaskarnt95-xo3iq Hace 10 días
Jin is pure joy to watch❤❤
@Bhavi-ym7xh Hace 10 días
No matter what age..may it be 32,40,50,60,70 and so onn!! You'd still be the most prettiest person🥹🫶🏻
@joanna_bts7 Hace 4 días
We love and miss you Jin 😭💜
@fatemabegum260 Hace 4 días
I miss you jin and bts all member 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺❤❤❤
@jina_army Hace 15 días
ARMYs We are really so lucky to have like this person in our life 🥺❤️
@vkashharkoo5492 Hace 15 días
@DMW... Hace 15 días
@btssuperarmy Hace 15 días
True 💜
@BangtanARMY331 Hace 15 días
Yes of course. Give thanks to the Almighty who send him in this world.
@GoldenMaknae305 Hace 15 días
Ikr🙃love him sm💜
@attention5542 Hace 9 días
Jinnie I really really miss you :(( I hope you return healthy and more stronger than ever 🥹❤️‍🩹 I love you so much and I want to see you soon ❤ Thanks for thought in army and made a lot of videos to remember your beautiful face every month 🥹
@innerchildwontchange Hace 11 días
You will always be this handsome at any age, mr. WWH. 💜
@ayeshabtsarmy9876 Hace 23 horas
I can't believe he will come again
@kanushkaravi1465 Hace 3 días
Even now ,your cuteness and beauty have not diminished Jin ...💜
@user-es2qn3pt5r Hace 4 días
U have to come Hurry we miss u so much❤❤
@RaKu8 Hace 12 días
I think we don’t appreciate his messages 😢 enough! It is so sweet
@clmhK5 Hace 5 días
I definitely appreciate the English subtitles
@memelgames2904 Hace 11 días
Can't wait to see the group together again❤😢 Army forever❤
@user-um4uy1gt3s Hace 9 días
‏‪2:08‬‏ ‏‪잘생긴 얼굴이 너무 그리워요 늙지 않게 건강하시고 술도 많이 마시지 마세요 스타님
@user-um4uy1gt3s Hace 8 días
나 죽지 않게 몸 조심해
@user-dp8kd5mw7l Hace 9 días
Hello Su Kjin. What a beautiful and handsome face. I missed you and BTS🥺 so much, but now I am fine when I see you, and also I love you very much. I hope to see you very soon.💜I am from Iraq, I love you very much 🇮🇶💜♥
@anjamel3698 Hace 7 días
My bias is Jungkook and it‘s forever, but Jin, you don‘t know how much I‘m waiting for you! You will become all my love and support! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
@mochipurple_world Hace 9 días
Hey Jin ! Hope you are doing well there....my prays are always with you! Have nice journey ahead!
@wendyvorasane7802 Hace 16 días
Jin, you are such a sweet person and always going to be handsome.
@damaryuseche Hace 8 días
It won't be long until you are back with us, we love you.
@yomn8327 Hace 4 días
Jin es un amor💖 Lo extraño mucho
@rice_qq Hace 4 días
석진오빠 보고싶습니다🥹💜
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