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Welcome to Netflix and Kill, where not knowing your scary movie trivia will get you a bucket of ice down the pants. Check us out every Monday, Wednesday, Friday at twitch.tv/smoshgames
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
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Matt Raub: instagram.com/mattraub/
Sarah Whittle: instagram.com/rudeunicorns/
Ify Nwadiwe: instagram.com/ifynwadiwe/
Executive Producer: Sarah Whittle
Producer: Kiana Parker
Production Manager: Garrett Palm
Director: Sarah Whittle
Editor: Leonard Wilkes
Production Coordinator: Nancy Azcona
Art: Cassie Vance
Art: Yasmeen Mughal
DP: Brennan Iketani
Cam Op: Spencer Agnew
Cam Op / G&E: Jacqi Jones
DIT: Matt Duran
Sound Op: Greg Jones
Cam Op / G&E: Dustin Bloodgood
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20 oct 2020






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dazzlegirl1026 Hace un día
Ify is a great addition to the group😭💜 Kimmy and Ify should be in these more😌💜
Al Wilkins Burgos
Al Wilkins Burgos Hace 4 días
Damien isss succch a genius 🧠🧠
Rob Smith21
Rob Smith21 Hace 4 días
I actually did REALLY well on this one!!
Rob Smith21
Rob Smith21 Hace 4 días
Never seen Jennifer’s body. Hmm
Chriz Playz
Chriz Playz Hace 7 días
I hope all of u r doing well and r safe I'm trying to get to 500 subs before Christmas so plss help me
TavishG Hace 8 días
Is it just me, or was this the easiest (Blank) and Chill ever...?
RON KIXEN Hace 13 días
I’m way younger than everyone here and knew all of these
Smol Zoe
Smol Zoe Hace 13 días
I did so welllllll lmao
Flieca Trivette
Flieca Trivette Hace 16 días
Hey Ian *whispers* hubie Halloween
Caro Beeb
Caro Beeb Hace 17 días
I thought the whole thing with Freddy Krueger is that he was falsely accused which is why he comes back for revenge...?
Lucky_McPanda Hace 19 días
Why did they start playing sims music at 14:20 🤣🤣
Ruben Esquer
Ruben Esquer Hace 19 días
Just popping in to say The Cabin in the Woods is NOT A PARODY.
Wom Wimroth
Wom Wimroth Hace 21 un día
Matt Raub looks much healthier! Havent seen him in awhile, lookin good my man!
K Gallagher
K Gallagher Hace 21 un día
The only one I couldn’t manage to guess was stranger things, I’ve seen the series 4 times
Cassie Knowlton
Cassie Knowlton Hace 21 un día
elasmobranch is my username when I play Jackbox
Jasper Dizon
Jasper Dizon Hace 21 un día
What was freddy krueger that ify said that was bleeped?
Aaron Morgan
Aaron Morgan Hace 23 días
How was the scream one hard? He gave them the main character and they still weren't in the ballpark.
Joey quimby
Joey quimby Hace 23 días
That was so easy
Katie Walsh
Katie Walsh Hace 25 días
what word was censored at 9:00?
TheDemon1591 Hace 25 días
Hubie halloween best movie ever
Brandon Briddes
Brandon Briddes Hace 25 días
want some soup
dumb boi
dumb boi Hace 26 días
Why does Sarah remind me of Leonardo decaprio in the intro
Angel Faust
Angel Faust Hace 27 días
Sleepy Sheepy
Sleepy Sheepy Hace 27 días
No body Shayne: the only one with shoes on
Ariel Thrasher
Ariel Thrasher Hace 27 días
i’m usually really bad at this game but horror is my shit so this is the only one i’ve done well on
Christian Hace 27 días
Them: i never saw this Me: I’ve seen every single one of these
Anita Padovan
Anita Padovan Hace 27 días
Josiah Smith
Josiah Smith Hace 28 días
Sidney is the best final girl. How did they name her and nobody knew it was scream?
Thomas Sclafani
Thomas Sclafani Hace 28 días
If you watch these movies you die 7 days later
Gianna Carter
Gianna Carter Hace 28 días
I don’t know whether to proud or ashamed... I knew almost every one of these movies.
Quantum Hace 29 días
This was tough to watch. I knew all of them and I had to stop myself from yelling at the screen 😂
Victoria Hace 29 días
Scream 4 was SOOO easy.
Cycle rcorzo73
Cycle rcorzo73 Hace 29 días
Hubbie is a great actor and has great movies
raeqwan brooks
raeqwan brooks Hace 29 días
Remember when smosh games played games?
Mya Green
Mya Green Hace un mes
The first 1 i thought was super 8
Beaterxys Hace un mes
yo matt raub lookin ripped
Kylie Millspaugh
Kylie Millspaugh Hace un mes
I wanna be on a smosh video so bad lmao
iPyromantic Hace un mes
This video had me internally yelling at the screen because they don't know what elasmobranches are. (Skates and rays are also elasmobranches, Matt, JEEZ.)
Landon Amber
Landon Amber Hace un mes
Wait, what was bleeped out when they were talking about Freddy Kreuger???
Alexus Parenteau
Alexus Parenteau Hace un mes
I fucking love You. (;
NekoHanyouHanaru Hace un mes
SHANE WHIPPING OUT THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARY My roommate made me watch that. What a heckin trip
Riley Sollerud
Riley Sollerud Hace un mes
Netflix and kill: Instead of putting ice on your genitals you remove your genitals...
Deanna Carr
Deanna Carr Hace un mes
is that the sims theme music in the back?
Bl00dR3ap3r Hace un mes
Why not ghibli version?
skyblade bloodheart
twilight is terrifying realistically, and its the scariest because at the end of the day, bad writing is as scary as it gets.
Madison Smith
Madison Smith Hace un mes
Why did it take so Lon for anyone do get ice in their pants??
Skye Ketchup
Skye Ketchup Hace un mes
Matt's lookin.....slimmer and buffer. Good work, buddy!
Beverly Harlan
Beverly Harlan Hace un mes
So many grey sweatpants
Phoebe Geralis
Phoebe Geralis Hace un mes
I'm a film student and horror fanatic, I don't know why I watch these because I always get mad with the things they say about these movies. I will say I'm proud of Shayne for doing so well, especially with Gremilns 2
thoin Hace un mes
Anyone know what Ify said at 9:00?
Mark Mamon
Mark Mamon Hace un mes
Courtney should go back to her sims let's play, it was really fun to watch!!!!
Ruby Bala
Ruby Bala Hace un mes
Remember when Ian was funny
Pest Chan
Pest Chan Hace un mes
Aiden Domino
Aiden Domino Hace un mes
What have we learned? Smosh cast don’t fucking watch classic movies
meredith jemola
meredith jemola Hace un mes
i knew every answer
RobertWatkins2355 Hace un mes
Courtney: I think that was the first time someone guessed it right before the synopsis was over. Me:Remembering shaynes clutch moment guessing tommy boy before the synopsis was over.
Lilith Hace un mes
Matt got real skinnyyyyyy
Erica Lopes
Erica Lopes Hace un mes
Look at Shayne, knowing The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari!!! 🖤
MrAutobot390 Hace un mes
Surprisingly I knew most of these. I don't like horror movies. The only ones I didn't know for sure were Scream 4 (I knew it was scream cause I know the name Sidney Prescott) and You.
Orianna Zeiss: Keeper Of The Quill
I only missed Scream 4 and I haven't seen most of these.
Maksil Lorenzo
Maksil Lorenzo Hace un mes
13:54 Sarah’s a porg???
Maksil Lorenzo
Maksil Lorenzo Hace un mes
Shayne looks so small in comparison to Ify. Oh my gosh
Steph P
Steph P Hace un mes
Is it me or does Matt look skinnier
Kaity Vidulich
Kaity Vidulich Hace un mes
So whats with the Sims music?
Dustin Sandler
Dustin Sandler Hace un mes
Ready or not is such a good film. Crazy to think that such a simple concept is an amazing horror film.
Nicholas Bennett
Nicholas Bennett Hace un mes
The Blair witch project was filmed in my home town 😂
Iðunn Lilja
Iðunn Lilja Hace un mes
alright Sims music, I hear you
Phoenix Craig
Phoenix Craig Hace un mes
I’m do done with all of them it’s scream 4
sweetiguess Hace un mes
i've watched the back and forth at 11:18 one hundred times now and i don't plan to stop
Mark Kostecki
Mark Kostecki Hace un mes
What did Ify call Freddy?
Ashbirdboi Hace un mes
why were the questions so easy, I've never watched a horror movie and got them all
VivaLaVlogger Hace un mes
I just wanna consensually snuggle with Damien
Storm Boy
Storm Boy Hace un mes
Matt Ruabb gave too many easy clues.😂 We need more people to get iced😂😂😂
Emily Blackford
Emily Blackford Hace un mes
Why is this the only one of these where I actually know some (most) of the movies?
SkyPlayz AlphaWolf
SkyPlayz AlphaWolf Hace un mes
Can someone explain why they said spoopy
Shoeshine Hace un mes
Shame on yall. Scream 4 was great.
J Read
J Read Hace un mes
Never heard of Hubie Halloween. Wtf is that? Certainly not number one in the world bc in the uk i haven't seen a single advert nor have i heard anyone say it.
Sharkqueen 👑💖
I'm sorry but can someone explain to me what was Ify talking about Freddy Kruger
Greg Hace un mes
This was the easiest Netflix & Chill ever
Greg Hace un mes
Why is Ify here anyway ? Is he a new member of Smosh Games ? Is he here for the Twitch lives ? He doesn't bring anything to the existing team
Jatin Dhyani
Jatin Dhyani Hace un mes
Since the drama, I cannot watch any video with Matt in it without cringing.
Alex Bentsman
Alex Bentsman Hace un mes
I missed this SO MUCH! Thanks Smosh for bringing Netflix & Chill back😁
Kyle Lidster
Kyle Lidster Hace un mes
wow man, Ian needs to be behind the camera.
Kyle Lidster
Kyle Lidster Hace un mes
this one was the easiest one i think
grant robison
grant robison Hace un mes
Matt raub has my shirt wtf
Elle Bell
Elle Bell Hace un mes
Ooo Shayne got a hair cut
angel Rios
angel Rios Hace un mes
Idk about everyone else but this was easy for me 😂 idk if I've just watched a lot of horror movies or if these are just too easy
Mary Nekowanza
Mary Nekowanza Hace un mes
I only knew that the last one was Jenifer's body because of P!atd
CrazyAces Hace un mes
Sarah going full mom at Ify"s story
Kyle Howard
Kyle Howard Hace un mes
Checking in to see how many comments are about Iffy's tight, light gray sweatpants.
boostbeetle Hace un mes
For "You," I was thinking "The Talented Mr. Ripley."
Vanessa Mei
Vanessa Mei Hace un mes
For Shartney/Shourtney shippers 2:27-2:28. Let me know when catch it.
Jolly Rogers
Jolly Rogers Hace un mes
Netflix and Spill, for movies that 'spill the tea', so drama/gossipy shows or sleuthy shows Netflix and Krill, for movies that 'feed the whales', so nature/wildlife shows, or Free Willy, or maybe take this joke title and actually turn it into 'shows that feature an animal needing to be helped by humans to stop other humans'?
Lloyd Hace un mes
I got all of dis but five. I need more hobbies.
Mia Valenzuela
Mia Valenzuela Hace un mes
I dont know who else noticed or maybe I'm seeing things but I Matt is in a better shape. He looks good. Good for him. And if he didn't change and i'm just seeing things then.. I'm sorry but u still look good Matt good for you
Cuddle Cloud
Cuddle Cloud Hace un mes
First time that I knew most of these
Sreeff Hace un mes
8:34 That was an easy one ya fools, it literally gave the main character's name!
Benjamin Sears
Benjamin Sears Hace un mes
theatre kid
theatre kid Hace un mes
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