North Carolina vs. Virginia Tech Football Highlights (2019)

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North Carolina vs. Virginia Tech: Virginia Tech defeated North Carolina 43-41 in a game that took six overtimes. This game was the first six overtime game in ACC history. Third-string quarterback Quincy Patterson II came into the game and threw for 54 yards, ran for 122 yards, and scored two total touchdowns and the game-winning 2-point attempt for the Hokies. Virginia Tech wide receiver Tre Turner caught five passes for 106 yards and a touchdown. For UNC, quarterback Sam Howell completed 26 of 49 passes for 348 yards and five touchdowns.
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20 oct 2019






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Comentarios 164
Nate Young
Nate Young Hace 21 un día
The next couple of days off is needed for both teams for that effort great game
Go Green
Go Green Hace 26 días
I’m confused why did they go for 2 without scoring a TD in OT6
Toshow 10
Toshow 10 Hace 24 días
New NCAA rules state that by the 5th overtime both teams start taking alternating 2 pt tries from the 3 im pretty sure
林鼎鈞 Hace 26 días
5:18 When you have so much overtime they gave up stating which overtime we are in lol
Ruben T
Ruben T Hace 27 días
NCAA football > pro-football
Miles Robinson
Miles Robinson Hace 28 días
UNC for the win!! Black dude with dreads got that power! they Jerseys feature the Jordan logo
Josh Salmons
Josh Salmons Hace un mes
It got real in lane stadium after Quincy's td run...
JayDogTitan 1464
JayDogTitan 1464 Hace un mes
Lunch pail!! Go Hokies, VT!!!!
Alterate Hace un mes
Carlos Jimenez
Carlos Jimenez Hace un mes
Went to high school went Quincy , his freshman year and i was in my junior i always told him he was gonna be great and look at him now amazing Q! Keep doing ya thang big dawg! 🍴
Jason Simmons
Jason Simmons Hace un mes
Suck it holes.
Hal F
Hal F Hace un mes
I love how you can hear the beginning of enter sandman in the end
revpgesqredux Hace un mes
Heels walking out with heads held high. What more could they do?!?!
velvetsqueeze Hace un mes
I was there! It was AWESOME! My legs still hurt for standing for hours, but it was worth it!!
Hoodie Drew
Hoodie Drew Hace un mes
Virginia tech sucks
Ramon Tisdale
Ramon Tisdale Hace un mes
How did my nephew play...anybody know Alan tisdale no..34 linebacker!!
Jeremy Houser
Jeremy Houser Hace un mes
Nikhil Ananth
Nikhil Ananth Hace un mes
Meanwhile michigan lets a ball fly into the end zone and puts a freshman safety on the fastest receiver in the nation
Ken Arthur
Ken Arthur Hace un mes
Hopefully this big win will give the Hokies some good momentum for the rest of the season. They showed strong determination and didn't give up.
brea waya
brea waya Hace un mes
Shawnte Mason
Shawnte Mason Hace un mes
I thought #4 was a clone version off the marcus vick go hokies
Mike Lyons
Mike Lyons Hace un mes
Chokie fans why has this guy not been playing all year?
RoKe Hace un mes
Please go coach tech already😂 He really should have started every single game! Smh
Uncle Luke
Uncle Luke Hace un mes
Good game to Virginia tech! To my heels we need a lot of things to be working on! Sam needs to stop keeping the ball in his hands and just throw out of bounds under pressure! But we are definitely more improved then last year but our chances on winning the coastal are done! I’m sorry but it’s over for us in my opinion! It’s down to Pitt and UVA now! But I’m so proud! GO HEELS!
Joshua Morris
Joshua Morris Hace un mes
the coastal is wide open for absolutely anyone... just like every year lol
American Adventures
Man, This was a hell of a game!!
Thomas Werk
Thomas Werk Hace un mes
both of these teams are awful..
Mike Lolp
Mike Lolp Hace un mes
You know what I heard BIG PLAY TREY
William Porterfield
I still can’t believe this is a third string quarterback
Book of shadows contributor Brian
Tech football is back wants Clemson 🏈🏉🎹
David Arents
David Arents Hace 22 días
@J K Agreed. Clemson? Seriously? Final score: Clemson 73, VT 10.
J K Hace un mes
No we don't. We gotta try to keep it close against ND and steal it at the end. Would be great to get wins against GT and someone else to get 6 wins.
757 Trucker
757 Trucker Hace un mes
The best game I have seen in a long time
Austin Blankenship
Austin Blankenship Hace un mes
Both the teams future is so bright, they’re so young talent-wise... this might be a very cool rivalry that brews in the future
ρεrsοη D
ρεrsοη D Hace un mes
Best college game I have ever watched Go hokies!
kameron wilson
kameron wilson Hace un mes
This was the best game I have ever been to
CR8GHT GAMES Hace un mes
Quincy Patterson is definitely clutch GO HOKIES
Nunya Biz
Nunya Biz Hace un mes
@ 5:40, the Cadet reaction shows you what college football is all about
Nunya Biz
Nunya Biz Hace un mes
@ 5:53, the Cadet reaction shows you what college football is all about
Moonroof Hace un mes
Mac is doing a good job
James smith
James smith Hace un mes
Patterson is a clutch QB. It looks like anytime he got a step untouched he was hard to stop.
Leonard Green
Leonard Green Hace un mes
Phew! Gotta love hokie football!
Dylan Spencer
Dylan Spencer Hace un mes
What a GAME
Tom Witt
Tom Witt Hace un mes
It's a shame either team had to win.
Phantom_Wolfe Hace un mes
Say what you will about the talent of either teams, but being there in that stadium and in that atmosphere was one of the greatest things I have ever experienced.
Ali Activ Plus - Tongkat Ali
This game was so fun to watch! What a wild ride! Go HOKIES! I can help boot their energy and stamina for better performance. Details on my channel..🔥 🌹 👍
craig brown
craig brown Hace un mes
5:38 capturing the excitement of the soldiers after they saluted was awesome
BCFHardHitterz Hace un mes
The most trash ass fucken game in my life....everyone of those UNC players should never step put on a NFL field...muthafucken rookies...had the game in the 4th quarter...you let it get to fucken 6 OTs and lost...you all are trash 🗑 including the ball boy and cheer leader...and let’s not forget the old ass coaching squad...
neenem10 Hace un mes
quincy patterson elite 11
Dan Farbecker
Dan Farbecker Hace un mes
I guess UNC players were too busy in the African American studies class to watch film this week
Dan Farbecker
Dan Farbecker Hace un mes
@You Andme Thats too funny UNC cheated the system by offering fake classes...yep great game by a bunch of players that shouldn't be allowed to play much less wear the uniform
You Andme
You Andme Hace un mes
What is wrong with you ? You just watched two teams play their hearts out and the only thing you could think of is insulting the players about the classes they take. I guess sad and miserable people always have to let others know how pathetic their lives are. Grow up !!! It's nobody's fault that your life isn't what you hope it was going to be.
Hokie4Life Hace un mes
Ole Macky didn't look too happy there at the end. Sorry Heels.
cason3547 Hace un mes
What a dumb, exciting game 😂
Christian Basden
Christian Basden Hace un mes
5:40 loved seeing them out of character having fun! 😂🤟🏽
Hotdawgfilms Hace un mes
Yeah, football games are like the only chance the Cadets have to let loose and have fun, so they go hard
paul smith
paul smith Hace un mes
Great game #heels should have won but we are makin progress, Howell has to learn how to dump it off to the RB when their is pressure
Nunya Biz
Nunya Biz Hace un mes
@Derek Russell "Too much talent for UNC as you say? You may be right especially when UNC went toe to toe with a more talented Clemson team. But.........VT won when pressure was at its greatest and that was enough.
Derek Russell
Derek Russell Hace un mes
paul smith no we play called y’all in the game. Sacked your QB 6-8 times To much talent for UNC It would be like us beating y’all in basketball it will always be a fluke upset. But awesome job on getting in the mix What y’all need to focus on us beating UVGay in Basketball
Pax Nick
Pax Nick Hace un mes
Glad to see a quarterback from Chicago do his thing 💯
rob etheridge
rob etheridge Hace un mes
How did they end up with 43-41 if the score was 41-41 and Tech scored a TD. That would be 47-41.
David Arents
David Arents Hace 22 días
@rob etheridge New this year (2019). Starting with 5th OT, only 2 pt conversions. Glad my Hokies won, but it seems like a lot of luck once you hit 5th OT. Kind of like NHL tiebreakers when you are one on one with the goalie. Never liked the OT rules in CFB anyway (starting at the opponents 25). What is so wrong with a tie?
Vincent Jamesderamo
@rob etheridge changed that rule because of last years LSU texas A&M game that went for 7 over times
rob etheridge
rob etheridge Hace un mes
Bulls Fan Oh, dang, did not realize that. When was that change put into effect? I am living in Croatia and have not kept up so much with rule changes in a while. I am an Auburn grad who also likes the Wolfpack. I have yet to watch a game until last night when I caught the tail end of the AU game. Congrats to the Hokies.
Bulls Fan
Bulls Fan Hace un mes
It turns into two point conversions after 5 overtime
Noah Willard
Noah Willard Hace un mes
Jake Wilson
Jake Wilson Hace un mes
Let's go Hokies!!! The Virginia Tech Hokies won in six overtimes and got the victory at home against the north carolina tarheels!!! Virginia Tech is the best team in the ACC!!! I ❤ VT!!! I love Virginia Tech football!!! Virginia Tech is better than Virginia!!! The Virginia Tech Hokies are the best team in the ACC costal division!!! That's my team in the ACC!!! Go Hokies!!! Virginia Tech> Virginia!!! I ❤ VT football!!! The Virginia Tech Hokies are underrated!!! Let's go Hokies!!! The Virginia Cavaliers are overrated!!! We will play against them in the season finale!!! We'll remember this game against the North Carolina Tarheels for now until we play the hated Cavaliers of Virginia!!! Let's go Hokies!!! Happy day for the Virginia Tech Hokies!!! Good job Virginia Tech Good Job!!! Good game for both teams!!! Go Hokies Go!!!
Nunya Biz
Nunya Biz Hace un mes
Jake, I love your enthusiasm. I'm a long time VT alum, but saying VT is the best in the ACC? I think you are getting ahead of yourself. Let's see if we go Charlotte to win our Conference. Then I will agree with you.
Cain Abelstein
Cain Abelstein Hace un mes
Win or loss, North Carolina has been providing some of the best games of the season on a weekly basis.
Taylor Hale
Taylor Hale Hace un mes
Yes absolutely can’t wait to play them next year
G Herbo You Know Me NLMB
Quincy Patterson is a stud
Dennis Bowen
Dennis Bowen Hace 26 días
Too bad the oc is about as bright as 25 year old christmas lights
KoolAidFarmer Hace un mes
Whoever’s calling the plays for tech needs to be fired. They legit ran Quincy up the middle every single time. This man has an arm. Let him use it.
fball214life Hace un mes
Josh Salmons they better
Josh Salmons
Josh Salmons Hace un mes
I agree but they didn't really have a scheme for him this game, he was the 3rd string QB. If he starts against ND he should have a better game plan more suited for him. I wish they would call plays like they did Fuetes first year.
Creasyonfire Hace un mes
If he starts against ND, he'll throw the ball a lot more
fball214life Hace un mes
Hulk Hogan they won’t against ND with that crappy play calling
GeneralSp33d Hace un mes
As a pitt fan thanks vt. Now we wait to be killed by unc again
Yusuf Elsayed
Yusuf Elsayed Hace un mes
Best game I've ever been to!!! I was in the VIP club seats! Intense game!!
revpgesqredux Hace un mes
that must have been amazing. Happy for you
Derek Russell
Derek Russell Hace un mes
Carolina is no longer just a basketball school great job on putting yourselves on the map. We just have a boat load of talent, that is now beginning to gain confidence. Still need to unleash or loosen the reigns more offensively (Play calling with that talent ) Definitely going in the right direction Go Hokies
Tre T
Tre T Hace un mes
Carolina is a basketball school.
Brandon Wells
Brandon Wells Hace un mes
Worst condensed version F EVER
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