Obliterating the Land Speed Record in Kerbal Space Program 

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26 sep 2022






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@thesharky Hace un año
That moment when
@Snowboyz-pe8hp Hace un año
Nothing special on consoles. Bruh.
@BruhHammu Hace un año
@McChillTheBill Hace un año
Ah yes, the land speed record that is 6.3 times the speed of light. Incredible work froggy man.
@Mutantvine Hace un año
Them photons really need to step up their game. It seems like anyone these days can break the light barrier
@Pman353 Hace un año
wiktorpolak OP is correct. Light speed is 300 million meters per second
@MistahFox Hace un año
wiktorpolak Clearly not you! 1,876,710,418.2 (Speed of Jeb) ÷ 299,792,458 (Speed of Light) = 6.26, not 6000 (I'm messing with, don't worry about it!)
@patrick-is-so-cool Hace un año
wiktorpolak 1.8E+9 / 3E+8 = 6.... where did you find an extra 1000x in there
@mrpresident8546 Hace 10 meses
He wanted to use a plane, but not leave the ground. He removes everything that will keep you stable, but doesn't remove what lifts you off the ground.
@physsnake Hace 5 meses
Well, you know, the scientific method, fuck around til' you find out.
@coleavis2150 Hace 5 meses
jeb didnt just use a plane he left this plane xd
@remcob3 Hace 5 meses
​@@coleavis2150Jeb became the spaceplane
@AjarTadpole7202 Hace 5 meses
A e r o d y n a m i c s
@kiwuuspurr1927 Hace 4 meses
master aeronootiks
@David-fi9yu Hace un año
Jeb went over 1870000 km/s which is over 6x the speed of light. He's made out of some really strong material, we need to study Jeb further.
@OneEdgyAngerSniper Hace 7 meses
Unfortunately we have lost Jeb as he was sent several galaxies away, and probably through several parallel realities.
@mh13mini Hace 7 meses
im shocked the frog in a suit didnt mention that Jeb was travelling SIX TIMES THE SPEED OF LIGHT
@joeperry2288 Hace 6 meses
If you can catch him, you can study him
@decimation9780 Hace 5 meses
Pretty sure nothing is going to be slowing Jeb down anytime soon. Once he has slowed down to a complete stop, it’s safe to assume multiple planets and moons have been reduced to asteroid fields and space debris.
The entire last launch was comedy gold. The lag, the sudden darkness, the turn to see the sun and realising just how fast he's going, the burst into laughter. Perfection.
@gunterthekaiser6190 Hace 10 meses
For me it's the second of pure light. As if Jeb had transcended reality and achieved a higher form of being for singular moment.
@simonbales5590 Hace 5 meses
Jeb also went 6.2c (6.2x speed of light)
@blackburn-ud9dm Hace 5 meses
​@@gunterthekaiser6190note his portrait becomes instantly happy
@TheGrimFormOfLuck Hace 5 meses
@@blackburn-ud9dm yep as soon as he touches the Yeet propellant he smiles like a maniac because he knows that he just transcended
@temp3608 Hace 5 meses
For a brief moment in time, Jeb went at 1,876,710,418.2 meters per second. For an impossibly short time, Jeb, was the single fastest moving object in history.
That's his constant speed through space. So Jeb is not only the fastest object in history, he will remain so until something else surpasses him in speed.
@d3athw0lf Hace 5 meses
​@@catherinekracey5036 if you think about it that's the speed at whish he was going just before hitting the threshold of space so if kerbal was the size of like the sun i wonder how much more he could go XD
@humanhuman7280 Hace 5 meses
​@@d3athw0lfhow tf u wanna launch a sun
@nerdizon7996 Hace 5 meses
Jeb vs that one manhole cover
@imakevideosyt2789 Hace 4 meses
For refrence guys, the speed of light is 299,792,458 meters per second
@t48th24 Hace 5 meses
Just remember that Jeb was launched *horizontally* into the outer solar system instantly
@tynirio_1 Hace 3 meses
That's even more impressive to be honest, and all it took was a *FEW* sun's worths of energy
@DIMONYYYYY Hace 29 días
and he also overcame the speed of light (the laws of physics came out of the chat)
@uphigh3062 Hace un año
Martins the kind of guy who opens the window on a submarine because he wants some fresh air
@reentrysfs6317 Hace un año
And then survive
@theeFBI Hace un año
I see this as a good thing.
@stillloggingin2825 Hace un año
He would host a class on useless stuff but somehow make it seem useful
@clan_houltz Hace un año
@@reentrysfs6317 then conquer Brazil
@cuddlyrihno5607 Hace un año
I love how you sent a man horizontally so fast that he became a comet
@gamingwithmatt9561 Hace 10 meses
not only a comet, but the fastest known thing in the universe topping out at 6.3x the speed of light!
@brrrrrr Hace 5 meses
Wouldn't he be a meteoroid? Because comments have to be frozen
@cuddlyrihno5607 Hace 5 meses
@@brrrrrrno the human body is comprised of 70% water and that water would freeze out in space and comets are mostly water a meteors are mostly rocks and minerals
@brookiecookie472 Hace 5 meses
​@@cuddlyrihno5607at that speed, I don't think he'll be cold enough to freeze
@meep3899 Hace 5 meses
@@brookiecookie472 yeah the water would vaporize instead
@joshuasmyth3115 Hace un año
I love the white flash as jeb went 6x the speed of sound. For a faint moment, Jeb saw the afterlife.
@calebstephens6059 Hace 8 meses
He went so fast that God couldn't keep his eyes on him😂
@donbelikat Hace 5 meses
LIGHT, actually so fast he pushed all of it into the camera
Sorry, little mistake there : If you’re talking about the last experiment, he’s been accelerated to about 6 times the speed of **light*
@LaBeIIe Hace 5 meses
@@nicholasleclerc1583 for reference, light is about 874,030× the speed of sound
@sweetdreams8603 Hace 6 meses
The much deadlier cousin to the land speed record is the water speed record which has an 85% mortality rate which blows my mind every time I’m reminded of it.
@thewitchdoctor629 Hace 4 días
Yeah. Hitting water at speed is fucked, not to mention that the forces you’re vehicle experience also change as you get faster. Makes suddenly getting bounced up and then violently thrown by the water very easy
@suuliziathewise8039 Hace 11 meses
Did some random math for how much force that Jeb experienced near the end of the video: We can assume that our acceleration is equal to our velocity due to the fact no deceleration should have occurred and that we went from 0m/s to the V(f). Along with that 1 kerbal is about 45kg. Multiplying them together gives us about 8.4452e10N of force. In other words, Jeb experienced the force of around 6,849,310.62 Suns all the same time.
@shaeby8123 Hace 5 meses
To know the KE of jeb, we can use the equation KE= (1/2)mv^2, plugging in, we get KE=(1/2)(45)(1876710418)^2, to get 7.9245945e+19 J. He experienced more energy then the tsar bomba delivered by a lot.
@trashiano Hace 5 meses
You forgot that mass increases as you get faster. At light speed mass basically becomes infinity. So its technically beyond infinit energy.
@vyor8837 Hace 5 meses
@@trashiano Inertia increases, not mass. End result is the same though.
@raphaelboisard7228 Hace 5 meses
@@vyor8837 He's talking about Einstein's relativity, with m=E/(c^2) which means mass increses as energy increses....
@vyor8837 Hace 5 meses
@@raphaelboisard7228 potential energy isn't real energy until it's released, so it's just inertia and not energy.
@BirnieMac1 Hace un año
Jeb: casually exceeds the speed of light, but keeps going further For science
@jamescoyne4559 Hace un año
Congratulations to Jeb for becoming the fastest known stellar object
@aspenpaw6962 Hace un año
Not just stellar, just fastest.
@heyiquit Hace un año
...so far.
@dboi1656 Hace un año
I legitimately thought he was forwarding when I saw the sun crossing the screen that fast
@@aspenpaw6962 Legends say the last time he was seen, he was playing catch with quantum entanglement
@aspenpaw6962 Hace un año
@@emberthecatgirl8796 Very yes.
I like that it took approximately 2 minutes to go from struggling to get Jeb off the runway to launching him out of the solar system. That's progress, people.
@user-lu2bg8jh4h Hace un año
17:33 “Now this, is fast. But we can go faster…” 18:00 *Proceeds to launch kerbal into interstellar space*
@theexchipmunk Hace 3 meses
At warp 1.84.
@HekateMGO Hace 10 meses
I love how this started out with land speed record attempts with vehicles and just devolved into building a bunch of man-cannons.
@cocacola4blood365 Hace un año
When Jeb's desiccated remains slam into another planetary body, then it'll be a land speed record. Technically.........
@theexchipmunk Hace 3 meses
*THRUGH another planet Honestly, at that speed he would probably just delete the universe.
@Name5240 Hace 2 meses
@@theexchipmunkYeah, he’s an extinction event at this point.
@localbrachiosaurus Hace un día
@@theexchipmunkwe don’t really know what happens when an indestructible object goes faster than light, so it really is entirely possible that jeb basically tears a hole in reality itself
@Edit0rlando Hace 5 meses
Imagine the people in the buildings watching trillions of dollars going 500k m/s towards them before turning the last second avoiding them
@andrewmack2280 Hace un año
Why am I not surprised that this went from a land speed record to launching a Kerbal at 6 times the speed of light
@toasterkolin9951 Hace un año
Make that nearly 10 000 times the speed of light at the end.
@seek__on Hace un año
@@toasterkolin9951 1.8 billion m/s is about 6 times the speed of light
@YOGURT1 Hace un año
@@seek__on my boi. Pls do some maths
@GodBidoof Hace un año
@@YOGURT1 speed of light is about 300 million meters per second. 1.8 billion is about 6 times that.
@YOGURT1 Hace un año
@@GodBidoof You have done what I asked. I am humbled and ask for your forgiveness. Maybe I need to go back to school lol.
@papaspoon1550 Hace un año
Surprising Jeb can survive being ripped apart into a singularity and spit back out as spaghetti after going multiple times the speed of light
I love how this devolved from trying to break the land speed record, to ballistic experiments with kerbals
@Sigmund_Froid Hace 5 meses
Sometimes you gotta invent the strongest cannon known to Kerbalkind to break the land speed record... But then again, I suppose a rocket IS just a reverse cannon after all...
@leonardofilho7397 Hace un año
Jeb not only managed to get in space, he also escaped the sun's orbit
@ChefofWar33 Hace un año
No son. He escaped the entire Galaxy's orbit...
@randomaster138 Hace un mes
For Jeb, He stepped to the side, felt heat for a fraction of a second, then in a flash he saw Kerbol approach then disappear into the distance as Jeb rapidly outpaces the light that would normally reach his eyes and breaks many known laws of physics. Thank you Jeb, your contributions and sacrifice will be remembered as you slowly suffocate in the cold dark depths of interstellar space.
Martin refusing to realise that downforce is incredibly important for staying on the ground going at such high speeds cracks me up
lateral stabilizers would've helped his spinning issues as well
@mak5104 Hace un año
Well there's the conventional method and the method of adding more rockets till it works. feel like the second option's more up his alley
@eragonawesome Hace un año
@@mak5104 more Kerbal too
@eragonawesome Hace un año
Also the fact that the runway is laser leveled rather than true level relative to gravity, if you set something at one end it will naturally roll towards the middle because of this, and it actually matters for this kind of challenge
@bandicam144p3 Hace un año
@@eragonawesome I built a quick car with a vector engine and reached 300+ m/s just by cambering the wheels and adding a spoiler.
Jeb going 1.8 billion forever must be an interesting experience for him
@koathekid8255 Hace 5 meses
All those planet torn to pieces
@AbsolutelyNot420 Hace 5 meses
I'm not sure that the act of literally mopping the floor with Jeb at several million kilometers per second should count as the land speed record.
@bubbles8871 Hace 5 meses
Jeb went so fast he went back in time and became the object that wiped out the dinosaurs
@FriskMeemur Hace un año
how did we get from "breaking the land speed record in ksp" to "using a loophole in the laws of physics to blast kerbals into the 43rd dimension"?
@subzerok9882 Hace 2 meses
Went from breaking the land speed to breaking the light speed
@dedfish2945 Hace 3 meses
For anyone wondering, the missiles on "tonk 3" at the start were from a mod called bdarmory. An absolutely fantastic mod for obvious reasons.
@jamesren7 Hace un año
The real reason Artemis was delayed was to clear the corpses of kerbals littering the runway from this
@Eric-vs2he Hace un año
Not to mention all of the kerbal corpses floating orbit
@Epic_747 Hace un año
What corpses are you referring to, there's nothing left but ashes and broken dresms
@jakeoztan Hace 3 meses
12:47 it's very funny that in the pursuit of breaking a speed record, you accidentally created the largest caliber of shotgun shell known to man
@Restreamable Hace un año
If you theoretically applied downforce via thrusters and two thrusters on the side to keep it straight you could technically achieve a much higher speed so the craft at 12:34 was stable since the thrusters in the middle were acting like a gyro therefore it did not spin out,some crafts use this technique in space such as nasas moon exploration vehicle and their EVA SAFER suits,sorry for the long comment
@Aquitanic Hace 5 meses
Nothing like casually sending Jeb at 6.26x the speed of light out of the solar system forever
@Simplicity223 Hace 9 meses
I can’t be the only one who feels bad for these little kerbals, watching them react in pure horror as they hurdle towards the ground
@illuminati5664 Hace 11 meses
That some surious Orc Enginiering if you ask me, also that last kerbal Flying at godspeed next to a sun made my day xD
@jesuschrist711 Hace un año
I'm genuinely impressed the game rendered him going at glitch speeds instead of sending him to the infinity realm
@seanpazdera6407 Hace un año
Don't underestimate the 'Kerbal
@papercutsrock2403 Hace 10 meses
Holy shit it’s jesus
@nottherealpaulsmith Hace 10 meses
KSP doesn't really have a problem with going faster than the speed of light, the real issue is distance because it becomes harder and harder to define your location as you get farther and farther away from the origin
@polychippy3873 Hace 3 meses
It is better to poop in the sink, then to sink in the poop.
@subzerok9882 Hace 2 meses
@@nottherealpaulsmithyeah, because when you are traveling at more than a hundred miles per game tick, the game starts to lag and weird kraken shit happens with rendering the new scene, in a completely different place, every few milliseconds.
@wowzer5189 Hace 9 meses
the shot of jeb going past the sun was amazing
@CockatooDude Hace un año
The clips of Kerbals getting launched sky high facing imminent death combined with the meme screaming noises is one of the highest forms of comedy as far as I'm concerned.
@dudeman6210 Hace 5 meses
jeb's portrait view while flying through the air was phenomenal
@hypercactus6489 Hace 5 meses
There’s something I love about the fact that you essentially made the yeagh v2 stable enough it was able to fly in a stable enough way that it likely would have gotten to space. 🤣
@hydrosmusic Hace 8 meses
It’s the delayed explosion sounds and lag before chaos that sends me 😂
I love how it just went white and then he was in space. You literally sent Jeb to heaven.
@4ud170r Hace un año
man invented warping without the warping science.
@alexdavidson7498 Hace un año
And then he sailed straight through it in a nanosecond.
@@4ud170r this is like, the reverse warp. Instead of going to hell as a shortcut through space, he went to heaven.
@S_O_U_P Hace un año
He sent Jeb to space at a staggering 4198081643 MPH or about 6.5 times the SPEED OF LIGHT
@@subnauticaispog7580 So you know how the Doom Slayer had to go through a soul portal in Hell to reach Urdak(heaven but the angels are weird robotic flesh moths). This is the speedrunner direct route.
@ironboi7359 Hace 5 meses
Mart, thank you for this, you are genuinely the ESvidr who makes me laugh the hardest most consistently. Keep up the amazing work (but don't burn out like so many of your poor, poor kerbals)!
@user-eb4tg4gd6w Hace 4 meses
I like how this turned from a challenge to get the fastest speed record on land to torturing Jeb
@connordork481 Hace 7 meses
Congrats! Alright guys, now the goals to break the new L.S. Record! you just have to clock speed a little over 6.3x the speed of light :D
@CybrSlydr Hace un año
That final Jeb launch has me laughing so hard my sides hurt. LMAO
Anyone else notice jeb turned pitch black at the end, implying that the sheer force of the engines charred him instintaniously.
@Snowdemoman Hace un año
The life of Jeb must be quite chaotic. One minute he's trying to break the landspeed record, the next he's leaving the solar system.
i mean he's moving so fast that he breaks time so uhhh he kinda isn't in any minute. he's just jeb.
@susragejr477 Hace un año
Jeb tried to break the laws of nature and shall now float endlessly in the void of space. Poetic in a way
@vadandrumist1670 Hace un año
Jeb: "What about this is 'land speed'?!"
galaxy, no universe.. not that either, multiverse
Pro tip: If you're looking for stability, you need rudder fins in the back behind the vehicle's center of mass. This makes it fly across the ground like a dart falling through the air, and should negate most chances of the craft spinning out
The fact that he casually yeets kerbals using a mass drive vaporizing them as they hit the air at 27348mps is very telling
@Gastell0 Hace 5 meses
I like how you removed vertical stabilized from the very first craft and didn't put any of reasonable size until 14:30
@ChrisGOTravel Hace 10 meses
This man sent Jen out to space going 6.2x the speed of light. Pretty much so fast that Jeb would only see black…
@kylietravers3466 Hace 7 meses
13:51 This is called a kill sphere Also Stratzenblitz Beaten you With 1 Trillion Meters Per Second
@TheMatchattaxman99 Hace un año
Not only did he break the land speed record, he technically time travelled.
Interstellar: Kerbal edition
@xXRickTrolledXx Hace un año
He got that kerbal traveling nearly 4 times the speed of light.
@evanbates3062 Hace un año
@@xXRickTrolledXx 6,3
@xXRickTrolledXx Hace un año
@@evanbates3062 yikes, holy shit.
he didn't just beat the land speed record. He broke the speed record itself.
@steamedbuninvasion Hace un año
I have never seen this content before but this sponsorship segment is *the* best sponsorship segment I have *EVER* seen. This is true content.
seeing jeb flying faster than the speed of light is beutiful
@finanzamt777 Hace 10 meses
would've liked to see the aircraft with which he reached 837m/s on the northpole because it looked like it could've gone faster if the runway didn't end, especially because it would've been a legit record then
@themaskedman2931 Hace un año
I like how it just went from tiny little rocket to breaking time and space itself and going to the multivirse
@blitzpsycho1560 Hace 4 meses
The way you said "SPEED!!!!" is such a mood, absolutely fantastic
@doomchap7614 Hace un año
13:40 the one thing you do not want to hear while in a vehicle moving faster than the speed of sound is “it’s a little unstable”
@Mycatisinapiano Hace un año
if you do the ground is getting hungry
@nykxssss Hace un año
If it works in the f1 games, it works for a landspeed record.
@trippyshrimp8598 Hace un año
At that moment jeb had realized his fate
@rocket2739 Hace un año
I remember doing this challenge in Simple Planes. Best time I've ever had
@albertcoll9 Hace un año
considering light speed is 300k m/s, jeb's record is impressive indeed
@subzerok9882 Hace 2 meses
Niet bro, it’s 300k km/s, so 300 milion m/s
Jeb is traveling at 6 times the speed of light. He has not only achieved the land speed record but he has managed; because speed of C is 299 792 458 m/s and he was exceeding 1 800 000 000 m/s; to actually break the light speed barrier and the relativity barrier. Jeb is now a time traveler.
@nibblesnbits Hace un año
I haven't laughed this hysterically in a very long time. Thank you.
@stevepittman3770 Hace un mes
Holy shit, at 17:23 when you launched Jeb he went from 14.6m/s in one frame to 337,712m/s in the next. That's ~338 km/s, or ~755,000 mph, but even more impressively that's a change in speed of 337,697 m/s in 1/24th of a second (~0.042 seconds), resulting in a rate of acceleration north of 800,000g.
@filippomeuti9617 Hace un año
The scariest part is that even at that speed it would take Jeb more than a year to reach the nearest solar system, it really gives a prospective on how big Is the universe
@raiden542 Hace un año
Actually it's less than a year at jebs speed
@kalebbruwer Hace un año
8 months actually, but yeah. It shows you how incomprehensibly big a light year is
@user-nd4du4tq3t Hace un año
there is a thing that was found in the universe i don't remember what it is but it is so large that the light did not yet travel a half of it FROM THE MOMENT OF THE BIG FUCKING BANG
@raiden542 Hace un año
@@user-nd4du4tq3t the bootes void?
@user-nd4du4tq3t Hace un año
@@raiden542 i don't remember how it's called but the existence of that thing is the proof that universe maybe still is expanding and that expansion is faster than light maybe even leagues faster.
@michalotron Hace un año
The ending was a pure masterpiece ♥️
That last kerman got launched so fast His atoms are currently at the nearest star system
@hyperfreeski3103 Hace 2 meses
I use yeag as a replacement for yes commonly just because of this video it was so impressive so amazing that he went several times the speed of light is amazing so inspirational
@fogman Hace 2 meses
Can you imagine the face of aliens when they look through their super-charged telescope and see Jebediah flying straight at them at a speed of 18 billion meters per second?
@kevinsundelin8639 Hace un año
I was listening to this while trying to nap and I love how it eventually just devolved into *Frog noises *Countdown, noise, laughter *And a bunch of "Oh My God"'s
@diona3061 Hace un año
That shot of Jeb passing across the sun was priceless.
@owendiaram3870 Hace un año
I shall raise a nice glass of *alcohol* in his honour
@erichdamer1312 Hace un año
Considering that Jeb flew past the sun in a few seconds when light needs 8 whole minutes to travel from the sun to the earth, that is really quick
@@erichdamer1312 Keep in mind Kerbol is way smaller than the solar system
@lachlanc7092 Hace 9 meses
@@DelPlays these replies have me crying
2000th like
Wow, how amazingly realistic this video game is ! That little Kerman here got sent to *~6.26 times light-speed* !!!
Martian is the only person that makes watching his advertisements fun to watch
@RUSH-gd7fz Hace 5 meses
0:43 correction, because *we* will have little to no regard for our pilot’s lives.
@teddp Hace 5 meses
You are hilarious, as always and very talented.
@__8120 Hace un mes
"Urming Kerman... *Prepare to meet your maker*" Gets me every time
@armchairmaster Hace un año
I love how not once is the term "downforce" ever mentioned in the video. Also how did we go from "land vehicle with wheels and boosters" to "just shove an immortal Kerbal in front of an exhaust."
@Megoover Hace un año
I was thinking about that the whole time. I mean until it turned into Jeb launcher
@Metalwrath2 Hace un año
Smug Anime Girl front wings cause loss of stability here i think it could be tuned further
@mibusuzaku Hace un año
i love how we cared that it stayed on land with wheels at first, then was just shooting a kerbal like a cannon ball, never touching the ground by the end. "Landspeed tot's"
@jocelynndotson7273 Hace un año
666th like
@lennartt1310 Hace un año
Bro has no idea of physics lmao
@calebstephens6059 Hace 8 meses
He went so fast that even God couldn't keep his eyes on jeb
@agentcoxack7368 Hace un año
I feel like the Land Speed Record should’ve been much easier, since as soon as you launched the vehicle the sudden change in velocity instantly liquified your Kerbals and they served to lower the amount of friction between your vehicle and the ground.
I like that he eventually gives up trying to get the land speed record and just ends up launching kerbals at drastic speeds
Jeb went almost exactly 6x the speed of light
@Anvarynn Hace 4 meses
The fact you managed to get ole jebby boi to 6.2 times the speed of light is ... incredible and terrifying
@JackBlpck427 Hace un año
“Commander Z’Gllypbe, we’re detecting something approaching our ship rapidly!” “Is it an asteroid?” “No, sir… it’s a-“ The ship is promptly torn to pieces by a flying Jeb moving at Mach 97
@cochleari3245 Hace un año
mach 97 wouldn't even be remotely close, it'd be closer to mach 5471459
@K.M.3. Hace un año
@@cochleari3245 aw yep It's 0.018 the speed of light he he heh ha
@elliotgillum Hace un año
Felt the need to point out that you wouldn't actually be able to "detect" an incoming threat that was traveling at light speed. Yes... I am fun at parties.
@atticusbrown9154 Hace un año
@@K.M.3. aw Yeag*
@wgkgarrett Hace un año
Id recommend checking out the stock landspeed record series on Stratzenblitz75's channel, and he also did a full stock light speed mass driver too.
I love how a vertical stabilizer never occurred to him
@Sluggint Hace un año
I like to think that the kerbals that dissapeared moved so fast it looks like they dissapeared when in reality they just flew out of the galaxy and to the edge of the universe
@mj5692 Hace un año
At that last launch Jeb was moving faster than the speed of light.
@joarnold9495 Hace un mes
Jeb not only holds the universal record for fastest organism but also the record for highest g's sustained
@Necrovia Hace un año
"And as a Kerbal was sent out into the cosmos, all he could think about was that he, and he alone, broke the land speed record."
@MaciejowPL Hace un año
and the speed of light by 6.26 times
@amineabdz Hace un año
He broke the speed record period, he went literally faster than speed itself.
@redcobra7707 Hace 7 meses
I put the 666th like
@MrVideoScape Hace un año
Some say jeb is still floating through space to this day.
@supercr33p3r7 Hace 2 meses
The reason you were having so may stability videos is because of the relative positions of your centers of mass and lift. It is best (for land vehicles only) to have the center of lift as far behind your center of mass as possible so that the the craft naturally self aligns itself to point forwards. Keep in mind, the center of lift takes into account the horizontal wings of a craft which do not help with this self alignment system. It is best to firstly put a vertical stabilizer in the very back of the craft and to rotate the craft in the spaceplane hangar to see the position of the center of lift relative to the center of mass at given angles from prograde (note that prograde is in the direction of the hangar doors). You should take into consideration that if even a slight rotation results in the shift of the center of lift to be in front of the center of mass, you have to many vertical stabilizers on the front of your craft and should either move them further back or remove them entirely. On the other hand, for when you were having the infamous "bouncy wheel syndrome," the best solution is to either use larger landing gear and/or rover wheels or alternatively to increase the spring strength and decrease the dampener strength for the landing gear you already have. If the problem persists, it is likely that the landing gear are to far separated from the rest of the craft and should be moved closer in proximity to the parent part. Alternatively, though not recommended, you can also turn on rigid attachment but doing so can cause some other issues. This may allow you to achieve a higher speed without having to resort to the railgun method since craft stability seemed to be the most prominent issue. I hope this my help for any future builds!
@bounter_ Hace un mes
I love how he beat landspeed record (338 m/s aka. 1220 km/h) by the time of yeag v3 but still kept going
@SebHaarfagre Hace un año
Love how 2 of the most important components you could possibly removed were about the first you removed and then never replaced xD You need downward force - inverted plane wing, one or more central or 1-2 each side - and a rudder mate. :p
@rileyhurlburt5656 Hace 10 meses
legends say, jeb is still is drifting in space to this day
@SAF4RI. Hace un año
Martin seems like he’s really smart but he needs like a ritual to summon it
@zchris13 Hace un año
he's shitposting for content
@zyriantel9601 Hace un año
Martin can tell you almost the exact science behind aeronautical physics in one breath, and in the next he’ll nuke a Kerbal down to their molecules for a lark.
@petervasil6159 Hace un año
ADHD behavior
@tamnker8465 Hace un año
@@zyriantel9601 “check this shit” *Drops demon core
@@petervasil6159 Can confirm. I like to remember the most stupid of shit, but will half a second after teaching you how to build a fully functional nuclear reactor would turn around and turn off all the systems keeping the reactor from having a catastrophic meltdown before looking at you and saying "Now, for your next test; How fast will this reactor reach a critical failure, and is it indeed possible to prevent this catastrophe in time?"
@FatherGarcia883 Hace un año
I love green frog man’s demon belches of the word “SPEEEEED”
@lplayerjohnny9778 Hace un año
I mean it did deliver some incredible results, it proved that you can take off without vertical boosters or any for of propulsion at all