Niall Horan - Put A Little Love On Me (Official)

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Listen to “Put a Little Love On Me” here: niall.to/PutALittleLoveOnMeYD
Watch the Complete Video Collection: niall.lnk.to/YTPlaylistYD
Director: Cameron Busby
Producer: James Sibio
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#NiallHoran #PutALittleLoveOnMe
Music video by Niall Horan performing Put A Little Love On Me. © 2019 Neon Haze Music Ltd, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.


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5 dic 2019






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Alejandra Núñez
Alejandra Núñez Hace un hora
niall te amo
Ximena Correa
Ximena Correa Hace 5 horas
Esta canción=perfección PD:VIVA LATINOAMÉRICA JAJS
Tweet Laha
Tweet Laha Hace 9 horas
"Are you all dressed up but with nowhere to go" Ummm... yes. 2020.
Shakira Syed
Shakira Syed Hace 18 horas
I guess.....this song is about..... Hailee Steinfeld
Bjorn Chan
Bjorn Chan Hace 20 horas
Omfg this song is freaking so good Niall you're just so talented
Your Wolf
Your Wolf Hace 23 horas
So im gussing when im older and have a wedding that my wedding is gonna be a legit niall horan themed wedding cause like every song thats gonna play is gonna be his 😂 I love you niall and your music is just so beautiful ❤🖤
Daisy Flower
Daisy Flower Hace un día
Okay, this is Harry's favorite song of Niall's album 💖 and mine too 🤗🥰🥰🥰
Felicia Tran
Felicia Tran Hace un día
Lmao the title of this song reminds me of my ex bf, somehow
Trevvy Man
Trevvy Man Hace un día
I ache for the day when one of the boys wins a Grammy and the camera pans over to the other four in the crowd with teary eyes and loud applause. That’ll break me i think.
Shrrutii Nigamm
Shrrutii Nigamm Hace un día
S*mon was a fool to not let him sing in 1d... i mean listen to this master piecea
Anika Malhans
Anika Malhans Hace un día
This is one the best song of Niall for sure ❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯
Tommo Stylik
Tommo Stylik Hace un día
Berlin Kay
Berlin Kay Hace un día
No denial,he has a soft core!
MaMal Heltz
MaMal Heltz Hace un día
One of ma fav song ever😍😍😍
Elena Mia
Elena Mia Hace 2 días
Catherine Freytag
Catherine Freytag Hace 2 días
I dont understand how one person can have so much talent. It’s just amazing
marlene gtzzz
marlene gtzzz Hace 2 días
KingUman30 Hace 2 días
In my opinion, I think Nial has been the most successful 1D guy on his own
M J Hace 2 días
Niall`s songs are art
trent bell gallardo jamon
my brain: going out tonight, changes into something red Like if you understand
Thomas Ralongham
Thomas Ralongham Hace 2 días
"We laugh and we cry until we saw our worst".
miinluv ü
miinluv ü Hace 2 días
♡Play piano music video♡ ❤️ Put a little love on me - Niall Falling - Harry Two of us - Louis ❤️ Zayn n Liam where are you?😂❤️
Dipa kein
Dipa kein Hace 2 días
Remember how hard this situation for the girl..had to dance in front of the one she love but she can't talk,she can't have any kind interaction or even stare at him..at that time she might have cool face or show smile face..but deep down inside she's broken..she cried after all that scene finish.(memories..🙁)
Not a Flamingo
Not a Flamingo Hace 3 días
I didn't know I needed this so baaaaddd😭😭😭oh niaaalllllll....
Aarya Sankar
Aarya Sankar Hace 3 días
Margaret Newell
Margaret Newell Hace 3 días
Why are others wasting on Larry's louis he's tired of people of them hurt his relationship with Eleanor and might get married? I don't like louis because he broke up with Harry and tore Harry heart and Niall was more then a friend and people want to think people even so called friends should come between Niall and Harry because they are more then friends and never let no one come between them. I think Niall had a crush on Harry its better then no one at all. I hope that niall and Harry can mend their hearts because they are better then anyone to have that moment together without stopping them from each other. Best wishes to.harry and Niall and have their own family of their own.
Marta Mendes
Marta Mendes Hace 3 días
i love this men omg❤️❤️🇵🇹❤️🇵🇹🇵🇹🇵🇹🎁🎁🇵🇹🥺
Ewaggoner05 Ewaggoner05
Niall you are so cute
Noelia Salifrank
Noelia Salifrank Hace 3 días
El mejor
Emma Bailie
Emma Bailie Hace 3 días
Great voice so under rated
Uswatun Hasanah
Uswatun Hasanah Hace 3 días
Tamires Moia
Tamires Moia Hace 3 días
Liam Payno
Liam Payno Hace 3 días
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Mainak Biswas
Mainak Biswas Hace 4 días
Well, I think that the people who have disliked the song were definitely crying heavily while listening to the song.
Arely Hernandez
Arely Hernandez Hace 4 días
M M Hace 4 días
I love this song, it is definitely my favorite one of yours. (LOL who am I kidding?? They're all my favorite!!)
Marsha Lowman
Marsha Lowman Hace 4 días
Beautiful song!
Caroline Hace 4 días
Que música perfeita mano
Sara CATAPANO Hace 4 días
boo _
boo _ Hace 4 días
the song is beautiful. the dancer is beautiful. his talent is beautiful. this is beautiful
alexcborja Hace 4 días
Idk, I started saying the lyrics for some reason. I’ve never listened to this song or ANY Niall song ever but it sounds so familiar and I just started singing. WTF
Harry Harold
Harry Harold Hace 5 días
vote for niall! www.billboard.com/articles/events/fan-army/9439523/fan-army-2020 unlimited votes, end 14-09-2020
Hilal Düzyurt
Hilal Düzyurt Hace 5 días
Aksha Rowena
Aksha Rowena Hace 5 días
🎊🎉happy birthday niall💖💖
Eleanor S
Eleanor S Hace 5 días
Happy Birthday Niall ..God bless you.
It's me Zai
It's me Zai Hace 5 días
Rajesh Kumar Gupta
Rajesh Kumar Gupta Hace 5 días
Happy birthday Niall
The தமிழ் Directioner
Happy Birthday to our Irish Princess Niall!!
Veera Srinivas Rao
Veera Srinivas Rao Hace 5 días
#sep13 Happy Birthday Niall 🥳🥳
Avni Gandhi
Avni Gandhi Hace 5 días
Happy Birthday Nialler! We love you ❤️ #niallthechurchboy #laughlikeniall #niallirishhoran #nialltheirishprincess
Hannah x
Hannah x Hace 6 días
One Direction Come back
Rocio Tejada
Rocio Tejada Hace 6 días
te amo rubia❤
Kevin the lost pigeon
Our Church boy turned 27!! Happy birthday Niall Irish Horan. Many many happy returns of the day. Before starting I would like to say that I am really bad at words. But I will take a chOnce. No matter how old you get, you will still remain our 16y.o. churboy. I can't express my feelings in wordss right now. Thank you so much for entertaining us for all these years. You have changed my life. Your laugh is everything to me. You sure are one of the kindest and talented people in the world! Niall, i love you so much. And thanks for everything you have done to me.
isabella Vera
isabella Vera Hace 6 días
Bitch i love u so much
Hannah 23
Hannah 23 Hace 6 días
“Do you hate the weekend 'cause nobody's calling?” Bro... I really feel that 💔 12/09/2020 Every weekend is the same bullshit
Guillermina Christen
sos el rey
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Happy Birthday Niall Horan ❤️❤️❤️
Gillian Potter
Gillian Potter Hace 6 días
shorturl.ca/1ove62barbiexxx හරි ඔබත්
pranky is obsessed with the 🔪 emoji
happy birthday niall 😭♥️
pranky is obsessed with the 🔪 emoji
why is he getting so much hate 😭😭
Kevin the lost pigeon
ATTENTION Directioners as we all know tomorrows (13th September ) i our Church boy(Niall irish Horan) birthday.. So we have been planning to trend some hashtags for old memories #LaughLikeNiall #NiallTheChurchBoy #NiallIrishHoran Plz..spread the news and help us to trend it..
Naomie Brannon
Naomie Brannon Hace 7 días
Louis is two of us piano Harry in falling piano And now Niall piano
Tamires Moia
Tamires Moia Hace 7 días
Nial é perfeito
Sofi Aguilera Aguero
you are so perfect
yuli herrera
yuli herrera Hace 7 días
¿Quieres saber qué es arte? Entonces escucha a Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik y Niall Horan y lo sabrás. De nada.
manujee joshi
manujee joshi Hace 8 días
Niall Plays Piano in Put A little Love On me Harry Plays Piano in Falling Louis Plays Piano in Two Of uS
Sofia De Oliveira
Sofia De Oliveira Hace 8 días
Te amo Niall
loueh the tommo tomlinson
We love you niall :))
marrrtina gutierrez
marrrtina gutierrez Hace 8 días
15,264,461 17:21 arg
Fernanda Ramirez
Fernanda Ramirez Hace 8 días
For god sake, Stop making comparisons between the boys and just enjoy the such good damn art they've created!
Tiana Marie
Tiana Marie Hace 8 días
if this isn't played at my wedding i'm suing
Diva ESCMolitva
Diva ESCMolitva Hace 8 días
Very beautiful ballad, so romantic and anthemish. Just like Eds "Perfect". Its the same style. Reminds me of an esc song "I came to fight over you"
Diva ESCMolitva
Diva ESCMolitva Hace 8 días
Belgium 2019, short memory
Princess Garcia
Princess Garcia Hace 8 días
Please Stream this for niall's birthday
Nqobile Zwane
Nqobile Zwane Hace 8 días
Celia T.
Celia T. Hace 8 días
I love all the Niall's music
Luciene Neres
Luciene Neres Hace 9 días
Sol MB
Sol MB Hace 9 días
vero c
vero c Hace 9 días
sometimes I think this guy has a little broken heart :(
Snowy Lion
Snowy Lion Hace 9 días
I Think we have to help the dislikers... help them to dislike the dislike button... btw thanks for clicking, have a nice day :)
Lara Baruttis
Lara Baruttis Hace 9 días
I really love this song
Hana Ahmed
Hana Ahmed Hace 9 días
This reminds me of the song '' falling '' by Harry styles, it's literally the same, piano and sad music. Just a little differences, but still the same for me.
Hana Ahmed
Hana Ahmed Hace 9 días
Song : *didn't even start* Me : liked, shared, commented, downloaded music and video.
Agustina Crespillo
Agustina Crespillo Hace 9 días
Stream this playlist please :) esvid.net/group/PLOsJUiz_8e0QYzeDgn7OdDVBiB_HyyHVE
Ilah Harris
Ilah Harris Hace 9 días
This video and song is just so pretty, niall looks wonderful, the girl is absolutely beautiful, the lighting the camera work, it’s just all so good.
H. E. S.
H. E. S. Hace 9 días
Why in God's name does this song have so little str3ams?! It's a fucking masterpiece
Elena Falcon
Elena Falcon Hace 9 días
We should str34m this song, I'm just saying
Gabriela Ibacache
Gabriela Ibacache Hace 10 días
Niall eres arte
Maria Jose Moraga
Maria Jose Moraga Hace 10 días
Te amo niall 🤧
Katharine Stapf
Katharine Stapf Hace 10 días
If I ever meet Niall the first thing I will say to him is "Thank you."
Cuando corto las papas escucho esta cancion
Felicitas Fabre Acebedo
cuando nos casemos vas a cantar esta canción?
Angie Arana
Angie Arana Hace 10 días
Niall crack porque esto no tiene mas vistas ayuda, esto es arte
Elizabeth Carpenter
Elizabeth Carpenter Hace 10 días
when I first saw the girl I immediately thought "watch it just be Niall in a wig and a dress"
Yashika Hace 10 días
I guess this song is dedicated to us fans😭💜.
Maite Medina Cid
Maite Medina Cid Hace 10 días
niall te amo
da_pimp_is_ere _is_blocked_again
Imagine Niall Horan writing a song for you, taking the time to pour his heart out for you, taking the time to think about you, to sing for you, and then, saying what he feels for you to the whole world. Imagine being that lucky. Yeah, can't really relate :/
laura oubiña
laura oubiña Hace 10 días
I love this song
Ana Lyn getape Rayos
Ana Lyn getape Rayos Hace 11 días
niall sounds so good he should collab with harry, zayn, liam
Catalina Cruz Verdugo
Catalina Cruz Verdugo Hace 11 días
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