Nelly - Dilemma (Official Music Video) ft. Kelly Rowland

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Music video by Nelly performing Dilemma. (C) 2002 Universal Motown Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
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5 oct 2009






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Seth Whittington
Seth Whittington Hace 9 minutos
It’s like a time machine to make sure that you have to remember what it feels like when you live in a world where you are not governed by fear....USA. -the nation of fear- No matter what you are or what you want politically you all keep your eyes open and stay safe you and I will be the only people that are able to share with our respective family and kids that once, music was good and great and I actually liked one nelly song and wasn’t ashamed to admit it but I found one of his songs that he didn’t just sound like all the other ones in..
Seth Whittington
Seth Whittington Hace 8 minutos
I’m sure I am guilty of run on sentences, sorry not sorry
augusta cookeygam
augusta cookeygam Hace 34 minutos
This was my song🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Menor Swaguer
Menor Swaguer Hace 57 minutos
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-xaZdaT7nxF4.html !!
FAYA MUSIC 42 Hace un hora
2021 again🔥🔥
catalina ramos
catalina ramos Hace un hora
2021. Stay home. Stay Safe
catalina ramos
catalina ramos Hace un hora
2021. Stay home. Stay Safe
Vibe WRLD ll
Vibe WRLD ll Hace 2 horas
Fun fact : This song is older than most fortnite players
Vibe WRLD ll
Vibe WRLD ll Hace 2 horas
Lets see how many legends are listening to this in Janaury 2021
K8hi Hace 2 horas
If your seeing this in 2021 ur elite
Kontra stav
Kontra stav Hace 2 horas
Red Legaspi
Red Legaspi Hace 2 horas
Hit like if you still listening of their song. 2021
Damian Skyfire
Damian Skyfire Hace 4 horas
This is the most wholesome song about wanting to bang someone else's Mrs I've ever heard.
s m m
s m m Hace 4 horas
The best 💜
Kookie Lisa
Kookie Lisa Hace 5 horas
11 years ago i miss the life on that time, bring back memory....
ercilio Pereira
ercilio Pereira Hace 5 horas
anyone else seeing in 2021
TheSweaty__ Hace 5 horas
This song is 😍🥰
Elly Lenky
Elly Lenky Hace 6 horas
can anyone recommend me some other song that similar to this? tks a million :x
My New Walk With Jesus
Damn this has a ton of views for how old it is
Chavo Loco
Chavo Loco Hace 6 horas
Throw back remember when this song came out
Oscar Lara
Oscar Lara Hace 7 horas
Alguien más vino por el meme de Excell?
Angela Jackson
Angela Jackson Hace 7 horas
i have always loved this song cause i have someone on my mind always 😂 💖💕♥️💘💗
Jimmy marketing digital
warren j
warren j Hace 8 horas
Stop asking who's still listening, we never stop listening
Unique Cargile
Unique Cargile Hace 8 horas
Oldest enough to realize this song is toxic asf and young enough not to give a damn
Georgia Morais
Georgia Morais Hace 9 horas
Delícia de ouvir! ❤️❤️
dash Hace 9 horas
cant believe this was the number 1 song on billboards the day i was born T.T
Diana Hidalgo
Diana Hidalgo Hace 9 horas
Por Excel nunca le va a responder 😑
Kinto Sol
Kinto Sol Hace 10 horas
Brizia Bc
Brizia Bc Hace 10 horas
soy el nuevo comentario en español amo la cancion mi favorita
Walnermerine Hace 10 horas
11 years if you're watching this you're legends
catboy Hace 10 horas
Nostalgia (:
John Sangpipi777
John Sangpipi777 Hace 11 horas
Giana Hace 11 horas
Why am I hearing Ailee's voice here?
MUR大先輩 Hace 11 horas
世 界 の ト オ ノ
Nimco Cadawe
Nimco Cadawe Hace 11 horas
If u re watching this 2o21 thumbs up
Georch López
Georch López Hace 11 horas
Like si viniste por el meme de WhatsApp
Taciana Silva
Taciana Silva Hace 11 horas
Victória Cunha
Victória Cunha Hace 12 horas
Amo eternamente!!!!!
yukineswan Hace 12 horas
Fer Hace 12 horas
Solo vine a comprobar el min 3:16 xd
Ivan Carlos Cunha
Ivan Carlos Cunha Hace 13 horas
GTA san Andreas
Jessie Bugaoan
Jessie Bugaoan Hace 13 horas
It’s very good
Jucelio Junior
Jucelio Junior Hace 14 horas
Quem Está Ouvindo Em 2021 Está Aqui Sucesso Total Show😎💥👏🏻✌🏻
João Victor
João Victor Hace 14 horas
Alguém em 2021 🇧🇷😁
Jennifer Arzer
Jennifer Arzer Hace 14 horas
Alguien de argentina?
Perla Rice
Perla Rice Hace 14 horas
She’s a pro, she uses excel for texting and here we are sending sms 🤦🏻‍♀️
Almaz Krause
Almaz Krause Hace 14 horas
Game ower
Almaz Krause
Almaz Krause Hace 14 horas
Я такой есть.
fernando quiñones
fernando quiñones Hace 14 horas
Let's face it, this was not in your recommendations, you searched for EXCEL tutorials..
Wadson Douglas
Wadson Douglas Hace 15 horas
Vamos se sinceros não e a primeira vez q vc vem aqui né
Luarnian Hace 15 horas
Te mentí, no vamos a ver Netflix, te voy a enseñar Excel.
Junior Nere
Junior Nere Hace 15 horas
Rajendra Surya
Rajendra Surya Hace 15 horas
love this song 🖤
Hugo Alejandro Barroeta Mellado
Exceeeeellllll 😂😂😂😂😂🤭
kmi Hace 15 horas
sdds infância e anos 2000
Okeeno Wilson
Okeeno Wilson Hace 16 horas
Kelly be the original black Barbie ❤️ making me shamelessly throw down in my English class 💯 go there biii
John Tume
John Tume Hace 16 horas
Part of the ship, part of the crew
Elif Ergül
Elif Ergül Hace 16 horas
türk yok mu la
Londeka Maziya
Londeka Maziya Hace 16 horas
1 billion views please
Xty100 Hace 16 horas
She’s mad because he didn’t replied her excel message lol
Menor Swaguer
Menor Swaguer Hace 56 minutos
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-xaZdaT7nxF4.html !!
Rishona Dalmeida
Rishona Dalmeida Hace 17 horas
Kelly is so beautiful and Nelly's smile is killin mehhh!!!!!
Free World227
Free World227 Hace 10 horas
Cristina Brito!!
Cristina Brito!! Hace 17 horas
Somente voltando aos dez anos!!!👉🏼👈🏼
Zergio Piscoya
Zergio Piscoya Hace 17 horas
Cuando no existía ESvid y tenias que esperar por la tarde para ver los 10 + pedidos de MTV.. buenos tiempos aquellos..😎🖤🔥🎵🎶🇵🇪✌🏻
A05 Hace 17 horas
this song was playing while my mom was dying...RIP MOM
kolawole yakubu
kolawole yakubu Hace 17 horas
When music had meaning... I honestly miss the good old days
Alessandra Tanda
Alessandra Tanda Hace 17 horas
Nós Black temos uma cor e beleza muito linda. ❤amo minha cor😍
Let's see how many people are listening to this January 2021
Jaeny Infante
Jaeny Infante Hace 18 horas
the ending😂😂😂
Jaeny Infante
Jaeny Infante Hace 16 horas
"Kelly.. KELLY.. break up now!!! MiSsy!!!!"
Takano Ichikawa
Takano Ichikawa Hace 18 horas
she sould've tried a vlookup :(
Tikesan85 Hace 18 horas
Por fin he eliminado WhatsApp, cualquier cosa me escriben por excel I have finally deleted WhatsApp, anything by excel
Alpha Alfschen
Alpha Alfschen Hace 18 horas
Real og feeling❤ love y'all Who come back
Dancehall 2021
Dancehall 2021 Hace 19 horas
Galaxy_jay 20
Galaxy_jay 20 Hace 19 horas
This is such a classic
Yab Legend
Yab Legend Hace 19 horas
What Happened To Nelly 😏😏😏
Manyano ngilana
Manyano ngilana Hace 19 horas
Who's here in 2021?
the gamer 5
the gamer 5 Hace 19 horas
The Red Show
The Red Show Hace 19 horas
If you’re listening to this in 2021, you are a legend
Christian Coolade
Christian Coolade Hace 20 horas
We need a time machine, for real
Omar Grimaldo
Omar Grimaldo Hace 20 horas
Alguien más pensé que "Nelly" era la chica..? O solo yo jajajajajaja
Iz Nuriaelizabeth
Iz Nuriaelizabeth Hace 20 horas
I’m also for the excell meme 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Thalia Elizabeth
Thalia Elizabeth Hace 20 horas
3:14 para los que vienen por el meme de WhatsApp y Excel 😂
Mulla Inc
Mulla Inc Hace 20 horas
Claim your ticket here cause this gonna hit 1B views soon all time bamger... 2021 Tanzania
Beast 69
Beast 69 Hace 21 un hora
Sammyah Andrews
Sammyah Andrews Hace 21 un hora
Not the Excel
justme. Hace 21 un hora
Who else didnt search this on a nostalgic trip but actually listens to these songs everyday?
Balša I Luka
Balša I Luka Hace 21 un hora
If you watching this 11 years ago you are legend
Rajel Khaltek
Rajel Khaltek Hace 22 horas
Its 2021 dude !
Nicol Felix
Nicol Felix Hace 22 horas
En pleno 2021 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️
Martín Eduardo Reyes Arredondo
Nelly, the type of person who would text you on excel to tell you he’s outside
April fools movie
April fools movie Hace 22 horas
3:13 Donald Trump when he tries to Tweet his supporters after getting banned
zay2 Wavy
zay2 Wavy Hace 22 horas
This will never get old
Sharon Attard
Sharon Attard Hace 22 horas
No name
No name Hace 22 horas
Man I really do miss the old rap
Bon Appetit
Bon Appetit Hace 23 horas
Júnior Hace 23 horas
kd os br?
Eramas Eric
Eramas Eric Hace 23 horas
Who else getting goose bumbs? In 2021
gyuri lim
gyuri lim Hace 23 horas
Rastree Boodhny
Rastree Boodhny Hace 23 horas
Marduk Hamwei
Marduk Hamwei Hace 23 horas
Gold nostalgia
Hyder Shoota
Hyder Shoota Hace un día
This should have over 1 billion veiws but why don’t it 🤔
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