NOT SLEEPING FOR 56 HOURS || ft. Let Me Explain Studios

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Let me tell you about not sleeping for a couple of days.... it's terrible. Don't do it. I should also just go sleep now.

Thanks to Rebecca for lending her sweet voice!
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Aslo, friendos that helped lip sync:
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5 dic 2017






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Comentarios 80
CypherDen Hace 2 años
Sorry for the weird sound at 0:34 guys. Added a squish sound by accident since I only had 5 hours of sleep the last two days making this video. I forgot to watch it one last time before upload. Oops. u_u Seems fitting for the video though 😅
Catilina Carroll
Catilina Carroll Hace 4 días
I just set my alarm and go on my bed and just watch TV all night all my tablet sometimes I just go to sleep without hearing my alarm
Catilina Carroll
Catilina Carroll Hace 4 días
I can never go to sleep because I can never go to sleep I don't know why I can't go to sleep but I just can't
hoi Hace 4 días
Brandname ._.? Did you read the comment
Pichu Elijah
Pichu Elijah Hace 6 días
CypherDen hi
Catilina Carroll
Catilina Carroll Hace 8 días
@Luna Animates %#$#@@#$$$#%*>;**` !!!!!!!!!!!
Candice Zerafa
Candice Zerafa Hace un hora
XD same!!!
crybxby gacha
crybxby gacha Hace 2 horas
I didnt sleep well for 7 days
Erdenebat Tayanamjil
Den: you want to now whats the most illegal thing i own *Rebecca having mouth*
Zack the amazing Bison
Why does Rebecca have a mouth?
Kristián Horn
Kristián Horn Hace 2 días
russian sleep experiment be like
moosepilot comics
moosepilot comics Hace 4 días
Pichu Elijah
Pichu Elijah Hace 6 días
Why does Rebecca have a mouth?!(1:52)
Salvador Colunga
Salvador Colunga Hace 7 días
Lol when the vid was playing an ad poped up about sleeping pills😂
Toastlord13 Hace 8 días
I'm super young and didn't sleep for 4 days XD.. Let's just say it was for the dumbest reason soo it's kinda dumb that I hurt myself so much XD
vatsal kejriwal
vatsal kejriwal Hace 9 días
Those are rookie numbers. I once got into a challenge with a friend and did not sleep for 4 days. I am writting this comment after having not slep in the past 50 hours and I am unfazed.
Ashley Reynolds
Ashley Reynolds Hace 9 días
omg den gave @let me explain studios a mouth
Necro Hace 9 días
At the time of this comment I have to leave in 3 hours for a trip I’ve been awake for 2 days Frick
Đóğė phõęňíx
I could live without sleeping
Rowblx :3
Rowblx :3 Hace 11 días
O noes
Neontwizzlers The Third
.... i went a week with a total of 1 hour 20 mins of sleep in high school..... how am i alive
Old Wine
Old Wine Hace 12 días
Energy drinks actually make me sleepy... ✖️🔋✖️
Dragos Something Something
The Grudge in real life would be even worse than anyone's nightmare.
Cringe INC
Cringe INC Hace 12 días
I’m watching this while doing a all nighter
Tracy Carter
Tracy Carter Hace 13 días
John wick not homeless
starry night
starry night Hace 14 días
Well I got a record of no sleep for 40hrs, I guess its time to prepare my self and break my own record to 100hrs just cause
Max KoolKidz
Max KoolKidz Hace 15 días
bruh if i pull 2 all nighters i way more active
UndeadGaming Hace 15 días
Dude how did you survive that without sleeping i can just stay up until a day
Hanson Koay
Hanson Koay Hace 16 días
Becca:*has eyes* Me:Wait that’s illegal
Fury Mysteries
Fury Mysteries Hace 17 días
i was wake for 62 hours and i was laughing for no reason i was laughing while i was calling my friend for no reason my friend think i was going crazy and he told me to go to hospital
Fury Mysteries
Fury Mysteries Hace 17 días
he you yes you you should to go to sleep dont be wake so long so your friend dont think that you are crazy
Cash Gacha
Cash Gacha Hace 18 días
Crazy but I’ve bin doing a all nighter for a week
Ayano Aishi’z older sister Lol
One time when I was in 2nd grade I passed out on the couch cus I was so tired keep going if you wanna hear it 👇 When I was in 2nd grade I was the teachers pet and wanted to keep that so I worked hard everyday. I sleep at around 10 so I don’t really need sleep but I got to my babysitters house cus my parents were at work a lot and I sat on the couch and looked at a door. When I got there it was 3:33 and at around 4:00 I started to get sleepy but I tried so hard to stay awake as I kept staring at the door. At 4:50 I got dizzy really dizzy! At 5:00 I started closing and opening my eyes. It’s like I went to sleep for 2 seconds then woke up quickly. That happens over and over again. I one point I saw double of the door there’s was 2 of everything and then next thing I know my babysitter wakes me up at 5:40 when my parents came to pick me up. I remember all of the sudden hitting my head on the couch maybe I didn’t pass out and i was just so tired idk and I’m dumb so bye
bowser studios
bowser studios Hace 18 días
That's what 3 days you crazy man
Searchlight UwU
Searchlight UwU Hace 18 días
Ha, be like me that worked on a animation and not sleeping for a week and everyone hating that animation.
danielle playzs
danielle playzs Hace 19 días
RykerYT Hace 19 días
I've gotten over 10000+ hrs of no sleep, what even is sleep 😳? HELP ME!!!
bbb888 Hace 19 días
Who holds the world record for no sleep??? Does anyone know?
Oober Noober
Oober Noober Hace 19 días
The longest time I was up for was over 48 hours since I woke up one day at 7:00 am and went about my normal day then I went to bed. It was only 8:00pm and wasn't that tired so I wasn't that worried, then it got worse. It got to 11pm and I was thinking "oh this is new, up past 10 new record" so not that bad. Then it got to 1am and I thought "ok this is bad im not tired and I've never stayed up this long." THEN it got to 3:30 and I realized "ok this is very bad I NEED to sleep or I will be exhausted during the day" (I was 10 at the time and really needed 8 hours minimum) then before I knew it 7am struck and my mom walked in to wake me up but I was already awake. That night I went to sleep at 9pm and relaxed, somehow wasn't even tired dueing the day.
Javier Rodriguez
Javier Rodriguez Hace 20 días
Next time try cuban coffee ☕️
little ol' me
little ol' me Hace 20 días
This is why you sleep kids
The Good Ender
The Good Ender Hace 20 días
I watched this at 12 pm
Andrea Gama
Andrea Gama Hace 21 un día
one time I stayed up for 83 hours I need help lol
King Marcus
King Marcus Hace 22 días
It's 70:4 and no sleep
Flyingtoons Hace 24 días
Den: *doesn't sleep for 56 hours* Me: pathetic
dimond duck992
dimond duck992 Hace 26 días
OMFGosh. Rebecca has a mouth
Smol Potato
Smol Potato Hace 27 días
"What happens when you lack sleep?" Me- You can... Die?
Gamer Boi
Gamer Boi Hace 27 días
I just pulled all nighter
Wandering Channel
Wandering Channel Hace 29 días
In quarantine I legit. Ate ice cream and took sugar, I kept failing but tried and tried. I finally got it and my mom took me to a place then I went to a party. Sadly it got boring and slept at my cousins house mid party. Woke up and had a sleepover. And I went to sleep but. I woke up like 7 hours later.
Natsuki Subaru
Natsuki Subaru Hace un mes
Meh 120 hours is the top for me. Couldn't last longer than 5 days
NoblePro7 Hace un mes
Dannymations Hace un mes
What is a slepo
Arlette Parker
Arlette Parker Hace un mes
I know how to SLEEP 😴!!
sir.Kokichi Hace un mes
Haha artist problems am I right
WhoIsThis YT
WhoIsThis YT Hace un mes
Bill cipher
Caitlin Phelps
Caitlin Phelps Hace un mes
I'm like really fucked up when it comes to sleep, i once went more than 90 hours without sleep, i also generally sleep less than 15 hours a week
Pigmaster 0713
Pigmaster 0713 Hace un mes
She don’t lie she don’t lie she don’t lie Cocaine
Elemeff Fancypants
Elemeff Fancypants Hace un mes
2:21 B I L L
Mayra gaming
Mayra gaming Hace un mes
I have stayed awake for 2 weeks
//Gummy Bunny\\
//Gummy Bunny\\ Hace un mes
Fun fact: if you go 4 days wuthout sleep,you lose your sanity.
ilucywolf Hace un mes
Once I did an all nighter and somehow (even though I had no coffee or energy drinks or candy) I was as energetic as a kid who just ate an entire bag of skittles OwO
ilucywolf Hace un mes
You get creepy dreams and sleep paralysis and waking up and going to sleep in another dream at 48? Lucky, I get them at 24 ÙnÚ when I fall asleep and wake up from a creepy dream and repeat that, I have to pour water on my face😂
Albie TV GAMING Hace un mes
Little mastake but ARE YOU CARZY LOL 😆
Suzanne Dougan
Suzanne Dougan Hace un mes
I am a little tiny bit younger and I can’t sleep without melatonin
Wolf assiasn 864
Wolf assiasn 864 Hace un mes
3:12 Cat: you discuss me
Soy Sauce Animations
I think I've been up to 30 hours
Cosmo Mellow
Cosmo Mellow Hace un mes
I stayed up for 3 days straight once(almost 4)
King Mac
King Mac Hace un mes
Litteraly anyone who has a test to study for lol
Zack Markham
Zack Markham Hace un mes
Meanwhile, I'm over here with horrible insomnia. It sometimes gets so bad, I get no sleep for four days.
Pinkyplayer 630
Pinkyplayer 630 Hace un mes
I feel like Den at 40 hours of no sleep is just me regularly
Willormangoleem 2
Willormangoleem 2 Hace un mes
Me watching this at 5 am
Red Galaxy
Red Galaxy Hace un mes
You have sleep
MattiewYT Hace un mes
I didbnot sleep for 2 months while i was 7
Maria Lopez
Maria Lopez Hace un mes
I only slept 2 hours last night my dad really wants me to go to sleep but I'm still awake
The3jAnimations Hace un mes
Mine is 113 hours and im not proud of it and i don't wanna do it again
FireWyvern12 Hace un mes
I stayed up all night watching these all night
Cecilia Valero
Cecilia Valero Hace 2 meses
I had sooooooo many falling dreams and i am only 9
Jazmin Hace 2 meses
i have done 72 hs of no sleep because i forgot i had a final of a class i already had passed (2 years before, and we have a 2 years period to do the final exam), and it was the last chance to do the exam so i study non stop for 72 hours and passed that final like a champion. I had done the 48 hs too many time and after toneees of coffee my body starts to shake :D
gotcha cupcake lovell
I've had that before but I got a lot more than 75....
Alberto YT
Alberto YT Hace 2 meses
“Just 5 more minutes...”
Kristine Angela Zamora
Good job.. for not going to sleep im kinda proud but at the same time worried Plus I didn't Sleep for 48 hours well it was worth it
CalorieCat 98
CalorieCat 98 Hace 2 meses
I am a master o lacking sleep 100%
Bunny ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Bunny ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Hace 2 meses
Den same
Ralston Smith
Ralston Smith Hace 2 meses
'your face isn't wearing shoes!' -CYPHERDEN-
Mr. Zimbel
Mr. Zimbel Hace 2 meses
Red Bull? Real pros do cocaine!
stratosphericism Hace 2 meses
i found this girl in an online lesson on a student learning space because covid 19
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