Oddly Satisfying Video that Will Make You Fall Asleep

Oddly Satisfying
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Liam Thomas - You Don't Talk The Way You Used To
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Website: liam-thomas.com/
WMD - Coniferae
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/wmdmusic98
Spotify: spoti.fi/3bzLSHH
Facebook: facebook.com/iamwmd
Instagram: instagram.com/wmd_music
Bandcamp: wmdchiptune.bandcamp.com
Website: wmd-music.com
Seanine - Promises
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/seanin9
Facebook: facebook.com/se9nine
Bandcamp: seanine.bandcamp.com
VK: vk.com/seanine
ESvid: bit.ly/2SNAAXV
Fyze - Mystery
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/fyzemusique
Facebook: facebook.com/FyzeMusique/
Instagram: instagram.com/fyzemusique/
Twitter: twitter.com/FyzeMusique
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Владка шоколадка
Т. я. Тут вообще
HornetFN Hace 6 horas
Anyone else here because you have to get back into a school schedule because of the corona virus
PHANTOM GAMERS 2.0 Hace 10 horas
the dog jumped soooooo high😋
Savannah Goodwin
Savannah Goodwin Hace 10 horas
1:18 look like a gun shooting
zoey the wolfy
zoey the wolfy Hace 11 horas
None of this was satisfying lol
Rasjomo Martindale
Rasjomo Martindale Hace 11 horas
8:32 That is so disgusting how it just slid out😨😝😓😂
Pink panda Panda
Pink panda Panda Hace 12 horas
4:39 I need that for my pants
dj dasan
dj dasan Hace 12 horas
1:32 all the girls see when we play tag
Amy Aros
Amy Aros Hace 13 horas
sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo satistfing
Esme Kinsella
Esme Kinsella Hace 13 horas
Mohammed Rahman
Mohammed Rahman Hace 18 horas
That actually kind of made me sleep ;>
haeder alti
haeder alti Hace 21 un hora
اكو عرب بل كومنت
Odette Bacani
Odette Bacani Hace 22 horas
0:01 is my facorite
Настя Акушева
Русскиеееееее вы гдеееее?
O'O GAMING Hace un día
Beneran bikin ngantuk lho
王涛 Hace un día
2:48 ???
سوسو سان Soso san
Surprise Bling
Surprise Bling Hace un día
With the bubble blowing thing, it’s not very good 2 do with the corona virus going around 😣😓
Shadaye Spencer
Shadaye Spencer Hace un día
How’s carrots satisfying?
Derpy Hace un día
It’s not making fall asleep
loba chan alpha
loba chan alpha Hace un día
2:00 am the guy is good with carrots!
Jaliyah Kendricks
Jaliyah Kendricks Hace un día
I'm really surprised that it actually worked💖👌 And it is literally 10:53 pm and I'm really tired😴
tvb083 Hace un día
The dog tho......
Eryn Powe
Eryn Powe Hace un día
To give me a shout out please because I love all your videos and I like.❤💕
XxAlpha_StormxX Hace un día
Plz tell me how to draw 9:15
Keegen Vidamour
Keegen Vidamour Hace un día
I am 10:29 seconds in i am s-
Victoria Lynch
Victoria Lynch Hace un día
Why did my life have to be like this
Emma Kristensen
Emma Kristensen Hace un día
i not asleep
чеширка 2 ?????
Blubba Bubba
Blubba Bubba Hace un día
Why is everyone Chinese/Japanese in this video basically
TR1DECA Hace 2 días
*hey phone's light produces a thing (I forget what its called) and that thing helps your body or saying your body that it's not bedtime ( helps you to be awake) so shut your phone right now and sleep*
Aaliyah Whittle
Aaliyah Whittle Hace 5 horas
TR1DECA it's called blue light lol
Daldalita TV
Daldalita TV Hace 2 días
Parents: let’s check on the ki- Me and my brother: *watching* Parents: Guys we said go to sle- Me and my brother: *asleep* Parents: oh
Novita Artamefia
Novita Artamefia Hace 2 días
Indonesia sendiri kah?
Bethany Beazer
Bethany Beazer Hace 2 días
3:43 just how
Synsestic Hace 2 días
Did this actually work guys?
Jocelyn Leticia
Jocelyn Leticia Hace 2 días
2:34 is amazingggg
Monica Erb
Monica Erb Hace 2 días
4:29 are they making a pad?-
Matdy Phongsavath
Matdy Phongsavath Hace 2 días
Hi this is so satisfying
Farid belhocine
Farid belhocine Hace 2 días
Keith McClelland
Keith McClelland Hace 2 días
These are hilarious
Crystal Jimmeye
Crystal Jimmeye Hace 2 días
I was honestly already falling asleep before the video... 🤣
Elisa Rios
Elisa Rios Hace 2 días
I don’t fall asleep easily so this didn’t work sorry
music is life
music is life Hace 2 días
It really works
Aleksandra Kowalska
Aleksandra Kowalska Hace 2 días
2:20 ohh woow jelly fruits 🍇
Aleksandra Kowalska
Aleksandra Kowalska Hace 2 días
I know was not a jelly fruits!
Actually its making me dreaming until i cant understand anything
Песни UWU
Песни UWU Hace 2 días
Русские есть?
0907 Kairu
0907 Kairu Hace 2 días
Татьяна Колумбаева
Caralyn Woen
Caralyn Woen Hace 3 días
I actually fell asleep 😴 this was my favorite video
WeebOfLIfe ANIME Hace 3 días
2:31 Is my life a lie? My whole life I thought brick walls where bricks stacked on each other but I guess not..
༉Oᴄᴇᴀɴ Eʏᴇs.’
they are, but most people use paint or as the video you saw, they sculpt it out.
Martini Ssk
Martini Ssk Hace 3 días
Its the best
Katiria Castellano Montalvo
1:32 should have been suffering so bad (i feel bad for her like if you do to)
Noorjahan Mansoori
Noorjahan Mansoori Hace 3 días
Oddly satisfying i love your videos
Noorjahan Mansoori
Noorjahan Mansoori Hace 3 días
First one i love ❤❤it
arlene ganga
arlene ganga Hace 3 días
Wow that is cool 😎
maricela1234 López
maricela1234 López Hace 3 días
Here from tiktok
maricela1234 López
maricela1234 López Hace 3 días
Taylor Holmes
Taylor Holmes Hace 3 días
snow falling off a roof is literally minecraft in real life
U Really Suck
U Really Suck Hace 2 días
Have you heard of gravity?
Wolfie Chan
Wolfie Chan Hace 3 días
U were right
Amy Perez
Amy Perez Hace 3 días
This just wierded me out
Seeratjot Kaur
Seeratjot Kaur Hace 3 días
I love these videos I watch them all the time before I sleep
Dru Hedley
Dru Hedley Hace 3 días
6:30 what f**king tree is this........ i NEED THIS NOW
Naghma Tahir
Naghma Tahir Hace 3 días
Awwwww I wanna go there 7:18
Diana Struck
Diana Struck Hace 3 días
Yes i falled asleep- it was too BoRiNG
Quỳnh Anh
Quỳnh Anh Hace 3 días
OMG is so good :3
JPanda24 68
JPanda24 68 Hace 4 días
A pilot with blue eyes, glasses and brown hair got arrested as soon as he got the job! Why?
Amelia_ Liu
Amelia_ Liu Hace un día
Because he didnt bring his license?? Idk can u tell me?
Furtastic Studios
Furtastic Studios Hace 4 días
Fuck I blasted this at 100 at 3am
Jessie Manalo
Jessie Manalo Hace 4 días
This video makes me more awake
Silver Tcne
Silver Tcne Hace 4 días
Scrolling through the comment won't make you fall asleep
shamshui Hace 4 días
FUN/PRANK TIME Hace 4 días
It 1:50 am and im onley 1 minutes into this and i tried
Luvita Ajah
Luvita Ajah Hace 4 días
Hello going som where !
bella kopano
bella kopano Hace 4 días
Falling asleep 4:32 am
Kassidy Meyerhoff
Kassidy Meyerhoff Hace 4 días
Oh so thats ho u mak e food, clothes, and shoes?.
Yasmeen Jehangir
Yasmeen Jehangir Hace 4 días
1:25 : 5 minute crafts be like........
Jessie Peak
Jessie Peak Hace 4 días
0:34 dogs 🐕 are amazing 😉
Tommy Jr Le
Tommy Jr Le Hace 4 días
Mintnight:3 Wolfy
Mintnight:3 Wolfy Hace 4 días
5:31 that one kid that sits on the back of the class *Or Just me when im bored or the lesson was* -w-
pencil maniac
pencil maniac Hace 5 días
Hi I love you so so much
Sofia Pastor
Sofia Pastor Hace 5 días
I’m not sleeping....I’m binge watching these vids 😕
Johnny Hunt
Johnny Hunt Hace 5 días
how did you train that dog i want it
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