New MASSIVE Joy-Con for your Nintendo Switch

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The HORI Split Pad Pro is a replacement for your joy-con that makes playing in portable mode way more comfortable. You will have to make some sacrifices for that comfort, though.
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17 sep 2019






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Comentarios 80
T4lyX Hace 4 días
Jokes on you it's $70 in Norway, wait...
Rookie Gamer
Rookie Gamer Hace 6 días
now come to my channel and see the drift it has on both joysticks after two months of use.
Sandy Ross
Sandy Ross Hace 9 días
WEll there was this one guy who made a split gamecube controller for the switch to use as joycons. He even made a centre piece to connect them for playing in portable mode. It's so cool.
Neil Avila
Neil Avila Hace 13 días
it bends the switch
xandyw Hace 23 días
building and testing in mario maker
MilliLiter Hace 23 días
9:15 its just a wii U gamepad
Venom Wolf
Venom Wolf Hace 25 días
Mediocre game? It's was one of best and only switch exes. So good it isnported to pc.
Madoriya Gaming
Madoriya Gaming Hace 25 días
1:43 you said you cant play Pokemon Let's Go with the joycons but you can also use the analogue stick to aim the camera ...
Riel Dela Fuente
Riel Dela Fuente Hace 29 días
I saw a doven wolf on your thumbnail so I immediately clicked it and pressed like.
Nunchux 2468
Nunchux 2468 Hace un mes
You say it will be cheaper in a couple months on amazon. I just bought it on amazon for 70$ Canadian dollars lol
Cee-JayGames Hace un mes
Im actually getting these tomorrow
Silver Leo
Silver Leo Hace un mes
6:06 "those things", I would guess are to support the screen and relieve the hang weight were the controllers connect to the tablet.
Kopi Chantziaras
Kopi Chantziaras Hace un mes
It the Atari lynx 2, not a switch!!! How is a kid going to hold that thing!!! Is the plastic cheap? If it drop s , will it bust?
R.M. La Grou
R.M. La Grou Hace un mes
Makes its possible to actually play shooters on the switch.
US Hace un mes
Turbo button? Game gear Aesthetic? New Horizons here they come
Joseph Mitchell
Joseph Mitchell Hace un mes
I know this is old, but I would like to correct what you said about pokemon lets go. You can aim with the joystick.
97 Hershiekopper
97 Hershiekopper Hace un mes
It looks like an Atari Lynx
Stephen Marin
Stephen Marin Hace un mes
So my switch doesn't connect to the tv. It's been getting really hot recently and the charger looks like it was burned on one side. Also I've had it for about a year, and 3 months. I really want to play Pokemon on my tv. Does anyone have any ideas?
Rahul Pode
Rahul Pode Hace un mes
Awesome controller drift problem solved
Anonymous Anonymous
This is a good extension for Monster Hunter
Blob 990
Blob 990 Hace un mes
i'm defo getting a pair of these. super kirby clash will never feel better
Raghav Devarakonda
Raghav Devarakonda Hace un mes
if these came with a shell like the joycons do that added motion sensing and allowed you to play detached from the switch, this product would be much much better.
My beautiful and amazing Princess
The Nintendo joycons are rumored to be made from very poor build quality and break after the warranty ends in about a year.
Teddy M
Teddy M Hace un mes
the assignable button was such a missed opportunity to allow combination buttons into one button. I do have it and it's exquisitely comfy, but I can't believe 3 years on, no one has designed something just like this with motion and rumble. It's weird. If I could afford to do it right now I'd kickstart it myself as I think these are the sort of joycons the world is waiting for. Finally, they'd come in an ipega style stretch fit thing so they could work in TATE mode or horizontal mode (therefore of course they'd be wireless compatible). The flip grip is so unbelievably uncomfortable and blocks the charge port. If I could find *individual* grips for each joy con, the flip grip would then be cool.
junkjouster Hace un mes
I like the crotch shot when you are filming the "switch" you perv!! I love it!
Button Masher Chat
Button Masher Chat Hace un mes
This thing has made my Animal Crossing experience much more enjoyable.
Kevin Vo
Kevin Vo Hace un mes
All was fine with the exclutions until you said no gyro. That was the breaking point for me
Alex A
Alex A Hace un mes
id buy if it had motion controls. hopefully we get an updated version.
Gerardo Higareda
Gerardo Higareda Hace un mes
If I want a comfortable composition to play first person shooters like doom and overwatch, would it be better to buy these joycons or go with the satisfied grip?
Heather Cook
Heather Cook Hace un mes
I play a lot of shooters on my Switch on the couch while I have some TV shows playing on my TV, and I HATE using motion controls. Always turn those off. I really don't understand how anyone can stand them. But I find the tiny thumbsticks of they joycon to be very uncomfortable after a while, so this feels like it was made just for me.
Aidensan Hace 2 meses
Split Pad Pro is worth it no matter what because it is an alternitave option for handheld mode that doesn't have drifting issues. Even the DPad Joycon has the official Joycon analog sticks.
T. Hane
T. Hane Hace 2 meses
Atari Lynx 2.0
Shawn Dvorak
Shawn Dvorak Hace 2 meses
I actually bought the Tomahawk @WulffDen. It's okay but i feel like the buttons stick entiredly too much.
JK C Hace 2 meses
Just ordered these need something to help with hand fatigued
Jose Cristales
Jose Cristales Hace 2 meses
Can you use these controllers for setup? Or no?
Davina Morgan
Davina Morgan Hace 2 meses
in Australia it's 99 dollars
Narax Hace 2 meses
"It's not like using the Joy-Con is torture..." The Joy-Con is the first gamepad that hurt to use as it was so uncomfortable. So much so if and when I take it out for whatever reason I bring a Pro Controller as well.
Pigmcginnyrig Hace 2 meses
There should be a third party joy con with a tiny C stick and d-pad on each side. That way, you will still have many needed buttons
Chan Saet
Chan Saet Hace 3 meses
If they had wireless function and gyro this would had been a must buy.
LiK Hace 3 meses
I love this thing. It feels great and I can play for extended periods without hand cramps.
Hyake Hace 3 meses
I own these monsters and I have average sized hands which fit so comfortably, totally enjoy playing my switch with fire emblem, donut county, and tetris
Serjohn Hace 3 meses
doesnt fit in my lite
Peter Rooney
Peter Rooney Hace 3 meses
It'd be nice to have all the features included with the standard joycons but I'm happy that the Split Pad is as lightweight as it is. If I'm laying down with the Switch, no matter what controllers are attached to it my wrists always start hurting after a good ten minutes. And when it comes to motion controls I usually have those switched off unless I'm playing Zelda or Splatoon, and more often than not I'm playing those games in docked mode anyway
The Farts and Craps Show
Yeah, I LOVE my Split Pad Pro. HORI really killed it this time.
Solaire of Astora
Solaire of Astora Hace 3 meses
MisterSouji Hace 3 meses
That Doven Wolf in the thumbnail.
Mental Brute
Mental Brute Hace 3 meses
Bought it for fighting games.
Pimpo The Pimp Hippo
It looks like the gamegear XXL
Yak Hace 3 meses
Why is there a doven wolf from mobile suit gundam next to daemon x machena
Jackson Robins
Jackson Robins Hace 3 meses
"also feels light... Adds so much mass..." Does it or does it not have a lot of mass?
fritz the dog
fritz the dog Hace 3 meses
I had like 3 joycons drift on me it hurts everytime it happens
fritz the dog
fritz the dog Hace 3 meses
Its super light but im a big guy im 6"3 got chunky hands the switch adds the weight to it whether you have regular joycons or these joycons in the video i keep switching them on and off i miss the HD Rumble but i havent had them drift on me ive had them almost for a year and a half
kingassassin240 Hace 3 meses
Why do people want a D pd and not buttons? Xd
Shendowx Hace 3 meses
I don't know if anyone ever said this but this makes me think of the Sega Game Gear🤔
JessicaFEREM Hace 3 meses
They could make a pro-style controller with a little middle bit that just connects the two together and charges them, and that has the wireless functionality
Zadamanim Hace 3 meses
You Will [Not] Use Tilt Controls
Lord Dampnut
Lord Dampnut Hace 3 meses
Can you have a split pro on one side and on the other have a regular joycon
ineedfiles Hace 3 meses
They aren’t supposed to be heavy. They are supposed to be light.. not cheap. Who in their right mind would want their Switch to be heavy? They feel perfect to me
AnarickTheDevil Hace 3 meses
Man you are just an insufferable elitist ass in every video aren't you? Cant feel good about yourself unless you make a shit comment about someone, or something can you?
Scott Harvey
Scott Harvey Hace 3 meses
This controller is fantastic for fighting games on the go 😎
Zoan Zound
Zoan Zound Hace 3 meses
2:55 That's what she said
edgarvmusic Hace 3 meses
Maaan you have some awesome B-roll footage 😬👍👍
another goddamn name
*plays captain falcon in the background* i see youre a man of culture as well
Kordin the Husky
Kordin the Husky Hace 3 meses
Actually the only issue I have with it is the L and R buttons are hard to press but the assignable buttons fix that for me
philip lubduck
philip lubduck Hace 3 meses
This is how to make your Nintendo feel like a Sega. Large, Clunky, ugly and cheap plastic.
Troy Smith
Troy Smith Hace 3 meses
They just cut a Horipad in half
Frozen gamer
Frozen gamer Hace 3 meses
I just bought these and they excellent for fighting and FPS games.
edgarvmusic Hace 3 meses
Thanks for the review brotha :) I really enjoy my Satisfye Grip but I also am torn whether this is better or not 😭😭😭
anthony reynoza
anthony reynoza Hace 3 meses
I have this and for me it just feels uncomfortable which sucks because I really don't like the joycons. I just want a comfortable one that has bigger sticks and a dpad.
Kevin Vo
Kevin Vo Hace 3 meses
All hori needs to do is to put in a gyroscope in them and improve the build quality. Then I would consider buying it. Even if I woild have to pay AUD $75
Cuddle Queen
Cuddle Queen Hace 4 meses
I just bought these. I don’t mind if they’re cheap feeling as long as they hold the switch up. Gonna use them on a 15 hour car ride times 2. I can use it to play Dark Souls, Link’s Awakening, Mega Man, Arms (I know, Blasphemy that I play it without motion controls, but that’s just more comfortable for me), Mario Kart, and whatever else. Plenty of games that don’t need motion controls. While I have always used motion controls for Breath of the Wild, I don’t mind aiming with the stick either. So this will work very well for me. Thank you for the video.
Aand R
Aand R Hace 4 meses
The thing that would seal this package would be a wireless center connector piece like original joycons. Would turn it into pro controller for tv mode and eliminate need for pro controller and joycons all together
Food Republic
Food Republic Hace 4 meses
This controller is so god damn solid, instant favourite the moment I tried them
Rovi Dela Rosa
Rovi Dela Rosa Hace 4 meses
Daemon x Machina looks like a shitty Armored Core rip-off.
Jessi Gutierrez
Jessi Gutierrez Hace 4 meses
There is now a hard case made for this.
ineedfiles Hace 3 meses
Jessi Gutierrez really? I need one
Mike Tran
Mike Tran Hace 4 meses
I got this controller because the joycons actually did hurt and gave me RSI. I have no idea what Nintendo was thinking designing such a bad controller as the joycon but then again all of their console controllers sucked compared to a XBOX S controller which this is clearly based on. Even the Switch Pro controller is based on XBOX controller which tells you something.
misteridiot Hace 4 meses
Wait, you can play Pokemon lets go on a switch?
Jon Adams
Jon Adams Hace 4 meses
I have incredibly small hands the 3ds xls controls are comfy to me that's about the same nice as a joycon controls small hands for the win .
Momo Hace 4 meses
it needs batteries or something because i wanna play shmups with these things in vertical mode :D i mean. you need a good d-pad. and joy cons are shit
ΞAndari The DragonΞ
Why no one reviews the turbo function I need to know how to use it and how fast is it
ineedfiles Hace 3 meses
ΞAndari The DragonΞ it was reviewed on on another review. It has 3 settings I believe. I never really read the instructions
william towns
william towns Hace 4 meses
0:38 yes senpai
Hicks Hace 4 meses
did i just hear the joy cons are quality? then why do they keep breaking
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