Nintendo Switch Lite Unboxing!

Kevin Kenson
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An early unboxing Nintendo Switch Lite unboxing!
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Our full nintendo switch lite review is coming soon.
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16 sep 2019






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Kevin Kenson
Kevin Kenson Hace 5 meses
Here's the link to the shirts: teespring.com/stores/kevin-kenson-gaming Be sure to use NEWSWITCH to get 15% off!
SlimeBow22 TwitchTv
SlimeBow22 TwitchTv Hace 2 días
Kevin Kenson I have no idea how your adult hand managed to mesh into the shape of Nintendo switch lite yet you’re still able to play games
Fereweyni Asfeha
Fereweyni Asfeha Hace un mes
Looks so cool😱😱😱!!!
RandomVoices Hace 2 meses
Does the switch lite come with a charger?
Twrecks Hace 2 meses
Pls stop talking like eminem.....nice channel though
Mixed gamer
Mixed gamer Hace 2 meses
U mean T_shirt's
Matei Iancu
Matei Iancu Hace 57 minutos
Did you get drift?
Pinko Pallino
Pinko Pallino Hace 20 horas
hi guys I wanted to buy a nintendo switch, do you think buy a switch lite or do I sell my ps4 and take it classic switch?
Red Hace un día
Why do I see a small version of switch lite on ESvid? Is there any other size of switch lite cause I saw a video its smaller than switch lite but its switch lite
Caio Raz
Caio Raz Hace 2 días
You move your hands WAY too much. I disliked your video.
The_Flaming Jolteon
The_Flaming Jolteon Hace 4 días
I want to know how the start up screen looks I bet you can't pin this
Cy Gumm
Cy Gumm Hace 5 días
Can you play Mario odyssey on it
Elkku 75
Elkku 75 Hace 7 días
I got the switch lite like a week later it came out 🙅‍♂️
Fahéj Illatos
Fahéj Illatos Hace 7 días
*Moaning in poor that can't afford switch lite* C'mon people, in Poland switch lite costs 250 dollars (og switch 360 dollars), which is half of people's salary (or full salary if you work 4h per day like me - studing at university) and games costs those 60 dollars (you can calculate how much it is here, on the monthly budget). Yet I don't complain "I can't afford, how bad for me". Man, if you live in poor country/family, either you don't buy a gaming console (play pc) or save what you can for a year or two (I bought my xone in middle 2018). Don't be a weeper. Peace.
Martell Tha Cool
Martell Tha Cool Hace 10 días
*looks at my original Nintendo Switch* I play with the Nintendo Switch and I'm thinking of getting a Nintendo Switch Lite with my tax money
PicklePenguin Hace 10 días
I don’t understand why it’s called the SWITCH Lite. You can’t switch it.
EsquireDaSonJames Edward
How is nobody saying this is the modern gameboy advance
DFDCDEVIL _ Hace 15 días
I had this on max brightness and now my eyes are aching
Lluvia Monge
Lluvia Monge Hace 19 días
Plz do give away
Aiden Daniels
Aiden Daniels Hace 21 un día
I’m thinking about getting one and giving my original switch to my sister
Anime Coby
Anime Coby Hace 21 un día
My brother just got me one and a 10 dollar eshop card so I could stop annoying him to play on his switch
Pantsalonis Hace 3 días
Now annoy him to 1v1 you in smash
Ziad Nader
Ziad Nader Hace 21 un día
Him: its bigger and smaller if that makes sense Me: no.... no it doesn't
twenty five
twenty five Hace 22 días
i had to use a buzzaw to get the controllers off now its not turning on help
TheXtrendonAndroid Hace 24 días
Did the joysticks wiggle a bit?
Xdeadlyxphantom Hace 24 días
I put a ice pack on my Nintendo switch
Xdeadlyxphantom Hace 24 días
Still don't know which color to pick
Justyn H
Justyn H Hace 25 días
They should still have a kickstand on the switch lite for people who prefer a controller over the joycon
Shadow 95
Shadow 95 Hace 29 días
Do kontrl freek fit for the lite version as well?
Do Thawng
Do Thawng Hace 29 días
Some people: FINALLY! Im getting a switch. Me: Lonnnnnnelyyyy i have noooo consolee i play on a phoneeeee i am soo poorrrr i have noo phonee eitherr i play on my parentss Phoneeee i am soooo poorrrr.
Bharat Singh
Bharat Singh Hace un mes
I want the nintendo Switch
Christopher Clancy
Christopher Clancy Hace un mes
switch lite = better wii u pad
Thomas Zulli
Thomas Zulli Hace un mes
Im considering getting a switch lite. But Ive heard of the drifting issue which is making me nervous
HarpoonWolfbait Hace un mes
Alright Nintender I’m gettin myself a Switch Lite so that I have those quiet buttons out in public
dxos Hace un mes
so an upgraded wii u gamepad
Chris Camacho
Chris Camacho Hace un mes
I mean fortnite
Chris Camacho
Chris Camacho Hace un mes
Can u play dormite on it
Neighbor Gamer
Neighbor Gamer Hace un mes
I love my Nintendo Switch Lite a lot. Feel super good while playing it. Weight, Size, and Screen are superb.
shatterjack Hace un mes
FYI, the japanese on that shirt is all wrong
CARROT bRuH Hace un mes
Anyone here when they got there switch Lite or here in 2020?
Everett Heller
Everett Heller Hace un mes
get the normal switch
Matias Romero
Matias Romero Hace un mes
MAERVICK Hace un mes
I think this is perfect for me and others too who already own a console at their house, already got a ps4 pro so this would work perfectly when I go outside.
Amelia Campos
Amelia Campos Hace un mes
At first I thought it was broken but then I realized is the plastic
Jessica Garcia
Jessica Garcia Hace un mes
Same color i have 😊😍
Nastia Sharer
Nastia Sharer Hace un mes
I got a Nintendo switch lite for Christmas 2019
spider gamer
spider gamer Hace un mes
I have don't care about docking the switch and just wana play it in portable so I will buy this puls save 100 buck great trade
vadont Hace un mes
just bought this colored Switch Lite with Mario Maker 2
Bobby Gillespie
Bobby Gillespie Hace un mes
I've got the pokemon sword and shield edition with the two games separately.
Aman Toor
Aman Toor Hace un mes
Nintendo Switch = Like Nintendo Switch Lite = Comment
Jatinder Multani
Jatinder Multani Hace un mes
Nintendo fans= like Nentendo lite= comment
CharlieXW258 Hace un mes
Jatinder Multani the hell
Richard Jabher
Richard Jabher Hace un mes
I watch this video so I know which one I should get So I got one is the regular switch
Co xo9C
Co xo9C Hace un mes
The grey for me
Co xo9C
Co xo9C Hace un mes
The original switch sucks compared to the Lite
Blue Robot
Blue Robot Hace un mes
I'm getting my brother one so he can stop playing with mine...
ZHIE Hace un mes
Im gonna buy the pokemon color
Inchi Gacha
Inchi Gacha Hace un mes
Everyone is always wanting the turquoise switch lite I’d rather get a silver switch lite
Jed Smyth
Jed Smyth Hace un mes
Inchi Gacha so true everyone wants turquoise, I want the pastel yellow
nobody 007
nobody 007 Hace un mes
Just saw it for the first time two days ago and it was pretty cute❤ lol id buy this if i dont have the OG switch and cousins to play with.
Gaspar Banderas
Gaspar Banderas Hace un mes
I love my switch lite
Damiano Shogaolu
Damiano Shogaolu Hace un mes
I have one with pokemon sword
Cliff Hoyt
Cliff Hoyt Hace un mes
Got one for Xmas
Franklin Carr
Franklin Carr Hace un mes
my nintendo switch lite username is EpicGames i am online
Skye Green
Skye Green Hace un mes
I want one soooo baaaadddd!!!!
Katrina Mercedes
Katrina Mercedes Hace un mes
i’m really, really torn on which one to get for my birthday. i don’t necessarily play on tv but i suppose it would be a nice option if i ever wanted it. but i like the fact that you can choose between colours of the lite so it’s more customisable. i obviously prefer the price of the lite more, but i really don’t know which one would be more worth it :/
Katrina Mercedes
Katrina Mercedes Hace un mes
ccruz yes exactly 😩 although i don’t think i’m too fussed about the multiplayer because i don’t have any siblings and don’t see many friends, but it would be a nice option in case i had someone over to play :)
ccruz Hace un mes
Katrina Mercedes I’m in the same boat as you 😩 I want the regular one so I can play with friends if need be but the lite seems like a good deal
SamFlores19 Hace un mes
Idk if I just take care of my stuff but I've never experienced joycon drift and I've had the original switch since launch
HyperZei Hace un mes
You should’ve shook it so I can se did mines broken or not
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