Nick Cannon: R Kelly Likes Immature Girls Because He Can't Read (Flashback)

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In this VladTV Flashback from 2018, Nick Cannon spoke on why he thinks R. Kelly likes immature girls. Cannon said he believes the reason is that the singer/producer cannot read.


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5 ene 2019

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Bethuel Chauke
Bethuel Chauke Hace 5 horas
So why does Mariah likes small boys?
Deejay JeanP
Deejay JeanP Hace 4 días
Nick should start a podcast
james bush
james bush Hace 7 días
Not gonna blame his lack of intelligence screwing young girls. If a man is stuck in his ways and can't change that's obviously already his own jail sentence until he figures it out.
passtheBuck Canuck
passtheBuck Canuck Hace 10 días
Shania Wilson
Shania Wilson Hace 11 días
So if he can't read or write then who writes his music
Eke Emmanuel
Eke Emmanuel Hace 13 días
The interesting thing is, if you watch R. Kelly's interviews, you will find out that he is more articulate, intelligent and has a better master of vocabulary than 95% of the people on this comment section. He wrote all his songs, you don't write songs with such deep meanings and intelligently put together if you are dumb.
Cali Forvid
Cali Forvid Hace 13 días
I guess thats cool and all that Chris Brown wants to invest in the community in a more direct way but he still shouldnt get a pass to represent FTP and I think that the primary reason he wants to directly deal with the streets is because he knows that gangs like FTP will validate him with street cred to some degree or another. If the gangs weren’t open to that then Chris and other wannabe gang member celebs would take their money elsewhere.
Shawn Thomas
Shawn Thomas Hace 13 días
If this was a nigha that didn't have money or been in movies doing an interview explaining why Rkelly like young girls. 99% of these comments would be roasting instead of giving compliments. Get off that nighas nutts. I dont need him to make it official that Rkelly is into child seduction.
Idontchecknotifications Dontbotherresponding
Look at him cherry picking which aint shit niggas to defend smfh
Yetunde Oshati
Yetunde Oshati Hace 20 días
His hair is not dense enough to hold that Afro comb.
Andre Cawthorne
Andre Cawthorne Hace 24 días
So now Nick Cannon is a Psychologist/Therapist......Is he still a true Black Hebrew that he was claiming that he was awhile back........Fuck Nick Cannon.
Black chad
Black chad Hace 25 días
He’s a fucking clown for talking these bullshit about R KELLY
Starr 2020
Starr 2020 Hace 25 días
who can Nick Cannon call immature?
Iman Pepion
Iman Pepion Hace un mes
It’s not he doesn’t have conversation it’s that he doesn’t feel comfortable around a grown woman he can’t control them nor can he partake in a real Negotiation when it comes to enter personal actions and reactions and the part that makes this an adult instead of a child he can’t partake of because his mind is not complex enough for one control his immature emotions secondly it would be very tiring for him to Dailey have to face that so that brings us to the final question does his music reflects Frustrations when it comes to dealing with a mature woman and his heart break once the honeymoon period is up ??
Iman Pepion
Iman Pepion Hace un mes
This dude here don’t have him around you if something goes down he is tellin lol this guy lolz
LOVE LAB 'Unearth The Soul'
fDA is a joke. Most medication the trial is for 6 months and people end up popping these pills for 20 years. We are a lab experiment and that’s the truth. We have no idea of long term effects.
Polaris sportsman
Polaris sportsman Hace un mes
Why don't they just speak English instead of acting like a uneducated loser
Ken Fresno
Ken Fresno Hace un mes
Beating a woman's eyes shut and splitting her lip is "just dumb things kids do"?! It's hilarious how little the black community values the lives of women, children and animals. Absolutely no respect or care. Only the black man matters. It's sad that Chris Brown has to answer questions, not that he busted a woman's face up.
snuggiesful Hace un mes
Ken Fresno Yes. Only the cis gendered straight black male lives matters. Always the victim, even when they’re evil. Btw, nick cannon is one of the ppl who knew he was sexually abusing and raping girls but did nothing....Why?
lovelykisha renee
lovelykisha renee Hace un mes
Laughing at the fact that R.Kelly cant read I dont find it funny at all... but that's beside the point the rabbit hole goes deep............
oxxsteel Hace un mes
Kelly did this to himself.
John S
John S Hace un mes
What part of Chris Brown beating the hell out of woman indicates his intelligence? Dip shit.
Wayne Muldrow
Wayne Muldrow Hace un mes
Comments on R. Kelly at 5:08
J Meezy
J Meezy Hace un mes
People wanna clown Nick especially in the black community but dude is hella smart and woke
the trooper
the trooper Hace un mes
this guy is speaking word salad, a lot of words with no real meaning!!!!
Pfuxamuti Ernest
Pfuxamuti Ernest Hace un mes
stupid -- cannon -- you just jealous of kelly man -- success is not the same -- we are all different man on our our talents and likes - i like young girls too but i can read
Just because you’re rich and powerful does not make you right about everything.
S H Hace 2 meses
Nick,cannon,said that You Will know that You made it when You marry a white,woman, and now he's so concerned about black girls, no he is not don't buy into it, and then he is trashing,someone that wrote the only hit,song that he has ever had,,,sad.sad
Larry Turner
Larry Turner Hace 2 meses
Damm nick canyon is smart.
TheCharbie28 Hace 2 meses
Yours Truly
Yours Truly Hace 2 meses
Wildn out
caleb ethan
caleb ethan Hace 2 meses
imma try and sample this. 😅
S H Hace 2 meses
NICK cannon is the perfect Judas,,RKELLY write you,your only hit SONG,.just give THE MONEY BACK OKAY
Justin _that_one_dude
DL hugley is a nigga to watch. He says way too much and you know what happens to celebrities who talk a lot. Prince, MJ. . . so on 😵😵💫✨ wake tf up
Jaylin Burney
Jaylin Burney Hace 2 meses
Big up nick....100
S H Hace 3 meses
Shadoe Bell
Shadoe Bell Hace 3 meses
He need to cut that shit
Ni We
Ni We Hace 3 meses
I've gained a new found respect for Nick Cannon. Hes a classy guy. We need more dudes like him in entertainment.
Patasa Johnson
Patasa Johnson Hace 3 meses
Nick is 100!
Daniel Hertzler
Daniel Hertzler Hace 3 meses
Giving back and investing in your community by investing in a street gang... lol that's some stupid ass shit right there sports fans
Daniel Hertzler
Daniel Hertzler Hace 3 meses
Chris Brown is a FUCKING MORON, simply for the fact he's trying to be a fake gangster. What kinda sucka rents a gang? Look what happened to the rainbow queen 69
Daniel Hertzler
Daniel Hertzler Hace 3 meses
Nick Cannon got the clap and didn't treat it properly, I bet that's what he's talking about lol
Esh Money
Esh Money Hace 3 meses
Wow I love Nick he's so brave
adam mohammed
adam mohammed Hace 4 meses
Am I the only one that sees a young Steve Harvey in nick
Rahymn Inc
Rahymn Inc Hace 4 meses
What tf is Marlon Wayans doing on Nick Cannon's face!
Lisette Elise Paris
Lisette Elise Paris Hace 4 meses
Nick Cannon has always been funny and adorable.
dani ntung
dani ntung Hace 4 meses
This are jelouse brother media control thier stupidity
Craig Hace 4 meses
Ty Hace 4 meses
How in the fuck do you get cancer in your toe?
Barbara Crutchfield
Barbara Crutchfield Hace 4 meses
Can we help each other!
Barbara Crutchfield
Barbara Crutchfield Hace 4 meses
Nick black folk need to stop!! Let God do this!! You have come up short , we all have! Quite!
Bill B
Bill B Hace 4 meses
R. dates too many women period for him to just love immature ones. Some are sucessful and educated and even his age. He likes females that want to do that. He is a lustful person and wants to be in lust with as many females as he can.
Savage Doll ENT
Savage Doll ENT Hace 4 meses
Video Start @ 5:06
ayyy ayyy
ayyy ayyy Hace 4 meses
1:22 wasn't it because Bob marley wanted to play soccer
Susan James
Susan James Hace 4 meses
Dyslexia is a neurological disorder which often times has a genetic component. It has NOTHING to do with one's intellectual capabilities. Some famous people such as president JFK, Jay Leno, Whoppie Goldberg and Tom Cruise have Dyslexia. You both sound like "book smart fools" making fun of rk's Learning Disability. As the saying goes, "EVERY DOG HAS HIS DAY." #KarmaWillFindYouBoth
To Real
To Real Hace 4 meses
Nick looks like he's supposed to be old alread..
Tiara Evans
Tiara Evans Hace 4 meses
This was thee most respectful way to justify R Kelly's sick fetishes. Good job Nick👍👍
Mary Viola
Mary Viola Hace 4 meses
terrible how the black communites are....they cant speak proper english.... cant even front? this young man is very handsome, smart, rich, why would he want to speak like he is uneducated? stop it please.....SET AN EXAMPLE FOR YOUR YOUNGER KIDS COMING UP! COME ON NOW
Jermain Silva
Jermain Silva Hace 4 meses
R Kelly cant even go to parent night or back to school for his kids at school...cant.even pick up his kids from school...let alone
skump13 Hace 4 meses
nick cannon looks like earthworm jim with an afro
yz11 88
yz11 88 Hace 4 meses
Good interview...
Freddy Mello
Freddy Mello Hace 4 meses
shahad alsanea
shahad alsanea Hace 4 meses
Yall are going to hell for making fun of his illiteracy -__-
Malika Diza
Malika Diza Hace 4 meses
Dang I never looked at it like that either😐
Charms City
Charms City Hace 4 meses
If the nigga cant read, how he know when they text him "Im downstairs?" 🤔
Marclo Clau
Marclo Clau Hace 4 meses
Nick Cannon destroying RKelly’s name. Zip it up Man. Do not destroy the man with no proof. Remember he just ALLEDGEDLY abused these woman. He is not convicted yet.
Alehia klorian
Alehia klorian Hace 4 meses
How is NICK Cannon so successful. IT makes no sense what so ever.
Eddie D.
Eddie D. Hace 4 meses
Wow nick cannon (cannonball run ) !
Lilly Hace 4 meses
All the sycophants that surround R Kelly and facilitated his abusive ways with children, their time will also come when they are prosecuted!
Cachay Green
Cachay Green Hace 4 meses
Catcher in the Rye is a great book..
Chakia Holmes
Chakia Holmes Hace 4 meses
Love hearing you talk nick he’s definitely got it for a Motivational speaker 🙏🏾👑🖤💯
Arnold Rothstein
Arnold Rothstein Hace 4 meses
nick is like 64% gangster
McNasty Hace 4 meses
didnt know kaepernick got picked up by the raiders
Serenity Sydnor
Serenity Sydnor Hace 4 meses
Right , right , right ... yeaaa yeaaaaaa
Ron Lee
Ron Lee Hace 4 meses
Nick Cannon needs to be part of R. Kelly defense team because Kells is heading to jail
Tricia Star
Tricia Star Hace 4 meses
Nick Cannon is a lot funnier here than when he was doing stand-up. This is a funny and engaging interview.
J Cole
J Cole Hace 5 meses
It IS such a TRAVESTY THAT R KELLY HAS MESSED up HIS LIFE like THIS. For SOMEONE who can't Read and YET create so much music. HIS CHOICES HAS TRULY MESSED him UP. A wasted LIFE. Lil girls REALLY. STEALING innocence.
Matt Allen
Matt Allen Hace 5 meses
And nick like older women so he can be taken care of. Typical child, black kid
Rossanova Gmen
Rossanova Gmen Hace 5 meses
Young Women are easier ..WE AIN'T MAD AT R.KELLY AT ALL
Rossanova Gmen
Rossanova Gmen Hace 5 meses
N0body won't no old ASS Mules....donkey HOES
Rudament Producer
Rudament Producer Hace 5 meses
This actually makes a lot of sense.
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