NOT SLEEPING FOR 56 HOURS || ft. Let Me Explain Studios

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Let me tell you about not sleeping for a couple of days.... it's terrible. Don't do it. I should also just go sleep now.

Thanks to Rebecca for lending her sweet voice!
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Aslo, friendos that helped lip sync:
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CypherDen Hace 2 años
Sorry for the weird sound at 0:34 guys. Added a squish sound by accident since I only had 5 hours of sleep the last two days making this video. I forgot to watch it one last time before upload. Oops. u_u Seems fitting for the video though 😅
The Tea
The Tea Hace 6 días
CypherDen this is fake you should be seeing hualusanatoins idoit
Mark Clark
Mark Clark Hace 20 días
CypherDen I was so confused when it happened 😂😂
•Neko Time•
•Neko Time• Hace un mes
@Tea Witch did u worked on school and animated video for yt without sleep? I guess no.. I am just half week. ;w; Imma go try to sleep... ;-;
cameron francis
cameron francis Hace un mes
Thx for the explaination it's ok
Enbi Hace 2 meses
i thought that was intentional
Hawaiian wolf
Hawaiian wolf Hace 4 días
then if its sleep that makes you laugh when your tierd then im just crazy for rolling on the floor and laughs soetimes at random
Princess 4ver
Princess 4ver Hace 7 días
Me: hahaha
Princess 4ver
Princess 4ver Hace 7 días
Cypherden: cat come over her take a picture with
Omega Fox87
Omega Fox87 Hace 11 días
I survived 72 hours
Alexia Galbraith
Alexia Galbraith Hace 16 días
I love both of u guys :)
Min Yoongi
Min Yoongi Hace 24 días
i feel like this is not a big deal
ajtaleri Hace 25 días
Huh... My sleepless self didn't have as many issues... But now years later I sort of have narcolepsy. Sooooooo maybe it caught up?
Hannah TONGOL Hace 28 días
I think something went wrong with the microphone
Featherflame Hace 28 días
Welcome to having insomnia
Black_ Fog
Black_ Fog Hace un mes
I'm in an abusive relationship And it's name is SLEEP DEPRIVATION
FloofiFoxalin Hace un mes
Correction at 1:53 . “Your fault for keeping me awake.”
Albert Nave
Albert Nave Hace un mes
Wait, what in the world? My god. This must be the world smallest coffee cup. It can barely hold an 4:24
Corrupted Green
Corrupted Green Hace un mes
Once i had not slept for 39 hours i fell asleep on the concrete floor
Kelsey Cheney
Kelsey Cheney Hace un mes
I have two questions. How? and why? I get that stuff needs to get done but like you are seriously hurting your health. You could have a stroke or a heart attack
Gremlin Plays
Gremlin Plays Hace un mes
Im so sleepy im working on a video😖
derpy squid
derpy squid Hace un mes
one time when i was younger and i was really tired and i hallucinated that there was a little yellow car driving next to us driven by slightly bigger ants
Shalala MeowMeow
Shalala MeowMeow Hace un mes
11 classes that's crazy I can't even imagine taking more than 5
Nuke chicken
Nuke chicken Hace un mes
i have stayed up for 120 hours help(edit: i slept for a day rip a day of my life)
Chris Ozbirn
Chris Ozbirn Hace un mes
56-48=8 2 Days And 8Hours
King_Dark_ Blade
King_Dark_ Blade Hace un mes
Cyper den "56 hours without sleep" Gamers: " amateurs. 73 hours without sleeep" Me : "SLEEP WHAT THE F*** FLAVOR IS THAT!"
Özgür Usta
Özgür Usta Hace un mes
Cypherdan:*dindnt sleep for 3 days* Me:SAME Also me:*dindnt sleep for 1month*...i have insommia what did you expect -_-
Ben Joseph
Ben Joseph Hace un mes
i can go two years whif no sleep not kidding but i becomme shicc🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤒🤒🤒
Sarah Potato chan
Sarah Potato chan Hace un mes
No you can't, don't lie, an average human can only survive 13 days with no sleep, this is the stupidest lie I've ever heard.
Matheo Medina
Matheo Medina Hace un mes
Uwu A Slice of depressed cake uwu
I have been pulling all nighter‘s for a month I need help
NoxWyvern Hace un mes
I'm surprised you didn't start seeing shadow people and dream demons from the edges of your peripherals. 😂
Miki Mew Mew
Miki Mew Mew Hace un mes
Eh hehehe, i noticed the bill cypher thing on the wall. 2:20
Nikki Orren
Nikki Orren Hace un mes
When i have a electronic hell no im going to sleep there is you on youtube
I'm a POTATO Hace un mes
*This makes me not wanna sleep for days*
Help me I am stupid!
My highscore is 30 hours. I try to beat it every summer
memer_cats Hace un mes
This is stoopid as a gamer i have not slept in 69 hours and im fine yes im ded inside
Mike Pereira
Mike Pereira Hace un mes
The most long period without sleeping i have was 30 hours in the new year's eve
sans Hace un mes
1like=1hour for den too sleep l l V
Crystal Pistey-Lyhne
Immune Poggers
Immune Poggers Hace un mes
That salty deafault Boi
I’m a middle school student with pounds of home work I drank 3 Red Bull I told my self example Me:GO TO BED BED BED BED GRGRAAA Brain:WAKE THE FU- FU- Fu- Uhh F-F-F-Filipe UP
Minecraft Mad
Minecraft Mad Hace 2 meses
i remember when i took 3 classes for a single semester that i was so bad at managing a good sleep schedual that I would always have trouble staying awake in a morning class this was only 3 classes 12 hours a week I have no idea how i made it thorough high school
Puffy Cløud
Puffy Cløud Hace 2 meses
Yeet just found my favorite youtuber. XD
David Hinojosa
David Hinojosa Hace 2 meses
The Princess
The Princess Hace 2 meses
Sleep is my enemy. Not because I had managed to pull off an all nighter as impressive this one, but more of my body usually takes in 16 hours of sleep sporadically... And I hate naps. Because I don’t get up on time and end up staying up sum more.
h7 Hace 2 meses
4:03 me when talking to any human being
Meryl Seerangum
Meryl Seerangum Hace 2 meses
Dan: with uhhh other person: are you drunk she thinks to herself
Meryl Seerangum
Meryl Seerangum Hace 2 meses
That's a bad school than they should at least realise that it is too much work for one person to handle people are getting sleep deprived just to graduate it is horrible and I don't like it when schools do that sleep and mental health is more important than your scores
Alysia Slattery
Alysia Slattery Hace 2 meses
Now I'm Wondering if Den And Becca Are Good Friends In Real Life :P
catnoir carlos
catnoir carlos Hace 2 meses
Den okay then I am going to stay awake all summer vacation you inspired me den so yeah and i I'm a big fan and I watch all your videos😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆❤💙💚💛💜💕💖💗👍👍👍👍🐧🐧🐧🐧👌👍
The random Stranger
The random Stranger Hace 2 meses
Back in grade 4 I played roblox for 3 days straight and then I just fell asleep in front of my laptop and let's just say I havr no idea how I did that
Midnight Star
Midnight Star Hace 2 meses
I haven’t slept in a year
Lunna2012 Hace 2 meses
For me my art gets better at like when I’m sleep deprived and at school, I wonder how this works...
-Toxic Gamer -
-Toxic Gamer - Hace 2 meses
5:08 guy looks like John Wick
Shadow Gaming
Shadow Gaming Hace 2 meses
I wanna stay up for 72 hours but my mom just gonna ground me
Austyn Ella
Austyn Ella Hace 2 meses
can you tell Rebecca I said hi
Fred benham
Fred benham Hace 2 meses
No way you us explainer and in taner
Ashton Huy
Ashton Huy Hace 2 meses
Those are rookie numbers
Oh Doodles
Oh Doodles Hace 2 meses
24 hours: Energized AF 48 hours: fine 72 hours: Kill me now
Charles Akyigyina
Charles Akyigyina Hace 3 meses
3:48 that actually happend.
Lunna2012 Hace 2 meses
Oh boy, imagine if I forgot to put on my shoes.. it’s snowy all the time so welp... frozen feet.
It's Black jared
It's Black jared Hace 3 meses
One of the flies was gingerpale
Stormy Hace 3 meses
The scary dreams and hallucinations happened to me last night I was staying up for days watching ESvid and playing games I got energized way to well at night and in morning super tired
Kennychi Oeyono
Kennychi Oeyono Hace 3 meses
1:53 waitt that's not rebecca!! She has a mouth!!!
• PuppyCat512 •
• PuppyCat512 • Hace 3 meses
I stayed up for a week once lol
PB Scouts
PB Scouts Hace 3 meses
I liked the bill cypher in the background :)
Shalucard Hace 3 meses
For me red bulls wore their effects off and had to hit the redline shots.
Cindy Straus
Cindy Straus Hace 3 meses
wait i need more sleep
Rome Athena Murcilla
This is funny!
TheSleepy_Potat OwO
TheSleepy_Potat OwO Hace 3 meses
me 2 years you deys
Joshuacarre Ps4
Joshuacarre Ps4 Hace 3 meses
Most i was awake is about 2 weeks
Toy Pong
Toy Pong Hace 3 meses
Who else was watching this at 3:am in the morning also getting no sleep?
Toy Pong
Toy Pong Hace 3 meses
Wait, CypherDen favorites comments!? Wow shes that kind of youtuber!
flamingo flimflam
flamingo flimflam Hace 3 meses
Bill is there
Joris Kentra
Joris Kentra Hace 3 meses
Rly 48 h of non sleep is easy and I only need a lime coke
Granny Fuck Face
Granny Fuck Face Hace 3 meses
I snort crack cocane
Scor_ Wolves
Scor_ Wolves Hace 3 meses
Why did u give Rebaca a mouth
Big Boi Sans
Big Boi Sans Hace 3 meses
Long time ago i slept for 12 days or 12 something???... And i woak up oh god i hope i wrote woak up right...???... Soooo i asked my mum and i was like mum what day is it???
A Furret
A Furret Hace 3 meses
I’m set to go to art school because I’m a gamer. And gamers stay up for days on end. I like to draw:P
Vato Boy
Vato Boy Hace 3 meses
SealNugget Hace 3 meses
I'm watching this at 4:48 in the morning
kitty_games Hace 3 meses
Is it just me or do some of you guys sleep then it feels like someone pulled your bed
Mmmmh Mmmmh
Mmmmh Mmmmh Hace 3 meses
2:21 bill cypher
Just a Queer
Just a Queer Hace 3 meses
Den: Staying up 56 hours is AWFUL!!!! Me: *Challenge accepted*
Mimic Verse
Mimic Verse Hace 3 meses
My record was 70-ish hours. My vision got blury at times and the term "falling" asleep isn't just a way of describing the action of initiating sleep. No I would have a falling sensation standing up and my friends told me later that is was like seeing a zombie finally accepting death. (Quote : Chris - "Looking up at the sky with glossed over eyes, I had known you were dead when I first say you that day but after that I knew your soul was in a better place." End Quote)
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