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Is Naomi Campbell in love?
The 48-year-old supermodel is reportedly still dating 25-year-old Liam Payne from "One Direction".
Then, Christie Brinkley says age is just a number and we should ignore it. Does Wendy agree?
Plus, Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook got into a nasty altercation with a Utah Jazz fan and his girlfriend. Wendy has the latest details in Hot Topics!
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13 mar 2019






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FemalePointofView Hace 28 días
Naomi is the clean up girl, she is like a hollywood tramp. Sleeps around with all of Hollywood, that is why no one will marry her.
Anna Ketterer
Anna Ketterer Hace 3 meses
Please invite her on your show again!
Katie Hace 4 meses
Christie Brinkley has admitted to a facelift and Botox so yes there is defo some "Hollywood magic" going on! Nobody gets to 60+ without having a single wrinkle on their face, eating meat or not!!! That said she looks fantastic not plastic so why the hell not!! 👌🏻
Cheryl Young
Cheryl Young Hace 4 meses
Of course you’re going to say your age Wendy you can’t hide it. You’re a celebrity we can Google it.
Cheryl Young
Cheryl Young Hace 4 meses
Not everyone wants a baby, Wendy.
Cheryl Young
Cheryl Young Hace 4 meses
She’s a lot older.
Cheryl Young
Cheryl Young Hace 4 meses
Naomi is 48, she is passed baby age ( in my opinion)
Cheryl Young
Cheryl Young Hace 4 meses
Cindy Crawford has been married for years.
Christie Brown
Christie Brown Hace 4 meses
Disagree! I think Naomi is having fun. She has dated a bunch of billionaires (not millionaires) that were older and semi good looking. Now she’s got this young hot thing...she’s having fun!
Aimee V
Aimee V Hace 4 meses
Naomi is very beautiful. She’s not looking her age.
Name Changed to Punty
I’m sorry!!!!, but this boy isn’t in her league, what on Earth is / was she thinking. In the uk most of us are like Hhmmmm !
Patsy Mc Mahon
Patsy Mc Mahon Hace 4 meses
Wendy maths LOL 🇮🇪
Virgochic84 Hace 5 meses
So I have a chance with Liam
Carl Stapleton
Carl Stapleton Hace 5 meses
Yaaaay they left in the “how you doweh” today
K ben
K ben Hace 5 meses
Susan is doing entirely too much with the hollers 🗣OHHHHHH
Renee Buster
Renee Buster Hace 5 meses
Naomi and Liam?😨 That's a shocker
Sydney Stardust
Sydney Stardust Hace 5 meses
Wow those women that stood up are gorgeous
Johanna Jaworskii
Johanna Jaworskii Hace 5 meses
This isn't the same Liam that Miley was with right
Lottie A
Lottie A Hace 5 meses
Those ladies don't look 65 at all they look younger than Christy. It's very obvious Christy Brinkley has had cosmetic work done
Ubah Mohyadin
Ubah Mohyadin Hace 5 meses
What is Wendy on about niaomi is from Croydon London not Jamaica loool
Tee trinity
Tee trinity Hace 5 meses
More like naomi was running around south London 😂
sultry42 Hace 5 meses
Naomi was discovered when she was a teenager not in Ja
Mepshist Black
Mepshist Black Hace 5 meses
Hi everyone I am sorry for asking this. Could you tell me why, why, just why her breasts so big? Was she born this way or did she gets plastic surgery?
Mama Sandra
Mama Sandra Hace 5 meses
But you can’t let a racist degrade you using your ancestors past even if you have all the millions like let my ancestors Rest In Peace after the misery they went through and RESPECT us period!!
Holly Powe
Holly Powe Hace 5 meses
I'm screaming for a fact checker, too. Christie Brinkley didn't grow up in Texas. She grew up in California, LA and Malibu, to be exact, where there are LOTS of vegetarians.....NORMAN!!!! Get on it!
jeenadeep Hace 5 meses
I watch this only to see what stupidity will come out of her mouth next.
Cecilie Noble
Cecilie Noble Hace 5 meses
Naomi, is in love!! 💕💕 You go Naomi, who was born in South London! She wasn't discovered in Jamicia! She is British, born in the UK!!! 💫😅💫
Leah Waters
Leah Waters Hace 5 meses
Naomi was born in London lol
Genevieve Words
Genevieve Words Hace 5 meses
That was not right to compare Christie Brinkley with the two Women of Color in the audience who are 65 years young as well. It's not right to do that. I, admire Christie. I like her attitude, professionalism, and striving and creastive success style. However, that was cool wrong to throw those two Women of Color who are 65 Years Young like Christie. By the way, I am 64 Yrs Young.
Sonia Adibia
Sonia Adibia Hace 5 meses
Just "" women""....... not " women of colour". Just women
Genevieve Words
Genevieve Words Hace 5 meses
Niaomi, has a boy toy.🤗
Asa Nwa
Asa Nwa Hace 5 meses
Wendy, you cant be this stupid! Naomi grew up in Streatham, London. Which is in UK if you dont know where London is!
Renee Moore
Renee Moore Hace 5 meses
Pple of differing ages are dating more these days, it aint a thing and if they want to keep it private that's their business. She;s been dating younger men before, like Rihanna's current bf. Men do it too!
Jack212 Hace 5 meses
Naomi Campbell : the definition of a real gold digger .The richer you are , the better you chance to get her .I don't know why , but i never liked her .
Samantha Sam
Samantha Sam Hace 5 meses
Naomi born and raised in London! Do your research
AdonniKay Hace 5 meses
What was the point of the black ladies standing up ? Black cracks? White is right ? Whats the BLOODCLAT point.
Eagle Hace 5 meses
It's nice hearing Suzanne's laugh in the background
burcu Hace 5 meses
Naomi is British and so her new man. Btw Naomi is so nice and beautiful
Luke F
Luke F Hace 5 meses
Its so rude of Wendy to say Naomi was “running around Jamaica” when she was never. Can you imagine the uproar if someone said Wendy was “running around Africa”
Eagle Hace 5 meses
What's wrong to be running around Jamaica or Africa?
Diana Echevarria
Diana Echevarria Hace 5 meses
she's almost a senior citizen so I don't think she should have any kids lol
Jose Alfaro
Jose Alfaro Hace 5 meses
lmfaoooo wendy doing math is hilarious
GoBagLadyGo Hace 5 meses
that stalker is not a fan and he owes him nothing! this is not the plantation. pretty sure he is not shooting with him in the gym
Alexandra Hace 5 meses
Wendy stop playing you know Christy Brinkley looks like she’s had plenty of injections, maybe a facelift.... those two women have extremely smooth, youthful, NATURALLY beautiful faces.
shannon tyrell
shannon tyrell Hace 5 meses
Naomi looks very young 48? Really? More like 26
every villain is Lemon
active life Blog
active life Blog Hace 5 meses
Wendy is so funny 😂 48 showbits age
active life Blog
active life Blog Hace 5 meses
I don’t think Naomi is hot
Burcu B
Burcu B Hace 5 meses
“This is the 80s” what 80s Wendy?! He’s 27 if that was 10 years ago it would be 2009, why doesn’t her team stop her from making these oblivious comments🙄🤦🏻‍♀️
Brittany Goodale
Brittany Goodale Hace 5 meses
I love Wendy but she gets so much information wrong, come on
Grand memaw
Grand memaw Hace 6 meses
Wendy I am so glad you are back and want to wish you the best. You always make my day brighter take care Love you the most
1GoldRunner Hace 6 meses
Being a virgin is nothing to ridicule.
M GH Hace 6 meses
Beauty is industry It was low from wendy to compare normal 65 women you dont know their struggles to plastic surgery millionaire who take care of herself with money
Marshan Thomas
Marshan Thomas Hace 6 meses
i like herb dress
Alejandro Arenas
Alejandro Arenas Hace 6 meses
12:00 I’m in actual love...
Jo Lewis
Jo Lewis Hace 6 meses
I wouldn't f--k up my money, if a fan is inappropriate security better escort them out or I won't play, period.
Sonyah Depasse
Sonyah Depasse Hace 6 meses
My feeling is that you are looking at this from the wrong angle. She was shading CHRISTIE. It's obvious that she's all fakery and the ladies in the audience looked natural and fabulous. Say what you want about Wendy but she is supportive of her black audience. She is not going to purposely alienate her bread and butter either. So,solidarity and enlightened self interest like the rest of the world ;) And both ladies really did look fantastic ❣
Jen Vincur
Jen Vincur Hace 6 meses
The man who turned in the ticket after he dropped it should get a reward for not keeping it to himself! I can’t say I would have searched for the owner of the ticket. How would you know that the ticket is that important, ya know.
Aurora Butterfly
Aurora Butterfly Hace 6 meses
Look at all the queens who are your co-hosts! I love the community of people you draw to your show, it's really beautiful. Blessings Wendy
That Girl At The Party
Naomi is older than 48
Sony2017 Hace 4 meses
right n they are calling her hot? haha lol oh boy
Janet's Purpose
Janet's Purpose Hace 6 meses
love wendys outfit
S B Hace 6 meses
“Age ain’t nothing but a number “ is something old people say ! Lol
Mandisa Hlongwane
Mandisa Hlongwane Hace 6 meses
How is the old pic of the Bachelor from the 80s when he wasn't even born in the 80s??. Guys!! LMAO
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