NCT Dream - Intro + Go + We Go Up [2018 MBC Music Festival]

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2 ene 2019

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Comentarios 203
Ailen DMZ 'w'
Ailen DMZ 'w' Hace 38 minutos
I miss Haechan :'(
Putra Ciel
Putra Ciel Hace un hora
Vita 159
Vita 159 Hace 17 horas
Why people coment Renjun is crying? I didn't see him cry😟 He just looks less well
izza nami
izza nami Hace 19 horas
I love how SM family support each other 💞
jessica riska
jessica riska Hace un día
SM have a bright future :)
Moc Ca
Moc Ca Hace 2 días
OMG Jisung is so cheerful. ♥ Cute baby
Ñéw Soul_15
Ñéw Soul_15 Hace 2 días
Sm seniors are jamming to we go up.. thats cute like nct
Rosaline Elizabeth
Rosaline Elizabeth Hace 3 días
Renjun wasn't crying. He had a nosebleed but he managed to perform so well that we are under impression that he was only crying. He is so professional, sigh. Not anyone could keep their composure like that singing and dancing without mistake while nosebleeding. T T The article about him having nosebleed but performing so well became a trending article and got 700+ upvotes on Pann. Renjun is very appreciated. ♥
ObAHaJi mARK Hace 3 días
雑食 Hace 3 días
ヘチャニのパート皆んなに割り振ってフォーメーションとかも練習したんだろうなとか考えたら泣ける😭 ロンジュンの表情が心なしかつらそうに見えるし、ここのコメ欄英語で意味は分かんないけどロンジュンのこと言ってるの多そうだけど何かあったのかな? I love 7dream♡
Taehyungs chu chu in idol
This is because he doesn't have enough stress this often happen to kpop idols they need rest sm ;-; let them rest.
Dilafruz Djumaeva
Dilafruz Djumaeva Hace 3 días
guys renjun wasn’t crying,, he had a nosebleed before and during their performance.. I hope he rests
Jaesus Hace 4 días
*all this time i thought renjun was crying, just for him to tell us that he had a nosebleed the night before*
Kenj Ballesteros
Kenj Ballesteros Hace 4 días
Renjun is not turning his head down because the blood from his nose might come out, that's why he's kinda sneezing.
Ais Belleza
Ais Belleza Hace 4 días
when i thought that renjun is about to cry because of mark leaving nct dream but the truth is he had nosebleed...renjun~ahhhh
Sumina Rai
Sumina Rai Hace 5 días
It just doesn’t feel the same without Haechan here
I am a Bulldozer
I am a Bulldozer Hace 5 días
My Queen, Yoona.😭💓❤
KHOLIC edits
KHOLIC edits Hace 5 días
00 line will leave NCT Dream soon and the squad would be separated.. TT I want them to be together in a unit. Tbh the 00 line should be in a separate unit..? But also include Chenle and Jisung 😂 NCT Dream#2
emxml yj
emxml yj Hace 5 días
Oh god i miss haechan
_Cos Mic_
_Cos Mic_ Hace 5 días
Get well soon Haechaniee❤
Kim Steffy
Kim Steffy Hace 5 días
Nenês ❤
Novita Sr
Novita Sr Hace 5 días
Renjun mimisan not cry
Bárbara Aravena Faray
amo a renjun es que AHH lo amo es tan seco tan prolijo todo lo que hace me ENCANTA AGUANTE RENJUN
Na Jaemin
Na Jaemin Hace 5 días
Poor Renjun, he had a nosebleed 😭😭
Law Rachel
Law Rachel Hace 5 días
even though renjun had a nosebleed and was struggling, he still sang all his parts well and finished the performance completely and endured it the whole time. ladies and gentlemen this is what we call professionalism stan huang renjun
Phuongie_ EXO-L
Phuongie_ EXO-L Hace 5 días
4:12 plz tell me who that boy? ;_;
BeMay Hace 5 días
Phuongie_ EXO-L jisung
Nguyễn Hằng
Nguyễn Hằng Hace 5 días
When I see a bunch of handsome guys with fancy clothes together that I don't know names, now I'll know that it's NCT. Seriously, why they have so many members, just when I thought I kinda get familiar with the members' faces and know some names, there're new faces. The constantly changing clothes and hairstyles don't help either
Supreetha Devarakonda
This performance shall go on NCT dreams wall of fame! Renjun had a goddamn nose bleed!😢😢😍!
Kpopper In Your Area!
SM, you. better. make. dream. fixed. unit, or we, czennies are gonna run towards the building & have a talk with u.
Anne Cullen
Anne Cullen Hace 5 días
So Renjun wasnt actually crying here.. his nose bled even before going up to stage and worst is it bled again during the performance he was so upset bc this was their last stage w Mark :((((( notice how he was conscious abt it at 4:20 4:24 4:55 but *YOU DID GOOD MOOMIN, YOU SHOWED HOW PROFESSIONAL U ARE AND THAT MAKES ME PROUD OF YOU* u guys could check out their latest vlive as he explained it there!
Mojahid Tambilawan
Mojahid Tambilawan Hace 6 días
renjun please take good care of yourself.
Yuli Permana
Yuli Permana Hace 6 días
Watching this video again because renjun said in vlive that he has nosebleed and i watch he’s suffering 😥😥
Kiwi Hace 6 días
renjuns graduating next :(((
dyong di
dyong di Hace 6 días
rewatching this after watching their vlive, my heart hurts. renjun is such a professional, he actually suffered from a nosebleed before the performance and while performing his nose started to bleed that's why he was acting like that during the perf. I'm so proud of you bub but pls next time, take good care of yourself so this won't and never will happen again
m&empathy Hace 6 días
Love Chim 2005
Love Chim 2005 Hace 6 días
Oh My God ... 2:08 ... Jaemin killed me (sory for my english)
Mari Kerby
Mari Kerby Hace 6 días
0:04 JISUNG MY CHILD!!!! (Who is 8 months older than me) HE LOOKS SO ADORABLE!!!!
Exquisite Mind
Exquisite Mind Hace 6 días
The one with the blonde hair looks like jimin
MsBlue318 Hace 6 días
Sooo just recently watched 2000 line's Vlive yesterday. Poor Renjunnie performing eventhough he has a bleeding nose 😢😢
Jasper Shaira
Jasper Shaira Hace 6 días
Poor injunnie his nose bleed and he need to wipe it 😢
Renjun was sniffing because he had nose bleed before they performed.
Nawera Chishti
Nawera Chishti Hace 6 días
I think Renjun was crying because of Haechan and that also when he sang i need you right here
Nawera Chishti
Nawera Chishti Hace 6 días
Jung jazle yeah i just saw it
Jung jazle
Jung jazle Hace 6 días
nope. he's having nosebleed mid performance. he explained this in vlive
Nawera Chishti
Nawera Chishti Hace 6 días
1:34 is that nana's voice?
DODY DEE Hace 6 días
4:26 reunjin ah are you sniffing live on the mic while preforming ? xD
Jung jazle
Jung jazle Hace 6 días
he had nosebleed mid performance
phoebe palabon
phoebe palabon Hace 6 días
Okay. So Renjun said that he's nose was bleeding in this performamce and it's not some flu or cold.
Jennifer Tutor
Jennifer Tutor Hace 6 días
Woowww, what a performance !!
Val Y
Val Y Hace 6 días
Came back here after the vlive with 00 line and I slowed down the video to see Renjun with his nosebleed :') he was trying so hard to keep it in T^T poor baby
bakakwok Hace 6 días
i’m still tryna figure out where mark came from
acc 1994
acc 1994 Hace 6 días
Renjun ah... you did well don't worry
mari m a r
mari m a r Hace 7 días
I wish the staff adjust their microphones for it stop falling.
Yourstrulyhazel Hace 7 días
okay but like,, on recent 00 line vlive, renjun said his nose was bleeding and thats why he was sniffing sksksk. that his nose was bleeding before he got on stage
BITCH WTF Hace 7 días
fila2068 Hace 7 días
we all thought renjun is crying/have cold but he said in the vlive today that his nose is actually bleeding that time :((
A. tiny girl87
A. tiny girl87 Hace 7 días
dreamies last live stage with MARK 😭💔 I'm sad but MARK sweetie you did super great job the bast 3 years .. Thank you 💚💚💚💚💚
Brighitte Bright
Brighitte Bright Hace 7 días
Why did Renjun has tears on his eyes? Please tell me:(
Jung jazle
Jung jazle Hace 6 días
not tears. but he endure his nosebleed during the performance
古長奈々 Hace 7 días
Komu_hb Hace 7 días
I love them so much & They did a great job , but honesty if haechan right here this show will awesome in another level because his voice & his stage present so attractive. However I love this show, I love Dream unit and I wish SM make this Unit forever. I pray for this in everyday. sorry for my bad english. #getwellsoonmyfullsun #AlwaysinmyheartNCTDream7 Lee Minhyung Huang Renjun Lee Jeno Na Jaemin Lee haechan Zong Chenle Park Jisung Nct Dream Foverer....
Nur Nadhrah Badriah Binte Mohamad Murtazam
Who come back after the 00 line vlive after Renjun said that the part when he sniff his nose during his part, he actually had a nose bled
Suaad Abu Hamad
Suaad Abu Hamad Hace 7 días
Where haechan
Jung jazle
Jung jazle Hace 6 días
he's recovering from leg fracture. so he's gonna be in hiatus for a while
Denisse Gomez
Denisse Gomez Hace 8 días
Jade Barr
Jade Barr Hace 8 días
I cry Everytime when I see Renjun starts crying
Jung jazle
Jung jazle Hace 6 días
he's not crying. he had nosebleed during performing
Hot Chilli
Hot Chilli Hace 8 días
When you think back to chewing gum... ö
Ngan Pham
Ngan Pham Hace 8 días
watching jisung still makes my neck feel painful :>
Raquelita B.B
Raquelita B.B Hace 8 días
Haechan ? Dnde esta ? Alguien expliqueme por favor :"c que paso con él por que ya no aparece
Raquelita B.B
Raquelita B.B Hace 8 días
+yangczennie ohh Thanks :)
yangczennie Hace 8 días
(sorry i don't speak spainish) he injured his leg, but he's making a good recovery, he'll be back soon so don't worry
なし名前 Hace 8 días
thongyuck Hace 8 días
when jisung’s voice is deeper than his own recording-
thongyuck Hace 8 días
im so proud of renjun and chenle tho like covering for haechan ;(
thongyuck Hace 8 días
**thinks about chewing gum while watching go**
Minseon deHyung
Minseon deHyung Hace 9 días
los amo Nct Dream !!!
chan chen
chan chen Hace 9 días
Renjun's face looks very sad, I even think that tears came to him, seeing him sad breaks my heart, I think it was because it was the last presentation with Mark in NCT DREAM :'c
Jung jazle
Jung jazle Hace 6 días
nope. he had nosebleed durinh performance.
Jennieruby jane
Jennieruby jane Hace 9 días
6? isn't 7 of nct dream?
yangczennie Hace 8 días
yes, but haechan injured his leg so he can't participate
The tokki life
The tokki life Hace 9 días
Yoona and Minho with Eun Woo hyping them are sunbae goals
yxxvx 45
yxxvx 45 Hace 9 días
Renjun try to kill me
yxxvx 45
yxxvx 45 Hace 9 días
They work so hard
j baby
j baby Hace 9 días
#nct fighting 😍😘❣️❤❣️🥀✨
AA The Great
AA The Great Hace 9 días
Argggghhhhhh..Jaemin make me go insane wiyh his handsomeness
yakisoba yerim
yakisoba yerim Hace 9 días
Sepi banget
Ирина Рассадникова
thank you dreamies
kPop.http. trash
kPop.http. trash Hace 11 días
kPop.http. trash
kPop.http. trash Hace 11 días
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kPop.http. trash Hace 11 días
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kPop.http. trash Hace 11 días
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kPop.http. trash Hace 11 días
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kPop.http. trash Hace 11 días
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kPop.http. trash Hace 11 días
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kPop.http. trash Hace 11 días
Valencia Isaura
Valencia Isaura Hace 11 días
stanbob streampants
stanbob streampants Hace 11 días
iyak bebe renjun awts :
annisa najmia
annisa najmia Hace 11 días
what happened with renjun?
Jung jazle
Jung jazle Hace 6 días
he had nosebleed during performance. that's why he sniffling
Megan Otani
Megan Otani Hace 12 días
im cryin again bc haechan can't have another stage with mark for dreamies...they had their last performance all together already😭renjunnie, its ok
Audrey Maureen
Audrey Maureen Hace 12 días
yoona and minho as proud parents
Jane Wimonrat
Jane Wimonrat Hace 12 días
Where is heachan??
Love Kpop
Love Kpop Hace 11 días
haechan was rest now because injured
Aleja criollo
Aleja criollo Hace 13 días
MikkoMoment 9
MikkoMoment 9 Hace 13 días
Visual + Singing + Dancing = SM = NCT 💚
Everyday Mia
Everyday Mia Hace 13 días
i am a proud stan omg they grew up so well im cryinf
Acu2978 Quanvan
Acu2978 Quanvan Hace 13 días
Mark is the best
chrp mc
chrp mc Hace 13 días
Good job renjun ✌🏻
Larah Kristela Mier
Larah Kristela Mier Hace 14 días
3:35 I saw it Jisung. You nailed that smile 💕
Megan Otani
Megan Otani Hace 14 días
I came here crying over renjun trying not to cry over mark and now I’m cringing and laughing super hard at the comparison of dongmin/yoona/minho😂😂
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