Niall Horan - Nice To Meet Ya (Official)

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Director: The Young Astronauts
Producer: Jeff Pantaleo
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[Verse 1]
I like the way you talk, I like the things you wear
I want your number tattooed on my arm in ink, I swear
'Cause when the morning comes, I know you won't be there
Every time I turn around, you disappear
[Verse 2]
I wanna blow your mind, just come with me, I swear
I'm gonna take you somewhere warm, you know j'adore la mer
'Cause when the morning comes, I know you won't be there
Every time I turn around, you disappear
(I got love for you)
(I got love for you)
Nice to meet ya
(I got love for you)
(I got love for you)
Nice to meet ya, what's your name?
Let me treat ya to a drink
[Verse 3]
I like the way you talk, I like the things you wear
I want your number tattooed on my arm in ink, I swear
'Cause when the morning comes, I know you won't be there
Every time I turn around, you disappear
(I got love for you)
(I got love for you)
Nice to meet ya
(I got love for you)
(I got love for you)
One minute, you're there, the next one, you're gone
Been waiting for you all night, so come on
You know what I need, you know what I want
You know what I need now, you know what I need now
Nice to meet ya, what's your name?
Let me treat ya to a drink
Nice to meet ya
(I got love for you)
Where ya been?
(I got love for you)
Let me treat ya
(I got love for you)
To a drink
(I got love for you)
Nice to meet ya
#NiallHoran #NiceToMeetYa
Music video by Niall Horan performing Nice To Meet Ya. © 2019 Neon Haze Music Ltd, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.


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3 oct 2019






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Valdemar Keijser
Valdemar Keijser Hace 2 horas
Only Swedes laughs at his name
Marie-Pier Beauchamp
imagine 1d was alife how there song will be gorgeous like omggg
Chantal Hace 7 horas
Alex turner???????
Sarah Najafi
Sarah Najafi Hace 11 horas
1:06 - the replay button for j'adore la mer You're welcome people
Nadia Haris
Nadia Haris Hace 16 horas
Louis:Niall the bad boy,Niall the church boy more like... Think again Louis... ;)
Barbara Uni
Barbara Uni Hace 21 un hora
Love youuuuuuuuu
Rika Hace 21 un hora
I swear, this song is very cool!!!!
Pengeny 123
Pengeny 123 Hace 23 horas
When Niall turned around it reminded me of that meme of the guy looking at the girl while he's with his girl
Addy Luanne
Addy Luanne Hace un día
1:07 😳💕
attilio vaccari
attilio vaccari Hace un día
This song sounds like what men's smells like
Rachael Blindu
Rachael Blindu Hace un día
okay I'm not gonna comment on this vid. Oh wait . . . I just did.
Loveta G
Loveta G Hace un día
he is so AMAZING I love him
i luv loki
i luv loki Hace un día
3234059055 ok thanks I'll call her later
Spread Happiness
Spread Happiness Hace un día
Niall: I want your number tattooed on my arm in ink swear Me (getting flashbacks of tattoo roulette): Oh really Niall?
Aline Coelho
Aline Coelho Hace un día
Zoe Boka
Zoe Boka Hace un día
Niall: “I want your number tutored on my arm in ink I swear” Us: laughing because we remember him hugging Harry in a game of tattoo roulette because he was scared that he would get one
Nicola King
Nicola King Hace un día
please can u and the Gang get Back together I really wanna Meet u all at the Same time Also i miss your Videos Together they were Funny and REALLY COOL i meen it woudnt be the Same anymore but i meen i guess its Time you can get of the Break and Meet up to get to know your lives better and Get Back Together ALL your Fans Miss you Including me :( Please Find A Way To Get Back Together :)
Angel Bista
Angel Bista Hace un día
1D boys were even better when they were together 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
is it just me or he sound like eminem in rap god "she not good at this"
Regina Turner
Regina Turner Hace un día
Quedaría bien chido como algo para Victoria secret uwu
Thunderstorm Hace un día
Reni Sintia Yuliana
Reni Sintia Yuliana Hace un día
Hai niall! nice too meet ya too
Aaliyah Shroyer
Aaliyah Shroyer Hace un día
I don’t know why but just now I just came up with a scenario. Imagine you’re at a stoplight with the windows down blasting this song in your car in the muddle of summer. And there are other cars next to you in other lanes and the other cars have their windows down since it would be hot. Then you have your friend in the passenger seat. The people on the right with their windows down will hear and see the passenger in your car doing the gestures from the lyrics of the song. That would be the funniest thing ever or a clever idea for ESvid videos. 😂
Liz Rom
Liz Rom Hace un día
Milagros Quispe
Milagros Quispe Hace un día
Me enoje.
Mr Cringe pants 64??
Not to be rude but the 24 Hour Change was kinda of bad but the music was Beautiful,!
Olya Demchuk
Olya Demchuk Hace 2 días
it may be good song for James Bond film
Helen Manlapaz
Helen Manlapaz Hace 2 días
I see Ryan Gosling in him. 😁
Saheli Mandal
Saheli Mandal Hace 2 días
Can you believe *This guy once said that **_He is afraid of Girls!!!_*
Krunal V
Krunal V Hace 2 días
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-LOQ3hunaz48.html Hey guys, I hope you are having a good day So I have wrote a song about the coronavirus pandemic, its very different to other songs out there, especially with how crazy all of our lives are at the moment, I wanted to express this differently… Please visit my channel and check out my song “Bleeding Bullet” (or the link above) which is about this, and would appreciate you sharing this too as the music video shows a lot too. Thank you! And enjoy the rest of your day :)
Lia Taylors
Lia Taylors Hace 2 días
notice how there’s 4 guys with him 👀 just like one direction had 5 people
Alexa F.
Alexa F. Hace 2 días
Niall Horan for president 2020! He'll give us a CHONCÉ
Safi Ullah
Safi Ullah Hace un día
Blest Adeleye
Blest Adeleye Hace 2 días
BBBRRUUUHHH!!! only an irish singer could make "whats ur NAME" and "to a DRINK" rhyme
Aaliyah Shroyer
Aaliyah Shroyer Hace un día
Ahahahaha why are you not wrong 😂😂 he doesn’t even sound Irish in the song. In all of his songs he doesn’t but back in 1D, he does on some.
Alexa F.
Alexa F. Hace 2 días
Naira Ssekaana
Naira Ssekaana Hace 2 días
why is no one talking about the tailors moustache
Hailey McKenna
Hailey McKenna Hace 2 días
AndiesLive Hace 2 días
A perfect song for a perfect voice. We love you Niall. One Direction turned you into a singing sentation. Keep up the excellent work.
Fleadog Green
Fleadog Green Hace 2 días
Pretty boy! Chick rock! Alas a guilty pleasure! I turn it up on the road! Don’t tell no one!
Fooking Styles
Fooking Styles Hace 2 días
Fooking Styles
Fooking Styles Hace 2 días
This song is as handsome as niall
Fooking Styles
Fooking Styles Hace 2 días
omg ron weasley is that you!?
Cloud Girl
Cloud Girl Hace 2 días
2:44 he looked straight at the camera
Sam Wilson
Sam Wilson Hace 2 días
Are gonna ignore how much of masterpiece the suit storeclerks mustache is?
Jayden Yule (STUDENT)
I called the number on the napkin and it played Put A Little Love on Me 😭😭😭I’m crying
Mackenzie Boyer
Mackenzie Boyer Hace 2 días
😀i love you niall horan
Renee Morcombe
Renee Morcombe Hace 2 días
go niall
Chloe Caffrey
Chloe Caffrey Hace 2 días
god, I feel so lucky to come from the same country as this man lol
Regan Andrews
Regan Andrews Hace 2 días
Ok this is a little confusing so stay with me here..... this is what i think the story he is trying to tell is.... parts of this I dont even agree with but It kind of makes sense 1. Heartbreak Weather: he is saying that all of his life hes been through bad relationships and when he met this girl all of the sadness went away 2. Black And White: he is thinking about marrying this girl because he is so in love with her 3. Dear Patience: as the relationship went on he is finding it hard to stay patient with her for whatever reason 4. Bend The Rules: he may have cheated on her after all the stuff they went through and ik that he says the way YOU bend the rules but he said he was writing from different perspectives so maybe this is from hailees perspective especially bc she accused him of cheating in her song wrong direction 5. Small Talk: this is where he begins to tell about the cheating and how it started 6. Nice To Meet Ya: this is just following up what happened in small talk (I personally dont agree with the idea of him cheating bc he is my sweet baby boy but this is just an interpretation of what it could be) 7. Put A Little Love On Me: this could be about him trying to communicate with his girlfriend telling her to love him the right way and that that could have stopped the cheating I honestly dont know about this one really 8. Arms Of A Stranger: this is telling about how he was getting so impatient with her and she couldn't love him right so he ended up in the arms of a stranger bc he cheated with a stranger 9. Everywhere: this one could be about him either wanting to go back to her or just him feeling guilty about what he did so all he does is see her face 10. Cross Your Mind: at this point he doesn't really know what to do so he is wondering if she still thinks about him because he is thinking that one of his options is going back to her even after everything he did 11. New Angel: going back to niall not knowing what to do so he thinks that his other option is maybe to just find somebody else 12. No Judgement: this one doesn't really fit into the whole storyline that I've personally interpreted 13. San Francisco: he is saying that his mind is made up and that he wants to go back to the girl that he first was in love with 14. Still: this one is pretty simple.. even after all the stuff they went through, the impatience, the cheating, and the hard decisions he had to make, he is simply still in love with this girl whoever she may be That was just my interpretation please no hate but if you do have any thing you want to add or correct we can talk about it in the comments ❤
This was premiered on my birthday lol
james arriaga
james arriaga Hace 3 días
4 P
Mayra Herrera
Mayra Herrera Hace 3 días
Canta re lindo
Ruqqaya Shiekh
Ruqqaya Shiekh Hace 3 días
I just came back from essential shopping and this was playing.
Eric Schmidt
Eric Schmidt Hace 3 días
I love this song!
Clarissa A. Silva
Clarissa A. Silva Hace 3 días
I wasn’t prepared to see Niall all grown up and flirting around
Rhonnie A
Rhonnie A Hace 3 días
Niall....is that the kingsman's tailoring shop????🤔
Avenger Hace 3 días
Anyone in June ! 🤗😍😇 And🙏🏻 pls leave here your insta I'd if you need a friend to talk !! I m a boy ! Of a high 🏫🙂🙃
Sangita22 Hace 3 días
Hey, directioners!! Look, I know we're all making Drag me down and Story of my life videos reach 1 billion views but, we don't just love them when they're together. We love them when they're solo or together, right? So, let's make time out of out schedule and have a thing called ONE DIRECTION HOURS. All you need to do is, stream one direction songs and their solo songs, please make it happen! I have faith we all can do it!! And 'I'm crying but in a cool way'
Lovely Lestano
Lovely Lestano Hace 3 días
1:07 ur welcome😉
1D will comeback, promise.
Niall: "I want your number tattoed on my arm in ink, I swear." *While me flashback on how nervous he is in tattoo roulette. :)
TiffanyLai Hace 3 días
niall is the definition of perfect
Neelika Vincent
Neelika Vincent Hace 3 días
Nice to meet ya Now can't meet coz of corona😰😷😷😩
Erin 0508
Erin 0508 Hace 3 días
Heartbreak weather on the poster🤩😂
Jenny oi oiii
Jenny oi oiii Hace 3 días
lewis´reaction of this is everything lmao
Autumn Carollo
Autumn Carollo Hace 3 días
PaTATooooOO CHonCe ......... Im fINe......
the Atomic
the Atomic Hace 3 días
I love this song
Varsha Patra
Varsha Patra Hace 3 días
Absolutely love love love this song😍😍😍
Cassidy Hace 3 días
He’s taking notes from Taylor Swift with all these Easter eggs
Bilal Syed
Bilal Syed Hace 3 días
This sounds like the music in apple #ad
gee Hace 3 días
niall: I want your number tattooed on my arm also niall: doesn't have a single tattoo
klayne moreno
klayne moreno Hace 3 días
I love it
Purple Pony
Purple Pony Hace 3 días
Wow, this guy would sound great with Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Zayn Malik. They should all collaborate.
Reverse Flash
Reverse Flash Hace 4 días
T mobile
Ghita .J
Ghita .J Hace 4 días
no one: Niall: "You know J'aDoRe La MeR" translation : "you know i love the sea" thank me later ;)
J Hj
J Hj Hace 4 días
hey Niall,you need to do some song with the boys in one direction if ya get back together as you know all your fans will love it!!!!!
Sean Doyle
Sean Doyle Hace 4 días
Shouldn't be talking about what happens in the u. S. A. Stick too what you know best. Sorry what is it you do again 🚶‍♀️🏃‍♂️
Bruna García
Bruna García Hace 4 días
Niall no! Old ladys are for Harry 1:06
Wiktoria nie
Wiktoria nie Hace 4 días
Niall: walking out thru the door also Niall: Nice to meet you, what’s your name?
Fire PhiPhi2010
Fire PhiPhi2010 Hace 4 días
Nial when is 1 direction gonna get back together like we are all waiting
Mr. No Name
Mr. No Name Hace 4 días
I hoped that he will make his performance at everywhere
Aaliyah Shroyer
Aaliyah Shroyer Hace 4 días
I love this song. It’s such a vibe. I’ll be blasting this all summer ❤️
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