NERD PLAYS SOCCER (football) *ankles broken*

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NERD PLAYS SOCCER!!! aka football...
I dress up as a Nerd and troll Ohio State's Band, play in some pickup games, and crack some jokes.
Shoutout to DC Heat and BigDawsTv for the vid inspiration
Insta @MCEW
filmed/edited: Robert Pizzuco and Andrew McEwen
music produced by: Andrew McEwen


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14 ago 2019






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McEw Hace 9 meses
Watch until the end to see me school them 😂😂😂 & make sure you're SUBBED!!! Penalty or Pie To The Face COMING SATURDAY!!!!!! LESSSS GET IT!
Boris Ambruš
Boris Ambruš Hace 8 días
And u got skills????please erase video,u are awful
Abo coopz
Abo coopz Hace 14 días
In Europe your still sh#t!!
Sam's Football Freestyle
McEw must play with you sometime
XXXBIDTMF Hace un mes
So cheap.
Ronm8 Hace un mes
That was shit , you didnt "school" anyone
iFrancoOh- Hace 11 horas
Va un pibe de barrio y se los baila a todos
Yoel Ovejero
Yoel Ovejero Hace 12 horas
Se parece a Marcos rojo foooerte
lalo virus
lalo virus Hace 19 horas
mmm bro en eeuu toos son malos xD
Render Hace 20 horas
Take the best footballer in an english primary school and if they had a match or 1v1 the primary school kid would win lol
Ozwer Hace un día
This dude is bad playin' soccer
LexvilleMusic Hace un día
Qué man tan visajoso...
Jeff S.
Jeff S. Hace un día
North America: WOW! South America: Meh!
TheXanian Hace un día
I’m also a nerd that loves to play soccer
Gabriel Henrique
Gabriel Henrique Hace un día
Nicolae Flekacs
Nicolae Flekacs Hace un día
Imagine flexing on poor Americans... They have no clue how to play football.
亀 JC Animations 亀
You know what i’ll at least give him this, dude knows how to use his size to defend and is decent at dribbling (even though they might be letting him 😂😂)
joe Hace 2 días
Ricardo Lopez
Ricardo Lopez Hace 2 días
Your opponents dont have "ghetto, barrio, malice" to play soccer, in MEX, ARG, GER, ITA, SPA, and many countries the gold rule is : pass the ball or pass the player, the 2 never.
Mauro Junior
Mauro Junior Hace 2 días
try in brazil
Fahad Hasan
Fahad Hasan Hace 2 días
'Mbape' 😂😂
ACIDY Hace 2 días
people playing with him probably thinks he's weird and annoying
Da o laudo
Da o laudo Hace 3 días
nice esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-OntyXQxLvsQ.html
Абай Есеналиев
Бля Америкада мнау катты ойнайтын болып есептелсе, мен шешессигейн Мессимын гой онда
Joshua Anziska
Joshua Anziska Hace 3 días
This is being a sweat in a game but wearing the default skin
Mathe SDR
Mathe SDR Hace 3 días
That and playing well in the USA imagine here in Brazil what and playing well.
Lucas Hace 3 días
the nerd's legs are 2x stronger than the guys' , i doubt they believed u r bad. hahahaha nice video
Gm7 RMA Hace 3 días
I’ve never seen pickup football games...like you can find Basketball games everywhere
Gm7 RMA Hace 3 días
Marching band has to run???😂😂👍🏼
Alejandro Granados
Alejandro Granados Hace 4 días
Low key not even good
Jonas Haber
Jonas Haber Hace 4 días
Extroverts 2020: 4:07
ricky patria
ricky patria Hace 4 días
indonesian like
Cintia Luna
Cintia Luna Hace 4 días
Un arquero que ataja con la cara ndea
Gerónimo Crespo
Gerónimo Crespo Hace 4 días
Che alguien me avis cuando empezo a jugar bien? Porq vi todo el video y sigue igual de malo
Not_Vincent 03
Not_Vincent 03 Hace 4 días
Name song?
Iharley Pereira
Iharley Pereira Hace 4 días
As crianças de 10 anos aqui no Brasil joga mais que esse cara.
Caue Franco
Caue Franco Hace 5 días
Só faltava o cara saber jogar fut kkkkkkkkkkk
Muaz Rozlan
Muaz Rozlan Hace 5 días
Why do you slowmo when you shift your body position? That's literally the most basic thing in all sports, it's nothing to be proud of
Mateus Souza
Mateus Souza Hace 5 días
No Brasil , você seria seria aquele famoso ditado : A natureza cuida! E com certeza ia ser o último por não ter mais opção kk
Mateus Souza
Mateus Souza Hace 5 días
Brasil !
Yors Chavarri
Yors Chavarri Hace 5 días
Entrena mas te falta bastante por aprender
Madpeople Tv
Madpeople Tv Hace 5 días
Subscribe To My Channel Please🙏🏽
EnzoMaster BR
EnzoMaster BR Hace 5 días
I’m Brazilian,my grandma play better
need play better than this , here in brazil , its no good enought ! buts its ok
Adn diniz
Adn diniz Hace 5 días
Vem pro Brasil kkkkkk
ALAN Hace 5 días
Típico. Creer que el estereotipo de chico Nerd es vestirse así
Jilvam Oliveira
Jilvam Oliveira Hace 5 días
Tira esse goleiro e põe uma havaiana no lugar !
Frank Yousif
Frank Yousif Hace 5 días
You dont wear a belt and suspenders together man lol
Spanish plis
Tatilito Lito
Tatilito Lito Hace 5 días
Pra fazer esse tipo de vídeo primeiro tens q saber jogar 🤮🤢
fafabian _leyva
fafabian _leyva Hace 6 días
A nerd with a Gucci belt it’s epic
Jose Hace 6 días
GreenMountain Hace 6 días
But man u play like Nerd!
Mahmoud Farargy
Mahmoud Farargy Hace 6 días
Man he sucks. I thought he will surprise us with his skills.
alejandro delgado
alejandro delgado Hace 6 días
Ta potente el cringe
Ashley M.
Ashley M. Hace 6 días
5:37 Bruhh 😂😂😂😂
Jeff Hola
Jeff Hola Hace 6 días
Necesito subtítulos en español porfavor 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
roger zapata
roger zapata Hace 6 días
Aún estoy esperando a que el nerd se luzca 😒😪😴
Mr.Artistic Hace 6 días
Why do you spell it football it is fütball
los mascotizados los mascotizados
The kids of my neighborhood are better players than these guys. OMG 😂 They are so awkward
Angel Ricardo
Angel Ricardo Hace 6 días
Ni it’s realy
Ronildo Oliveira
Ronildo Oliveira Hace 6 días
mds kkkkkkkkkkkkk ta muito errado issai kkkkkkk brasil aushaushau
bileu 0q0q0
bileu 0q0q0 Hace 7 días
Seu lixo aqui é Brasil
ACJ Hace 7 días
De que país ele é? Esses moleques jogam muito mal 🤣🤣🤣
Jéssica Silva
Jéssica Silva Hace 7 días
This guy is not good also is not nerd. Lol
Israel Chávez arceo
Alguien que hable español ?
Jonathan Davila
Jonathan Davila Hace 7 días
Que bosta o cara nem joga nada
Elita Costa
Elita Costa Hace 7 días
Gringo joga porra nenhuma
leonel souza
leonel souza Hace 7 días
bora pro rachao ..............
Ezequiel Tovar
Ezequiel Tovar Hace 7 días
James Isaac Neutron
James Isaac Neutron Hace 7 días
I just lost 9 minutes...
Jhony Velásquez
Jhony Velásquez Hace 7 días
Part 2
CR4ZYJEA FF Hace 7 días
Duh ain't nobody in the us who can play
WaxFranz Penaflor
WaxFranz Penaflor Hace 7 días
I'm a Filipino 19 year old, I'm a Varsity Player of Football. This nerd prank is a massive fail
Black Hole
Black Hole Hace 7 días
Ummmmm I think broken ankles is bigger in football
Fernando Cadiz Diaz
Fernando Cadiz Diaz Hace 7 días
El final pa bueno jajaja
FLASH FF Hace 7 días
Maluco não iria nem jogar com as cara daqui do Brasil 10 minutos de futebol aqui ele já não aguentava kkk
Shawty Jesús
Shawty Jesús Hace 7 días
Do anybody knows when he stopped acting?
Edilson Pimentel Teixeira Junior
come to Brazil
Edilson Pimentel Teixeira Junior
Vem pro Brasil kk
Irfan Salleh
Irfan Salleh Hace 8 días
viewers more than subscribers . what a joke
Charly Hace 8 días
Me: which of them will be the protagonist? Anime: 1:59
OS botsito yt
OS botsito yt Hace 8 días
ankles broken
Mikhail Sanchez
Mikhail Sanchez Hace 8 días
Marlu Hace 8 días
Crack 🔥
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