Netflix Vs Hulu 2019 (Honest Review)

Mike O'Brien
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Hulu free trial: mbsy.co/rZqFt
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In this video, I compare Hulu to Netflix.
I am not going to just scroll through the libraries of each. I want to break down the fundamental differences and explain which is better for you
Netflix - founded in 1997
Some sources say over 700 Netflix originals
Netflix spent somewhere on the order of $8B
Shows come and go
Pricing options: 1 user at a time
Originals are driving growth
You can have multiple profiles
DVDs for extra $5, 8, or 12/mo - 5 is 1 at a time, 2 per month (rip off) and then 2 is 1 at a time, unlimited, and 12 is 2 at a time, unlimited. I would not get any of those though
Basic, $7.99/mo - doesn't provide high definition and only allows 1 screen at a time
Standard, $10.99 /mo - standard offers HD videos, two simultaneous viewings
Premium, $13.99 /mo - four screens at the same time. also the only item on Netflixoffering 4K
Offline option for
If you have T-Mobile, basic is already covered
Disney pulled their content for their own streaming service
1 month free trial
All content is released one season at a time
125M members as of April 2018
Originally very movie oriented but they have removed hundreds of titles as they move toward tv shows, and specifically, originals
Removed Friends :(
Netflix tries to make the interface mostly uniform between devices and platforms. They also added a “My List” feature
Hulu - founded in 2007
20M subscribers
Add-Ons: you can add HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax to your plan for a few extra dollars per month
Always focused more on tv shows and updating shows the next day
No more free tier
$5.99/fmo for first year then normally $8/mo
One month free trial
You will still see some commercials
$12/mo for no commercials
Can log in on unlimited devices, but can only watch on one device at a time
Some people say you can actually typically run 2-3 at a time
Hulu allows you to upgrade for an extra $15/mo for unlimited devices (according to one source)
Comes with Spotify for students in a bundle
Many of the newest episodes of a show are released one at a time (current seasons)
Hulu with Live TV is $40/mo
Live sports!!
50+ live cable tv channels
Hulu has a watchlist which is essentially like the Netflix “MY List” - also tells you when new episodes are airing
Lists “Expiring soon” items
Mythbusters, rick and morty, friends, seinfeld, live sports, impractical jokers, live news
Night Light mode (aka dark mode)
You can get the Hulu app in windows store
You can have multiple profiles, just like Netflix
“Stop suggesting”
Extras - not just episodes
Even with $40/mo, I was getting ads! WTF!!!
Even more ads in the middle of an episode - annoying
At least they tell you how many and how long they will last
I was getting 30 seconds, every 5 minutes or so
You can watch in mini player mode and browse simultaneously
Within player, choose subtitles/language, video quality, auto play, etc.
Many of these shows are on other websites with fewer or no ads at all and for free
Everyone has different taste and different friends so I recommend sampling both free trials before choosing which you like better. There are many others out there and so if you like this video, I can make reviews in the future like this one

My camera: amzn.to/2rxDZ09
My microphone: amzn.to/2Ias66q
My audio recorder: amzn.to/2rE8amz
My tripod: amzn.to/2IebL0V
My video editor: amzn.to/2rAdN44
Please comment below with any questions you might have. Thank you all for watching! I appreciate you!

Disclaimer: This video is purely based on my experiences, research, and opinions. You and only you are responsible for your actions. I made this channel to advise viewers and I truly hope to help you all out. I love making these videos and connecting with my viewers! Thank you all for watching!

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28 dic 2018

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AP3XBOX Hace 16 horas
I honestly can't stand network tv. It's complete garbage. So Hulu isn't even an option for me.
microkosrae Hace 18 horas
I can't stand ads popping up every 20 min...I rather have Netflix than hulu
Joseph Svennson
Joseph Svennson Hace 2 días
Its always a Norwegian.
Troy E
Troy E Hace 3 días
i have both. my kids love hulu for all the sitcoms. I on the other hand like Netfilx for the movies and some of their originals are pretty good. just finished season 2 of The Punisher. also, have amazon prime. don't really watch it though. do listen to the music app.
Alpha Savage8
Alpha Savage8 Hace 3 días
No daredevil no money
Martell Tha Cool
Martell Tha Cool Hace 3 días
I got both Netflix and Hulu. Netflix these days starting sucks. Thankfully that sprint gave me free hulu and getting tidal again
Mike O'Brien
Mike O'Brien Hace 2 días
Phone carriers really offer some sweet deals. AT&T offers deals for DirecTV Now, Sprint has deals for Hulu... I need to rethink my phone carrier lol
Bailey Day
Bailey Day Hace 3 días
Hulu: Better shows, more greedy and shitty in terms of restrictions Netflix: Shittier shows, less greedy and less restrictions
TheAtom Hace 4 días
Netflix really needs to revamp their user interface. They really need more settings. All they have in the settings tab is login settings when they really also need video & audio settings. A way to turn off autoplay & thumbnail previews would be nice. Also they should bring back the star based rating system so we know what other users like instead of what Netflix tries to recommend.
Mike O'Brien
Mike O'Brien Hace 3 días
It would be nice if they had some more in-depth settings. Thanks for sharing!
GOD is good God
GOD is good God Hace 4 días
Mike O'Brien
Mike O'Brien Hace 4 días
Lol word 👌
AC Padilla
AC Padilla Hace 5 días
It seems like hulu tv is more of a competitor to services like sling, youtube tv and the playstation and direct tv streaming services.
william Hace 6 días
I think Hulu has much better movies. But netflix is years ahead on series. I have both but if I could only keep one it would be netflix.
AzHo TpZ
AzHo TpZ Hace 7 días
I have Netflix and Hulu so I don’t really care but good video
Dukklinn068 Hace 5 días
AC Padilla I have both, I personally prefer Hulu but Netflix ain’t so bad
AC Padilla
AC Padilla Hace 5 días
Whats your opinion of both. If you had to choose, which would you prefer?
Vegito SSJ Blue
Vegito SSJ Blue Hace 8 días
I have to pick Netflix, its more profesional, Hulu isnt even world wide
Arne Anderson
Arne Anderson Hace 8 días
As a owner of both I have to agree that hulu movies are not good but the TV shows are great. The audience is different for both companies (anime, TV shows, daily uploads, drama, live TV which means news sports and etc). Netflix has better movies and targets younger audiences because they have avengers, love dramas, love movies, and of course Stranger Things. Btw I'm 13 and this is my honest review. I prefer hulu because I love sports, news, cartoons, and adult cartoons.
Mike O'Brien
Mike O'Brien Hace 8 días
Thanks for watching!! They definitely do have a lot of distinguishing content
NKWTI Hace 11 días
I've seen Netflix upload a new season of certain shows a week after its finale aired on tv, you sure your information about Netflix isn't from 2007 as well? Sheesh.
RMNZKC DBZ Hace 11 días
Netflix is the best because hulu-assholes only allow americans to use it
DarthVaper \//\ Gaming
Hulu has to many Damn Ads !
Beverly Koop
Beverly Koop Hace 14 días
Watch your Netflix charges.....double charged me for one month .....checked my month ledger from bank shown double charges called Netflix complained about it figured they would give me a free month in which i paid for......NO I WAS TOLD THEY DO NOT DOUBLE CHARGED AND MY BANK MADE A MISTAKE...FUNNY HOW THEY DID NOTHING .....CONTINUE TO HARASS ME TO CONTINUE USING THEM... I do not recommend them...after over 5 yrs of being a paying customer. HOW COME THE AMOUNT THEY DID NOT TAKE WAS 8.00 AND 7 DAYS LATER 13.00 THE AMOUNT RAISED UP TOO. FISHY ... WATCH YOUR ACCOUNT S AS THEY MAKE IT TO EASY TO TAKE WHAT THEY WANT.
alex Izquierdo
alex Izquierdo Hace 10 días
Be caareful i had that problem..fishing hack..someone over seas is getting your money..call your credit card or debit and cancel it
Thornton Lay
Thornton Lay Hace 14 días
Nana Hace 14 días
Now I can’t even open Netflix app on my android box. I’m thinking about moving to try Hulu.
Erin McDonagh
Erin McDonagh Hace 15 días
Netflix here has shows that air weekly and you can watch it the next day
Aaron P
Aaron P Hace 16 días
I have both and Hulu is by far better
Kush Yadav
Kush Yadav Hace 16 días
Say loudly in your home Hullu ka lullu Lulli ki hullii And then comment what was your moms reaction
not lilpcupp
not lilpcupp Hace 16 días
Hulu hands down. I tried a free month membership of Hulu in September and still had aNetflix subscription going. I cancelled my membership and switched to Hulu. Netflix has a few very good originals though
Shunte Cloud
Shunte Cloud Hace 16 días
I have both I haven’t had a problem yet
Louist S
Louist S Hace 17 días
Glad i clicked this vid...love your eyes
St3v3 Stackz
St3v3 Stackz Hace 17 días
Altazmuth Hace 18 días
I don't understand why so many people have to talk with their hands waving. The information given is usually great, but I hate the hand waving.
cody king
cody king Hace 18 días
Let's Draw
Let's Draw Hace 18 días
I got a Hulu ad
Mr. Baldi
Mr. Baldi Hace 18 días
They took off one of my favorite shows called Strange Hill High it was a puppet show R.I.P.
Kode Williams
Kode Williams Hace 18 días
What’s the highest resolution for both
Kode Williams
Kode Williams Hace 18 días
Does live still show ads
EvilForce87 N
EvilForce87 N Hace 19 días
Terrarium tv for me
6000captain Hace 19 días
I will always have Netflix, I will never subscribe to Hulu
Ed Reid
Ed Reid Hace 19 días
Getting Hulu for a buck a month for a year.....best black Friday purchase this year..
Grace Muller
Grace Muller Hace 20 días
Hulu and Netflix combined together 🙌🏻
Abdul Khamis
Abdul Khamis Hace 20 días
everything about this video was very good, except that you talked very fast. you were giving a lot of information in every 10 seconds. that was hard to follow. i know this is your nature, but please just think this could be difficult for some viewers. thank you very much for this great video.
Abdul Khamis
Abdul Khamis Hace 20 días
+Mike O'Brien thank you Mike. english is not my mother tongue 👅. I admit the issue could be mine. Thank you for your very kind reply.
Mike O'Brien
Mike O'Brien Hace 20 días
Thank you for watching and thank you for the feedback!! You are right. That is something that I don't try to do, but it just happens. I will keep trying to speak more slowly, but if you end up watching any of my older videos, I recommend maybe playng them back at .75x or .5x speed
Gummi Bear
Gummi Bear Hace 20 días
I have one and only one streaming service to get away from the crap television I left in the past. And Hulu is basically a streaming service for that crap television... and it costs a substantial chunk more if you want to remove ads. I've seen and loved so many Netflix Originals I can't even count, and even Amazon beats Hulu with their originals. Netflix>HBO>Amazon/Hulu.
tomalba7 Hace 20 días
Reading these comments I'm actually surprised it must be internet trolls because Hulu has a lot of garbage it's basically only TV shows. There movies are trash meanwhile Netflix is making movie after movie with big name stars.currently only using Hulu to watch a series that is like 10 years old after that bye-bye
Thatz Razin
Thatz Razin Hace 21 un día
i like Hulu more because it's free with my phone plan
Thatz Razin
Thatz Razin Hace 3 días
Sprint gives free hulu
AC Padilla
AC Padilla Hace 5 días
Free phone plan? Please elaborate
djJames Hace 18 días
Whats the provider?
Ashley Hammer
Ashley Hammer Hace 21 un día
Hulu is obviously better but the ads ruin it
VanVonio is a weeb OзO
Ashley Hammer pay money
JAYZZPLAYZZ 222 Hace 21 un día
wow the ear rape at 12:28/ was not expecting that
Rhino Thunder
Rhino Thunder Hace 21 un día
I have Netflix I have Hulu and I have Amazon Prime Video
Rhino Thunder
Rhino Thunder Hace 18 días
Z-Strike Animation's
Z-Strike Animation's Hace 18 días
Well which one do you perfer
よしナカムラ Hace 21 un día
I stay away from Paid Services with Ads...That is just a loser...I have netflix it works but most of the time I do not like watching TV...I love the outdoors with my kids. But my kids like Netflix and youtube to watch content from others as well. But hulu is the worst of Netflix.
Mr. Broski
Mr. Broski Hace 21 un día
Hulu has way more stuff i wish I had it
Talking smack
Talking smack Hace 21 un día
Hulu is superior
Game Over
Game Over Hace 22 días
Got Hulu for 99 cent a month for a year. I'm satisfied with it
Joshua Flask
Joshua Flask Hace 22 días
Netflix has also raised prices and is losing all it's Disney and DC properties and Disney includes Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, and Disney and DC includes Gotham and no new seasons, they also are considering adding commercials, furthermore you mentioned that Netflix has more subscribers than HULU however what you didn't say was that HULu is only offered in the U.S. and Netflix is offered world wide so you left out some key information I think
Martell Tha Cool
Martell Tha Cool Hace 3 días
+Joshua Flask hulu is in Japan
b_97 Hace 3 días
Its because Disney owns a percentage of Hulu, they will want exclusivity
Joshua Flask
Joshua Flask Hace 8 días
+Butters Stotch Well yeah context is the whole story which no one wants to tell you practically because he says Netflix has more users than HULU what he doesn't say is Netflix is a global corporation competing with all the other big entertainment studios and available in practically every country; HULU is only available in the U.S. and likely will be until at least this September when their majority is owned by Disney and even then it might not expand globally for a while with Disney launching their other streaming service
Butters Stotch
Butters Stotch Hace 8 días
I went to Germany and my cousins had Netflix but Hulu wouldn't work on my tablet, and it wasn't on the Xbox store
Digitalsoju TV
Digitalsoju TV Hace 15 días
Too many services out there now. It was nice when everything was just on netflix. I'm sure most of them will end up bombing.
SFbayKID Hace 22 días
mike usiak
mike usiak Hace 23 días
Netflix by 100000 million times. How is this even a question. And this is coming from someone who has both.
Arne Anderson
Arne Anderson Hace 8 días
Hulu by 100000 million times. How is this even a question. If you like Netflix so much why do you have hulu?
Tasa v
Tasa v Hace 15 días
Hulu by 100000 million times. How is this even a question. And this is coming from someone who has both.
Mad Max Rockatansky
Mad Max Rockatansky Hace 23 días
Hulu > Netflix on terms of variety and price. Netflix > Hulu on oroginal movies and series. Netflix = Hulu on everything else.
Alpha Savage8
Alpha Savage8 Hace 3 días
FUCK you
djJames Hace 5 días
​+AC Padilla So Hulu live TV will come with Hulu's on-demand content all in one price of $40. But soon Hulu Live TV will rise up to $46 because Hulu without the live TV will be $6 instead of $8.
AC Padilla
AC Padilla Hace 5 días
+djJamesdoes the hulu library-only service come with live tv? The one thats $12/month? Or only hulu tv thats $40/month
djJames Hace 18 días
Hulu comes with live tv and neflix doesn't
Trey Hargis
Trey Hargis Hace 23 días
Hulu only lets one person watch at a time, you can beat this and have 2 people one by phone and one by computers but it maxes out there, the only way to get more than “2 screens” is to buy the live tv and an add on called like unlimited screens.
Mike O'Brien
Mike O'Brien Hace 23 días
Even then though, I think the unlimited screens need to he on the same network, in the same household
Phineas 626
Phineas 626 Hace 23 días
I think it would be interesting if Netflix went the Hulu route and include Live TV and Sports Live.
Mike O'Brien
Mike O'Brien Hace 23 días
Yeah I thought the same thing. Sort of like how Amazon started covering Thursday night football
gail LeDuc
gail LeDuc Hace 23 días
I have Hulu on my smart tv and i see very few commercials. When there is its only one or two short ones
Jeff Stamper
Jeff Stamper Hace 23 días
I had to turn this off after the third loud PING noise.
AkAModify Hace 23 días
Netflix has the office that’s good but Hulu has the good place Brooklyn nine nine and superstore so in MY OPINION Hulu wins
cody king
cody king Hace 18 días
the office beats all of those
bigdaddy4383 Hace 24 días
We can actually take Netflix for making some of the original series because truth be told they can keep all the movies and shows some of them should cost money to keep up on your platform I would love to get Hulu but I cannot access it in the British Virgin Islands so that companies lose money right there for not having a global launch only is certain countries that's bs
Retard Exposer
Retard Exposer Hace 24 días
Thanks man
Gecko Studios
Gecko Studios Hace 24 días
11:14 you can also use this feature if you press the circle button on your mobile device only on Hulu
Mike Wurlitzer
Mike Wurlitzer Hace 25 días
Netflix forced me to open a Hulu account when they, unannounced, dropped the first 3 seasons of Heartland. It is certainly their right to make decisions such as this but a little heads up would have allow those watching such series to binge watch series segments which were about to be dropped. The ad supported Hulu service is filled with commercials repeated ad nauseam. There are many services which do not flood a program with a bunch of low budget and often very dumb commercials. As soon as I catch up on Heartland, Hulu will be dropped.
Latoya Dawson
Latoya Dawson Hace 25 días
Sub numbers for Hulu are wrong...
Mike O'Brien
Mike O'Brien Hace 25 días
I tried to find the most recent numbers on the internet. How many would you say there are?
Scott Wade
Scott Wade Hace 25 días
Netflix wins for me as hulu is not available in my country. This will be a huge downside to hulu. I have Netflix, Amazon prime and kayo. Kayo is purely sports and gives me access to all sports from around the world including NBA and NFL and local sports.
Scott Wade
Scott Wade Hace 23 días
+Supreme Salty Australia
Supreme Salty
Supreme Salty Hace 24 días
Scott Wade what country do you live in
Kid Flash
Kid Flash Hace 25 días
I have them both but I use Hulu weigh more I only have one problem with Hulu that they will have half of a series in English like one or two seasons and they'll just make the rest subs you might as well not have any dubs at all
Victor Watson
Victor Watson Hace 26 días
I love Netflix, I also have Hulu, but Netflix and Amazon are kind of the same in some ways, but I have all three of them, but lately I've been watching Amazon more than Netflix and Hulu, but Amazon has add ons like Showtime, HBO, Shudder, Starz, Cenemax, CBS All Access, I believe I have all them though Amazon as add ons for 4 or 5 dollars each I think, but It still beats cable , one hundred plus to watch TV, Nope, ain't doing it!, cutting the cord was good for me, I'm still under one hundred dollars with all of what I just stated, and No, not getting the New DISNEY APP, UNLESS ITS CONNECTED TO HULU AS A ADD ON.
Allen Polley Sound Design
Honestly, you should have done Netflix and Amazon. Those two are more similar than Netflix and Hulu.
Mike O'Brien
Mike O'Brien Hace 26 días
I did!
Ashley m
Ashley m Hace 26 días
Only thing that keeps me watching Netflix is kdramas
TheFearLessGuy Hace 26 días
Dude this guy legit deserves 2mill subs he is actually pretty good.👍
Mike O'Brien
Mike O'Brien Hace 26 días
Thanks dude. I appreciate your comments and feedback!
So Ho
So Ho Hace 26 días
They both suck
Lunyfuzzball118 Hace 26 días
bruce mcclendon
bruce mcclendon Hace 26 días
Hulu, for ME, isn't worth a continuous subscription. Under the category "NEW TO HULU" Theres never anything "NEW".It's the same old shit it was last month. They add a few new titles, but here's the thing - IF they added 10 new movies a month, at least 4 of them will be crap you never heard of and promises to SUCK BIG, a couple will be 70's-80's movies you got tired of watching 3 decades ago, a few cartoon type shows that adults with real lives don't care for, and if you are lucky maybe 2 new movies worth seeing. Although Nexflix is not much better these days. Hulu for me isn't worth the $12 a month
Ruh Roh
Ruh Roh Hace 26 días
I couldnt find anything to watch on netflix so i started watching hulu
TheAtom Hace 4 días
I have Hulu as well but I just share my friends Neflix for the stuff Hulu doesn't have that Netflix has. I just use Neflix for a handful of shows like the the DC CW shows like Flash, Arrow etc. & Hulu I use for allot of the older Adult Swim shows & other stuff. Hulu actually got allot of stuff Netflix ditched.
Ruh Roh
Ruh Roh Hace 5 días
+Matilda Erewa ya i think so
Matilda Erewa
Matilda Erewa Hace 5 días
Me too!! I'm thinking of trying Hulu. Is Hulu better in your own opinion
Markita Cross
Markita Cross Hace 27 días
Lxve Mi
Lxve Mi Hace 27 días
The Office is on Netflix 10/10
cody carlton
cody carlton Hace 27 días
all the cartoons from netflix like flapjack, chowder u know the good shit migrated to hulu
Gary Rahemba
Gary Rahemba Hace 27 días
what speed internet is needed for both?
The Loud Mime
The Loud Mime Hace 27 días
Audio isn't 100% lined up my dude
The Loud Mime
The Loud Mime Hace 26 días
+Mike O'Brien No worries bro, video looks good! i like your content. i just have a weird eye for things. OVer analyze everything. Keep up the good work!
Mike O'Brien
Mike O'Brien Hace 27 días
I'm aware. Unfortunately, Premiere pro can only line up so well. I believe it's off by 00:00:05 (min:sec:sub-seconds). It's weird that our eyes can detect that though. Sorry about that 😕
nerandu kojinės
nerandu kojinės Hace 28 días
I have cinema HD and I watch everything for free( because I'm student and broke ) :)
Andre Skeete
Andre Skeete Hace 28 días
Oh!!!!! Did I mention the 43.99 increasing to 50 monthly... In February. Boi!!!
Andre Skeete
Andre Skeete Hace 28 días
Hulu, is a bit crazy. When it comes to it's updates. I have a Samsung 2014. With the Hulu app already installed. When the new interface rolled out. My Hulu app stayed the same. No updates are available for my craved Samsung TV. 2014 .
AC Padilla
AC Padilla Hace 5 días
Thats why we bought regular tvs and streaming (roku) boxes. I was concerned with how soon they would stop updating smart tvs after they get a few years old.
Timmy Hogan
Timmy Hogan Hace 24 días
Andre Skeete a
Andy Fletcher
Andy Fletcher Hace 27 días
They no longer support below Windows 10 for desktop now either. I do like their content better though.
RCWOZDUDE Hace 28 días
I have both and after awhile after you've watched your favorite shows you realize they both suck because new content takes forever. Thinking about canceling both
AC Padilla
AC Padilla Hace 5 días
Very relatable comment.
Ashley m
Ashley m Hace 26 días
effspot drop the mixtape 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Or you could get both
Finalist Games and More
You never discuss the price for hulu
Mike O'Brien
Mike O'Brien Hace 27 días
Crap... I'm sorry, I get so into these videos and talk all about so many different things. Usually what happens is either my memory card fills up, or I have 25 minutes of footage that I trim down to the best 14. Oops
Jordan Valentine
Jordan Valentine Hace 29 días
I have cable but I like the old school shows 👍 I pick HULU cause it has WAY more network shows and older shows as well. 📺
Twilight Skye25
Twilight Skye25 Hace 29 días
I recommend having Hulu so I can watch any show I want. Netflix doesn’t have shows I wanted to watch. I used to like Twilight Zone, but I’m sick of it and just start watching King Of a Hill because it’s funny.
Chris G
Chris G Hace 29 días
I have Netflix, HBO, showtime, Amazon prime, cable. Netflix 100000000 x better than all the others combined. In fact i would rate Hulu last out of all the services. The only thing i watched from there is Handmaids tale (which is ok, but overrated).
I Didn’t Know She Was 14
Chris G you don’t even explain why it’s better though
Chris Btw
Chris Btw Hace 20 días
Retard Exposer Hulu is way better dude way more shows way more original movies
Retard Exposer
Retard Exposer Hace 24 días
Chris G you gotta keep hbo. Gotta get the game of thrones dawg. Gotta!
XpRsgaming1 Hace 26 días
Chris G weird flex but ok
David Gosda
David Gosda Hace un mes
Am I the only one with both? Lol
Daine Zone
Daine Zone Hace 20 días
I have a ship
lik mon
lik mon Hace un mes
My nickname is Hulu
Tanya Gay
Tanya Gay Hace un mes
How can you download from hulu? I didn't know that was an option.
TheFearLessGuy Hace 27 días
You can't idk wtf he was talking about in the video
Ken Belangel
Ken Belangel Hace un mes
Is anyone else on the Hulu 99¢ a month plan besides me?
The Detector Collector
Rylie T yup only a buck.It was a Black Friday special.
FIJI WATER Hace 24 días
Wait what?!?!
The Detector Collector
Ken Belangel Yes I have that plan too👍
hunter horn
hunter horn Hace 27 días
Black Friday!!!
D Le
D Le Hace un mes
Much of the network shows are garbage and irrelevant anyway. They are constricted by the advertisers. Netflix doesn't have to deal with those constrictions so they're free to produce great content. Netflix is like HBO on steroids.
Ashley m
Ashley m Hace 26 días
D Le I disagree there are some good network shows out there and it’s easy to keep up with which is why I got Hulu I wish Hawaii five 0 was on Hulu again but it’s on Netflix -.- so i gotta wait a year to watch it or buy CBS streaming site but fuck that shit
D Le
D Le Hace un mes
You didn't mention that instead of paying money, anyone could just watch much of Hulu's content for free on each of the network's websites. Why would anyone elect to pay for a service and still have to deal with commercials? If you're gonna have to watch commercials they just get the content for free on the websites.
Joshua Sanchez
Joshua Sanchez Hace un mes
Netflix for life
Meme Construction
Meme Construction Hace un mes
Hulu is better it has some of more my favorite shows like aqua teen hunger force and more adult swim shows
khaose100 Hace un mes
I got both but hulu wins because i got it for 99cents a month can not beat cheap.
Jack Belt
Jack Belt Hace un mes
I agree with you about the ads on Hulu even when paying for the highest tier. That's one of the things that's kept me away from it.
AC Padilla
AC Padilla Hace 5 días
Hulu tv is like sling and the other live tv services. They all have ads for the most part. Its not a library service like the base hulu or netflix.
Mad Max Rockatansky
Mad Max Rockatansky Hace 23 días
Therr are no ads on Hulu if you pay the $12.
Max Noerenberg
Max Noerenberg Hace un mes
I believe Netflix is bigger because it streams worldwide, while Hulu is only available in the US ( unless you have a VPN blocker )
bionic woman
bionic woman Hace un mes
I have and enjoy both
Amanda McKenna
Amanda McKenna Hace un mes
Netflix or Hulu?
TheFearLessGuy Hace 27 días
Oh yeah yeah...
Hidden Identity
Hidden Identity Hace un mes
Netflix is pushing their business in all languages Internationally Netflix is better
Gaurav Chavan
Gaurav Chavan Hace 5 días
+AC Padilla India
AC Padilla
AC Padilla Hace 5 días
+Gaurav Chavan what country do you live in?
Gaurav Chavan
Gaurav Chavan Hace 12 días
And did you check how bad those movies are??? I can't even stand the Netflix content of my country. I hate Netflix because of it.
Luis Valles
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How can you download on Hulu?
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