New MASSIVE Joy-Con for your Nintendo Switch

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The HORI Split Pad Pro is a replacement for your joy-con that makes playing in portable mode way more comfortable. You will have to make some sacrifices for that comfort, though.
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17 sep 2019






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A Retarded Orange Ape In The White House
Wow very nice, I have larger hands too so I think this would work
bird Samora
bird Samora Hace 17 horas
But it doesn't get drift?
Choa Yeon
Choa Yeon Hace un día
I don’t play with motion control, and if I play Pokémon I used the poke ball to play with. But the thing I can’t do without is rumble. I need feedback when I play games.
Pegasi Hace un día
"mediocre switch game" Fuck you too, git gud
Zubair Hussain
Zubair Hussain Hace 2 días
Why you pale bro
Henry Huynha
Henry Huynha Hace 2 días
It's $100 at EB Games in Australia
Eidio Lann
Eidio Lann Hace 2 días
I'd say that a better quality of plastic and a wireless mode would be nice. Thank you for the honest triple review.
VapeyGamer Hace 2 días
With all the issues of joycon drift its nice to see cheaper controller options even if they arent wireless.
SantiagoL.C 1409
SantiagoL.C 1409 Hace 3 días
You can buy the satisfye grip case and it fits really good
Eleanor Lim
Eleanor Lim Hace 3 días
his voice reminds me of Bentley the turtle from Sly
JJ dmd
JJ dmd Hace 4 días
Currently in love with this This controller is design in playing fortnite ...made buildning and aiming way more accurate And overwatch is on its way perfect
Otto Davila
Otto Davila Hace 4 días
I bought these ones because I play Realm Royale. I could win a couple of matches today and can say it's 100% recommended. It will increase your accuracy and is also more comfortable 👍🏼
Martin Seipold
Martin Seipold Hace 5 días
I'll pay $50 to avoid joystick drift any day
Jeremy flower power
Jeremy flower power Hace 9 días
It's a gaming device made for everyone!
Denzel Stewart
Denzel Stewart Hace 9 días
Brian Hace 10 días
Why is it too much to ask to get motion control in in some adult sized grip joy cons? None of this baby hands garbage. Like 90% of switch users, I’m a grown man. I need a reasonable sized controller that still lets me shoot in Zelda when I’m on the road.
Ninjajoe95 Hace 11 días
1:24 I feel that I have to correct this, but the switch console itself does have an accelerometer and gyroscope. This is proven in Nintendo Labo VR. The obvious problem is the only games besides Nintendo labo VR to use these sensors are Smash, and maybe breath of the wild when you put them in VR mode.
JJ Hace 12 días
Couldn't make it through your video, bit too shouty for me
bwilly the kid
bwilly the kid Hace 12 días
Nintendo should have done their own one of these ages ago.
bwilly the kid
bwilly the kid Hace 12 días
Is it more bendy?
Unused Love
Unused Love Hace 13 días
I’ve got the 2018 satisfye grip, but the no drifting issue really sells this for me. I’m currently having to mail mine in. I don’t really mind the lack of motion or rumble since I have the hori d pad controller anyways that I picked up on sale and I really like it. Really curious to give it a shot.
scorp scorp
scorp scorp Hace 14 días
Their is also the ipega 9083
MusaAzimee Hace 14 días
This thing feels like a scam, its no where to be found, preorders are all over the place and dates keep changing, if its completely out of stock then stop taking preorders or purchases, its as if it doesnt even exist.
Furluge Hace 15 días
The Satisfye 2019 Elite Case will fit this.
Furluge Hace 15 días
I really wish Hori had put the gyro in there and it is a real pain the rear grips are isolated by the side.
Napsta 27
Napsta 27 Hace 15 días
I was looking on ebay for this Controller and everyone was selling them at $100 or more even eb games (electronics boutique) u can order one is at $100
fuckjoya Hace 15 días
“A gaming device for kids” shows what you think about yourself and Nintendo. That’s an Un-Sub from me pal.
Joe Baldwin
Joe Baldwin Hace 16 días
Playing Super Mario World with the joycon is nonsense; the pad pro is outstanding with it.
Bullminator Hace 17 días
You dont need motion controls. At least not for DxM. I tried them and got motion sickness.
TheDaxter11 Hace 17 días
i dont really understand why people would complain about not being able to use this thing wirelessly while detached from the switch, i mean, its essentially a controller cut in half, holding and using them in each hand without being attached to anything would DEFINITELY be uncomfortable and probably wouldnt be able to be used properly i mean, yeah they could have made something to attach both sides to like the joycon has but ive got no problem just going to my pro controller or an SN30 pro plus if i had one of those, theres nothing wrong with this thing just being an un-docked only thing
TheDaxter11 Hace 17 días
i kinda wish they made a version without being able to assign buttons and without back buttons, ive never really cared for stuff like that because ive never really had issues with where anything is and i dont care for back buttons, so if having a version without those features would lower the price even a little bit it would be nice to have the option to buy that instead
MrSpecialblend Hace 17 días
Now I do not know why people aren't talking too much about the turbo button. I'd use it for DQ 11S in the casino. ex. Assign the turbo button to "a" then go to the slots and then tape down the "a" key so you can let it automate the slots. There's a way to pretty much guarantee winning the slots if you have enough tokens. It just requires you to keep spinning which could be achieved easier with a turbo button.
snap ko
snap ko Hace 18 días
Wanted to check these pads, but OMG why do you YELL ALL THE TIME?!
VanHallen52 Hace 18 días
Dang this I would probably have gotten but the motion control is a big bummer...
sonicteam2k1 Hace 18 días
I need this thing for shooters. Aiming with the defaul sticks is a nightmare. These fix that problem. DOOM Eternal is around the corner.
Furluge Hace 15 días
Lack of gryo means it's not good for shooters.
Grimmjon Gaming
Grimmjon Gaming Hace 18 días
Thank you, I'd rather buy that no controller with 3 d pads.
niels s
niels s Hace 19 días
Downsize is the switch display lies 0.5cm deeper that the joycon
Strabby Crabby
Strabby Crabby Hace 20 días
for 50$ I'd better take a Satisfye grip + their case in which you can also put your powerbank after playing...
Strabby Crabby
Strabby Crabby Hace 20 días
the switch itself DOES have motion sensor, man! how would you explain how Labo works then?
Strabby Crabby
Strabby Crabby Hace 20 días
mediocre game?!
Alex Dub
Alex Dub Hace 20 días
Man i don't follow nintendo that much, It mkes you a god send for switch choices. Thank you.
Benny Tang
Benny Tang Hace 21 un día
I got the satisfye pro grip and I have big hands very ergonomic and feels sturdy
Nate Hill
Nate Hill Hace 21 un día
Lol bruh i was just watching your video and now i met you in the airport. Crazy small world hahah. Keep making this badass content
Ian P.
Ian P. Hace 21 un día
those are the slowest C.falcon-player hand-movements I've ever seen lol
DaekTwentri Hace 22 días
8:05 "Full of bullet sponges" Somethings wrong with your build muh dude. DXM and Armored core is all about building the right mech for your playstyle. Once you get that right build, you litterally can decimate a boss mech within 10 seconds. Try going online and joining the Arsenal fights rooms.
DD3vourer Hace 22 días
DXM is a great game. I have no understanding for people in the West who shit on it without having even played it. It's such an Anglo-saxon thing to do.
MrMcCoGo Hace 19 días
DD3vourer hey fucktard why don’t you leave another 10 comments whining about Anglo saxons
voteDC Hace 22 días
Can't play Let's GO at all? I can play it on Yuzu without a problem and that's a barely functional emulator. PLus can't you link the game to the Pokemon GO mobile game to catch those pocket monsters?
Nat Boddington
Nat Boddington Hace 22 días
Wulff Den definitely has the best logo I've seen on a 'switch channel' (for the lack of a better term)
CommanderS579 Hace 22 días
Played Daemon X Machina demo and I loved it. I loved armored core back in the day so maybe its just the type of game that I like.
Jason Whitehouse
Jason Whitehouse Hace 22 días
Lol, 5 negative things, but feels great in the hand.
LudovicoDev Hace 23 días
No Bluetooth No party.
Jay Rrr
Jay Rrr Hace 23 días
Captain Zeke
Captain Zeke Hace 23 días
Literally slap a switch into a skull and co grips and it massively helps.
André Ferreira
André Ferreira Hace 23 días
it seems interesing
super matty maker
super matty maker Hace 23 días
DaemonXMachina is actually a really good game, such a-shame Marvelous Japan are a bunch of ass-clowsI The SplitPadPro is awesome too, and the Switch has full motion without the JoyCon, there's accelerometers in both JoyCon as well as the tablet potion of the Switch itself, my SplitPadPro works awesome with gyro aim in portable! Great video as always. M
BR Hace 23 días
Mediocre is kinda much
Dude McPunchy
Dude McPunchy Hace 23 días
I'm not seeing a mediocre game, I'm seeing a person who can barely play the game
Ecchi Bot
Ecchi Bot Hace 24 días
Love this idea Hori, but go bigger. make it $60 and add all the joy con functionality. So I can also buy some hori grip to attach them and use it like a regular controller.
Kevin R
Kevin R Hace 24 días
You said that the Switch itself can't sense motion (only the Joy-Con), but it can. A number of Labo kits rely on the motion sensing in the main Switch body to function. It allows you to look around while using the VR headset, even if both Joy-Con are detached. So, there's no real reason why you shouldn't be able to aim using gyro control even if the Joy-Con don't have the sensors, except that Nintendo expects standard Joy-Con to be attached while playing in handheld mode in most cases, so they didn't bother programming most games to work without them. It's a shame really, as these larger Joy-Con seem fantastic otherwise. There could be a relatively easy fix though, if Nintendo cared enough to address the problem. A simple firmware update with a new option of "Simulate Joy-Con motion via Switch body" would enable games that expect Joy-Con movement to respond to moving the system instead. Seems like an easy enough fix, right? But I doubt Nintendo really wants us buying non-standard Joy-Con, so why would they bother adding features that support their use? I've kind of given up on expecting Nintendo to make sensible decisions.
TheVintendo Hace 24 días
Sounds like it would good for Fire Emblem
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