no more spooky songs :/

Danny Gonzalez
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there will be no more spooky songs
listen to the whole saga www.youtube.com/watch?v=lFmE_...


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11 oct 2021






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Mopishfool Hace un año
We need Spooky Girl full rendition. I would recommend the line “She’s my Spooky Queen” tho. to make it rhyme with Halloween of course.
Bru he literally rhymed queen with Halloween in Spooky Lad.
Ange B
Ange B Hace 8 meses
His voice is so nice too 😢❤️
Ashley Champagne
Ashley Champagne Hace 9 meses
Was thinking the same thing
Manny Clay
Manny Clay Hace 10 meses
Or HalloQueen 🥁
Sir.cookie Hace 10 meses
True I thought that too!
Brandon Ross
Brandon Ross Hace un año
Pango Hace un mes
Wisvai Hace un mes
Greyson George
Greyson George Hace un mes
Why it sucks
Joe Dad
Joe Dad Hace 3 meses
Hey, jsyk, I'm from the future and it didn't work
Aakash Kumar
Aakash Kumar Hace un año
Honestly I am stunned by how good of a masterpiece "Spooky Girl" is. All i want for this Christmas is that song.
danigirii Hace un año
Holiday Spooks: A Spooky Christmas Romance, where a spooky girl contemplates leaving her spooky life behind, until she meets the new guy next door (who moved in to plot santa's assasination) it's a Spooky Cinematic Universe ya'll
BSC_Editz Hace un año
Is it just me, or did “Spooky Lad” hit different on the spook scale?
Braden The Man
Braden The Man Hace 8 meses
Spooky lad changed me. I am a different lad, now. I felt something. Something changed me.
aquasiox Hace un año
that spooky tea might just give me nightmares
Dante Nagarjuna
Dante Nagarjuna Hace un año
The british are scary man
yuta's_ ramyeon
yuta's_ ramyeon Hace un año
agreed bud.
NotHorror Hace un año
it's just pure bars
Steven Lowther
Steven Lowther Hace un año
Should've done spooky girl. It could have been the origin story of why you became such a spooky boy because you lost your spooky girl and needed to fill the void of spookyness you lost.
Neon Rainbow
Neon Rainbow Hace un mes
that would actually make sense cosidering In one of the spooky songs Danny said his girlfriend died two years ago
crazy silly
crazy silly Hace un año
@Fairytales Ever After oh ok
Fairytales Ever After
@crazy silly idk if you know but you can pretend to be other people.. mind blowing right ????!! 😮😮😮😮😲😲😲😲😲🤯🤯🤯
@crazy silly spooky (first name) boy (last name) it could alter ego . A boy with a whole different life
crazy silly
crazy silly Hace un año
hes married
Maddie Hopp
Maddie Hopp Hace un año
Crying, punching the air, throwing up, at the fact that spooky girl isn’t a full song
BraChess Hace 3 meses
Meanwhile im eating air
Masonic Hace 5 meses
Mattniklo Hace 7 meses
And Spooky Lad
Mattniklo Hace 7 meses
Same for Spooky Goofball
StachMan Hace 10 meses
Add Box
Add Box Hace un año
admitting when something is done is really hard for creators to do, hella proud of you for being real. Happy halloween.
colrevus Hace un año
Lina ;-;
Lina ;-; Hace un año
The kind of comment I was looking for! Preach :)
Anirac Hace un año
His list of spooky rejects: spooky alexander hamilton spooky ant spooky chap spooky chicken cutlets spooky country boy spooky dj spooky dog spooky doritos locos tacos spooky dude spooky elsa from frozen spooky family guy spooky fellow spooky fetus spooky girl spooky god spooky goofball spooky lad spooky mailman spooky principal spooky scary skeletons spooky spider man spooky thanksgiving (gobbling ghouls) spooky the movie spooky twinz spooky united states of america spooky waiter You're welcome:)
Lilycog Hace un mes
Need spooky fetus.
Rose84 Hace un mes
spooky alexander hamilton
timeforproblems ♡
timeforproblems ♡ Hace 10 meses
i need to hear spooky chicken cutlets. and spooky aleander hamilton.
Jelly4Frog Hace 11 meses
i need to know what spooky family guy is
zackadoo Hace 11 meses
I want to know what spooky Doritos nacho cheese locos taco is
laudclaud Hace un año
we need, i repeat, NEED- a full version of Spooky Girl 😭 THE SONG'S SO GOOD
oilly block of wood
oilly block of wood Hace un año
Can we as Greg just collectively bully him into releasing them all
Card Hace un año
Erin Last Name Redacted
The “Spooky Girl” song is beautiful… I’m not even kidding.
Red Hood
Red Hood Hace un año
Danutz the pogger
Danutz the pogger Hace un año
The Kingdom
The Kingdom Hace un año
Please just spooky girl!!!!!
Ally Siegel
Ally Siegel Hace un año
Kendall LaBrache
Kendall LaBrache Hace un año
@Lyssa Lectro yoooo how did it go?
Ponylove42 Hace un año
Danny: I'm out of ideas let me make these small joke bits for kicks and giggles Greg: DANNY PLEASE MAKE THESE FULL SONGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ohnoanotherputz Hace un año
I understand you not doing spooky songs anymore, but I'd absolutely listen to every one of those songs, including Spooky Goofball.
Nagito komaeda
Nagito komaeda Hace un año
turtleq Hace 3 meses
Omg nagito-
Blaine of arthropods
I think a lot of people feel the same way, especially artists, where they create something and think it's so much worse than it actually is and a lot of times, it's really good (like theses songs) but people are very hard on themselves. This isn't to say that Danny should have posted a song he felt was mediocre to him, but I mean that I totally understand where he is coming from and how he would rather post something he feels proud of than something he doesn't. Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween :)
Ariana Hace un año
"I'm all out of bars." **Proceeds to give 4 more bars**
Buff gentle pigeon
Buff gentle pigeon Hace 4 meses
Spooky goofball wasn’t that good
Gina(Not A Fan)
Gina(Not A Fan) Hace un año
@Chad treversun how did I (ostensibly) not comment here but got a comment notification for this thresd?🤔
hjdvfsvegjs Hace un año
Arden G 🎗
Arden G 🎗 Hace un año
@Elliot :3
Ink sans but angsty
Ink sans but angsty Hace un año
First off ass moth is hilarious but I agree it holds a special place in my heart
v4l_ Hace un año
psychosparten049 .Esquire
I know what this is… In the song, “Spooky Man” it states, “Even fifty years from now when I’m a spooky old man. You’ve all but forgotten ‘about the spooky tales I’ve told ‘ya. Here comes spooky senior just to spook you in the cold, yeah. With my creepy old hands.” - Spooky Man In short, we can conclude that there will be a new one in 30-50 years as a spooky surprise, thank you.
⟭⟬Ashlynn Park⟬⟭
My spooky girl lyrics: My spooky world just don’t spin around without you, my spooky boo. And every Halloween I don’t go looking for tricks and treats (oh no) this Halloween I just need my spooky girl
Cherryspacecät Hace un año
TheGameSnake Hace un año
Danny: “I have no more spooky songs” Also Danny: “Here is a full album of spooky songs I didn’t make.” (Update edit: thanks for the spooky music Danny)
Saiamar10 Hace un año
We need spooky goofball to be a thing
Karol Wolski
Karol Wolski Hace un año
Ok but he has to let us listen to spooky fetus. Also I keep seeing the rickroll bot and the bot who says his better than Danny under every comment, why tf does youtube allow this?
Coral Hace un año
@Doofy 𖨆 Bruh this dude replied to my comment too. Why are you everywhere?
TheGameSnake Hace un año
@Almond we were expecting “spooky dad” cause we thought he had a secret kid.
Almond Hace un año
"spooky family guy" I'm so upset we didn't get a glimpse of that one
Theiabodium Hace un año
I hope you see this, I just want to say its been fun and im glad you made what you did. I deffinantly can see how itd be hard as gell to make songs of the same topic over and over again, I will miss the possibility of waiting to see spooky grandpa, but it makes sense. But I do want to say, for me at least, it was obvious that the lyrics could only go so far on that topic, it is never why I came to want more. Really I kept wanting more because you are damn good at making music, and you make some great holloween music. I have never been big on lyrics anyways, I listen intrumentals and stuff a lot, but you make some good as hell music, with or without the words being there. Though I still think the bars are a great plus, I love your lyrical writing too
Moss Brush
Moss Brush Hace un año
Not me having "Spooky Lad" stuck in my head all day, causing me to watch this multiple times......🙃
LoveeErii Hace un año
Danny: I can't make songs about the same thing each year, sorry guys :/ Ashnikko:...Are you sure about that??
문𝐀𝐫𝐞𝐮𝐦 💎
Spooky goofball needs some love. The song reminds me of those kids who take all the candies for themselves. But I mean, honestly all of them slaps. I need the full version of them or maybe play the whole ass album of different unfinished spooky songs because those titles are intriguing as hell.
Beep Hace un año
Danny we can’t ignore that you have a file called “Spooky Fetus”
Spooky Dorito tho
Max Hace un año
I know right
crazy silly
crazy silly Hace un año
@Dashing Steel he didn’t want the song to turn into an abortion debate...
Animus Anemone
Animus Anemone Hace un año
@Doofy 𖨆 nah
Jake Southern
Jake Southern Hace un año
And spooky the movie and spooky family guy
Pig 55
Pig 55 Hace 11 meses
Danny Gonzalez: "I have no more bars" Also Danny Gonzales: *Makes Spooky Dj, Which Is A Better Song Then The Rest*
Thanksbutnothanks Hace un año
2:16 Missed opportunity to rhyme “Halloween” with “you’re my spooky queen”
Eddcentric Hace un mes
I've had spooky goofball play at random times in my head ever since you unleashed it upon this earth and as compensation I demand an extended version
Kimberly C
Kimberly C Hace un año
Mad respect for this decision. I honestly do listen to the spooky saga all year round and I would hate for it to have it's overall quality diminished with a song Danny just felt like he had to do. Now it just has to be tradition to listen to the spooky saga every Halloween
Ruthanne Marie
Ruthanne Marie Hace un año
“Then created the same thing but sexy” -Women’s Halloween costume creators
Nixx Hace un año
yeah and i appreciate that
Desired War
Desired War Hace un año
Fr.. :/
Anisa Hace un año
I buy my costumes off etsy now... much more expensive, but at least it's not super sexy (and the quality is great too).
methmi !!
methmi !! Hace un año
its so annoying i dont want a bodysuit i just want to be a goddamn witch 😭😭
A Hace un año
This video already has half the amount of views as most of the real spooky songs 😂
Calamity Wayblight
Calamity Wayblight Hace un mes
I actually literally feel robbed that we didn't get a full version of spooky girl. And thematically it would fit perfectly. Not to mention it's just so catchy and adorable 😍😍😭😭😭😭
peblezQ Hace un año
I love the spooky boy saga. Better to go out during its high rather than drag it out (:
PhatFairy Hace un año
I want to hear what "spooky thanksgiving (gobbling ghouls)" sounds like SO BAD
Umbra M
Umbra M Hace un año
Spooky burnout is a very valid feeling and we all really appreciate you giving us a few extra microjams for the season~ As much as we all want infinite spooky jams, you are, as you said, a spooky person too and it's not fair to expect you push yourself past what feels fun
Jayden Madox
Jayden Madox Hace 11 meses
@methmi !! yes, but only as a Christmas dec
methmi !!
methmi !! Hace un año
@Jayden Madox ayo can i use ur gravestone as decoration for my front yard
Jayden Madox
Jayden Madox Hace un año
"Spooky burnout" im dead
TheGuy YouDoNotWantToKnow
I'm literally keeping my grip on my tear when I heard spooky girl, tho I've never been in a relationship until now.☹️ But uhm.. We all did agree for Spooky Girl to be released as a full song.☹️ (don't mind me, I'm always sad) ☹️☹️☹️☹️
G.C. Weber
G.C. Weber Hace un año
"More songs should have sequels" okay, got it, so we should prepare for "i'm gonna kill santa claus again" i'm hyped
Big Old Bagel
Big Old Bagel Hace un mes
I just learned about the spooky series because of this video (I’m kinda addicted to ur channel) and all of the spooky songs go hard af it’s so sad there won’t be anymore
HERE OUR VOICES DANNY! Even if you are practically making spooky meme songs, we ALWAYS appreciate them, even if they don't have a good melody. Spooky shitposts always welcome.
Louise C
Louise C Hace un año
Spooky Girl could unironically become the All I Want For Christmas of Halloween. Halloween needs more romantic songs!
Arlo_Slater Hace 9 meses
If I were a zombie also rly hits as a spooky love song
Uhh Uhh
Uhh Uhh Hace 9 meses
Have you ever heard Some Kind of Stranger by The Sisters of Mercy or Demon by London After Midnight? Not really Halloween songs but they’re goth so it’s close lol. Well, goth-proclaimed goth lol.
Pete Fury
Pete Fury Hace un año
Go listen to Ed Sheeran
Jonas Hace un año
Ok Louise
Evinn Sangree
Evinn Sangree Hace un año
"we fell in love in October and that's why I love fall"
Nataly Chubarov
Nataly Chubarov Hace un mes
Unironically all of these songs are actually really good, especially spooky girl
Matty Hace un año
i hate when artists dont want to put out things because theyre too similar to previous material that only exists in a handful of items im DYING for more BECAUSE of how similar it is
Jocie Cox
Jocie Cox Hace un año
can we just appreciate how much work he still put into this 3 minute video
Catfreak :3
Catfreak :3 Hace un año
Lissasdf Hace un año
Danny: "im all out of song ideas" * shows us multiple amazing song ideas *
Yomi Hace un año
@Existence 👑 🎗 try not giving it too much attention because I also tend to do that in real life causing even more distress
Yomi Hace un año
@Tangerlemon sad things
Existence 👑 🎗
Existence 👑 🎗 Hace un año
@Tangerlemon idk ppl just like starting fights
Hreiðar Logi Gaming
@Tangerlemon haw now idea
Tangerlemon Hace un año
the fuck is goin on in these replies
I hate humans
I hate humans Hace un año
2:46 "people literally dying" now hits different
Dirk Strider
Dirk Strider Hace un año
Hi Danny. I like how you claim to be out of ideas, and then provide multiple spooky songs for us in one video. Good work.
Kyle Brown
Kyle Brown Hace un año
Its real hard to make write more than 4 songs about the same thing" - Me, looking at Michael Buble and the entire country music genre during Christmas
Orange Juice Gaming
Orange Juice Gaming Hace un año
R.I.P spooky saga. Gone but never forgotten.😔
Da_ Gudz
Da_ Gudz Hace un año
Bit sad we never saw Spooky Girl, would’ve been the cherry on top for his character arc when he finally settles down finds his Spooky wife and has a Spooky boy of his own
Breckin Arreguin
Breckin Arreguin Hace 4 meses
That would’ve led to a perfect loop for the songs
Lisa Crawshaw
Lisa Crawshaw Hace 4 meses
Yes, and he could have got Laura, his actual wife to the spooky wife in the video! That would’ve been cute
diarroboG 36
diarroboG 36 Hace un año
Spooky lad supremacy
Olii Hace un año
100% agree!
Masters Program
Masters Program Hace un año
@EEF Yes they Mean they want a full version of spooky girl
bigbrainer james
bigbrainer james Hace un año
Danny: "cant think of any ideas, feels like I'm rewriting the same song" also Danny: "gives 4 different versions"
Retro Collector
Retro Collector Hace un año
Awwww I was actually really excited this year. Oh well, they were good while they lasted. Keep up the good work with your regular videos.
Erick Sanchez
Erick Sanchez Hace un año
Every song that Danny has made is awesome even the rejected ones
Name Jeff
Name Jeff Hace 10 meses
As usual Danny has created a video that has the perfect amount of bait and tackle for engagement, he not only created songs that he knew everyone would ask for a full version of, even the spooky girl and DJ have incomplete lyrics at the end as another way for people to engage. I see you Danny, you goddamn genius.
Bobby boy
Bobby boy Hace un año
Petition for Danny to release spooky lad as a full song.
Aderyn Hace un mes
As a British person, spooky lad is one of the funniest things I have ever seen
Beez Hace un año
I loved the spooky songs each year sad to know we won't get any more :,)
Ayumi1358 Hace un año
Mini spooky playlist for the spooky songs: 1:30 Spooky Lad 1:44 Spooky Goofball 2:05 Spooky Girl 2:39 Spooky DJ
Rachel M. R.
Rachel M. R. Hace un año
I am actually really glad that Danny is admitting that he is out of ideas rather than trying to keep making spooky songs for the sake of tradition alone. The Spooky Saga is epic and we're going to have it forever, and the best part is it ended on a high note. (Spooky Ho was the best though)
Peanut butter Cat
Peanut butter Cat Hace un año
@Erin Last Name Redacted I agree with you
Erin Last Name Redacted
Spooky Man was the best.
Peanut butter Cat
Peanut butter Cat Hace un año
Mine is tough
Kaistro Hace un año
That Guy
That Guy Hace un año
“I don’t know if you know how hard it is to make 4 songs about the same exact thing?” Finally Danny understands the plight of being a rapper
Pusheen P.
Pusheen P. Hace un año
Danny could you just like go into garage band and Frankenstein all of those rejected drafts together into one reject pile song
Phantom_Boi Hace un año
release all the songs on your second channel lol, just like "rejected spooky" as a mix of all the unfinished ones
xLEGOboy13x Hace un mes
Honestly, I would listen to full versions of all of those titles. I could really go for some spooky doritos locos tacos right now 😭
redgem Hace un año
I’d already accepted the end of the series last year but this was a better finale than I could’ve ever asked for, spooky lad will live on in our hearts
Holly Snell
Holly Snell Hace un año
Spooky lad was like spooky good
jenna Hace un año
spooky hearts*
bea Hace un año
i need a full version of spooky girl ASAP
Christine Hace un año
Laughed so hard I had to catch my breath 😂 spooky goofball 😂😂😂
ST. BERNARD Hace un año
If he doesn’t release spooky girl that will be the true nightmare
balancebeambiaozi Hace un año
I for one am intrigued and terrified by the concept of 'spooky fetus'
Josiah Trelawny
Josiah Trelawny Hace un año
danny, i… i didn’t think i would ever hear you sing a song as beautiful as spooky girl
Banaan Banaan
Banaan Banaan Hace un año
H- how is this comment 69 years old sus
Raantuva Hace un año
FOR REAL. That came outta nowhere
Foks Hace un año
Seth druhigd
Marshall Gonsalves
Marshall Gonsalves Hace un año
I’m insanely high and this feels like a meta joke somehow
welfarejerry Hace un año
No joke, spooky girl was actually amazing.
Baby Yoda Carrot Studios
RIP Danny Gonzalez Your videos made everyone happy
Butter Dog
Butter Dog Hace un año
petition for danny to release the full playlist of experimental spooky songs in their unfinished forms
Xilv456 Hace un año
The fact that all 4 rejected spooky songs still hit is just a testament of Drew’s ability to write bops
Jisoo’s Wife
Jisoo’s Wife Hace un mes
almost didn’t notice you wrote drew at first lmao
Hummingb1rd Hace un mes
Don't you mean Jarvis?
PLAT!NUM Hace 4 meses
i mean... spooky goofball?
Noah welch
Noah welch Hace 8 meses
@AndreyIsInsane whooooosh
Syzygy☆ Hace 11 meses
@parrxtkun Target*
Case Hace 4 meses
I do genuinely hope that if you're still doing music when you're an old man, you do a Spooky Old Man song and drop it without warning like, in 30 years
MissPinkRainbow 5
MissPinkRainbow 5 Hace un año
Dude, I don’t even care if the songs are finished. Those were some seriously good bops. Have a spooky playlist of spooky shorts. 5 seconds for each one is just fine!
Hot Shower H2O
Hot Shower H2O Hace un año
I hope he's still making songs, just not Halloween songs. I love "Help Let Me Go" and "Dolphin Man".
Honk Onyx?
Honk Onyx? Hace 10 meses
i get Danny not wanting to make any more spooky songs, but EVERY SONG (with the exception of spooky goofball) WAS AN ABSOLUTE FUCKING BANGER
Jozefien Voets
Jozefien Voets Hace 13 días
spooky goofball needs to be a full song. just to see how many goofy sound effects danny can put in one song
Stephnes Hace 9 meses
Very late to this video but I’d actually like to see you re-record a few of your old songs, idk if it’s a good idea or not but it would be cool to see how they sound now with modern Danny. Maybe you can also remake the videos but thats just extra credit
Paradox187 Hace 3 días
“You’ve all but forgotten bout the spooky tales I’ve told”- Spooky Man I guess that would mean it’s not the end
*—*•-• Hace 3 meses
Spooky Girl would unironically be one of those acoustic songs that sometimes go popular on tiktok and people use to make emotional videos about their friends or their partner
EJ Spencer
EJ Spencer Hace un año
Danny: I’m completely out of bars, nothing hits the same * ten seconds of Spooky girl being a great song* Danny: I guess theres nothing left
dyslecsicdoodlebob ha
spooky lad is straight fire
Cairo Hace 7 meses
@methmi !! I agree wholeheartedly
Saiamar10 Hace 8 meses
@d4m13n_exe_1 true
d4m13n_exe_1 Hace 8 meses
@Saiamar10 that REALLY slapped
Raymond the cartoon enjoyer
@KaloQuokka the OP thinks it's a good song so let them think that. You can think it's boring all you want, but don't ruin it for them
Welp OK
Welp OK Hace un mes
Weird that a spooky queen would actually make sense as a costume this year
Liv Hace un año
Write spooky songs about all the creepy people you’ve done commentary on over the years. Or do another genre every year. Don’t give up
Kuriptic Hace 10 meses
I feel like there should be one last song, as spooky man said that he just can’t stop, yet he did. But a way to make it easier to write would be to make it so that spooky boy realized that Christmas was great too, so then he became jolly boy.
Valeria Ferrari
Valeria Ferrari Hace un año
There's an actual song called Spooky actually, and low key would love it if Danny made a cover of it
Memmer Miller
Memmer Miller Hace un año
Spooky Girl was so good though. Except “spooky queen” would rhyme better with Halloween 👻
KissyAdair💋 Hace un año
Thought he was gonna say queen. Then he said girl...
Erin Last Name Redacted
He used that rhyme in “Spooky Lad” though.
1995_Edition Hace un año
Yo same, I thought he was gonna say "queen".
Hi Hace un año
I literally thought about that before he said girl.. in my head I said queen LMFAO
Sammy X
Sammy X Hace un año
Danny just mix all of ur tracks together. Or do a stream and get chat to pick out the best tracks and make a song out of that.
Leo Lucas
Leo Lucas Hace 10 meses
This video disproved its own point. You explained how it’s hard for you to write spooky songs, and then showed us some really solid spooky song ideas. You don’t need to keep doing a self-centered rap, just switch the formula so you have more to write about.
That_Weeb Hace un año
I want "Spooky lad" on Spotify bruh
Wisvai Hace un mes
Am I the only one who wondered what spooky god sounded like?
Samantha Lord
Samantha Lord Hace un año
Still, no holiday song goes harder than “I’m Gonna Kill Santa Claus”
Lunabyes Hace un año
@Chester Balbon oh my god, you're right. I CANT UNSEE IT AHHH
Sheristen Hace un año
Kitty_Reaction Hace un año
Love that song!
Queen Shianna
Queen Shianna Hace un año
When I hear those reindeer paws, I'm gonna break the law.
Vida M
Vida M Hace un año
levicel Hace un año
Danny, if you EVER get a bout of extra spooky creativity and want to make another song. WE WILL ALL LOVE IT!!! 👻👻👻👻
FIG Hace un año
I loved that spooky DJ one, it was a weird vibe but I still like it quite a lot
_^RixTricks^_ Hace 9 meses
spooky girls sounds really good actually i think you should make a full version but don't make its spooky and change the theme
Shrekna Hace un año
So Sad that there are no more spooky songs but we still have danny and thats all that matters
Rainbow Flyer
Rainbow Flyer Hace un año
bro spooky girl is actually one of the most beautiful ballad's ive ever heard-
Cal Owenby
Cal Owenby Hace un mes
Yeah. Also, it feels so wrong that it’s been almost a year since this video was released.
joana isabel 👼🏻
Danny: No more spooky songs Also danny singing: Spooky Girl Me:💔🤭😭 Thanks....
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