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15 ago 2018

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jacksfilms Hace 14 horas
Just so you know, this video isn't the reason I took a 3-week break. I've been hard at work on a BIG project, which will be revealed in an upcoming "MY BIG ANNOUNCEMENT" YIAY later this month! Stay tuned......
Illusions Hace un hora
jacksfilms okay
luck myst3r
luck myst3r Hace un hora
boi Hace 2 horas
my sexy feet
Crusader Hace 56 minutos
#YIAYweapon my weapon of choice would be my words. Or if that doesn’t work, a gun.
Alexa Snowflake
Alexa Snowflake Hace 56 minutos
#yiayweapon the mirror
SporkTheMighty Hace 57 minutos
#YIAYweapon my crippling depression
Tyler Gibson
Tyler Gibson Hace 57 minutos
#yiay dildo
Earl Clonk
Earl Clonk Hace 57 minutos
cat bomb
cat bomb Hace 57 minutos
Aggressive dabbing #YIAYweapon
Just someone932
Just someone932 Hace 57 minutos
Yeah! Your forehead is a big powerful weapon..
Yūrei Hace 57 minutos
#YIAYweapon daddy issues
The Ashbro
The Ashbro Hace 57 minutos
#YiayWeapon a narwal with a poisonous horn
louis shalev
louis shalev Hace 57 minutos
#YIAYweapon i choose nofe so i can watch my victims slowly dies as i laugh over there bodies and smile... and it f**king looks cool
Super Gamer
Super Gamer Hace 57 minutos
#yiayweapon my peepee
Joe Johnson
Joe Johnson Hace 57 minutos
#yiayweapon the yiay book because it's so old and rock hard
Sabrine M
Sabrine M Hace 57 minutos
#YIAYweapon this dicc
Tobey Yuen
Tobey Yuen Hace 57 minutos
Alexandre Mendes
Alexandre Mendes Hace 58 minutos
YIAYweapon "an emoji knife"🔪
Sky the frog girl
Sky the frog girl Hace 58 minutos
kiwiEverything Hace 58 minutos
#YIAYweapon Waluigi Launcher
Sir, Memester
Sir, Memester Hace 58 minutos
#YIAYweapon My Imperial Sword On Skyrim When I Have Strength 100, So I Can Finally Defeat Another Dragon Of Choice.
Jaizzss Hace 58 minutos
#YIAYweapon My powerful wapon will be Apple Products, so I can tell people that iPhone X came from apple so they can eat, suffocate and die.
Connor Laycock -hall
Connor Laycock -hall Hace 58 minutos
#YIAY you....
Scott Sterling
Scott Sterling Hace 59 minutos
despasito 2 gone emotional
Lemon Powder
Lemon Powder Hace 59 minutos
#YIAYweapon The divorce papers
Mile 13 Supernatural
#yiayweapon 10,000 spoons...when all I needed was a knife...
yoav steinberg
yoav steinberg Hace un hora
#YIAYweapon an audio book, bore people to death
Lemon Powder
Lemon Powder Hace un hora
#YIAYweapon Saying a dead meme in a conversation
Dre Nisay
Dre Nisay Hace un hora
#YIAYweapon your videos
asocial Innovator
asocial Innovator Hace un hora
“Over a decade” *only shows comments from 4 months ago*
Mo_o _sy
Mo_o _sy Hace un hora
Feeling the moon❄️. i think it’s a good name
Daragh Hace un hora
mine is you
cillian Urgino
cillian Urgino Hace un hora
i will name it thot
Greyson Heart
Greyson Heart Hace un hora
#yiaywepon hate comments because they hurt the most
Ccqwerty Hace un hora
#yiayweapon mobile game sponsors
Ccqwerty Hace un hora
I liked me own comment again
ScellyCraft YT
ScellyCraft YT Hace un hora
I never knew you were that good
Howdodiswork Hace un hora
#yaiyweapon a sealing fan
Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris Hace un hora
I am the globglobgabgalab
#YIAYweapon A fish. Always wanted to slap someone with a fish.
Dareal Thing's
Dareal Thing's Hace un hora
#YIAYweapon MY MOM
Ostas Xthia
Ostas Xthia Hace un hora
#YIAYweapon Jenna Marble's nuclear dogs that spit fire, have the wings and horns of a demon and fart uranium
JustAWeirdoComingBy Hace un hora
#YIAYweapon a sharp mustache that can only kill your private
Just me, Llex
Just me, Llex Hace un hora
#YIAYweapon A vending machine
XxDark slayerxX
XxDark slayerxX Hace un hora
#YIAYweapon A vacuum, so I can clean up the remains, as well as the rest of their filthy home
Bora Gamer
Bora Gamer Hace un hora
#YIAYweapon I would wait until someone murders me and then I would say "no u"
Wolfy Hace un hora
#YIAYweapon Nameless 11 year-old terrible piano songs
Mr.Hide and Seek
Mr.Hide and Seek Hace un hora
#YIAYweapon blow up the earth
Vortex lilac
Vortex lilac Hace un hora
Ecstasy Games
Ecstasy Games Hace un hora
My Heart, name it My Heart
León Sebastian Thorbjørnsen Farias
#Yiayweapon A gun, so i can shoot your marriage
Sanskaar Sharma
Sanskaar Sharma Hace un hora
#YIAYweapon Jenna Marbles
3,000 subs with no videos
Eyyy #1 trending my boi
Daisy Getalado
Daisy Getalado Hace un hora
What a beautifull piano i think beautiful marry
I’m right Here mom
#YAIYweapon sponge bobs middle eyelash on his left eye Works every timeeeee...
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger Hace un hora
Jack's haters #YIAYweapon
ABD Hace un hora
#YIAYweapon A rusty spoon and a power walk towards the target, the pressure would be unreal.
Eruick 047
Eruick 047 Hace un hora
A Furry picture #YIAYweapon
Major Jag
Major Jag Hace un hora
a funny jacksfilm video, cause they will never find it #YIAYweapon
ZekeTheAlien Hace un hora
How many people said “Despacito 2”?
Midwest fishing guys
#yiaywepon ashergyuhbvfwwweerryyuokhfsdffgyukopl,mkoijnbhuygvcftrdxzseawqqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm with a ctddfghjijnbddssxcghhuik
MaLoLHDX Hace un hora
#YIAYweapon showing someone that he has not been featured in a yiay video after 200 yiay videos
TheApexCompilations Hace un hora
My murder weapon would be a candlestick which is lit
Cyndalugeon Hace un hora
#yiayweapon the ability to say you play minecraft in 2018 to scare everyone away!?
max Robertson
max Robertson Hace un hora
#yiayweapon meme review it always kills
Krisko 05
Krisko 05 Hace un hora
#yiayweapon Weapon one: "Roblox" works on people above 12 with 100% lethality *Fatal weakness **-online daters-* Weapon two: "Broccoli" everyone under 12 with 100% lethality, work 10 times better on online daters.
HisMajesty_TheVoid Hace un hora
#YIAYweapon Retconning them out of existence
Reuben Wheeler
Reuben Wheeler Hace un hora
#Yiayweapon I don't need a weapon I look at them and they die Jacksfilms 2018
Digit Hace un hora
#YIAYweapon a massive pink dildo bat out of sandpaper and barbwire... Plus comes exclusively with lube and vaseline
George Leftheriotis
George Leftheriotis Hace un hora
Connor S
Connor S Hace un hora
#yaiyweapon a pogo stick
Math M
Math M Hace un hora
#yiayweapon I like to use the tears of all the disappointed Tanacon attendees to make icicles, which I sharpen with Jacks intellect, only to shoot them with a slingshot made of the bones of all the haters. #IpromiseImnotinsane #Ilied
ksyhmi Hace un hora
#yiayweapon Casted obsidian sword
Sadie Scarborough
Sadie Scarborough Hace un hora
#YIAYweapon A vial of pure ligma+sugma........ also the emoji movie
Pumpkin Cat
Pumpkin Cat Hace un hora
it depends on how i feel like killing them
Elias Nilsson
Elias Nilsson Hace un hora
#yiayweapon the emoji movie dvd
Daloinofnuture Hace un hora
#YIAYweapon telling you would jeopardise the ritual
Lawend Hassan
Lawend Hassan Hace un hora
Vivienne Eliza
Vivienne Eliza Hace un hora
#yiayweapon my lazor shooting arm
fahetta bot
fahetta bot Hace un hora
#yiayweapon insults such as: ur is nob, you're mother, ur mom bowl. Critical hit
Jay Albert Castigador
#1 on trending :O
Predrag Grujic
Predrag Grujic Hace un hora
#yiayweapon spoon
ElvinosDelfinos & Tredy
#yiayweapon Ligma
ImperialGamer Hace un hora
It should be called: The best song ever, but with out any vowels or spaces so it would be: Thbstangvr
Aksyhmi Hace un hora
#yiayweapon just pray
Predrag Grujic
Predrag Grujic Hace un hora
#yiayweapon I really don't care, as long as I commit it in my fursuit
Ccqwerty Hace un hora
#yiayweapon the disappointment of never being in a yiay
Ccqwerty Hace un hora
Heh i liked me own comment
Nervousneed Hace un hora
#YIAYWeapon Jack’s Forehead! its the biggest weapon ever so i can kill my prey easily!
rip s
rip s Hace un hora
#yiayweapon a pump shotgun and your marriage
Predrag Grujic
Predrag Grujic Hace un hora
#yiayweapon fedora
Melvin Kee
Melvin Kee Hace un hora
Animenz senpai
Jelle de Bruijn
Jelle de Bruijn Hace un hora
#YIAYWeapon the watch that you wear on your *RIGHT* hand.
Blank Blank
Blank Blank Hace un hora
#YIAYweapon pull the “JACK, I HAVE NOT BEEN PICKED YET!!!” card, It wins every time.
Predrag Grujic
Predrag Grujic Hace un hora
#yiayweapon m'dick
Diogo Guedesa
Diogo Guedesa Hace un hora
Daddy Issues
Jalen Hart
Jalen Hart Hace un hora
my dig bick #YIAYweapon
Jean-Baptiste Cattley
#YIAYweapon the handy pen
craftyheidi Hace un hora
#YIAYweapon A pillow, it may take a while, but it proves efficient!
Lovatic Sweetener
Lovatic Sweetener Hace un hora
The Brad Gaming
The Brad Gaming Hace un hora
#YIAYweapon ear screeching can drop people to the ground.
Landanhp Hace un hora
Hey if I sub to you will you sub to me
Little K-Pop
Little K-Pop Hace un hora
#yiayweapon The latest Jenna marbles video... utter torture...
KonpaZ Hace un hora
#YIAYweapon an enchanted diamond sword with sharpness 32767
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