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Bond is back. The first trailer for NO TIME TO DIE arrives this Wednesday.

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2 dic 2019






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tairz2013 Hace un día
Never seem him as james bond james bourne definitely
Couverture Magazine
Couverture Magazine Hace 2 días
Sensero Cruz
Sensero Cruz Hace 5 días
So now only the person for singing the title song is missing. I know ,that many people don't know about whom I'm talking or many will hate my idea. But I give it a try. Please let Helene Fischer sing the new title song of James Bond. I know not many people know her ,because she's a German singer ,but she can sing so beautiful and she could also sing good English Songs. I would love ,if Barbara Broccoli would giver her a chance. I know you all want English stars,like Ed Sheeran to do this job ,but why not trying something else and give a popular Song star in Germany the chance for international fame. Really she good do this. I'm writing this ,because for me it's one of the only chances to contact the team of Bond 25 'No time to die' . I know nobody would trust a person from Germany and I won't reach ,that she will be chosen for unbelievable job,but I had to try it. At least I want only say that I'm a bond fan and whatever person you choose I'm looking forward to this film. You always did a great job ! Thanks for reading !
Dan Customer
Dan Customer Hace 5 días
Well they killed James Bond. Social justice warrior politically correct African English lesbian woman is the next James Bond ; I won't be going to see any more James Bond movies !
KUNAL KUMAR Hace 5 días
Who's disliked it. Idiot
Keith Lund
Keith Lund Hace 5 días
It was exciting to see this teaser on TV. It was unexpected.
Wahid Baig
Wahid Baig Hace 6 días
No 1 blockbuster
Wahid Baig
Wahid Baig Hace 6 días
Duper hit
Wahid Baig
Wahid Baig Hace 6 días
Super hit
Adam Dominguez
Adam Dominguez Hace 7 días
where is trevelyan
Chong Chapman
Chong Chapman Hace 7 días
No time for the rocks....
Spagbowls & parma cheese
No time to WOKE..
Ptao Tom
Ptao Tom Hace 7 días
007: The Day to Die, coming never.
G G Hace 7 días
Better not be boring like Spectre
Kim Kaiser
Kim Kaiser Hace 7 días
i have a bad feeling this will be my last bond film... they are incorporating all these negros, and its just not going to be the same,,, i have no interest in seeing another film or iconic idea being poached by the PC crowd,,,
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Hace 7 días
Uploaded 3 days ago. Those sneaky bastards.
Mj Jones
Mj Jones Hace 7 días
Charlies angels with James Bond BIG DEAL I’m not Impressed 👎🏻
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh Hace 7 días
James bond is still a white man! Very good news!
HeyCrabman14 Hace 7 días
We're going to announce trailers now? It LITERALLY took me longer to write this comment then the video! 😖
Wes McGee
Wes McGee Hace 7 días
I think Sean Connery is calmly drinking a Scots whiskey whilst watching, saying aloud, " you're good kid. But as long as I'm around, you're second best".
Emily An
Emily An Hace 7 días
I misread the title as No Time to Diet and I was like "damn straight"
Aditya B
Aditya B Hace 4 días
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith Hace 7 días
music man
music man Hace 7 días
"arrre, I see your a oo agent? What's your code? Oh James, it 00 Mary Sue!"
music man
music man Hace 7 días
@Emily An cray world, am all for equal rights, i love women, having a strong sister i think as helped me see both sides to this mad modern sex wars we seem to be having in the west, but just leave it out of the cinema! you rock Emily!
Emily An
Emily An Hace 7 días
Ghostbusters 216 and now this....
I-IA/\/\ N
I-IA/\/\ N Hace 7 días
Full trailer released. 100% sure now 007 is in fact a woman. I will never watch bond again.
Taha Ejaz
Taha Ejaz Hace 7 días
To sum up Craig's Bond movies:- 1) Casino Royale: Great. 2) Quantum of Solace: the opposite of great. 3) Skyfall: little bit great. 4) Spectre: greater than Quantum of Solace but not greater than Skyfall. 5) No Time To Die: No time to say great.
Young Vac
Young Vac Hace 7 días
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Teresa Sobrino
Teresa Sobrino Hace 7 días
El mejor Daniel G.Sexy super varonil cuerpazo super actor
D255 TV
D255 TV Hace 8 días
Bohot Bohot Indian Xxxxxxx Video #funny 👇👇👇👇👇 esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-xJpGUDnCK48.html
Leonel Quintanilla
Leonel Quintanilla Hace 8 días
The name is bundy,al bundy,
Gerry Maloney
Gerry Maloney Hace 8 días
Its all good for now but once they bring in FEMALE 007 this series is FUCKIN OVER !
Розарио Агро
James bond is still a white man! Very good news!
Peter Shelton
Peter Shelton Hace 4 días
What the fuck
johnulcer Hace 8 días
Uploaded 3 days ago. Those sneaky bastards.
Ask to seduce Miss
Ask to seduce Miss Hace 8 días
This is Daniel Craig's last movie as Bond. I'm going to miss him. He did an excellent job with the series. Let's just hope that they don't try to tinker with the format after he leav
The Horrible Gamer
The Horrible Gamer Hace 8 días
Legit thought it said no time to diet.
Geki I Zenon Xenowing
What will be the fate of James Bond-007 after No Time To Die? Will the next Bond film after No Time To Die be a continuation of Daniel Craig's Bond movies, a continuation of Pierce Brosnan's Bond movies or a second reboot?
David King
David King Hace 8 días
The Knave
The Knave Hace 8 días
I sense a great disturbance in The Force.
Richard Scales
Richard Scales Hace 8 días
Ghostbusters 216 and now this....
john dillinger
john dillinger Hace 8 días
The bad guy is a fag? Lame.
BeNosey.com Hace 8 días
I blinked and I missed it, was the trailer any good?
Tiffania Porchiazzo
Tiffania Porchiazzo Hace 8 días
♥️JAMES BOND IS COMING BACK IN 2020 !♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
Paul Basilio
Paul Basilio Hace 8 días
Looks awesome
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