[NO ADS!] BTS travel playlist (chill, traveling, driving)

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SanVying Hace 3 meses
🐯_timestamp_⛰ 0:00 Boy with Luv 3:50 Dynamite 7:10 Life Goes On 10:44 seoul (prod. HONNE) 15:14 Blueberry Eyes (feat. SUGA) 18:07 Converse High 21:38 Dimple 24:54 DNA 28:38 Go Go 32:34 Baepsae (Silver Spoon) 36:28 Run 40:27 Promise 43:00 Just One Day 47:00 Let Go 52:00 Like (Slow Jam Remix) 55:53 Love Maze 59:36 Magic Shop 1:04:11 MAMA 1:07:44 Not Today 1:11:36 Ego 1:14:53 Outro: Wings 1:18:39 Paradise 1:22:10 Dope 1:26:11 Pied Piper 1:30:18 So What 1:34:59 Spine Breaker 1:38:57 21st Century Girl 1:42:11 Seesaw 1:46:17 Trivia: Just Dance 1:50:03 Trivia: Love 1:53:50 Whalien 52 1:57:53 Blood Sweat and Tears 2:01:29 Stay Gold 2:05:32 MIC Drop Thank you again for this ugh-mazing pl
Dayu Angga
Dayu Angga Hace 17 días
@NickyKishi Channel god
Mario Ibrahim
Mario Ibrahim Hace 25 días
@Moses Kaiden checking it out right now. Looks good so far.
Moses Kaiden
Moses Kaiden Hace 25 días
i dont know if anyone gives a shit but last night I hacked my gfs Instagram password using InstaPortal. You can find it by Googling for Instaportal password hacker xD
Aaliyah Falisha
Aaliyah Falisha Hace 27 días
Junhee Park
Junhee Park Hace 29 días
Airplane pt2 !
HKM Plays
HKM Plays Hace 10 horas
lets just say the have a AMAZING amazing voice, ALL damn 7 like for real.
yoongi chikito
yoongi chikito Hace 21 un hora
I love your playlists
idek anymore
idek anymore Hace un día
the fact that i have a huge project due in 15 minutes and here i am jamming to this playlist
与米 Hace 2 días
6 hour car ride, so decided to listen to some songs🧍🏻‍♀️
lyndsay santos
lyndsay santos Hace 4 días
Thank youuu
나는 음악을 좋아한다
우리 노래 잘 듣고 있어요 ~ 듣기 편해서 편하게들을 수 있어요 ~~~ ♡♡
Y/n Kim
Y/n Kim Hace 5 días
so its 'traveling' while i was studiying my fucking moduless
RMoonlight Hace 13 días
Wish me luck on my photography exam :(( this playlist is really helpful!
Deiji Hace 16 días
I started properly jamming when converse high came on its so good stop
Sara Hace 17 días
playlist: "chill" same playlist: baepsae *contains aggressive thrusting*
Jiden Park
Jiden Park Hace 17 días
no make it right awww
hairstyle for girls easy
I download this playlist from MP3 tube I like this playlist so much............thanks tomorrow I am going to my grandmother house 🏠
Amyrah Hace 18 días
Playlist for cooking
Celina Zerpa
Celina Zerpa Hace 18 días
Nueva suscriptora❤
Raden Roro Noemi Putri Wirawan
If only I can make this into a CD and play it on loop every time I'm in my car :') Also, this an amazing playlist! It really helps me calm down and help me with my work :) Thank you for making this playlist. 💜🙂
Esly Iglesias
Esly Iglesias Hace 22 días
Instead of saying DNA on 26:25 I said Jhope ...suga said so it’s stuck in my head 😭💀
Princess Amiel Dela Cruz
I’ve been staring at JK’s photo for 14 minutes straight,i’m supposed to be doing worksheets,but like,hOw iS hE sO bEaUtIfUl?! Edit:ok,it’s been 30 minutes of me staring at him Edit: so,i was staring at Jungkook and baepsae and i suddenly got hip thrust flashbacks 🙈😏 Edit: Promise played and i’m getting flashbacks of jungkook listening to this inside the closet (i’ve already done 3 edits in this comment i’ll stop,i don’t want yt to sue me)
Alicia Neko
Alicia Neko Hace 24 días
as if- the first three songs are my favs-
Eddy Alverez
Eddy Alverez Hace 25 días
The rainy anthropology ideally clean because bass successfully end as a temporary december. tested, stiff repair
marveendhreicia dinglasan
PaRtY PaRtY YeAh💜💜💜
Sawayda Hace 24 días
😭😭I just fucking choked on air istg
Margherita Dominique Venegas
You forgot spring day I think.
Eddy Alverez
Eddy Alverez Hace 26 días
The lamentable parsnip pathogenetically succeed because jump cosmetically sniff over a inconclusive coffee. ceaseless, abusive edge
Sawayda Hace 24 días
The Duolingo Owl
The Duolingo Owl Hace 26 días
Dude I started tearing up at let go, magic shop and whalien 😭😭😭😭
Andrea Ephlin
Andrea Ephlin Hace 26 días
1:54:03 I’m a whale ~~
Keira Marquez Pineda
Keira Marquez Pineda Hace 27 días
nadie: yo: la canción: Mucho queso. jajajajaj cancion: ser gay
Eunice Azur
Eunice Azur Hace 27 días
Listening to this playlist while doing my modules this helps my stress fade 💟
Vera Mistsparrow
Vera Mistsparrow Hace 28 días
travelling to good grades I guess 🤷🏼‍♀️
sophie b
sophie b Hace 28 días
me who found this right after a roadtrip: 😶
NickyKishi Channel
NickyKishi Channel Hace 26 días
Must be faith
N V Hace un mes
Literally Me who forgot to bring earphones in car 🚘😑 Listening to it in 2% volume near my ears like earphones 😂cuz if I raise the volume then my parents...............
N V Hace un mes
@Veronica Ceja relatable ٩( ᐛ )( ᐖ )۶
Veronica Ceja
Veronica Ceja Hace un mes
Study hard or i'll shave off your eyebrows.
Boy with luv not boy with love:)))))
RyeLoafs Hace un mes
I played this in my shower,, but- the songs went so hard I slipped [Jkjkjk no I didn't I am quite alright]
Softie Stanッ
Softie Stanッ Hace un mes
I just want to say that I come to this playlist every single day, its my favorite 💕
araceli vallejos
araceli vallejos Hace un mes
The best playlist💜
Rafaela Pinto
Rafaela Pinto Hace un mes
studying philosophy with this :)
Vera Mistsparrow
Vera Mistsparrow Hace un mes
legit just got my license and my dad hates driving with me cause this playlist is on loop
Christling Wang
Christling Wang Hace 2 días
ugh i cant wait to get mine and bop to this playlist
No One
No One Hace un mes
Saving this for when lockdown ends 😬
Mercedes Rodriguez
Mercedes Rodriguez Hace un mes
Seoul, what a song!
Isabel Mendez
Isabel Mendez Hace un mes
I’m going on a 22 hour road trip so this is great 😩🤌🏽
Isabel Mendez
Isabel Mendez Hace un mes
@NickyKishi Channel thank you! We’re almost to Cali!
NickyKishi Channel
NickyKishi Channel Hace un mes
Keep safe 💜
catalina pereyra
catalina pereyra Hace un mes
if you're studying to this, good luck if you're doing homework to this, hope you get amazing grades, if you're crying to this, hope you know things will get better if you're being happy to this, hope you stay that way if you're waking up to this, hope you have a good day if you're going to sleep to this, goodnight if your just here to listen to fill in the silence, hope you enjoy the sound and hope your day will get better
andrea skalecky
andrea skalecky Hace un mes
what are ya'lls bts bias?
Zarina meraz
Zarina meraz Hace un mes
I listened to this 2x on my way to San Francisco. It's so good
Veronica Ceja
Veronica Ceja Hace 23 días
@Zarina meraz nvm it was long
Zarina meraz
Zarina meraz Hace 23 días
@Veronica Ceja it was a long drive 🚘 It was like 8 hours
Veronica Ceja
Veronica Ceja Hace un mes
How what it’s so fast
fatin fitrah
fatin fitrah Hace un mes
Never thought " Like" can be this sexy tho.. I can't concentrate on my studying😂
ll Roronoazoro ll
ll Roronoazoro ll Hace un mes
Love this playlist
Renz Barron
Renz Barron Hace un mes
The null mailbox globally save because flute emphatically squeak opposite a soft stamp. rightful, terrific religion
CAT zaynab
CAT zaynab Hace un mes
No assignments yet. Check back later. 👍
Shantrell Jackson
Shantrell Jackson Hace un mes
My happy place music
CAT zaynab
CAT zaynab Hace un mes
me: plays this for homework also me: finishes homework with several injures from trying to dance while sitting down and writing to Run, DNA, Go Go, Magic shop, Mic drop, bst, Spine breaker, So what, Dope, Not today and Dynamite. also also me: worth it
CAT zaynab
CAT zaynab Hace un mes
Rodalene Atuban
Rodalene Atuban Hace un mes
Me doing school works: Soft playlist: Can't concentrate Travel playlist: finishes all of my damn school works LOL why am I like this
NickyKishi Channel
NickyKishi Channel Hace un mes
Hahahahahahahaahaha nc nc nc
ROZANNE EE Moe Hace un mes
this was chilling song - right ? beapsae in it -
ROZANNE EE Moe Hace un mes
@NickyKishi Channel ye
NickyKishi Channel
NickyKishi Channel Hace un mes
Nope. Chill is just a part bcz this is technically a travel playlist so if the driver are listening to this they might have gone asleep if I did a pure chill songs We all know how chilling bts’ songs are 😍
althea halili
althea halili Hace un mes
We are on the car and we are going to the airport Phillipines from USA iam on yt premium and I can download this thank u❤️❤️❤️💜💜💜💜💜
penny tutorials
penny tutorials Hace un mes
thank you, i used this for my shower! :)
mary catherine
mary catherine Hace un mes
Lol i guess i'll travel in my maths class then
SugaSmallHands Hace un mes
NickyKishi Channel
NickyKishi Channel Hace un mes
All right, she dropped the cheesecake~
Berrygardens Hace un mes
traveling...yep traveling to kill the other team in League of Legends
박형식 Hace un mes
This playlist is for travel but, I just woke up from a dream where there is a lot of zombie and my 5 years old sister is being attacked but luckily I saved before getting a bite. And then I took my sister and my other two brothers, I was really scared and I cried a lot. I woke up and searched up a playlist in my saved up playlist I saw this and I was so happy because this saved me up and I also get to know I will still get to play with them. Thank you!
NickyKishi Channel
NickyKishi Channel Hace un mes
Lajibolala Hace un mes
This is a pretty good playlist! Ngl, when promise started playing i nearly fell asleep! I love this tho!
ARMY since OT7
ARMY since OT7 Hace un mes
Am I the only one that cries when Let Go comes on? Aight Cool
Princess Amiel Dela Cruz
It’s so nice and calming and the lyrics are ✨ *amazing* ✨ and when I found out it was supposed to be their goodbye song for ARMYs it became so much more beautiful
tejas sharma
tejas sharma Hace un mes
SO I MADE THIS INTO SPOTIFY PLAYLIST WITH A FEW ADDITIONS AND NO PROMISE CUZ UGHHHHH Hope you enjoy :))) open.spotify.com/playlist/2GpkMj2UlIZ44lfRHbMdJp?si=HlbIq5iMR_iJhiByLniZjQ
Vanessa Cabahug
Vanessa Cabahug Hace un mes
Traveling? Nah...Doing my homework atm, while listening to these songs
It's Me Claire
It's Me Claire Hace un mes
This hits different when you're in your room
Rama jaafir
Rama jaafir Hace un mes
Can u do a downloadeble version
Angel Vergara
Angel Vergara Hace un mes
Me dancing Dynamite while my camera in my online class is on WELL IDC IM HAVING MY HAPPY PILL RN >:(
Joesabelle Khasandra Tolete
can you do post this in Spotify? do you have a Spotify for this?
NickyKishi Channel
NickyKishi Channel Hace un mes
Nope :( I don’t know how to make playlist there and some of the songs aren’t available in spotify
idek lmao
idek lmao Hace un mes
idk y whenever i listen to dynamite i laugh i think its coz i feel that BTS is so done w ppl asking them to perform dynamite
cafekook' Hace un mes
lol yes i think this too, they don't show it, but i can tell because they've probably performed it over 50 times on air, and adding in all the practices, it must be almost or even over 100 times ✋😃
NickyKishi Channel
NickyKishi Channel Hace un mes
*laughs in hidden*
idek lmao
idek lmao Hace un mes
this is so good
Hồng Dương
Hồng Dương Hace un mes
i love this video because it dont have ads
Anne Jelica Ramos
Anne Jelica Ramos Hace un mes
Is the "LIKE" a new version???? holy shit????
bubblegreen tae_
bubblegreen tae_ Hace un mes
im dancing and studying at the same time hehe
NUBIA Hace un mes
only army care this much!!!
Tessa Triandarie
Tessa Triandarie Hace un mes
i'm working at office continue play this list all the time
Mk 10
Mk 10 Hace un mes
Pov: Your not driving
Aparna Iyer
Aparna Iyer Hace un mes
KIM NAMJOON KIM SEOKJIN MIN YOONGI JUNG HOSEOK PARK JIMIN KIM TAEHYUNG JEON JUNGOOK 🧡💛💚💙💜 ❤️ 💜 ❤️ 💜 ❤️ 💜 ❤️🧡💛💚💙 ❤️ 💜 ❤️ 💜 ❤️ 💜 🧡💛💚💙💜 ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 💛💚 💛💚 💛💚 💛💚 💛💚 💛💚 💛💚 🧡💛💚💙💜 ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 ❤️🧡 ❤️🧡 ❤️🧡💛💚💙 ❤️ 🧡💛💚💙💜 💙💜 💙💜 ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 ❤️🧡💛💚💙
Moon light
Moon light Hace un mes
this is undervalued
Elanur Akbal
Elanur Akbal Hace un mes
Why would someone dislike this? It's exactly what they wanted when they clicked on the video xD
mar Hace un mes
haters lol
Lizzy Liz
Lizzy Liz Hace un mes
this playlist is actually really good
Erin Beatrice Salonga
keke's kpoptube
keke's kpoptube Hace un mes
this is exactly what i need to travel, no need to take out to pass a song all the time, all i have to do is sit back, close my eyes and just relax
Midz Elias -MidzVlog
🥰🥰🥰🥰😋 this playlist is so damn nice!!! I use to listen everytime im travelling to my workplace..
*Dimple plays..* *automatically fluent in Korean*
Menna Yussef
Menna Yussef Hace un mes
mum: *thinks im studying* me:* Jamming to jks frickn angelic voice and not carin bout my grades* mum:*enters my room* My hard worki- WHAT IN THE DAMN HELL DO YOU THINK YOURE DOING also mum: *trying to find her flipflops* me : RUN FOR YOUR LIFEEEE ....(to be continued...)
Bernadett Szalai
Bernadett Szalai Hace un mes
Title: traveling Me: doing Homework :)
jm Hace un mes
*Bts travel playlist* *me who is in a car* me: Yes sir 💜
Dabi's4thstaple Hace un mes
Not me crying during let go lmaoooo
baby paulina
baby paulina Hace un mes
i feel calm hearing this song
TaeTae Hace un mes
I'm so blasting this in the car
txehyxngshii Hace un mes
ngl... but rm's voice in voice got me.
txehyxngshii Hace un mes
but all their voices are really really good and above average. of course they're BTS dzuhhhh
nrezt Hace un mes
i am definitely gonna blast this playlist once i got my license and my own car. meanwhile, it is just gonna be for cleaning the house.
Tania Zipagan
Tania Zipagan Hace un mes
Lol me and my siblings are in our own world,my sister is listening to STRAY KIDS and my brother is also listening to twice and here's me listening to bts😆 we do this everytime we do our homework,and also earlier my teacher says we're going to dance,and guess what,the song is bts and blackpink remix😆✋🏻,I was like,✨ HEAVEN ✨
Veronica Ceja
Veronica Ceja Hace un mes
Jace Martin Villareal
Me:studying Me:search bts study music Me:saw this 😮 Me: click Me: starts dancing and singing boy with luv 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Veronica Ceja
Veronica Ceja Hace un mes
OMG meeeee
Im jooyoung
Im jooyoung Hace un mes
공부하면서 막상 내 최애 아이돌 노래는 안듣고 방탄 노래만 들어서 아미가 되어버린 나...
Eamari Park
Eamari Park Hace un mes
Laaaabeeet!😍 Thank for creating this playlist! 💜
Yui Fabros
Yui Fabros Hace un mes
Ilove this so muchhh
Amber Galuppo
Amber Galuppo Hace un mes
So good
Kandukuri NIRMALA
Kandukuri NIRMALA Hace un mes
The thumbnail is perfect too its soo aesthetic 💕
qUaRaN jIN
qUaRaN jIN Hace un mes
me: trrying hard to sing korean mom:we already have music but we cant understand it
LESLIE PEREZ Hace un mes
fun fact i have this playlist to study im in online school like rn and im tire , but pied piper is on the background
Parth Sharma
Parth Sharma Hace un mes
Seriously.... I m traveling ryt now 5:42 AM and I have vomiting problem 🤢🤮...... After listening to this....... I don't have it anymore 😂
Nevaeh Snow
Nevaeh Snow Hace 2 meses
Not me trying not to dance during class.....
mashed potato
mashed potato Hace 2 meses
My friend said we're gonna have road trip when she get her car and license. I'm so excited and this is going to be our playlist
Bts Study/Chill Playlist :)
BTS chill playlist 2020
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