Nancy And Chuck Are: Democrats On The Offensive

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So a president, a Senate minority leader, and a House minority leader walk into an Oval Office...
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12 dic 2018

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BREEZYT Moonornoon
BREEZYT Moonornoon Hace 27 días
Anybody who goes against trump gonna be liked more after they go public w it...
Mohna Priyanka
Mohna Priyanka Hace un mes
"He's like Alexa, he only wakes up when he hears his name" 😂
jangelderman Hace un mes
Boulder my
PheydraSunstar Hace 3 meses
Trump's useless border wall both exists and doesn't exist at the same time. So, essentially Trump has created Schrodinger's Wall.
darkiee69 Hace 3 meses
Shrödingers wall?
COMPASSION2611 Hace 3 meses
L😂L, is it possible for Trump to Shut his own government down... how smart would that be?
Eugene Marston
Eugene Marston Hace 3 meses
Whoever supports big government is weak. There I said it.
Monica O'shea
Monica O'shea Hace 3 meses
I personally appreciate the Hamilton quote
Joren Board
Joren Board Hace 3 meses
Schroedinger's Wall
Gloria Cook
Gloria Cook Hace 4 meses
JohnCook Australia 🇦🇺. Trump was adopted by the Trump family. They found this kid in Chernobyl where he contracted radiation poisoning. It causes skin discoloring. Also small hands are obvious defects . The ability to tell the truth does not exist in his world . Other problems are a very low IQ and of course illiteracy where there is difficulty with words of more than four letters. All these things were announced on Fox News channel but it was broadcast at 3:30 AM on a Sunday. They deleted the fact that Trump declared he was a genius and that he knew everything about everything. They probably thought that the believers would find that hard to swallow like his penis .
Deno Keller
Deno Keller Hace 4 meses
DemoRats are about killing babies and open borders to cause chaos and drive crime up in America !!! Also , trying to disarm LAW ABIDING Americans to force their BS deep state agenda down every Americans throat !!! 😡🖕🏻 President Trump is WINNING and WILL deliver ALL his campaign Promises, unlike Odumbass !!! Trump 2020 MAGA and Keeping America safe 😎👍🏻🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Mike Stevens
Mike Stevens Hace 4 meses
Um nobody wants to feed on his carcass , think slower , he is the prez, loss of the job is all that's needed , he's human ,look at all the....I got nothing ; they will pressure him to resign , pence is just about as bad , buy 50 pounds of rice , and pray.
lisa lisa
lisa lisa Hace 4 meses
I so love Nancy!!! She's gonna hand him his ass... Just give her a minute or two. Stay tuned!
PIGGLEMAN Hace 4 meses
No one else was in the room where it happened
mike bemben
mike bemben Hace 4 meses
It bathers me that some Americans still want Trump in power!!! He is destroying everything that is good.What is wrong with you people . They need to read a history of Russia , and Trump.I am sick of this man , It's like he is doing everything to destroy American democracy for the love of money. What's more scary , there is more like him in the same party that are willing to do anything for money. That is horrible and they should be fired. Lies , and lies shouldn't be tolerated .
John King
John King Hace 4 meses
Even though Mike Pence is a truly revolting man in his politics and beliefs, I would trust him 100% more than Trump leading the USA. So, all I hope is that we will hear the words "President Pence" very soon.
Gary Olsen
Gary Olsen Hace 4 meses
QQzzz No n. 👾👾
Will Gamble
Will Gamble Hace 4 meses
This has more anti trump/ anti president messages than the cnn segment. I think that speaks volumes
The Friendly Bot
The Friendly Bot Hace 4 meses
9:43 Schrodinger's wall
Richard Hace 4 meses
I am totally and 100% convinced that Chuckey and Nancy are getting hundreds of millions of USD dollars from the drug cartels and sex traffickers for blocking the walls in order for their businesses to flourish. Before you haters reply with your evil comments take a minute and think about it. I NEVER WATCH THIS VILE LATE NIGHT GARBAGE
Maddie Marine
Maddie Marine Hace 4 meses
Did anyone else’s cats freak out when he played the “cats boxing” clip? 😹
Sidney Sanders
Sidney Sanders Hace 4 meses
LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!! She said "This wall thing.... It's like a manhood thing with him - as if manhood can be associated with him". She pulled a slim shady on him
EpicBassoonist 1
EpicBassoonist 1 Hace 4 meses
Ahh... the classic schrodingers wall...
John Hace 4 meses
What is hilarious is all these people who believe this guy. Lol you have only taking his words out of context.
Ty Sargent
Ty Sargent Hace 4 meses
Missed a fabulous joke opportunity! "There's a ladder over here. I have to climb a ladder. Oh, hold on. It's stormy."
Tim Hace 4 meses
Stop calling this excuse of a being a "president". He calls Pelosi and Schumer "Nancy and chuck" , so call him Donald, be hates that. I would call him the filth of the earth,but I have waaay worse nominations for him.
Douglas Steophen
Douglas Steophen Hace 4 meses
Pence? The enemy of the People? Or the enemy of Trump?
Douglas Steophen
Douglas Steophen Hace 4 meses
Mr. President, Drain the Swamp!
Matthew Poskonka
Matthew Poskonka Hace 4 meses
Will say a prayer for you, be careful what you preach!
David Parkes
David Parkes Hace 4 meses
They've impeached Presidents for less but treason is passable? How Trump is still president is baffling.
ricsenTV Hace 5 meses
Democrats pay what Trump is asking for the wall every 10 days to subsidize illegal aliens. Let that sink in. #SocialistClowns
Wendy Weaver
Wendy Weaver Hace 4 meses
ricsenTV - Wrong. Click on the footnote links to read the sources for each assertion in the Wikipedia article (third paragraph). Social Security retirement benefits rely on having more than three workers per recipient (5-6 is best) and the U.S. is at just over three. Because our birth rate is so low, the U.S. needs immigrants because most will be workers whose FICA contributions fund current retirees. The birth rate of immigrants falls to the low U.S. norm by the second generation which is why the U.S. economically needs immigrants each and every year. "Migration, no matter how controversial politically, makes sense economically. A new IMF study shows that, over the longer term, both high- and low-skilled workers who migrate bring benefits to their new home countries by increasing income per person and living standards. High-skilled migrants bring diverse talent and expertise, while low-skilled migrants fill essential occupations for which natives are in short supply and allow natives to be employed at higher-skilled jobs. Moreover, the gains are broadly shared by the population" blogs.imf.org/2016/10/24/migrants-bring-economic-benefits-for-advanced-economies/ Illegal immigration to the United States is both the unlawful entry of foreign nationals into the United States and the remaining in the country of admitted foreign nationals after the expiration of their U.S. visas or parole documents.[1] A year after the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964 outlawed discrimination based on national origin,[2] an immigration and nationality act abolished quotas imposed by earlier acts, but kept other limits in place. The debate over illegal immigration has continued over the decades since, as illustrated by the current controversy over President Trump's proposed border wall with Mexico. Research shows that illegal immigrants increase the size of the U.S. economy, contribute to economic growth, enhance the welfare of natives, contribute more in tax revenue than they collect, reduce American firms' incentives to offshore jobs and import foreign-produced goods, and benefit consumers by reducing the prices of goods and services.[3][4][5][6][7] Economists estimate that legalization of the illegal immigrant population would increase the immigrants' earnings and consumption considerably, and increase U.S. gross domestic product.[8][9][10][11] There is scholarly consensus that illegal immigrants commit less crime than natives.[12][13] Sanctuary cities - which adopt policies designed to avoid prosecuting people solely for being in the country illegally - have no statistically meaningful impact on crime, and may reduce the crime rate.[14][15] Research suggests that immigration enforcement has no impact on crime rates.[16][17][14] - Wikipedia
Alex L
Alex L Hace 5 meses
Build the wall, Mr. President! Be strong, don't stop!
Brian Greene
Brian Greene Hace 5 meses
Oliver Phippen
Oliver Phippen Hace 5 meses
If Chucky concedes to the wall he keeps his job If Nancy concedes to the wall she looses her job If the Don concedes to the wall he looses his job If Chucky maintains his stance he looses his job If Nancy maintains her stance she also looses her job If the DON maintain his stance he wins reelection Nancys / Chucky's job is in the balance - all or nothing The DON has backed the DIMs into a corner and the longer this goes on it resonates with the public against the Dims ? The DON has many alternatives while Chucky and Nancy have none , they are out of ammunition except for more created lies with no Camera ? The DON has backed them into a corner and their political life is in the balance ??
Coop Gaming
Coop Gaming Hace 5 meses
Schrodinger's wall anyone
Daniel Reno
Daniel Reno Hace 5 meses
Trump 2020
scott left
scott left Hace 5 meses
The "bones and leathery skin" in his head, is from years of Cocaine and cheap Alcohol...nice bit of animal abuse there stephie....real nice....i hope you encourage more cat fights.
scott left
scott left Hace 5 meses
Chuck and Nancy....star in....Punch and Judy....run Jud run...save the Swamp from the Trumpadile. Everything Trump has said regarding the border and illegals...Schumer said a few years back
Skyleir Skyleir
Skyleir Skyleir Hace 5 meses
That weirdo vp that is the guy damn creep , you guys will be missing Trump if he is not anymore president.. He's a creep angelican
matt thecat
matt thecat Hace 5 meses
looks like chuckie and nancy both got owned.lmao.Weak and stupid is what they are as well as hypocrites and no match for Trump-the best president since Reagan.Case closed liberal weenies,lmfao
The Jam and Berries
The Jam and Berries Hace 5 meses
When she right your right pilosi
Mike Trotter
Mike Trotter Hace 5 meses
Almost every single comment on this video is against our President. The democrats along with their allies the "bought out" communist controlled mainstream media have successfully portrayed conservatives and the Republican Party as a coalition of the wealthy and intolerant. They have claimed that they are the true champions of the working or middle class as they unceasingly fight to defeat and marginalize this evil menace. In reality, they have no interest in defending any working or middle class at all. Of the 50 wealthiest congressional districts throughout the country, the Democrats now represent 41. America’s elites, now overwhelmingly represented by the Democratic Party, have a single overriding interest, their self indulgent lifestyle. This is manifested in their mistaken belief that conservatives (the “right”) are hell bent on enforcing their version of morality on the nation, which potentially calls into question the lifestyles of the rich and solipsistic. As conservatives are the dominant force in the Republican Party and this nation can't function politically with more than two major political parties, the alternative is the Democratic Party. An entity dominated by the American Left, an assemblage whose core philosophy is antithetical to the interests of the wealthy and privileged. Yet, determined to protect their lifestyles and vilify conservatives, they willingly ally with the leftist communist and overwhelmingly support virtually any Democratic candidate. In the 2018 midterms, Democratic House candidates outspent their Republican opponents by a 2-1 margin thanks primarily to this wealthy but myopic assemblage. They will keep feeding voters bullshit and voters will keep forcing it down their throats and voting numbers within the party become overwhelming with those who generally support the leftist philosophies of redistribution (socialized medicine and guaranteed incomes) and curtailing of freedom (speech, assembly and religion). While it may not manifest itself to the affluent who have cast their lot with the Democrats, the redistribution of wealth must, by necessity, come from the wealthy, as that is where the bulk of the nation’s wealth resides. It's also this same small group that benefits the most from freedom of speech and assembly. The more this marriage becomes a convenience, a divorce will be impossible as the co inhabitant of the Democratic Party, the dependent class, must continue grow in order to electorally defeat the Republicans and protect the left’s agenda. (no border walls) And, the oversold expectations promulgated by the left will never be satisfied regardless of how many promises are made or token redistributive programs are enacted by the current ruling class. Only a complete transformation of this nation into a failed socialist state like Argentina will satiate the left, their acolytes and their attendant army of dependency. A goal more in reach than ever thanks to the inability of the nation’s elites to give a damn about "We the People" and the future of the country. There's not a more short sighted and self absorbed group of citizens in this nation than the white, wealthy well educated urban and suburban voters. They're willing to rend the fabric of this nation in order to protect their privilege and lifestyle. While the vast majority of Americans will ultimately pay the price, the current ruling class and their progeny will have far more to lose.
HiLo Hace 5 meses
I don't like Trump, but Nancy and Chuck are weak. Democrats are doomed.
American Patriot
American Patriot Hace 5 meses
Wow! This is definitely a Lefty Libtard DemonRAT congregation hall who come here to blow each other.
HaleyHalcyon - Gaming Channel
Wow, you're still trying to make “demon rat” a thing? You live a sad life.
Raging Monk
Raging Monk Hace 5 meses
"The wall is a metaphor for his manhood." So "MUSHROOM" soup? Allegedly!!
Ice Adonis
Ice Adonis Hace 5 meses
Where are the pesos?
Erich Nussbaum
Erich Nussbaum Hace 5 meses
I' ll shutdown the government. And Mexico will pay for the paychecks of the employes! ;-)
Judy Thompson
Judy Thompson Hace 5 meses
We missed something here. If he noticed that shutdowns don't work, why did donald shut the government down?
King Ghost
King Ghost Hace 5 meses
My ex and her father voted trump which was the biggest realization I’ve ever had that a relationship needed to end and my gf before that shaved half her head.
David Souza
David Souza Hace 5 meses
Spanky's ire for Pelosi is astronomical. Love this✌
Anna Maria Mazzarisi Soto
Remember "Drunk Uncle" from SNL? Yeah that's him.
jessica rivera
jessica rivera Hace 5 meses
Trump is the 👹he woke up the rest of the Kkk hillbillies&real ugly racists, up from getting put to rest along timeago🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄🍄,boarder patrols are hurting,abusing the immigrant children,they destroying there canned foods,water gallons left for the immigrant people to survive the dessert walk to the boarder that so in humane,these evil boarder patrols.
Craig Merguson
Craig Merguson Hace 5 meses
Nancy Pelosi Net Worth = 100,643,521 Libtards go figure who she is really working for. Definitely not the American people
Louise K
Louise K Hace 5 meses
I love Stevens version of trump😂
Ainslee Cain
Ainslee Cain Hace 5 meses
Haven't seen so much critics, contradictory arguments, and a president to be made fun of in public like this ONE. Let's hope that people of USA will not vote THIS president ever again. Take this as a bad dream that will eventually end before HE start a WWIII 🙇🏼🙏✨
eric ohanian
eric ohanian Hace 5 meses
How come all of you not care about the migraines none of you are doing nothing about it just talking lives go take them to your house
eric ohanian
eric ohanian Hace 5 meses
Were you there watching I'm having a problem
eric ohanian
eric ohanian Hace 5 meses
How do you know he's having a trouble erecting it
eric ohanian
eric ohanian Hace 5 meses
You are a joke and script and talk show host
eric ohanian
eric ohanian Hace 5 meses
Nothing you say cold but it's funny you are a dumb
Whaleshrimp Hace 5 meses
Is Nancy P. still alive? She looks way past her "sell by" date!
TheHonorable Doggy
TheHonorable Doggy Hace 5 meses
Go, Nancy, go! Go, Mueller, go!
Jorge Maldonado
Jorge Maldonado Hace 5 meses
C'mon he just wants to erect something
Jorge Maldonado
Jorge Maldonado Hace 5 meses
We have no president
Katherine Kirkhope
Katherine Kirkhope Hace 5 meses
Grab him by the bricks. Nancy rocks!
Chang Daegun
Chang Daegun Hace 5 meses
So two career parasites hold the country hostage under threat of withholding government services to prevent the President from doing what he was democratically elected to do. Did he not campaign on this? He said he was going to do EXACTLY this, and then people voted for him. Then he won the election. What "American people" is this old bag talking about? The ones who voted for the sitting President, or the ones who were high-jacked into voting for Clinton? These people are truly disgusting.
Bill Baldwin
Bill Baldwin Hace 5 meses
lock him up
Michael Whitwell
Michael Whitwell Hace 5 meses
I’m starting to think your causing more dots in tweets...........::)
Hugo Lalumiere
Hugo Lalumiere Hace 5 meses
Trump calling for transparency is downright hilariously ironic. Tax papers, Donnie.
Q Leatherneck Smedley Butler
Choose wisely for the people and children Nancy Beautiful symbolism!! And having volunteered in Berlin for a few years in refugee camps. I can tell you that contraband is muled inside children! Kids younger than 8 cut open at lucrative destination points! Angry survivors may someday act out against those who allowed this to happen! How many more are being used across our border? Please consider and perhaps modify perspectives bases on new information. Such as the most cost effective means of securing the southern border. Kids are being mule inserted because it's lucrative and too easy! Just today 536 found incidents of Adults illegally transporting children not their own at our southern border! And you know airports scanners don't allow this! Consider please! And respect!
Just Human
Just Human Hace 5 meses
I love you nancy pelosi
Daniel Marsala
Daniel Marsala Hace 5 meses
Piss on Putin!
curtis c
curtis c Hace 5 meses
Oval office ain't that serious, Bill Clinton got sucked of in the oval office.
Sharon White
Sharon White Hace 5 meses
Trump is prime and exact definition of a “Dotard”.
john e Lawler
john e Lawler Hace 5 meses
if, according to Trump there is a wall then why is he shutting down government for one? I mean again according to him this one works? the man is stupid, or his base is
asdf asdf
asdf asdf Hace 5 meses
hows chuck, Nancy or Trump idiots for doing this. They have different opinions, none of them are stupid. This amateur is the most unoriginal chat show host. same thing every day. He's a shill paid to give the same view. pathetic.
Arielsummers Hace 5 meses
I always get your #THEIDIOTTRUMP jokes...lol
lou poh
lou poh Hace 5 meses
Why?…………because he’s a Russian ‘s puppet
tanya brooks
tanya brooks Hace 5 meses
Go to your rooms now !😂
vinh lam
vinh lam Hace 5 meses
you guy know why democracy no support for the wall near border ,have two point,they knew in long term they will lose because almost american people already recognize them nature,so democrat want more and more immigrants come to your country to support them because immigrant also want to bring whole family come also ,that why they will support democrat ,and the second key is reduce the reputation of President Trump for the next election ,because His promise to build the wall for usa' people,so they keep him unpromise, but you can see he are try to do it but democrat is the side want to prevent him without any reason.
Songs Mirth
Songs Mirth Hace 5 meses
Barron wrote this tweet. Notice all the capitals when there shouldn't be any? From what I could see there are at least 11 of them although I couldn't see the whole tweet.
Songs Mirth
Songs Mirth Hace 5 meses
In Trump World he thinks if he says nice things about people in public who he hates, that it will make him seem like a wonderful guy. He's done this many time. After the first Cabinet meeting remember when Rex Tillerson called Trump, "a @@@@@@@ moron?" Of course Trump heard about that. But the next day someone said to him in the morning, "how did your first Cabinet meeting go?" "Great, it went just great!" His very favorite adjuctive is, "great." He said that so he could pretend he hadn't heard anything. But Trump doesn't forgive anyone. I'm sure there was a temper tantrum that night and the next morning he's all roses when he's furious inside. Trump even lies to himself. Rex was a very successful businessman who really didn't know Trump at all before he took the job. He didn't realize how ignorant and stupid he is. And how he refused at that time to have any documents sent to him. Rex had given up a 180 million dollar bonus I think it was for quitting Exon and coming to the White House. I'm sure it didn't take long for Rex to realize what a horrible position he was in. That's one of the reasons he quit. And I think in part he wasn't making the kind of money he thought he'd make being in the White House. I don't mean the wage. That's nothing to people as filthy rich as he is. I mean more. And when he realized how many people in the Cabinet bought their jobs to change the agency that was under them he felt like a traitor which he was. He's been friends with Putin for decades dealing with him as the CEO of Exxon. But I think Rex realized Trump was being blackmailed and maybe his love for America couldn't take it. Having a President of our country being ordered around by an enemy. I hope that's why he left. And Trump also doesn't take advise which was why Rex was there. To help him but Trump is a know-it-all like Hitler was. Experts like Rommel tried to explain to Hitler what was necessary to win a battle but from his office in Berlin Hitler would give him orders that made no sense. Finally Rommel stopped taking them and they killed him for it. And he was brilliant at it where as Hitler, like Trump, didn't know what he was doing but power and worship went to his brain. Like it's doing Trump. Now we have a shut down that's going to make so many suffer and no one deserves that. There are going to be demonstrations the likes that Trump has never seen. He will see just how many people can fit into D.C. to protest his shut down. Let's see if he'll take the blame. I'd bet no. A spoiled kid wouldn't.
Songs Mirth
Songs Mirth Hace 5 meses
Notice how Trump quickly says, "if WE don't get what WE want then yes, I will shut down the government!" Where did the, "we," bit come in? Whose, "we?" He does this. I think because he has multiple personalities. No, that's not true. He always been an eight year old spoiled brat mentally. And to him in his fantasy Trump World, this is a pissing contest. So he's got to bring in all the fire power he's got and that's making 8,000 government employees not get paid, the stock market plummet. But you see he's still living in luxury and being waited hand and foot on. He doesn't have to pay a mortgage or utilities or food. In fact the White House has world renown chefs who cook for him and his family. He asks for it and they give it too him. I'd love to see the kitchens in that place. They must have some cupboards full of food. If his life depended on it he couldn't tell you what a gallon of milk cost. He's never had to. Even when his Father died Trump got millions and was relieved that he had Manhattan's real estate to himself. He didn't have his Father to compete with any more. He said that at his Father's funeral. And before his Father died he tried to change his Dad's will to favor just him. He didn't care about his family at all. His sister found out about it and told their Father who was furious. Anyway, Trump really doesn't care about America or Americans and he doesn't care if he hurts the people he's sworn to protect. He doesn't understand what that means. He honestly is a loser who is that self-centered that he doesn't care if he shuts down the government. But he will. He's going to be the most hated man in the world in not very long. Already they are keeping him in the White House. He didn't even go to Merlago for Xmas. I think the crazies are coming out and the very angry people who he's lied to and betrayed. So the Secret Service is keeping him in. Notice he's not made up some rally in awhile? His beloved rallies. The place where he gets validation. He's addicted to people cheering for him. That's why he takes his staffers when he does have one so he's assured of being cheered for and we pay for it all! :( When the shut down starts getting bad Trump will find someone to blame. Democrats probably. Songs
Brian Timmerman
Brian Timmerman Hace 5 meses
I'm glad the new world order is filling your pockets The Americans are suffering if all the taxes in your states
qzniel Hace 5 meses
...wait.. is Mexico not paying for the wall?
Matthew Ivan
Matthew Ivan Hace 5 meses
All these comments are fueled by emotion. Classic liberal. Stephen Colbert I enjoy watching you to recieve a "differing" viewpoint but you only roast him with personal attacks... kind of lame
Roy Joseph
Roy Joseph Hace 5 meses
Look at his reaction when she said trump shutdown” he is I’m sorry did u say trump! She completely IGNORED him and continued and he said it with smile like he doesn’t know how to act trying to runaway from the rail subject CHILDISH reaction for 70+ year old he was thinking that he is threatening one of his employees in his hotel haha
joseph Traff
joseph Traff Hace 5 meses
The new cast for remake of Nightmare on Elm Street. Pelosi Schumer Muller Comey Feinstein Waters With guest appearances by comedy duo Goldberg and Lemon Special cameo by Child star Stephen Colbert as Arnold Schwarzenegger playing Princess Bubblegum.
Lisa Godin
Lisa Godin Hace 5 meses
We need to build a wall around Trump so we stop hearing about him!!! Shut up Media about Trump for one god damn day!!!!!
Lisa Godin
Lisa Godin Hace 5 meses
Trump just loves to cause shit for the cameras and Media won't stop covering him!!! I'm sick of Trump! Wish he was dead already!
Lisa Godin
Lisa Godin Hace 5 meses
Did Shumer and Pelosi go in private to "negotiate" later that Trump will again renig on because Trump keeps no promises? Played again if they did! Pelosi and Shumer were screwed once by Trump in negotiations! They just don't fuckin' learn because they both were manipulated again by Trump for a public meeting which he does just for the freakin' cameras! When are these morons gonna see how Trump manipulates!!!! And they say Pelosi is smart? She refuses to discuss impeachment or resignation for Trump. That's not smart. Ohhh! So you hope she imposes the health care mandate that forces monetary blackmail again for government run dictatorship healthcare! Government has no right to fucking force you to buy or else! You're all witless sheep for wanting that force back!
CaptainTexican Hace 5 meses
Schrodinger's Wall
Lisa Godin
Lisa Godin Hace 5 meses
Shumer should've walked out! Pansy! Pelosi should've walked out! Pansy! They play into Trump's manipulation so pathetically! Why am I the only one who can see!
Lisa Godin
Lisa Godin Hace 5 meses
And once again, Don the Con the narcissist who never admits he's wrong who says he'll take the blame for the shut down he never intended to do but said it for the cameras(duhhhh!) blames Democrats. Um...did it ever occur to anyone NOT TO shut the government down? What would've happened had Trump NOT gotten the shut down on request? NOTHING!!!!! But people are so used to being told what to fuckin' do in the Government that they'll do the wrong thing anyway! People should've said Trump wants a shut down? Tough he's not getting it! He can stamp his feet all he wants! NO Trump manipulated the shut down and got it! Trump demands his idiotic money for the border wall that Dems caved on once but Trump declined because he wanted MORE, he's told no border wall money. Trump you want extra border wall funding we refuse to do? Stamp your feet and tirade all you want the answer is NO! We caved once and you renigged, no more border wall money! NO, No, NO! Trump you want a shut down? Great! We'll GIVE IT to you no problem hurting thousands because we politicians aren't affected the same as government workers! So the politicians pick and choose! YOUR politicians handed Trump the shutdown that affects thousands! And what do you say? NOTHING because you're too stupid to notice how both Trump and your politicians play with your lives! You won't protest to get rid of Trump and you're thinking Dems will punish Trump taking over the House! Boy will YOU be disappointed! You'll be played again!
Lisa Godin
Lisa Godin Hace 5 meses
Chuck and Nancy the manipulated should've walked out!!!!!
Lisa Godin
Lisa Godin Hace 5 meses
If you're NOT shocked by what psychopath Trump does then he's fully indoctrinated you! Not being shocked anymore means you don't give a damn so Trump can abuse you more and you won't care! Trump has played people so long they can't see it! I see it! But then Trump doesn't control me! His televised meetings with Shumer, Pelosi, others are just for show! For the second time has Shumer and Pelosi been conned by Trump and they'll BOTH cave to Trump's demands! So sick of the mind games Trump pulls on politicians and gets away with it because people are so easily manipulated by Trump to do his bidding of meeting with him so he can then renig on agreements he had no intention to do! When the hell will Pelosi, Shumer, McConnell catch on to Trump manipulation!!!! When will you posters realize it! REVOLUTION! IMPEACH! DEMAND BY PROTEST RESIGNATION!
Fire*Minx Hace 5 meses
Nobody does it like Colbert lol
Instant Karma
Instant Karma Hace 5 meses
Poor cats
MrManerd Hace 5 meses
5:54 OK, I'm a little confused. Why are we praising James Comey for refusing to testify to a house subcommittee without a guarantee that every word will be published but shunning Donald Trump for choosing to argue with Nancy and Chuck publicly?
tina Haynes
tina Haynes Hace 5 meses
Mexico is going to pay for the wall. Mark my words 😂
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