NASA Flight Surgeon Explains How to Treat a Blood Clot in Space | WIRED

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Let’s say you’re on an interplanetary mission to Mars, millions of miles from the nearest hospital, and something in your body goes awry. Say, a routine body scan reveals a potentially life-threatening blood clot. What on Earth, or in space I guess, do you do? Well now we have the answer to that question.
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NASA Flight Surgeon Explains How to Treat a Blood Clot in Space | WIRED






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keith knight
keith knight Hace 23 días
I'm all for space exploration I don't mind tax money of mine going to that but the International Space Station is a huge waste of money it's like astronauts get a vacation up there all they're doing is studying the effects of Zero Gravity on the body the muscles and bones.. come on now what how does that even help us on a gravity Earth use arbues my tax money I'm going to Mars or the moon not going up there and having a picnic in the International Space Station growing down flowers and vegetables up there it doesn't make any common sense
Zetsuke4 Hace 28 días
Wow this introduces me to a whole new world that i didnt think exist- SPACE MEDICINE.
SKYFALL Hace un mes
there is no space. doesn't exist.
Shakw Makw
Shakw Makw Hace un mes
I can't be bothered to watch the video but I hope they stock up on Heparin and Aspirin in space.
Demon Snake
Demon Snake Hace un mes
This guy described the space station as "250 nautical miles" above the Earth and I find that amusing
Benjamin Wadsworth
Benjamin Wadsworth Hace un mes
Why am I watching this. I won’t get this job as I ain’t smart enough.
friedrich von martens
Karolina P
Karolina P Hace un mes
Space + surgeon?? And here I was thinking it's impossible to fulfill my both of my childhood dreams simultaneously 🚀👩‍⚕️
S. Tarantino
S. Tarantino Hace un mes
My mind is so blown. I didn’t even know that space surgeons were a thing!
Eric Norris
Eric Norris Hace un mes
All misinformation and lie's?
ItsIxel Hace un mes
Why don’t you just store medication on a large exploration such as to Mars so the astronauts can treat themselves and not worry too badly about the potential blood clot or other illness/disease like the coronavirus.
longliveFredo Hace un mes
bruh we all know u got a hairtransplant dont tryna be slick about it
a shoggoth
a shoggoth Hace un mes
actual rocket surgery?
Dave Rumfield
Dave Rumfield Hace un mes
This was excellent, I could watch a whole series on space doctoring.
Johnny Dutch
Johnny Dutch Hace un mes
Space is a masonic invention. The ISS is in a green screen swimming pool on earth.
MrOuchiez Hace un mes
WOW, 1994 Fred Savage did an outstanding job in protecting not only the astronaut's life, but also their identity. Impressive.
Walid Al Ghamdi
Walid Al Ghamdi Hace un mes
This crashes the whole go to Mars for 6 months in space
Rusty Bucket 5000
Rusty Bucket 5000 Hace un mes
how much is my copay for a visit to a space hospital?
Rusty Bucket 5000
Rusty Bucket 5000 Hace un mes
bro i bet they billed his insurance $234,125,119 for that resupply medication but after adjustments it was $14,253 and the astronaut was responsible for his $10,000 deductible.
Kevin Thao
Kevin Thao Hace un mes
They're just adapting to space
Natasel Hace un mes
Duck space. Send robots until luxury space habitats possible.
lindy quack
lindy quack Hace un mes
Why does the flight surgeon look like the young Paul mccartney 😮
The Kaiser
The Kaiser Hace un mes
How would one catch a blood clot in space?
Ding Chavez
Ding Chavez Hace un mes
they launched a multi million dollar rocket to save that guys life...but if youre dying with no money on earth, the hospital wont help you
Julian Brany
Julian Brany Hace un mes
So how you treat basically the exact same way you would on earth. Just with ... a few logistical problems involved.
kacper nathan
kacper nathan Hace un mes
We call it SANS (undertale)
Damon Nelson
Damon Nelson Hace un mes
Oh, so you treated a DVT with Lovenox and Eliquis?...exactly how it would be treated by EVERY primary care doctor in the United States. And people that have limited mobility are at an increased risk of clots just like on earth, you don’t say? THE END. Great video 👎. Using medical jargon toward laypeople to convince them something miraculous is going on is not the same thing as quality content. Do better
Let's dance the fandango de pokum
“How to stop blood clot in space” Simple, just don’t go to space.
Thomas Gabriel
Thomas Gabriel Hace un mes
Why y'all keep using this interviewer?
My NAYEF Hace un mes
Information good
yea Hace un mes
But how do i stop a blood clot while not in space? I am currently dying and urgently need this information.
Jesus D' Nazareth
Jesus D' Nazareth Hace un mes
what if the space surgeon is the person to get the blood clot
dan Tilman
dan Tilman Hace un mes
Im about to have brain surgery again facebook.com/donate/585768821992928/?fundraiser_source=external_url
MyFriendlyPup Hace un mes
Wake up, a NASA rocket is an inverted blimp. Slowest rocket blast of all time. Like an old man in a bathtub. No other rocket other than NASA's in human history has moved so slow. Well perhaps ROSCO, JAXA, ESA.... You people really believe there is a space surgeon? Really? You think Hilton Hotel really bakes their cookies in space? Really? Morons. All of you.
Yash Sahoo
Yash Sahoo Hace un mes
What happens when the surgeon is sick?
Paulportoloive Hace un mes
So what about when virgin sends people up to space.. We all have a chance of getting blood clots yikes..
Red Hace un mes
IceHot 900
IceHot 900 Hace un mes
Ok im never going to space
Jraw Vlogs
Jraw Vlogs Hace un mes
Havnt even been back to space fake NASA.
Isaac Westawski
Isaac Westawski Hace un mes
At least they had an injectable medicine on board. Because it takes effect immediately, and you dont need to use as much.
Dean Buckley
Dean Buckley Hace un mes
If they need at least 1g. Of gravity maybe make a wall with a large magnet and some shoes that attach on the wall and you can like run around it
tim gamert
tim gamert Hace un mes
Saw Chris hadfield in there :)
Ethanw04 Hace un mes
🌙 🏥
Vivienne Mulligan
Vivienne Mulligan Hace un mes
This is probably the most helpful ESvid video ever in my recommended I think ESvid is really giving us the life saving content we need now a days
王聿聪 Hace un mes
NASA withheld the identity of the Astronaut that had an unpreceded incident in space? Sounded like a mistake cover up.
Quade_TTv Hace un mes
just read the script doctor its all made by nasa :)) liars
safouan ayed
safouan ayed Hace un mes
what if we inverse circulation of blood???
Wesley Michael Magness
Wow a space version of Doogie Howser, M.D.. Great story, very interesting and informative. Thank you.
TheUnknownGoat Hace un mes
Great to know...might not need to use it but definitely not counting out abnormal daily events just yet
gata insomni
gata insomni Hace un mes
This is not true at all. All BS.
MilMike Hace un mes
wow the surgeon looks very young - he seems to be like Sheldon but for space health stuff
IneptOrange Hace un mes
Cyber Face
Cyber Face Hace un mes
8:37 that moment when you know you have SANS “you’re gonna to have a bad time”
Man Hou Kuong
Man Hou Kuong Hace un mes
8:39 Undertale anyone?
sir muffin
sir muffin Hace un mes
My dream is to become an astronaut but after seeing this video im having second thoughts :(
Todoroki Touya
Todoroki Touya Hace un mes
I’m watching this just incase
You're Jovian
You're Jovian Hace un mes
Erik Truchinskas
Erik Truchinskas Hace un mes
Ugh I've been dealing with blood clots since I was 13. I hope they had heparin in space
wildwilllis1 Hace un mes
You take an anti coagulant, no need to watch the video
dootdootoo shahhh
dootdootoo shahhh Hace un mes
But you are not in space
Chris Mast
Chris Mast Hace un mes
4m30s: "We lose resupply vehicles all the time". Wait, what? You're playing fast and loose with some phrasing there, aren't you buddy?
Chris Mast
Chris Mast Hace un mes
@Savage_Sandvich Thanks
Savage_Sandvich Hace un mes
Chris Mast you can type it like this with a colon 4:30
Working Guy
Working Guy Hace un mes
This may not be a problem. Everything points toward creating a Mars spacecraft to have at least a spinning section, if not an entire spinning ship, to create a centrifugal force that would mimic gravity. None of us can answer why the INTL space station wasn't built with such a section, but until they create artificial gravity via other means, that's our next step.
dgretlein Hace un mes
Very interesting .... it does raise yet another question, doesn’t it? While it is fantastic that we need human experiments, flights, orbits, missions to the Moon and Mars to learn more about our human limits. Question: were humans designed to be in space for extended periods of time? What is the limit?
Diya jain
Diya jain Hace un mes
This should be a proud moment for all of us out here..NASA is trying to use the technology in the correct way!
Patrick Steinsen
Patrick Steinsen Hace un mes
Oh mah gawd it's sans
Djorz Hace un mes
I’m not even interested in space travel yet I’m here.
Dennis Morris
Dennis Morris Hace un mes
Fascinating and highly important medical discovery.
Kompat Ekkawinsakul
Once we can create the artificial gravity our self, all the problems solved.
@Kiran Bharadia the reason being, its a pseudoscience. you'll never get there if you have the wrong basis. good luck!
Kiran Bharadia
Kiran Bharadia Hace un mes
That's not going to happen for a very very long time unfortunately
Anthony McDevitt
Anthony McDevitt Hace un mes
Honestly I'm kind of surprised that this wasn't ever looked into more before. Blood clots seem an obvious risk factor to a micro-gravity environment. Have there been any past studies into this at all?
Chadx M
Chadx M Hace un mes
Fascinating...useful for more understanding b/n body mechanics and microgravity adaptations...
Vince Alvarez
Vince Alvarez Hace un mes
I can't be the only one that thinks the flight surgeon look like Fred Savage.
Heavymetal122 Hace un mes
I understand the science, what I don't understand is his haircut.
Keyser The Red Beard
Insane robber
Insane robber Hace un mes
Just grab a chicken and eat it so you don’t die in hunger but make sure you get the coal and furnace to since we in mincraft right???
Lynn Ulrich
Lynn Ulrich Hace un mes
Nasa is a fraud! Stealing millions of our tax dollars every day ! Lock someone up !
IDKwhatImDoing Hace un mes
Things we didn't expect: *SPACE SURGEON*
Sweetness 94
Sweetness 94 Hace un mes
It blows my mind that they sent up another aircraft, worth millions of dollars, to send this person medication.
Victory *
Victory * Hace un mes
Why is that surprising?
Hardik 3004
Hardik 3004 Hace un mes
Welcome nerds
Hardik 3004
Hardik 3004 Hace un mes
Astronaut name is sunita williams she developed a pre clot and now she's also part of next nasa mission .
Hardik 3004
Hardik 3004 Hace un mes
You could have explained that whole video in 2min
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