Nick Cannon: R Kelly Likes Immature Girls Because He Can't Read (Flashback)

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In this VladTV Flashback from 2018, Nick Cannon spoke on why he thinks R. Kelly likes immature girls. Cannon said he believes the reason is that the singer/producer cannot read.


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5 ene 2019






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Lisette Elise Paris
Lisette Elise Paris Hace un día
Nick Cannon has always been funny and adorable.
dani ntung
dani ntung Hace un día
This are jelouse brother media control thier stupidity
Craig Hace 2 días
Ty Hace 3 días
How in the fuck do you get cancer in your toe?
Barbara Crutchfield
Barbara Crutchfield Hace 5 días
Can we help each other!
Barbara Crutchfield
Barbara Crutchfield Hace 5 días
Nick black folk need to stop!! Let God do this!! You have come up short , we all have! Quite!
Bill B
Bill B Hace 10 días
R. dates too many women period for him to just love immature ones. Some are sucessful and educated and even his age. He likes females that want to do that. He is a lustful person and wants to be in lust with as many females as he can.
Savage Doll ENT
Savage Doll ENT Hace 11 días
Video Start @ 5:06
ayyy ayyy
ayyy ayyy Hace 11 días
1:22 wasn't it because Bob marley wanted to play soccer
Susan James
Susan James Hace 12 días
Dyslexia is a neurological disorder which often times has a genetic component. It has NOTHING to do with one's intellectual capabilities. Some famous people such as president JFK, Jay Leno, Whoppie Goldberg and Tom Cruise have Dyslexia. You both sound like "book smart fools" making fun of rk's Learning Disability. As the saying goes, "EVERY DOG HAS HIS DAY." #KarmaWillFindYouBoth
To Real
To Real Hace 12 días
Nick looks like he's supposed to be old alread..
Tiara Evans
Tiara Evans Hace 13 días
This was thee most respectful way to justify R Kelly's sick fetishes. Good job Nick👍👍
Mary Viola
Mary Viola Hace 14 días
terrible how the black communites are....they cant speak proper english.... cant even front? this young man is very handsome, smart, rich, why would he want to speak like he is uneducated? stop it please.....SET AN EXAMPLE FOR YOUR YOUNGER KIDS COMING UP! COME ON NOW
Jermain Silva
Jermain Silva Hace 14 días
R Kelly cant even go to parent night or back to school for his kids at school...cant.even pick up his kids from school...let alone
skump13 Hace 15 días
nick cannon looks like earthworm jim with an afro
yz11 88
yz11 88 Hace 17 días
Good interview...
Freddy Mello
Freddy Mello Hace 17 días
shahad alsanea
shahad alsanea Hace 18 días
Yall are going to hell for making fun of his illiteracy -__-
Malika Diza
Malika Diza Hace 18 días
Dang I never looked at it like that either😐
Charms the PROMOTER
Charms the PROMOTER Hace 19 días
If the nigga cant read, how he know when they text him "Im downstairs?" 🤔
Marclo Clau
Marclo Clau Hace 21 un día
Nick Cannon destroying RKelly’s name. Zip it up Man. Do not destroy the man with no proof. Remember he just ALLEDGEDLY abused these woman. He is not convicted yet.
Alehia klorian
Alehia klorian Hace 21 un día
How is NICK Cannon so successful. IT makes no sense what so ever.
Eddie D.
Eddie D. Hace 21 un día
Wow nick cannon (cannonball run ) !
Lilly Hace 21 un día
All the sycophants that surround R Kelly and facilitated his abusive ways with children, their time will also come when they are prosecuted!
Cachay Green
Cachay Green Hace 22 días
Catcher in the Rye is a great book..
Chakia Holmes
Chakia Holmes Hace 23 días
Love hearing you talk nick he’s definitely got it for a Motivational speaker 🙏🏾👑🖤💯
Arnold Rothstein
Arnold Rothstein Hace 24 días
nick is like 64% gangster
McNasty Hace 24 días
didnt know kaepernick got picked up by the raiders
Serenity Sydnor
Serenity Sydnor Hace 25 días
Right , right , right ... yeaaa yeaaaaaa
Moga Dishu
Moga Dishu Hace 25 días
immature girls can read... btw...
Ron Lee
Ron Lee Hace 26 días
Nick Cannon needs to be part of R. Kelly defense team because Kells is heading to jail
Tricia Star
Tricia Star Hace 26 días
Nick Cannon is a lot funnier here than when he was doing stand-up. This is a funny and engaging interview.
J Cole
J Cole Hace 27 días
It IS such a TRAVESTY THAT R KELLY HAS MESSED up HIS LIFE like THIS. For SOMEONE who can't Read and YET create so much music. HIS CHOICES HAS TRULY MESSED him UP. A wasted LIFE. Lil girls REALLY. STEALING innocence.
Matt Allen
Matt Allen Hace 27 días
And nick like older women so he can be taken care of. Typical child, black kid
Rossanova Gmen
Rossanova Gmen Hace 28 días
Young Women are easier ..WE AIN'T MAD AT R.KELLY AT ALL
Rossanova Gmen
Rossanova Gmen Hace 28 días
N0body won't no old ASS Mules....donkey HOES
Rudament Producer
Rudament Producer Hace 28 días
This actually makes a lot of sense.
Daddyman G
Daddyman G Hace 28 días
Dumb @$$ made a statement that match his intellect. There are guys who not only can read but have college degrees from a BS to a PhD That like to mess with young immature girls.
T Garcia-Rocha
T Garcia-Rocha Hace 29 días
Nick has great teeth.
Joel Villarreal
Joel Villarreal Hace 29 días
Looking like Kaepernick
shopART Hace un mes
RKelly abused younger women because he too was sexually abused by his much older sister when in his younger years. This is what was downloaded on how he got oriented and viewed physically relationship. Sorry but I really don’t agree that rkelly is on the same level of thinking with the younger woman. Coming from a family of doctors, Neuro-scientifically speaking.
valerie booker
valerie booker Hace un mes
This motherfucker was the biggest hoe and now he looks bad as hell. Stay in your lane Nick Cannon
Jonathan Bashir
Jonathan Bashir Hace un mes
Nick my dude, all that fake hood gangster crap and niggas ain't paying no bills or supporting their children. That's the killer, gangster to me is a brother who supports his children, respects his woman and brings intellect to the hood. All this killing each other over a street corner, then when you finally get up there all your money, cars and jewelry goes to the lawyers and judges then ya punk ass writing the woman you cheated on with 13 year old hookers who blew you for a bag of dope. Then want to talk shit about R Kelly, yall aint no better than him even worst. Real Gs really support their families.
Tracie Calvin
Tracie Calvin Hace un mes
Nick, did you hire one of his ex girlfriends. So, you like them too.
Aron Reeves
Aron Reeves Hace un mes
This guy too smart for vlad
Lisa T-Wright
Lisa T-Wright Hace un mes
Lookin' like he could take a knee...
Bo Rerun
Bo Rerun Hace un mes
His tattoos show how much fake friends Nick gots
Ch Da
Ch Da Hace un mes
Interesting points from both.
Dewayne Morton
Dewayne Morton Hace un mes
Nick shut your stupid ass up
I am next Triple X
I am next Triple X Hace un mes
This guy is underrated I diddnt know he is so wise and intelligent
S H Hace un mes
YOU are very intelligent to BE able to write music and cannot read, HE has Deslyia,that has NOTHING to do with how intelligent YOU are,
All Units Respond
All Units Respond Hace un mes
My nigga Nick said R Kelly too dumb for a adult woman to deal with 😃😃😃😃😂😂😂😂
Angiecobbs5 Cobbs
Angiecobbs5 Cobbs Hace un mes
R Kelly buy him a book to read poor man
S H Hace un mes
If he like only immature girls Why was there one of HIS so-called victims 35yyearsoldand Dated himi for two years answer,that, YOU seen very immature yourself in your forties and doing a show,, called,,wild and out,,about a bunch of,grown PEOPLE acting like teenagers
Trey Hearon
Trey Hearon Hace un mes
Rhondior Hace un mes
Well I wonder how y’all feel about Mariah Carey she was old as fk sleeping with a little boy like nick cannon smh and most men was sleeping with young girls it’s been going on for years back in the 70’s
Jill Voll
Jill Voll Hace un mes
What is the film he said he & Chris Brown we’re doing? SHE BALL? That’s what I heard...🙃! Someone please inform me? Thank you & Hugs 🤗
S H Hace un mes
Dont want to BE mean, but Why so many tatooes,and that biigoldfashioned,airfro,withpickinit
Kim Haynesworth
Kim Haynesworth Hace un mes
Nick has that mature look!!!
Nevin Reid
Nevin Reid Hace un mes
Nick your ass is always Thristy for some ass
Ron Iti
Ron Iti Hace un mes
he's smarter than nick though lol...
Yak Ahmed
Yak Ahmed Hace un mes
Nic got that point wrong,i cant really get why hes saying that... kelly can have any woman regardless of hisso called cant read..
Bentley Milnes
Bentley Milnes Hace un mes
Nick Cannon's not looking very classy anymore like he was when he was with Mariah Carey you still cute though
C.L.B Hace un mes
Damn!!! that makes scene what nick said about R.Kelly cant think on the same level of an legal age intelligent women, that's why likes under age girls.
BF4023 Hace un mes
I've NEVERRRRR been into Nick but this has given me a new respect for him and he wasn't dissing Kelly he was just being Real how can you NOT appreciate that... 👍 real good Nick Very intelligent
HUFCAT Hace un mes
I think Nick has multiple personalities
Warren Doris
Warren Doris Hace un mes
So basically this dude is saying they knew about Kelly and underage girls but ignored it .
Randy Jarrett
Randy Jarrett Hace un mes
Why is he trying to sound like a dumb nigga. We seen you hosting them shows, talking normal lol.
TMCNANNY Hace un mes
Keeping it 100
Keeping it 100 Hace un mes
Bro your giving praise to a pedophile like R. Kelly and lifting up gangs that kill people, sell dope to people in their own communities, and basically terrorize anybody who aren’t part of their jacked up sub culture. This is just another example of how twisted and perverse this world is becoming.
regular guy
regular guy Hace un mes
he cant read?
Tonja Latham
Tonja Latham Hace un mes
I love Nick Cannon. That is all.
Nathaniel Parham
Nathaniel Parham Hace un mes
I don't like nick cannon but he real asl
Booty Boo
Booty Boo Hace un mes
Just because he can’t read and likes immature females is NO excuse for anyone to abuse females and or Rape minor females!!! Why the hell is everyone protecting Robert and making excuses for what crimes he is doing( rape and abuse are a crime)? I’m sure if this happened to Nick’s kid he wouldn’t be saying all this crap. Who cares what charities Robert gave to?Robert still didn’t keep paying his child support and for years he has been abusing female minors in Trump Towers or other hotels! Nick you said been friends since way back so you had to have known this was going on and you failed to report any of this??? That is also a crime!How many other ppl knew this and yet nobody said anything??? Omg the more I read the more disgusted I am! I pray for all these females who were abused by this Monster/child molester.🙏🏾 I pray all these females come out and purge everything that happened to them so they can start recovering from all this trauma and get some therapy and move forward in life. 💗 God bless the females💗🙏🏾
Michael Sease
Michael Sease Hace un mes
Taking up for a man who beats women. What a clown
Vania Thomas
Vania Thomas Hace un mes
But r.kelly was shy, insecure, suffered from bullying, wasnt popular in school, could not read developed anger, ego and pride from that very problem.
Tumaini Richard
Tumaini Richard Hace un mes
I love Nickie like alot...his talents...his mind
Christine Houston
Christine Houston Hace un mes
I am old school, and not familiar with Nick Cannon, he is what I call my son, an old young man. He speaks with such wisdom. He never once judged any of the people the narrator was asking him about. The statement that says, "with comes wisdom ", I beg to differ, there are a lot of old foolish people and there are a lot of old young wise people; like Nick Cannon.
Leslie Dawidowicz
Leslie Dawidowicz Hace un mes
Nick Cannon looks like the dude from scary movie
Sookie Sookie
Sookie Sookie Hace un mes
R Kelly couldn't hire someone to teach him how to read and write? If Stevie Wonder could do it, R Kelly could do it. Right?
12 Dreams Full
12 Dreams Full Hace un mes
*R Kelly likes underage girls because he can't read?* That's just about the dumbest shit I've heard yet. Elvis Presley was a very good reader AND a practicing pedophile like R Kelly. A man's inability to read does not make him a pedophile no more than A man's ability to read prevents him FROM being a pedophile. I have noted too many people (especially black men) are making excuses for R Kelly and blaming black women for his current demise...even though it's black children that are speaking out against his abuse. It's time these BM celebrities stop focusing on their dicks so much and begin doing some powerful things with their lives and for their communities. March 14, 2019
kb productions
kb productions Hace un mes
Nick's a kool dude not all black people are ghetto and speak broken english sadly our on people see you as a sell out or a nerd lol More to life than smokin cicarelos ,Cussing every other word and walking with your pants hanging around your knees
Nana Owusuwaa
Nana Owusuwaa Hace un mes
Oh my God🙄! Why some of the blacks enjoying seeing their fellow black man when he or she is in trouble? I thought this character is in we Africans but Nick just shown to me that it’s in Africans Americans too and it’s not good so we have to change, Once again, let me tell you that knowledge and wisdom doesn’t abide in only adult or elderly person. Sometimes the young ones can be more wiser, matured in mind than the older ones so stop mocking R Kelly but rather advise him to quit sleeping with young girls who are old enough to be his daughters and he should look after his kids.
No Excuses
No Excuses Hace un mes
Is it just me or does he seem like he's trying hard to be like a black guy when he's really white inside js his words change once he gets hyped up and he tries out his ghetto idea of a person acts and if he knew the man like underage girls why didn't he say something! This is a FAKE BLACK MAN!
macmanhot100 Hace un mes
Chris Brown has demons is code for "he was molested to get in the industry" because he came in as a kid. Those are not gang members in Chris Brown entourage those are Police undercover.
StylinRed Hace un mes
I still picture Nick cannon as the kid in drumline, so wow he look different
Euridce Baptista
Euridce Baptista Hace un mes
Good deeds😅
Legacie X
Legacie X Hace un mes
Thank you Nick Cannon...You sexy 😘😘😘😘
She's Limber
She's Limber Hace un mes
Catcher in the rye... Really Nick? Why did I expect you to name black literature?
Nani Kwesi
Nani Kwesi Hace un mes
Nick didn't know the Bob Marley story. .. yuh yuh yuh lol
Darlene Jackson
Darlene Jackson Hace un mes
A real woman will teach him how to read if love is real. You can always learn how to read. I’m praying for you R. Kelly
DelaCremeDela Hace un mes
5:06. Please thank me with a sub. I sub back :)
cooljay cooljay
cooljay cooljay Hace un mes
Nick Cannon should be metoo'ed next after R Kelly that would be hilarious
Tiger Steele
Tiger Steele Hace un mes
Leland Paul
Leland Paul Hace un mes
Nice afro Nick but drop the pick.
Janice Quinn
Janice Quinn Hace un mes
Dame Nick look buff. Looking like he just got out of jail.
Flower_of_ Ra
Flower_of_ Ra Hace un mes
Why Have I Not Seen You Have Young Pharaoh And Sara General Master Teacher,not That they Want To Come To this Show.....I’m Waiting
Flower_of_ Ra
Flower_of_ Ra Hace un mes
Listen to this Pussy Justify That Dude Fuck that he Put His Hands on a Girl.Nick Cannon You Are a Real Pussy Learn Your True History Bitch!
Lisa music ruby
Lisa music ruby Hace un mes
Open your eyes that Mariah Carey was gonna leave u in the Future asshole. Who are u nobody. You couldn't even sing 2 of Kelly line u taking about read. Go read your ass up Mariahs fake tits. From Germany
Lisa music ruby
Lisa music ruby Hace un mes
Nick go suck which part of the fake tits and leave R Kelly alone. What do u like? Big tits like football kicking all over the place with high vocals. Get your shit outta here. R Kelly is the King. Your are nothing u fucking Pool boy u. We all love R Kelly. You and your fake ass tits and fake ass accussers go fuck yourselves. From Germany.
Antwane Stokes
Antwane Stokes Hace un mes
Everybody knew about r Kelly but ppl looked at it wit a blind eye. But know, that the shit has hit the fan..... he produced half ur 1st album. You didn't know?
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