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21 oct 2021






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YouTube Hace un mes
a herd of goats 😅🐐
Amir Al-Din Ware
Amir Al-Din Ware Hace 2 horas
How did ESvid join 51 years ago
Faye Saazar
Faye Saazar Hace 14 horas
Omg youtube
jacobcamacho28 Hace 16 horas
SGOG PINGUI Hace un día
Tokiwotamare Hace 2 días
You the real MVP ESvid….
Naj Gill
Naj Gill Hace 7 horas
Why didn’t you tell why Joel Embiid crying
Coolst Hace 17 horas
The disrespect
YSM Kobe
YSM Kobe Hace 23 horas
Pov: you didn’t know ESvid commented ton videos 😦
Owusu Afriyie Dennis
OK. i have subscribed. Happy now!
Piglock44 Hace un día
U sound like Zyph
MAR2WILDYT Hace 2 días
Never seen so many goats in a video before
Preslav Kirov
Preslav Kirov Hace 2 días
W8ting for 13:50 min so i can see MJ and Koby
Leonard Amalaha
Leonard Amalaha Hace 2 días
Your series was fun to watch but more research was needed. How about Dr j's flight dunk on Michael Cooper? How about Dr J's supper dunk on Kareem Abdul jabbar? How about Allen Iverson's supper cross over on Michael Jordan? How about Magic Johnson's no look behind the back pass on the Chief, Robert Parrish? How about Michael Jordan's basket on Bill Laimbeer while backing the basket? How about Isiah Thomas's mega crossovers on Majic Johnson? How about Steph Curry's embarrassing crossovers on Chris Paul?These moments are actually better than some you have in there. Your selections were good but more research was needed. Though Michael Cooper and Bill Laimbeer are not the greatest of Legends, they are nevertheless, legends that represented the best defensively. Newer and/or recent players and their legends on legends moments are not always better than long past ones. Newer boxers and their great battle moments are not necessarily better than Ali V Frazier moments. We need to go farther back before we compile our final listings.
Leonard Amalaha
Leonard Amalaha Hace 2 días
Your series was fun to watch but you did miss quite a bunch. How about Dr j's legendary move on Michael Cooper? How about Dr j's supper dunk on Kareem Abdul jabbar? How about Magic Johnson's behind the back no look pass on Robert (the chief) Parrish. How about Allen Iverson's supper cross overs on Michael Jordan? There are others. The guys playing now or in recent times don't necessarily have the best legends on legends moments. Just saying your series was good but more research was needed.
Tara Kearl
Tara Kearl Hace 2 días
The Pipen and Ewing one should be higher up
Jose Manticahon
Jose Manticahon Hace 2 días
Chris Paul's dance doesn't make sense. lol!
Andres Lopez
Andres Lopez Hace 2 días
did Pippen also poits his finger to Spike Lee in #19 clip? SAVAGE!
Vanessa Grayman
Vanessa Grayman Hace 2 días
your videos are amazing....great job
XF proz
XF proz Hace 2 días
Did you see that grab on 0:47 👀👀👀
Sefi Rosenbluh
Sefi Rosenbluh Hace 3 días
I have a question Did you forget to subscirbe! TO REBOUND THE GOD
Pookie Fn
Pookie Fn Hace 3 días
ESvid getting real comfortable with all these comments on videos
wavegod zero
wavegod zero Hace 3 días
the nba is so soft now
Sarah Thomas
Sarah Thomas Hace 3 días
That’s cute Bron
Connor Joe
Connor Joe Hace 3 días
Imagine waking up to grapes being thrown into ur mouth
Eli Hace 4 días
1:29 the way giannis made those 3 steps look like kiddie stairs lol
SOLVM Hace 4 días
Russ makes No sense
Jordan vs Thomas? Bird vs Johnson? Nowitzki vs James Chamberlain vs Russel? Shaq vs Yao?
jvegas3 Hace 4 días
Your the best basketball youtuber
Aziz Yasin
Aziz Yasin Hace 5 días
7:08 when you the first person that has to go home
Travis Brost
Travis Brost Hace 5 días
Stop worshiping and idolizing celebrities, influencers, musicians, actors, athletes, politicians, etc. ONLY GOD ALMIGHTY IS WORTHY OF PRAISE, HONOR, GLORY & THANKSGIVING. ITS NOT A GAME PEOPLE, YOU COULD DIE TOMORROW, QUIT PLAYING AROUND, THESE ARE END TIMES!!! TURN TO JESUS NOW! ASK HIM TO FORGIVE YOUR SINS STOP PUTTING YOUR HOPE IN THE GOVERNMENT, IN RELIGION, IN SCIENCE, IN WEALTH, IN CELEBS, IN SPORTS, IN THE WORLD (IT WILL PERISH!) Turn back to God Our Creator, not religion. Religion creates bondage, in Christ there is freedom. Im not talking church, im not talking religion, im talking relationship with your Creator. Call upon Jesus now and ask Him into your life and to forgive your sins. Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." -John 14:6 “For the wages of sin is death (hell), but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord” -Romans 6:23 "But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven." -Matthew 10:33 TURN FROM SIN AND CALL UPON JESUS TO SAVE YOU OR YOU WILL FACE THE JUDGEMENT OF GOD! HE IS A LOVING GOD BUT HE IS A JUST GOD SO HE HAS TO PUNISH SIN! YOU CAN STAND ON YOUR OWN AGAINST GOD AND TRY TO JUSTIFY YOUR SIN WHEN YOU WONT EVEN BE ABLE TO LOOK UP YOU WILL BE WEEPING IN TERROR REALIZING YOU MADE A BIG MISTAKE. YOU WONT WIN AN ARGUMENT WITH GOD, HE CREATED EVERYTHING!!! GOD SEES EVERYTHING YOUVE EVER DONE AND WHERE YOUR HEART WAS AT WHEN YOU DID THEM. OR PUT YOUR TRUST IN JESUS WHO DIED ON THE CROSS AND TOOK THE WRATH OF GOD IN OUR PLACE FOR HIS SINS. IT'S A FREE GIFT BUT HE CANT FORCE YOU TO TAKE IT. WILL YOU CALL UPON HIM NOW AND SURRENDER TO HIM. TALK TO HIM LIKE A BEST FRIEND, HE'S WAITING AND HE LOVES YOU. hell is the absence of God Almighty who gives us the breath in our lungs, water, food, sunshine, love, kindness, patience, faithfulness, hope, rest, help etc. hell is real and its a place of torment: you will have to live with all your mistakes, regrets, you will feel all the pain you caused others... you be hungry but not be able to eat you will be thirsty but wont be able to drink you will be tired but cant sleep you will have no hope you will have no rest you will feel pure hatred towards you (satan and the fallen angels/demons hate you and want to drag you to hell)
Expo Hace 5 días
Are we not going to say that ESvid joined 51 years ago lol
Garion Ramsey
Garion Ramsey Hace 5 días
I miss Kobe so much
Cashis Bevis
Cashis Bevis Hace 5 días
Russell Westbrook gets luck shots he can't even make a three
Alex Seant
Alex Seant Hace 5 días
how you not have Jordan vs Iverson?? smh dropped the ball there, but the video still fire thooooo
Desiel 34
Desiel 34 Hace 5 días
Why was Joel crying
Desiel 34
Desiel 34 Hace 5 días
Why was Joel
vincent nguye
vincent nguye Hace 5 días
I still haven’t get over Kobe God Bless Kobe now he can entertain God
mastermind ._.
mastermind ._. Hace 5 días
larry bird vs mj?
Paulina Miedlar
Paulina Miedlar Hace 5 días
when you say that
James Speller
James Speller Hace 6 días
show some respect. Kareem and Wilt. Russell and Wilt. Magic vs Larry. Larry vs Dr. J. Those are NBA Legends vs NBA Legends and they deserve to be mention especially when you say greatest moments in history!...Nerd.
Slimemanmike Hace 6 días
Mj vs iverson 👀
Gangsta Vic
Gangsta Vic Hace 6 días
Steven Sinethemba
Steven Sinethemba Hace 6 días
I hate that phrase. You should be ashamed of yourself. One day there's words will haunt you
Eezo The Chezo
Eezo The Chezo Hace 6 días
At 9:53 the “OHHHHHHH” goes so well with the beat 😂
pharlinx Hace 7 días
If giannis went up and tried to make contact kawhi would've posterized him
Ange1 Hace 7 días
4:42 shaq looks like the typical dad that comes home from work and sleeps on the couch
imhooker Hace 7 días
is no one going to talk about shaq twerking?
David 888
David 888 Hace 7 días
U miss the highlight with Curry making Lebron spin like a moron during the playoffs.
Chris Tabanico
Chris Tabanico Hace 7 días
MJ was older and couldn't really move fast and stuff so that's probably why he couldn't block as many shots or score as much
Ramesh Yadav
Ramesh Yadav Hace 7 días
Kobe , the goat 🐐 man ,,,,❤️
Edgar Zulita
Edgar Zulita Hace 7 días
Who saids that kobe only know how to shot??!!! Kobe is the # 1!
Michael Abeyta
Michael Abeyta Hace 8 días
how is kobe a legend if he was 19 years old in hes 2 year in the nba
JimFreecsCrytic Hace 8 días
I love kobe
PyroPug 01
PyroPug 01 Hace 8 días
magic vs mj?
Christopher Dardon
Christopher Dardon Hace 8 días
I'm not trying to hate on KD but on #15 when he is clapping. It looks like two pencil sticks banging together like drum sticks.
Ricky_3 Hace 8 días
I just subscribed to the chaaaaaaaaanel (REBOUND voice) 😅😅😅
Johnny Davis jr
Johnny Davis jr Hace 8 días
Young vs old
David Washington
David Washington Hace 9 días
Notre Dame Head Coach Deion Sanders and Defensive Coordinator Lawrence Taylor would annually sign five 5 Stars Players and attract 5 Stars transfers from Alabama and Miami and Win the National Championship.
Blitzz Plasma
Blitzz Plasma Hace 9 días
8:28 1:35
Sheila Bacaran
Sheila Bacaran Hace 9 días
you must have something bad against curry😂
Romeo Kiene
Romeo Kiene Hace 9 días
The fact you can hear the punch that Shaw threw is amazing
Bubba_dagoat Hace 9 días
hi pwede mag hello
hi pwede mag hello Hace 9 días
where is tmac vs kobe?
a z
a z Hace 9 días
Number 7 is the best one for me 😂😂😂 7:12
Like Mike
Like Mike Hace 9 días
I’m no longer the 82% that aren’t subscribed to the CHANNNNNNNNNNNNNEL! Simply because of that comment
Summer A
Summer A Hace 10 días
It’s so easy to forget these men are literal giants. every time, I’m amazed at how they make it look easy to play professional basketball when it’s not. they’re all goats in their own ways❤️
BILAL_THE_LAD Hace 10 días
Isnt kickflix rebound
OHKAY BG Hace 10 días
Fun fact : Kobe is one of the most calm player i've ever seen and shaq is one of the strongest man i've ever seen in nba history
therealchubbb Hace 10 días
He saying all dis shii but if he was in the nba he is getting destroyed
Flowblox Hace 10 días
a smack in the ass by kobe😘
aidan morrison
aidan morrison Hace 10 días
How come u did not do prime carmelo and kobe?
dacito Hace 11 días
0:47 and pause
Jean Paul Belmondo
Jean Paul Belmondo Hace 11 días
lol... curry legend?
Benjamin Vital
Benjamin Vital Hace 11 días
Kevin Durant is jealous of Westbrook
YAO RD Hace 11 días
Nice idol
Roni johnson
Roni johnson Hace 11 días
Little Spike Lee was up in the mix for his team
Pacific 69117
Pacific 69117 Hace 11 días
#11 😂🤣💀
Rex Bernard
Rex Bernard Hace 12 días
Would have been great if you had included the rest of the 40 years of NBA history Lazy
Hassan N E
Hassan N E Hace 12 días
Last time Kobe Bryant ,🥺
BigMoneyJ Hace 12 días
Spoiler alert: the goat won
TR091C4L Hace 12 días
This guy is getting banging views
Black Magic
Black Magic Hace 12 días
Steph Curry & Durant & obviously Lebron are my favourite players this side of the 2000’s (Jordan is the G.O.A.T in everyone’s eyes but when you see the 3 pointers that S.Curry makes you know your watching something special)
lx blb
lx blb Hace 12 días
irving will never achieve what lebron will achieve 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Calvin Caylor
Calvin Caylor Hace 12 días
Could do with out the "Jesus" expletive.
Luis Ayala
Luis Ayala Hace 12 días
badboy12 Hace 12 días
Westbrook a very talented player, but he soft and y'all in ESvid and In the NBA know it
Eduardo Campos
Eduardo Campos Hace 12 días
Jelo Bagalihog
Jelo Bagalihog Hace 12 días
Kobe is A immitation of Jordan bcoz his moves ,moves of Jordan.
mark korns
mark korns Hace 12 días
Ok I get there really good and all but don’t u have a lot of pain in your hands when u dunk?
Cirex Hace 12 días
You were born on 2000;s?
FlaxenMan Hace 12 días
Idk what youdoin if you ain’t subbed yet This is some of the best content🐐
chief230 Hace 13 días
No love for Allen Iverson facing off against Jordan?
nuke duken
nuke duken Hace 13 días
No one can achieve god level like Jordan did.
miliranga Hace 13 días
Epic montage! Allen Iverson vs MJ was a solid matchup too
12A-16-PRAJWAL KUMAR Hace 13 días
10:15 oh my god after seeing this me dunking the sub button
Will Richards
Will Richards Hace 13 días
This is really stretching the definition of 'legend'. Some of these guys I've never even heard of.
Jamal Hace 13 días
If you've watched old and modern basketball, you'd know these players
Jeff Kent
Jeff Kent Hace 14 días
But didn't put iverson crossing Jordan smh
Pranav Hace 14 días
Yo Zyphhh how r u
Grimz Mc
Grimz Mc Hace 14 días
Shaquille o niel was in his prime in 1990s not 2003
infamous351 Hace 14 días
Difference between Kobe/Mike and Lebron.... Kobe/Mike went heads up with every goat they faced. With multiple highlights against the opposition. And the opposition against them. LeBron might cover the opposition once or twice in a game.... while Kobe and Mike go to war with their opposition. LeBron will never be the goat for this one reason. How could LeBron be considered a goat if he never plays defense. The only reason he's put in position to win championships is because he's a great opportunist. LeBron is an all time great but not the goat.
Jacon Crider
Jacon Crider Hace 14 días
Kyrie had the greatest shot in nba finals history? You forget about Jordan???
yen foo ho
yen foo ho Hace 14 días
Yours video is very entertaining🤣🤣
Srdjan Vujosevic
Srdjan Vujosevic Hace 14 días
I didn't put Iverson vs MJ crossover.. that was savage.
nodaysback Hace 14 días
Bird vs Magic?
Redneck vs Fancy Whiskey Glass
Times NBA Fans Went TOO FAR..