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Nerf trick shots at a whole new level!
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18 nov 2019






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Ice Asuncion
Ice Asuncion Hace 12 horas
I've just SUBSCRIBE i am 6 years old thank you
Quincy Jordan
Quincy Jordan Hace 13 horas
You guys are awesome I have a watched you since I was 4
Racha Matar
Racha Matar Hace 14 horas
I like the shoot with the candel and the fan the 2 consecutive vidio
Racha Matar
Racha Matar Hace 14 horas
Hey you why do you always wear that green short it is not ....
madhuri rajora
madhuri rajora Hace 15 horas
Loved the reload
Adrian Raga
Adrian Raga Hace 17 horas
I was looking at this and I was like "NO WAY"
Tanya Jeffcoat
Tanya Jeffcoat Hace un día
At 0:38 which way is the cup facing?
Eli Schuler
Eli Schuler Hace un día
Hey dude perfect give me a shoutout please and my brother and sister
Daniel Chen
Daniel Chen Hace un día
0:47 plot twist: he was looking in a mirror
Gabriel Silva
Gabriel Silva Hace un día
Mano e td feke eu sei como eles edita tem pessoa q veste de verde ai depois eles tiram
At 1:18 seconds the dart went from other side not in the hole observe
히로아카짱 Hace un día
Itz Demonic
Itz Demonic Hace 2 días
So, people get ammo from pooping balloons? Intresting
Baris Eris
Baris Eris Hace 2 días
3:10.Cody: I’m a fan of this shot. (Cup on a fan)
Jasmin C.
Jasmin C. Hace 2 días
How many trys they need for one Trick?
Basel Alriyabi
Basel Alriyabi Hace 2 días
airport stereotypes is what i need
Saradhambal Swaminathan
3:56 what a shot
Mikail Türk
Mikail Türk Hace 2 días
That didnt look so hard
Soul Paradox
Soul Paradox Hace 2 días
Yet they cant hit a shot with aiming for a challenge
Alex Ky Nguyen
Alex Ky Nguyen Hace 2 días
Who wants Nerf Rival Trick shots?!!
Gxs Hace 3 días
Do a hockey stereotypes
Tso_ashdub gaming
Tso_ashdub gaming Hace 3 días
Who that hiding behind on your left 1:50
Tso_ashdub gaming
Tso_ashdub gaming Hace 3 días
Who that hiding behind on your left
Tso_ashdub gaming
Tso_ashdub gaming Hace 3 días
Franklin Lago jr.
Franklin Lago jr. Hace 3 días
November 18, 2019. That was my birthday
Yash Tayade
Yash Tayade Hace 3 días
Why don't you guys try real plane tricks it will be awesome
Sandesh Chandrapala
Sandesh Chandrapala Hace 3 días
Huang Kee Chan
Huang Kee Chan Hace 3 días
Alexon Zosa
Alexon Zosa Hace 3 días
[0:55]Ahhh.... I think TY win the narrator award👍
James Kilbane
James Kilbane Hace 4 días
They have special dart
Yuniko Yato
Yuniko Yato Hace 4 días
sick place wow
E C Hace 5 días
I love mirrors, and lots of practice 🤪
Tarid Hace 5 días
Super dude....... Nice editing bro.......... Its looks so realistic. May i know which software you are using?
Lexuantruong2k5 Hace 5 días
1:20 that ball was made in china lol
Brady Drury
Brady Drury Hace 6 días
Garrett looked out of the corner of his eye on the double back
Big Gr33nzzz
Big Gr33nzzz Hace 6 días
2:58 that’s what he said
Reee Kid
Reee Kid Hace 6 días
They use the camera for no lookers.
Eleazar Laryea
Eleazar Laryea Hace 7 días
Nadis Pedraza
Nadis Pedraza Hace 7 días
Yes Santiago
Socorro Pacheco
Socorro Pacheco Hace 7 días
Did you get it don your first try.
Ivano Filipovic
Ivano Filipovic Hace 8 días
Kamaljeet Kaur
Kamaljeet Kaur Hace 8 días
0:19 The one who made it - Ahhhh finally after 12 hors its complete! DP crew -Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh There we go
bonk master
bonk master Hace 8 días
I have that nerf gun
Ginny McKee
Ginny McKee Hace 8 días
I have been following dude perfect Since they started
Yui TheSnake
Yui TheSnake Hace 9 días
2:26 imagine they are cleaning our the place and one of them just goes Oh yeah we put a nerf dart in the blue marlin
SAU LUN CHEUNG Hace 10 días
Axel’s movie maker 🎥😀 and videos
Jadson Silva
Jadson Silva Hace 10 días
Soy del brasil
Неизвестный Комментатор
You are funny, you are cool, you are the best! I would like to work with you. with love from Moscow.
Неизвестный Комментатор
From Moscow with love. You are cool !!!
Jacob Guerrero
Jacob Guerrero Hace 12 días
He is cheating
Sanjay Pawar
Sanjay Pawar Hace 12 días
If the views ain't in million You know it ain't dude perfect.
marc beaudin
marc beaudin Hace 12 días
No doubt these guys are talented but I would be interested to see the data (if they keep it), behind how many attempts each successful trick shot takes. Has this data ever been made available?
Arjun Balamurali
Arjun Balamurali Hace 13 días
1:18 Not a real shot. It has been edited. The dart goes behind.
ilia bostoganashvili
ilia bostoganashvili Hace 14 días
did anyone else realise that on.1:16 there is is done by montage and not actually done?😂
Drawing/Gaming AloneJackson
1:30 Nice 360 No-Scope
Luke Bowen
Luke Bowen Hace 14 días
Ur going to get banned ur using aimbot
William Todd
William Todd Hace 14 días
I can collaborate with your channel and do a flip over the dart
Grey Catoe
Grey Catoe Hace 14 días
CEO of dooppoopshoo
HosT Hace 14 días
1:21 made in china??? *CORONA?*
Bill Davis
Bill Davis Hace 14 días
3:05 as if you remove the darts on the floor in post. You left just enough of the frame to pause on it.
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