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Andre Black Nerd Reaction to the New Sonic The Hedgehog Trailer.
Also Watch My Sonic Trailer Breakdown: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-1_yZo4Pu0Lo.html
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Ibrahim Montesdeoca
Ibrahim Montesdeoca Hace 6 días
4:05 that sounded like a villain laugh
Kathleen Anne Mabagos
I draw the poster xD
Wisconsin Rebel Homes
In the sequel dr robotnik should team up w knuckles and Gerald Robotnik against sonic the hedgehog n tails. Shadow & Rouge can come at the end of the 2nd movie & team up dr robotnik. Dr Robotnik should create metal sonic along w scratch & grounder.
sega-ages Hace 2 meses
*we love your reaction, Black Nerd!!! we love this movie!!*
T-Zay Hace 3 meses
I mentally called Agent Stone "Snively"
J's Watch
J's Watch Hace 3 meses
I'm so glad they got the design of sonic right this time
super sonic
super sonic Hace 4 meses
Lucineide Souza
Lucineide Souza Hace 4 meses
Wendy Nieves
Wendy Nieves Hace 4 meses
Í love The New Sonic
Do Nathan
Do Nathan Hace 4 meses
I had to respect Paramount
Eric_T123 Hace 4 meses
Man... the last time I watched this guys videos was when he made the power rangers samurai video
M.V. Shulman
M.V. Shulman Hace 4 meses
Jimmy carry
SlugzIsHere Hace 4 meses
4:55 yeah... (In the description)
JuanCamilo Giron
JuanCamilo Giron Hace 4 meses
Who’s watching after the movie comes out
Freggy fan IULITMx is the best dev and I like top 5
Who watching in 2020 like this comment
EdgyNumber1 Hace 4 meses
Sonic looks ACE!!!! This looks FUN!!
Maelien Hace 4 meses
you hear sonic. I hear dewey from ducktales
Bannana- Slayer57
Bannana- Slayer57 Hace 4 meses
Bannana- Slayer57
Bannana- Slayer57 Hace 4 meses
Bannana- Slayer57
Bannana- Slayer57 Hace 4 meses
Bannana- Slayer57
Bannana- Slayer57 Hace 4 meses
Michael Jones
Michael Jones Hace 4 meses
The fact that they used J.J.Fads Super Sonic and Sonic awesome new look and Jim Curry as Robtnic and knowing most likely he will be Eeg Man at the end i got only one thing to say DAMN IT PARMONT SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!
Versatile of 2ndhalf
He’s not robotnik he’s really ace Ventura pet detective trying to catch sonic .
Radio RelaxFm
Radio RelaxFm Hace 4 meses
Now the black fatty is happy :)
Jarvis Sense
Jarvis Sense Hace 4 meses
Your hat is ridiculous But you somehow managed to pull it off with your childlike enthusiasm. Kudos
Bee Whistler
Bee Whistler Hace 4 meses
Still looks like a goofy story, but I dunno that anyone would expect anything more than that. The change in the character is pretty danged impressive.
Andre Hermence
Andre Hermence Hace 5 meses
Mordarg00 Hace 5 meses
Loool what a weird black person in Hedhog hat ! That's damn funny !!
12 21
12 21 Hace 5 meses
ThePizzadude93 Hace 5 meses
1:57. Nice little head movement, Andre. LOL
ChaseElliottfan9 Hace 5 meses
The 817 dislikes were Eggman's 70 accounts.
Johnny Hace 5 meses
Sonic: You have car insurance right? Tom: Oh you’re one of those guys?
Samuel Church
Samuel Church Hace 5 meses
No *Hipster Sonic* ? You sadden me Black Nerd.
Mr J's Big Book Of Movies
Do you notice Sonic is left handed
Alaska RS
Alaska RS Hace 5 meses
I was going to see this movie ironically but since the re-design, I'm really kind of digging it. Sonic looks good now, and it'll be a fun buddy road trip comedy. If I like it enough I might even go more than once.
Chick Bowdrie
Chick Bowdrie Hace 5 meses
Your hat kills me bro haha. It's awesome
Jayne Davis
Jayne Davis Hace 5 meses
He looks amazing
Roman Serrano
Roman Serrano Hace 5 meses
*sonic look better*
Roman Serrano
Roman Serrano Hace 5 meses
-im late-
Roman Serrano
Roman Serrano Hace 5 meses
Aerial Night
Aerial Night Hace 5 meses
I enjoyed watching you watch it more than me watching it! If that makes sense lol 😁 You seem like an everybody's buddy
alluke24 Hace 5 meses
New look so much better. That's the Sonic look we know and love.
Tim Henke
Tim Henke Hace 6 meses
2019: 3:51 2020: 3:15
Avaughn gamer
Avaughn gamer Hace 6 meses
How are Yo u Not Died I have on Ide
Samuel Thomas
Samuel Thomas Hace 5 meses
English plz?
captain Rockatron
captain Rockatron Hace 6 meses
Thank god for Tyson Hesse! (Creator of the redesign)
Tony Young
Tony Young Hace 6 meses
All i need is tails tbh
WowzersTV Hace 6 meses
love your movies reviews checkout my hollywood impressions comedy click my profile
ღ Fʀᴀɴᴄᴇsᴄᴀ ღ
New Movie Sonic: Hey Guys! am I cute? Me: *Blushes and nosebleeds*
BunnyFett Hace 6 meses
Robloxian Movies [MOVIE MAKER]
Everyone suddenly just forgot about zazz from the Sonic games
lProN00bl Hace 6 meses
Am I the only one that hears Dewey Duck constantly from Sonic?
zxtreme31 Hace 6 meses
It just hit me, they call him robotnik, not eggman. Sooooo why did they change his name in the games/cartoon but not the movie?
Andréanne Maillette
I always loved Sonic ever since I played Aventure Battle 2 and no matter how many times I watch the trailer I get shivers all over my body so it's no wonder I'm gonna cry when my mom takes me to watch it together for my bithday
Matt Cobru
Matt Cobru Hace 7 meses
Your not a nerd your a pro talking about movie trailers
KrakenMaster 2
KrakenMaster 2 Hace 7 meses
Congrats leakers you ruined the surprise
Mr. Piano
Mr. Piano Hace 7 meses
Sonic Look's Good
The Lonely Creeper
The Lonely Creeper Hace 7 meses
If sonic doesn’t turn into super sonic near the end I’m gonna Throw a riot
ツS. F. Z.
ツS. F. Z. Hace 7 meses
His laugh is killing me!!!! 🤣🤣
Ryu Tsunagi
Ryu Tsunagi Hace 7 meses
1 of the only companys that would listen to there fans and thank god they listen to us for sonic they did great they didnt ruin our childhood character
Floofy Chill
Floofy Chill Hace 7 meses
Thank you animators
Kobe Marion
Kobe Marion Hace 7 meses
That should be the original version's name: "The Teeth Cut"
WonkaVator Hace 7 meses
Chain chomp yomp
JUsT OZzY Hace 7 meses
Is it me or does he have my sonic costume hat?
Ty Young
Ty Young Hace 7 meses
Don't be surprised if they take the old design and make him a villain
Nikki D Storm
Nikki D Storm Hace 7 meses
His design is MUCH better.
The Animated Geek
The Animated Geek Hace 7 meses
I’m still worried if the actual movie will be at least average
Larksy Hace 7 meses
Sonic is baby now
AwesomeBlackDude Hace 7 meses
Who's in the D'ASS hit that 800!!! 😳
Arjuna Torczon
Arjuna Torczon Hace 7 meses
sonic says he was trying to escape people in his world and now hes trying to escape people in our world. I want to see a scene where he says hes tired of running and its emotional.
Darkia The DarkSeedrian
lol dr eggman look funny in movie XD
- shalzone -
- shalzone - Hace 7 meses
Damn what a nerd...
Gregtman502 Hace 7 meses
The even changed the song from coolio
Zachary Foster
Zachary Foster Hace 7 meses
Sonic's bandana has the Sonic logo on it
Philip Anderson
Philip Anderson Hace 7 meses
It is very refreshing and impressive
Alamda Ali
Alamda Ali Hace 7 meses
Shane Pulliam
Shane Pulliam Hace 7 meses
Movie of the damn year
Ray Okay
Ray Okay Hace 7 meses
For a sequel they should do what the Smurfs movie did and make a full sonic movie with him in his world with knuckles and tails and stuff
Alejandro Rivero Jr.
That man about to break in tears because the redesign is just perfect.
Mr. Del Adams
Mr. Del Adams Hace 7 meses
Zane Patterson
Zane Patterson Hace 7 meses
his olkgyfjgtfghg
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