Nick Cannon: R Kelly Likes Immature Girls Because He Can't Read (Flashback)

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In this VladTV Flashback from 2018, Nick Cannon spoke on why he thinks R. Kelly likes immature girls. Cannon said he believes the reason is that the singer/producer cannot read.


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5 ene 2019

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Patience Blackweii
Patience Blackweii Hace 2 días
Anybody ever think that this just might be and probably is not real? I don't believe for a second he can't read or write. Cannon is most likely part of the whole ritual. Calling it a ritual because this looks exactly like a FM masonic humiliation ritual. Since there is so much "evidence" and people speaking out, witnesses, blah, blah, blah, why has he never been to jail? Really think Cosby's in prison?? They can take pictures, photo shop pay people to say things. Hollywood is one big stinkin' lie.
Jonas King
Jonas King Hace 5 días
Hey, that's cool. You defend a rapist. Die in a fire. Twice.
Jae Incognegro
Jae Incognegro Hace 7 días
"Fake friends always want to remind you of fake friends"?🤔
Jae Incognegro
Jae Incognegro Hace 7 días
Quote unquote Of questionable character?🤔
tyler coleman
tyler coleman Hace 7 días
Bob Marley did not die from cancer,they killed him.
Sacshell Polk
Sacshell Polk Hace 7 días
Seriously, Nick couldn't even hold down Mariah.
Power Puff
Power Puff Hace 8 días
Did he just snitch on Chris Brown????
Grace Johnson
Grace Johnson Hace 10 días
Nick cannon you are talking shit because the amount of women rkelly fuck it unbelievable because it's not only the young girls he fuck it's grown ass women too but the young girls wanted a relationship with him so they expose him the older women knew better and Nick was rkelly gave you your first and last hit you did love him then so how come you can sit up and say those things that he can only manipulate young girls that's why Maria Carey left you dry you dod not want to date anyone because you are cheap but someone came along and took it all away you are gonna black ball wendy Williams for her job you are a dog
syddd sherard
syddd sherard Hace 11 días
R.Kelly needs to be locked up and the parents 🤧 they arresting ever black celebritie expect r Kelly wtffff
Unique Investor Concepts
Can watch Nick speak on some levels.. The humor side of him always comes out even when he’s being serious😂✊🏾
Stephen Beale
Stephen Beale Hace 14 días
Conspiracy theory Vlad you Russian Intel. Working with Putin to infiltrate the scene to get them ready for the release of Putins street level mixtape. DJ Vlad presents Pres. Vlad Putin Russian Ruckus vol.1 1.VLAD PD intro 2.Culture Vulture 3.Best Friend's featuring D. J Trump 4.Moscow Mafia 5.Ridin' 4 Snowden 6.Vodka,weed,Hoes 7.Beyond Tha Grave Feat. Tupac 8.DJ Vlad interlude 9.Real Russians Do Real Thangs feat. Biggie Smalls 10.Outro
derrick harris
derrick harris Hace 14 días
Nick Cannon look like Bob Marley in this interview
Thomas Nappo
Thomas Nappo Hace 15 días
Tremaine Lewis
Tremaine Lewis Hace 15 días
Is it just me or does it look like Nick Cannon could star as Colin Kaepernick in the Colin Kaepernick biography?
Sharrelle Davis
Sharrelle Davis Hace 16 días
Yo “dad”had a crush on mama nick
S H Hace 19 días
YOU ARE a fake person Nick cannon,laughing ABOUT ,,r kelly THE man that wrote YOUR ONLY hit song THAT means HE IS VERY intelligent ,HE also wrote that BEAUTIFUL SONG, I look TO YOU FOR Whitney Houston AND SONGS Toni Braxton, HE wrote YOU ARE NOT alone FOR Michael Jackson AND MANY beautiful SONGS FOR PEOPLE who are NOW Saying hateful THINGS ABOUT HIM,,because OF some rumor BY people WITH an Agenda, AND that IS money,,HE HAS a God given TALENT AND Abeautiful ~mind AND HE IS VERY intelligent, WHEN YOU ARE WITH YOUR girl friend, YOU ARE NOT going TO BE talkingl ABOUT books,Nick cannon ,,music AND SONG writing yes that where HIS interests are
Larry Smith
Larry Smith Hace 22 días
R. Kelly needs that ass beat
BrianEspinoTV Hace 22 días
Why nick canon look like marlon wayans in scary movie 😂😂
Matthias Horne
Matthias Horne Hace 23 días
Da Boss
Da Boss Hace 23 días
I always respected this dude cause he never tried to be something he's not, and what he is is an entertainer not to mention smart
Lozaf 26
Lozaf 26 Hace 24 días
R. Kelly is a pedophile and it is clear others in the industry have witnessed this and done nothing
Joey Barz
Joey Barz Hace 25 días
He writes his own music without being able to read? Thats CRAZY!
Joey Barz
Joey Barz Hace 25 días
Nick cannons dressed and looks like hes going through a mid life crisis. Lol
Maria G
Maria G Hace 25 días
Kelly cant read or wrigt soo who the fuck is wrighting the damnnn songs question mark!!
E G Williams-Woodson
E G Williams-Woodson Hace 25 días
Did Nick say R Kelly can read the menu at McDonald's? Was that a compliment? I'm slightly confused?!....😏
E G Williams-Woodson
E G Williams-Woodson Hace 25 días
Nick Cannon is very intelligent on so may levels! I'm loving how he's supporting Kaepernick with that slamming Jersey!!!♡
Robert Reid
Robert Reid Hace 25 días
this old guy
K Alfknday
K Alfknday Hace 25 días
Bob didnt wana cut off his toe because it would effect him being able to play soccer ............
Lil Brah
Lil Brah Hace 25 días
Vlad a.k.a Culture Vulture "This is not journalism"
33Weaponx Old Man Logan
Jay z was with foxy brown when she was a teenager. Woody allen was with and married his teenage step daughter. If they going for kelly go for everybody
Jekyll Hyde
Jekyll Hyde Hace 26 días
*Funny How Nick Didn't Disavow R Kelly While Knowing What He Was Doing... Speaks Volumes On His Character*
Shacari Sperley
Shacari Sperley Hace 26 días
Someone posture time where he talks about kelly
Nakia Miller
Nakia Miller Hace 27 días
He’s climbing in yo windows He snatching yo people up Trying rape them so y’all need to hide you kids. Hide yo wife. And hide you husband cause they rapen everybody out here
C J Hace 27 días
goo.gl/search/Definition+of+dyslexia dyslexia, noun, dəsˈleksēə, disorders involving difficulty in learning to read
C J Hace 27 días
It's called dyslexia.
Pamela 06
Pamela 06 Hace 27 días
Wow, this interview is disturbing, you can be a rich creep and DUMB..Only in America..sad for R.Kelly's victims.
karma007live Hace 27 días
You obviously are the dumb one. The man is far from dumb,dummy. He has dyslexia.
So Cool1
So Cool1 Hace 27 días
Lol I'm not believing that dude cant read.
Finally black women are being noticed as sex victims aka Sex slave survivers!! BLACK MEN have victimized us too long!!
Ravenovah Hace 27 días
i love this man
Vanessa Brown
Vanessa Brown Hace 27 días
Listen I love R Kelly and all of his music.....if he is guilty of treating them women the way they say.....then shame on him...but these women are of age and if they want to leave then LEAVE....there are three sides to every story.....yours, the other person, and the truth....
Jacque Edwards
Jacque Edwards Hace 27 días
micheal jordan
micheal jordan Hace 27 días
nick cannon aint corny never was
Jose Misael
Jose Misael Hace 27 días
Rkelly is new oj black people now he is guilty but defend him only cause of his color fame & talent y'all part of the problem he is the r&b rape & brain wash 😸
June b
June b Hace 28 días
Marley had shoe given to him as a gift. IN THAT SHOE, had a needle w the cancer virus 🦠 inside. It was premeditated by the CIA. He was murdered.
Mambo's World
Mambo's World Hace 28 días
I agree with him. That’s what I suspected about R.Kelly even before I saw this.
Manola Talbert
Manola Talbert Hace 28 días
Amen Amen Amen
Chris Breezy
Chris Breezy Hace 28 días
correction, Bob Marley didn't want an operation on his toe because it was against his religious beliefs..
Eye of Adriane Qualitative Perspective Vlogs
Saturn is beautiful.
aleena young
aleena young Hace 29 días
I always thought nick canon always tried to be cooler way more than he put his self out to be like I always felt like he tired to hard to keep up with lingo lol.
Javi Dekid
Javi Dekid Hace 29 días
So when he likes em younger its perverted but when she does it its cool. And tbh some
Vision L
Vision L Hace 29 días
Does Nick understand he is having an interview with an afro pick in his hair? That's ghetto and unsophisticated. un·so·phis·ti·cat·ed /ˌənsəˈfistəˌkādəd/ adjective lacking refined worldly knowledge or tastes. synonyms: unworldly, naive, simple, innocent, ignorant, green, immature, callow, inexperienced,
Adrienne Landry
Adrienne Landry Hace 29 días
I always found Nick’s intellectuality & intelligence hella attractive and refreshing asf
She Mar
She Mar Hace 29 días
Lots of women call their mam " Daddy" especially in the 70s and 80s. Some guys call their lady "Mama". It's not necessarily a control thing. I knew an illiterate guy who only dated high school girls too when he was in his 20s. Not saying it's a good thing but it could be because he couldn't read either.
Carissa Biddle
Carissa Biddle Hace 29 días
Nick Cannon yo Chris Brown dick riding ass wont say none of that shid to Kell's face shid R Kelly love woman shid why the fuck you not with Mariah you have demons too BITCH!! Them hoes bitter and their parents are too hell you just may fall in the same category
TaHmee Lah!
TaHmee Lah! Hace 29 días
i did not know Nick was inked up like that!
Dina Denise Blanche
Dina Denise Blanche Hace 29 días
I 💯% agree with Nick... but can Somebody, Anybody tell me 🤔WhyYYYyyyy he's taken on Kap's likeliness 😳?? #beYoselfKneeGreaux
Imhalfamazing Hace 29 días
I never was a fan of Nick, but this interview changed everything. Very Intelligent guy.
Cassandra Diamond Lavender
R. Kelley loved little girls because that is what type of demons he housed. He love to dominate, dictate, hurt. He knew what he was doing and loved every bit of it. He did not ask for help from God.
Sauvageonne Hace un mes
The title of the video does not make Nick Cannon justice. He shares so much more relevant and wise things.
Dick Tator
Dick Tator Hace un mes
Damn Nick ya done got swole asF hahaha
Ashley Smith
Ashley Smith Hace un mes
...mark my words most people who had a traumatic experience at a certain age will be stuck at that age...if you dont get the help.
G Man
G Man Hace un mes
that was a good interview from Marlon Wayans
Grand Themes
Grand Themes Hace un mes
Nick need to shut his mouth about R Kelly. Stay on code, this bum Vlad punked you
Given back to community y'all always Leave out us the women who children were murdered we did the protection and it was from the men we protect our kids from or protests against violence no money just mother's rights and Love
I’m definitely going to see this movie
red stark
red stark Hace un mes
"stupid stuff that young people do..." I didn't know beating your girlfriend halfway to death was now considered just a stupid mistake "young people do" GTFO
No1 Nicechick
No1 Nicechick Hace un mes
No one said anything back then so quit it now! Snakes! Thinking of their pocket instead of standing by whats right. All these people popping up now to say they saw something?? Id be very embarrassed.
Southcidal Music
Southcidal Music Hace un mes
Time for black people to stop talking to this vlad dude.
Southcidal Music
Southcidal Music Hace un mes
Never seen vlad but after hearing this convo, I take it that vlad is white...
Delan Stephen
Delan Stephen Hace un mes
This man like a bitch speaking on r kelly in all interviews
m. jackson
m. jackson Hace un mes
Stop it Nick Cannon, really....Grown man chasing youngsters because of young intellectual connection, dude's(R.) is pervert...
Keiona Brazil
Keiona Brazil Hace un mes
When people says he can’t read. That does not mean literally. He could possibly read on a 6 grade level or a 8 grade level. Being on that level compared to a college educate person would be considered illiterate. As far as booking flights I believe he was able to do that.
Keita Hentley
Keita Hentley Hace un mes
.... Everyone does NOT have demons... Only people who are weak in certain areas of spirituality possess demons... There are good. And Godly spirits which people possess... There are bad spirits that come and go... However, when demonic spirits come around people must yield to that spirit in order to be possessed by it... The person actually has to submit to the spirit...
Scott Maitland
Scott Maitland Hace un mes
I think a lot of guys that get irate about R Kelly tapping teens would do it if they knew they could get away with it!
Tranquil Shores Travel agency LLC
No excuse. R. Kelly is just a perverted man. He knows that the young and impressionable are the most likely to be submissive. However; there are some ADULTS in their 20's and 30's that fell for his perversion. I don't feel sorry for those ADULTS that willingly got involved with R. Kelly knowing his history.
GAs honeybear
GAs honeybear Hace un mes
I think the adults were vulnerable and desperate.
Pia Greenlaw
Pia Greenlaw Hace un mes
It’s been said r kelly doesn’t write he just plays the music shatan has built his ego n he has insecurities that were over looked intentionally satan is abt outside 👉🏾in. The Heavenly Father is Spirit so HE Inside out starting with the soul . English is one of the 14 languages of Babel r Kelly still had gifts w o learning it. Our people are Israel made special by the FATHER n satan was over music so he uses him
SPLAT TV Hace un mes
6:50 dude!!
Mackie PIMO-JW Jones
R. Kelly is special alright.
Robin Grajeda
Robin Grajeda Hace un mes
vlad doesn't really say anything... its kind of obvious.
Gerard's Horticulture Culture
Cant play with the health. Its ashame the medical field today always has a treatment not a cure
movingonandup773 Hace un mes
Nick Cannon is right, but only in part, and small part. What does R. Kelly urinating in a 14 year old girls mouth have to do with her being on his same "intellectual level"? I'll tell you what... absolutely nada, zilch, * *nothing* *. That's what. Nick's theory is a gross oversimplification that ignores the fact that R. Kelly is full-blown mentally ill and a child rapist. He is sick as sick can be and needs serious help. It's not just about him being able to hold a conversation with a 14 year old but not a 34 year old. Hell no. He's a sick dude who likes to manipulate, control, abuse, own, rape and have complete power over girls and women. Oh that's right... He's a rapist, so there's that too...
Elizabeth R
Elizabeth R Hace un mes
Nick came out of his shell out of no where. 😂😂😂 They ain’t see this one coming. I ain’t with this KP , kneeling and all that. But everything Nick said, I’m for it. And I like this interviewer to. He seems to interview only real ppl and get real answers from what I’ve seem so far.
Elizabeth R
Elizabeth R Hace un mes
Ever since Nick has been on Wild n Out, he canevout if his shell. He is very well rounded intelligent and has good understanding. I’m not sure about supporting KP though. But he does make a good point about RKellys mental and everything else.
Terrel Ada
Terrel Ada Hace un mes
Nick , telling the muthaf*cking truth!!!
Christa Feaster
Christa Feaster Hace un mes
R Kelly doing everything his sister did to him he learn the manipulation from her.He is really sick
faikeijames Hace un mes
very well said.
youvids9820 Hace un mes
oh my god i didnt know rkelly couldnt read, he has mental problems.
Gengads G
Gengads G Hace un mes
It is not nice to talk about your friend who helped you with your record. How could backbit your homey.
Dena p. Manson
Dena p. Manson Hace un mes
I see you Nick
K Hammond
K Hammond Hace un mes
Coming from the same guy who said don't vote, yeah that really worked out.
Briggs Bennigan
Briggs Bennigan Hace un mes
I don't want to hear about this nonsense anymore. If the fathers of these girls were around this would more than likely not have happened. Real men know how to handle R. Kelly. We have the medicine for him. It's called an ass-whoopin. A mash-out! But, as a community, we Israelites need to stRt keeping the commandments of the Most High God.
jammingalways Hace un mes
@ djvlad... it's OBVIOUS that his "tastes" leans to young girls as "partners". His development, was arrested. Been saying this since I saw the tape-- he likes them young because he's underdeveloped in the mind. I thought that this was GLARING! And the hints that he had a history of hanging out McDonald's and high schools... COMPLETELY, obvious. And...it doesn't help that he can't read beyond a 3rd grade level. He's a 40+ year old, man-child with "grown up dick", and "urges" that he won't control. He wrote; "Age Ain't Nothing But A Number", for a reason. A disgusting song, when we think about it. I, personally, have never liked even ONE of his "hits" (to include; "VIBE")!!! P.S. @ Nick... love the "afro"! It suites you! :) But the tattoos-- skin is too BEAUTIFUL to cover it with anything that makes it look dirty. And you have BEAUTIFUL skin! :) 65+, married grandma here, so I'm NOT flirting!! haha Just something about the "fro" with the pick on the side... made me think of The Brother's Johnson!! :)
Jamal McLovin
Jamal McLovin Hace un mes
I used to think Nick Cannon was a cornball, but I also can see growth in him every year👍
LastDaysLiving Hace un mes
doesn't McDonald's menu have pictures and numbers to order by? 😂😂 I don't think ordering from the McD's menu proves reading proficiency!
Francine Rabb
Francine Rabb Hace un mes
After all these years they want too take r Kelly's music away you should've did something Year's ago that man has kids too take care of but where the hell was the parents and now the parents want too come up off their kids it's a damn shame
Robert Gwanzura
Robert Gwanzura Hace un mes
One day Nick Cannon will play a very impressive biopic of Denzel Washington. Im getting this #HeGotGame vibe from this..
Mr.SmithGNR Smith
Mr.SmithGNR Smith Hace un mes
HEY VLAD....Revelations 3:9 coward...you know your people’s time is almost up...satanic scum
hasan sakiz
hasan sakiz Hace un mes
As with dumb men there are dumb women too Kelly does not need to have sexual relations with young teens in order to find a brain connection, that is ridiculous.
trinigrl09 Hace un mes
I wish people would stop playing the ccicdim when the screw up......They hurt people and then they have the audacity to resent people for not letting them "move on" and behave as though these things never happened.......It's cruel and it really is a testament to the arrogance of the guilty person.......If you did something that adversely affected another persons life, why should you be able to move forward and act as if you did nothing wrong??? Why should you be able to determine how long the person that you hurt or their supporters are allowed to be upset? Chris Brown has never truly taken ownership of his mistakes.......He has always behaved as though he was the victim, the injured party, the one being "persecuted" when that is not the case......For instance, instead of just apologizing to Rihanna for hitting her after she confronted him about infidelity, he gave an apology that was followed by a bunch of excuses.......mainly that he witness his step-father abuse his mother.......WTF does that have do with why you hit RiRi? You likely weren't thinking about your step-father when she was confronting you about cheating.....It's more likely that you were losing the verbal argument so you tried to regain the upper hand and control of the situation by escalating a verbal situation into a physical one because someone of Rihanna's size would not be able to compete with you physically......That information about your step-father was only said to get people to feel sorry for you so that you could worm your way back into their good graces.....It was nothing more than a manipulation tactic.......Some people use the terrible childhood experiences they've faced to manipulate others into NOT holding them accountable for their own bad behaviors..........It's as if they feel like they should have a pass or that the world owes them for what certain people did to them........So what if he saw his mother being abused? That should have made him say to himself that he would never do to another woman what was done to his mother BUT IT DIDN"T.....Instead HE CHOSE to follow in his step-fathers footsteps........I am not going to treat him like a victim simply because he made a bad choice.....
LaLa Harris
LaLa Harris Hace un mes
So now the black community care...we need to stop with the shit; we knew & look past so black folks stop with condemning of R. Kelly now since the shit aired on t.v.
Lebron James
Lebron James Hace un mes
Girl STFU and suck my BBC 😘
Whiteboard Becky
Whiteboard Becky Hace un mes
So basically R. Kelly is dumb, so he needs to be around dumb minded girls. I got it.
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