Nick Saban hypocritical in criticizing Jimbo Fisher, Texas A&M over NIL | Brother from Another

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Michael Holley and Michael Smith react to Nick Saban going after Jimbo Fisher using NIL to get the No. 1 recruiting class and how the Alabama coach needs to address his own hypocrisy before passing judgment.
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Nick Saban hypocritical in criticizing Jimbo Fisher, Texas A&M over NIL | Brother from Another

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18 may 2022






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Jimbo bodied this man Saban in broad daylight lmao 🤣
Fuzzy Wuzzy
I like Jimbo Fisher a whole lot more now
Jeff Waller
Finally, someone had the coconuts to call out the "God" of college football. Nick Saban says he wants parity in the sport then can't handle coming in second in recruiting. He broke the code then he tried to pull back and apologize... A&M built an amazing class and those kids CHOSE to play with each other. Look at their interviews, they literally talk about how they were offered more money (Texas, Tennessee, Miami, etc.) to go somewhere else. How do you not want to be part of the greatest class of all time?
Official B.N.A.Music.88
Jimbo smokin’ that pacc 😂😂😂
Chris Mitchell
Nick S. is a hypocrite. It's ok for Alabama to pay their players but when everybody gets on the same page with paying their players it is a problem?! Why did he call out Deon?! I glad Jimbo & Deon responded!
Sean Evans
Jimbo Fisher got my respect!
Nick Satin is a master media manipulator, I don't care for either coach however I gotta side with Jimbo on this one and Prime jus straight beast him, great show guys!! Go Canes 🙌🏾
LeBron Jericho
This is awesome we need more wwe promos in pro sports 😂😂😂😂
Brian Jenkins
Jimbo gave his ass that work...✌✌✌
Where does Michael Smith get his shirts from? The Brown Sugar reference! I love it!
I hope top recruits realize that Saban has no problem using them for his own gain and as soon as he can't extort them he cries like a lil baby. I have no respect for Nick Saban.
Xxxx Big Rich
Finally someone calling out ole Nick. I'm all for the players getting paid but Nick needs to stop it with that payola going on at bama.
quin bagwell
So the athletes who are recruited at Alabama have no knowledge of any NIL deals before they sign?
Nick Rindy
“You’re 5’6”, you can’t play football!”😂😂😂
That Boy From The Boot
Jimbo wants all the smoke!!! 🤣🤣🤣
I'm SOOOO glad these courts aren't trying to listen to these coaches crying. I pray they NEVER regulate this. Let companies pay what they want for the players. No cap! Coaches have leeched way too long.
Calvin Brown
The only thing missing is the song “ether” playing in the background while he was talking lol😂😂😂
AMEN!!! Your video just got a huge like from me. It’s crazy how so many people are kissing Saban’s ass and making excuses for him. And I’m even talking about Rick Neuheisel and Chris Childers on ESPN Radio making people believe that Saban can do no wrong. 2 years ago Saban was bragging about his 7 figure QB but now NIL is. A problem because he didn’t get the #1 class. What a joke! Thanks for the video fellas and keeping everyone honest
Andre Henley
In nick Saban eyes players went from slaves to indentured slaves