NERD PLAYS SOCCER (football) *ankles broken*

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NERD PLAYS SOCCER!!! aka football...
I dress up as a Nerd and troll Ohio State's Band, play in some pickup games, and crack some jokes.
Shoutout to DC Heat and BigDawsTv for the vid inspiration
Insta @MCEW
filmed/edited: Robert Pizzuco and Andrew McEwen
music produced by: Andrew McEwen


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14 ago 2019






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Comentarios 9 655
MCEW Hace 2 meses
Watch until the end to see me school them 😂😂😂 & make sure you're SUBBED!!! Penalty or Pie To The Face COMING SATURDAY!!!!!! LESSSS GET IT!
Jason Pereira
Jason Pereira Hace 5 días
Pls sub to me
Jas Bassi
Jas Bassi Hace 8 días
100% knee high tackle you if you played with us you little mug.
zipi1100 Hace 18 días
U kinda school noone.
Mo Ali
Mo Ali Hace 18 días
I am a boxer 🥊, I live in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 and I have charity boxing fight coming up in November, some support on my channel would be appreciated!
Adib Hossain
Adib Hossain Hace 20 días
Dolphin Aden7123 n
Grey1324 Hace 6 horas
you,er good
Desideri Patrizio
Desideri Patrizio Hace 9 horas
0:11 Naruto style 😁
Ab20212 btw
Ab20212 btw Hace 11 horas
I from Ireland and we have really good talent well accept for the adults Ireland never does good in matches let's be honest but the kids like I played county the people there were unreal compair to playing with your town it was easy to win matches with town
ZYN ZYBN Hace 11 horas
Hahahahahahahhaha he would be laught at by 13 old Kids playing like this. But i get it football is something u were not familiar with that is why u call it sucker xD
Todo es culpa del Capitalismo Podcast
im still waiting for him to play good hhaha
Goat Hace 22 horas
4:17 Isn't this the goal keeper why didn't he use his hands
Ivan Eliecer
Ivan Eliecer Hace 23 horas
No entendi una verga
Marzuq Mazid
Marzuq Mazid Hace 23 horas
The microphone is too close to his mouth
john i i
john i i Hace un día
This guy was literally playing against a bunch of noobs
rodick Vid
rodick Vid Hace un día
Josue Garcia
Josue Garcia Hace un día
I love soccer but this video just bored me lol no skill what's so ever lmao
a z
a z Hace un día
so what
Over Man
Over Man Hace un día
They didn't seem very welcoming to him...
Speedy 10
Speedy 10 Hace un día
E=mc2 he wroted 🙃🙃😛😜🤣🤣
SEM NOÇÃO Hace un día
Esses caras são muito ruim de bola
Frederick Wilson
Frederick Wilson Hace un día
I don't get it
fateh nazaruddin
fateh nazaruddin Hace un día
The way u talk like someone want got attention...not nerd way talk...improve more
Bilal Parkar
Bilal Parkar Hace un día
Mbape he has no knowledge of football
Simon John
Simon John Hace un día
I mean you’re decent, not great
Deruzzi Hace un día
Obviously he is gonna naruto run
Lucas Santos
Lucas Santos Hace un día
I'm Brazilian and watching this I feel like even if i drink three bottles of vodka I can play better then him
Leandro Hace un día
pense que iba a ser un video como los freestyle que se disfranzan de viejo y terminan humillando a todos, pero este chico juega normal.. bastante normal diria jaja
kareem samarah
kareem samarah Hace un día
Watching Americans play football is a disrespect to the game.
qXn Dxisy
qXn Dxisy Hace un día
Ok wait, I thought he was a nerd? But he has Air-Pods and a Gucci Belt on
Michael Me
Michael Me Hace un día
I love that guy with that glorious Flores jersey viva Peru
Fucking Epic
Fucking Epic Hace un día
Nobody: YT captions: “Just trying to play some sucker.”
Luiguitube2 Hace 15 horas
F*cking Epic literally underrated
Não joga nada ! Só exibição 🤦🏽‍♂️
santiago leguizamo
santiago leguizamo Hace un día
man, you suck
Blaster Shoot
Blaster Shoot Hace un día
Are they Really nerd
Dalahoforeal !!!
Dalahoforeal !!! Hace 2 días
the gucci belt
Peria Hace 2 días
acha que joga alguma coisa? kkk
GalaxyWizard Hace 2 días
I have a lizard and I feed him meal worms
It’s a me Mario
It’s a me Mario Hace 2 días
5:45 He be like CRABBBB
macintosh Hace 2 días
one thing that i know if a brazilian wants to play soccer, make sure that he is on your squad. i say that for personal experience
Haider Hadi
Haider Hadi Hace 2 días
what is this?
johnjohn imperial
johnjohn imperial Hace 2 días
I like that naruto run hahaha
TTV_ UWantNoSmoke
TTV_ UWantNoSmoke Hace 2 días
Dead baller
john smith
john smith Hace 2 días
As both a former division 1 FOOTBALLER myself and with a background in film production I can say this is one of the most cringe videos things I have ever seen. From the selective editing and camera cuts before he gets tackled to make it look like hes not shite and even the used footage clearly being moves against the weakest players on the field who likely have no football roots that are probably just trying to play socially this creator might take the cake for the most pathetic I've seen on ESvid in a long time. Its a really cringe-worthy premise that everyone in attendence can see through and just thinks hes a wanker yet the creator put try-hard music on trying to copy that basketball kid but doesn't understand they are two different sports that have different cultures. The basketball kid was interesting due to his subtlety and how he truly did surprise the others on the court, also the basketballers wanted quality players to join in whereas this game has girls playing and is clearly wanting to be social. No one is surprised or impressed by this guy and its so obviously made to satisfy his own ego rather than break down any sterotypes or create an expereince for others. My "guess" is hes just one of those typical "tricksters" or "skillers" that is frustrated that those skills don't transfer to a real game so he can't play at a high enough level to satisfy his ego so he does this shit instead.
T4FSEER 93 Hace 2 días
Wtf this guy can't kick a ball properly
9 minutes later, and you didn't even score once. . .
NOGODPLZNO ! Hace 2 días
He’s not even good.
Denny Men
Denny Men Hace 2 días
Mis amigos still have the 2014 World Cup ball
Kolo Toure
Kolo Toure Hace 2 días
Bruh honestly he's quite shit
Ethan Taft
Ethan Taft Hace 2 días
He’s acting bad at soccer
Ethan Taft
Ethan Taft Hace 2 días
He did a backflip
Ethan Taft
Ethan Taft Hace 2 días
Fake nerd
Mary Corkery
Mary Corkery Hace 2 días
My boy got a Gucci belt
Note OfGod
Note OfGod Hace 3 días
He looks like a fuck boii
Gustavo Siqueira
Gustavo Siqueira Hace 3 días
WTF Dude, do you call it playing soccer? DAMNNN I suggest you to never come play in Brazil, btw nice video. And to finish, next time try to find some good players, just saying LOL
ilhan ashimov
ilhan ashimov Hace 3 días
Thıs musıc ıs a lıttle bıt weırd
3:14 = catch me knuckles
Marcus Watson
Marcus Watson Hace 3 días
Damn. Wish I could find soccer like this around me.
Nicole Vosper
Nicole Vosper Hace 3 días
Anuel Tv
Anuel Tv Hace 3 días
4:00 Perúuuu
FrankenSHTEIN Hace 3 días
Ебать тупой китаец...мяч надо ловить руками а не лицом.
greetingworld Hace 3 días
Can u now go to South America please. I give u 3 mins on the pitch.
Dario lml
Dario lml Hace 3 días
Es malo igual
Anatole C
Anatole C Hace 3 días
Seriously 15M views for this ? He's not good at all, and it's called FOOTBALL, wtf is soccer
King Rex
King Rex Hace 3 días
Why is that one guys with no shoes wtf
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