New York City Street Food - Egg Waffle Ice Cream

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Wowfulls combines a classic Cantonese street food staple, the egg waffle, with an all time popular dessert, ice cream.
Their menu currently features the:
1) Original “Gai Dån Jai” Egg Waffles with ice cream topped with fresh strawberries & strawberry Pocky
2) Chocolate Wowfull with ice cream topped with Oreo Cookie Crumbs & chocolate banana Pocky
3) Matcha Green Tea with White Chocolate Chip Wowfull with ice cream topped with mochi & green tea Pocky
An egg waffle is a spherical egg-based waffle popular in Hong Kong and Macau and is an eggy leavened batter cooked between two plates of semi-spherical cells. They are best served hot, and often eaten plain. They can also be served with fruit and flavors such as strawberry, coconut or chocolate. It is referred to by its original Cantonese name, gai daan jai (鷄蛋仔), and in English, an egg puff, bubble waffle, eggette, pancake balls, pancake waffle, egglet, and puffle. They are sometimes referred to as Hong Kong cakes in Chinatowns across America, especially in New York.
Egg waffle is one of the most popular Hong Kong "street snacks" and were ranked No.1 in a 100 most popular HK street snack listing. They have been a favored street snack since their emergence in the 1950s, when they were made with coal fire heating and sold from street kiosks in Hong Kong.

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13 jul 2016






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Yoshida Saki
Yoshida Saki Hace 3 meses
The batter around pan are still fresh. It probably a today drip. If it's a 2-3 day drip there should be mold around it Just shut up if you didn't know thing. Or ask
Worada Variety
Worada Variety Hace 3 meses
Ok This is not for me 😁
Turtleproof Hace 4 meses
I wonder why a place full of rats, club-foot pigeons, and serial rapists is the epicenter of the plague. Hmmm, it's not the dirty water dogs or the slices.
eriga citra
eriga citra Hace 8 meses
I like this food so I want to taste it😱😨
Edward M
Edward M Hace un año
They should be shit down for food poisoning
Yue月 Hace un año
To reply to the comments about the messiness of the machines: 1. Street food is a very busy work and NYC is a very crowded place (I’ve been there) and if the workers are going to clean the machines for sanity then the customers waiting in the long line will grow impatient and lose customer satisfaction 2. Most of the mess is below the the machine and as seen in the video, it’s not like any part of the food touched the bottom or middle 3. *RUDE TONE WARNING* : If you guys think it’s messy (or expensive), then don’t eat it or even buy it, no one is forcing you :/ also a lot of Chinese foods (not homemade) use artificial and unhealthy stuff so be glad besides sugar, the waffle ice cream seems to use (i think, batter seems weird thou) pretty decent ingrediants
Vinicius Mota
Vinicius Mota Hace un año
What' this mess??? This is serious? Huge mess!
Matt W
Matt W Hace un año
9 bucks for that cone.El Wrongo!
moon ryan
moon ryan Hace un año
Asian street?
권예은 Hace un año
peperoni costa
peperoni costa Hace un año
봉봉 Hace un año
좀 닦아라ㅡㅡ
Noor Al_amal
Noor Al_amal Hace un año
Its look delicios but the pan is dirty actually
Kenya Hunte
Kenya Hunte Hace un año
Come on that looks nasty ..you got to least clean up in between services..I been to sum that way cleaner then this ..
aparnajh Hace un año
Ehwwwww.....Highly unclean and untidy waffle pans used.
Gossim Hace un año
this is heaven :D so tasty
Isabel Macedo
Isabel Macedo Hace un año
They taste so good!
愛され泰造 Hace un año
これは、汚い(;´Д`) 日本も汚いとこあるけれど これはやばい。 見た目美味しそうだなって見に来たけど これは、、やばい(語彙力が来い)
Suzette Atkinson
Suzette Atkinson Hace un año
who in the world would want to eat anything out of those filth pans. come on there has to be a health inspector somewhere. this is just wrong
Edward M
Edward M Hace un año
Suzette Atkinson are you that Charles mansion girl
Honky Tonk
Honky Tonk Hace un año
what a slob cooker.
claire robinson
claire robinson Hace un año
That's looks really nice, am definitely Getting that and its worth every penny, loved it when I had it in Edinburgh, thanks for showing me how to make it fea 🇬🇧 fife
bou gard
bou gard Hace un año
Haven't heard of cleaning ? Like seriously
Edward M
Edward M Hace un año
bou gard runs
Yuhui Yap
Yuhui Yap Hace un año
True Woman American
True Woman American Hace un año
This is for people who have never even a waffle before
もふくん Hace un año
nat nat
nat nat Hace un año
Pinky Vargas
Pinky Vargas Hace un año
they should at least scrape the batters on the side of the pan heheee
Arjun Reddy
Arjun Reddy Hace un año
am interested I want this complete information of this ice cream 7799556722
Hồng Ngân Đỗ Lê
Nhìn không gọn gàng gì cả :3
Rachid Nacef
Rachid Nacef Hace un año
استغفر الله الذي لا اله الا هو واثوب اليه عدد خلقه ورضى نفسه وزنة عرشه ومداد كلماته . سبحان الله الحمد لله لااله الا الله و الله اكبر. اللهم اغفرلي اللهم اهدني اللهم ارزقني يا رب العالمين
Molly Brooks
Molly Brooks Hace un año
They probably shouldn’t have shown the undercooked one..... nothing more disgusting than a mouthful of raw batter.... plus the batter has egg in it which means that someone could’ve gotten sick :(
꧁P҉i҉k҉a҉ B҉o҉0҉p҉꧂
Where In New York Did You Get The Icecream Waffles
Sara Silva
Sara Silva Hace un año
谷本ジュナ Hace 2 años
Giulia Sitonda
Giulia Sitonda Hace 2 años
Mado che buono quando arriva qui italia? Io nn lo visto ancora uffa❤❤❤😭
Yolanda Jo
Yolanda Jo Hace 2 años
Ow...salam indonesia NTT
m o
m o Hace 2 años
Mennah Hace 2 años
I’m going to go get one today so I’m watching this video mmmmm 🤗😋😋😋
Joyce T
Joyce T Hace 2 años
Why doesn't the NYC health department close them down? No way anyone should eat this prepared this way in filth.
Michi Hace un año
wisnu aji what he said^
wisnu aji
wisnu aji Hace un año
Health inspector only came if there's any complain. And if the restaurant already get A or B, health inspector would't come to check again. They check the food, not the pan that used to cook. If the pan is so nasty but food test is pass, it still pass
manduheavy vazquez
manduheavy vazquez Hace 2 años
Janzorn Hace 2 años
anyone know the calories in these waffles? (per waffle / per 100g ) cant find it on google
Elias Das Neves
Elias Das Neves Hace 2 años
Oh my gosh ! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh !
Gizle Giswa
Gizle Giswa Hace 2 años
DaeYang Min
DaeYang Min Hace 2 años
damn it doesnt to clean the machines like once every day.. week or month....
? Hace 2 años
I love egg waffles!
mario betancourt
mario betancourt Hace 2 años
that little ass scoop
mario betancourt
mario betancourt Hace 2 años
y'all can't clean as you go or is that cause your new yorkers status huh dirty dirt dirt
Chris The Phoenix
Chris The Phoenix Hace 2 años
The waffle irons are a freaking mess.
yanka blaha
yanka blaha Hace 2 años
It's called eggloo
hiimwinzy Hace 2 años
Look how dirtty that waffle maker is though..
Gata S m s
Gata S m s Hace 2 años
Looks good but the machine looks disgusting very dirty they should at least clean in a little bit
Smashing daddy's broken toys
Not saying that its unsanitary or what. But always keep the kitchen counter clean. There’s something about seeing a good food being prepared on a tidy clean kitchen counter.
Veronika Garcia
Veronika Garcia Hace 2 años
Come to California with tht and I promise u ull make bank
Zae Sims
Zae Sims Hace un año
Let make it happen @xcellenceempire my ig partner
farah Paqtaian
farah Paqtaian Hace 2 años
the food is delicios but the machine looks bad
Thu Nguyen
Thu Nguyen Hace 2 años
RDX Hace 2 años
Yuck pucable ! Dirty as fuck and call themselves developed
Jakub Biziorek
Jakub Biziorek Hace 2 años
Can you put gelato in waffle instead of ice cream?
ayaka aayan
ayaka aayan Hace 2 años
みあ Hace 3 años
Argyris Tsavdaris
Argyris Tsavdaris Hace 3 años
corleesha taylor
corleesha taylor Hace 3 años
give me this
Hung Cuong
Hung Cuong Hace 3 años
Sasha&Anna girls
Sasha&Anna girls Hace 3 años
view we have a movie about this Ice cream , please
Jason HKG
Jason HKG Hace 3 años
This is utter disaster for Kai Dan Jai (so called egg waffles)
Saja Qasim
Saja Qasim Hace 3 años
This machine is in mess. it is very dirty. there is some pastiness in bevels but the ice cream sound delicious😋
李瑩潔 Hace 3 años
= = 好髒
miumiu Ni
miumiu Ni Hace 3 años
李瑩潔 明明就很乾淨。。。
Dieu Le
Dieu Le Hace 3 años
wow 😇😇😇
廖Jiji Hace 3 años
nbh hg7fygptiu9gjyi8 yhyi6luj
廖Jiji Hace 3 años
kguj m ok hy fctok chy ok yol chy cxd hy o
Luuk van der Boor
Luuk van der Boor Hace 3 años
weak deliver clean Senate pressure presidential wooden idea.
Yalinikanagarathnam Madisuper
wow super
qrukq Hace 3 años
I live in Kazakhstan. And there are many waffles with ice-cream like this.
Steve Hace 3 años
What do they do with the chunk of waffle they cut off?
Bryant B
Bryant B Hace 17 días
Sell it for 3.99$$$$
Steve Hace 3 años
cc Hace 3 años
placed inside the cup at the bottom
dotochai Hace 3 años
Bian Mattar
Bian Mattar Hace 3 años
kenlau135 Hace 3 años
US$9?? Come on!
Pecho Rodriguez
Pecho Rodriguez Hace 3 años
W H A T T H E F U C K I S T H A T ?
Như Channel
Như Channel Hace 3 años
Pijah Rahim
Pijah Rahim Hace 3 años
its look delicious but the drippy batter around the pan..hmmmmm
くず Hace 3 años
DREADBOY Hace 3 años
It tastet very good with Frozen Yoghurt
Ice Cream Rolls
Ice Cream Rolls Hace 3 años
Vithara Weerakoon
Vithara Weerakoon Hace 3 años
Ice Cream Rolls IM A FAN :O
tingtinglll Hace 3 años
Looks delicious.
Space wolf
Space wolf Hace 3 años
what street because i can go to New York City😁😁
mona Hace 4 años
this looks nasty
laulau Hace 4 años
I am drooling...
Kim Nguyen
Kim Nguyen Hace 4 años
It looks so unsanitary.
Kari Hace un año
@pizzaiolo napolitain look up the statistics not all USA is fat so stfu lmao
pizzaiolo napolitain
In usa you are all obese So shut up
yang yang
yang yang Hace 2 años
so trueee
•Umai Chu•
•Umai Chu• Hace 2 años
Kim Nguyen i think they should at least clean the extra egg waffle batter around the pan
uwu Hace 2 años
I agree, but I'm pretty sure it's only for this place, because all the other places I've been to isn't as unsanitary as this.. They always clean the pan.
Mad Penguin
Mad Penguin Hace 4 años
they dont look like traditional waffles. quite expensive too. up to $9 with an 'optional drizzle on the house' lol.
asalah AS
asalah AS Hace 4 años
وعع استغفر الله نضفو الآلات ي مقرفين
Ujwal Anurag
Ujwal Anurag Hace 4 años
The commitment with which this is made baffles me.
Akane Hyuga
Akane Hyuga Hace 4 años
TEST IS GONE Hace 3 años
but in chinese, you only can have the waffle
nkshamma Hace 4 años
Where can I find this in New York City?
RANIA JEHAD Hace 4 años
Clashcraft_Chic Hace 4 años
Is this in Australia?
MrKillingfly Hace 4 años
its in New York city which is in 'Merica
MariannaD Hace 4 años
have the same ice cream waffles in Ukraine...mmmm...so good
DC Hace 4 años
looks really nice. what flavor is the multi-colored ice cream ? what are the assorted powder and syrup toppings shown (other than the obvious multicolored "sprinkles" and chocolate syrup) ?
terse Hace 4 años
it's likely bubblegum ice cream with caramel syrup + strawberries dusted with icing sugar
StiMalakai Hace 4 años
you should leave the music out of the videos I like the atmosphere sounds.
Sasha&Anna girls
Sasha&Anna girls Hace 3 años
view we have a movie about this Ice cream , please
MyDokuChannel Hace 4 años
Travel Thirsty
Travel Thirsty Hace 4 años
+StiMalakai Hi, thanks for the suggestion. We usually don't include music as we enjoy atmosphere sounds as well. In some cases we're left with little choice when the original audio is compromised by copyrighted music playing in the background. Thanks for your support!
planesrift Hace 4 años
Are you from hong kong?
Zoya auz
Zoya auz Hace 4 años
yummy mahn... so cooooool 😎
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