NiziU 『Make you happy』 M/V

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Pre-Debut Digital Mini Album
『Make you happy』 M/V
2020.06.30 Tuesday 0:00 ON AIR
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29 jun 2020






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Comentarios 80
Emerson Godoy
Emerson Godoy Hace 3 horas
Quem e brasileiro da Coração e responde no ano de 2020
김도희 Hace 3 horas
이게 뭐고..;;
Playlist Soy
Playlist Soy Hace 3 horas
한국 배경으로 이렇게 예쁘게 찍은 뮤비가 한국돌한텐 없는데 한국에서 만든 일본돌한테는 있는 이유는 무엇.....
Anna Linn Lodenius
Anna Linn Lodenius Hace 3 horas
Thats it. Mayuka and Mako stole my heart
Ava Fiona
Ava Fiona Hace 3 horas
i see so so much potential in these girls and it makes me so happy and full of joy. they truly deserve the world. lets make sure to give them lots of love! 💗
Jean Banks
Jean Banks Hace 3 horas
No lie to me Riku voice reminds me of Jeongyeon Maya a younger, cuter Irene Mihii is like a dead ringer for Nayeon except for the eyes maybe Ayaka reminds of Jisoo for sure Mayuka a nicer less fierce Chungha Nina is Somi to me but could be wrong Rio reminds me oh Ji Hyo from running man but cuter For Rima, I have no clue Foe Mako, I thought of Jessi but she's to cutsy for it The point I was trying to make is I hope they are all as successful and more to those I compared them with.
robotinarowboat Hace 3 horas
riku reminds me so much of sana i’m SCREAMING she’s so cute 🥺
Thao Nguyen
Thao Nguyen Hace 4 horas
this is so cute pls
Darlyn Baldera
Darlyn Baldera Hace 4 horas
Alguien que habla en español?? Xd Esta canción se me pego mucho, las chicas son muy tiernas!! 😅💞💞
Valeria Muñoz
Valeria Muñoz Hace 4 horas
This video look like Likey from Twice
j j
j j Hace 4 horas
잘하고 못하고를 떠나서 뒷통수나 안맞으면 좋겠네
Nana Kim
Nana Kim Hace 4 horas
Такие хорошенькие девочки~ Думаю, буду следить за их творчеством :)
A N Hace 4 horas
Guys here's Yuna's new ig account!: instagram.com/you_nd_na/ @you_nd_na Let's support NiziU and the last members who didn't make it!
Dance K Life
Dance K Life Hace 4 horas
This song is so cute
박미 Hace 4 horas
노래가 너무 좋아서 입덕
M Hace 4 horas
Hayde_ARMY Rosales Montañez
Quede así buscando comentarios en español:🤡🤡🤡
Solasola x x
Solasola x x Hace 4 horas
1:01 推し発見!!!🤗🤗🤗🤗
bangtanawe Hace 4 horas
does anyone know when the album will be released on itunes??
família army official
Tu Vieja
Tu Vieja Hace 4 horas
JyP~ JAJAJAJAJA me encanta-
Sasaki Haise
Sasaki Haise Hace 4 horas
sicheng love bot!!
sicheng love bot!! Hace 4 horas
this definitely sounds like an old twice japanese song .. like one more time or candy pop. i luv it sm tho!!!
Bichts fckng Realnt
Bichts fckng Realnt Hace 4 horas
Esta cancion es adicta enserio me encanta
hazal sönmez
hazal sönmez Hace 4 horas
The song is 3.29 minutes but it was 329 minutes for me.. i didnt expect something that bad from jyp ent. And all girls from japan under korean ent. Its not something that i support. Cause it what makes people listen k-pop somehow. And video is bad and girls voices are all same for me. Video is bad too. I had high hopes like itzy but now my mood is down
UserX-1099 Hace 4 horas
boy you are some hater lol Please just leave NiziU away from your hatred.
hazal sönmez
hazal sönmez Hace 4 horas
MUSIC FANS FR Hace 4 horas
Don't worry this is your opinion 😁 ( sorry for my bad english )
Nemesis Nine
Nemesis Nine Hace 4 horas
MhTIVerse Tv
MhTIVerse Tv Hace 4 horas
Girl on stairs looks like sans and Momo thought it she was Momo younger sister for a minute
K i s s e n !
K i s s e n ! Hace 4 horas
Extrañaba los conceptos cute ❤️
Ito Kenichiro
Ito Kenichiro Hace 4 horas
a week ago: wait, who's who? there are soooo many and I can't remember them all. now: rima, rio, ayaka, mako, maya, mayuka, riku, miihi, nina. I LOVE YOU ALL(including JYP)!!!!
뀨우 Hace 4 horas
Jyp가 꼭 이걸 했어야 했나..
Nam Jesus
Nam Jesus Hace 4 horas
We all know Dahyun is 100% proud of Nina 😌😌 #proudmother
MUSIC FANS FR Hace 4 horas
Stan NiziU
dens senap
dens senap Hace 4 horas
빨리 한국말 가르쳐서 한국에서 데뷔시키자 이정도면 국내에 와도 탑 찍을 것 같은데?ㅋ
김범희 Hace 4 horas
뭐? ㅋ
Krisley Sánchez
Krisley Sánchez Hace 4 horas
Las canciones de los idols de jyp siempre son pegadizas y las coreografías son tan buenas que me hace recordarla fácilmente aunque no son fáciles xddd
lalodashi. Hace 4 horas
Broly Goku
Broly Goku Hace 4 horas
Better than Twice
Zharick Alvarado
Zharick Alvarado Hace 4 horas
Broly Goku stop
MURICA FY! Hace 4 horas
All that rope skipping. They gonna end up becoming pro boxers by the end of their promotion run.
She is Louise
She is Louise Hace 5 horas
2:37 hello Nayeon
.ᨘ۫.ꪶ✎hey k-popers군대!ღ
Já amei 💕🇧🇷
A N Hace 5 horas
does anyone know what Yuna is doing now?
UserX-1099 Hace 3 horas
she has accounts on twitter and insta. She's still JYP trainee.
Evade TV
Evade TV Hace 5 horas
Mayuka is so perfect ❤❤
Jo&Je 2020
Jo&Je 2020 Hace 5 horas
Harshal Charde
Harshal Charde Hace 5 horas
Who noticed that whisper? 😂😂😂😂😂😂
김범희 Hace 5 horas
Lina María Carrillo
Fun fact: All of Maya´s team members survived and are now in NiziU They were Riku, Miihi, Maya, Rima, Nina and Mayuka
Sara Viana
Sara Viana Hace 5 horas
Meu Deus eu amei❤️❤️❤️❤️
•Sathya y Juegos Kpop•
Mensiones de grupos de JYP Entertainment : 2:30 Like OOH - AHH | Twice 2:33 Icy | Itzy 2:34 So hot | Wonder Girls Lo e notado ya que son grupos d eesta empresa y dicen así en las cansiones de esas bandas :3
•Sathya y Juegos Kpop•
@Fran KPOPღ Gracias por avisar 'xd
Fran KPOPღ
Fran KPOPღ Hace 4 horas
Brilyan YT
Brilyan YT Hace 5 horas
It makes mi earworm
슬기 Hace 5 horas
그래도 열심히 해서 올라온거지만 밑에 한글이라도 해주셨으면 좋겠어요 전 항상 트와이스 주로 노래를 따라부르고 있는데 이건 한국말이 없어서 좀 그렇네요
Kherub Delawer
Kherub Delawer Hace 5 horas
JYP copiándole a JYP al sacar un grupo igual a TWICE pero que no es TWICE.
Nimansha Jayawardana
I am the only one see this mv same as TWICE LIKEY😂😂
Борис Евтимов
I honestly don't know how nobody noticed the portal from More and more
강우혁 Hace 5 horas
얘들아 엔화 많이 벌어와라~
ARMY FODA Hace 5 horas
Adorei ☺
ARMY FODA Hace 5 horas
Adorei ☺
Gaston Alegre
Gaston Alegre Hace 5 horas
Nina is the best but ure not ready for this conversation.
Pita y Kike
Pita y Kike Hace 5 horas
Likey likey, your likey, dugun dugun dugun
Gowther Sin
Gowther Sin Hace 5 horas
Shake it off vibe, swifties?✨💖🧚‍♀️👑
Jake Awai
Jake Awai Hace 5 horas
0:09 looks like baby Ryujin
Mee Ranny
Mee Ranny Hace 5 horas
NiziU Fighting ❤️💖
Carlos Roberto Becerra
묵언수행중 Hace 5 horas
그냥 트와이스 같다
안뇽 Hace 5 horas
요즘 역사시간에 일제강점기에 대해 배워 많은 영상을 찾아보고 또 눈물도 흘리고 하는데 그래서 그런지 그냥 일본인만 봐도 토나올거같고 너무 화가 나서 어쩔 줄 모르는데 굳이 일본애들은 한국기획사에서 데뷔하게 했어야했나 ㅜㅜ 그럴시간에 그냥 다른애들 관리를 더해..ㅜㅜ
김범희 Hace 5 horas
@마테차 일뽕오덕이 또...
마테차 Hace 5 horas
역사공부를 제대로 하면 무능한 조선왕실과 조선인들에 대해 더 분노하지 않을까. 해방 이후의 지나친 민족주의사관으로 인해 일제시대에 대한 근대적 물질문명에 대한 분석은 교과서에서 가르쳐 주지 않으니 너같은 애들이 양산되는 듯.
Lia ArG
Lia ArG Hace 5 horas
El comentario en español que esperabas.... ❤🎉
•kim cheayoung•
•kim cheayoung• Hace 5 horas
Nina so cute ♡
Glaucia Silva
Glaucia Silva Hace 5 horas
is group japanese or korean?
insomnias united
insomnias united Hace 5 horas
I think it's Japanese cuz that was the project.
サトミツ坂46 Hace 5 horas
마테차 Hace 5 horas
Bonnie Jang
Bonnie Jang Hace 5 horas
35 million views in one week. Hope the girls know about their great achievement soon ! ❤️ NiziU
CSRGamer Hace 5 horas
Not gonna lie. The video and sound is pretty generic. Nothing really special popping out.
Thuỳ Trịnh
Thuỳ Trịnh Hace 5 horas
Mayuka is so cute
Roxana Silvera
Roxana Silvera Hace 5 horas
Wonder Girls "2007" 2PM "2008" Miss A "2010" Got7 "2014" Day6 "2015" Twice "2015" Stray Kids "2018" ITZY "2019" NiziU "2020" JYPNATION FIGHTING !!
Jara Soriano Carolina Guadalupe
Riku es preciosa 😍
kpopper love
kpopper love Hace 5 horas
Aí meu deus kkkkkkk a melhor pare foi a do jyp ksksksks
E Estrada
E Estrada Hace 5 horas
Sorry NiziU. My heart belongs to TWICE.
Ly Ra
Ly Ra Hace 5 horas
I'm not the only one who came back for more than 10 times, only me? Okay
UserX-1099 Hace 3 horas
nope not just you
Zoo J
Zoo J Hace 6 horas
한국 좌파권력과 일본 우파 권력이 자신들 이득을 위해 끊임없이 갈등을 만들어 선동 하는것에 넘어가는 우매한 국민이 되지 맙시다. 아이돌 음악의 메세지는 평화와 사랑입니다. 순수한 열정과 K-POP을 동경하고 사랑해온 그리고 노력해온 순수한 소녀들입니다. 한일갈등이 있지만 따뜻한 시선을 부탁드립니다. 저는 힘든 시기일수록 이런 성장형 오디션을 통한 그룹의 탄생을 보는것이 정말 위안이 되고 좋습니다. NiziU에대해서 잘모르시는 분들은 니지프로젝트(NiJi Project) 시즌1~2 찾아 보시길 추천 드립니다. 좋은 에너지와 용기 위로를 받으실 겁니다.
Terai Mina
Terai Mina Hace 4 horas
Lisa Monaban
Lisa Monaban Hace 6 horas
Nina love queen
Lisa Monaban
Lisa Monaban Hace 6 horas
Lisa Monaban
Lisa Monaban Hace 6 horas
Lisa Monaban
Lisa Monaban Hace 6 horas
Nina Nina Nina Nina
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