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Corn Flake man
Corn Flake man Hace 10 horas
I hate you
shelby lopez
shelby lopez Hace 23 horas
Like si eres Latino
Carter Matza
Carter Matza Hace un día
the bowling shot is fake
Muhammad Adhik Pangestu
Keren bang
TedStar 11
TedStar 11 Hace 4 días
They can see in the camera they are actually cheating
Alistair Richards
Alistair Richards Hace 4 días
This was made on my birthday
uzma imran
uzma imran Hace 5 días
Very easy shots
Jack Tang
Jack Tang Hace 5 días
ultra darts are horrible, and have no competitive use in the nerf community. they would NOT be able to pop those balloons unless they were specially designed to be fragile.
Scottie Faulkner
Scottie Faulkner Hace 6 días
Do a pencil trick shot video
Cris Thirdee Endrina
XandroBEATZ Hace 7 días
am I the only one who thinks he looks like the guy from District 9 ?
Cameron Meglathery
Cameron Meglathery Hace 9 días
What if the camera wasn’t rolling for the bowling ball trick 😂😂😂
Tom Stansberry
Tom Stansberry Hace 10 días
Nice huge fan
Arthur Regelin
Arthur Regelin Hace 10 días
How the frick is a nerf ultra one exploding a balloon
Rabbi Genack
Rabbi Genack Hace 10 días
Love cobys beard
Yang Yang
Yang Yang Hace 11 días
Try three holes in the bowling ball can
Mr Sheeshcabob
Mr Sheeshcabob Hace 11 días
I feel like some of the shots random people can do and who wants airport stereotypes
Stephen Kearney
Stephen Kearney Hace 12 días
Swapnil Saha
Swapnil Saha Hace 12 días
Go coby!
J & L Beast Brothers
J & L Beast Brothers Hace 13 días
i like the song im ready to go
Cars Fan24
Cars Fan24 Hace 15 días
Awesome is what you guys are!
맛깔찬 korean food
맛깔찬 korean food Hace 15 días
1:30 The legendary scene from here!
Jennifer DeLange
Jennifer DeLange Hace 16 días
I love your show
Media Reaction
Media Reaction Hace 16 días
Who else read "nerd" lol
unica hija lescarbio
unica hija lescarbio Hace 16 días
I can see that you try a million times to get that shot
P3dr0 Tuber
P3dr0 Tuber Hace 16 días
Fala aí povo brasileiro
Chit U Mg
Chit U Mg Hace 16 días
give me one please
Cortland Miller
Cortland Miller Hace 17 días
dude perfect... always sounding chill and "whatever' at the beginning, then screaming in success by the end. (like if you have noticed this)
Faze Minecraft
Faze Minecraft Hace 17 días
They should do a silent trick shots video, just tons af epic trick shots, with no music or sound
Kane Van Dyk
Kane Van Dyk Hace 18 días
Anyone else wondering how long it would have taken to stack all the cups
Shaleah Unique
Shaleah Unique Hace 18 días
Hey dude perfect how do u do all those cooool tricks there so dope I also have a ESvid channel but it's not as cool as your 😂stay perfect dudes
noodle star
noodle star Hace 19 días
Garret was looking in. A mirror
Crusader Valor
Crusader Valor Hace 20 días
Something must be wrong, that blaster never shoots in a straight line
Time To Learn
Time To Learn Hace 6 días
Its a nerf gun. It aint gonna be 100% accurate
Luke Zaid
Luke Zaid Hace 20 días
I’m your biggest fan but you need to make another video
Surya Praneeth
Surya Praneeth Hace 21 un día
This is boring
مصري في أستراليا
But how?!!!!
Aaron Torres
Aaron Torres Hace 22 días
Do a monster jam video!😁
Dorju Ochur-ool
Dorju Ochur-ool Hace 22 días
Это ваш дом да просто он очень большой хотел бы такой же
Jesse Strack
Jesse Strack Hace 22 días
dang danie
Joshua Duricka
Joshua Duricka Hace 22 días
If I had a nickel for every time one of the DP members said "let's go"...I'd have as much money as them.
Zanetti Vale
Zanetti Vale Hace 23 días
Vi hanno copiato il canale e d. P
Julita Pustelnik
Julita Pustelnik Hace 23 días
From Caden
Julita Pustelnik
Julita Pustelnik Hace 23 días
I really liked your bowl when you made it
F. Branch
F. Branch Hace 24 días
When Garrett did the no-look shot I could tell he was looking in a mirror
Ramazan Rezaei
Ramazan Rezaei Hace 25 días
Great vid
Uluc Guvenir
Uluc Guvenir Hace 25 días
Nerf or nothing
amanda davis
amanda davis Hace 25 días
your yard is dead
Felix Wang
Felix Wang Hace 25 días
All of the memes
Beau Short
Beau Short Hace 26 días
When Dude Perfect hits 50 million subscribers they should do a video with a lot of athletes
SonicDash 15
SonicDash 15 Hace 26 días
Pin me
Jonas Auguste
Jonas Auguste Hace 26 días
1:50 love how he’s hiding behind the sign
SG ABDULLA Hace 27 días
Yuor far cricket
Thuy Tran
Thuy Tran Hace 27 días
He’s looking at the camera to shot the balloons behind him. (Still pretty cool) preyers 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Nolan Nicely
Nolan Nicely Hace 28 días
NO WAY 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳
princes 2020
princes 2020 Hace 28 días
It's phyiscs plays
Manish Kumar
Manish Kumar Hace 28 días
3:11 Coby is my favourite
Léo Arsenault
Léo Arsenault Hace 29 días
You guys have to do slingshot trick shot
rudolph flizzow
rudolph flizzow Hace 29 días
guys jp i like trick shots easy
daniel colombo
daniel colombo Hace 29 días
I hope Ty brings the cross charm back
Marlon Maquiling
Marlon Maquiling Hace 29 días
Fiji hereto feti
Kellen Gaming
Kellen Gaming Hace 29 días
how you are can do this?
Thi mai Nguyen
Thi mai Nguyen Hace 29 días
Hưng MT VLOG Hace un mes
Everyone, please support me. I thank everyone
عبدالرحمن الغنام
What’s up with that guy setting there 1:49 😅🤔
carl Hjortkjær
carl Hjortkjær Hace un mes
magnet trick shots
ike schulte
ike schulte Hace un mes
They look easy but those are so inaccurate
Anita Lawate
Anita Lawate Hace un mes
Tiny pin strike Should have been included in All Sports Bowling battle Edit : Sorry that is not a sport
The Epic G
The Epic G Hace un mes
0:14 the cups on the left formed a perfect pyramid
Sơn EDM Hace un mes
ᄒᄅ Hace un mes
wow wow wow!!!!
N E R F 785
N E R F 785 Hace un mes
if you love nerf subscribe to my channel, I will upload all guns review and test soon 🔥♥️
adam Elhoussaini
adam Elhoussaini Hace un mes
Nice brooo
klyde and yaella
klyde and yaella Hace un mes
There is a perfect triangle tower in the left side 0:17
Gauge Wallace
Gauge Wallace Hace un mes
You should do a Nerf war
HERNAN PEREZ Hace un mes
3:18 : that's amazing time
Joseph Paolucci
Joseph Paolucci Hace un mes
At the beginning how long do you think it too for them to put all those cups up?!?! 🙄
sajjad hyder
sajjad hyder Hace un mes
Those aren't real trick shots those are just numerous trys after which u guys get the trick shot right. 👎
prashant kumar
prashant kumar Hace un mes
1:49 is that man behind the board panda 🐼🐼???????
P&L covers
P&L covers Hace un mes
You guys are really awesome 🔥 keep rocking 🤘🏻
Agent Peely
Agent Peely Hace un mes
When you cut open the football it makes me really uncomfortable, oof.
Agent Peely
Agent Peely Hace 25 días
I’m back over a week later,HI!
LanceDerp Hace un mes
Coop772: Ultra Darts are not accurate. DP: *makes a trick shot video* *its accurate* Coop772: the W H A T ?
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