Obliterating the Land Speed Record in Kerbal Space Program

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26 sep 2022






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martincitopantsLIVE Hace 2 meses
Play Enlisted for FREE on PC, Xbox Series X|S and PS®5: playen.link/martincitopantsliveen Follow the link to download the game and get your exclusive bonus now. See you in battle!
SILENCE Hace 14 días
At 16:34 it's Mach 6.6 and at 17:32 it's Mach 984.9 and at 18:37 it's Mach 5,473,378.93
Кирилл Фролов
Orangutang Gaming
Orangutang Gaming Hace 19 días
Orangutang Gaming
Orangutang Gaming Hace 19 días
Trystan Rodriguez
Trystan Rodriguez Hace un mes
Btw I noticed right off the bat that one of your main issues was that you need a tailfin to keep the vehicles straightened out! Even the land speed record vehicle used it.
Griddlez Hace 2 meses
Ah yes, the land speed record that is 6.3 times the speed of light. Incredible work froggy man.
Cezary Hace 2 días
63×speed of light
Bent Hace 25 días
GraperPie Hace 28 días
Ah yes, the nerd.
Autonova Hace 28 días
Even at that speed it would take Jeb eight months to reach the nearest star.
PapaSkyRooster Hace 29 días
Oscar winning performance
armchairmaster Hace 2 meses
I love how not once is the term "downforce" ever mentioned in the video. Also how did we go from "land vehicle with wheels and boosters" to "just shove an immortal Kerbal in front of an exhaust."
Jocelynn Dotson
Jocelynn Dotson Hace 8 días
666th like
mibusuzaku Hace un mes
i love how we cared that it stayed on land with wheels at first, then was just shooting a kerbal like a cannon ball, never touching the ground by the end. "Landspeed tot's"
Uluc Hace un mes
@Smug Anime Girl front wings cause loss of stability here i think it could be tuned further
Je-note Hace un mes
I was thinking about that the whole time. I mean until it turned into Jeb launcher
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Hace 2 meses
I'm genuinely impressed the game rendered him going at glitch speeds instead of sending him to the infinity realm
Sean Pazdera
Sean Pazdera Hace un mes
Don't underestimate the 'Kerbal
Snowdemoman Hace un mes
The life of Jeb must be quite chaotic. One minute he's trying to break the landspeed record, the next he's leaving the solar system.
Vadan Drumist
Vadan Drumist Hace 11 días
Jeb: "What about this is 'land speed'?!"
Susrage Jr
Susrage Jr Hace 18 días
Jeb tried to break the laws of nature and shall now float endlessly in the void of space. Poetic in a way
TheGraham Reaper
TheGraham Reaper Hace un mes
i mean he's moving so fast that he breaks time so uhhh he kinda isn't in any minute. he's just jeb.
Rodrigo the Happy Dog
9:47 Those kerbals trained their entire lives to pilot spacecraft, only to end with their organs arranged by density against the cabin wall.
UPHIGH 30 Hace 2 meses
Martins the kind of guy who opens the window on a submarine because he wants some fresh air
it's a cult
it's a cult Hace 21 un hora
And then fresh air comes in.
IO Hace 4 días
He’s the type of person to put openable windows on a submarine.
Sid Little Gamer
Sid Little Gamer Hace 12 días
He's also a tactical warfare bad ass
Seth Jr
Seth Jr Hace 15 días
TerraLyte Hace 17 días
He would open a spaceship window for fresh air
Usurper Hace 2 meses
Not only is Jeb now the only thing in existence that could escape a black hole, he could do it with ease.
F.R.E.D.D 2986
F.R.E.D.D 2986 Hace 5 días
@TerraLyte that's not how it works
TerraLyte Hace 17 días
@Ryan Pennington theoretically, Jeb can escape if he’s going in the same direction as the black hole’s spin. The black hole might slow him down but he probably will
Ryan Pennington
Ryan Pennington Hace 17 días
‘Twould be nice, but no. Once in black hole, all paths in space and time lead deeper into the black hole. No speed can escape its darkness.
Najo Hace un mes
Martin: Get ready to match our speed with 6 times the speed of light Everyone else: It's not possible Martin: No, It's necessary.
Андрей Тимаков
James Shedinn
James Shedinn Hace un mes
Yoooo interstellar
Kevin Sundelin
Kevin Sundelin Hace 15 horas
I was listening to this while trying to nap and I love how it eventually just devolved into *Frog noises *Countdown, noise, laughter *And a bunch of "Oh My God"'s
Talon Black
Talon Black Hace 23 horas
I love watching your videos with my volume at max, making me half deaf. Its fun.
James Coyne
James Coyne Hace 2 meses
Congratulations to Jeb for becoming the fastest known stellar object
Atmosphere Hace 2 meses
He hits a planet
Im A YeRkOv
Im A YeRkOv Hace 2 meses
Not even the freeze of the fabric of space time is enough fast to stop Jeb! Also, Camera is god for be avalibale to capture something 6 times fastest than light!!
CatCrayZ Hace 2 meses
eddie van hallen profile picture epic
Adam1144 Hace 2 meses
@Aspenpaw i swear, if they actually do..... the first person has to be named Jeb
Flix El Gato
Flix El Gato Hace 2 meses
…safely on land, of course
Colby Boucher
Colby Boucher Hace 2 meses
The "can martincitopants grasp the concept of downforce" challenge
Armoredcompany Hace un mes
That moment when you reach escape velocity...instantly.
Bryce Peters
Bryce Peters Hace un mes
Of the galaxy...
Zach Steiner
Zach Steiner Hace un mes
KSP: “You should try to make it to space!” Martin: “We’re just gonna play this straight!”
Joanna Hace un mes
jumpscares at 2:35, 18:55
ConnerzMK1 Hace 4 horas
This made me laugh more than it should of XD ya boi got yeeted into space
Andrew Mack
Andrew Mack Hace 2 meses
Why am I not surprised that this went from a land speed record to launching a Kerbal at 6 times the speed of light
Taco Hace un mes
@YOGURT Honestly, props to you for taking the L with grace. Well done sir. May your pizza rolls never burn your tongue.
Jonathan Cole
Jonathan Cole Hace 2 meses
@Danylo Particles can't interact with each other when traveling faster then the speed of light else they themselves would have to be interacting with each other faster then the speed of light this is what causes time dualation
randomaster 13
randomaster 13 Hace 2 meses
@Danylo Well, the question in this case becomes, did the Kerbal actually somehow accelerate to speeds above the speed of light, or did they experience Lorentz transformations that made it seem that the Kerbal was moving through space at that speed in the Kerbal's frame of reference. But if we just wanna say that Jeb decided he didn't care that the speed of light was the limit, and he actually made it to speeds that high, we can describe everything that happens, right up until he hits the speed of light, where he probably does something strange to how he perceives the universe. As he accelerates towards the speed of light, time would appear to move by in a blur to him, and when he was within a percent of a percent of a percent of the speed of light, he would've witnessed trillions of years in nanoseconds. Jeb would essentially travel to the end of time, then somehow go beyond that. Classic Jeb.
YOGURT Hace 2 meses
@Danylo time dilation, in our universe it's impossible to reach light speed let alone pass it. I think there is no way to know what would happen. Maybe there would be such energy concentrated on the kerbed he would rip space time as he travels past. For certain in the game we could see that even at that speed he was travelling forwards in time.
Danylo Hace 2 meses
There is an assumption that with the development of a speed close to the speed of light, time begins to slow down, does it turn out that Kerbal moved into the past?
Economics Goat
Economics Goat Hace un mes
10:00 Ah yes. The world record for fastest speed in the water without any propulsion in KSP.
jesse Hace 2 meses
the part that cracks me up the most is when he turns to look at the sun and realises just how fast he’s going
MOXzy 321
MOXzy 321 Hace 14 horas
PRess f3 and it'll bring up a statistics like menu that'll actually show a record land speed
Minority Respecter
Minority Respecter Hace 2 meses
The shot of him instantly launching into orbit had me fucking crying
Tiziano Herrera
Tiziano Herrera Hace 29 días
Bro he wasn't even orbiting anything, he just straight up left
James Renwick
James Renwick Hace 2 meses
The real reason Artemis was delayed was to clear the corpses of kerbals littering the runway from this
Epic747 Hace 2 meses
What corpses are you referring to, there's nothing left but ashes and broken dresms
Eric Hace 2 meses
Not to mention all of the kerbal corpses floating orbit
Pollo 👍
Pollo 👍 Hace 18 horas
18:13 bro literally deep fried jeb and made him switch races
James Goring
James Goring Hace 2 meses
As soon as I saw "record" and "kerbal" in the same title my eyes lit up with unbridled joy and chaotic insanity. God I love your videos
Real Civil Engineer
Real Civil Engineer Hace 2 meses
Best sponsored segment I've ever watched 🤣
Goofy ahh kid
Goofy ahh kid Hace un mes
Engineer who build fast thing watch froggy man build fast thing
Mokkachino Hace un mes
not surprised to see RCE here
Pyrosorus Hace un mes
Oh my god rce your videos are so good i love your timberborner series
justa_spaceman Hace 2 meses
a rare Mann
a rare Mann Hace 2 meses
Noice a engineer is engihere
Mark Lewis
Mark Lewis Hace 2 meses
If Jebs acceleration remains constant now that he’s in the deep black void, eventually he’s going to collide with something and absolutely destroy it
James Moyle
James Moyle Hace 2 meses
Not only did he break the land speed record, he technically time travelled.
Lord Calcium
Lord Calcium Hace 7 días
​​@Shane Tuma 1.8 Billion, not million, so yeah its a bit faster
The Architect
The Architect Hace 7 días
@Cody Goble As jeb was leaving the solar system He pondered for a awhile and came up with this He had Fucked up.
jasoney Hace 25 días
@Shane Tuma billion
Mamenber Hace un mes
@derkylos Pasta fazool, I am a fool
derkylos Hace un mes
@Mamenber 10^8=100,000,000=hundred million. C=3x10^8 (approx). Therefore, the number you're looking for is 300 million meters per second. Achieved speed is around 18x10^8 m/s, which is about 6 times C.
Joshua Sweetvale
Joshua Sweetvale Hace 2 meses
10:00 You have entered... the Danny2462 zone! 12:50 You made a cluster bomb!
Not the CIA
Not the CIA Hace 2 meses
The last one literally sent him to meet God, Jeb set out to beat a land speed record and he found the answers of the universe 🙏 🙌 praise Jeb kerbal
Leonardo Filho
Leonardo Filho Hace un mes
Jeb not only managed to get in space, he also escaped the sun's orbit
Bryce Peters
Bryce Peters Hace un mes
No son. He escaped the entire Galaxy's orbit...
Cuddlyrihno5 Hace un mes
I love how you sent a man horizontally so fast that he became a comet
Doomchap Hace 2 meses
13:40 the one thing you do not want to hear while in a vehicle moving faster than the speed of sound is “it’s a little unstable”
Trippy Shrimp
Trippy Shrimp Hace 2 meses
At that moment jeb had realized his fate
NyKxSsSs Hace 2 meses
If it works in the f1 games, it works for a landspeed record.
Nightlash Hace 2 meses
if you do the ground is getting hungry
Shannon Spotswood
Shannon Spotswood Hace un mes
Jeb broke the land speed record so hard that he became a celestial being
Jeb is currenty exploring the systems of KSP 2 after trying to break the land speed record and going 6 times the speed of light and trying to find a way back to report on his findings
Nora Hannigan
Nora Hannigan Hace 20 horas
dude im so excited for ksp 2 ty for reminding me
Clint Hace un mes
I honestly haven't laughed that hard due to major depression in a long time. Congratulations 🤣
CapitalTeeth Hace un mes
I can just imagine myself being that one Kerbin that got launched into space at several times the speed of light at the end. Just getting yeeted past the entire solar system lmao
Nathan Weinberger
Nathan Weinberger Hace 2 meses
I love how it just went white and then he was in space. You literally sent Jeb to heaven.
hi Hace un mes
Subnauticaispog Hace un mes
@StormLord Eternal lmao
StormLord Eternal
StormLord Eternal Hace un mes
@Subnauticaispog So you know how the Doom Slayer had to go through a soul portal in Hell to reach Urdak(heaven but the angels are weird robotic flesh moths). This is the speedrunner direct route.
S O U P Hace 2 meses
He sent Jeb to space at a staggering 4198081643 MPH or about 6.5 times the SPEED OF LIGHT
Subnauticaispog Hace 2 meses
@Sayam Ganguly this is like, the reverse warp. Instead of going to hell as a shortcut through space, he went to heaven.
littleferrhis Hace 2 meses
Martin in previous Kerbal videos: lets use my knowledge of thermodynamics and aerodynamics to achieve the best goal for our kerbals. Martin when trying to break the land speed record in kerbal: **MORE ENGINES**
FireMuffin Hace 23 días
Id recommend checking out the stock landspeed record series on Stratzenblitz75's channel, and he also did a full stock light speed mass driver too.
Евгения Hace un mes
18:03 He literally went to heaven for 4 seconds and then teleported back to earth just to escape the solar system at far more speed than just speed of light.
Rushed_Aura Hace 2 meses
Legend has it, Jeb is still drifting in space to this day
Disciple of Dagon
Disciple of Dagon Hace 2 meses
Martin refusing to realise that downforce is incredibly important for staying on the ground going at such high speeds cracks me up
UltmateRagnarok Hace un mes
Also the fact that he was endlessly confused as to why the one design with actual stabilizing fins is the one that stays stable, even though he did his whole dart analogy with literally a solid rocket booster with fins on it for the actual KSP series.
Sonder _
Sonder _ Hace un mes
The whole time I was like, if you put a fucking front wing on it would fix all your problems
I am Good
I am Good Hace un mes
@Bloody Mobile that’s why i love it
Bloody Mobile
Bloody Mobile Hace un mes
@I am Good it's how you play KSP. You don't fix the problem, you make something else the bigger problem to fix it.
I am Good
I am Good Hace un mes
love how when the yeag 3 flips over his solution is adding more engines instead of making it more stable
David Hace un mes
Jeb went over 1870000 km/s which is over 6x the speed of light. He's made out of some really strong material, we need to study Jeb further.
Space Battleship Yamato 2202
I love how this devolved from trying to break the land speed record, to ballistic experiments with kerbals
jadecrusher 10
jadecrusher 10 Hace un mes
18:35 He went 6.26 times the speed of light because of a booster fart
CybrSlydr Hace 18 días
That final Jeb launch has me laughing so hard my sides hurt. LMAO
Star Hace 2 meses
Martin seems like he’s really smart but he needs like a ritual to summon it
Bloody Mobile
Bloody Mobile Hace un mes
I think it's the other way round: streaming scares the braincells away, they have performance anxiety. Can relate.
Airplane Maniac Gaming
@peter vasil Can confirm. I like to remember the most stupid of shit, but will half a second after teaching you how to build a fully functional nuclear reactor would turn around and turn off all the systems keeping the reactor from having a catastrophic meltdown before looking at you and saying "Now, for your next test; How fast will this reactor reach a critical failure, and is it indeed possible to prevent this catastrophe in time?"
Tamnker Hace 2 meses
@Zyri Antel “check this shit” *Drops demon core
peter vasil
peter vasil Hace 2 meses
ADHD behavior
Zyri Antel
Zyri Antel Hace 2 meses
Martin can tell you almost the exact science behind aeronautical physics in one breath, and in the next he’ll nuke a Kerbal down to their molecules for a lark.
BobTheism Hace un mes
Damn, Jeb really became one with the Speed Force
Nerd Output
Nerd Output Hace un mes
Some say jeb is still floating through space to this day.
Silent Jack M.D
Silent Jack M.D Hace 22 días
So I did the math roughly and at minimum our poor lad got sent out of orbit at a staggering rate of 3 to 4 times the speed of light The speed of light is 299,792,458 meeters per second then just divide that by martins total speed and you get something like 3.5 and some other numbers and I didn't even type out Martins full speed I just used a billion
-Tq- Hace 2 meses
I can't wait for KSP2. It's going to be so much fun. 😁😆
CocaCola4blood Hace un mes
When Jeb's desiccated remains slam into another planetary body, then it'll be a land speed record. Technically.........
Sir Illuminar The Valiant
I love how a vertical stabilizer never occurred to him
Soopergoober802 Hace 2 meses
When you realise the speed of light is only 299,792,458 metres per second and mart just broke that by throwing kerbals in front of rockets
RemittentDig17 Hace 2 meses
Went from making a land speed record to instant space travel
Diona Hace 2 meses
That shot of Jeb passing across the sun was priceless.
DelPlays Hace 22 días
@dihvocfoscocudvyvdd also keep in mind that Jeb traveled roughly 6 times faster than speed of light
@Erich Damer Keep in mind Kerbol is way smaller than the solar system
Erich Damer
Erich Damer Hace un mes
Considering that Jeb flew past the sun in a few seconds when light needs 8 whole minutes to travel from the sun to the earth, that is really quick
owen diaram
owen diaram Hace un mes
I shall raise a nice glass of *alcohol* in his honour
Stephen Collins
Stephen Collins Hace 7 días
I haven't laughed this hysterically in a very long time. Thank you.
AlternateMusicAddict Hace 19 días
Jeb went almost exactly 6x the speed of light
The masked Man
The masked Man Hace un mes
I like how it just went from tiny little rocket to breaking time and space itself and going to the multivirse
That 1 Kid
That 1 Kid Hace un mes
An object that emits enough energy to send a kerbal at over 6 times the speed of light will just annihilate the entire galaxy that it's in.
Filippo Meuti
Filippo Meuti Hace 2 meses
The scariest part is that even at that speed it would take Jeb more than a year to reach the nearest solar system, it really gives a prospective on how big Is the universe
Evanbenn3 Hace 2 meses
@Victor Ribeiro jeb is going faster than light and going faster means time travel to the past
Victor Ribeiro
Victor Ribeiro Hace 2 meses
@Tim Horton what
Tuzszo Hace 2 meses
@Evanbenn3 The Bootes void is pretty close actually (on the scale of galactic supervoids anyways) at only a few hundred million light-years away. The most distant objects in the visible universe are hundreds of times further away, and also totally unreachable (without FTL travel) because once you get more than about 12 billion light-years out everything is getting pulled away by Hubble expansion faster than the speed of light. In fact because of that we will never be able to see the "present" for those objects as any light they emit currently can't reach us so all that we can see is an afterimage from when they were still much closer.
Tim Horton
Tim Horton Hace 2 meses
Time dilation means that, from Jeb's perspective, he would arrive at the next solar system before he left.
Arandomcommenter Hace 2 meses
Here’s hoping we completely annihilate the laws of physics and can accelerate past light
Smile Despite
Smile Despite Hace 2 meses
Anyone else wanna see him try and rescue the kerbel he used to reach exit velocity on the known universe
Michał Hace 25 días
The ending was a pure masterpiece ♥️
ウニ Hace 6 días
17:33 “Now this, is fast. But we can go faster…” 18:00 *Proceeds to launch kerbal into interstellar space*
SzandorThe13th Hace un mes
he didnt just break the land speed record, he yeeted my man to the next solar system
Batness Hace 2 meses
"And as a Kerbal was sent out into the cosmos, all he could think about was that he, and he alone, broke the land speed record."
amine abdz
amine abdz Hace 2 meses
He broke the speed record period, he went literally faster than speed itself.
Maciejow Hace 2 meses
and the speed of light by 6.26 times
Lonely442 Hace 12 días
If you theoretically applied downforce via thrusters and two thrusters on the side to keep it straight you could technically achieve a much higher speed so the craft at 12:34 was stable since the thrusters in the middle were acting like a gyro therefore it did not spin out,some crafts use this technique in space such as nasas moon exploration vehicle and their EVA SAFER suits,sorry for the long comment
Max Machac
Max Machac Hace un mes
Its truly something when your LAND speed record ends in the recordee exiting our solar system at multiple times the speed of light
CampinCreeper Hace 2 meses
I adore how one of the designs was basically accidentally recreating F-Zero.
The Yeet Elite
The Yeet Elite Hace un mes
You launched jeb at about 6 times the speed of light at the end there, he is transcending time.
Aiden McLaughlin
Aiden McLaughlin Hace 2 meses
RIP Bill, you will be missed. Your sacrifices for the Bean Space Program will not be forgotten.
Aiden McLaughlin
Aiden McLaughlin Hace 2 meses
@Mosh Gains He killed bill doing the same thing in the first series
Joycruz1 Hace 2 meses
Mosh Gains
Mosh Gains Hace 2 meses
Certified Possum
Certified Possum Hace 2 meses
Poor Erke
Jonas Knudsen
Jonas Knudsen Hace un mes
I was reaching for my mouse to skip the add in the middle of this vid, but I kept watching because you do it so beautifully! Thank you for staying humorous!
Agent Coxack
Agent Coxack Hace un mes
I feel like the Land Speed Record should’ve been much easier, since as soon as you launched the vehicle the sudden change in velocity instantly liquified your Kerbals and they served to lower the amount of friction between your vehicle and the ground.
ORS-ALTINAK Hace un mes
11:54 Craft: I want fuel Fuel Tanks: Nop Mein.
OmegasWorkshop Hace 2 meses
I feel like it’s very generous to call these things “vehicles” I feel like “projectiles” is a more apt description
MacMalo Hace 2 meses
"Nothing can scape a black hole" Jeb: *Hold this booster...*
Riganix Hace 3 días
@F.R.E.D.D 2986 Yes. But Jeb doesn't care about it
F.R.E.D.D 2986
F.R.E.D.D 2986 Hace 4 días
@Dani. No 😀
Dani. Hace 5 días
@F.R.E.D.D 2986 🤓
F.R.E.D.D 2986
F.R.E.D.D 2986 Hace 5 días
@spacedude3000 you can't actually. In a black hole, space is bent so much that any kind of movement to get out, simply pulls you back to the singularity
spacedude3000 Hace un mes
​@Porger u only can escape a black hole after going faster then the speed of light, that's the joke
Empire Axe
Empire Axe Hace 2 meses
Man I love it when you said speed. He went ssppeeeeeeeeeeddddddd goblin mod activated 8:50 9:38 12:09 12:38 Man is full of determination on that one
SebSk Hace un mes
Love how 2 of the most important components you could possibly removed were about the first you removed and then never replaced xD You need downward force - inverted plane wing, one or more central or 1-2 each side - and a rudder mate. :p
Red DemoMan
Red DemoMan Hace un mes
I love green frog man’s demon belches of the word “SPEEEEED”
Autumn the guy who lifts
And on this day we pay our respects to Jeb what a great kerbal and now he may have a peaceful life in deep space
thiccDJshag Hace 2 meses
I find it hilarious that he was moving so fast he entered orbit whilst traveling horizontal.
Khaixzer Hace un mes
He fucking ran over the curvature of the planet.
King of flames
King of flames Hace un mes
@gav com I'd say he's on path of leaving the galaxy with that speed
Delfinner22 Hace 2 meses
@gav com Jeb has Solar System level durability
Adrian Halls
Adrian Halls Hace 2 meses
Isn't that how you usually reach orbit?
gav com
gav com Hace 2 meses
dude’s not even in orbit he’s leaving the entire solar system
BirdApe Hace un mes
Breaking news in the kerbal space program, one brave soul broke the natural laws of the space time continuum by traveled at 6.3 times the speed of light. Scientists say that he is still alive traveling through space at such speeds his mind cannot comprehend or see where he is going.
Purple BatDragon
Purple BatDragon Hace un mes
I'm curious how much energy would be required to attempt that final launch. Preferably in megatons.
CX-14 Hace 3 días
The last attempt had the test subject going around 5X the speed of light i think
Stamp Man
Stamp Man Hace 2 meses
Had me laughing the entire time. Great video 🤯
baba booey dog
baba booey dog Hace 2 meses
“Commander Z’Gllypbe, we’re detecting something approaching our ship rapidly!” “Is it an asteroid?” “No, sir… it’s a-“ The ship is promptly torn to pieces by a flying Jeb moving at Mach 97
Pastilda 4
Pastilda 4 Hace un mes
@K.M.3 jeb here is moving at about 6.3 times the speed of light, unless you're talking about mach 97, in which case, you are right, give or take a few decimal points.
Brent 13377331
Brent 13377331 Hace 2 meses
@Elliot Gillum Yeah, he was going 6x the speed of light
Atlas Hace 2 meses
@K.M.3 Speed of light is only 300,000,000 meters per second, he is going much faster
Sly Seal
Sly Seal Hace 2 meses
He flew pretty good for a brick
Andrei Hace 2 meses
jeb got yeeted 6 times faster than lightspeed and how is he not dead
LPlayerJohnny Hace un mes
I mean it did deliver some incredible results, it proved that you can take off without vertical boosters or any for of propulsion at all
Spärdö Hace un día
3:33 does it work on ps3?
Vini S
Vini S Hace un mes
"How are you planning on breaking the land speed record?" "I will send a poor living being halfway across the galaxy in less than a second."
PapaSpoon Hace 25 días
Surprising Jeb can survive being ripped apart into a singularity and spit back out as spaghetti after going multiple times the speed of light
cybercat Hace 2 meses
Real Civil Engineer: spends hours refining a design to reach 300 meters per second Martincitopants: More rocket make more fast
Strv m/42 the channel
Strv m/42 the channel Hace 22 días
@OrcaStrike77 link to the video esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-qPo3E8QV6TI.html
- Thanawat -
- Thanawat - Hace un mes
Nick Kaarslev
Nick Kaarslev Hace un mes
i watch both and to be fair, RCE sent a bridge airborn, Martin just sent jeb into orbit..... around another galaxy
tayfun gürgen
tayfun gürgen Hace un mes
@cybercat oh, he's a civil engineer? that explains a lot. like why his vehicles didn't have anything to do with aerodynamics.
Idra813 Hace un mes
@pellabandgeek nah he has been using martincitopants since he was a kid. His dad made his email for him and this is the name his dad came up with.
RusoRuski Hace un mes
5:23 if only he knew what beautiful things are being said in that funny audio
Hallam Crafer
Hallam Crafer Hace un mes
I used to love trying this in Kerbal! They put a runway with a large body of water, just begging to use it as a land speed record track
B Weiss
B Weiss Hace un mes
Only mart can obtain a land speed record of over 6 times the speed of light
The way we just see jeb get fucking sent at 14:40 then just watch him disintegrate midair had me in stitches 😂😂😂
albert96 Hace un mes
considering light speed is 300k m/s, jeb's record is impressive indeed
Tangarisu Hace un mes
16:00 in which froggy replicates the Manhole into Space with Nuke Experiment. Yes that was real, and no it never came back down reaching mach 16. At its currently speed it will be leaving the solar system in 20 more years.
Reptilia Gaming
Reptilia Gaming Hace un mes
I like how he could have just put yeag v3 on the grass then managed to get up to a much faster speed lol
StarKeeper76 Hace un mes
5:26 that reaction had me rolling
crplsteve Hace un mes
So jeb managed to make 6.26c. Damn now we can go to other solar systems. The perfect land speed record.
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