NLE Choppa - Narrow Road feat. Lil Baby (Official Music Video)

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“From Dark To Light” out on 11/1 My Birthday 💜
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Top shotta, don dada
Got the bombs like al qaeda
NLE the top shotta (aye)
I just copped the range rover (big body)
With some forg’s (with some forgiatos)
Sippin' codeine, feeling like a dope fiend (a dope fiend)
He say I’m not a killa, that nigga dont know me (brrr)
My OG told me put in work, when I was 14 (when I was 14)
Going down a narrow road
Going down a Narrow road
Going down a Narrow road
Im going a narrow road, road, road
They tell me think smart, I know right from wrong
They tell me Imma get life, with this dirty chrome (get life)
Well would you rather take a life, before they take your own
And bitch I’ve been through some shit, I come from a broken home
I got a different mentality, bitches kill or be killed
I rather kill a rapper, before a right a statement and squeal
It ain’t no fakes up in my circle, real recognize real
I kicked that boy up out my car, that night I did my drill
Cuz aye, we are not the same (we are not the same)
I got murda murda murda, running through my brain (its running through my brain)
And bitch I’m hurt up inside, piranhas swim through my veins (swim through my brain)
Just put your feeling on the toilet, which it twirl down the drain
They asking who I need, well I don’t need shit
Only thing I need, is this glock 23 bitch
Flying over seas, got a young nigga sea sick
I was just posted in the street, like some cement (yeah, yeah, yeah)
I just copped the range rove (big body)
With some forg’s (with some forgiatos)
Sippin’ codeine, feeling like a dope fiend (a dope fiend)
He say I’m not a killa, that nigga dont know me (brrr)
My OG told me me put in work, when I was 14 (when I was 14)
Going down a narrow road
Going down a Narrow road
Going down a Narrow road
Im going down a narrow road, road, road road
Lil Baby:
Road getting narrow, slimmer and slimmer
Pray to god that I forget, try my best not remember
It's a cold cold world, and I was born in December
Im forever steppin’ forward you know I’m born in Atlanta
They try to we start going and get em
Really show me what it was, I'll probably never forgive you
Start having what you aint had, and they’ll look at you different
But it don’t matter, I’m in my bag, its getting bigger and bigger
Now the Range Rover, class sport, and stamps on my passport
Never know what tripping’, I got everything I asked for
Young and out here rappin, I tried to tell that nigga to mask up
We got all the bags around the way, nigga’s cant gas us
I ain’t really got too much to say, but fuck the task force
Keep minding my business, hold my weight, and run my cash up
Sometimes I just ride round with my stick, inside my lamb truck
Everywhere I go, somebody put me on they camera
NLE Choppa:
I just copped the range rove (big body)
With some forg’s (with some forgiatos)
Sippin’ codeine, feeling like a dope fiend (a dope fiend)
He say I’m not a killa, that nigga dont know me (brrr)
My OG told me me put in work, when I was 14 (when I was 14)
Going down a narrow road
Going down a Narrow road
Going down a Narrow road
Im going down a narrow road, road, road road
Big body, with some forgiatos
Codeine, a dope feen (brrrr)
When I was fourteen
A narrow road (aye, aye)
A narrow road
A narrow road (aye)
Road oh
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23 oct 2020






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NLE CHOPPA Hace un mes
@Light Beats me
Rochelleplayz078 idk
Rochelleplayz078 idk Hace 16 días
Fd eh nd fuzz
Aykun_Prod Hace 16 días
ye my boy vive le vegan sale illuminati viens on va prier
Nadir 2013
Nadir 2013 Hace 16 días
Maya Maya
Maya Maya Hace 17 días
NLE Is 🔥🔥 all the time
goku bitch
goku bitch Hace 16 minutos
covid-19 but not for NLE Choppa and Lil Baby
Pranav P
Pranav P Hace 3 horas
Only rapper who gon' flex his Rover Edit: I think it is an autobiography
DrewTooTall .
DrewTooTall . Hace 4 horas
The vibes of this song though
Latrice Edwards
Latrice Edwards Hace 6 horas
Im new sub and listen to you...keep up the goooot work and love your cooking but I have to try the vegan..food
reggie ripps
reggie ripps Hace 6 horas
Why do u have king von in ur jet I'm dieing now chappa
nordo7600 Hace 6 horas
Flying in a PC-12... sorry homie.. that's super fukn ghetto when it comes to VIP transport😅🤦‍♂️ low budget video😅 weakass flow... you really gotta stop being a poser and learn your planes... this video is the opposite of ground breaking... meh
Rafael Santos
Rafael Santos Hace 8 horas
brazil here sz
Mat Rmz
Mat Rmz Hace 8 horas
This makes me go harder in the gym love this song fire asf nokap 💥
Donna Torres
Donna Torres Hace 8 horas
Hero Don Vevo
Hero Don Vevo Hace 8 horas
Real killa💯💥💥💥💣💣💣💣💥
Calvin Chapman
Calvin Chapman Hace 9 horas
I hope nle chop gets more respect than anybody else and I hope he has a better future💙💙💜💙💙
Jason Medwayosh
Jason Medwayosh Hace 10 horas
I can't understand these old heads tht say the yung dogg's can't rap... Where??? NLE 🔥
DeepTrap Entertainment
Terry Hernandez
Terry Hernandez Hace 11 horas
Get so hype I swear 🔥
kentrell willams
kentrell willams Hace 11 horas
The told me to think smart I know right fro. Wrong they told me i get life with this dirty crome would you rather take a life before they take your own fire
Shaneil Bernard
Shaneil Bernard Hace 12 horas
#khevlar @khevlarmusic Please Follow Subscribe (BET)WAH GWAAN BRO DOPE SHIT (WELLFORCE)
Markus Johnson
Markus Johnson Hace 13 horas
btw near lil baby birthday dec 3 mines the fourth
Mimo Reds
Mimo Reds Hace 14 horas
Amazing song im fly now
Ja'Shaun Morris
Ja'Shaun Morris Hace 14 horas
you my favorite rapper dark to light yessirrr
Bryceson Dillard
Bryceson Dillard Hace 14 horas
mine 11-2
Diesel Taylor
Diesel Taylor Hace 14 horas
dislike NLE with come for you 😈😈
Cayden McDermott
Cayden McDermott Hace 14 horas
yameen ali
yameen ali Hace 14 horas
Wow this song is so bad
joyful chibharo
joyful chibharo Hace 14 horas
some real shit there...commenting from Zimbabwe...thats how deep the shit this goes man. keep it up.
2105윤진배 Hace 15 horas
crazy bro
smxkvkush Hace 16 horas
Música boa de verdade não é a que tem mais hype!!!
Miillie Mesh
Miillie Mesh Hace 16 horas
That money dance 1:51
Jin Hima
Jin Hima Hace 17 horas
fire bro🔥
Janis PZKS
Janis PZKS Hace 17 horas
Ashley Day
Ashley Day Hace 17 horas
Best song of 2020
Jimisuuntela Hace 17 horas
World Best rapper
Ayden Gonzalez
Ayden Gonzalez Hace 17 horas
i seen the ad on youtube when i heard the song it was fire
dont let baby die after king von
Joel Jacob
Joel Jacob Hace 18 horas
Lil Baby barely even tryin but it was pretty good.
natasha smith
natasha smith Hace 18 horas
I come from a broken 🏡
「λlik」 jr.
「λlik」 jr. Hace 19 horas
i dont care if its autotune i just want nle choppa to enjoy his music and enjoy life
A. Cash
A. Cash Hace 10 horas
💯 💙
Frecky J
Frecky J Hace 19 horas
Denkmal MC
Denkmal MC Hace 21 un hora
best track 2020
musab liban mohammed
musab liban mohammed Hace 22 horas
taking care of he's fans and still making fier music, and he still got time to hit the gym. DAMN
McRex Chinzah
McRex Chinzah Hace 22 horas
You The Top Shotta NLE😃
Yankolo Hace 23 horas
Sorry to bother you, mind checking out a new artist tryna improve and grow? Search "Yankolo - Sunset" if you have a moment! Either way have a good day 🙏🏼
Oliver Rekdal Henriksen
Aszy E
Aszy E Hace un día
NLE you went so far .. but still react to his fans comments. I really respect that ❤️
Jarred Lord
Jarred Lord Hace un día
Zachorey Nations
Zachorey Nations Hace un día
This shit a damn banger u got a legacy ahead of you keep up the good work man dont let nobody tell u different
So Easy Beats
So Easy Beats Hace un día
10kstreamss Hace un día
It has a end of the world vibe for the fact that nle is predicting shit cuz uk he’s becoming spiritual
Kendrick Wilson
Kendrick Wilson Hace un día
I like your music
Kendrick Wilson
Kendrick Wilson Hace un día
You are the best rapper
Foreign Trader
Foreign Trader Hace un día
I just woke up and this how I’m feeling!!!! LIKE A TOP SHOTTA!!!
Tabitha Kaoma
Tabitha Kaoma Hace un día
I was flying the the first time I listened to this
Kyleigh Cassidy Tuliao
1:25 the Flow
QTLURCTS _ Hace un día
It never gets old 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.
Jaden Arnold
Jaden Arnold Hace un día
This one dem songs you can relate to💯
Giovanni Solorzano
Giovanni Solorzano Hace un día
6ixnine gooba got old so fast
Joseph Cordero Morales
Idk if dude finna answer this question butttt theres a good chance he'll see so, Are you gonna make a song with Ski Mask? ik you made one with trippie but ski is a good rapper too. Oooo would you have made one with X?
ThatBoii Twann
ThatBoii Twann Hace un día
All I have to say is 🔥🔥🔥
GVM Management
GVM Management Hace un día
Lets get this to 100k esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-pdyPCRaA9Fk.html
Antorio Fuller
Antorio Fuller Hace un día
When i was listenin too this song i thought of nle havin a seizure and lil baby gettin shot but they both servived
Stephen jackson
Stephen jackson Hace un día
Been a fan since 2018
Kaine Lokko
Kaine Lokko Hace un día
Becky Dakin
Becky Dakin Hace un día
Nle I making a rap here's part of it I'm still working on it here it goes ay ay texting nle bitches trying to be friends with me nle choppa bitch try to mess with him I'll come and dropp ya
Sukaili Ksjsj
Sukaili Ksjsj Hace un día
Anthony Duckett
Anthony Duckett Hace un día
lets goo nle and baby g.o.a.t. both of them
GoldenScopeMovies Hace un día
1:19 to 1:25 young adz flow?
223 came with a scope
Slap certified 🖐🖐🖐
Shaqueal Caprietta
Shaqueal Caprietta Hace un día
The only thing i need is that Glock 23
Ur Salteddd
Ur Salteddd Hace un día
Vixzyシ Hace un día
random landon
random landon Hace un día
make a song wit polo g #goat plzz
Yoni Dese
Yoni Dese Hace un día
Yoni Dese
Yoni Dese Hace un día
Bacon Squad
Bacon Squad Hace un día
this is fire
mjay ndlovu
mjay ndlovu Hace un día
went from hating this nigga to being inspired
kp Jags
kp Jags Hace un día
I www.gofundme.com/f/brothers-keeper-older-brother
Deniz Yesirci
Deniz Yesirci Hace un día
keeping up with tiktoks
This will surely make you laugh.. esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-2cv869oF6UA.html
Lil Nur
Lil Nur Hace un día
Asta Hace un día
I’m calling it, give it 6 months 100 million views 👏🏽👏🏽
Bryson you have truly became a better person GOD will forgive you and all your sins take care man god bless
Supportive Hace 2 días
Most hype shit ever
Domingo Cruz
Domingo Cruz Hace 2 días
Little baby ruined the song
Oashan Sanchez
Oashan Sanchez Hace 2 días
can some one google translate Lil Baby's lyrics he saying what he sayin?
Nick Schimke
Nick Schimke Hace 2 días
no joke best song out right now
BeautifulSoul18 l
BeautifulSoul18 l Hace 2 días
The vibes is insane I mean am I right Good job nle and lil baby keep up the good work
Michael Hardrict
Michael Hardrict Hace 2 días
who ealse cried?
De'marqus Ponder
De'marqus Ponder Hace 2 días
This beat and the bars in the song is wooooo
amber castner
amber castner Hace 2 días
I love nle
amber castner
amber castner Hace 2 días
Bruh i been listening to nle choppa since I was 8 bruh and I’m 10 he fire 🔥 no cap
Prod. Plush
Prod. Plush Hace 2 días
just cooked up a coppa x blueface x stunna beat. let me know what you think! esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-emf1G8hl7IA.html
Jerlieyha Thomas
Jerlieyha Thomas Hace 2 días
Nle Choppa should hop on one of my songs my rapper name is Kodak caramel
Deja Hace 2 días
Best song only song i listen to
Luidi Dias
Luidi Dias Hace 2 días
Sou muito seu fa
Kris Peeler
Kris Peeler Hace 2 días
This song smacks ong
MR Demon#1
MR Demon#1 Hace 2 días
Best rapper by far he cares about his fans come on now much respect for u bro hope you make it all the way to the top make it past 21 we can't lose anymore legendary rappers my favorite song you made by far i have never been a fan I'm a fan now 🤛
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