Netflix Vs Hulu 2019 (Honest Review)

Mike O'Brien
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Hulu free trial: mbsy.co/rZqFt
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In this video, I compare Hulu to Netflix.
I am not going to just scroll through the libraries of each. I want to break down the fundamental differences and explain which is better for you
Netflix - founded in 1997
Some sources say over 700 Netflix originals
Netflix spent somewhere on the order of $8B
Shows come and go
Pricing options: 1 user at a time
Originals are driving growth
You can have multiple profiles
DVDs for extra $5, 8, or 12/mo - 5 is 1 at a time, 2 per month (rip off) and then 2 is 1 at a time, unlimited, and 12 is 2 at a time, unlimited. I would not get any of those though
Basic, $7.99/mo - doesn't provide high definition and only allows 1 screen at a time
Standard, $10.99 /mo - standard offers HD videos, two simultaneous viewings
Premium, $13.99 /mo - four screens at the same time. also the only item on Netflixoffering 4K
Offline option for
If you have T-Mobile, basic is already covered
Disney pulled their content for their own streaming service
1 month free trial
All content is released one season at a time
125M members as of April 2018
Originally very movie oriented but they have removed hundreds of titles as they move toward tv shows, and specifically, originals
Removed Friends :(
Netflix tries to make the interface mostly uniform between devices and platforms. They also added a “My List” feature
Hulu - founded in 2007
20M subscribers
Add-Ons: you can add HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax to your plan for a few extra dollars per month
Always focused more on tv shows and updating shows the next day
No more free tier
$5.99/fmo for first year then normally $8/mo
One month free trial
You will still see some commercials
$12/mo for no commercials
Can log in on unlimited devices, but can only watch on one device at a time
Some people say you can actually typically run 2-3 at a time
Hulu allows you to upgrade for an extra $15/mo for unlimited devices (according to one source)
Comes with Spotify for students in a bundle
Many of the newest episodes of a show are released one at a time (current seasons)
Hulu with Live TV is $40/mo
Live sports!!
50+ live cable tv channels
Hulu has a watchlist which is essentially like the Netflix “MY List” - also tells you when new episodes are airing
Lists “Expiring soon” items
Mythbusters, rick and morty, friends, seinfeld, live sports, impractical jokers, live news
Night Light mode (aka dark mode)
You can get the Hulu app in windows store
You can have multiple profiles, just like Netflix
“Stop suggesting”
Extras - not just episodes
Even with $40/mo, I was getting ads! WTF!!!
Even more ads in the middle of an episode - annoying
At least they tell you how many and how long they will last
I was getting 30 seconds, every 5 minutes or so
You can watch in mini player mode and browse simultaneously
Within player, choose subtitles/language, video quality, auto play, etc.
Many of these shows are on other websites with fewer or no ads at all and for free
Everyone has different taste and different friends so I recommend sampling both free trials before choosing which you like better. There are many others out there and so if you like this video, I can make reviews in the future like this one

My camera: amzn.to/2rxDZ09
My microphone: amzn.to/2Ias66q
My audio recorder: amzn.to/2rE8amz
My tripod: amzn.to/2IebL0V
My video editor: amzn.to/2rAdN44
Please comment below with any questions you might have. Thank you all for watching! I appreciate you!

Disclaimer: This video is purely based on my experiences, research, and opinions. You and only you are responsible for your actions. I made this channel to advise viewers and I truly hope to help you all out. I love making these videos and connecting with my viewers! Thank you all for watching!

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Ezz Eldin
Ezz Eldin Hace 3 horas
I really think Netflix is better That's my opinion just saying
YSpeedyZ Hace 2 días
I only watch bay watch on Hulu..
Guillermo Luviano
Guillermo Luviano Hace 2 días
Went with Hulu because it came with Spotify premium.
J A Hace 4 días
hulu doesn't have AMC? Why?
John Doe
John Doe Hace 4 días
Okay so Hulu yes Netflix no thank you
John Doe
John Doe Hace 4 días
Dude - ur pretty good on cam and with peeps and have a solid radio voice ciao
Mike O'Brien
Mike O'Brien Hace 4 días
Thanks John Doe. I appreciate it
Mashfiqur Rahman
Mashfiqur Rahman Hace 4 días
Disney + is coming
Mike O'Brien
Mike O'Brien Hace 4 días
Yes it is!! Can't wait to check that out and see how it compares
Samantha Gyle
Samantha Gyle Hace 4 días
U have to pay the highest pay on Hulu to watch certain shows like game of thrones witch I’ve never watched I’m trying to watch it from season one I can’t find it anywhere ;(
ReviewAnythingExceptTech USA
Now is a better time than ever to switch to Hulu, with the Spotify x Hulu plan.
ReviewAnythingExceptTech USA
S B I received the info through the Spotify website. Just google “Spotify and Hulu” and it’s the first thing that pops up.
S B Hace 4 días
ReviewAnythingExceptTech USA please tell me about this plan? And which source dis you receive this information?
Steven Amoah
Steven Amoah Hace 5 días
Hulu looks shit compared to Netflix tbh
James Holbrook
James Holbrook Hace 5 días
Im not paying for ads that is shit
Steven Amoah
Steven Amoah Hace 5 días
I've never heard of hulu
Caleb Gordon
Caleb Gordon Hace 6 días
Netflix is where all shitty movies come to die, Hulu is where you will find quality shows and movies
Bradley Thomsen
Bradley Thomsen Hace 7 días
Hulu. Hands down worst app ever.
Nick Oggard
Nick Oggard Hace 7 días
Hope Hulu's CEOs kids get cancer
Nick Oggard
Nick Oggard Hace 7 días
Fuck Hulu it's straight shit not 90 second commercials every 4 min on a 30 min show haha fuck Hulu that's why I steal it and pay for Netflix fuck Hulu it's ran by a bunch of greedy fucks
Christian Flores
Christian Flores Hace 10 días
Last year, I had a Netflix and Hulu account.
William Garland
William Garland Hace 11 días
Netflix has more movies and hulu has more series stuff. I want both.
FlamingNinjaStar Hace 5 días
Me too 😿 I'm thinking of getting one each month 😺
Kenny Richardson
Kenny Richardson Hace 11 días
To be honest I truly can understand Hulu you do get a better experience because if you’re not using the live tv thing you can watch movies and shows without ads what half you don’t understand when Hulu offers live tv via actually satellite streaming you will get ads because it’s what’s being broad casted within your region. Netflix has no ads which is good because you Can continuously binge watch shows without a problem but where Netflix Is annoying at is everyone is saying Netflix can’t keep everything if Hulu found a way Netflix can to I do not wish to provide my money to Something that’s not going to provide and extend a better user interaction Netflix has increased more Than once and you get is a simple App update for controls which becomes very useless after awhile
hami abi
hami abi Hace 13 días
what i one is broke what should one choose
2rawww Hace 13 días
So you pay for a subscription and stil have ads. Gee gee
ezekiel Gilmore
ezekiel Gilmore Hace 13 días
Hulu has better movies and shows my opinion 😔😐😴
jtdougl Hace 13 días
Hulu: Would you like to upgrade to our Commercial free option? Mike: No Hulu: * shows ads * Mike: * Surprised Pikachu meme *
FlamingNinjaStar Hace 5 días
Tae Burkhead
Tae Burkhead Hace 14 días
Nvm, I just now realized they have the no ad option.
Tae Burkhead
Tae Burkhead Hace 14 días
You should of expected commercials with the live tv choice because it's live tv.
KJ TV Hace 15 días
Only have Netflix cause of the free month. Love Hulu!
Ansy Placide
Ansy Placide Hace 17 días
Hulu I can't stand that service. I don't care what amount you paying. Either it's 8 to 12 or 40 ads should be remove point blank period!
Zavier Mayo
Zavier Mayo Hace 18 días
I just got Hulu because Netflix was being trash talked in the comment section
Meia xox
Meia xox Hace 13 horas
Is it on App Store I can’t find it
FlamingNinjaStar Hace 6 días
Did you have Netflix before?
Vapers Win
Vapers Win Hace 18 días
Seems more like a tutorial than a "honest review". Learned more from the commentary on the subject than the video. This is a critique on this review video. It wasnt very good bro. : (
WackyDreams :3
WackyDreams :3 Hace 18 días
I thought Netflix was Thw best till I heard of Hulu and Pokemon Xy and XYZ left So I gotta get on Hulu now but i still got She Ra and Voltron Lol
honestly why am i here
Tfw you live in europe so you dont have access to hulu
Hyper Taahir7104
Hyper Taahir7104 Hace 20 días
Hulu:us(use a vpn) Netflix: international
Mohammad Amori
Mohammad Amori Hace 16 días
Hulu is not legal?
Chl0rineAM Hace 20 días
Netflix prices were raised to $12.99... R.I.P
FlamingNinjaStar Hace 6 días
I have the higher paying option 💀☠️
the fearstroke
the fearstroke Hace 21 un día
You said friends was on hulu, but it is not.
HDHS Hace 23 días
Hulu is only in the USA, so Netflix is better.
Rosy Austin
Rosy Austin Hace 23 días
mdredheadguy1979 Hace 24 días
I used to have the Netflix streaming service. I canceled it for several reasons. The main reason being, they very rarely had any of the newer movies available. It was mostly TV shows. Second, what movies they did have were mostly ones no one has ever heard of. Mostly B list movies, I think that's the correct term. Third, they started running adds before you start a movie and there was no way to skip it. You couldn't even upgrade to no-commercials. Because I wanted to watch movies and not so much tv shows, I got bored with the selection on Netflix. So I have been considering Hulu, but I want to know, how is the selection of movies they have avalible???
malaska91 Hace 24 días
I had Netflix until I was paying $12 to watch the office and black mirror because they got rid of everything else I watched
FlamingNinjaStar Hace 5 días
Did you switch to Hulu?
Quagmire Hace 25 días
ESvid is better than anything out there
Gamer Boss
Gamer Boss Hace 26 días
Hulu is not in India.
D Mal
D Mal Hace 27 días
A few things you missed. Netflix is free with T-Mobile depending on the deal package you pick. Netflix has a age restriction component. There is a website ( i forgot it, just Google it) that tells you what shows are coming/leaving Netflix. I think you can give your own personal ratings of a show on Netflix.
xXIllGetYouXx Hace 23 días
Fuck the age restriction
Fortnitegod 72
Fortnitegod 72 Hace 29 días
I hate u App Store everything I want to get it’s always only in the u.s
ZeroTheRobot Hace 29 días
All I want to know is does Hulu have SEASON 9 OF THE WALKING DEAD, if it does, then I'll totally get it
Tony Blake
Tony Blake Hace 26 días
I have hulu. Just looked up walking dead. Only fear the walking dead (4 seasons) comes up, no walking dead.
snake blitskin
snake blitskin Hace un mes
Tubi, for movies its the best and its fucken free
snake blitskin
snake blitskin Hace un mes
1421 titles in just the horror category
Eddie Reis
Eddie Reis Hace un mes
Netflix used to have family guy so...i stay wity hulu hoop
The Spicy Egg
The Spicy Egg Hace un mes
Ima a Hulu gurl, and watch Hulu more than Netflix (HA IM SO COOL HAVING NETFLIX AND HULU ON THE SAME DEVICE HAHA) Sorry XD
The Spicy Egg
The Spicy Egg Hace 29 días
Might as well say that to all the other comments as well ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Carlos . B
Carlos . B Hace 29 días
no one gives a shit
Jc82 Jcassidy
Jc82 Jcassidy Hace un mes
It won't matter, once mr mouse aka Disney comes out with there streaming service. Sure they be pulling alot from hulu and Netflix what is owned by Disney.
bahrta sai
bahrta sai Hace 9 días
why would they pull content from hulu? They have a 60% stake in hulu.
Noah Hace un mes
Hulu has Archer, Futurama, King Of The Hill, Family Guy, American Dad, The Simpsons, The Boondocks, Napolean Dynamite, Space Dandy, Bob's Burgers, South Park, Rick And Morty, Attack On Titan, Bordertown, Daria, Golan The Insatiable etc etc etc. For me Hulu is the only choice.
King Rich !!
King Rich !! Hace un mes
Hulu live is just amazing. It is in the 40 dollar range but it provides even more on demand. Many many selections. Especially if you do the free trials of starz, HBO n all that
Edan Bonilla
Edan Bonilla Hace un mes
Noah true
Noah Hace un mes
+Edan Bonilla Yeah Hulu has SO much more than Netflix, the UI isn't quite as intuitive but you get used to it. Plus I'd rather have a crappy user interface and lots of great shows than a good one with piss shows
Edan Bonilla
Edan Bonilla Hace un mes
Noah appreciate it
Noah Hace un mes
+Edan Bonilla I checked, yes it has all of those.
Car Hace un mes
Honestly I prefer Hulu but my family prefers Netflix since there movie watchers.
TimTV Hace un mes
Netflix raised the price to $15.99 if you want 4K Videos and use multiple device since this video was posted.
Mike O'Brien
Mike O'Brien Hace un mes
Yeah the prices on these services change so frequently that I should just stop talking about price in these videos 😂
Loso Banks
Loso Banks Hace un mes
Taylor Jago
Taylor Jago Hace un mes
Also don't forget Hulu has Hey Arnold!
Takos Cheese
Takos Cheese Hace un mes
Hulu: ads Netflix: keeps removing things
My name is Not important ok?
+Kymogos Nice face, Barry
Kymogos Hace 6 días
Nice glasses barry
Loso Banks
Loso Banks Hace un mes
Pay 1199 no adds
Mike O'Brien
Mike O'Brien Hace un mes
That's the real struggle
roger sowers
roger sowers Hace un mes
NO ONE PAYS FOR AMAZON PRIME....for the free movies.....their movies suck!
Ken Belangel
Ken Belangel Hace un mes
Hulu should get Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on their channel all the classics are pretty much there.
Caden Sloan
Caden Sloan Hace un mes
i love netflix but they took away family guy and all that stuff so now i like hulu better
Little Lucy
Little Lucy Hace un mes
Yea I wanted to watch family guy one day and fuck it wasn’t there like omg
Caden Sloan
Caden Sloan Hace un mes
Skunito HD
Skunito HD Hace un mes
Why not get both?
corey jo
corey jo Hace un mes
Xanthe Spark
Xanthe Spark Hace un mes
hulu's ui ugly
Rubert Hace un mes
Only reason I have Netflix is because it came free with my atnt plan
Mike O'Brien
Mike O'Brien Hace un mes
That's a good deal 👍
Mars Horses
Mars Horses Hace un mes
Just got free trial of Hulu. Not happy with their censoring. I wanted to watch Taboo again. Their version has removed the sex scenes between the lead character and his half-sister. I guess we're too delicate to see incest!! Glad I was able to see original on FX
MoTurcu Hace un mes
ESvid better than netflix!
MoTurcu Hace 5 días
+FlamingNinjaStar Aircraft documentary vs.
FlamingNinjaStar Hace 5 días
🙀 what do you watch?
I💟crafting Hace 13 días
Alicia Fox
Alicia Fox Hace 13 días
Mike O'Brien you’re so hot😍😍
Mike O'Brien
Mike O'Brien Hace un mes
True... Netflix doesn't have PewDiePie 😂
GSHYNE87 Hace un mes
I have both subscriptions 🥂😎
Mike O'Brien
Mike O'Brien Hace un mes
Living the life 😎👌
Adan Ibarra
Adan Ibarra Hace un mes
You could cast to a TV with hulu too. I do it all the time
Captain Crunch
Captain Crunch Hace un mes
Hulu is wack
XxDat GuyxX1
XxDat GuyxX1 Hace un mes
hulu is better lol
cool youtuber
cool youtuber Hace un mes
I like hulu
cool youtuber
cool youtuber Hace un mes
I don't like nexflix
Mey Mey
Mey Mey Hace un mes
I wanna get hulu now Netflix is just too overrated and it let's me down
JayRain Hace un mes
+Little Lucy hulu ad free version is 9999x better than netflix
Little Lucy
Little Lucy Hace un mes
Yea I just got an account and it sucks i thought it would have movies and tv shows I would like but they don’t have anything 👁👄👁
Savio Shayota
Savio Shayota Hace un mes
I have sprint and with sprint you get Hulu free
Cam _theGOD
Cam _theGOD Hace 12 días
+Savio Shayota yee
Savio Shayota
Savio Shayota Hace 12 días
Keith Woods I do but you have to call a sprint employee and they will get it for you but you have to tell them ur username and password
Keith Woods
Keith Woods Hace 12 días
No you don’t i have sprint and didn’t get shit free Im pretty sure they’re charging you from your phone payment
Cam _theGOD
Cam _theGOD Hace 26 días
+monica rodriguez jsjsjaja
Savio Shayota
Savio Shayota Hace un mes
monica rodriguez are you being sarcastic
Niels Hace un mes
I am about to stop my Netflix account and buy a hulu accunt... Problem here is hulu still dont have a app available in my country for some reason.. And i need to watch family guy
grownman284 Hace un mes
does hulu have whole series of tv shows?
guaridan knight
guaridan knight Hace 20 días
Well I'm not to sure If Hulu offers every season for every show, I do know for a fact it offers the latest episode a day after they air
UtahRepDU MGTOW ! Hace un mes
I trued hulu for a bit and the amount of stupid movies was too much for me. And B movies OMG what a waste of time, big disappointment!
hasarutoe tensakey
hasarutoe tensakey Hace un mes
Netflix is garbage
Andrea Thatcher
Andrea Thatcher Hace un mes
I don't have Hulu but I do have Netflix... Netflix is making a lot of people mad including me... They keep taking movies and tv series off especially learning shows for my Grandbabies... I pay Netflix a monthly fee so they should have to make us happy...
Kawaii Fatimah
Kawaii Fatimah Hace un mes
Hulu is trash and I hate it
FairyDancer89 Hace un mes
Question about Hulu.... Does Hulu have TV shows like... * My Little Pony * Lady Bug and Cat Noir * Disney Gargoyles * Sailor Moon ( English Dub ) * Hey Arnold * LoliRock * Avatar The Last Air Bender * My Life As A Teenage Robot * Dany Phantom * Loud House * Kim Possible * How I Meant Your Mother * Little House On The Prairie * Reba * Golden Girls * Fuller House * Paranormal Witness * Save By The Bell I miss those shows....
Sophia Bonetti
Sophia Bonetti Hace un mes
I use both and like both. This is my opinion
Chauncy Fill-ups
Chauncy Fill-ups Hace un mes
Both suck for movie selections
SirGecko Hace un mes
I have both Edit: Basically if you like your TV shows pick Hulu, if you like movies pick Netflix
I Dont Care o.o
I Dont Care o.o Hace 3 días
+FlamingNinjaStar Funimation
Unleashed Hace 5 días
FlamingNinjaStar crunchyroll 😂
FlamingNinjaStar Hace 6 días
What if I like anime?
I eat pancakes For Dinner
Hulu: cable Netflix: has good movies and originals
John Olivo
John Olivo Hace un mes
Hate Netflix any time I type in a movie it's never available.
hndez_ 13
hndez_ 13 Hace un mes
Getting hulu for Everybody hates chris
FlamingNinjaStar Hace 5 días
I'm on Netflix for full metal alchemist but I'm almost done with it
Ken Belangel
Ken Belangel Hace un mes
If they were to get Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Hulu would win hands down
AlexR Hace un mes
I don't like hulu because there are un-skipable ads, i'd pay to remove them i suppose, if i'd buy... lol... i don't get Hulu. I have netflix because i pay 8$/mo, no ads no bullshit.. full enjoyment and good interface!
Abdullahi Farah Abdi
6 dollars
Abdullahi Farah Abdi
Me 2
guaridan knight
guaridan knight Hace 20 días
11 dollars a month for a plan without commercials. Considering Hulu has more to offer in terms of content, that is worth it. And even if you don't want to pay that much, it's still 6 dollars a month for basic Hulu. Which is more of a bargain than Netflix which I my opinion only has one or two good shows
Tony C.
Tony C. Hace un mes
Netflix has NO ADS - winner!
Mike O'Brien
Mike O'Brien Hace un mes
Thanks for watching Tony!
Next up Last one
Next up Last one Hace un mes
Shit no Netflix stay late on new Anmie seasons ;-; sad very sad shhhh
Angie Adams
Angie Adams Hace un mes
Does Hulu have older seasons of shows or is it just the recent seasons? Example: season one of tvd
guaridan knight
guaridan knight Hace 20 días
It mostly has all available season for shows.
Terrarium TV enough said
Maverick Shaq
Maverick Shaq Hace un mes
Open to unknown sources is left for your information to be taken and later abused. That will hurt you down the line
Ahmed Taki
Ahmed Taki Hace un mes
Still work ?!
Dr. DeadPool
Dr. DeadPool Hace un mes
Hulu makes some wack ass original shows like Sirens, futureman, and Down, like they are horribly directed or something
LatinaQueen Tabitha
Hulu is better than Netflix because Hulu has more movies and shows than netflix good ones too.Netflix just keeps removing them......
AP3XBOX Hace un mes
I honestly can't stand network tv. It's complete garbage. So Hulu isn't even an option for me.
Mike O'Brien
Mike O'Brien Hace un mes
Thanks for watching! What is your opinion on the originals?
microkosrae Hace un mes
I can't stand ads popping up every 20 min...I rather have Netflix than hulu
Mike O'Brien
Mike O'Brien Hace un mes
Yeah some might argue that you can pay extra for the no-ads version of Hulu, but Netflix is simpler. They just never show ads, no matter what plan you choose
Joseph Svennson
Joseph Svennson Hace 2 meses
Its always a Norwegian.
Troy E
Troy E Hace 2 meses
i have both. my kids love hulu for all the sitcoms. I on the other hand like Netfilx for the movies and some of their originals are pretty good. just finished season 2 of The Punisher. also, have amazon prime. don't really watch it though. do listen to the music app.
Alpha Savage8
Alpha Savage8 Hace 2 meses
No daredevil no money
Martell Tha Cool
Martell Tha Cool Hace 2 meses
I got both Netflix and Hulu. Netflix these days starting sucks. Thankfully that sprint gave me free hulu and getting tidal again
Martell Tha Cool
Martell Tha Cool Hace un mes
+Mike O'Brien phone carriers are awesome for their deals indeed! 👍😎👍
Mike O'Brien
Mike O'Brien Hace 2 meses
Phone carriers really offer some sweet deals. AT&T offers deals for DirecTV Now, Sprint has deals for Hulu... I need to rethink my phone carrier lol
Bailey '
Bailey ' Hace 2 meses
Hulu: Better shows, more greedy and shitty in terms of restrictions Netflix: Shittier shows, less greedy and less restrictions
TheAtom Hace 2 meses
Netflix really needs to revamp their user interface. They really need more settings. All they have in the settings tab is login settings when they really also need video & audio settings. A way to turn off autoplay & thumbnail previews would be nice. Also they should bring back the star based rating system so we know what other users like instead of what Netflix tries to recommend.
Mike O'Brien
Mike O'Brien Hace 2 meses
It would be nice if they had some more in-depth settings. Thanks for sharing!
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